294th Knowledge Seekers Workshop September 19, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. welcome everyone to the 294 knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday September 19th 2018
this is a broadcast of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education
Department and part of the public teachings in English my name is Rick
random one of the hosts today along with flint ball housing and of course we are
joined with as we can hear in the background mr. Kesh of the Keshe
foundation who sounds like he’s ready to go with today’s information and
teachings hello mr. Kesh are you there yes good
morning to you could date you as usual ever whenever you listen to these series
of knowledge seekers today is the 19th of 9 2019 I’m very lucky day extremely
lucky day there are a lot of things happening and I saw explanation to you
last time all the time before we are on the verge of breakthrough in the
International I really know in a different way stand we expected a
broaden knowledge to be the flagship of science and technology but again to the
tradition of man we had to touch it to man’s attachment which is everything
else which was in his pocket one of the most important announcements to be made
today and I think is many of you been waiting for this for a long time is that
as of yesterday issue initial appeal in respect to the government of Belgium has
been posted across Internet what this means is as we seen published on one of
the channels already is the fact the appeal against the state of Belgium
is extensive and we expect the feedback from European Court of Human Rights the
title is very easy the appeal to European Court of Human Rights for fake
fraud by Belgium government against empty cash the fraud it had to attach to
us was the fraud rate they were committing themselves in destroying
documents and everything else therefore lost here submitted to European Court of
Justice has been posted across the internet this is important because in
this document which is in Dutch or what he called Flemish and then elected to
the European Court in French we expected if we can support to translate it as it
was just posted last night released internationally needs to be translated
to all languages and sent to the ambassadors and the heads of states and
governments across any way you can this is important not only for my name is
important because every time people click somewhere say oh he’s a fraud the
technology’s fraud so what it is it’s very simple as you get it translated it
says clearly presence of armed officers police officers in a court of law
this happens only during the Saddam Hussein and in a state of Belgium so we
have two leaders of the same standard it tells you in the appeal that the judge
did not even allow our lawyer to present the case it tells you in the appeal that
the lawyers are international lawyers will submit documents to show that pre
fabricated dossier was put in front of the judge God short policy judge had to
make a decision and make announcement only person who was allowed to give
evidence was we know who his name is red circle which was again so and he’s been
photographed and thus heared walking hand-in-hand out of the court read a
police officers asking for document inside the court is against all
international laws what we say those who were present have given affidavit to
notaries and lawyers signed and sealed in state of Holland and min submitted to
the court we thank all the Belgium we thank all these what we call Dutch and
other supports of the foundation that they methodically recorded everything in
the presence of the court during the court will submit total evidence for
attempt and carrying out murders by the same people we taking not accusations
but with hundred-percent proof everything we have submitted to the
European Court of Justice needs to be understood is against the law in any
land except the state of Baghdad during the Saddam Hussein
there is no difference what we see intimidation the interesting thing is
that as you know Keshe Foundation and my name enter a query cache has a license
but not a Patek of the Belgium to make medical systems and doctors can be
guided to use it they never submitted to the court because it would have had no
legs to stand on the international law is very clear we are claiming massive
damages against the state of Belgium and red circles for fabrication a lie and we
know the people inside the government of Belgium are trying to negotiate in
different backgrounds how to handle this because releasing picture of place
research in the court armed officers threatening to shoot or kill is against
every law in any land why doncha was allowed to do this is
very interesting another hand is very simple a judgment is a fair judgment
when both sides can put their case in we were not allowed to present any the
people they brought handwritten or whatever documents with them were not
even allowed to be presenting themselves to say that they have fabricated their
documents because we have by law be able to cross examine their witnesses in no
way we expect the judgment very easily and then we take it to done Hague for
war leaders being involved in murder they should stand the next step for us
is the heads of state have to stand judgment in done Hague the same
astronomer sane and others we’ve seen their protein the color of the skin of a
leader does not make any difference in this crime our next step after
completion European Court is to take the leaders of state of Belgium to done
Hague exactly through the same process as
African leaders and with listening ears and other communist stage have been so
you know the plan is very simple I a police are all sir has to make so
much fake documents is that my brother and he’s done by neighbor I’ve never
been business with him unless there is a massive interest financial interest
which the Belgium understood the first time we put a pattern in the European
Court up particularly in the European Patent Office the value of it stealing
by murdering scientists we see in red sir who has done that before with what
they call happy cubes he happily poison and the gentleman died the same way as
we saw the gentleman read compression heart problem and we saw the same way as
the Gong cooling went to the water ancient but in all three cases in my
case the Belgian was present we have gathered extensive knowledge and data
and information about the activity of state of Belgium in murdering scientists
so as you understand fake fraud was actually originally with
release documents three months before it was a summons signed by the same police
officer and the same prosecutor let’s terrorist Mehran Tavakoli cash as a
terrorist they took it to the American Embassy and American authorities they
said we played you again before we got him in Canada for 11 days we put a shot
gun against his head for 11 days we said we’re gonna execute him we told him the
same thing and he’s not a terrorist he’s a scientist I received a call from
American securities mr. Kesh we have refused to accept Belgium documents as a
terrorist be careful they’re up to no good you got to realize something is
very similar the daughter of highway directors owners are on the same
position as me I personally do not believe how a family had ever been
involved in any things that they’re accused of except that the hair keeping
the same way as me as we see fraud and intimidation in the state of
Canada for the same reason I’m sorry to say this but it’s a shame to be in the
skin of man but as it’s alright it’s alright to enter disappear and we know
is going to be successful we’ve been told unless some fraud takes place again
in the court with what evidence is in hand and they had a similar cases as you
read the appeal put his hands defrauded they thought they’d go to a little
village of court wreck they asked them and he finishes they get a prison
sentence for me but even they put a shotgun against the head of the judge
they could not get that prison sentence of a rating Court they got the suspended
and a penalty of fake we match by match I’ve been accused of twelve thousand
fraud we file as you understand very soon for 12 billion euro damages against
the state of Belgium in our appeal because then you understand how the
whole thing was set up to steal the technology and thieves share the loot
red circle part of it and then the other part of it as they shared the cube the
compression technology and the water engine which disappeared it is important
and I thank you all we especially would like you to post this there is as you
know this website called facts about Dirk and go there I know those people
have already posted it there pick it up translate it and send it to every
government send the link send the documents we are very very adamant that
and our international lawyers tell us Keshe foundation
TK Kirkland DeRosa are absolutely innocent and in so many ways we have to
see how far we have to fight this till they come to the position of
understanding we have released this to one and for one reason
this document was submitted to European Court of Justice on the 19th of july
2019 please pick it up post it and the way they try to bring us a shame we got
trying to get the justice for all of us you will understand why this is
important for all of you in a few minutes as I explained today’s a very
beautiful day for many of you many of you you’ve been waiting to bring the
Keshe foundation in the international arena the way it deserves not the way
the Belgians made it to be I’m proud to announce one thing as it is a legal
matter I have to stick to priests Great Britain for us by those who in so many
ways have been helped and the instruments for unsuccessful as I told
you in the past few weeks and months that we are going to be internationally
open that one little tiny state cannot cover many things you got to understand
something which is very important as you know the people in Ghana used this case
of fake fraud trying to damage a single banner we made appeal to the government
of Ghana through diplomatic course and for past six weeks
the governor Ghana opened a legal investigation on the affair of what
happened and how this Belgian case was used
and the investigating group appointed by the government officials has reached one
position which they announced their position last Friday to us we have it
and this says in every case the person in state of Ghana has a stolen to
approximately a quarter of a million euro from assets of the Keshe foundation
again on the back of the same fake judgment and we are expecting that the
what we call governor Ghana to clear their position and we are looking for an
immediate arrest and the rest of it which comes with respect to the
gentleman who ran our business there you have to realize we knew what’s happening
because the minute they left and they thought they got away with it they put
on their face book one picture red circle we Belgium’s done it again but
this time as recorded in European Court the state has to respond in how their
ministers and officials have been involved in a game stealing from the
foundation and it’s not a small amount and we’ve been told the case is serious
and they will announce it and we should see it in the national press and the
rest of it in coming days mr. Benn has refused to answer or appear or point any
lawyers to present him or give any evidence because he knows he’s been
caught and the government has decided for his ultimate state as you know he’s
on a massive bail with three people’s have been put in what he called as a
guarantor if he leaves the country three brothers and Friends who put up they’re
going to prison plus all their houses were confiscated because they put the
classroom so he has no way for to accept to submit and what we call fraud in
trust which is the biggest crime after murder has been put in by the police and
what we call the set up corner a case start to see a man who brought him in
and we trusted the same as the red circle we brought him here me trust him
betrayed and they were serving other masters but this case has come too close
for us we hopefully reopened in Ghana in the coming weeks we have to and as part
of the in Keshe foundation global operation we transfer everything back
into one cover except what we do in and within the territory of the Chinese
public republic which stays independent from other sides of the world there is
important for me to let you know I have to read off a script which is given to
me and today is the 19th of the nine and the statement reads as follows I’m happy
to officially announce that the Keshe foundation global which is an entity has
been formed solely for a purpose to introduce Kesh science and technologies
to the world has become publicly trading company it’s going to be trading in
United State OTC pink sheet market under the ticker symbol are we BR the name of
the company mark ray is our trading name I being an officer in the director of
the public trading company have to comply with certain laws and regulations
of the United State thus I kindly ask you not to ask me further questions
related to the case global public company rather than start to follow
press releases to be issued we are press wise and Newswires under the symbol of
are we we are we do smoke I consider to be another
or the Keshe foundation I think it is a very fair move from our side to let
people all around the world to become part of our jinuk and certainly have a
