296th Knowledge Seekers Workshop October 3, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. one of the things to consider when we
speak about going to space its what do we define the space as and what do we
see or what we consider as a space we take a space in our physical body on
this planet and at the same time within a structure our physical body there is
another dimension of life which we called the solar thermal and even though
it lives within space dimensions of the body of the man has his own life and has
his own line of communication and what we define space going to a space we
already know the Inner Sanctum or the creator of our physicality
travels the depth of the universe has been the space travel all the time has a
line of communication with other parts of plus B through dream we call it also
subconscious some people they call it or we have the choice that physically moved
the physicality when it’s so in a way we have a bird caged in the physicality of
the body of man and that bird is called the soul of the man we can open that
cage and let it loose at the point of death when the operation of this cage
rots away and it cannot hold together and this beautiful bird becomes free
still it takes life in the universal dimension because it has a life it
exists on its own or we can carry the aged in a box and take it anywhere I can
take a birdcage in the car I can take a bridge in my hand and walk around the
park it doesn’t change the entity and the essence of that bird still little
bird still sing still communicates with other birds in the park and this is how
our soul is so we give option those who understand the process of the creation
can take that cage that bird out of the cage and free it because we trusted it
come back in it’s very much when you have a parrot at home you open the door
you let him fly around the house and it comes back again any calls in the cage
because we trusted a nose that’s very belongs to and this is the process that
we have made an option to man the soul of the man is that bird but is in cage
in physicality of body of man and for the first time man lost man can see that
he it’s him who hasn’t trusted the bird to be freed and it has come the time
that he does not need to see the cage to break up to rust that the bird can fly
out or by accident open the cage the cage his door is open
and the bird flies out that accident is when we die on the street the bird cage
opens up that bird still gets read but now we we are teaching how the man has
control over this door of the cage and he trusts that the soul will come back
to the body or the bird will stay that he can create that atmosphere
the home decayed this is the problem we have and this is what we call it
different ways of traveling but to be able to free that bird without accident
or when the cage cracks rust and we call it death we are teaching how to be able
to control to trust that that bird when we release it can come home or can make
a home that we can go to when my children were young four or five years
old they wanted a bird a cockatoo I bother macoco too and this bird in the
cage was very young few weeks old when we got him and the useless is free in
the house he knew he goes back in and he sleeps there and he lays eggs there and
he came to the point because of the diseases carried we had to the doctors
told us this bread cannot stay in the house because he’s causing problem in
the house health problems so we decided that we loved the key the bird we didn’t
want to let it go it was part of us so we decided if he let it free it will die
because he had he didn’t know how to look after himself because he was unfit
we decided we’d take him to a sanctuary and we give it to a sanctuary we kept we
carry the cage in cross a park and as we were walking to go to the sanctuary in
the park to be given to them an old lady saw snow or the beautiful bird we said
they have a problem we love him but if he leave him here we don’t know if he
seemed she said I’ll look after it give it to me you can come and see it anytime
you like and it was just like a gift so we gave think we got the old lady in the
car we went to her house you put the case there we showed them
how to look after the bird and the bed was free again in the row and every now
and then children said mama can we go and see him so the call the lady we’re
gonna sing and the pet is there and it was a new home it was our home and this
is how the soul of the man should be is trusting that very cause can make a home
for us so in this process we are teaching
different ways of freeing the bird or carrying the cage to better still there
if you want to carry a cage and go somewhere you get in the car that’s your
spaceship still the cage is there and the bird
inside the cage is the body of the man and the bird is a solid tumor because we
haven’t trusted that we get the bird back we take care of the cage in the
spaceship or there is another line of teaching
which is the understanding the structure of the cage that you can make the
occasion not to rot but any freeze they’ve heard for they can open up and
you can carry the bird the bed is freed only to fuel it you don’t need to do
anything it travels the space of the room the space of the garden the space
of the city and it comes back home again in the way when we teach about the soul
of the man is in getting the man to trust himself and to trust himself he
has become detached has to come detach from physicality detached from the world
they touch from everything else that the wealth is within me not belonging to me and this is where every man makes
extinct in many of the teachings I have referred if you understand that you can
put the soul of the man to Acme the soul of physicality of the man you can make
anything you like the soul of the man is the Sun and the soul of physicality in
the palm of the hand of the man is Earth you move it in the direction you create
what will you create food but you don’t need to have it decrease the energy than
the physicality of the man can absorb we give the earth in the hand in the palm
of the man he creates what he needs he takes what he needs from it then if you
understand this you how the soul of the man to carry the soul of the physicality
of the man with it and whenever he comes he makes that hand on a thousand meter
one meter in a cage of physicality or linkage of non dimension so it’s not
methods of flight is the method of man understanding his own potential his own
grace so because we have so many people who are so physically attached we teach
about the spaceship for years this is what it was they still wanted to see
they can get into something but as I said I teach for the universe not for
the man what we teach in the dimension of soul of the man many travels of the
universe which here the soul of me are educated to understand what they missed
but as this is the last time we bring a messenger on earth we teach everything
for mankind to carry all the rules are in the book there shall be no more
messages is for man to translate knowledge scientifically and then through the
understanding of the soul of the man what we call theology ethics ethics of
using the science in a way that does not have no one but it implies and applies
the survival of the others I was talking about this a few days ago that there is
a paper written by me the station of the scientist as a prophet
the prophets we call Muhammad Christ or anybody are for the soul of the man
conduct of the behavior scientists like Pedro Tesla and others are to elevate
the same or the physicality of the mind this time we have put the two together
in one go then there is no difference we teach ethics the soul conduct and
physicality it’s for the man to understand where the two marriage and
when it’s needed to be done the totality which counts not the individuality what
you can serve counts not what serves you so in this way if you are physical we
have given your speech all these reactors if you have moved in the dimension of
understanding part of it you you have the dynamic system you get some energies
you put a glass of water you mix the energy and something else to get there
you still the camel bird you put the orange take the energy but you still
want that physicality that you are doing something with it
you drink the water now for the sole of those who understand the totality then
they don’t need the cage that the free bird and this is the essence of all the
teaching is not different ways of flight is understanding the existence of the
universe then if you travel with a spaceship what do you see them the
citizens of the universe in a physical damage if you travel with the soul that
you can create the physicality you take that out of the equation you travel but
you know you have connection with everybody it’s very much as I said once
it’s like you get off out of London and you go to New York you’re there on your
own but you still pick your phone and speak to the family in London it’s not
finished now the sort of command given the man
the same opportunity we teach for the time to come and we teach from now till
that time to come and that time comes it’s not anymore the end of the world
something will happen is the maturity of the ones understanding of his own
creation you you there we go a little slow on the start
here welcome everyone to the 296 knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday
October 3rd 2019 this is a presentation of the Keshe foundation spaceship
Institute part of the public teachings in English my name is your Kremlin I’ll
be your host today and as always we’re joined with mr. Moran kesh the Keshe
foundation and believe he’s ready to go with delivering today’s 296 workshop mr.
