298th Knowledge Seekers Workshop October 17, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. hello everyone and welcome to the 298
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday October 17th 2019 this is a broadcasts
of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department and part
of the public teachings in English on your host today right Kremen along with
clint mal housing and of course with mr. Kesh of the Keshe foundation and I
believe he’s available today as usual in the last 200 in 97 workshops and we’re
ready to go with another dynamite presentation here today go ahead mr.
Kesh good morning good day to you as usual wherever whenever you listen to
these seeds of knowledge seekers yes it’s been dynamic last week and a week
before and last week what we show has brought a lot of attention to many many
places and many scientific work we have had many responses and as the Keshe
foundation people can tell you in the background since we’ve shown the
technology in background in Vienna conference as they represent a
diplomatic for president this is the reason we set these conferences up for
the governments to get to know the Keshe foundation and the technology I want
brings them we have now as you know member of the Iranian government
diplomatic corps were present in the meeting and we are invited to invest
back to Iran in a larger scale with the support of the government for the
technology advantages will be given is much
more or recalled beneficial to the work of the Keshe foundation worldwide as I
explained to the on the invitation of the government when I met deaf children
embassy last week when we turn this back in we are sitting here looking at
transferring some or most of the part of the production to Iran and the medical
side and agricultural side as we have a we start this pattern of work and at the
same time as I informed both Americans and Iranian authorities we use our
technology as tool or piece what this means we have informed the American
government and Iranian stooge in us in Arizona in development of the new Space
Technology and same time inviting both scientists on the space level to start
interacting and some eyebrows have been raised and as you know our team in
Arizona is working towards finding and developing the first factory which is
industrial what we call a park for the new technology and I’m sure soon you
will see many Iranian scientists and in hundred Americans in this Center
developing the space technology we’ve seen some videos in past few days shown
you know insight into their what we call the space technology available to Iran
and with this technology we share again widow-makers in the process of my
discussions with both nations is very simple we do not care what they talk in
front we care that we take man to space safely and freely I thank both and the
Iranian what we call officials or their or the call invitation and the transport
in American administration which our proposal under moment sits in the White
House waiting for decision wise Excellency President Ron
to give the green light down the port side can start what we call the sharing
of the space technology together as I said I don’t work on a bottom level I
always works on the highest level in the government and this has given me a lot
of advantages to be able to reach both sides and any other government at the
same time the Keshe foundation global team is
following the other diplomats who attended and as you know in about two
weeks time we are in Brazil for the second conference in this role and the
invitation of when I ambassadors and the diplomats and politicians started going
out and we will see again we look at the same thing we don’t want more than 50
people in the whole conference not one and 20 30 members of the Keshe
foundation it’s good enough for us because it’s for governments to engage
and we will in brazilian conference sign the fresh MoU with the government one of
the governments of all governments will sign mean other papers will be ready
will be signed in a conference and few months later we’ll change this one in
their country nor second conference or next conferences into agreement and in
start of the Industrial Revolution in that country
the process is the only way can be done technology like this has to be handled
by the government’s as you’re aware we show the very rough videos last week
because we wanted to be out because we had to fulfill some of the parameters
which follows moody or what we call American an insertion cash Malaysian
Global we had to fulfill part of that and then at the same time it released
new they tell which means we shown in person and number people who are using
this process how is progressing what we don’t we have brought the two videos
together you will see it in a much up-to-date
one thing which you will understand when you look at the gentleman in the
background you’ve seen it in a different way last time is that medical reports
today from the hospital the after understand he’s been on this process
just over about six weeks is that his medication has been reduced by 57% which
means not only you will see the gentleman recovering to his position he
is medication which has been given to him for his case of pockets of our
Summers has been reduced by 57% we have other cases which are parallel with this
research in the same group and in there we have a patient which is taking 47
tablets a day that’s the young boy age of 19 taking forty seven tablets
medication and this we have seen now reduced by around 17% in the first three
weeks and by the end of the fifth week we expect him to reduce by 50% you got
to understand the new technology which we have developed use mankind and you
chat no side effects no problems with what we’ve seen not our youngsters to be
pumped in with medication in the level of 50 tablets a day and it’s been going
on for nearly three years what we see from his records so the third year of it
and you can understand how this new technology will change we are planning
to show the system some around just before Christmas as a good Christmas
present in one of the medical centers which is
getting set up in Europe it is very important for the knowledge seekers to
understand the system has already received orders and we have received
deposits on large-scale operation initial moving forward we are planning
for so we have come into a commercialization of the new technology
with understanding that people like the young boy of nineteen taking 47 tablets
today I wanted how many of you can take the other day if you multiplied by your
purely by 365 days you can see how much tablet this children this little boy has
taken its back to college he now works he’s back to studies he start doing
homework he stopped communicating he’s not he doesn’t have the fear of going on
the street all the things with his life in three weeks has changed you got to
realize that we we do every step of the development what we say we deliver
today’s video has been set in a way that you will see it and there is a lot of
questions comes around to us from different part of the world I have
received many requests Keshe foundation channels receive different requests the
request is we would like to be part of it we don’t have the money to buy it we
have a little what we have decided is the following with separating this into
three different sections than you will understand let us watch the video first
then your release and then we explain the Chinese system development
certification then we do the European and the Americans and South Americans
and Africans how we are going to set up with your as people as a group that you
become part of the work of the Keshe foundation at the same time you benefit
by the work and the investment which you want to do for your loved ones then you
can help the others Rick would you like to play the system their video please innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
strictest the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new
evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production
our universal body enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high quality
materials carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the
new Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field
technology for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this new plasma enhancement changes the
environment of the body to allow it to return to its natural balanced energetic
condition as in the womb of the mother allowing every cell in the body of the
man to find its natural original field strength balance the shape and field
distribution in this new space plasma technology replicates the inner
structure of the universe and replicates the balanced fields from which the man
was created at the point of Inception in the womb of the mother not only
receiving balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense – for the
first time in the history of man a system has been developed and delivered
which not only enhances the physical body of the man but also enhances the
emotional part of the user of the system hence reducing and eliminating many
problems that could not be solved in the world of science to bring the body of
the man into near perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit
the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately for applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information ah you thank you very much as you have seen this gentleman like many other Parkinson
Alzheimer cases it will be another ten years maybe in the wheelchair in bed
numerous amount of medication and not only touches his life but he touches the
life of people around him can you put the picture of the Machine down please
and in this process it literally imprisons the whole family
plus all the pain and the suffering which brings on the family and
themselves in more or less eight weeks half an hour a day using this technology
issues in front of you we should she comes less than thirty hours altogether
you change the life of a man from good and the families this is the power of
the new technology this is what is delivering and this is what is said to
deliver in a very effective and a fast way not only we see changes in these
people in a physical dimension we see the change in fortune we see change in
attitude and we see the same thing but the life the hope the family all changes
and for the people who’ve been around this process for long enough they know
or what it means this of planning how to bring the children up without parents
how bringing up parents with other children all comes to that it does not
mean because of this technology we all gone also I have till the end of the
life of this universe Marie means that I’m here in the physical dimension we
can live a more peaceful life with less problems with less diseases which some
we have created ourselves some created by the condition of the life by the
environment mankind has gone into a new dimension
and is unchangeable it cannot be changed when it will bring our new technologies
this is the first small step in this direction this is not the end this is
not everything these machines will be manufactured and delivered through the
process of collaboration of the Keshe foundation supporters around the world
as we have seen we have received initial orders from the knowledge seekers or
doctors and/or they are there to set up the first step what we see is a lot of
requests by many conditions supporters like we have a small amount of money we
have a sick father a sick mother or ourselves and we cannot afford this we
all can afford this you pay you twenty thousand ten thousand whatever we set up
a company jointly owned by those who invest in it and these machines become
the investment not only we allow the people who invest in it themselves or
maybe one member of the family to use it on their what we call the usage of what
they paid for then as it gathers and creates condition for other people
around the world to use it as they pay for it then this become an income as the
shareholders of the company which the machine and technology belongs to you
become you create a revenue for yourself Keshe Foundation takes the 30%
and that becomes our revenue because we still have to support the background
support and everything else then in a way is a perfect investments for those
who live with the ethos of the foundation doesn’t matter in which
country you are we can put collective number of people together in different
part of the world and you can fly into it or you can make it in your own city
five or ten people together as small amounts can pay for the system then
these become a foundation what we call health centers there has to be a doctor
visitor appears and a nurse which can look after it at the same time as you
will see from beginning of December we will give address and announce the
systems which is placed around the world then you can if you want to fly to or
you say we want in this area to have we have a information for our Chinese
knowledge seekers some of you have reached us that you want to have the
system or you want to be able to use it or how you can support it this system in
China is going to go through his clinical trial for certification of the
Chinese system the way which is done on the principle and work in China
knowledge seekers collectively come by one system as I explained and we make it
available to the research centers once the research completed which is the Sun
three to six months then these machines will return or a stay where it is and
revenue from their income for the people who use it becomes your revenue
everything will set up legally in the framework of company’s system my system
and many Chinese followers of the kitchen and they share want to do it
they want to apart in it please contact cash as we
announced last week the email and you will find out you can contact them and
we’ll set it up very rapidly this research on Chinese side will start
summer first weeks of November so we need about 30 machines in China to go