fair right to ripe the benefits of our current and future achievements in
financial or market what it means I’m not on anything to do with the
commercial activities of Keshe Foundation within the mark ray company
which is a holder of the Keshe foundation global in the United States
the stays part of our teaching but you have to realize not just relationship
Anna and Keshe foundation manufacturing in China and a cash foundation in one
European country that stays out of this organization this is done because of the
legal situations that matters we have therefore when we speak about different
development technologies is to do with the Chinese operation and our European
operation which is not under the cover of global but as you can see the
factories are what we call Connor Italy will be transferred into the position of
the global operation in the United States as you understand our purpose is
to expand and deliberate the technology worldwide and in so many ways we have
become so transparent and that transparency brings us a lot of joy next
Thursday when I speak to you it will be on the Evo three day conference with
world ambassadors and in that conference breakthrough
revolutionary technologies will be disclosed and we shot which will be in
so many ways will change a lot of things in a lot of ways and it will bring a new
era in the science and technology I I’ve been waiting for this day for a long
time to be able to bring the knowledge in its true way because you had to learn
you had to in a way involve in the knowledge to be able to understand what
is to come the science is easy the technology is
easy but somehow it is very strange how we we have been played by people out of
the green where this knowledge should have brought a lot of joys a lot of
other accomplishes as you know Armour has been very instrumental to bring the
American operation into work and I remember when I met him just just about
under Oh 2013 in December he turned up a few days before anybody else in this
asana then he said I’m here I went to see this that’s all
short Armenian Patrick I smoked chained and I said my god what have I got in my
hand and in six years of knowing him it’s been a great pleasure and he said
to me the first time he was always having his telephone ringing since the
ramen can you please do something right in the middle teaching he was
carrying two phone three pawns in every pocket and he said mr. Kesh I can’t do
anything it’s my life I said why have you come here why didn’t
you say and I say this said I work in stock exchanges i buy and
sell shares and every minute I can lose and win I make a lot of money
I said I’m and choose here or the telephones he put the horns away I said
I will not touch and coming from that breed he kept on poking at me for years
it’s the cash we have to take this to a stock market you know he has a lot of
value I said at a moment you’re not ready and at the end he got it his way
from the American side all the operation you see to what we call the global is
his brainchild and his his what I’m called child to be born and he wrote me
a beautiful text this morning almond I either up thinking better read
it yourself than I do are you there do we see him in the
background he is a participant here but I’m not sure if he’s had this microphone
right now or he’s awake he’s been working our way through night or past
what it has been going relentlessly to get this true today
the market shares that the market stock will be open and opening up this morning
under the name of the Keshe foundation sometimes today cash global KF GL as we
gave you the symbol I are ready to assess you know what happened Mariner today is good they can’t call it a
giving day for the walk to change in so many ways it is a
Thanksgiving Day for many of you who can now proudly not only with the Keshe
foundation supporters you can show it how it’s going to develop in the coming
time across this planet any announcement will make about what is going to be done
under the banner up there KFC l have announced through the press
and not through me anymore and this bring some restrictions of talking and
we have to be very careful with it but as I said we gave everything we had to
make sure we achieve what we wanted it to share the knowledge and the
technology and through with it bring peace and in so many ways we have
entered a new phase of sharing knowledge and through it sharing a lot of joy with
others which can enjoy the technology at the moment Keshe foundation is running
trials in different part of the world for its operation and we will keep to
the same meters which we keep on teaching 3d and you teacher and you
support your soul to evolve to reach the state that we have reached in sharing
knowledge I’m getting a lot of complaint from different groups of different
nations that somebody is doing this somebody is doing that they have made
fake documents to show their this and then that and we have this and they call
themselves professor as Institute or our nation
SSI you call yourself whatever you like as long as you’re correct for the
condition and do not to what should not be done we try to be there to listen
because each one of us is one flower country is one beauty on the table even
though some of us I have a thorn like a rose we’ll see what happens we see how
we develop on how we extend our work into the work of the kitchen as I said
we have made this journey with many of you not just one or two in a coming time
as you will see announcements in different packages all those who have
supported the Keshe foundation along its way over time will be what I call
thankful for their participation in bringing the foundation according to
what as group decided will be so some of you who’ve been with us and you can’t
even remember what you did when you supported us in the coming time will
receive a small gift package of tanks from KF for what you’ve done for the
foundation some of you might think it’s good some of you might think it’s not
enough but not all depends on the greed of the man in so many ways in packages in the coming months you will see
arrives at your door this is for us to tell you thank you very much some of you
might be expecting you don’t too much and not receive it’s just uh we might
have forgotten or we are in the process of doing a lot of things somewhere down
the line you might be tagged in different way but the management of
these things everything has to be correct
has to be fair and in that way we tried to thank you for everything you’ve done
for violation and we don’t have any other way we give you the magnets we
give you everything else and now we thank you as this tradition in the body
of the man in a way as a friend of mine said in what you called in China very
recently he said I hope the red package is not very big I cannot put it in my
pocket depends on the size of the pocket as you know we have a trials started in
China we see good successes beautiful successes and I was in Quantico last
week and where they try to started and we have seen a man in a wheelchair in
less than three days out of the wheelchair and we’re very very amazing
by the fourth day the man who came in the wheelchair wants to drive off to go
home and these are the beauties of the new technology and I thank our partners
in China they try to play the same game as here those who are paid by the
paymaster’s in Belgium and unfortunately they lost heavily we will announce collaboration and cooperation with many
Chinese entities as China is owned foundation and is still a free work for
us and we cannot hide it because of the American this is the beauty of the work
you will see from us is that there is no intellectual rights the intellectual
rights belongs to all of us through the Keshe foundation and we benefited on
both side of the coin to us no come don’t know Democrats or liberal or
conservative black or white we are all the same color and we are all in a
simple way obey the same laws and we try with this technology to make it much
easier for all of us all of us to be able to share next week hopefully next
week after the conference in Vienna we will release the name and address of the
hospital in China that all of you who suffer from Parkinson’s are sign Maris
epilepsy can go to the hospital and it becomes the center of excellence for us
in what I call scientists who are well and what I call educated in the
knowledge one of them when he sought the results on Sunday in quanzhou sent us a
message on Monday that they are preparing to spend to build a 1,000 bed
hospital for cancer research in China organization in China the gives are big
but the expectation is high too and in the process as are seeing there
what we call the orange or Hospital is taking a shape and you are training
doctors to understand how to work with this technology and now we go to a
bigger next step which is next week next 27 28 29 the area leaders of the Chinese
government officials will be present to order introduction after technology
unfortunately I cannot be there as I am attending their conference in Vienna but
who will be there in different ways at homes
and all our healthcare process at this moment through professional what we call
top scientists in China will be accepted and set up so the knowledge and the help
in the medical side will give you everything with a what we call it
Chinese telephone number you can call you can book yourself in and if you need
it we will add new technologies in the coming weeks and months and into it and
as I said we might there’s a possibility that on 8th of August or attend the
large conference in Iran or presentation of technology in agriculture it’ll be a
pleasure to return back but either way in April we’ll be back in Iran for
presentation of the newest space technology
my advice to our friends on both side is very simple we are opening the first in
lines of in true space knowledge and technology now that we have read and we
try to protect it that it becomes a tool for peace and a tool for all of us –
pleasure – beauty of this knowledge how we’ll turn up we will see and how we
extend our knowledge beyond the lines of greed and color and race – as well human
and I think it’s time for us to move on it’s time to truly in spread the
knowledge across the planet and prepare mankind for installation which he has
been looking into skies for thousands of years as I said I thank all of you it’s
not just one or two some ones are new what I call friends
through the knowledge and some has been there from day one
someone’s been there much longer than that in any case as up to the day we
have a start in the journey as Armand said now we even served a knowledge of
God and universe in the American Stock Exchange in so many ways
how I’m very mind the prices are the what I call we have paid for this
knowledge is very dear attempted in my life killing a Fabio state of Naomi and
many many other things which has happened to many of us we should be
graceful do not forget and in so many ways
do not forgive but let the souls to bring the balance one of my biggest
fears was during the process of the going through these courts but somehow
the justice will not stand the way they threatened and manipulated people they
were trying to threaten our lawyers but he stood firm a father and son this was
solid and behind us and they were very protective us and they managed to bring
it here I thank again our lawyers indulgent and I’m sure from what we see
we will be returning tomorrow but a state in a totally different frame of
work other any questions me okay thank you
I need I’m wondering if I guess there’s certain questions you can’t answer
according to how the how the gala the game is play the colosseo sort of yeah
it’s a different game that we’re playing now in a way so what do you have to
watch this way we always said if you don’t want to answer it or nothing
that’s right so we haven’t we have to sing it it’s been very rare in the past
that you used to answer a questionnaire had been able to but we see now that
there’s a different situation so just 392 ask the correct questions if
possible or won’t find out if they’re correct if you have any questions
regarding investments and these things then what we call k FG l dot global
which is the website of the new company there are links in there for investors
and shareholders just go through there and send your questions or whatever or
you can go there if into the American stock market and buy shares but these
shares are not the true value till everything is done and we have set a
price for what we think that it’s worth not for what is there the company used
to be a laundry company now this is they and what they call the space program so
it takes time for the market to get used to it any inquiries on that please go on
the website of the global jgl there are we BR which is a symbol of the company
is on the website post your what we call the information there and you will be
answered through that channel but don’t expect an answer tomorrow maybe if we
have time we try to do it next week or the week at you got to understand theirs
and other expansions and other work going and we shrunk the number of two
offices in Keshe foundation drastically in past couple of years and now what you
call global has to set up his own structure
as I said dependent financial organization and nothing to do with the
Keshe foundation work we kept it very clean but as I said we went from
foundation to find what I call the work and the value and in that way there are