cash are you there yes good morning good day to as usual wherever and whenever
you listen to these knowledge seekers programs it’s very interesting
every time Rick says welcome to and then as you know some people trying to make
us a religious group I thought it says we listen to the sermon but it didn’t
happen it’s just to the knowledge seekers learning knowledge and what we
can gather what if the service those who teach the ethos of going nowhere thank
you very much for your support and what we have achieved them what we’re
achieving its visual glorious we have we are moving exactly the way the envisage
as now we are going into the phase of merging bringing national governments
and diplomats and politicians and the knowledge seekers together that the time
of transition the Stars that’s what knowledge seekers to
understand politicians and diplomats are humans and in the way they are there for
us to interact with them and in a way the way we have set up all these
conferences or meetings is to handle the government’s right at the top
with the diplomats or you want to get in touch you go directly to the government
with the politicians and ministries they send you from one to another something
has to be decided we’ll see what it is as we have experience with these
interactions with diplomats and governments for some 30 or 40 years now
your knowledge seekers realize that they have been given the best opportunity
through these conferences which is getting set up and getting evolved and
diplomats attend and politicians attend and in so many ways they’re politicians
and diplomats feel to be part of is not something they’ve been brought top to
they come to be part of the development of their own nations and we see these
things merge and emerge in new ways know what ization has ever endeavoured to
engage governments in technology so rapidly and as we have stepped up to the
next level of delivering new Sciences new technologies new finance new
dimension into the structure of the work we come to understand more and more that
we can share our knowledge and our what we call
intellect our care for their Nations our care for their well-being as a nation
takes shape as you know we had a conference in Vienna Friday Saturday
Sunday which was the global meeting from the global and at the same time as we
cannot separate the work of the global from the foundation members of the Keshe
foundation technologies which developed by the Keshe foundation and being shared
by a global for their development a commercialization we’re sure we had
members of diplomatic corps we had knowledge seekers we had members
of the Universal Council and some support from universe Council present in
the conference in Vienna it was exactly as we wanted it and the outcome from it
was much more than what we were expecting and we can speak about this as
the publication the press release for global is done today it’s a public
knowledge so we are able to explain and discuss with you what it is and what
will come next their conference was as was set up we wanted a very small number
of knowledge seekers not huge numbers and a small number of delegations of the
diplomats and diplomatic corps which they could understand they could
interact and after the leaving of the diplomats or we could enlighten and
deepen the knowledge of the knowledge seekers we spent time getting to know
their their questions their needs and explaining war in detail in two days
three days the what I call pit holes and everything
which was left in the conference we with the diplomatic course we achieved
exactly what we wanted dialogue between the Quechua nation and directly with the
government in a direct way and this is our aim of these what we call
conferences this is that we talk directly to ministers to the permanent
secretaries and the diplomats take us directly into the heads of the nations
organizations and we have achieved it with the diplomats present and we didn’t
want many diplomats because if you remember we are seasoned scientists
working with diplomats if you remember when we start giving the USB key to the
government we started with one ambassador of one African nation and we
announced that the agreement has been reached and being given then the other
ambassadors start asking two or three and we saw it by the election of
President Obama he asks on behalf of his nation to have the key so we are looking
to build a momentum the same way in next two or three months in the next six
months by the time we finish we will engage between 50 to 70 nations directly
in the work of the foundation step by step
why is needed to be a step by step from the global incarnation point of view is
that our team have to learn how to handle our team has to have learn how to
engage our team has to learn what are the pitfalls from the global point of
view or occasional nation when have you to handle the government’s this is what
I’ve done for 15 years with the Keshe foundation or some 35 years on my
private life but now members of the board of the Global’s we shall present
six of them and three members of the board of mark
Rey present the full board of Margaret was present in the meeting where we
could see but then we could discuss and we could evolve and develop and mature
their global team that how to engage with governments how to engage with what
we call diplomats and how to meet their needs we allowed
diplomats to ask questions in detail that they could see what is for them
what is in there for their nation and as we know in the next conference we will
sign the first MOU where the government which is will be ready by then maybe up
two or three then we build it up as we announce and we built into it and our
teams have to learn to interact a lot of people are not happy why suddenly Keshe
Foundation has gone into commercialization we are another
religious group we are here as we said in this tape as we listened to bring it
the knowledge and eat us together if we just go with it has become another
religious group if you go with the commerce we become another
commercialization goes nowhere but now the knowledge and the commerce
the use of it have been put together use of technology with ethics use of
technology with understanding the need of humanity and when the man goes into a
space I thank all those who literally participated and worked so hard to make
sure this conference was going perfect and indeed go perfect we didn’t have any
clinch we had a small clinch and I explained to
you later on where the small clinch came but it was a good clinch but
in these conferences we are heading in one direction Global explains to the
diplomats to the government’s what we are what is the technology what we are
there to change and with it we show the technology
each conference will be shown and given a new revolutionary technology into the
hand of public or to be commercialized by Keshe foundation structure as global
to sell on their part we are keeping the two structures totally separate you have
to understand newer animations by Keshe foundation we’ll go to China Global has
nothing to do with Chinese operation so cash in our nation operates true let’s
say have European or another company to share knowledge board with Americans
company global and the Chinese and at the same time Keshe Foundation keeps is
independence that the two nations or two structure if they falter we don’t get
trapped so what we do we allow the Keshe foundation as a scientific organization
releases these technologies on its own and gives operational sail and
operational of what we call at this moment commercialization to both the
Chinese side of the Keshe foundation and both to the American so we sell we
promote the products on three platforms at the same time or owned by the
foundation but all operating independently for themselves so what we
done in this conference was titled the health or the health of people for
what we call betterment of the body of the man and in this conference we showed
for the first time one of the most revolutionary Sciences which ever has
been shown by the vanish we showed the creation of perpetual motion which means
the heartbeat in a system what we call as a prototype we showed the heartbeat
how we can create heartbeat without anything at all attached to
the same as the heartbeat of the earth same as the heartbeat of the man and we
have taken this technology to a limit that all the participants in the
conference were allowed to sit inside except those two of them which they had
a hot implant or other things attached to them which we can be paired wise not
to be used but more or less the last day of the conference till late they are all
waiting for their 15 minutes to sit in and see and they could explain to you
how they feel how they felt and the technology is set to interact with it in
with what we call with the soul of the man and if it’s ecology after that many
of them the first test we had on the first day they explained some didn’t
feel anything but some felt a lot of emotion and other things and then on the
third day because the first system was too strong would not what I call it in
her would people wanted to see the heartbeat this is what we explained for
the first one we show the heartbeat and they wanted to see so we had to dilute
the power of the system that they could see the heartbeat and they watched how
different people getting into the system changed the heartbeat it’s like falling
in love and one of the guys managed through sitting in the system stopped
the heartbeat means I fell in love the system was matching and we saw different
people as they entered the system at the setting we all observed the vibration of
the heart this is a free what we call floating entity never be known before
for the first time it’s a major breakthrough because on the back of this
heartbeat has a spin part of the teaching now our scientists start
developing technologies but this heartbeat carries the essence of the
creation it’s not just a heartbeat is literally life
system and in so many ways knowledge seekers who are here or people who’ve
been present in the conference allow them to speak but why did we show this
system the system was shown because the new technology has emerged
authentication our nation a new plasma technology what we call you become part
of the system in a space you become to understand to work and in so many ways
to be part of a structure to be in so many ways to become what we call you
want to food you want energy you want to be able to what we call to be able to
change a condition you want to extract energies which you have received which
is not usable to you but it can cause your problem Rick I have sent you a link
for a video when I ask you you can put this video on please the essence of this
is that now for the first time we show one of the most revolutionary systems in
the world of science but this technology this system touches the soul of the man
elevates the soul of the man elevates the physicality of the man it can be
used for all sorts of conditions and it was offered the system is commercialized
it was offered for delivery from 1st of January of next year and there were
doctors present in the meeting not more or less all of them place in order to
purchase all somewhere with some other doctors to be
able to use the system so commercially this technology this new technology is
in the market is valuable if you can show it please Rick if you can load it
up that we can share to understand what it is it is valued for is knowledge it
is valued for to create the structure of the creation it is structured the same
as the womb of the mother the essence the root the fundamental point of the
creation of the matter what this means if you look is that by going inside the
system would you like to start an animation please by going inside the
system you become like in the womb of the mother part of the system and then
everything changes this is not the radiation there is no this is total
plasma technologies on the edge of science we have seen the working of this
in our trials in other countries in China the effect of the man in a
wheelchair within three days to walk in without someone to drive we have seen
this with other cases this has been used extensively for past 20 years but for
the first time is in public this system has been valued at 150,000 euros and the
global has already received orders for delivery we will release this in a
massive way in a space you don’t need to look for food you enter the system
delivers what you need this is the science on its edge this is a science in
the truth the way the world of creation works this is why we set up structures
to commercialize worldwide that which see the what we call the
accomplishment and the completion of the size of the map when you enter the
system and when you exit the system you know you have you know you change and as
I said in a space we do not take medicine in a space we do not take food
in space we overcome illnesses the only way we can is in the safety of the womb
of the mothership exactly the same condition this system
creates conditions that the way you were in the womb of the mother and you
received all the nourishment that every cell of the man created imbalance and in
harmony is replication of life if you look at it on the earth we are within
the womb of the solar system it’s protecting us is nourishing us we are
another organ in that structure of its existence the same as the child in the
womb of the mother this technology is complete and we
already know a number of nations which will go for it we are prepared we are
keyed up to meet international demand it when you go to the hospitals instead of
beds you will see number of these in each room you go to a doctor you don’t
need to the program everything is remotely done and the system feels what
you need and it transfers and translate your needs doesn’t matter whatever it is
whatever could be trying to bring it to the point of perfection
we call it the universal enhancement system will carry a seee certification
and they’ll carry see each certification medical system one it is one of the most
powerful systems for a space technology that we brought man to use
what this means we have to show we take it to space how we’re going to feed you
it’s no use without taking us to space without showing you how we’re gonna feed
you how we’re gonna look after your health and so this has to be shown first