through the what we call clinical trials between you ten thousand five thousand
whatever whoever puts together we said more company for valuation of one
machine and you have as the team you drive it you run it to your team we run
it or we have seen the number of Chinese millionaires have offered to buy the
system for their own family pride use or they want to use it for a specific
disease that one of the members of the family has that can be organized one of
the first two things which we want to complete in China is Parkinson and
autism so our Chinese followers go through the
rechart get in touch with you know the officials
of the Keshe foundation in China go through the email which we gave last
week which is with a Chinese community say what you want to do with it that we
can put this a structure for certification into the Chinese
authorities through the legal frame which is available to the foundation
work we work with the team of scientists and officials of government structure
that this process will go very fast you got to realize we need 30 patients per
case so if we use half an hour per patient twice a day maximum we can take
eight person per machine so we need four machines for let’s say part
to go through the trial with what is going to we need fall for autism we need
a four for cancer we need four for our Cypress so what we ask the generous
community of their conditioning Jack contact us put together please that
collectively the Chinese community will benefit by it and it will be publicly
done the trials will be very much in public domain and you can follow it go
exactly to the email which was issued last week and from that email we will
respond accordingly as we have a number of people have contacted through the
Chinese line to the Keshe foundation for help or they want to invest please is no
problem if you use the link which is given or go to the sales section of the
Keshe foundation for the system and send a message to us we have received a
request from Macedonia our friends in Macedonia you have to structure it the
way we said we have requests from United the state we have requests from Mexico
we have requests from a number of European countries who they know me they
have contacted they want to do we have requests from Middle East the state of
Emirates will be handled differently totally by the foundation I know many
people who want to invest to the machines Emirates let us handle the way
we have it structured there will come back to you and according to what we
have and what we set up in the coming time India is another point for us we’ll
come back in and we will announce what it is
do not please do not ask us to do something which is beyond the limitation
of the Keshe foundation is work you can go through the Keshe foundation global
in United State to send your inquiries and orders you can go through the Keshe
foundation website or get in touch with our officials through the email which is
given last week about cache plasma china at gmail.com or was a QQ can you say you
post that up again please if you have it yes we’ll get that up I think it was at
163 dot-com he was you what Q calm yes that’s the one yeah please keep it on
screen and keep it on the Keshe foundation link with that the Chinese
can reach it we are we know in China we can get this done very rapidly through
structure with the support of the scientific world in China they have
shown us we just got to find a way to do it that all the knowledge seekers in
China are involved in it and at the same time we want you to monitor it’s
important that we give the link to every patient which is on the monitoring of
the system you bought that in their organization you understand the
technology you grow up with it you become agents of your own knowledge and
technology we can do the same in Europe and America or South Africa or in Africa
or Asia number of knowledge seekers we need to put together to be able to bring
these systems into operation first machines will be delivered into
United Kingdom on the see regulation certification the first machines will be
two machines in Germany with partnership of the Keshe foundation and one
independent one machine will go to New Zealand number of machines will go to
South America and Western Europe we can meet up 200 systems a month from January
or so we can structure it from March onwards more machines can be delivered it has to be collective if you are in a
country but you don’t have access or you want to have the finances but to be used
for setting up of a system somewhere else to be part of it become inert we
are one nation one planet One race we have no borders so if you live in Africa
or you live in America you want machine to be bought to be put in Africa it can
be done because still is only the same structure as you remember last week I
explained to you these systems will become feeding stations in this is a
space technologies limit where you can set going to the Machine and receive the
energies which become the energy you need for daily use as food as energy to
live these machines on delivery by first generation maybe by the second
generation will be self powered which means they do not need any power supply
we can drop it anywhere and you’ll supply itself to this effect Keshe
foundation makes the following announcement
yes tradition has brought the system of wireless technology energy transfer into
operation I have received the cleanest of past few minutes to make the
following announcement Keshe our nation will release self charging systems in
the coming days to company halfway in China for their evaluation this means
from finishing of the agreements once we come to him in the hallway your mobile
phones do not need charging charging phones has become the history of the
past at the same time we deliver the technology to automotive industries from
Monday of next week major of multiple companies which are
going to electrical it means they do not need to worry about recharging and at
the same time they do not need any concern about the fuel consumption
I have spread this technology in to three different countries that cannot be
stopped as I said we have fully understood the implication of this
technology and we will show the power of technology on the energy side to major
corporations automotive industry manufacturers in the coming days this
will change a lot for Keshe Foundation and the contract with these companies
will be made public by the Keshe foundation this is not part of the Keshe
foundation global operation this is a Keshe foundation itself is his own
assets on his own technology so what this means from next few months
you will see a huge evolution a revolution in the world of electronics delivery of energy from the energies of
this space rather than resources of this planet following that we will show the
new technology for environmental cleanup the water resources we have had miss for
over three years in our book and now we will release this technology in the
coming weeks to United State with the problems with one of the major
corporations which was found three hundred sixty-five million dollar
penalty for creating cancer to clean up the waters we will introduce this into
the government of Italy or cleaning up the waters and this technology has fully
be tested we’ll release the report done for the government of Italy for cleaning
up of the waters of the nine most dangerous cancer agents which are in our
system for this reason you will understand will bring many changes in our gross
with governments is an open basis the Keshe foundation team working on the
global or Akash foundation will work as one team to negotiate with all the
nations on equal basis we have no problem dealing with any government as
long as our technology is used for peaceful application and understood that
we would not stand any pressure there is no proposal the state of Belgium is red
circled till our situation in European Court is clarified for misconduct the
Belgium officials in bringing armed officers in the court in what we call
destroying evidence changing evidence and we give one
alternative to the belgian state arrest of the red circle as they offered we
accept a rest of the police officer who’s instigated by them and both cases
has to have correct judgment for their sentences we are prepared to open
negotiation directly with the state of belgium because the evidence the
European Court is very clear during the Hitler time we have seen people
disappearing in Accords armed officers in the court we have seen the same in
regime in backyard previously now we have seen other
evidence of witnesses in the courts of Belgium which is against the law and
it’s done by the police officers you’re prepared to negotiate directly with the
state of Belgium for all the damages they’ve done and prison sentence for red
circle and the officers who we have pictures
present in court we have no other demands accept our damages covered in
the wave years responding to your offer we accept to negotiate but our tense is
very clear very very clear the officials of state about you they tell us is done
by a rogue officer and a guy who is told in many patterns our response is very
simple we demand prison sentence are tampering with evidence destroying
evidence of false accusations and many other things which done by the officer
and it’s the same with the red circle cleaning up of the websites
internationally is the germ of the Belgium security at us in that process
the rest of the world has a free run of the technology what we are structuring
is the following as we are finding many investors who want to invest we need
doctors we need physiotherapist and we need nurses who can work in these
centres getting set up financed to become the health centers but call as
his name says so today please those of you who are doctors nurses and in public
health business contract transition to the medical teaching side
we will train all the doctors and we open one channel for all the doctors who
use this system please go to you can go to order start us kmgl global you can go
to cash plasma china at 163 calm or you can send your request directly to the
foundation at our store site Keshe foundation store and find the right link
and send it to us we respond those of you who are there to support to bring
the change this is one of hundreds of new technologies which we release in the
coming months this is the beginning and you can see the revolution readed this
is the beginning in understanding the new technology has come in with this
comes next step energy next step environmental cleanup next step
production of materials next step what we call agricultural through space
development then it comes along inform the Iranian officials on 19 20 21st 22nd
of April 2020 in the beautiful city of the heart we will show a flight system
those of you who had a dream to see UFOs in the hand of public in the hand of
people in the hand of one nation not governments we will show it to you
dinner but the thing is how can we show something flies when we cannot show
what’s in it and how he operates that’s why we start releasing the
technology answer the tradition when the Keshe foundation back to front
these are the machines once we open the space technology you will see this is
the machine which you will be fed you will come over the plasma fields of the
universe which might touch you you might have decided to take your dog with you
and he gets a disease you can’t go into the same machine and at the same time
every material which we can produce in an application of another system like
this which is you have seen before it’ll be done in so many ways I think
occasionally she team have seen the video of the second system the system
which will be used to do what we call space for material production it’s a
slightly different but more or less the same and is in so many ways a
breakthrough for science these systems will deliver to us everything that we
need in a space in so many ways we are ready to operate in a industrial what we
call science production of mass production of materials and at the same
time we are ready to do the same across this planet there then what we call the
production system material is very much the same Rick I have sent you a picture
for the system production but she still has a chair in her – would you like to
open it to the UK yes thank you just yeah yeah
you will see there the industrial version which is mainly for production
of materials is slightly similar but in a way is set up differently because it
needs different operation and apparatus the breakthrough in technology will come
this way step by step you see what is built what is in how it operates how you
have your energy system how we collect the energies from the cosmic fields and
convert them to human use AC and DC how will impact the use of energy on this
planet to make it free available at a point of need many of you who went with
us with the generator we will show you the Magreb system which is a power
generator now that we have released their off-grid what we call energy
supply for this machine it allows us to release the maghreb systems not this one
not this one there’s another one no this one there’s two pieces we done what
there’s a video it allows us to release the power generator no not this one
there is another one there were three pieces it’s a video in so many ways
that’s the one yes this is this unit will become the production of the
materials because it’s been said that it can create a condition of the earth in
the interaction with the fields of the Sun and in the center will create
produce as much materials you like you can play it and in the process we
understand that the system has the same capabilities this allows us to produce
huge amount of material similar thing ously
and in so many ways you will see new technologies which emerge on these basis
of the steepest base technology plasmatic field operation you got to
realize the change has come and I promised by nineteen I will bring it and
he’s here 2020 will be massive development deployment of new technology
across the world we could not done this without all of your supports we all done