some a lot of interconnections it cannot be changed we cannot separate it and
it’s all the carrier for centuries to come and this is good and we can share
it that way anything to do with what we call Mark GREs cooperation which is the
owner of the Qashqai FGL united state and corporate company please go to the
website and ask questions there if sometimes somewhere across is because it
belongs to both we cannot hide it the cursory somewhere else
go ahead please okay we have a hand up here Demetri has his hand up go ahead
thank you Rick um mr. Kesh did I hear you correct
and you said forget but in many ways don’t forgive mrs. yes the time of while
giving her forgetting has gone in a physical body of the man you have to
allow it the soul of the man to balance the situation okay you understand
because in your dimension of physicality there is a lot of suffering where the
souls don’t go through that Souls find the solution among themselves very
portico we do not forgive because it’s not my right to forgive what I’ve seen
the suffering people around us has gone through this for that
we cannot forget because if you forget we make the same mistakes and may allow
them users to take shape and do their job we got to remember that we don’t get
ourselves in the same position otherwise we go back on the same track as many of you know Joshua and the
Sherman through a turning point but the Deaf a Fabio and the turning point came
that we realized a simple thing for some people life has no value except
financial means and in so many ways we walked away the course of the Keshe
foundation with the assassination of a mere change we call the assassination
because we have evidence even Italian police is convinced of it they’re trying
to cover it up for different reasons but we’re opening open the hand in regarding
that matter too as what we see now as great as a few months ago there was
another attempted assassination we are just trying to open it up and see what
happens legally again by the same people most probably we cannot forget because
we’re getting will allow us to make the same mistakes and we cannot forgive
because if we forgive those people who done wrong they carry on thinking that
on writing they go to the next person um we can go to your soul and said the
things balance and it will judge yourself will come to it but I’m an old
man and I’ve learned one thing if you don’t stop people who do wrong
the thing is their right to do wrong and then you become second time victim then
it is wrong and in so many ways being aware not or getting and not a forgiving
has two benefits you don’t make the mistake and by the other you do not let
them to make them it’s taken abused by somebody else or from them on somebody
else if you remember we went through as I’ve said many times a lot of pain with
standing case nobody understood the potential of what that guy was we were
we knew from our so we knew the scale was much bigger and as you heard even
one of the richest men in the world now has been brought into continuation of
that circle and we saw another man supposedly hung himself in prison United
State if I would have allowed standing case to go with what knowledge we had
from our securities and international securities it would have been massive
mistake as Rick and I and a couple of us around here were there some three whole
years ago we blew our top we the damage they did and then if you remember that
all the websites around there everything else we put it up then they came out
with a new trick of or was it hope and no hope and everything else because you
have to understand how these people who came in
these are all beneficiaries they were part of the providing the children down
the line why did they suddenly facts about kids came because the main boss
lost his income and we saw Susan and hope and the others just popped up from
nowhere out of nowhere suddenly because as we know there were all the leaders in
children if I would have forgotten and forgiven everything in that time we
would encounter and 20,000 people on international war in the rest
if you imagine if they touch one child each plus 120,000 children if they touch
two or three you talk running into millions of our children what we did and
still going on the case of standing is not finished
now we seen a man dead in America because he was a key player he was
carrying the website where with a special code they were sharing
information of the children and a strange now all of it comes through on
Twitter the bus who pretended to be whatever was actually controlling in
free energy called never used the term of rienner G ever in respecting our
nation plasma technology why they call it the free energy these people with the
red circle and sterling are all in the same group I never saw the others it’s
because it’s a free energy of the youth they were taking that was a nickname in
the interrogations and documents we see now we know how they chose the free name
of free energy knows the energy they were taking from children freely bunch
of old men and I cannot forgive and I could not forget
the same process we saw one of the most what they call it may be a skies off the
whole lot turning out of Switzerland under a sports teacher teaching children
or football and in every shape or form they try to get into the Keshe
foundation just trying to and but not for getting we start preparing ourselves
to protect ourselves and by not forgiving we were aware that we have to
do something that does not go to another child there is an estimate in national
securities the the number of children we have saved from the hand of hope
Suzanne red circle sterling and the rest runs to just under ten million children you can imagine how large the scale is I could have said the same with Rick I
remember Rick shouting at me mister everything I told you don’t say that and
I said directly going if you would have forgotten about it and me just because
they brought us down twice how many million children’s would have been
suffered raped killed and everything else by these people we didn’t forget we
did not forgive and the fruit of his are tens of thousands millions of children
safe none of you understood the gravity of what a sterling case was we found out
he was a key man he was very keen man he came here to see the people or the same
people as they intimidated toward the Keshe foundation technology to be given
to them and now they’re all in panic more and
more of them are getting arrested there is not a week passes by which more names
does not come on the list it was a syndicate it was a way of living for
these people they change Hildur in the way they change their clothes and people
lights you know in Antwerp were part of it you will understand very soon more
and more about how these children were trafficked you couldn’t forgive I with
him I could not forgive myself walking away just because the Keshe foundation
was there it would have been damaged and I cannot forget because I know what has
been achieved it’s amazing if you follow the way we are following from the what
are called the fallout of the Sterling case sterling is still giving
information which people could not imagine exists the way the traffic
children the way to use Internet so extensively when Brad Circle was a
webmasters Keshe foundation we don’t know what he’s done so these people have
to answer the we cannot forgive it’s impossible I cannot forgive myself if I
would have seen another child touched I was telling this to my son this morning
and that is you know these people I think they are very big to rakesh them
and they’re innocent and they didn’t know we saw we saw them insane aside
with the other leaders was there captured they will claim the same they will claim
innocence that will claim a lot of things but I think the time of this
process has to be carry on and we’ll see what happened you should understand what
happened was very recently we’re trying to keep it very calm face about it many
of you have not received your goods and I was wondering because I concentrated
on China because China is important wafers and in past few hours I’ve
noticed what is not delivered is kept not to be delivered deliberately many of
you writing to me we don’t get this we don’t get that I don’t get I don’t see
these I’m out of the daily operation of the Keshe foundation but I get messages
here and there then I was wondering why it’s not done and so why is not done
deliberately not done to discredit a foundation I saw rose of her materials
which is there to be done four months is not done and I’m a very patient man and
a diplomat and I know how to use diplomacy many of you you don’t receive
this you never received that and when I look what’s on the table and I ask the
question hasn’t been done for months and months how come when it’s a stock in the
Keshe foundation doesn’t get delivered what’s the purpose now we understand
we’re opening a lot of things in and be understanding more and we take
everything very very gradually step by step to correct it
I get told mr. Kesh the resistors that there is a lot of you who have been
waiting for power generators we can know and now we may finally find a solution
to the power generation security or what it is not run out of control you will
receive it if you if you came to the foundation for it you’ll receive it it’s
just that there were a lot of things had to be sorted and now be heard in this
stage we can show it and sort it you it should not be in the point of we wanted
this we wanted that now I can see why I’ve been too busy to establish the
foundation internationally and as we say I didn’t take my eyes off the ball it’s
just the ball was painted different color and we’ll sort it out numb or rest
back on it in so many ways in a bigger way than before my position in China is
completed and now we seen a MoU completing his part you will see a
different incarnation in coming days or weeks and I apologize many of you
writing and wanting this and that and I’m doing this I’m gonna do that you’re
right but another hand you have to understand
we leave on a toss our work of the foundation that the people around our
sport the same as we do and it seems that there is some misunderstanding of
me about the human treat and it has to sort itself through the soul and he was
fortunate itself through diplomacy by the source just just understand that correcting the position is what at the
moment we’re trying to do and as I said I could not forgive myself if I would
have walked away from any case and I could not
good that it was me who was responsible for so many lies if you remember they
said why is cash after the kiss all the time
it speaks about betta eyes because we had a lot of information and a lot of
information was put on the internet teaching in a coded manner you got to
understand I met with one of knowledge seekers sometime a year ago and a
gentleman from the structure of the National Security at a very high level
and he told us mr. Keshe I’ve been present when the world leaders
discuss you and your technology so if only there’s no virus on the video which
should look after those who have no access to them all leaders and any because we never become leaders become
more or less partners in keeping the space of man clean from Bissell
what a cold 30 works at that to what extent I can do every time I get a
security report on regular basis and I see the number of names added to the
list of a sterling I say it was worth it I didn’t forget and I didn’t forgive and the other question we have someone put their hand up that I
don’t know who they are but we can perhaps a lot of them what is the name
it’s a gmail address said cetera should city was city responded cetera shed is
the name I can’t tell was a gmail name it could be we don’t need if the to sure
to see who they are they can write a question on the panel good answer okay
if there’s a live question they dropped out there when you mention
that so yes you see I say they just put their head hand down they’re still here
okay they can run their questions to the background they might have accidentally
had their hand up as well checking on live stream here Trevor us well it’s not
related to what you’re speaking about I don’t think but you would like to know
what mr. kisses opinion is about this latest UFO video near the Iran Pakistan
border I’m not aware of it any video I would have to look at the video and you
know when Olivia I know it’s so safe you don’t see a lot of things which I want
to tell you it’s amazing how the Chinese blanket bits so I gave up watching
because when you wash about the history of China and what they do in there and
their culture is much better than the newsman has made so I I have become in
two years of living in China totally different man regarding a lot of things
I take my space and time life is not worth it to fighting for these little
stupid things I know but there is a lot of intention we tank in so many ways
they’re American Misha but the right step towards peace
in what I said a few weeks ago and bolting out the Bolton is the only way
towards peace I mean we see it happening man as I said you will read the work on
today yeshwant initially respect a lot of our operational work around the world
in so many ways I can speak a lot about the successes in China but I can’t not
tell you anything about the successes in global anymore and in what he called a
new company and it goes back to me somebody send me a fantastic video mr.