how are you going to be looked after it had to be shown the first had to be
shared first and it is important that we need to extend our work and our dimension of work is understood is
conveyed in a proper way as a scientific structure done when we say we go to
space we can support your life we can support whatever you need that’s one of
the first thing you need guarantee supply of energy which converts into
matter state in your body as you eat matter
converted to energy and then it changes to sell off the heart or the cell of
there and what you call your toe now these systems built up to that point as
I said in the conference we build this system step by step to the point of his
maturity as a spaceship full of spaceship program to be shown in Tehran
on 19 20 21st 22nd of April of next year so as we go through conferences we are
step by step to it this system as you see has no electric connection it in Mexico we will show the creation of the
power as is and how it can be done and in so many ways
how we run systems our energy supply of the universe it means the system is
totally independent we explained in the conference the new understanding so in
the following conference in Mexico we will show the first time and days before
we travel to Mexico will show to the major corporations around the world the
car manufacturers system which does not need any charging if you have and you
buy electric car now from Americans or the Chinese they charge you very heavy
for your electric charge pace you pay maybe fifty hundred thousand extra for
next 20-30 years you can always charge your car free
anywhere that charge is already added to the price the additional batteries to be
able to carry to do 400 or 500 kilometres is weight on the system with
a new technology which will be shown to major car manufacturers prior to us
leaving for Mexico we will deliver we release a technology that it charges the
battery forever this is the what will be shown in Mexico in Brazil will show the
collaboration and cooperation of the two energy and medical application that it
becomes the system you see that is getting delivered to the scientists one
of the problems with most of you running these energy systems or whatever is that
you are always dependent and connected to the earth energy supply so energy of
the earth or what we call electric power has a say even if it’s a battery
the way the energy is created in these systems it’s the same as Earth creates
its massive energies for creation of life as I said we are here to change the
course and we have shown for the first time the first part this system is if
you are a medical doctor if you are a what we call sports health and
specialists this system will change everything that you do with your clients
will explain more but there is a proviso into this system we sell the system at
150,000 but is locked is computerized it will be totally controlled that every
patient using it what they feel they pay to the hospital or to the doctor the
foundation and the global will take part of that we are not selling units anymore
and this is why we literally let those people who say what I know I patches and
small pens that market we still support you we explain very soon how we can
support you but now we gone into large-scale life-changing situations for
the whole of medical health energy and food what this means when we created
large-scale size of this in a coming months in a disaster area you just put
one down people with also subproblems food lock off whatever infection can go
in pre-programmed they walk out you don’t need the doctor present this is
one of the biggest problems these are literally a small unit can be handed a
word put together and then be utilized we are here to change the course and you
see the beauty of what is on the screen it’s so powerful if you understand do
you need to go to the corner shop when you have no money and your child saw us
hunger you have no money to pay for medicine one of the charities with the
presence of a doctor put these anywhere medicine free at the same time those who
do can have it and they pay for it but in all cases Foundation supports
foundation sharing is technology between the two arms of global and Chinese
operation and the Keshe foundation itself will look after the growth of
this technology you don’t need anything else when you have everything under one
roof this is the spin-off of the Keshe foundation development technology let me
tell you something very simple this technology has been with me since age of
12 now you can see how patient there this is the time to do and this is the
time in a coming future part of the spaceship technology you’ll be shown in
Iran with its full glory we have invited the American government to join us in
our structure in Arizona to develop the space program of spaceship program in
conjunction with the Iranian scientists and Americans in the what we call a
structure to be developed in the coming months in Arizona this unit we will have
to control we already have a Chinese agreements on the other side of it we
have to control how many we can produce and how we can actually meet the demands
you got to realize if you have a specific condition and the specialists
charge you 100,000 of 20,000 euro doctors with seven or eight patients
yukl praises investment but the knowledge with a spread where you can go
in and come out and incorporate is different than taking something and
having all the side effects and everything else we are here not to
change the world of pharmacy we are here to bring the space technology into this
advanced level and if you look at it inside it’s like the moment the mother
you receive and you take everything you need we will expand on it and it will be
keyed up in a way that cannot be amused it’ll be keyed up and it’s programmed in
a way that is targeted you have one condition you go in and the system is
set up for another condition somebody else goes in so it’s versatile we see
the results we see the effect and we build up on the effect and as I said if
you’re a doctor if you are a health specialist this is a body enhancement
technology as I said we already have taken orders deposits are taken to be
done on the order you sign a contract with the global or with a foundation or
with the Chinese partners that you comply with our condition and we start
delivering out of C certification out of Austrian organization as you understand
this technology has entered a new phase and we were waiting for what we call the
global structure to be set up now we have achieved it Keshe Foundation
structure is fully set up the Chinese a structure is set up and all three are
headed by three beautiful women in global we have the CEO as Jamila well
experienced businesswomen in an international arena
in the Chinese side we have one main highly educated management team educated
in Germany as a manager and in a way she has been running the whole application
foundation in China and we have seen huge successes which are coming out of
China will be announced in due course in agriculture in health in what we call
animal husbandry and we built that into his face
we are him we’re hoping that next week refresh 1 million square meter of land
which has used the Keshe foundation technology to come to harvest they are
harvesting on the 8th so we’ll see what is the increase in the harvest of 1
million square meter under the supervision of the officials and how
much the quality has changed we are on our fifth trial of or sixth trial of
what we call pig disease South Africa and so on we had a good success and
we’ve been called back to extent now to the other farms and Chinese people what
we call organizations asking to be the agents that because they can spread it
right across and bring national food security into the government of China
the trials are very successful and we have again seen in in this new trial how
what we call Chinese what they call African Swan has changed and mutated to
a infection what we call blue ear disease so the first trial if you read
it in the plasma time what’s correct that we confirm for the first time we
know how to change the viruses to microbes and then through our technology
we can reverse it and becoming total immune this has happened again so we
have the full confirmation that the new technology of the Keshe foundation
the dogs produces and illuminates viruses and in some cases from a what we
call double a strand to a single strand which is a microbe attached to the
protein to that amino acid and then very easily converts it so in China we expect
huge results we already have medical results coming in and we develop with
this technology to go further we have your we will show as I said the new
rechargeable batteries for indefinite times in the conference in Mexico the
beauty with this technology is that from now on if you understand it you don’t
need any cables to charge your battery you don’t need any looking what I’m
going to charge my phone because from the point
the phone is produced for example in highway to the day you get fed up with
and you throw it away it charges yourself you never run out of battery
you never run out of energy beating the depth of the ocean beat in
terms of the space bid in mind or be it whatever and at the same time this new
technology because and due to his performance absorbs most of the harmful
fields which help to now have been told could be the cause of the creation of
also sub diseases in the brain and the rest of it we have and we will
collaborate with or negotiating with highway to transfer this technology to
that so in the coming months you will hear more and more under the banner of
the development of Technology by Keshe foundation as the mother owner artisan
Science and Technology and the to unlock Keshe foundation also China to global
and inside China through the Keshe foundation operation which we have set
up so as I said we are not bothered with two cells one pen extra or one masks but
we are concerned in now we have entered the became the begin of a space we are
not here to touch pharmaceuticals we are not here to destroy the oil industry we
are here to show a new technology which takes us to be able to live in there
spans of the universe this unit is so beautiful when you sit in front of the
panel like this when you sit inside it you understand the feeling of it when
you sit on that chair on up in front of that system you will feel the difference
people who did over this weekend present in the conference we gave them the
opportunity to sit in a simple version of it and we gave them time to be on
their own and each one explains different feeling different emotion
different pain how they things happen but us to them this is how we evolved
our own types and we change it in your space so I congratulate the team of the
global and the Keshe foundation team when the Chinese team together now we
have amalgamated the three arms altercation transition together and this
unit is today on offer on the Keshe foundation all of you who have
distributors rights or agencies you have taken instead of earning $5 here and $2
there if you look at your agency fees in turn about four and a half thousand euro
per unit you have to understand it doctors up to understand it and it’s not
something the unit yourself once you sell the unit your you become
and you earn part of the what the patient pays to we are here to bring the
whole cash foundation family to a wealthy knowledgeable organization if
you’ve been selling a few pens here and a few pants there two organizations will
be blacklisted from the operation which is coming in January we do not announce
but they soon understand you will not be able to participate but from January if
you make a paint pen at home in in a village in Mexico or you make a blanket
somewhere in Bangladesh which uses our technology and you can show it issues
our technology and if it needs to be certified we try to help you a lot of
things don’t need certifying we bring you in what we call gas plasma that work
off what we call internet e-commerce every single man who uses and develops
with these kind of things and decoration with the Gans something for whatever
that you see it be another to charge and it’s certified and it’s clean and we can
be done we give you a platform you might have a website you get twenty fifty
hundred people pass you the website is said to carry 1 million plus a day this
is a already existing organization which Keshe Foundation has merged into as
partners and we bring you in we want to make you wealthy we want to with you
being wealthy that you can present the technology the correct way we expand
that everybody benefits by it there is an advantage for us to strengthen you to
allow you to do because as you build up your clientele and your business when we
open our factories in your country or near you you become the agents of the
challenge then you have all material to do we are making
that this technology brings peace to those who work around it we see a lot of
people putting a lot of abusive things or they try they are very clever they
can do this and that we don’t do that we support all of those of you who
produce products and you have set up organizations and companies to do we
support you but instead of being obscured somebody will find you all the
plasma technology comes on the one banner we are spending huge amount of
money on service expertise technicians to provide it does not matter if you
produce it in China or in a small village in Mexico we give you the same
platform you get the same traffic you you get the opportunity to change your
lives you get the opportunity to be and as I said as the ethos of the Keshe
foundation we are here to serve and we are here to serve you in a way not it
changes your life unless you make a mistake that you do go wrong we support
you to do if you use our technology don’t hide it be part of it and we
support you Keshe foundation now has reached this
point that can independently operate across the nations and can independently
support is knowledge seekers we don’t become a syndicate we become people who
serve their nations to serve the citizens they serve the country and we
are one country one nation one planet so what is in front of you most probably in
next one or two years you will see in every hospital across the world what pharmaceuticals and health people