our bet good but we thought this good it turned up to be bad baton it was bad
stand I’m good this is the beauty of a big family that we can collectively work
and bring it together and delivering such a beautiful technology when I see
the video of the 19 year old boy at 47 tablets today when he walked into the
hospital when I saw him with his mother with the doctors to see what system we
need to produce for him as the doctors take over the medical application of it
I thought I am children say younger than you
what’s the future how much more medicine we can pump into these people with no
results and the more and more and more and more and more because once they get
into cycle 47 the sine of X becomes worse and they have to give more for
side effect but I’ve seen this before now we will release the same video as
you’ve seen with this gentleman oh my back to school working behind computer
being able to live being able to communicate parents being able to enjoy
their child one of my biggest dream was to be able to change a life not at the
end but at the beginning and for the first time this system allows us to with
our children we look at these systems if you got a parking sir you have an
attentive living even we help 30 years years of comfortable life but the child
with autism a child with any kind of problems an early age has a lifetime of
software with this technology we can bring the change with this technology as
is not intrusive inspire working the same as the way we were born in a room
of the mother this is the beauty of this technology many of you have asked us can
he change DNA can he change RNA can attain interfere that damage is done by
changes in DNA can be reprocessed math is very simple but you have to
understand this is the long term delivery long term for me is 12 to 18
months not in 2030 years the answer is yes
this technology has a full capability to reset the DNA for any defects I want to
explain this to the scientists in that you course how they have to do it and
using this technology unless the damage is so severe physically that cannot be
done most of those who are on the mental level he can be helped when you see a
child suffering so talented with this kind of diseases to me is a
life sentence of imprisonment and with this technology we continue we as you
will see the first units come out the interest and the results will bring the
world of science to us many people tell me you’re not afraid of pharmaceuticals
you’re not afraid of big finances no because there’s no pharmaceutical space
there is no finances in space we are not working for to change we are here to
test to open this space for humanity all the pharmaceuticals welcome to come and
bring their knowledge into dimensions of understanding all the cultural material
medicine we use for centuries now can be transferred these systems will have a
heartbeat of a human being those of you who are every era you have seen it now
we are getting the testimonials coming in from the people who have been in the
system in Vienna it’s very very strange I received two of them last night or
earlier two hours of this morning when you read it what they have written is
amazed like we can we can I can read some of it
for you but to people more who happy need it says conclusion after only a
single 30-minute session until today no more neck pain pain around shoulder and
right upper arms have become easier positive emotion Express they just sat
in the machine they wanted to be in it for a few minutes this is thank you very
much for giving us this possibility to what we call the Keshe foundation work
my biggest target is to be able to change the life of the children and
being able to give them a peaceful life and we will see this technology will
bring it with deliberate there is no nation on this world which will stop
this technology the reason for it is that the world leaders suffer from same
pains themselves and the families as the rest of us we see that the German group
who have already placed order for these units have already offered this
technology to the Chancellor of Germany for help we stand by a supporter in a
coming weeks you will see addresses of the places where you can go in Europe
and you have to understand in most of these we support and in a way we try to
understand more of how to use to elevate and to alleviate the pain of the people we put there at the price of one hundred
fifty thousand as you see this this is still November I’m sorry first of
January professor January to 1st of March
it goes to 500,000 and from 1st of March the proximally said on 1 million euro
there this structure is very simple we have one point those of you who carry
pacemakers stents you Karrie parts which is addition to your
stomach those of you who have a ring and stomach for reduction of the stomach you
cannot use this technology the energy transfer creates what we call
attachment of the material to the flesh and coming dangerous so you have to
understand there at this moment of time we have this limitation and I don’t see
any other way to do it there is a way to do it which is using the chair which you
see in coming time to remove these materials from the body and at the same
time replace and create a condition of repair but this is at least two years
away it’s not something you’ll be done tomorrow I wish I could do it later of
one of my best friends with this technology we have to work
together to deliver in every city every country and understand we don’t take the
rough with us but we can’t carry the blessing of the people who we help we
might think we are healthy today and tomorrow it can change don’t think um
pay for a system when I needed help the others who suffer now that we can bring
this technology for us that with their blessing you might not ever need it the
operation is very simple this is the beginning of new industrial revolution
and it has to come with it the understanding of the man that there is
no need for creating tools of war and everything else the interesting part is
if you could get access to 10% of the American nine hundred and thirty million
dollar budget military expenditure more or less which is 93 billion every major
city would have a factory industrial zone had many industries which will use
this technology we have chosen the path of killing than the path of living and
what is technology to also go into it will change the state of their emotional
might to elevate it one of the biggest gifts of this
technology will come when I can become wise as you know one of the most
greediest man in the world of technology Edison
trying to prove one of the most beautiful scientists of our time just
not to be wrong by developing the AC he created the electric chair to prove that
this can kill he put an elephant through electric shock put them in the machine
he made a machine to kill and it’s use or execution in the United State as the
path following structure of the test are using the technology for benefit of our
kind we will not see prisoners as by use of
this technology we can elevate the sole understanding of the matter that we do
not need to imprison the man in the cage in his brain
and in a room but by putting you in this machine we elevate his souls that we
don’t need normal prisons but it soon will offer these two correctional
centers the United State and across the world as an alternative to imprisonment now you decide how energy it is for us
to bring the change those of you who have a spare time the prisons for
different reasons or no and we see every day more and more
black people are committed to prison the United States and we see more and more
people because of the addiction trying to supply the daily need to satisfy
their addiction which is more or less now half of the prisons around the world
with this technology do not need to be there the change is huge when we can take a
boy of 19 from 47 most effective detectable drugs to control mind you can
see is not much problem addiction with this as I said will change the history
of man through this technology and step by step we will open the door in
releasing the new wireless technology and power from the universal energy we
freely create the environment the beauty with this is today with cars which are
battery operated we pay hundred and sixty thousand one hundred and eighty
thousand dollars for a car and the car was about sixty one hundred thousand is
for free supply for rest of the life of the car over twenty five or thirty years
but the energy is buried somewhere else as I said before for the biggest crime
criminality with it is each of these cars carry six thousand batteries as we
heard recently one of the major corporations in car that the old battery
I used to do 385 thousand miles and the new batteries in the cars from 2020 will
do 1 million miles before it drops by 10 percent and then it needs to be scrapped
can you close the microphone please there’s a microphone open in the
background Rick thank you very much but the beauty with this technology is these
cars when they finished we have 6,000 highly dangerous chemicals batteries now
we have to dispose off nobody is talking about that and now when we sell a
million you have six billion batteries if you sell 10 million we have 60
billion batteries a year to bury in 20 years time when is new technology there
is no battery the way we know it to be able to deliver the technology we have
developed a new battery which will come into operation at the same time this has no chemicals has no residue
this is solid state and with it will save guarantee the operation of new
technology new energy system needs new way of delivering it so in a coming time
you will see in new batteries new generation of batteries which is already
developed to come into operation especially like with this system this
will change a lot of things for us at the same time one of the advantages with
this system is the application of it in deeper space in deep space anyone get
attacked or attached with a high magnetic field what we call the virus by
putting them in this machine within seconds we can bring balance if you
understood this you will understand simply if we replicate the same thing
does not take much to understand what happened when we put war leaders and the
soldiers through this machine would we have own leaders how would we have
soldiers don’t forget every man get sick mean soldier to the president to the
king but the video is the bigger on the
street but a king on the street will sit on the same chair as as long as they try
to save their lives that is why all men are equal I go
especially to our Chinese group some of you have asked I want to buy a system
for my family understand your family is the rest of human race you are not born
on your own in that place and have that work with us to deliver this technology
rapidly work with us as a nonprofit organization we rest everything back
into the helping the people I had a request from one of the knowledge
seekers the money I paid for such a thing to be delivered from attorney
cannot be part of the deposit for the machine that is brought and I’ll be
shareholder dancer is yes those of you want to convert your orders by closing
Italy we can do or two one way or another and please come you know to be
immersed in the society by the society invest in your freedom any questions Danny thank you mister
– there is one of our attendees with the hand up here that Baba Yanni allow them
to talk and they can ask their question hello do you want to go ahead do you
have a question about the about with what mr. Kesh has been discussing hello
Baba can you open your microphone okay they might be having some trouble at the
microphone Oh perhaps they didn’t intend to put their hand up in any case I’ll
remind the attendees they can put their hand up then order to ask a question and
panelists can go ahead if they like and you see you’ve already answered the NTAs
question regarding the she had a question regarding the DNA more
specifically it was about the things such as poisons which are known that
changed the DNA and GMOs and so on can that be reversed back the damages that
are done by such dioxin or even nuclear radiation yes these can be all discussed
can be done and it’s we consider radiation as part of the cosmic rays and it should be no problem with that I know there is a request you had a question is
there another question cash on the Spanish side they’re asking
if the second generation of these machines have an independent power
supply I think this has been already cleared asn’t it yes we try to do that
in the first generation mr. Kesh there was a question on radioactivity in Tokyo
is that part of what you would like to address right now or yes
okay we had a question from Mia hiko not sure if I pronounced that right and
who says I live in Tokyo Japan and on the 26th of September in the Train of
the SOBU line I detected with my Geiger counter I think it’s 9 it’s strange
Somali I don’t know what it is 9 something per hour of radioactivity
after stopping in the Nakano station so I got off the train at the next station
there the radioactivity was normal generally the radioactivity is about
point 1 in this area in Tokyo so this is 90 times higher I thought someone was
illegally transporting a time of radioactive material or maybe I was hit
by something like a radioactive laser gun or something like that
I read Wikipedia and it was written that there were that there is an x-ray laser
shooting electrons on the plate of metal can make an x-ray but it makes a lot of
heat unquote so there is a problem of heating
of that weapon but if someone has the cache technology there is the technology
of superconductivity and so on I can solve the problem of heating sorry I’m
not a scientist I’m not sure so I hope if I got your opinion if this high
radioactivity was created by any sort of weapon
or not thank you so much we are eco thank you very much we know in China the
radiation has travelled the whole nation you got to understand a lot of people
travel in Japan from radioactive areas they live or they were kind of trouble