Kesh you become China China China China China China China China China because we
cannot speak I wish that me because well it’s open that’s what we could speak
about the Chinese in a stop but we are aware of technological development we
are aware of at aspirants in technology and in so many ways if powerful nations understand that
their power will come to be a tool for peace it is not a bad thing I heard the
Americans have parked their warships some 700 miles out in the Indian Ocean
not to be reached by some systems which other nations have but the truth is 700
or 7000 small difference man should not have these technologies to park it
anywhere and it’s amazing how for centuries we have always fought each
other we see murdering us end up that I can do what I like because it’s not
there anymore but if the wall you just understand that the worst thing they can
do is to kill because when the guy is here you see his
physical matter if you see his physical body what is going to do to you god
forbids when you release the soul and he’s got the same intention this is what
our leaders do not understand those people who carry killing other people
and thinking we do this and create suffering and the rest the worst thing
you can do to a man is to kill him and he comes out of the ignorance of the man
because now you up to now you had a mouse in your head if you understand the
power the soul of the man he released the lion and this lion has no dimensions
and he can routine you got to understand look at those who did wrong and all
leaders how the strength of the energy or what we call the balance of the field
through their children has paid off you do a lot of you don’t know about the
history life of Saddam Hussein if you remember how they got him but very
easily you passed the children his children did
more crime than he did and you see what happened to him and you should see what
happened to his children these people who think they do this I said very touch
you see what red circle has done to us and everything else that children and
grandchildren are watching you will see you will understand very
soon how the thing works how the system works and this is the way this structure
of life is there’s no use parking of Cardinals or dropping your plane and the
other one destroying it because they don’t want to find the latest technology
the thing is if you manage to bring one of the most advanced technologies on the
ground it’s just to show the force you should have a beautiful you have a big
knowledge more powerful knowledge you’ve done that this is what most of you miss
in a way when a nation loses or a nation shows is technological advance or where
being a car being a anything else the the point is not seeing that material
being captured you missed the ball the technology regions over comet shows body
captures obsolete so you have to have a bigger knowledge bits a knowledge never
look at these wreckages you see look at the technology which is above it which
has managed to do these things when we where I sat and watched so sadly couple
of weeks ago the hard work of many Indian scientists and they lost said
stupid thing in the last few minutes they were landing on the moon what went
wrong we seen with the Americans losing it but there was so much hope of a
nation that if you watched it the moon landing of the Indian
scientists it was heartbreaking it was absolutely heartbreaking they
spent so much time to get there to assess everything what went wrong why Cannot the scientists from NASA and
the Russian space agency share this knowledge with the Indians build on not
to let suffer on we saw the same friendly with a simpler version with the
Israelis a few months ago they tried to land they lost it was a very big thing
the whole nation star ecology changes we shouldn’t let others to do whatever we
should as nations build supporting each other and you got to understand it was
very amazing if you watch the Indian Prime Minister and how the head of the
operation was trying so gracefully to explain to him Prime Minister we lost it it’s when we make one nation if we make
mistake in one place we tell the others doesn’t matter which part of the world
you got to realize even with splitting the foundation now with the work out
American Chinese in the European we still transfer knowledge ready to me
it’s not always American they get value in it or here I get less it doesn’t make
any difference but you know what we learn in China we share in America or we
show America sure on the show sure we should sure nobody can tell us borders
anymore we shouldn’t see the failure of America we shouldn’t see the failure of
India missions the failure of Iran or Israel with the rest because their
failure is our failure when occasional nation in flight test in United State
it’s a Chinese condition who lost because if they had the knowledge they
have to share it you will see a new scientific structure with this what has
happened today as we shared knowledge really in one country become value in
the stock market no country becomes value in the science
and I’m watching this very carefully you got to understand I had the Keshe
foundation in all three countries in three or all three dimensions to me they
are my children and a father loves the same so when I
give the knowledge to our research people in Arizona I give the same to the
Chinese and see who comes up with what and as everything comes to me the other
ones get it too so they confuse me Sukesh this was the Chinese invention
finding out now it’s gone to the Americans I said to them simple did you
complain but by mistake I gave the Americans information – you know there’s
a lot of mistrust in the world of politics in space and scientific and
with the setting about the condition the way we done now we break all the
barriers and because we are spreading it right across patterns to do with the
space technology new era has no value because it’s all been heard and done by
many people in a very short time if you will understand what the new inventions
will affect the world I develop these technologies as early results one of the
technologies you will see coming out in the next few weeks especially in the
conference’s and is a miracle I developed this part H was like 14 15 – five years I have kept it and now we
release it this technology is so simple but if you understand the way we
understood the work of the universe mankind should have seen it thousands of
years ago it’s a very very delicate position
in the evolution of science and a lot of things which for you what’s not possible
or could not be done now it is getting done in our Chinese operation we will
deliver car as a retreat only charging anymore in our Chinese operation we are
negotiating with the mobile phones which does never need to be charged we want
major corporations in the world we have entered negotiation in our Chinese
operation we see and it can be done which is stunning in a way years ago I
did it initially in total no 19 1977-78 in the village of college in Manchester
when I was in college the embedded power supply for microchips and now we are
bringing it out now I’m releasing technology what this means the chip
itself supplies itself at the same time with the AC and the DC
current as he needs it new plasma systems allows you to do that this will
revolutionize the chip industry and this technology will go to a highway the
the whole printed circuit changes new you place printed or they call the chips
or instruments like him the liver and kidney in the body of tomorrow the
environment of the stomach creates the operation condition for these organs
they’re not just they’re encircled your skin it’s actually what it creates they
feel that they can operate in so this new technology we should come up will
merge very soon hopefully the next year or two which I hope we can share it body
how Chinese operation and you don’t need any more printed circuits the way we
have systems communicating each other chips without the connection at the
right time will interact this is a this is something which when I made the first
radiation detector as a final projects in the college I could see can be done
because I had to create a radiation and nobody was prepared to commit
radioactive material so I created the first radioactive material out of the
same position communication between systems and now we see this coming up
I’ll explain to you the change in the world of science next few months the
Willy we will release will be amazing the interaction of the electronic
electrical systems in a plasma condition is a very much different than what you
can envisage I I was with highway people few days ago and I I
could see the shock and a surprise in their top scientists and their voices
that you don’t need to buy for example copper for your circuit because you have
a technology you can produce as you need the material the purity you need and how
you can play with it to them is beyond their imagination but if you’ve been in the labs and
you’ve done the work you see how it works the camera the the the evolution
in the science which we will head through the Chinese operation and
equally hopefully will be shared with our other sides which you know I don’t
know which pocket is you Sparkle anymore I can I’m an old man very very old man
you don’t want to know my age well you know when you’re old you don’t know
which fuck could you put what so the brand shouldn’t put their hands in the
pocket and they take what you left with other ones with the other ones but at
the same time it’s all the same grandchildren and this technologies will
be released in a massive way I think in the next very short time the what we
call the world of science will take a new course through sharing of the
knowledge without boundaries through one organization I think very soon a lot of
us as all I have the very last patterns ever submitted as patterns when very
stupid humans and it become historical to own patterns in so many ways and I
can open a lot of knowledge and a lot of things to people to the scientist that
they can benefit by it you got to realize that to tell me why we’re doing
this you got to remember a matter of sixty men of 80 who
is to say a farmer does not understand even though I can make answers how to
help him solver the cancer or whatever so these are structures we set up are
needed to look after those who are not knowledgeable with all aspects of the
science and this is important for us we opened the door of knowledge that we all
benefit by it and there couldn’t be a more glorious day than the 1939 2009 tea
and it is if you were a follow up Saturn path it couldn’t be any more luckier for
the 1990 and in so many ways we have brought the knowledge and it’s so
beautiful I can T’s want to make money out of it and I can teach one to say do
not share it but at the same time it comes from the same so I will introduce
you to new technologies very soon you can technologies that even in sci-fi
films you’ve never seen but now you have we are developing without developing
actually I’m repeating what I developed now we’re going to the direction where
in China you will see the new systems where we don’t need to do open heart
surgeries we do not need to do anymore what I call injections if you have an
infection in your blood there is no need to take antibiotics the new systems
which we have developed and to be shown for the first time in Vienna conference
are the systems of the heartbeat of a man the systems which have emotion
and the systems which they can think for themselves and are keyed in one
direction therefore bringing balance with body of the man emotionally
psychologically or physically you will feed it the the new technologies will be
a black box technology we were not opened you will see the working but no
way the inside the disk will be disclosed and those who work with us
closely understand this and so you will see important new breakthrough
technologies power supplies for indefinite cycles for cars this will be
shared both primarily with the Chinese company which is we are negotiating with
that once the car leaves the factory it never needs to be really charged if you
buy a Tesla car you pay huge amount of money for it
because they guarantee you so much power at any of their stations they charge you
for the few 20 years ahead with this new technology you don’t pay that fee with
this new technology you don’t need that many batteries and with this new
technology man becomes honest reserved with itself because what we do not see
is that they tell you is a green car is a battery operated is chargeable at any
station but what have we done as I’ve said many times before we have put the
power stations in the mountains at least when we used to tank the car we had
better efficiency now we’re burning doing everything else away from that
what they call our site but exactly producing more pollution than Norway
why the major governments are trying to come up with this screening car business
is because they’re trying to bring the pollutions down in the cities but what
is overlooked especially with the Chinese operation is that these poisons
gets blown back from the power stations which are the new cities anyway but we
need a bigger effect by moving the problem you don’t solve the problem and
I see that especially in Beijing Shanghai the receding many cities around
the world in New York and Tehran by building power stations and say we have
an electric car you haven’t solved the problem is still burning it but more of
it to get the same result so as is our habit in the foundation we have solved
this problem very quickly now to our different operations these cars you will
see very very rapidly their development you know very rapid and the prices of
these electric cars will fall drastically well you trusted me because
a lot of things inside them changes and the mobile phones especially what is one
of the biggest fear after our or what from before that it creates waves with
this you know technology we absorb those whenever it reaches the body also that
becomes my safer property don’t need to charge it either and we can extract for
example at the moment one of the beauties which I enjoyed and you see it
very soon is the dialysis machine I got to know the pain of the dialysis when I
was very young by a young girl by your two brothers and sisters in London where
did which were crying they had to go to a clinic two or three times a week just
to put the injection and then the point of their what they call entry to the
body is getting infected and the rest with the new technology we don’t need to
do that we can attach the body and transfer all the poisons directly from
the body and in that process he give a rest of the kidney to repair itself
the intrusion into the skin of the man by operations and by injections is over
we will show this in China operation we already have a start showing it if you
see the videos I see and the patients wish these doctors are treating through
our technology is a marvel of science and then has no patent but we respect