cannot answer we work with the pharmaceuticals that can be done through
these systems in the space cannot take one suit coat with I can
place this one on the moon open hospital there and everybody goes there all my
schools have no power FDA has no power on the moon or 100
kilometers about and it costs not much to do to take as we will understand when
we arrive in terror so I told you from the time we go into
mark ray we bring the ray of light we mark our ray with what we deliver these
are beautiful structures these are what we as human race have been wishing for and they cami and any point delivered
and be used we support continuously the doctors and
specialists who use this is not that we sell and we go we are there and we
support every case patient by patient as is needed as we done in China we sit on
daily basis with doctors with the specialists and we watch every case what
is the next move or it’s got to be done and we set up a team in this position
these systems are highly and will be highly what we call controlled
computerized that you can leave it anywhere even in very much as was said
like a health center and patients the doctors give the prescription and you
can go into the system what it needs to be done and can be tailor-made the
system is unknown this technology is not known there is no one on this planet who
understands the work of this technology even if you open it up you cannot copy
it up and deliberately till we get the whole
structure understood the working of it for a space development it is and I get
in so many ways is what we say did the air compressed or the chicken this is
the womb the beginning of life and very much like an egg I wonder who was the
chicken and what chicken comes out of it and what you can go in it it what they
come out of it do we find peace we find tranquility do we find essence of
creation and then our soul chooses the direction and the dimension of his
existence a manifestation viewer you will be able to sit in the first system
of these we promote all the doctors who purchase this unit their position the
response goes to near New Zealand the second one will stay in Germany as far
as we know the people who are doing it and one will go to United Kingdom these
are the people who are showing interest and placed orders for the first unit
will give the address we support the doctors who buy these units that in a
way as they flourish the foundation receives foundation finances to be able
to research more so as I said we have taken orders in the conference and bar
as these are the sales orders through their global operation you can link and
go to the doctors with one other way you have us doctor sees fit you can fit into
the system application of it these are sea certified so you can benefit by it
and we release more and more stations as they become available and we have
already have a large orders back up into Chinese
operation that we can transfer to our systems in the same process the beauty
of the technology is is here is now and it can be used by men of science by
physicians by sports people by those who have always had problems with
psychological or other problems or you had a problem somewhere and being clear
a list a number of doctors around a world we as they buy they you can go to
you don’t need to travel across the world now there are the systems we know
where it could be I have orders for about twenty once it confirms and locks
in into our order we release the name of the doctors the name of physicians then
they want the hospitals which are equipped with this system we anticipate
to produce large numbers every week and I’ll be done to delivery the Austrian
operation of the Keshe foundation the change has come and you never seen this
now it is here and as it brings peace and change we start getting ready for
our final the same being able to travel the space of the universe where the
systems in which ever you decide to choose to have if you are interested to
purchase or go on the Keshe foundation website it will be up sometime today or
the global website either comes to the same house and what we call Robo is
totally operational under its own Chinese if you are Chinese doctors it’ll
be the same and if you are in what you call connected to the Keshe foundation
you go through the kitchen audition portal will be releasing all the
dimensions and everything else we’ll be released maybe before end of
this teaching and this brings in new highs you got to understand hopefully by
the meeting in Mexico we add another part to this package which is the energy
systems rechargeable energy systems were automotive and anything you have laptop
mobiles you don’t need to change your system you just can buy additional unit
or you can wait till highway for example releases the new handset free or energy
free sets so we make it possible on both side and this is this will be done we go
to the next generation of deliveries and what we have what we share and I said
are new technologies freedom from food freedom from medicine freedom from
energy for a space but you can test it before and you can trust it before you
go to space in Morocco will show a new invention totally new dimension in Malta
there will be another evolutionary science delivery of technology all these
needed to be done in different conferences we show how to produce
materials in different conferences we show how to produce what we call food in
visual sense of the mat you want to see a chicken meat ooh be a chicken meat
taste texture even understanding a materialization there is a lot to come
as I said I spent two years in China to bring the Chinese to the same level as
the rest we have opened the American side we do not need to be in the hand of
any organization the way we broke what we call the patent we
opened our patent there is no need for anybody to pattern anything the same as
we opened our journals that we release technology without peer review the
release of this technology to the American side is the same we are in the
hand of the people what is done and as we go along and we release more and more
technologies we release who are the providers of it major car manufacturers
will change the energy supply what we call fuel supply engine in the next
three to five years very rapidly do you want to tank every day or do you want to
buy a car which never needs tanking and you can drive clean environment no waste
no damage today what we call atmosphere I think very
soon when you and I pass funeral station says oh do you remember we used to use
fuel or you will remember 20th of October 2019 when the technology was
given in the hand towards water industry then we go to the next step and as the
participants in the conference were present their case foundation research
people confirmed they already have the system they are testing it it’s not
something we’re going to promise we already have it is being tested and now
it’s going to be commercialized but step by step change in the world of food
security health with this technology energy the next one
confirmation of them not dependent on the energy on this planet and then we go
to the next one and the next one I thank the case
relation team I think the global management team board of directors who
were there and Nikesh on the Gymkhana in making this collaboration so smooth we
don’t have to have any problems with anywhere and other set the first three
units has come to the global operation will be what call go through the global
operation books and if you’re our agents or you are what they’re called selling
goods or the Keshe foundation as a distributor is you can offer these to
the doctors and the rest and as I sold you have a different lifestyle and you
understand what it means and every doctor who was present or medical people
in the conference they were pleasantly surprised because they could sit in the
system for us themselves they could understand the simple version of it but
with this is the total balance like through most imagine it’s a beautiful
system when you sit in it you understand it and when you walk out of it and you
have changed your life is started by going in then you understand it I I hope
that the Keshe foundation management team will release this sometime today
and it comes with this a lot of beauties of the coming up time no taking of
medication no side effect of medication walking in and walking out knowing that
it adjust to your not physical need but the emotional and the soul it will be
very strange and interesting how we all feel when we come out of this system we
have seen people who have no emotion where the first time showing emotion
when they use this system the basis of the system where we saw a
daughter in her thirties for the first time hugs and cuddles the father and the
father shows emotion and she comes out since the first time my life my father
ever helped me and the same with the wife they can show you many pictures or
videos that you can see this touches the soul of the man such as the emotion of
the man and in so many ways what we hide not to show and will it bring so many
pains and what we call problems or physicality it allows us to walk away
with it it allows us to see it and change it and in so many ways it shows
us what is nice to be human to love and to nurture it’s been a long road to get
to this and now we deliver we deliver as we said once the global operation is set
up we will release unseen technologies and technologies we will change the
course of humanity and this is the beginning of it in a way we can’t take
you back to the move your mother to correct things the way you were born but
we can create them about the mother’s condition comfort and energies within
these systems that you really go home to the beginning to the start and in so
many ways a fresh like fresh beginning maybe when the new understanding a new
mentality even with new configuration in the body of the man to work in so many ways it’s the beginning of a
bright time for Humanity and I said when I start I bring the knowledge of
universe now you see the universal systems copy our universe creates life
building the mother breathing over the solar system as Earth and the rest of it
thank you very much and I hope those of you who understand the gravity of this
new release understand we are here to change the game in a very big way and we
have seen it and this is the beginning of it I’m sure we’ll be evolving into
new dimensions and through the same systems if you understand it in the
coming time we can produce materials you create this all of the matter in a cross
environment like Earth and when you open it what you need will be there this is
what we promise this technology will be shown in mortar or most hungry as part
of our what we call East Asia conferences any questions thank you mr.
Kesh that’s a very very beautiful structure as Doug says it’s the most egg
ever created by mankind it’s tag which cracks itself you don’t need to crack it
I think you got excited fell off the chair are there any questions is the chicken
the part that flies that attaches to this we don’t know yet we couldn’t see
how the chicken comes out wait feather or with other feather or do
they cut the wings of the chicken and some of us in my understand the question
can I remind the attendees that you can hello there please
hi there my name is Ramon Jimenez la me I am Persian Canadian and I live in
Eastern Europe now in Lithuania I was wondering if there will be any if there
is an interest to sell the products would be any training may be in regard
the products yes we will train the doctors and the people who use it we
done that in China we spend one day it doesn’t need much because the backup
comes to you in the process of using it we don’t not in China and we train the
doctors and the specialists and the nurses how to handle the patients
because a lot of them haven’t seen when you have a guy coming to you with a
wheelchair and the next day he walks in on his own it gives a lot of shock to
doctors they never seen this before we have you can produce videos and
pictures of people walking in wheelchairs with the sticks they cannot
walk and days later they walk on their own or
even they want to drive a car or they feed themselves and every case is
different in each training is a new understanding is the process of
commission of the knowledge it’s addition to the present knowledge is
nothing something that we brought something new you have to learn it’s
just putting things in order the way the creation is and the doctors just follow yes the question I had was I have an
interest in in selling and I have I have sold to the doctors that I had to visit
doctors that their offices and and sell the product to them and I was wondering
if there would be there will be catalogue with with certain so with with
a with the training on the sales basically so I can yes is it yes yes
there is everything will be available at the point of sale and before that next
couple of weeks we will it is a brochure and on the material the size of a the
questions asked the link is provided that you can ask the doctors can ask and
the whole backup will be set up that we can train or call doctors for this
purpose in China now we have one base and the doctors from the new hospital
come to this base get trained video presentations and then they go back with
a new system some of this microphone is making a lot of noise
it’s my microphone thank you yeah thank you very much so yes everything is very
well if you are somebody who sells medical equipments you can welcome just
go into and assign us a what we call distributors and this is a fixed
structure it’s and it gets delivered and assembled and goes to use within a
day but the beauty of it is we can change the condition the system working
illness you need something like half an hour a day toy so they have an hour a
day three times a day in the system and the church system changes after 24 hours
there the first structure changes starts does the system have a name yet yes we
have called it yesterday of course please neutral eye shadow does Keshe
foundation do anything without an aid it’s usually some cool name I’m
wondering what it might be but you might not want to release that yet it’s called
the two version of it one is called universal counts enhancement process
Bishop unit or we call it Universal enhancement special unit and then there
is another unit which has a different application