they sit on the trains they travel they carry things with themselves unknowingly
contaminated the process is even if it’s produced by laser or what they call more
energetic systems these all can be can be changed and they can be absorbed and
they can be made harmless their position with Japan is very critical because by
not releasing the data and the facts Japanese government has managed to what
you call stop and talk about and what how further the contamination has moved
around what is localized contamination in
Fukushima and the reactors they brought you down the control but you got
understanding blow up the whole country more or less spread now pieces of it are
part of it which are there people carry they buy goods they bought vegetables it
still goes on the Fukushima situation will not resolve for next 200 years from
Japan because every gram of the material which have not been the reactors are not
accounted for we don’t even know we’re there as you know we don’t know a lot of
work with TEPCO we done a lot of work with you remember your cocoa going back
to Japan showing that he can be done and in so many ways these kind of radiations
are become normal part of our lives in a space
we will mutate to accept or to be able to absorb part of it many races in the
space have done so because it needs a different kind of breeding different
kind of energy transfer is very much like when we go to a higher altitude and
all systems on the earth we have differently go under the sea we have
different application and so we will see these x-rays and gamma-rays will be a
child playing compared it’s a plasmatic fields in the universe there is not much
worries to have if you receive one instantaneous or buddycall it feels
milliseconds of exposure but to carry these small handheld lasers is something
that you have to see the capability and possibility of the usage of it and how
they’ve developed it but in general should be no worries and the beauty of
the next generation of the communication which we will come with the plasma
technology this is something which we will open up into public in the coming
time will not have the same effect as what the telephone masks have nowadays
the new communication system plasma communication system is totally
different than the present communication systems we have as I said we we will as
we deliver a new what we call self sustained energy absorption from the
plasma to universe mobile phones on your laptops and your house I was asked
yesterday then your mix series or adrenal machine and you will find out
that this will change everything you got to realize what we tell you now by
mobile phones which empower themselves drilling machine
go back to the original pattern is in the pageantry now we are opening it up
is not something new which we are telling we’re going to do the technology
has been with us 10 years ago 15 years ago amid all of the patterns so now when
we speak about this even this what we call the enhancement unit going to the
pattern we are delivering the technology of the pattern because you as knowledge
seekers did not manage to do so it’s been with you for four years five years
it’s been open pattern you cried for it why don’t you give it we open it you
read it you couldn’t understand you put it aside so what we are delivering now
is the step by step what is in the pattern they existed something wrong to
go in to receive to heal is important please any of you who have access to any
downloaded it just bring the number of each section what we tell you now is
actually bringing every section of the pattern open for public is not something
new patterns were submitted 2005 14 years ago technology was delivered in
Iran 2009 sorry spaces early 2008 the beginning of head
nineteen nineteen sixties nineteen seventies this is not the technology we
just only popped up it’s a technology which is put in step by step developed
open the pattern those of you who have access bring it up to us tell the rest
what it says in the pattern regarding the environment you go in and you say it
for your illnesses and the rest of it so to you catch our nation has brought the
enhancement K tradition release this pattern 2005 with
technology in it 15 years nobody has done anything
now with delivering in a way we are delivering what’s in the patent to those
of you who could not read the patent the delivery of the progress in so many ways
the patterns we release it’s the promise of the delivery of the new technology
very much it’s a new Bible of science and now you see what it’s been there now
it’s getting delivered you should not be oh there come up with something new
no yet delivering what we showed in the patent you couldn’t do you’re not doing
it for you the battery system if you look at the patterns it shows you a
drill with the unit in it so now you understand you say they don’t have it we
say very simple the world was not ready for it now we are pushing the human race
to work with it so those of you who’ve been telling oh they come up with
another thing no go back we already gave you the other things you understand it
now we’re delivering the other things that we fulfill what we explain and show
in the technology operates if you build and take these systems into Japan many
places where you have the radiation damage or you’re afraid of it put in
this machine walk into this machine give it on about 10 minutes even if you are
exposed to radiation you’ll be T exposed from the radiation this is what’s going
to be used in space and Japan is the best candidate for it because they
really blown themselves up to pieces with their radiation in so many ways there’s a beginning of a
change we use the water we use the electricity and we had the Industrial
Revolution now we have the plasmatic revolution which takes us into a space and the interesting part is we told you
20 years ago now we have to show it you that is here try to understand the principle behind
the creation then you are rabble the mystery of my patterns of my books try
to look at the human eye and knowledge of the present time everything will say
possible and magic it’s not my problem if you believe in father Christmas for
past 200 years and use the earth materials and everything he wrote until this technology is real works in space
and as I’ve seen very recently Americans running away from it very fast in their
boats it pushes peace it pushes to show there
is no need to kill and as I said we will install these machines in the prisons of
today by most early in next 3 or 5 years many prisons will be shut down Keshe
Foundation will make gifts to prisons around the world or you can do with the
help to buy and give it to the business and let them come out the addiction for
life no criminality secondly why should we lock a man when we have free hand so
elevated soul to be free that they can use that elevation of the emotion to put
their life the physical life in a good use this is if I tell what you can do
with this technology you not will sell your homes and you sell your cars to
make sure these systems are everywhere that man would undo the damage and the
crime they have committed so I so promptly so said my job is done I’m just
gonna show you a few more pieces and show you your flying machine that’s
April the beautiful city of the rock where I was born then my ambition is
over then you as a human race have to decide how and where and the way you
want to set the path for Humanity in his ways the other question okay don’t see anyone with their hand up here
and our panelists or seem like their tongues tongues are tied as they say
shot yes Eric they’ve asked me again to ask the first generation is still
connected as they must remember be referring to the one used in Austria but
as far as I gathered this is already being overtaken hasn’t it we we have
said and we try to keep it because there’s other things in with this
process but the first generation is already running in China and in a couple
of places in Europe so the first generation is already opened up and
second generation or what we call what is coming up as a total structure which
is totally different we will have or what we call it we try not to use any
power but we can produce enough power to run it that should not be a problem you
see none of you understood when I gave you the gift of the Magma’s a year ago there’s something I have to
tell you someone about firsts weeks of January cash plasma website in China
will be open up what this means that all the knowledge seekers who produce
materials or technologies will be allowed will they be given access to
sell their products worldwide very much like the Alibaba plasma and gas
technology we own 51% of this company which is getting done and the technical
side should be completed hrs by gen end of December hopefully if they can do it
and we can all access to promote your products and as I said for one of the
first things which you will see is like what already we sell under the Keshe
foundation global system of what used to be like t-shirts and pants and that kind
of thing learn about nine dollars or nine euro
and all the what we call the patches will be run about 9 to 19 year old these
are all CEC CC certificated by the company in China it’ll be part of the
Keshe foundation operation so we will not allow more than one or two items to
be bought so Amy is now he used to buy their pain pad from us I don’t know 69
59 something you should be able to buy it on about nine to nineteen euro
even cheaper in China but this structure you will see which will come up with a
new website in China I’ll tell you now and then as we come to it further on
every time you shop you will receive a coupon
you can take that coupon and go to other website like Alibaba and use it as
purchase value so if you buy something like 50 euro you’ll be most probably
given the 15 euro coupon and we can expand against positions of items which
is put up in certain major websites and you know give you a chance to cross
purchase across China I’m not China still be the first time
the two will manage we operate what very much like the operation of the major of
corporations so please if you are producing materials or whatever and
you’re selling a few here and there and start packaging it start getting
certification from your country if you can’t or if he cannot get it certified
if it’s different now what we do we see if punishing can help you to get it
certified or wide in different ways if we see the appropriate so for example as
I said the t-shirts and pads will go definitely for 999 euro from beginning
of the year once the website opens up the team has start already the
background of it has already been done by the team which has joined us he’s
done all the work that’s why we’re coming out so fast so you will see all
these what we call we used to sell like a knee pads and everything else on the
iPads all will go around about 9 euro till 1999 1999 we bring it so long but
everybody can afford it and becomes item 2 missile we do not allow more than one
purchase or two item purchase which doesn’t allow people to buy and try to
resell we do not want to go into the resale job to this because we have to
produce so much material for base observers there are as far as we use of
this these machines some of these machines when you use them
specific cases you need the specific materials like a t-shirt or helmet or a
heart or whatever so we are not selling it to anything else this is something we
are producing for these systems as a package now is surplus which is will
produce huge amounts and we can’t notice you’ll be of the highest quality will
carry what we call C medical certification one for all of them but
this time will be fully certified in serious medically certified through the
appropriate companies in China and they’ll be delivered and as I said we’ll
bring the traffic of the Keshe foundation with major corporations that
you can shop on this website and you can spend the coupons on both sides or
products which is offered equal one to one
the third we are doing a lot of work in the background the Chinese community a
Keshe foundation is to lend this amount of work it’s a lot of pressure on
wranglin hand the rest of the team which are there trying to get these things
sorted out and we come back into a full operation of it by next few weeks and we
let you know as we develop more the books will go back on sale be organized
in the next few days as we saw in Italy was never done and so you’ll get all
those of you who placed books on this we found out a lot of stock which wasn’t
sent out by Italy and now it’s being sent out past few days you receive back
my book the orders you waiting for and there is some what we call a refund
understanding which come from Italy and the past we across all these hopefully
before end of this month or early next month that it means by we’re closing
their factory company in Italy we do not as usual try and relinquish our
responsibility but we fulfill it there’s a lot of we’re what you call it people
who would like to have the situation to be settled now we can settle it we
have more to do it by closing attorney and but we will open in Italy in an
industrial scale very very soon as we have work to be done or the
contamination this is one of the reasons we saw we started with a full
decontamination process in 1 / 8 we can more or less get it done ourselves any
other questions I think we have a headache for today there is one question
from air than the Q&A who asks in the u.s. for doctors to get involved there
was the issue of the FDA approval so also many many people in the US
depend on health insurance to pay for medical procedures would you care to
address these issues we have no problem working with FDA these are not medical
systems are what we call environment or enhancement on the medical application
it’s in conjunction with FDA can test everything because there is no intrusion
we don’t intrude you don’t need to drink anything you can walk into the space is
a change of environment and it doesn’t take much for FDA to move our appeal
Americans who cannot do it in America there are many many islands and