each other’s integrity of knowledge the doctors bring their knowledge and we
bring a scientist our tools innate amazing the man walks pushed in with a
wheelchair and less than three days later he can stand up himself in the new
systems we should bring in very rapidly now that our protocol development are
back in the lab and this is where I’m home finances as I said has gone to the
Americans they are happy to make money with it at the end of it comes to the
foundation for us to benefit by all of us and the Chinese have started their
work now I’m back in the lab and their latest technologies you have ever seen
will come out we are seeing it is there we’re operating them and in so many ways there’s an old American say you have
seen nothing yet we have to wait for a lot of things to
structure itself like Americans finding out they’re not superpower with all all
the severity they have to park the ship 700 miles away in case the other guys
get to it but they don’t understand that the guys are sitting actually underneath
up there this is where they want to them you got to understand
a ship in the open seas has no address then this is shame why we know these
things and with a new technology we are not looking at watering the plants and
hectares of it these things are old-fashioned still they’re not how do
you do but when you fly over hundreds of kilometres of land and you ask the
farmer excuse me and you have let’s say 100 million square meter of land now try
to water it three times a week with the Gans water he will laugh so the new
technology is different we we have developed technologies now that we
elevate the soul of the seed how many times do you want me to read this all we
understand in the deeper sense the knowledge and in understanding this we
can change a lot of things in a simpler way when I used to go to Kazakh Stan
they had offices there any Moscow years ago and I used to go as I said this
before in the official ministers and the rest of them and I guess I could see all
these secretaries are many visited I thought how can it be there’s nothing
happening this beautiful so these guys doing and they look yes can I help you
and then one day I stuck my head behind a screen they were all playing computer
games I asked a question I said what’s going on here
but the guys the ones who are doing work actually they’re working other agencies
or other offices that are bringing the work to do here because there was
nothing to do in the ministry because they used to pay them $20 a month and
they were earning $200 in other jobs they were doing and I said to the
monitor what’s going on assist they seems to be paying us and we seems to be
working and this from now on in the structure of a human race will come we
seems to have what in a way a turning point of one thing to have the change
and we seems to listen to our leaders that these changes comes only through
killing at war but we know the truth is somewhere else and it’s coming up in a
way there many of us in the coming years we go to work not to sit at home and
because we go to work we go and do what being joy to do and we become more in
the same you become more intellectually open minded and we make things which we
could not think it was possible to make if you understand the application of the
3d printers now with the new technologies what you print it from the
stage one has fourth dimension to it you can give you the soul from the time
you print it and it’s possible now we can do if you printed
if you made the dog for your child it can be knowledge we have to embed the
soul in it that truly the child enjoys having it all the knowledge is beyond
what you can imagine but now it’s the reality we cannot release and all we
need to do is to understand the truth about the creation as I said once the
two sides of our operation open up which is to the instant in America a mitten in
China sometimes ago in China we are going to totally independent we are not
even be relying our cooperation with the government they’re too slow it’s too
much we can make a decision and do with ourselves or we can make somebody
somewhere making this favor I can make announcement somewhere that some
official somewhere will sign a paper it takes too long so the Chinese operation
now is totally in the hand of the grounders we’re not relying on anything
else that they signed what they signed to if they have time you take other
confidence to do it or if they find a guy being back from the holiday now I
don’t need a holiday as as I said we have a good partners in two sectors and
we are called collaborate they wanted me to being called a poncho to see the
first cycle of the medical side started to support the doctors technically that
everything is correct I spend with treasure a week with them and now we see
this morning the pictures coming from Guangzhou is shocking I saw the man I
saw two men very very rich very scientifically developed extremely
intelligent but are hit with disease and the strangest thing is I was explaining
this to the doctors because doctors only look at the tablets from what my do and
it shocked them I saw these young doctors when they were hearing things
it was just like putting a match in to their brain and their teaching I’ll
explain to them you have to understand the situation of your patient when it
goes through this phase and it is once your patient up – before putting the
door or foot through the door here they were planning how to die what’s gonna
happen to the loved ones they’re gonna leave behind people think somebody will
score the Parkinson and citizen is quiet and doesn’t talk – all cannot walk he
doesn’t think in his brain is a warfare is worse than the third world war he can
imagine his drop on he can touch loved ones he cannot talk to him at the same
time in a slow way he has to submit to death psychologically demolishes them is
a worst thing can happen what have I done
my children I cannot even talk I cannot do anything and then he give them the
tools to live and you know what a guy said to his wife the first thing we’re
going on holidays he wants to go on the holiday you give back hope you give back
life and then the doctors have to understand the angers which come with
this two years of my life ten years of my life I’ve been on a wheelchair somebody’s microphone is opened in the
background you you get the condition that there is no hope it’s gone you know
I have submit to this death saw death and everything else because you have to
find out some people who have certain diseases can commit suicide detector on
life these people cannot even move themselves and now he has a chance to
now the whole psychology of finished now has to become to restart its absolute
commotion in their lives in their head I said every time the gentleman stood he
had to close his eyes I said to them the reason he closes his eyes he is dizzy
because he cannot speak in a way say he couldn’t explain to it I said you have
to give him time he freaked when he crossed eyes because the brain has moved
the inner ear has moved he’s got dizziness and I couldn’t
understand and one of the first things after three-four days when he was having
his hand all the time closing his eyes was I’m dizzy I said to doctors you see
I’m inside his brain I know how he feels and you give hope back and you see them
changing and Gift of Life is the responsibility of every Keshe foundation
follows those who exchanged it for different things is they have to respond
to their own souls but the knowledge now that are we taking all the breaks off
because whatever happens in everywhere is at the end of it end up in the hand
of the foundation is that the new technologies which we will reveal in
step by step in different nations conferences we will not show you the
system as I sense a black box but where we develop it on the way we develop it
will guarantee world peace I make them make hands depending on the
Chinese and I make Chinese depending on the Americans like air they need to
breach a make mankind to be one and through the science and our we are it’ll
happen when you have a totally different structure in what we call world
health hold up energy there is no need for one of the biggest problems with
makind is that he has always looked for bigger and bigger and bigger the world
of universe works on a smaller and smaller in this morning when you have a
truck you can hit one building when you have a neutron you can take the whole
city if the world of scientists understand this if the own leaders
understand this they will understand the power of least and knowledge of released
in the world of plasma makes this plan of the chanceplay they are looking for a
bigger and bigger and bigger and I look for a smaller and smaller and more
powerful there’s an old English say it’s not the size which counts what you do
with it makes the difference and you can do a lot with the plasma technology and
it’s my note fields more than you can do with aircraft carriers with one Neutron
I can paralyze a whole carrier and I still have energy left to handle ten
more this is the beauty and the beauty of the technology is that even us
following subjugation elation for years I have to rethink how to understand one
of the first with stations working stations you ever
seen was just small four reactors which are man-made and be stopped the system I
mean quickly to the peasants game if you can reduce the size of that reactor by
another tenfold you can literally lift the whole planet we will introduce very soon into their
spaceship dimension systems which will stop any meat rice or asteroids we hit
or entered earth atmosphere we send a protection to all the what we call rays
of the Sun which comes in different dimensions and the dangerous type and
there are no rays which enters earth atmosphere we’re not even aware which
caused a specific problems and now that we have the knowledge we’d open there
boy stood it will be beautiful to be able to to learn the human race on the
moon or anywhere else or her part in the middle of nowhere in his space and they
all understand it and in a way I wish and this is one of my wishes that all of
you will have it you remember that old walks like a beetle looks like a
spaceship walk so I can bring it back we just chairs on the body in it we all
become a spaceship trumpet and the new technologies visually released in so
many way you don’t need bed to sleep in I will explain this than you but in the
science we should come out you got to understand if you can transfer the
energy to your soul do you need the rest time as it can recharge the whole
physical body in no time these systems are well tested I did not
hide technology from mankind mankind didn’t have the comprehension of it to
understand to be able to use it the right way we don’t give big askin to a
little child with a matchbox in his head he has no understanding of the use of
both and what we can do with each other we take the match away from the man
which is killing in the rest time beginning the gas bottle to play with
that he can do a lot of things with other our three weeks we start releasing
a lot of knowledge which is unknown to God you can’t even think of it when we
made graphene we became a terrorists now imagine what I can do with you and
change your whole blood in one second to a queen blood with no an infection these
technologies in the coming days coming months will be released but as as you
know all of you gonna jump on me you did it before and uh proven to be right and
you proven to be right we don’t say who’s wrong when I give the key to the
government you all jumped I was called the traitor he’s the same as the rest
and then I brought it to you not you not developed it more than the government so
you got one point headed in there conferences of the ambassador’s this you
have moved on we brought the two governments and
citizens together to watch what is to come those of you who are present in the
different conferences are involved and not there just to be there your day you
will become the watchdog for the governments you don’t show you don’t
come to what he should be done you’re gonna do it for our nation now we
understand the purpose of this conferences it’s not that one crying is
terrorists because they can’t get it and I want telling me you betrayed us now
when you’re in these conferences next week those of you who coming in is your
responsibility not mine to explain to the ambassadors to the
heads of states to the National people who come in what is re tasks
what is there to come you’re not just they’re coming to see you in technology
if you come to see you will see nothing you come in blind and you go worst right
if you come in there to transfer the knowledge the way the ethos of the
foundation to these diplomats that’s what you’re there it’s the first time as
a powerful organization we dictate the term sharing of Technology change of
technology and those of you attend these conferences you’re the ambassador of
peace your are masters of knowledge I don’t think any of futures on the street
heard about the Keshe foundation on border ticket and paid the money to be
there you were gonna eat us you understand the work and you always
wanted to be now you are to be you have to explain we don’t know how many of us
are gonna turn up an alternative you don’t Gangnam what this conference is
not by presentation this conference is your presentation to your governments they have to understand that that as
organization we control the knowledge and with it we have a wish that’s why
we didn’t want 100 200 people coming to this conference I wanted a very small
limited and I got what I wanted and this trouble he who attend these conferences
to go not only interact with each other to understand what is the next step but
is your job you are done bastide’s the torments of human race for your governor
and sees you in these conferences they have to understand what they are there
for and they have to convey the message what they can do for and this is the
essence of these is what these conferences we set up showing the
knowledge texarkana they coming they don’t understand they see something and
they go out but the day two days three days they are there is for you to
enlighten they promote the love of knowledge is the reasons for your
presence not the food or seeing the knowledge and you will find out a lot of
work will be done by you not by me you asked you have to share now you got
the responsibility to share I provided the ground the achievements in China is
enormous we we see in a lot of work there is some what you call the same
situation as we seen with browser government is going on in China just
ignore it because these are the people who could not get the technology and
entered into a false agreements because they thought they can get their hand on
it but they don’t realize how much cleverer and the thing is goes by the
soul of the man and we see the same process as well we see with the
Belgium’s with a few Chinese but in fact 1.4 billion would not be touched by half
what are called incompetent people in in these conferences is you who has to