it’s called universal enhancement system there are a slight difference between
the two with this Bishop and the system the system miss can be used for
production of materials as the different parameters but that is not for sale yet
till we go to thank you if you want we can show you the next system but where
the chair is is not the chair anymore I’ll send it to you you can display it
if you want just I see I can do it for you that I have to get you on your telegram this
system doesn’t have a chair but in a way we put to collect material just let me
know if you receive it it should be on this way to you but it’s very much the
same we create the environment of the planet and then it’s on your is on your
secure line Rick yes I see just give it up yeah this
this system is for production of materials and people change the chair we
can use it for medical application but primarily is even for a feeding station
no no half the application but he can sit in it and absorb if you want a
banana or if you want something else when you sit in it delivers material
state energy it’s a different structure but more or less the same okay she does
see it there now you can you know an animation of it these are the two systems it’s it’s
beautifully done and it will be delivered in time for different
application as we open a market for it it is very interesting how the doctors
will go and how they applied how they’re dangerous like a sport injuries can
recover in a very short time I was wondering if you consider the design
with a lie-down and you know like the version
yes it’s is considered and it’s it depends on the what the doctors want to
add to it I’m thinking some people may not be mobile enough to sit up they may
be paralyzed or it’s already the I the idea of the alignment of the various
centers of the body and when we were lying down then the soles more
accessible you can say you mean the energy point the chakras yeah well you
mentioned one time about when we’re standing up then in a way we’re not able
to were blocked because of all the the between the earth and the sky because of
all those chakras are in the way but we’re more when we’re lying down then
the the soul has more of a direct access you might say you see just the way we
look at it with the flat version we can access the organs and then you go back
to the vertical position the seat position because then everything has to
adjust with what has changed in that organ when we go flat where we go set up
they feel the energy changes when you correct a say kidneys or livers or
anything else then we we go back into the vertical
ticket this is where we spend most of our time so the new energy balance has
to be created you always end up from the flat into the vertical position or a
seat each position okay Mir has had her hand up here and I think
Dimitri did too but I’m not sure if he took it back down again or I don’t see
it now so awareness you want to go ahead you have to unmute your microphone DJ
has her has his hand up so go ahead Dimitri well I can you hear me okay good okay the state systems are they so they
work with any any entity that has hemoglobin blood but okay I’m not
medically trained and I haven’t done the research but there are other entities
are there other entities on blue planet earth that have hemoglobin blood why no
that’s my heart my whole point I’ve considered them quickly –
everything’s my equal so my question is if you if you manifests yourself in the
dimension of this planet you carry all the facets of this planet any other question Marin s can you open your miter is it
not working there and Dan has his hand up so Dan allow you to speak as well let
me go ahead and Joelle after that go ahead Dan thank you very much Rico I’m
sorry I want to ask I have a one page in Facebook for all the knowledge seekers
is needed integrally in totality putting only what is in the
cave in Nollan knowledge workshop or because I put in this link also the
other zoom when is the other neurological speaking and sharing the
what is made what is in understanding from this technology because yesterday I
asked and what you’re talking about when you say Harvey ROM don’t use in teaching
lesson in teachings not user data only the logo and platform okay I understand
you’re talking about yesterday with a French stitching that is on a private
teaching platform of the Keshe foundation not for public teaching of a
hypothesized range you you can do if you do public anywhere you use the name of
the Keshe foundation you don’t want other things to be put to it but if you
use in your website the technology Keshe foundation you can put it there this is
technology from Keshe foundation okay what we say my question this what was
what we said was because some of the teachers start using the platform of
private teaching or the public teaching promoting their own website and their
own products is wrong and that’s why we were told that we had that medium
Germans apparently since last week have run into a problem where we explained
people are abusing the technology or the name of the foundation they start we are
very few and they change back again and also wanted to abuse the technology and
they thought the control there were very few handful of people they thought with
their feebleness is their problem foundation has to be correct for
everybody the same and some some people think just because they’ve been there or
they can do something because they are very especial that especially in their
own way but when it comes to the work of the foundation will work as equal
everywhere so we don’t want you realize some people want they become teachers to
promote their websites and their products it cannot be people come public teaching and they
they use public teaching as the way of promoting themselves or the materials as
long as you do in a correct way we are there to support you but he cannot
misuse the foundation and its resources and its connections we seen many people
who have no clue about something they reference the case that sort of mr. Kesh
knows what he’s talking about what that you can’t use it to get something now
for yourself that couple of websites you’re watching very closely who are
abusing and misusing and misrepresenting my name and my technology we we know how
to handle that and they have caused a lot of problem we know how to handle
that in the energy of course false what we call it information on the platform
of themselves thus that problem is not a problem but
when it comes to the foundation we wanted to be corrected it’s becoming a
teacher or what you call promoter of the Keshe foundation does not mean you use
us the logo to sell your products and forget about everything else when you’re
talking about we address it in the French and last week we address it with
the Germans where somebody took a machine and now everything else
everything is wrong with the condition because they cannot abuse it when we
stop the abuse there is something wrong less we say with the red circle the
abuse now it comes to them everything is wrong with us because they use the
website with an understanding now that was the beginning so they have damaging
and we saw as a certain the very recent talks when we we had no problem till we
stopped Alan and we saw hope we saw Susan we saw everybody else suddenly
came these are the beneficiaries of what we call free energy we don’t allow this
to have you become wise and in that process we we we bring other things into
the process you’re protected on people who are around us are protected Thank You mr. cage because I I needed
this clarification because in facebook or group of kaya no Kai yes plasma
groups it’s a talking sharing in other things thank you thank you very much for
clarification because it’s about only the public platform put into service of
knowledge seeker or seeking and not user only okay thank you thank you very much
these are part of the teething problem which we come some people get it sorted
we saw with the teacher last night in the French workshops they immediately
and standard problem we we want you to make
a living we want you to encourage to spread the knowledge but understand we
don’t want to give it what they call it advantage to one or the other or it says
all you want to get the customers gonna become a teacher and we seen some people
calling themselves professors at KS best eye and they produce documents for it
I’m not a professor I don’t know how you became a professor and they come in we
would like to teach and then when you teach immediately they are not there to
teach that to give themselves a certificate that the professors of the
foundation any other question you will be explained and said before if you make
any products with with anything knowledge knowledge knowledge of Keshe
foundation with it we will give you a huge platform there
working on it we are completing he needs a lot of work is getting down for us in
China and then you will receive a path from very much like Amazon you should be
told they’ll be ready rather first week of
January and all everyone who produces Gans material from plasma technology be
it whatever you will be given the chance to make a living to make a decent living
and even those who give conferences and teaching will give you a platform but to
not amuse it don’t forget we can rise to the point to help for the same time we
see abuse we we stop the use the couple of people not companies but couple of
people for you are using this we give them the warning and they said doesn’t
matter at the moment I’m making a living to
other when it comes we put names out we put the reasons out for it and then
we’ll see how they react we need innovations we need
participation by all of us Joshua nation is not just what is on the website as
you understand now when I told you a few weeks ago we are not into masks and
sonic one unit 100 unit a thousand unit runs into millions we came we opened as
small structures to show the proof of technology now we go for bigger scale
but we don’t forget those who are small or we started with us small because now
we support you to become with us this is the way I always worked big and a small
together powerful and without a power together them again you saw we gave the
keys to the government we brought the knowledge seekers to it we said the
conference knowledge seekers with the governments for the first time sitting
face to face next to each other and this is how it works and we’re not there to
demolish people who make things because they’ll carry we there to support you
because if you do it the right way more people gain trust in the work and the
products and the reality of the foundation and its technology and this
is our purpose we don’t go to demolish we warn the people go wrong do not do it
that way because we don’t see it good great way and we’ve seen many people I
had a letter from one of the knowledge seekers I have to be the head of the
Keshe foundation the lady you put in there knows nothing to do no problem
that’s your opinion we respect it but we see how the foundation that’s qualified
how it’s being brought up on how beautifully handled by the people who
are ahead of it you don’t want to be where we sit we are not there to push
and come do things we are there to do well we have a long term plan this is to
operate with governments and from governments we control their small and
with a small we bring enough up to the government to say you don’t do it we
have people in off to do it so the balance comes as we seen after some 15
years diplomats the government officials sit next to each other have lunch
together as we saw in the conference and I understand each other those who attend
with knowledge sisters to come with a special soul with a special touch that
the diplomats understand and they walk with it and they bring with it and it
brings a change it has to bring the change we can’t just go and walk with
banners on the streets we walk in conferences shoulder-to-shoulder with
government and we give them the security food security national health security
yeah another level that it can be afforded by everyone and everything else don’t take me the wrong way
now we’re going big no B and it’s more comes together and we support this more
but you’ll find out gradually a lot of you who have these experiences on work
you can join the factories of the build up in some nations any other question
I’m gonna take money if you would like to put the egg one back on okay mark has a question in the Q&A here if
if a doctor doesn’t know how to use it and I don’t know how to use it if we
both train together can we equally use their or apply it or is it only for
doctors at this time he wants to prize at the moment is with doctors and
physicians and people who understand the work of these things and secondly I
don’t think we have with what we see coming and what we have on our books we
are party sits with hospitals we have a a few thousand square meter hospitals in
China with a lot of rooms all this will go literally the floor will be full of
these machines and if you remember I told you where we’re going to go in
China very so these are the machines we install advanced space systems in all
the hospitals people come in you don’t see beds anymore you you have a room you
go in each machine is set up for a specific use wasted by the specialist
setup done and we start raining on by water see question what materials is it
made of or everything you can imagine don’t forget it produces his own
material is not the housing is the systems which is developed inside it housing looks like it might be like
fiberglass or carbon fiber or something like that perhaps yeah it could be
but we know what it is because we had to build a composite we know what it thirty
fiberglass boat is in different way of a structure mm-hmm you can see all kinds
of interesting things could be incorporated into that structure there’s
a question can it be overloaded or overheating in there over no there is no
power supply in there all the systems are comply with the European regulations
which has a head because it encloses we have air conditioning as a fire detector
has a smoke detector it has everything with it’s with compliance with the
European regulation sounds like would be handy for going to
space as well oh that’s in the future you don’t know
how is such a time this could be the first flying egg instead of a frying egg Marcos comments that is this the new