countries around you which will take the Machine a little bit as I said we have
gifted one of the machines to the Austrian community and what I see we
have to start building reserves one to every 10 or 20 orders we get for
delivering in emergencies it’s like what happened in Bahamas we will use
extensively for the Asia and Europe as you know there
sir prods railway system I was talking to our people in China today it’s very
easy within eighteen days we can deliver anywhere in Europe and a safe and could
be door to door to the city where you are by delivery by train to the nearest
train station and we will use the support of the Chinese a structure
heavily in the coming time that certification of within each country we
trying to sort up this is part of the work ongoing in the background by
bringing the statistics what is coming from team of doctors from the trials the
government’s will use this as a basis that the first step is done and if it’s
been makes it easier we already have a FDA water certificate for in Ghana we
can transfer it or use as a backup or FDA in us because conni an FDA is based
on the American FDA system it’s all ready to change so we don’t see empty as
a problem this is how the medicine is initially what we call environmental
change there’s one additional question from P
about the patients who are on medication treatment and if they’re on a load of
medication do they have to step down on the medication before using the unit the
way the doctors are monitoring it and doing it in China is there we allow the
first couple of weeks the system works and star reduction very very small
amounts and then over a few weeks you see a total or majority reduction in
medication you don’t know you got to understand
everything done is by supervision under supervision of the medical people each
Center will have a number of doctors allocated to it working from it a number
of what we call therapists because you got to realize as you’ve seen in the
video these people most probably haven’t done anything or not to being paraplegic
for years and what one thing you don’t do you might have realized is that you
see gentlemen getting up I’m walking after a few days you tell this to any
physiotherapist and laugh you off I’ve shown this to couple of physiotherapists
said this is a very good actor because no one can do no one can go so fast
because you understand the psychological part the earth to man through the brain
of the man resets not through the physiotherapy these movement we see is
just because brain has opened it up now they’re just delivering what is now as
being closed locked up or destroyed you so many ways now opening up
and we see this I was talking to one of our colleagues in a Sports Center in
like football teams for fast recovery of the players to go back we can speed up
by weeks and months some of their processes you can imagine this is what I
was explaining very recently pass through this to number of groups we were
talking to you know I’ve done a lot of work with ALS and MS we see this as the
ultimate solution for MS and Alice it’s quite possible we can we can recondition
a lot of this damage 100% recovery but what we see here it’s because its
enemies fought thus one of the man and the physicality it will work very nicely
with it so those are here who suffer from the mystery of war if we get
together and when you are paying for life putting in Brian system we
deliberate test it and then become sensors we have to deliver the proof of
technologies through certification to our own conduct so if any of you suffers
from ILS and unless you know we done a lot of work we know how it works now we
have a system which can speed up controlling and deliberate much faster
and so we put in the hospitals nothing will be done by cash foundation we are
not getting involved in health business we are technology development set up
space technology development but we work with the health groups to deliver the
technology so if you suffer from RLS MS clinical fatigue or fatigue fibromyalgia
all these can be supported with this technology with this so put it together call a service five
of us none of us we want to do it and in some cases if you can come up with
majority of it I’ll commit the foundation to the rest at the same time
we take a majority share in the company and maybe take 30% but whether when we
take majority share goes back spending on your city on this country and the
rest of it so it does go in our pocket so if you but you’re not going to offer
this blank offer to everyone if foreign system
which is gonna be five hundred thousand you raise three four hundred thousand of
it I’m willing to commit the Keshe foundation to the other part I will
compete you in doing it but don’t some come in the small amounts where they
cannot be done this is we cannot add this form and do it otherwise we’ll stop
watching so we need to develop this or if you are part of a MS group or
whatever let’s do it let’s see what comes up and we position
doctors we need huge number of toxins to move to this technology to understand
this technology it’s very hard for medical people to switch to this
extremely difficult because it’s not in the books and it goes against everything
they’ve been taught one of the biggest problems now we’re facing in China with
a system with this volunteers is that pharmaceuticals almost made the medicine
then they were they had something to do with whether we call it Pakistan never
survives doesn’t matter we can override or we can overlook these side-effects
now people are reversing red lights are flagging race or other red flags with a
with the Chinese medicine at the moment even generating generic ones from the
copy from Europe because we see the recovery different in Europe in the West
and the same medicine in the East so there is a problem there we have to sort
out and the damages are because when you don’t expect the guy to
come back how you expect for him to tell you he is mr. Lawson’s memory he can’t
move his leg aside in fact he has a heart problem and everything else
now we can even reverse side effects now we see the problems which is going to
come up many medications will be withdrawn from the market this way
because we see the side effect we don’t release many videos every day I receive
maybe 5 10 sometimes more we newest from the patients around the world and so we
see we can compare or we can extremely push to the limits of knowledge on
science so let’s do it together and see you came to learn knowledge now you find
a way to save yourself or your family with it it’s all the stays within the
family but now the family extends to the whole of this planet you not to remember
many more reasons are sick with cancer many world leaders are sick with other
diseases we we we know many of them so it’s not
just for us it’s for them too because always has been them enough now it’s
asanas meet the former meet the Richmond as I said yesterday I was explaining
when you go to Beijing in the West you are used to seeing
beggars putting a hat off and you drop a coin in when you walk the streets of
Beijing the biggest have a V chat in front of them on the floor you just take
your phone and WeChat and give the money from yours this is how much the East has
evolved on the rest are still to learn the money is in the bank as I said the
minute the car pushes that think it’s very strange
if you another way opinion never seen it the biggest just put a witch outside on
the floor and they sit in front of it they don’t need a heart because nobody
carries money in the pocket and the people just give them 1 RMB or
turn R&B which others in the back modern banking system can meet modern Phoenix
system we don’t need to give them to back you say just go in the machine
you’re fed are paid to the machine you got to realize the next steps of these
things is going to become so common that you want have a Chinese the Chinese
flavor any food of it taste of it the feel of it the pleasure of it we can’t
go into one of these kiosks and press the button have that taste pleasure and
the food up with an energy of it I walk out every cell of you will receive it at
the pleasure of it because it carries not only the emotion is very much like
when you see the orange taste the orange juice from the orange you took the
energy of the orange the system will deliver always I have opened a space
technology you can see how fast my kind of job market any other question
mr. cash hello it’s John from Arizona how can we mr. John John Watson
opposition without its own the setting of their factory decided this could be a
good location in the desert but in a very good location as you know George is
the head of the cache partition Arizona and he is one of the big members for the
directors of our crane so he knows everything
what’s happening can you explain me what what the VAT tax
rate would be and also can you give give me an estimate of the shipping cost
going to the United States what it is about five thousand dollars in that
region the shipping goes from the goods will be shipped in two or three
different times different part of the world all see certified with everything
else but when we ship we ship witness the first two or three hundred patients
Cisco but the call support system auxiliary system and so when when we
take your system the taxes you pay in your country how you pay I think it’s
around some places of 30 percent 40 percent some countries is five percent
depends on your interim porting what they call it the materials the shipping
is not about five thousand dollars if you are in Europe we talking about in
this morning 40-foot container will carry maybe three system in it so let me
run about grandpa for 3,000 4,000 euro each to the nearest train station to
where you are then your cleaning agent will do it and if you are in Europe if
you are an individual you have to pay the taxes if your accompany your exam
because we use your dat registration in America I think it should be the same
your at the port of entry they give you the list will get everything has a code
all the systems are what you call European certified all the systems which
we deliver so you look round about three four
hundred per case of the materials they need extra maybe hundred in the
container or 200 cases in the container that it covers the first 200 patients
which just gives you about one machine gives you run about you can use it
anything about maximum five times four which is about forty one machine will
give you allows you to use or 40 patients a year we can what do you call
it if if it’s like three machines in the container it should be feasible it’s all
and wanting which we have we will send people which we train to assemble to
teach the use and everything they spend two or three days with your doctors and
the technicians to understand how it works so I guess you just don’t get you
to get it assembled put together showing you how to do it we have a team in
global and also global which can put this together for you another question um one question that
comes up and people ask is for the units that are sold on the KF store for
example including the mobile field unit do they require a doctor to operate we
are these units need the doctor yes because we know we’ve seen the operation
because there is a part which the medication has to be reduced there is a
part which the people because of the rapid changes we see the lack of energy
that they need support to recover we see physiotherapists that they have to watch
they don’t damage themselves by doing things they can’t run you’ve seen this
gentleman in the video some of them need two or three people to monitor them true
but as they become expert I know what to do it’s a you you should look around
forty people maximum between 35 to 40 people a year for a machine it’s a time
operation unless you can get your what you call it night shift into operation
you might push it to sixty people who come at night and go through the system
twice you can add under there another for more or less under there may be six
people per cycle we have five sounds you can make it to about 50 60 patients per
machine speaking of might is it possible that
people could sleep in in this machine would that be beneficial no no you don’t
need more than thirty minutes max 30 minutes maximum yeah twice a day because
the body this is not repairing me but it just puts everything right the body
repairs itself that’s why you become independent you need the time away in
order to do those repairs but what a body to do the repairs here the first
the first especially few weeks mid first three or four weeks you
feel very tired very fatigued because the energy is used to rebuild the
damages you know this research which is done on their what you call energy usage scientists a professor or somebody in
the university uses more energy than a miner face worker so you can see how how
much energy you need to repair from a damages I have a little boy who wants
something and just one second temperature yeah so that is part of the
process that we need doctors yes we need doctors to understand which medication
to reduce don’t forget we have as part of the Keshe foundation global and a
medical we will set up team of doctors twenty-four hours on call dad as the
world doesn’t go to sleep when you have these systems is that you can call for
advice we will start building these centers that’s why we take that 30% of
their income to provide these facilities or services in the background that
you’re supporting to doctors or supporter the patients are supported building your structure is already
underway when it takes time to the next 12 months as we sell more systems and
certifications come through faster from different countries we will go through
the whole setup service ojala structure any other question when big question has
mr. Trump in president Trump been told and is he receptive American administration is today now as
we speak live online with us American administration Chinese administration
the Iranian officials the Russian of visual scientists different universities