shine not me I have passed the candle this is the
process some of you might wonder why am i there why I turned up to be here
you’re not there just because you had the money you’re there because your soul
has already was decided to meet as you will understand in the future and it is
the need of us to change and since 2011 some eight years ago you wanted to be to
have obtained you for six years now this is your time you transfer the ethos the
essence of the knowledge not the machine on the table that’s just the magic is
the card whatever they call a cup with a coin under I’m just a magician moving
the cups you are the coin and do not come to these conferences you think I
want to see something you come in there to serve something and sorry about that
you didn’t choose your soul as the new technologies are so powerful that we
will change the course in such a rapid way for the good very clean way without
harm editing the interaction of the systems for energy transfer it’s so
simple that I think Tesla will turn on is gray it’s our job to do earn is power of the
knowledge any other question look here there’s a couple questions dude the guy who put his hand on wrote
anything down I don’t believe so that we know why he was there might have had a
twitchy hand it’s hard to say with a very twitchy name
yeah we like people that use their friend names the real so-called middle
names there’s a question from RAM in the youtubes here yes according to the
latest news the pigs in China are affected by the disease what about the
use of Gans water we have if you need one of the articles in the plasma time
the the what I call it we have already solved this problem the the pig disease
or actually one of Turkish foundation supporters is a partner and his piece
got hit a few weeks ago and immediately he did what he knew we told him he is
very close collaborator with us and next day the kid the pigs hadn’t didn’t have
the disease very very straightforward it’s a specific way we have tested it on
a large number over 800 at some and the problem is not and I’m I’m pretty sure
100% sure we are not the only organization with a solution the problem
in China is there 700 million pigs the pig industry is huge spread we don’t
have none of us who has come up with the solution has the factories to produce
the product is not lack of knowledge I can’t say you know
the Keshe foundation has found the solution we are the only one this
becomes arrogant beyond but I’m sure and our mission sure there must be many
solutions you’re one up and when you’re realistic and honest with yourself you
can behave conductor so correctly all of us who have the solution do not have not
the resources but not the facilities to deliver the material today this is the
problem I know China is I was told has both huge amount of pics from United
State it American the spread disease especially in China for this purpose
this is a spread deliberate system is not accidental they worked on it
Americans infected right across to get this what they want national food
security and once we complete our process with the highway we’ll solve
this problem with the new technology we can immediately eradicate anything
collectively nationally or in deep in space
you got to understand our work in a case where they should not respond to the
next phase it’s not just helping the pig now I have a pig in deeper space what
I’m gonna do with it we start training the scientists to get ready to
understand the work how to handle deepest bass problems the the planet
Earth problem for us as a result for a long time ago six thousand ten thousand
years ago but now that we see man ready to go to space you will see new
technologies that all the pigs will be vaccinated in seconds you happened
that what these are how these things work and the development of the
technology is very rapid we we do not go for the virus we raise the sole of the
animal the level of is a strength it does not exist everything in the
universe exists or come to because of the fields is existing by or for it’s a
love affair huh if you don’t have a lover in London and you live in Paris
what you want to what to learn and you go there because it gives you the energy
you have so you’ve got to London more and more as I said I’ve got a very good
analogy about this on that and that’s it you know Hillary Clinton in honey we
went to Tel Aviv or to Israel and in the last part of her work she met she went
to Tel Aviv 17 times in less than three months you can guess why and so when the
love of your life live somewhere you go there to be there so when you have a
situation deeper space and you care for you have to learn how to handle it
he cannot launch something and be there waited the new technologies we teach now
you sit in the smaller scale is what are just some examples view with the new
systems we can take infection out of the broth or use the system outside as a
dialysis machine now this kidney is million miles away
how long is going to take you to get there or if you can you to understand
the work of the system outside the body from here you fold the problem the new
technologies which has sold and he has emotion which you will start seeing in
different conferences is a replication of the work of the body of the man
actually the replication of work of the universe in in the upcoming what you call
presentations of new technology you will not see any system which has no so that
you don’t control but understands the desire you have the new technologies
which you will observe even for for example batteries for the cars carries
the same kind of emotion if the sort of the car knows that if it goes in such a
position they can crush and it can cause harm to you you never come to that but
she wouldn’t take you to that position this is where the whole structure of the
transportation will change intelligence is not having a computer intelligence is
having a system which has a soul is responsible for your protection
understand and seize it you will see the new generation of what our consistency
should going to be released on be shown the first couple you will see my triplet
but soon you understand but we won’t disclose these technologies publicly and
those who work with us closely understand the consequence of top we
show it and then we bring the nations to agree collectively to use it I feel
sorry for the nation of Saudi Arabia and what is the oil industry is over then I
have shared the knowledge if anything having some meaning chair so that
process goes through other operations that belongs to the companies we set up
is now in stock exchange and it’s owned by everybody who wants to destroy International assets of all of us
now you understand again slow initiative time and they have called the card
automotive industry without fuel is Hoover it’s done
so what’s gonna have the benefit of it let’s air pollution miss contamination
less sprain problem psychological problems bringing peace to the earth
that we drain his soul from it every physical body he had we have dissected
this pure chap the earth by everything is just like if you have a body some of
the pox into your skin if you hadn’t taken on one of your muscles other and
then they take your kidney bits out and that’s what we done to the earth now we
have to respond back and bring peace to it and you find out to become a war just
planets moving and the new systems everything you will see in these
conferences from now on has its own as a interaction field you have to match into
it many of you when you leave the conference and when you when you see the
diplomats leaving the conference you will not be the same man when you came
it I assure you you will understand you leave when the man of knowledge and
peace but you live with the ethos of the universe it’s the first time be a lot of
our kind feel the presence of the universal console and what we call the
totality of the universal Council and it’s the first interaction process
between the band and the universal community you will understand now we’ll
bring you the knowledge of a space then those of you who are presence you will
feel it you will understand it you will for the first time we open the
door of the universal community to the world leaders through their ambassadors
and we are making a very clear clear cut line our way only way correctly you will
find out you will leave the conference even you might think nothing in a short
time when time comes you will see why you suddenly understand you mean in the
presence of those who you wish to be present with for centuries this is birth
why these conferences are many of the universal council members will be
present will understand wider those of you who are other parts of the Keshe
foundation you come in you’ll understand why you’re there there’s a purpose to it
and those are you who cannot make it it means the soul is not there the first
as I told you interaction between universal community and mankind starts
next week in the compass and the gradually you will understand we
promised before any other question there was a comment or question from
freed and the live stream who mentions good news the program of the 2020 US
president candidate Marianne Williamson is based on her newest book a politics
of love and she seems a perfect match for the coming plasma technology
question mark I don’t know the politicians fall in love with each other
more than anybody else yes but it’s the volumes I play are pretty tough in terms
of you know their the treatment of others and so on there’s not quite the
love there that they profess to their lover perhaps we never know you could as
I said always say if you want to know about the truth about politicians read
about life of curry edweena curry and John Major the Prime Minister of England
and the Secretary of Health of England and how embed they changed they decided
on the cabinet positions and then read in the time coming about the love affair
of Clinton with the Sacre State of Israel a lot of decisions are made
between the sheets not in public the deadlock in between the politicians
is very strong but they fall in up for different reasons but because they’re in
a position of power they do things it’s exactly what you will see the position
of the Keshe foundation in Belgium we are under pressure because of the love
occur between two men one has the greed of finance and one has the power as a
leader there are two lovers we’d open these things in the European Court of
Justice love plays a big role in a lot of big politics and we have Jalal has
his hand up here do we know him is he safe well not sure how safe he is but you know me I don’t know you you’ve got
the security clearance you should be there Thank You mr. cash we here didn’t
I was before so many some days that Gabon they were gonna release the what
they could what do they have from the Fukushima just one second I have to
answer something urgent’s just procedure to hold the urgent question on Fukushima
for a more urgent call coming through no no this is important for the foundation okay carry on please yeah in many ways
they say the the Japanese government they will who were Japanese government
yeah i mean i mean who is controlling the fukushima situation they will
release the water what they have spared for all these years eight years and the
oceans and we have a problem with the tritium and the solution they suggest
that they will dilute this waters and they will release it in there oceans the
tritium dilution doesn’t need it as another game as you understand when you
have a water you can dilute it with that much as much water as you like the the
three tomb in the tanks of fukushima are all being converted to gold white gold
particles nano state so i can dilute it with anything i like you decide yes we
understand that but i think they think they have a problem they don’t have a
problem i think they made enough cold and the american company we took the
technology of hamas not worth billions yes they have a problem it’s not very
correct i have to i have to correct it they made so much material out of it but
there is such a limited use of it and they don’t know what to do with it
in due time we will show them what to do with it because it has a lot of
advantages on you yeah I’m very very diplomatic about this
I’m very very diplomatic what’d I tell you they we got to understand they
changed everything they’ve done a lot to put it this way we don’t talk to
vertically those of you who’ve been with the foundation long enough you remember
we had a dear friend called you koko Japanese would left because out of
pushing my Japan with her children she went to Japan and did a short live how
the radiation was changed reduced leave housekeeper our life can go to Mishima
city itself and show it you don’t think the government had the power to blow the
hub drain it there now they want to release it we what’s the difference if I
put more water with more water in the Sun but they bought huge amount of
mercury to do their job they did a lot of other things and now it’s worthless
because they cannot sell it and the heads of the nations whatever whatever
it played thought to have billions out of it they’re putting on their private
banks this one but even that Americans don’t know with the Nano or white gold
you understand so it’s it’s a process what we really single clean water with
the water they might contaminate a little bit I would say there is some
radiation but there is no no such a thing they have cleaned up the beach is
the Fukushima beaches have opened up because they cleaned up with this
process that neutralized all the radiations most of it there is a problem
in the center core but they’re controlling it the way it’s been
suggested I’ll you have to understand there is a lot of games game and ship
goes with the Japanese till you don’t live and be with Chinese you don’t
understand what the Japanese have done in the
forest if you think Hitler was bad talk to the Chinese what Chinese have done to
China about Japanese are going to China to the islands of Philippine and there
are 40 college islands and nations around them makes Hitler an angel
because living in with the Chinese for such a long time over two years and you
get to know what’s happening we are not aware and these nations as I said this
Seoul will balance things out but you got to understand Japanese do not play
game fair way and in so many ways we’ve seen it with other situations we had
with them and then they cannot sell what they have and they produce so much of it
and now they control it data source not in the tanks they kept the tanks are
cleaned up they might contaminate you did ability
to show something one or two tanks but they have cleaned up the American
company who to our package from here to rose evangelists are from there was sent
Tokyo they tested our waters within their system when we start working with
TEPCO all documents all packages are here everything we talk is black and
white the Americans accepted that temple people don’t take anything with them but
everything has to go through FedEx true America as is going through the post I’m