system that has the sole added to the system during construction which are
these the new systems you describe whether it’s internalized yes under okay
Jalal had his microphone open there or as I hand up rather would you like to go
ahead jello otherwise marinus has her hand up and I’m not sure if she’s able
to speak properly Angela might be on at a noisy time there’s not opening the
migrate away so okay anybody else with question there’s one question from Jan and the
YouTube he says I cannot get my head around the company structure of Keshe
foundation will these devices or equipment be sold to mark ray or
question mark do I have to be a medical doctor to set up a facility that
provides the services you can buy material equipment from mark ray you can
buy the material from Keshe foundation you can buy the material from Chinese
organization of the Keshe foundation partners and you do not need to be a
medical person to buy body has to go to a medical organization so you can set up
a company where doctors use it but what you call it you own the facility but has to be under
supervision and work of doctors there’s a question in the live stream
are these first units capable of reproducing lost limbs and or organs no
no no that’s a different system okay how soon can America house ask how soon
can we begin to use these devices first systems are delivered in January and
will that be just in China or that be also us and others as the doctors face
order we we give them for what time and a month for us before delivery they
start getting trained and from then on we build up with the system to to the
point of delivery and people who will deliver it to them I think you mentioned
already that there was two or three systems that were freedom going to be
delivered was a New Zealand New Zealand we know what could be not could be one
is England one in Germany these are the people who have what you call it forward
with setting up the structure for receiving it mr. Cassius is John here people with
back injuries spinal cord injuries can they recuperate with this new latest
system depends yes depends if you haven’t had any operation to put plates
in the position these systems can be used for it but then it’s in conjunction
with another system for certain applications there’s a need for
secondary system that it it follows the process while you’re not in a machine
and then when you come back the development carries on thank you yeah this afternoon I’ll be
with the vice president of our country and she has had a big accident and had
has back injuries and we’ll see what she considers this okay a question from
Wolfgang in the livestreams can too and more of these systems interact because
they are souls and create a field that rebalances everything beneath what do it
I guess he’s asking if two or more of these systems would interact with each
other because they are Souls and would that create a special field that would
rebalance between them they could do my sorry like the mangroves he added yes
the Kudo but we set up in a way that the fields all concentrate to the center
there is a parameter that’s the whole idea really is the with the egg
structures to keep it all inside centralized now I can ask my question
please regarding this device if I understand it’s very good but I don’t
think so because a lot of words I didn’t I miss it
you sell this device 450,000 oil and who is using this device he should pay to
the Keshe foundation no you got to understand people who buy
system they charge their clients or patients whatever they call it yeah yeah
that’s the freedom to charge what they like the cents job that goes back to the
foundation for services or with miss P provide service back up technologically
like when you go when you go for chemotherapy the the pharmaceutical
takes percentage of what the hospital charges and you have full control
operator over the device yes automatic is preset for the condition okay okay
thank you it’s not intrusive is the environmental
change so it’s not considered as a medical system okay thank you very much we have I guess sort of a financial
questions from Jan I don’t know if you want to answer it he says so if these
equipments are being sold through many channels and how the how will the
revenues be distributed as Mark GREs is a public company that’s listed on the
pink sheet each company takes what they saw according to the and there’s a question from in the
youtubes here somebody’s just come in recently
he says I’m late to the party by my elderly mother and law just found out
she has liver cancer yesterday is there a particular device we could purchase
quickly to aid in her body’s healing itself talk to the Keshe foundation
doctors okay and we could I think that email is the health at spaceship
Institute org yeah but is sent to the doctors yeah I think that one goes to
the doctors the other one is doctors at Cash foundation or but that’s for actual
applicants and the doctors themselves yes I think that other address should be
good I could put that in then that should get through properly
that’s the health that spaceship Institute org for those that have
illness related inquiries they can put you on the right path there okay and the other questions here still
let me Chuck the need to be bringing more and more questions the more you
answer the more questions we have it seems but I think we’re getting to the
end of them here okay Dean asks can more than one soul enter at a time nope not
with this system there will be systems the future Deus will be you can have
number of people in the room and they all can go through the same mmm group
healing that could be interesting can these new units be used in veterinary
care yes we already testing it the version of it in China big adventure
figure is struck what I call it size bigger scale there’s the question what would be a
personal version that the less expensive price eventually don’t see that for a
time being the sisters there is a optimum size and do you have to reach
that optimal size which is this Marcus how long will it take to be trained to
be proficient in its use for doctors not like the medical now which is eight or
ten years initially most of them are trained doctors who use this one it
takes it took us about a day to start with the doctors can also be used for
homeless people it depends what the doctor wants to do or the people put it
on bite for what what what used to want to apply it you wouldn’t be designed for
someone to stay in for a long period of time with it or maybe like to actually
sort of live in maybe it’s a point you want to to do it be everything in it
wanted stead of being a monk going to a cave then you just stay in your head
yeah while the mayor asked if there’ll be a
blueprint for this nope there’ll be no more Peru Prince we blew
it ourselves on printed ourselves last time we did was very interesting with
other blueprints it’s a question from freed which is kind
of interesting that for those who have have entered the system will they be
connected in a way by experiencing what they have gone through for the fur for
those who have entered the system and have gone through this experience well
they all be connected in a way I don’t think so okay and do people have to sign
the peace treaty before being processed this is part of our contract with people
who purchase yes we already do in China what about the actual patients when they
have two sessions with the patient okay how long do you think the average time
would be for someone to stay in the egg safe runner about half an hour is the
maximum the maximum okay two or three times a day yeah mm-hmm and would that
go on for four four days a week Anna tell them tell the physician
decides is reached a point because you are reconstructing what has been done
you just don’t put everything in so you go to reverse process need time for the
balancing you take that up in toward that we now release both on both side
care mobile and gave restore you can go in next one or two minutes and pick up
titles the water forms or any qualities you
have from the American link you come to the email on the Keshe foundation as
usually go through the store and you can go through everything else which is
needed to be Jan has another finance question with so many companies will be
competing with each other on gaining market shares regarding the sales of
these units I guess and wouldn’t that have a big impact on the growth
potential of mark rank in other words if he goes to mark ray the fist Eric
accounts their benefit and if it’s through the cash foundation is that
there is no advantage difference to purchase from mark ray or cash
foundation or the Chinese all three of the six it wouldn’t affect the share
price of Mark Grace a to have competition or whatever
no there is no competition it’s all one house we don’t have a competition and
there’s a way to enforce a lot of water wasted that’s it more questions
this one from Baldomir I’m not sure quite clearly says how often should it
be used if the cause of the illness is not removed dad you have to speak to the
physician we set up a system they decide and they can see the changes because we
got this a lot of people who use these systems is such a natural process that
they don’t even remember how they came in two or three days before we had a
very recent case the guide took him within five and ten minutes to get off
the bed and the wife complaining that nothing has happened to him whatever and
she took a video of him at night when he comes off the bed he said hold on have
you seen the first video you took to you for a week before and she wanna have a
look now he comes down like a bullet in less than a minute and it was too tall
it before he had to be on his hands and knees getting himself moved about five
or ten minutes to get off the bed now he was often running it’s so natural that
people forget and that’s why we advise all the people using it too especially
especially take video of the first time they come in there people I’m an ass can I make some announcements
in social networks about today’s amazing workshop or us or must it be kept in
secret from know we are in public we’re in public we’re in public domain
that’s rise up we we accept orders we accept we start the trainings for
doctors very much on what we call the doctors health teaching on Wednesdays
become the main teaching point for our the doctors who buy these systems we
already have the channels so we don’t need we we established now you
understand how beautifully what we worked on for years now has become the
point of views and it’s been set up for these kind of points when we deliver new
technologies where the afternoon teachings becomes for the medical
teachers becomes training for the doctors who bought the system or they
have a system to have questions in it or they discover something new with it so
all we need to do is expand these teachings in December and January into a
full-time week two weeks teaching and showing them how to use it on how to do
it because we have this structure we just need to connect them to their to
the link we have everything Foundation has a structure itself in a very
beautiful way you know the one of the nicest things such you will see even for
the e-commerce which will come up is that you can go if you want to buy
products from any of the Keshe foundation clients the organization
produces and you don’t want to get involved in
exchange rate or whatever and you can lose money you can go and purchase cash
coins and internally use it to purchase and we pay off the cash gone you pay to
the supplier nobody loses money we take the exchange rate problem of losing
money out of the circulation you will understand that this is part of the
parameters which their engineers will put in into the newcomers you can buy in
dollars you can buy in whatever or you purchase cash coins and you pay the
supplier with the cash part or you say I accept by exchange balance in the cash
go and if you buy for example systems and so these are the structures which
set and you see gradually come into operation and for these teachings we
don’t have a problem to teach because we already have the knowledge sequence
medical teachers teaching sessions we just extend it back you know we had a
moment through the blueprint or whatever now the doctors are giving a specific
access to all have a specific access honester not what I call it passed
everything else and just thought what will go into the teaching and be taught
by the doctors who already use the system everything in the long term has
been set up now it comes to a flourish to see anything else today is a good day for us
to introduce new technologies in a commercial way and these are what we
call more res can meet more stuff or some of their needs in space technology
for health of the man in a space and it’s so unintrusive is like the ray of
the Sun which comes and we go to the some types of energy or we put things in
the Sun to do certain things or disinfect or home use their fields in
certain way now we have opportunity to control these fields to do it away what
we need in a way as I said the ray of a Sun becomes an apple and then we double
to get the benefits of that specific energy from the rain
now with these systems we become that up there is no need for combustion there is
no need for killing to destroy life or existence for us to survive this has
three systems adds a lot of application and application if you what I call just
one sweet one second if you Rick go to your secured line you will have the link
for the products the case when they should not work they can’t put it up on
the screen ages second here okay you should bail do
Shido see that now the universal enhancements patience unit can you read
it please sure Universal enhancements spaceship unit
the very first new evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out
for mass production our Universal enhancement spaceship unit
is constructed from high-quality materials carefully selected by our team
of experts embedding the essence of the new Gans plasma science and technology
it uses new collective plasma field technology for changing and enhancing
the environment of the body of the man this new plasma enhancement changes the
environment of the body to allow it to return to its natural balance condition
as in the womb of the mother allowing every cell in the body of the man to