always are present with us we are watched very closely by not just by
President dropped unit time of their President Obama and we are they are
aware of it there is a catch-22 with this situation as I said many times and
the Iranian nuclear physicist helping their makers develop a space technology
in Arizona is a very harsh pill to swallow but at the same time is one of
the best beetles to take and we are closely watched by all from top to
bottom of the White House from the Energy Department by what I call
Homeland Security the docs or presidents yes we pretty much they’re aware they
know what’s happening and the same is with many European countries this cat is
too big to put it back in the back and the problem is that they all need that
cat because we are not selling energy we are playing with their understanding of
their survival in the space so to the American officials let’s start
with the space technology so dreaming up to her then we’ll see what can be done
with the rest are there any other questions you scan
I think you pretty much cover that we have yes people with the technology yes
yes is there a time limit or life cycle for how long these machines will remain
effective life of your great-grandchild is the technology of the universe not
the man has no time no best before date yep but on the other hand you you do
have a plan to continually update and modify the machine as necessary to we
always turn the Society’s there’s a dynamic situations not a finished
product necessarily initially it’ll be dynamic I’m sure you want to be mindful
Aleutians the doctors want to make modifications
and the patients will have suggestions I think they’re the main part of it will
come when the scientific world or the world of medicine will enter the what we
call modification of the DNA and what I call upgrading of RNA to fit different
environments in space well as mankind does not know be another where well
strangely enough there’s in about a week or two here in in the Victoria BC in
Canada region they’re having a workshop convention of doctors in the cancer realm that are involved specifically
with immunotherapy and the idea of using viruses and DNA as the basis
how they work and was interesting they had a anarchic article come up I’m
normally not that interested in that sort of thing but I looked at what these
people were doing and it was not the regular cancer care therapy with
chemotherapy and radiation and so on this is a totally different new branch
that’s coming out that has to do with the the basic changes and how we can
essentially to me what we’re seeing with the universal body enhancement spaceship
unit is right up their alley and I’m going to try to get the video shown
during their conference somehow if I can squeeze it in I’m not sure if that’s
possible but it’s I think there is those changes is what I’m saying we’re on the
cusp of a new reality with the doctors and they’re they’re forced to accept it
because there are other doctors that are discovering these these changes that are
possible I think in a way the new generation of medical people realizing
that the present pharmaceutical solutions are not good enough and old
ones stick to what they have because you know they didn’t it for so long doesn’t
matter but what we see the new generation the 30s and the 40s are
opening forcing new developments and they’re challenging governments many
doctors are going into alternative because the prison pharmaceutical
doesn’t give an answer and the government’s are getting fed about
prosecuting doctors because how many doctors can you prosecute and get off
their medical list then you don’t have doctors to do anything
especially in European nations the government’s to come very negative
States regarding the alternative medicine of people who brought these
things out and they some of them originally where what you call it
hammered and sentenced and their certificate was withdrawn but how many
can you withdraw the more and more they come then you don’t have enough doctors
for population is what they call the it’s coming to the point house always
says the story of the Tesco retail group in England and they forced the change
because people wanted a change you know the story
the British knowledge seekers can tell you years ago you couldn’t buy anything
on Sunday and they could not buy meat after twelve o’clock and everything has
to be shut and there was a tube fine up 250 pounds if you opened on a Sunday but
the major supermarkets open on a Sunday and it took nearly 1 million pounds 250
was nothing the open most of the branches the following week and the
following weeks and the government kept on giving 250 it was nothing and then
they passed the law Sunday’s are open for everybody
and so did we see the same because the doctors care they see the suffering of
their patients and the numinous and brings nothing but pain or cannot do
what is supposed to they are looking at everything they’re looking at every
opportunity to see what is what can be changed and some of the doctors after
all tradition are looking at it because they’ve seen they suffered with their
patients I hope I hope we can get to the point that by next couple of weeks we
will announce their what we call the free energy sister the free energy is
not free but one core plasmatic system charging system that will push a lot of
things forward and then hopefully to other stages and applications of the
technology when you are committed to the belief of
peace and change of life of God the the rest doesn’t really matter you can
survive all of it and we carry on doing so with little bit more and more
technologies if I’ve just seen and not somebody tells us if I can put funds for
a unit and you can find the others to share with me and I’ve become partner
with them in any country to do for me I don’t think that would be very difficult
position to do so you this your decision if you if you want to do it you can send
we go public with it what we receive from who we receive and you can say
which countries you want tell your investment to be in we set the company
up and accordingly you take your share and if we see certain positions which
the foundation can become partner fully missed on part of it to make sure he
happens adhere the question are we have a couple people there hands up here if
Dan had his hand up one point and has sand also has his hand up allow you to
speak their asset I said if you can mute your microphone then go ahead yes thank
you thank you mr. Kesh I have a one question in face walking’s
from french group and i don’t succeed to copy and sending from it’s a pleasure
this question in his own what is it can you do know you want the french people
to really translate it no it’s a I think it’s even
it’s tragic from frenchie Romanian and I needed to translate for very any English
issue it’s a little bit of complicated I asked personally French to to putting
the question another way for her I can read a few it’s possible do you have the
original Romanian version of it yes okay can you send it to Rick we post on we
have Romanians online this is the problem I can’t uh I can’t copy from a
facebook asking from this person to sending from from in my email or
messenger for for okay that’s right good day mr. Kesh I want to
know how I stand in the front of this disaster whoa
humankind is not realized never they be create rockets from the origin from
creation and nothing making nothing in in this scale exorbitant in time see
more the event is the approach what is the future Gaia of Earth if you don’t
have it just K the key for Humanity freedom of humanity in the history because he is not to achieve this level
or still no I’m sorry for this and I am attack I have attacker from energy this
person saying I am attacker energy from my condition
here when the yesterday I I want to put in one question about the state of Earth
what I think MARSOC recognition and thank you for your help here and now in
this planet saying this person okay asking how the danger because he is not
achievable yet this level how is the state of Earth of the planet the
question doesn’t make sense then again is the state of the earth
it was the reference there what was the context because just to tell them what
the state of the earth is now no it’s a bit I copied this I tried to copy this
questionnaire putting through to Caroline are Caroline or Eureka and
sending out this message okay thank you okay I have received a list of questions
which is coming from different people and big questions I read it was one by
one as it comes to me says question if K if if care we should so spread this
health technology at the rapid pace then why do you plan to increase the price
150 to 1 million if we give it to major health machine or corporations they will
sell it to you three to five million dollars we increase it because this was
a discounted rate to get it to be introduced into the market not this is
the price of such a technology and as usual what we say is just because this
Keshe foundation we don’t have to give everything free you become very bad
habit it and so yes it will go to 1 million the next generations a space
generation will increase to up to 5 to 10 million dollars each you will come to
it and we explain to you why and how it’s just because the edge of science we
don’t have to give it to free no way you become bad habit as one of their what do
you call it remember of the core team is to say why
everything from foundation has to be free what have you put back in it then
nothing the technology worth billions to support others those who have the money
still enough mr. Keshe on yes in the chat what is the procedure for being
able to sell the plasma devices was asking Gianni in the chat there first of
all we do not sell to any of our distributors our distributors will not
be sold to be salon if anybody wants to sell it
be there is a commission of one and a half
her unit is given they’re what we call they’re the ones who are what you call
it selling or they want to sell us what we call the reps or representatives we
are reconsidering all there when you call contracts because a lot of
contracts with Cash Foundation has come to Tara nation because now it goes to
global does the Keshe foundation moves out and so we only born who so you can
be canceled to anywhere anyone we you get four and a half thousand votes
a lot of people who sold and misrepresented the Keshe foundation and
their work will not be allowed to sell we will not supply because we seen is
conducting it they will carry on and they bring different things for us so a
number of people who came in for whatever reasons and they they took care
to be a representative and they did whatever they liked using the name of
transition we this is part of the global structure so we have to watch because
what they do wrong will look like the work of the global as well so a lot of
things will be restructured but if you sell and we improve you that what you
will so who the way you presented the technology to a person who was seeing
best whatever to my machine is correct on the ethos of the transition and will
consider but the moment we get most of their inquiries direct about the people
who want to invest and the people who are interested to deliver a totally so
if a pirate is from Syria John the city Oh correct since if a
private non-governmental a wish to purchase one then the price will remain
at one hundred fifty thousand euro yes till 1st of January 1st of January
it goes up for everyone to five hundred thousand and as we now start in January
delivering and which they told me to come up it shows the
desertification and it all goes and then he goes to 1 million the consenting was
at they’re not private but the government’s and the big health
organizations and we’re invested to invest in building factories and health
centers and helping the needy so it’s no more this this machine is valued on
about three to five million dollars there’s nothing like it
nobody has ever produced such a thing so why should we give it free and let the
other suffer the pricing of the use will be dictated by the owners of the system
with their participate so if somebody in China wants to charge one hundred
thousand dollars for what you call it parking son or for damage to the leg and
the Chinese are prepared to pay for it three hundred thousand and if somebody
in Africa wants to charge $10,000 for the same thing plastered privileged over
to Africa so this is not the problem it’ll be decided by each company itself
according to where they are on how much I mean they want to give back where in
all the companies we carry 51% majority controlling share but 30 percent of
their actual income of the profit and if we invest decide to invest proportion
according to what we investment or towards adding to the controlling shares
but whatever we invest goes back into the foundation anyway so but we keep it
in a specific event we heard about higher
as patients who are in medication treatment like you said on the Lord of
medication they must step down be answered this one is no I had the
doctors decide there’s a couple of many questions that were sent to me by
Stanley from YouTube as anyone had been tried with cerebral palsy so Posse we
have had and we have one family in China who wants to buy a unit for their son
and the doctors we advised was we can take the case you have to understand the
problem with this condition it has to be diagnosed by the doctors is there
physical damage some can be helped some can be done the process of the brain
growth can be but some the brain the the skull has been deformed so much that
there is no room for the brain to connect the right way that’s the
decision of the medical people we provide a system but yes it can in some
cases yes it can help it’s a very very special case this disease
please well it’s not a disease is there way the child is born and it in some
cases is effective and we have to find the limitation of it and we have as I
said one of the Chinese knowledge seekers as proposed to purchase a system
for their son and we already we are open and if anybody else once we can put all