against openness usually what they did with her and everything is they took the
material they tested it and a bigger test was Central Oregon Tokushima they
got to understand these international packaging companies work for the
columnist and they are told what to give what not to give what processes in more
package they’ll control everything we think
rebirthing actor there’s no freedom in international postage and packaging
everything it for example Harvey suddenly the packages
on which our hobby supposed to go home once you end up in America that open up
somewhat intellectual rights isn’t hard whether defend themselves on what we can
do with it and the Fukushima is resolved a long time ago if it was unresolved you
have to be clever they wouldn’t let their peoples on the beach they have
opened the beaches the people can go to and suppose not to open one hundred
twenty to thirty years unless unless the citizens of Japan worth less than the
ships in Wales do you know do you know the analogy from the Chernobyl the
radiation which came across Europe land some of it in Wales and the mountains
and the amount of radiation thousands of kilometers is so emerge that if we go to
Wales the pieces of land farming Dan which is closed
one other day I think thirty years left oh by the way that no ships can graze on
it because they get contaminated because I can’t clean it and if if you
understand this and the Japanese have opened the beaches near Hashima then the
Japanese life were spent on a sheep in the mountains of Wales and the
government stole did that happen man has to be clever to understand is gamemanship any other question we have a question from Peggy who asks
what is the best way for us to support the through with our souls our new
position with all the beautiful changes we are coming to pardon can defeat at
what is the best way for us to support through through or with our souls hello all are lost through your voice
can you repeat it please I have a problem with Internet
okay I’ll try again here yeah please she says what is the best way for us to
support through or with our souls our new position with all the beautiful
changes we are coming to just the way nothing has changed
you have learned to work through it supported with your soul in a way make a
wish is the way it is you know a sore Council people with I wish won the peace
so deep in Princes all of the others it is total and what I call the fulfillment
of the promises now if you understand everything has a soul why do you work
with a physical body then what I call connect with your soul to them
ambassadors and the government officials and leaders of the world and those of
the Keshe foundation who come to these conferences these are the gateways to
opening of the new knowledge these are gateways of the opening of a
new cycle for me and is for all of us who understand is to take it to the next
step the new technologies will be shown it’s all connected it’s the first time
you’ll see systems which connected to the soul of the totality some of you
might not understand it because it’s something so but some of you who are
aware of the power of the soul of the man the power of the hidden energy
source which is the essence of your creation now you can test it these
meetings will be dynamic every man will change because you will understand we
are not there just to show we are there to bring the
church you remember I explained to you a few weeks ago and some times ago we make
the fish tank I wonder who’s the fish any other question just looking over here mmm we did have a question from Kerry Ellis
maybe you’d like to address mr. Ke$ha she says they’d like to ask mr. Kesh why
do we have to sleep and how is that explained from a plasmatic state and how
about dreams we asleep because with even a physical dimension I explained this to
a child one of my son’s iconic members I think it was my young boy what the
Belgians trying to poison when he was with me in teaching room upstairs in
distance I know and I think the analogy is the same if you understand it when
you put two magnets circular magnet next to each other
do they ever rest radiating their fields do they for a second stop keeping their
distance or changes no does it a magnet doesn’t matter day or night or bother
when you pick up still radiuses field so is the soul of tonight a slip it is the
pattern of the physicality of the soul and so in time when a man goes through
this habit then we lose asleep the reason for it is very simple the
position of day and night has psychologically has synchronized the
behavior of the man and absorption of their fields in deeper space or in this
space we don’t have this position it’s always day or it’s always night but the
field that will come taken and Kiran is always the same snowman will never feed
that tiredness we might rest because you know how many times can you walk around
the spaceship if you want to cover this vision and then in the fifth
should we don’t exist in that way and we can go to the next place so the sleep is
something we should become habitual and our body has got used to it I sleep
about two or three hours a day and that’s the work I don’t see any reasons
for it but I’m 68 years old and I still can do it because even in that two or
three hours I don’t see any need for it but because there’s nobody else to do
things with so I have to sit so much or somebody come and play I have a time
schedule nowadays I know about put three o’clock almond appears sometimes four or
five o’clock I know who else is somewhere else doing something and then
the Chinese kick in about six seven o’clock as now as they dropped it on
their way and then so my 24 hours is full
I literally work mentally and overriding things 20 22 hours so they know this and
so on – really – and isn’t it true even in your sleep you’re likely quite busy
as well and you know you were saying then you know sleep when were horizontal
the in a way the cage is open and the soul is allowed to
be free and and probably has some work to do or fun to have or some sort of
adventure that is you touch something very touchy when I explained I told you
you trigger I respond I’ll teach you a way of work you if you understood the
teachings or past few weeks I explained the the soul of the man is
engaged with the plasmatic field to hold it because it’s a plasma you put a water
in a cup you put the soul of the man with interfere the structure after the
Gans of the brother to me if you understand this you know according to
the different rhythm of the cycle of the strength of the blood you can literally
open a window for the soul not to go out but expand its field that’s exactly what
happens when we go to sleep we reduce the what are called the barriers it’s
like opening the shutters the light shines further that’s only happens when
the earth you’re on the back the Sun still shines but you don’t see it
because you’re on the other side when you come to the front and the face their
feelings it’s the same field yeah then you see the light so you can spread Fred
same thing happens with us when we’re asleep when you go to sleep with lower
because this if you look at it I explained this very recently to an
Iranian scientists who I work with very closely the so
laughter man as a freedom but the physical existence of the man is
schizophrenic we have two guys working together when the solar visa can have on
the soul of the man and each one has to show his time when he’s ready when their
physical condition lowers down the sort of the man shows himself he wakes up
that one goes to sleep what is there in the background it’s a double act that
each one knows when to play but if you become educated in the knowledge of the
universe you can play poetry unison so you allow
in I do this quite often and it shocks Caroline the first time I used to do it
she never understood we we were we meet somebody within a few minutes I say what
we’re gonna do with this guy you know it’s late at times good I had
this very recently with wranglin they had application – in China in a meeting
I told her this is we go Willy whisk and she’s understand but what I do I lower
the dimension of physicality I see the soul after man I know the mentality of
the matter I don’t see that physicality and this is how you will react in the
space now that we are opening the doors I can teach you more in a way you don’t
wake up the soul of the man you allow the schizophrenic physicality and the
soul of the man to work together in a way you send what we call scouts out to
see what’s ahead this counts as your soul I know people lie to me they betray
me but I cannot say anything because I see there but I have to keep quiet nothing is
hidden from me because I I see the soul I just need seconds to understand by the
smallest and we get all the information our proven is again and again in
political diplomatic what we want and what we get
it’s too much to read security messages you talk to the guys to solve the
Bastian or this plant I know I’ve been betrayed but what do I do you you learn the way you go to sleep
and you lower the rivets rhythm of the body of the man that the soul can shine
more and it goes on sister grandma you’re standing next to me you sleeping
two inches away from me I don’t need to ask questions really really years ago as
many of you know I used to to to be in business I was trying to from Vienna to
a lot I had an office loved and I used to be in a specific business we use we
always travel first class and my seat was reserved they knew I fly this this
nine to three times a month the airline knew my food was fixed that
seat was fixed I had to sleep because I write four o’clock in that matter we had
to work all there straightaway with the government and one day I got on and they
told me excuse me sir could you sit I said my seat is fixed because I need I
go to sleep I can do my work no no no this cannot be done be
apologize just time anyway these two guys were not prepared whoa
and I thought it’s not worth it just sit and after the dinner the guy my life
says excuse me mr. Keshe excuse me how do you know my name
oh I represent such as an American company we know what you have in your
briefcase we would like to negotiate I thought holy mackerel what else would
they know well the guy on the right next to the window is just mr. Kesh are from
British company this and this we want to negotiate this is an important contract
you’re carrying I said what this was supposed to be a confidential contract
as in my personal name and I’ll turn around to the American guy and I said I
have a problem with you how did you manage to sit in here to be able they
said we knew we can negotiate in this time between the fight between me and
our motto and you can guess who won the contract at the end from who got the
country cancer at the end for me I’m a British citizen understand the
British mentality and I said loyal British governments in many ways by the
time I lived there we came to the human I had to sell it somewhere but the
British agents got the contract and then he became one of the top guys in BP
because of these contracts and in so many ways those days I have to look at
the physicality of nowadays I don’t need to I I had this case from childhood but
now it’s part of me ie I can literally you know you can
reduce your body temperature some people can do I have the ability as part of
where I come from in the past that I seen a song and I listened to the lies
the voice of the man you got to understand do you need to
sleep you see when you see the soul of a man like Armand he shines there are no
other colors in it and I see the soul of other people around me is so tinted and
it has so much message one day you realize the soul of Armand
towards one Aslam and these are destined position is not something we just comes
out of nowhere they tell her we are destined to come to do a job it’s just
like you know the boss sends you different groups to one do a job so
miracle activity and finish and in that process we see each other so we are we
are accessible even not open two-dimensional physicality in the
coming time when you lower you understand this state of sleep to
process of recovery when you lower the other core the gates both side
instantaneously when every time each other the energy of the soul fulfills
the need of the physicality as much as the physicality opens the door is just a
two-way system you remember in my teachings I explained too many times
that man has to learn to freed his physicality through the soul maybe for
the first time you understand how it works it’s very safe
and if you understood the process of a sleep that you need the time for the
soul to feed the whole to the circulation of the blood whatever
everything that the rest of the souls are the body of the man needs if you
lower it enough they take whatever they need and then in our position
your soul is ahead of you can see other things nothing is hidden from us nothing
but have to leave and pretend the dimension of its become automatic you
just listen to it you know I sell high do you want me to put you on the street
on you want to give you other office is my grace my silence try to understand how you go to sleep
what brings the condition of a sleep the sleep is a visual movement condition you
understand because the condition of physical condition of this planet has
forced for thousands of years reduction in productivity of the totality of the
work of the soul what this means mankind has switched time living a
schizophrenic life daytime arguin findings nighttime u1p if you look we
say in the tribes of Africa man is a hunter and gatherer and a woman is the
homemaker she converted and feeds it the the physical body of the man is a
hunter and gatherer during the day time for its own use and during a nighttime
the job in a bigger dimension is the work of the solar cell and compensation
is you bring it at the time you need it I’ll feed you back and it’s you who
decides we work together we hunt together we gather together but in this
in the knowledge of the soul we don’t hunt we see who’s left anything behind
it doesn’t need I need I can use and I don’t take everything with me just you
know what I need to do the work if you understand this you understand the cycle
of life and Sun cycle of death I know the time the position the place I leave
this planet it’s a ticket booked you know the flight time but if I release
that to you what is your flight time because I know you kids and that’s
alright you so if your body has a four-hour shift to sleep on one side and
a shift to the other side to stay awake then in that eight hours you decide how
which part of the soul of the man Bowles satisfied the soul a technicality and then if you open both sides at the same
time in a controlled way it’s not that the son runs away you have lower than we
know you open the shutters but this shutter has no crust on it he can go and
come back is there I had to explain this to you in a childish way very easily
like the bird in the cage but this bird the never never leaves the