find its natural original field strength balance the shape and the field
distribution in this new space plasma technology replicated the inner
structure of the universe and replicates the balanced fields from which the man
was created at the point of inception in the womb of the mother not only
receiving the balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense – for
the first time in the history of man a system has been developed and delivered
which not only enhances the physical body of the man but also enhances the
emotional part of the user of the system hence reducing and eliminating many
problems that could not be solved in the world of science
to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the time of Earth usage
indoors use only not to be used outdoors payment 50% prepayment at the time of
order fully refundable in case of non delivery 50% plus shipping costs prior
to shipping customer received 30 days notice before shipping not shipped
within 30 days from the notice the unit will be sold to the next order no stocks
will be held after 30 days from the notice production is shipping according
to the contractual agreement sales operating conditions according to the
contractual agreement hundred and fifty thousand euros plus shipping and taxes
and there’s an add to cart and quantity box that you can tick at the bottom and
we have several pictures similar to what we’ve already seen beautiful unit so that link is in the
cache foundation store and being the link in the chat here as well so people
can have a look at it I have send you the link into the global store so it’s
on your link as well into the chat and you want me to bring that up on the
screen there mr. Kesh yes this is what the global appears on the public domain
we just tell them where they could go okay you know we have the k FG l dot
global website of business / products our products and I know I’ve put the
link into the chat and I’ll also put it into the other media we have going on
here okay you can scroll down here and you
can see there’s the video that we saw earlier and it looks like the same
description I believe okay so you can see at the bottom four or the KF global
you can use the email address at office at ATK FM Global you can see at the
bottom there for those that would prefer to order through through the cash
foundation global you mentioned mr. Kesh you don’t really have a preference where
say someone from North America they would have a choice between the ordering
through KF Global or ordering through the cash foundation but they would not
order through the Chinese is the way I understand it but if you read they can
order to the Chinese but I think in Chinese you pay two or three times more because of Taxation everything else or
people answer China is better to go through the channels we are provided we
have a production capacity that we have to meet and we will be given a time when
the units are ready for delivery pair order as it comes in any other comments or any other question
there is one question but Lucien would like to ask you how many types of plasma
does the unit have inside difference is differs but the thing is
not just a plasma they’re literally whatever the man needs in the initial
structure it’s one of the most complicated computer systems if you remember we pre-tested part of
this system in the Chinese’s base reactors part of that system has over
one hundred and seventy eighty combined reactors these are not simple systems i
has to be understood before what you call it an attempt to try to do anything
and they don’t follow the present law of physics the technology for the
development is unknown to me it’s pure here I just want to say thank you and
congratulation this big work thank you very much yes and I want to ask him if I
go for example to a hospital or doctor’s to inform them about this product and
his foundation can they go directly to you and participate in their
teachers doctor teachings yes so we teach those doctor teams who purchased
the system for the use and everything else it needs initial week teaching for
don’t forget people use it are already medical application in the Health
application or a sports and it’s very easy to understand the process it was
really strange when we were training the first team of doctors there was a tall
doctor here he stood back to him was unacceptable what was taught and we saw
him literally standing on the fringes and trying to be out of the room like
this is something you know something they brought in and they’re trying to
force us to the weather that kind of thing but it was paid wages to be there
by the hospital and I remember the second day he was very apprehensive when
he saw the patient walking without the bullshit I’m walking in and he followed
him to go to the car now we can’t keep him away from patients he is there he
has to be involved in everything the patient saw and he’s taking water shock
more or less the charge of the whole thing he was supposed to be in charge he
didn’t want to be when initially we started and now he’s so proud he’s
everywhere with every patient he’s fully involved his he wants to he comes up
with new ways of getting equations in different ways of body call it moving
and everything else and you gotta understand those of us who become
doctors are there to see their patients change or positive and in so many ways
is those with prolong what you call conditions doctors have got used to it
there is nothing nothing we can do is just a process we have to go through to
the end and when they see these technologies when they see the effect of
a deafness of it they just take to the wing because they are there to help
they’re there to serve but they know the limitations by everything is put around
them and the limitation of the science now there is no limitation there are
part of creating new boundaries and I was amazed because we watched their
videos on the daily basis and I say how the doctor who stood back now is in it
beyond and it is on his hands and knees he’s there with everything and he enjoys
he relishes seeing his patients changing so much you got one son a mom walks him
with a wheelchair he’s been told to disease he huh his years on it he has
set his mind to the end but he he will die on this wheelchair that he will not
be able to speak he will not be able to write he will not be able to get up that
he can make his own destiny and now his mindset is in that direction we accept
that we accept defeat but we are there to challenge it might be and then the
doctors use new technologies and they change it the man can get up he doesn’t
need somebody to watch him he doesn’t need somebody to take him to toilet
he doesn’t need somebody putting a food in his mouth and now life has a meaning
we see a huge drain exhaustion because now the brain is setting and at the same
time as they say scientists using his brain uses more energy than a Facebook
Erica who digs in the mind now you understand the
body goes through a turmoil accepting life has changed accepting life is there
to go and I’m not gonna die and we see them is amazing how they change now
huge amount of energy is consumed huge amounts you’re making you’re gonna
understand when you have a baby and the brain cell is getting made and the
breasts of the body are getting developed the child keep on sleeping is
exhausted we see this with all these people today therefore we’re dealing
with a team of the top scientists surgeons and one of these top scientists
said you know what it is we are exploring down our process because these
are running out of energy so now they are giving for those who are literally
moving from the wheelchair to to go and the people who couldn’t get up to bed
and they just run they put them on energy boosters that they can cope with
it and we see the change because when you don’t have energy and the family
gets bothered you know he doesn’t have an edge but he doesn’t matter how much
you explain to them but they see suddenly when the section progress is
completed then he said that’s that’s aware and they they build up because
when you have a case of a 13 by 18 by 5 centimeter cancer and 10 days later is 2
or 3 centimeters by 4 or 5 centimeter all being asked and monitored by doctors
doctors understand these things the is not magic is understanding
technology and of all the science moves in we are the frontiers we are the
pioneers in this technology and all of us as knowledge seekers don’t forget I
showed you the steps you did the walking now we show the steps
in the world of science in the world of energy in a world of space technology I
told you once we become global operation in China where us is brought to be
balanced with the West I relinquish my position as the head of the year what to
do this two years ago the same with everything else then I release
technologies that man has never seen and I’m not gonna be the guy would they put
on their hanging in the church this type we give the technologies to
industrialists the world is suffering from pollution beyond China
the Chinese government is giving billions of dollars for automotive
companies to come up with electric cars better fuel efficiency that they can go
longer but what happens with electric cars we always on took as I said before
we took the motor out the combustion engine because in the power station
that’s what we done the fluid has escaped the condition hasn’t changed so
now how would this technology energy is with the car it’s the dream of Chinese
government you will see the first cars to convert into new energy system will
be Chinese automotives the be Chinese electric cars where we have already
found a lot of progress to to the to the officials and it doesn’t take much it
doesn’t take much to you don’t need to change anything the only thing you need
is to show how efficiently you can allow the energy to be available all the time
part of the problems of present automotive is to convert the DC to AC
after you created the battery charges everything that you can run a motor you
cannot be seen what was so easily with power
we usually convert the DC of the batteries into AC most of the time and
then that gives us the deterrent power this new charging system gives you both
AC DC at the same time available equal amount
it changes the automotive industry it changes the mechanism of engine
production we with a new technology will embed the energy inside the chip it will
change a lot of things and we show this new technology today you wait till after
the Mexico conference and anyway to see what we show you after the Brazilian
Congress and then writing the biggest completion of the technology every sense
will be when we show that fools atop a combination a combination of all these
technologies when we reach tera next week in two weeks and is a conference in
Iran with leading scientists and the Commission’s and government officials on
the 16th of iranian month next month you sound about beta six or eight of
october dedicated to catch foundation technology development and growth and
introduction into the iranian what I call it the structure work and you will
see to the next steps the conferences and meetings and how we set up or
colonists to the changes we don’t look what a bunch of thieves in Belgium even
though they’re going to prison for what they’ve done but it’s giving us a
beautiful advantage now we can quantify the damage they’ve done and I wonder if
there is international to pay from the damages which is gonna
be hammered under mr. Kesh can I ask you and I remember you had talked a bit
about that the oil industry they are in a way prepared prepare for all and them
that could be big corporation so everyone would benefit instead of the
opposite that they are scared of what’s happening we are not scared we have we
have a spreading knowledge is not like the guy who made the water engine and
the Belgium get poison in front of his brother and they kill them
this technology let me explain this technology has been a spread that
happens to make technology will go forward especially damage is the problem
of the nation’s governments to understand you cannot abuse this planet
anymore the way you done refining we still new because we use
different materials but the one industry the way using consumption of course it’s
going on with five years oh we’re not happen overnight so they have time to adjust and the
technology is already backed up to be delivered if anything happens to me the
scientists who will release the technology better not to do because then
it’ll be made this way at least we control it we have it under full control
and it’s very easy you got to understand Keshe foundation is as a global and a
foundation now a scientific operational entity in a very big way once we deliver
the new car industry I told you all the major car manufacturers who are talking
about electric cars will be on the 20th of this month on top of this system we
haven’t we are not isolating the rolling I tend to come in and we have a very
simple policy everybody gets it the same day and at the same time we take a
thousand two thousand dollar or five thousand dollar per car in the benefit
of their whichever organization of the Keshe foundation they need to deal with
then you have to understand we produce 85 million cars roughly a year run 70 to
85 depends where to eat and what production means
so if you add that’s a 70 billion a 30 2014 finance capital what a foundation
to spend on its development we are coming in on the strength of our
technology you’re not coming in to borrow in the market this is a very big
misunderstanding with the people we weren’t to American stock not to go we
know they’re gonna cause problems everywhere else but it was to say the
technology is here financial people understand is there so when these
systems go on sale where the energy systems comes out who do you think
they’re gonna be bunch of thieves and thugs in Belgium or when all the
manufactures car manufactures put cash transition technology rechargeable
system without fuel you will understand we let people to take the companies to
take these people I spend my energy the positive way and then when you come to
what we call Africa or to Morocco in our other conference we show every nation
have all the resources this time we always start with just look who’s on the
platform we have Alex from Nigeria that people from China we have Americans we