these data together if we can put four of these machines in the clinical trial
in with with officials in China then very rapidly within a few months we can
get the certification for dad I use of the machine for our purpose yes but I
depends in in some cases you might see very small
changes but in some cases you can attain certain amount of improvement it says Andrew Compton says so in going
to be at least 25,000 per patient 25,000 pounds no it’s not you the person the
groups who set up this what they call the centers they decide what they want
to charge we have never put a price on it but there has to be a price to cover
the expenses of that background charges of the foundation that we run is not
just you going to it so nobody has for the price and you got to understand if
you have a cancer and you you go to United States you have insurance policy
because I know this firsthand because two and a half million dollars for a
breast cancer five to seven years extension so those
who say we’re asking for too much it means you don’t value it does so where
if it’s too much or you don’t have the funds it’s different thing but if that’s
you have the funds and you will say is too much means that’s how much you value
your life does depends Italia and it has to be gradually accepted and to be done it says heirs from Allah regeneration is
the same with reconstruction no the regeneration is usually done in the
brain cells and by connection and it’s very effective it works with this
technology amazingly effective and reconstruction does just you have to
speak to dr. Rodriguez he’s a plastic surgeon any other question we tried to go
through the questions across searches in the Merc there was a question from
Andrew that was also sent to me he mentions so it’s going to be at least
say 25,000 pounds per patient that’s a lot of money in England yeah I read it I
read that that’s we haven’t we don’t set a price you will announce the Health’s
position in you a UK which has already entered an agreement with the foundation
they decide the price but at the end as I said it’s a no college by each each
car each group this sort of their own health centers in various funny
questions what is the difference between the guns and a fortune a lot of
difference big difference yes sorry this is Lisa from Australia I just have a
question please yes with many of the other plasma top units and different
systems we’ve always found that creating your intention and focusing on specific
areas makes the the processing more effective I just wanted to find out with
this system does the patient also help with the focusing of their intentions in
specific ways yes in a way when you either way way the more emotion and one
is peace with itself with its creator which is a soul yes I intend to changes
to as I said I’ve seen amazing estranged things with different people and
different patients with the doctor Street I just had a message that as the
gentleman you’re seen on video today I just received the machine that he’s
gone for a cross-country walk you could have told him this six weeks ago who
then would have left a header the message just come in from China he’s
gone for cross-country walk this afternoon and you saw him six weeks ago
coming to the hospital to see the doctors on the wheelchair there is one
of the biggest problems for as I said last week for these people is the hope
of life where they not only got disabled not only as you heard him his practicing
his voice they lose their voice they lose their being able to express their
emotion the brain inside still works the computer is ticking the screen is
damaged or one of the buttons is broken and it’s the same with these people and
when you give them a chance of life the first weeks the anxiety the emotion is
very very high I set this system especially in design for handling the
first emotions in the first phase because the brain now I can walk I can
write I can I can make a change in my life
and you watch the videos but watch this video again and again and watch the
first time he tries to go on there on the chair that’s a stepping up you see
how long it takes him look at the last videos he just jumps up and you see him
bending and getting up something you could never do they put them in bed take
them out off the bed and put them on the wheelchair
you got to understand in in western walls which is very small percentage if
he cannot squat you cannot go to toilet and it’s a shameful thing for him and
there you thought all the guy can say no with this you give the dignity of the
man to the man this is what our job is to give man his dignity back and allow
him to choose his own time and space for his separation of his physicality and
it’s the same we provide the facilities the knowledge and the technology you
have to be able to to what you call understand the gravity of this these
things mental changes a man can feed himself you see him playing with a ball
on the on the drum on the chair you got if I show you the videos before he
cannot even throw a thing catching a ball is for him the first pictures
videos taken they’re given him one of these wet his you know they’re called
cleaning babies a pack to him to troll he cannot he stands there and watches it
he couldn’t even let the ball go if you notice in one of the videos he hangs on
to the hand of his carer he wouldn’t let go change of life is huge this this
technology is not just giving you a chance to move he resets the whole
structure demotion their physicality and then all this massive amount of
pharmaceutical medicine which was in it we will see huge opposition from
pharmaceuticals that’s for sure but then by public owning these machines around
the world the faster we can get as many as days out there’s nothing
not in can wear a space technology you cannot tell us I would like one of the
major pharmaceutical companies to deliver me aspirins on the moon on
demand our mr. Kesh as Sam had his hand up here and let me can I finish
okay I can in his space I can deliver you the work of releasing your pain your
headache like your aspirin as much as you like and you don’t need to take any
medicine if any of the pharmaceuticals can deliver cancer process on Mars in
the coming time on demand we would like to plus the new diseases we have to develop a new way of thinking
about Pharma and how is suits polymers yes hello I’m tone the background that he
might be on his mobile not his desktop or something so it might you might not
be able to respond apparently he should uh put his hand out and hear the
question oh you see next yeah yeah yes John here I have an ear person who has
apparently paused by what you did describing and I’ve looked it up
this person is 35 years old and has had this problem for a last at least 15
years and doctors haven’t been able to diagnose it but hasn’t had any the
injury or whatever in in this person’s head I imagine this can be treated as this you have to get the doctors who
understand our technology society as I was saying that in next few weeks as I
said we came from recovery from the teaching into the soul now we show next
few weeks because we all have to bring this into public in arachnid way new
technologies which are going to be delivered and then we go back into new
teachings for a space and said we start teaching a part of it and we need to
understand this technology has to come in dad mankind
reaches a new level of understanding of the strength of knowledge which is he
knows but he’s not aware of that becomes the knowledge of a space we we see for
example we can handle a lot of new things in the past centuries
because we have the capability it’s been with us but we never tapped into it now
once we put these machineries into operation you will see new cycle of
school of thoughts elevated knowledge which three weeks ago was impossible
because with the elevation of the technology this way we tap in into a
higher level strength knowledge which has been hidden from a kite this is part
of the process of introducing this technology as you see they say we were
not so intelligent so many thousand years ago and we became more and more
intelligent because we allowed more dimensions differentiation in different
kind of information and magnetic fields plasmatic inner strength in our brain
this technology now opens that door into what we call the knowledge of universe
which opens an understanding of the map this kind of knowledge will gradually be
opened up the technologies and the sciences which we never understood will
open up in so many ways we open the eye of the man to a new level of information
which has not been comprehended or been available for him to understand this is
part of the use of this new technology as we can receive higher strength
energies understanding we will think different way too we understand
different level of what they call intelligence these all will become
apparent to all of us you will see people who will talk about things and
then the others talk about the same and it wasn’t there till now new generation
of the words and feelings will be generated they were coming up to mankind
feelings which we never knew now it becomes because now we feed it we can
understand it we comprehend it it’s understanding new emotions that allows
us to interact with the universal community is very much you have a
eyesight you can see now you have to create a new emotion to be able to feel
a soul and that means the innovation of your own soul or opening part of it that
you can feel it so as I said these machines once we stole in prison will
allow the prisoners to be free the same way when we pulled these mankind in this
machine we take man out of the prison of this planet out of the prison of their
own physical life into understanding the freedom of the universe is not just for
prisoners of the prison but his for prisoner the man has created for himself
within the dimension of his own physicality you will see and you observe
new lighting system you will observe different kind of understanding of the
information and dimension you will understand and feel new technologies
will be delivered that has the feeling of the emotion direct in translating the
emotion you will see these technologies will be delivered in such a vast and
strong way that will affect all of us in every dimension my work cannot be
stopped because too many of you have learned it too many of you know what to
do with it and at the same time you have to move on
to the next step with delivery of this technology the way it will be structured
you will hear and see and feel dimensions which was not available as we
ourselves in a way locked it to our own dimensions what we call doctors have to
learn new ways new understanding the scientists need to develop new systems
that works with the total intensity of emotion I will show one of these very
soon in Vienna people seen it now we show it
in public but how you can control you can feel another emotion or create
emotion another entity and it’s interesting that this machine is not
just for what you thought processing your conditions but it does a lot more what I see in the near future more or
less that we want machine on every corner of every street and most probably
every one of you will have one at home it become more essential than the car in
the garage if heat you elevate you it brings you away from everything else
which if mankind has suffered and at the same time allows you to understand a new
level of freedom of a kind it is very interesting how most of you will turn
this thing to the benefit of mankind and how the governments and those who have
controlled us for centuries windows control it is very interesting
development of this new technology and the way he will produce the government’s
will encourage it you can imagine a 100,000 200,000 of these units across
China and you get 100 people and they can go in there for five minutes there
Fred there’s no one hungry there is no illnesses governments in Europe do not
go bankrupt and back of these technologies it become part of the
insurance policies and part of it to be so
easy to be done then do we need insurance companies or we need to be
assured that we have a system it works I don’t need to worry many of you do not
understand really do not understand how poverty-stricken nations like America
are in America many people having a cold having a disease cannot get them to
doctor because they had don’t have insurance policy and they cannot afford
it and they die because of it now we see it as a way out for mankind in any way
if you look at it we give you the security of the womb of the mother
wearing a hat not to worry about the heat their food and the medicine
everything was provided these systems naturally become that environment did we
pay our mother for keeping us warm while you were in the moment the mother did
you pay him for nourishment and he should control you how to read and was
your king or was your companion you will understand I have change course of
humanity does not matter how much each other mr. Kesh I’ve got another funny case the
deficiency deficiency of q10 which is very rare disease another doctor asked
adopt these technologies will be delivered that he can handle everything in the near future
what’s the structure is sort of the way we are doing it as I explained before
you you the system will be tailor-made to the need of the person entering it the fields of it will be adjusted
accordingly it’s very strange for you have to
understand I don’t mean you have to understand and maybe maybe I can show
you something that they really hits home as we say I’m going to open something
and send it to and send it to Rick just give me a few seconds I have to work on
it a little bit and I’m not very slow man in these things I’m not going to show you anything I
just wanna show you something very very simple you can do the adding up I don’t
need to do it okay now what you will see you do the adding up Rick there is
something on your chart if you can open it please
should be there in a minute and I don’t see anything yet just be
patient patience is a virtue okay that I’ve
learned over the last years I learnt learning never totally learned it’s one
of those life learning processes never stops okay
I’m sending you an image and then I explain to you what is the beauty of
this technology this with you now put it on the screen when you put it up we can
talk about it then you understand the gravity of what its history good yes there we go
okay just add the total these are the tablets morning afternoon and evening if
you tell me that water 47 anybody done a calculation on it over
45 tablets this is what and I gotta go Boris as I believe this
is the medication given to a 19 year old boy with epilepsy do we treat our
children was on our honeymoon on top of these tablets it’s a lifetime
of pain screws you’re suffering disability family wracking and
everything else this is under supervision of doctors will erase this
data as you will see who are we making rich the Society of venture policies
pharmaceuticals to read and see these figures who don’t understand how bad the
situation is 19 years old already two or three years on this kind of medication
and he’s increasing forget about all the brain electric shocks and everything
else he’s been given this boy is back into full-time education gets trained
yes on the subway himself for the first time in years watching noise already
large reduction is my future the doctors to it we just develop to technology
product and in two months time you will see 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 this is where would bring the change
this is where this society has except has to accept the government have to
accept just because we done it up to now does not need to be the way it is and he
has to be what I would like you to see I’ll send you another picture this boy
why should he suffer a lifetime for the lack of knowledge by our physicians not
by his own doing when you see it in you see the same I don’t cut anything out
but what is interesting is in past few days because he’s been with us for weeks
this is how much it has changed in his life you people complain when you have to
take two aspirins and two policy two moles this little boy is getting 47 of
them or attacking his brain and its physicality very very interesting Rick that is on
your page again if you check it we told you we don’t talk places documents from
doctors we have privilege to have it now we have a pre race to be able to share
it I send you another one of this is
shortcuts over I just want you will see how this technology will
affect everything and everywhere is not that just because we say so it’s because
the doctors are delivering the medical teams around the world are delivering
the technology did you want me to show that the second picture that you already
sent there no there is this connection that it does so it’s coming true and you
have to remember that the figures you see is a one-day one day not we’re not
talking a week you’re not talking about one day medication every day and is
increasing in numbers now you see the same numbers it’s we do
not records coming through you you you got it just going through now put
the two together you so I lost your audio there as you can
see not sure if it was my system ever yours oh I just shut it out for a selfie
you want me to put them both together is that which is the last one under for
this piece just some of this my Lance’s my peers often yes I think it’s okay now
these are these are from medical files under supervision of the doctors now
have a look in three weeks I don’t tell you much but if you look eight and a
half tablets less per day and in two weeks time the way the doctors wouldn’t
use it OB 22 tablets were so less have you seen
the other thing which hits you when you see it they put the people which are
overweight and they say you’re always by let’s say 100 pounds or 50 kilo and then
they put 50 cute off fat next to them since you got to get rid of that much
fat in your body and you really hit some home what am i carrying now understand
47 tablets on the table every morning you have to take every day you start
your day with 4 6 7 8 9 about 20 tablets
that’s just to start a day and using the system in less than three weeks because
the first two weeks we don’t allow me to talk to us to do any reduction because
the system has to build and then the doctors withdraw slowly and you can see
it I’ll show you the same data in two weeks time that number from eight and a
half will more to around 22 and that’s one child nineteen years old we already
said system mr. Kesh Dean had an interesting idea
earlier but it’s appropriate right now perhaps he says the enhancement unit
looks like a tablet or pill can it be reduced to that size what if we in fact
what if we could take a pill that was like the enhancement unit and we
wouldn’t have to take all these poisons that would we ever get to have in the
future yes don’t forget your digest the for to combat your energy it can be
embedded but that is time away it’s like the the new chips will have embedded
power supply but what is important now you can see really comes home do you
have a 19 year old boy at home you have a teenager at home would you like to put
that much medicine on the table every day in front away or because he’s a zombie as we say he’ll
take anything you put in front of him and make it worse if in three years this
is become 47 what would it be in 47 years what would be in 30 years
I don’t calculate it out in one year there’s seventeen thousand one hundred
and fifty five tablets so 10 years and be a hundred and seventy thousand one
hundred if you go if you go back to the one of the cases which court repulsion
with the police of knowledge and has defrauded and tampered with evidence the
first girl who has used with epilepsy use 20 tablets a day and he came to 0
they never told the court not against unknown medication how can it be I know
and they said he’s done this and that and it was on the observation of his own
head on doctors we done this 15 years ago those here now with me to the public
this is what I say lambda nation stolen so much from humanity this is
what exactly what we done this is epilepsy it’s a case the girl didn’t
tell the court began is not taking 20 tablets under doctor itself is she’s
taking away 100,000 tablets since he knows the pharmacist has built to
realize from just the money from her that’s what the doctor says now you can imagine how much money this
pharmacy makes you think pharmaceuticals gonna allow us to do this or do we put
enough that the first most goals themselves come and use it or shall we
put the camera outside and see how mother to prom reactive all readers and
others who oppose it this and the children’s who are dying to be in the
machine see the family of red circle in this
pond divorce condition and the answer is refusal to operate the machine will not
operate what nervous one of the interesting thing is when you look at
this data in two weeks time three weeks time and it reduces and then we look at
it four to six weeks time and is zero on the bottom does your money in the back
worth keeping we need 30 units in China and this
poison Chinese those of you who are prepared to pay if
my son or myself you get your three what about the boy it’s very easy now you see
it physically the younger you are the more data
lodging with medication now you understand why I taught you attics and
it was part of the teaching because we are here to make the change we are
making the difference and as part of making that difference we need to create
a condition of difference nobody’s going to do it for us
nobody has ever done it for us and the interesting part is nobody would ever
come to do it for us Ric I’ll send you another picture but as you all have
become knowledgeable in reading it you can understand very quickly where we
came from and the figure you see shows the reduction this is the man you all
came to know on the video I I’m going to send you two pictures and
you understand is not just that the guy walks is the fact that would any of you
like to be in his place and you have to understand all these medication are
targeted at the brain nothing else the only ricktum is the brain of the man and I’ll show you this very easily you
will see anyway I send it to you Rick and you’ll be interesting for you to see their figures you have to be faced with
the facts not talk then you understand and this is what we’re going to do from
now on every day time achieved will be put in
public that you understand pharmaceuticals cannot block Oh doesn’t allow me to see why I cannot
send a strong somehow send this image true I never seen this
before perhaps it’s a PDF or some other form
it’s the same as the other two you hunt okay what I’m going to do I’m going to
get a screenshot of one I send it to you he can pick it up under one it’s easy to
go this way I’m learning all the tricks of using the mobile phone batteries okay
Richard very quickly then you can see the gentleman you’ve seen what
differences we have made in his life you can see you see the physical side now
you can see the medical side what we call there what the doctors have reduced
for him Rick is on your is on your secured line okay we in delivery should we do know if
you can put the three of them this the second one the one you receive is for
the German you’ve seen and you can see the reduction in medication for the man
in three weeks and four weeks in a half this is a huge difference this
technology is making how many of you are on tablets on the daily basis doesn’t
matter the insurance company pays is your body which follows it if you see from around 11:00 half tablets a day
it’s reduced by six and a half minutes six and a quarter and the more we reduce
the battery performed because the brain is made you gotta push it up a little
bit so lot of juggling around huh so we’ll see this figure to zero index
three weeks and you see a man they’ll go back to work
most probably four but he came from from China but the most interesting thing
about this gentleman is he owns a hospital he actually owns the man you
see his lister him and his wife own a hospital the 200 per hospital there and
have all the medications of all that they’re hurt he’s not ordinary man is
extremely wealthy but the rough could not buy him the wheelchair mr. college can’t
and now you have to understand a man in his position well as well is the best
advertising for the Keshe foundation are walking through the passages of the
European Court of Justice let’s see if the one who faked it I’m
paralyzed and then giving a talk with my job watch
you seen him walking he seemed off the chair now you see on the other side of
the wall I knew where the sees door to him and his family as soon as you’ve seen he lost his voice
I couldn’t speak out it was she’s she’s very as he’s practicing and he’s gone
for a walk in the woods today he will talk red circle you have two choice
eleven throne is not high enough many people like this should have been helped I’ll give you the choice
you chose aren’t gonna tell you a secret you see this man his mouth Ian’s come to
nothing with the wealthy has both nothing but I met the red circle he had
no food to eat I had to drive from T him to a hundred to give him money to pay
for his electricity and telephone bill was our foundation when he sold me to
the Belgium’s they’re watching the most expensive apartment in the most
expensive building not now you know why he works with him from brag to riches
were selling the man’s life a man from the richest Iraq with the endless
we will show the bills we have paid a man who so wealthy if I show you his
hospitals we have the videos of it and other things he owns he couldn’t buy his
life back and the man who was given his life went to the court and faked it in
court reviewing somebody in the European Court that red circle used to drive his
car tiny little cog because he was in Australia he had no money treatment with
the fuel in it and when the guy was in Australia he used to come and go with it
he couldn’t afford now he drives a Mercedes on my life of my family life
when they’ve given him to betray Belgium security is releasing a lot of
information they won’t know the kingship for a king artist you got to understand all the wealth in
the world would not bring the world Sheriff and you have to understand all
the youth in the world without that brought the boy back to his life this
technology can and I have put my life all my assets to make sure this system
in 2020 will be the reach of most of man need you to decide his home you just go
to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist give me 450 tablets of 470 tablets
problem it’s 47 on the table for 10 days take then you see are you real thank you very much for today I’m giving you everything free but this
time you have to pay to free the mankind and I hope you understand thank you thank you very much mr. Keshe thank you
thank you mr. Kesh once again for another outstanding workshop here with
so much information and good news for for humankind perhaps we will be kind
through this technology ok thank you everybody for when I ask you can I ask
you to play that video before we go out ok sure okay I can play that now flight yeah go
ahead innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense too for the first time in the history of man
a system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the
physical body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user
of the system hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not
be solved in the world of science to bring the body of the man into near
perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit
the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately for applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information you ah thank you everyone for attending the 298
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday October 17th 2019 and we’ll see you next
week for the two hundred and ninety-ninth Nami seekers workshop bye
for now hello we are the cash foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate you you

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