have Europeans we have South Americans we have Australians we’re all on it and
this time we all go together there is nobody is there
one nation nobody’s disturb we all started as of today from the same line
the same firing point had knowledgeable cross over this is the beauty of it and
you will see the return on our patience for what we want is unconquerable if you
have let’s say 1 million patients a day use this technology around the world and
you take less $1,000 each that’s 1 billion a day industry for us to deliver
the world peace to pay to subsidize to bring all the nations together in the
game our plays of this in a different way than people think when we come in next week or neck and up
this month with a rechargeable system that they don’t need any charging
systems after all pump supply then you can understand what happens to the
mobile industry the mobile phones is a huge industry we want to share on the
new mobile how many of you would like to be worried about charging virtually by
the new phone which how it was in mr. tech cut 1 billion phones $10 each you
can see where we go we don’t reopen our patterns but we allow the companies to
understand you respect our openness and we spend the money back on your people
and your nation nobody will go around our intellectual right just much a few
Keshe foundation little people with a very clear but we have to see who they
are and we know how to not to bother it in their ants in a structure huge work
of the market they will see how everything in the coming recent months
let them create all the cash roads and everything else we know what affords it
as I said the doctors were present in the conference or place the longer
because they sat in the system getting on the leaders I know what’s come and
now we’ll see if he sell what thousand system is 115 million dollars under 50
million nearly 200 dogs that can allow us to build a practice we haven’t gone
into the market to borrow we came to mark to say we are here we make the
change Rick and the weather is like shares is irrelevant it was to get to
know if you see this has been my pattern I took my pattern to the European Patent
and they became a free agent for me to to tell everybody about my technology
and most of you are here because of or some of God muscle problems are there
because of the most part you sure it is it’s the repetition of the same are use
and I let the people around me to think I don’t understand but I use given
structures in a large scale to achieve the ball of Spanish I’m not interested
we never sell a single share or mockery we came to announce the world the shares
are there and now they see evolution technology after technology but no
shares coming into the market the shares of mark ray will be in thousands of
dollars but there’s no more share coming those of you who hold this whole
industry because that’s all it is well I so to all the car companies cars
without charge as $1,000 recur do thing and it assertions your shares
foundation or lockrey at me I’m the caretaker now you understand how we play
the game over there 600,000 organizations companies and finance
years suddenly got to know about mopping church foundation I would have taken
median how much advertising to get these people to say who we are where we are
and our team every week will put new inventions new achievements in thank you any other question or shall we celebrate
to them in in a 12 o’clock one question that whether the equipment
will be promoted at International Medical fairs or trade shows and
exhibitions and that kind of places interesting enough in a conference one
of the diplomats has invited us to a very large conference in November you
see the government’s will take you when the government’s take you to protect you
we we don’t need to go to medical affairs doctors by their egos like a
wildfire and the government’s understand get invited we are there we show the
technology technology can sit on its own passes on its opposite and yes we I
don’t think at this moment we don’t need because the announcement has gone out on
their global on the mark ray this technology has been released and we do
not really need over TC for any of our work they brought us
we wanted and now we build on it on a daily weekly news release if you want to
promote it go on the internet and and pastor it everywhere and we see the
inquires the links of inquiries are there we respond and at the moment we
can deliver it on the body from March April about a thousand a week and this
is nothing China were coupled are talking in over five years you got to
understand everything you do will change even if we develop it to the next step
that’s your dentist chair but without any drilling will explain step by step
as we go further its thank to resilience of all the cash roundish team board of
directors border management the Global Education Foundation and the Chinese
team we and all of you have built this together we are we are in it in a big
way you’ll see the results we have seen the results it was good to him bring
them paint tiles and paint pen people bought it and believed in it and rested
doing 1 million a square meter in four or five different parts of China to
prove their increasing harvests and other things changing a couple of
thousand or ten thousand pigs life not to be killed the time we don’t want too
much redesign when we kids which is only human and everything else we have now
you’re in it bring the teacher when the changes start so they understand if you
if you have understood the gravity of the system which is on the street you
understand the world of Medicine the world the
pharmaceutical the robot house has changed
no more medication no more medicine to take you no more injection no more
dialysis machine no more sorry we don’t have knowledge for it yes
we can try there could be no any people with a lot
of diseases we have no answer for because we never considered this or the
interaction of the fields of the body that sorry we cannot do now yes we can
try there’s no harm to it it’s natural process it’s a natural material as you
know my children or PhD is in pharmaceutical and this kind of industry
and they say 3% of all the medicines ever goes coming in for trials cause to
be delivered and even those deliver and we don’t tell people about 80% of their
side effect because we cannot lose more straightforward natural process if you
find anything can be calling it I would like to know and then we deliver that we
bring a change this is the beginning this today’s a real blueprint but of all
of all the pharmaceutical our medicine and then you will see the next one with
energy I came to bring you change and I’ll deliver the church no kin no
president no government can’t stand Marta can we say it’s the beginning of
good morning it’s a very very good good good morning thank you thank you very
much let everybody know and we are there to
bring it to deliver it and this world of science and technology
to evaluate it and add to it and many doctors like you to say oh there is
something else we can do with it with this technology with this system I
see the end up many many conditions Oh mark get an idea for use but going
beyond he says in theory if a large unit could be formulated or perhaps using
satellites but the same principle principle be used in elevating the soul
of the planet we have already working with highway and I know that’s why we
chose our here just about a few months behind this one of the reasons we chose
her way is this they have internet they have internet system production they
have mobile system down into mass business and as you know China will
launch some hundreds of satellites and coming months small satellites
monitoring application and we’ve become part of that structure we can choose
harvest growth we sectioned you can change the fields for wheat wall corner
and something else turn on the corner I tell you something very interesting as
you know we have in one section there are many sections is one section we
should got 1 million square meter given to us for trial with rice and last year
we had one what you call the 600 meter was given to us just to see how it was
that was beginning of five six hundred square meters per meter was given to the
panthéon to see what effects are and in those five different products we
increased the rice harvest we’re in the field our technology was in use we
created 79 that was created seventy-nine kilo rice in the section where we
under control if we choose 249 and 1/2 which is about roughly three and a half
times more and when we produce this we had everyday in the last two weeks
because they wanted to harvest everything there our team and the
farmers calling us this is ridiculous we have so many birds eating eating this is
nothing left of the harvest every day birds are here and they send us pictures
hundreds of birds and when the harvest came in and they tested it the way did
it we had 250 kilo and I said to them can you imagine if the bird wouldn’t
have eaten it would have been 500 kilo with all the claims all the shouting we
had four weeks that the birds are eating everything what is wrong with this
system we circled left three and a half times more and we seen the same thing in
the new harvest in one a million square meter there was a picture sent to us by
the farmers that the only land when a hurricane they had that the rice has
been down is our section and look at the other side nothing happened I said of
course look at the other side they haven’t even got the rice flowers on
them and your harvest is nearly complete is heavy the weight of the rice has
brought it down and it will stand up and it’s amazing how the farms think about
it because there they didn’t look at it that way the section our section 1
million square meter is yellow rice getting ready the other side has nothing
so he can fling in the wind it’s seen an understanding they change the gravity of
the change whether it brings if within a 50 percent more harvest if it develops a
more harvest 1 million square meter if in any way four times more between you
China into one of the major food producing countries in the world enough
to feed their own nation don’t forget we started with 600 meters Monsieur this
year very millions of square meter next year we’ll take the whole of China the
same with a pig disease now we are in the sixth trailer Pig disease the trial
has been so successful that our team now is a national holiday in China from 1st
of October to bathe everything shut down the farming group who took us for the
child last week have asked our people to fly to night didn’t want whether they
wanted to travel tonight or train or whatever to go back because they want to
bring more farms on the cover we talked with delivering we don’t talk just to
talk and hopefully in the next two weeks we have at least maybe half a million
pigs on the cover this is national security safe nation does not to worry
stability of the politicians is the beauty of life and this is what we are
there for this morning yes they are had a call we’ve been called out to go to
back to the people because they want to extend the number of the piglet pig
farms to come undercover we deliver technologies a wonderful way to do it
and in a way as they say an organization as good as his team and we have a
beautiful team across Keshe foundation across the world feed on the teaching be
done other ways we make mistakes they make mistakes
it’s good to close eyes and sometimes deliberations but sometimes we have to
stop people from going too far too long and you will see this is the beginning
now we are global in it and when the company I looked at it
mark ray is a ray of life and we want to mark it the most beautiful way and we
bring the ray of Sun the ray of hope the Rays of the fields of the universe
Fatima but that’s what we’re here thank you very much for today
I might give you more news and as we pick up into the structure of the
development not what you weren’t in touch but before enough this month we
changed the world of energy and you will be part of it because we started the
journey together in finish the journey together thank you very much thank you
mr. Kesh perhaps one last question which is will there be a place for potential
buyers of the new universal enhancement system all we see the results being
obtained what do you mean we are not using patients as guinea pigs for people
to come and go we are not we have media’s they can watch the
videos we have a daily progress report on number of patients it is let me let
me explain to you something there are number of people in our chant who will
been in the conference and they sat in it if any of them wants to make a
comment how they felt were there front I’m sure nothing is going to talk when they when they suck one of the people who sat in it was very intense
trained she managed to stop the heartbeat and he did very well he he sat
in there to start with nothing and he managed to do it so he could control it
with his heart in controlling means emotion and we saw others how the
machine changed rhythm and you could see how they behave and what is the state of
mind and emotion it’s a very interesting structure when you see a company you
don’t need to go on a cloning machine you’re kind of machines can reverse all
conditions in your body and doesn’t need to be a clone of you it matches you to
help you to change any way through the process
Potter sorry no I’m finished we’ll say goodbye for today and we’ll see where we
get to and how we can develop more with a pole and new arrows for new Sciences
thank you very much okay thank you mr. cash that was a wonderful workshop with
a very beautiful idea concept there okay so you give my screen up so that brings
that brings to a close the 296 knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday October 30
2019 and stay tuned for another knowledge
seekers workshop next week same time in place all goes well and also we have the
one in one p1r for world peace coming up on Tuesday and the plasma reactor
reactor group as well as well as the private teachings for those that are
taking those classes okay thanks everyone for attending today thanks for
all the questions we’ve just a lot of questions today and thank you mr. cash
for being patient with all of that and delivering such wonderful information
okay bye for now and see you later

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