cage it’s always in the cage but as you take the cover from it can seem more for
the distance to warn you of what is to come and sleep is the cycle of time
forced on that and in time when used to be talk we couldn’t do anything we had
no fire for millions of years when we were like a mouse in the halls we some
novice changed our night vision to the division that we can see the night we do
the word reverse but what happens to the soul of the animals who asleep the time
this old leaves daytime and the Viscount if it’s a nighttime and this is why even
in the human beings who work shift times we don’t see anything because the the
soul and if it’s eternity share okay now I doing different things if you look at
the structure of the behavior of the people who do night shift and they shift
and the continuous basis and also do it one wake up one regard you will see a
very disturbing balance in their work in their physical life the soul supports it
because he never dies it never stops but physicality has a problem with it I was talking to beasts what are called
the Iranian knowledge seekers I worked it he was explaining to me mr. Keshe now
I understand so I can take the soul of the man out and take his amorous all can
go anywhere and I explain to him yes if you really love your lover and you
understand the game in a way I assume he’s I know he’s listening today and you
do not need physically to touch your lover you can ask your lover can we
share the same body then you understand the truth about
virgin birth how much more it’s not that you’re born as
schizophrenic is that you can allow the beauty to be shared in the same body
accommodate children’s up universe are created this way we are looking for reunion a physicality
to be produced the universe will work for their unification of souls to
reproduce and then what you release as what you call like a hydrogen oxygen
whatever you call it out of the interaction of the two two fields then
it decides what should not displace the vehicle it’s like as I explained earlier
you put the knife against the rotating blade or two rotating pointing at each
other the truth on having Souls they decide where both point they’d nourished
in useful birth my soul is very very much different and birth by physicality and some guys we would understand now
that v as i explained to you we start producing the system that everything has
a dimension of so Lynette even understand the game changes do we need
asleep or we have learned we have made an agreement that when you lie down I’ll
look after you I’ll feed you because I didn’t achieve the day when you are
wrong walking around the solar still feed you as amazing people don’t
understand but when is the rest of the physicality because this one has more
time to do other things it expanses cries goes and sees uncle and brother
and a cousin in the restaurant we got to we got to enlighten we know a lot of
things about life but if we reveal everything that kind of commit suicide
unless just understand how you go to sleep and
how you dream you’re opening you’re lowering the case that the bird can look
further and at the same time be able to tell you I’m bringing with the beauty
they have knowledge and everything and then if you know it happens then how
come you found the video and then if you can do that reach a point of deep space
on assigning do you ever need to go to sleep as one in balance between the two
who will feed each other the physical existence of the man is a Miss balance
split in the fields of the planet and the soul of the man and the soul of
physicality is his child this is boundary and if he can bring the
two together in balance you don’t need the dimension of physicality of my
another field to confirm your existence and your mind and that’s why you can
travel the depth of the universe in part of the teachings I’ll explain how in a
paper I’ll call it inter atomic fusion depends which one’s internal depends
visual is atomic which one is up which Sun in the atom is a neutron and which
one is directed and how can you hide in your own inside direct mode and how can
you hide the new electron inside me from the vice-versa both have the
capabilities of doing so but one does in the dimensional compact energy wanders
with the authority of the Vela because understand in the nuclear atomic
structure is not the proton in the center which holds the electron outside
is the electron what can gather from what
proton has released that it can confirm continuous Tesla did not understand this and it’s
pity who never understood this party would have done beautiful jobs the wind
she came to touch with it but him he was too busy playing each other and it was
taken from him if you understand the process of birth in the womb of the
mother precondition completion the cells never go to sleep when the soul is
created which shares to give rest of his Akala tea in accepting his position is
when the soul is created – and then do you need to sleep in the depth of the
universe or do we sell condiment under the means in the space for luxury
apartments where you can rest your body we over thousands of years decided on a
pattern of physicality of the rest that the soul can be the physicality but in
fact it never stops as much as the the magnet rocks are called it of the soul
is continuously spreading his fields so is the soul of the pizza cavity it just
depends how much I increase the speed that you play or I play it’s a like two
friends playing with a car when I stop you try and then when you finish stop
driving I tried but we agree we run about the same and
that’s why the soul is more less 24 hours a day I’m watching because the so
not many of his well plays on watch to the structure of the heart the structure
of the brain of them even has a split that finally true I had a question oh my
god that’s justice yours as a question yes you have to understand this is dr.
Allis are from New York is a massive council member for proxy language and a
woman who never runs out of energy actually they cut her wings did you get
your wings back today okay okay if the position of soul is already decided why
mankind try so hard to be something that they not is the freedom of the choice of
the souls it’s the freedom of the choice but is the freedom of the choice of
physicality soul on the soul itself Oh support that committed each other you
see none is abuser of the other but collectively they coexist consist
village within each other and along each other it’s very interesting and I’ve seen this
a few times that makes me very very much luck
there is a specific disease or a condition which the astronauts get all
the astronauts and the space medical people don’t understand it because they
just look at the physicality of the condition and they don’t understand at a
certain point it’s like you know you get to speed up 40 and the door opens they
get to 60 everything while there are shots or whatever there is a point of
the conversion of the physicality and the emotion and the soul interaction
which creates this condition with all the astronauts because their speed and
the duration of the absorption of the fields is different in a space and they
all get it burning happened to the first astronauts with NASA
there was crisis and if you listen to it it’s the is the energy fields of the
magnesium within the structure of the stomach of the man they all get it not
that nobody speaks about it but when the first time happened NASA is people were
in shock they’re all good like diarrhea and
vomiting at the same time and the first time when he happened to the first
astronaut the Hat queen of this crawl space and one of the other astronauts
talks about it I was drinking his cotton balls what it was on my nose on my face
another old knot and then the other one went through and others and they
realized each one a certain point will go through it in that position these are
secrets of NASA doesn’t open up in public because it’s not very nice to say
you’re cleaning a lot of things you know color on there under inside a spaceship
in their spacecraft sometimes but in the approach
if you put man in that condition you will get a release point of the two
arrives when they put you in the centrifuge machines you don’t get it
because the vacuum and a condition now what we call weightlessness is not there
but the soul doesn’t go through this condition that’s why when the soul
leaves at night you don’t have to change your pants in the morning but that’s one
soon and so you create a condition or bar body has tuned itself to it that the
handover is very easy or a crossing is very easy
I want to that and this is needs a specific condition because you got to
remember fundamental reason why the fundamental reason is that the body of
the man doesn’t matter what you take out when putting in an opening shot it
always is in a vacuum condition so the two souls work in a vacuum condition of
the space so when you go to a space here in natural position as you already live
inside you and this is again something which the scientists answer this is what
is the fear of the man if he gets lost in space in fact man can never get lost in space
because you you put yourself in the same condition as your body and the condition
of course your soul is creating for yourself to exist if the two pressures
are the same you don’t get a big bang do you it’s just that it’s like Japanese
they put water and water together so now we had reducing material my foot
but Japanese are good in lying and in that process you you understand man in a
deep space with a condition of gravitation or field we produce will
never die you just put in the condition which is
working itself how how can you be a swimmer and get drowned in ten
centimeter what if you put it that way you’re in the environment you’re used to
it’s another conflict of change and we don’t understand it that’s why we are
afraid what happen if you get lost in the space if you don’t go with your
spacesuit and if you prepare your soul you can walk out because it’s actually
lower vacuum condition than your body so you are quite fit to live through your
soul this is one of the reasons when you open body of the man in surgeries they
don’t die their body automatically creates the field balance difference
it’s naturally done and if you understand this you can put your hand
through the body of a man because you create our condition of the balance
there’s no barrier you will see these systems in the coming time we will show
you a system in the coming time where it’s on the table and some second later
is inside you and then we bring it out and show you what it is there you want
me to remove a tumor the tumor comes out with it
but you don’t need any operation the knowledge of the universe that one
reopened we took the guarantee no more worst the soul of Trump has guaranteed
and we have the same from Ronnie and we have the same from Omni and we breed the
gift you understand how they work with his they can bark they break we break up
or we call code and then it will be not good for Humanity this is to encourage
the man to walk out of the war history encouraging man
just stop killing we have taken our assurances from all souls and then you
understand the the knowledge we opened it shows the weakness that the
feebleness of the present defense technology and that’s easy to them but
we have to let the man do something if we don’t let them do you become just
bunch of stone sitting around till somebody comes on Mohs you you have to
do something but the knowledge of a space is very very deep and we just open
a window if you understand what Arwen brought the company read what is the
name this is a same essence mark ray are we understand what it needs the name is
not considered if your mockery you know where he goes
and you know breakups I’m a good magician and the other question mr. Kesh Jeanette
wants to know if when a child urinates in his bed
what does it happen what happens to him go see that’s why we see we see that a
lot of people do as well you know when you go over 6070 you go back becoming a
child more adult use members and the children if you don’t know that what
happens to the soul there that’s the dimension of physicality if you
understand the separation and the work of each is to understand the totality then you’d only task because I should be
able to put two and two together music Reznor’s had his hand up for a while
here is it tired I can put her down though yeah it might be a good idea
don’t even ask your question they’re crispy yes thank you Rick
hello mr. Kesh this is cross mirror never saw a member from Bulgaria in
relation to what you said about the feeding from the soul I have just a few
questions to see if I understand correctly all question okay troops retro
okay I choose the question to what extent we can use this knowledge in
terms of can we totally abstain from food and sleep and that mean that we can
get any necessary material for repairing of everything in the body for the
despair let me explain to you something medicine mankind has chosen the wrong path
together an energy for his physicality this soul of the man is still fees but
it doesn’t care for it in time when you become wiser and the condition changes
in the upcoming time soon the soul of the physicality will take the path of
the soul of them there is a big conflict between the two world tries to confirm
his existence in the dimension of matter estate and one trying to confirm
assistance intervention of the plasma state that in a string it’s a battle
between the two and the only when you can sort it is through the dimension of
the interaction of the two which we call blood or you call it emotion and in so many ways you can explain this
how man has even overlooked his own behavior of reproduction and then man
can understand how can you do a way or do away with a way to consume if the
soul of the physicality come to trust is own strength and come to trust the
strength of the soul of the learner or will be fed or be shine upon then it
doesn’t need to kill water absorb that’s what we do we kill we do things to
absorb energy because the two souls have not found the balance one tries to
engage one tries to engage the soul of the man tries to engage their soul of to
his constituency a weakness tries to engage so and in a way when it’s weak he
follows out he goes on how to dream he comes back in panic closes door but is
awake and this sooner the man understands no one needs to
engage and no one needs to engage then we go to the point of we don’t need to
consume because both will feed each other and then they bought a sized in
trust you manifest me when I need interest you protect me when I need the
skull of the man protects the combination of the soul of the man
inside other ones we couldn’t even other nice bones on it even the animals who
don’t have a bone structure you’ll find out there is a field for study controls
protector the work of the soul and then in that process I engage you and I
decide I need to go but I put a foot in it I’ll call it the
calcium and then I put a foot in it I connect the two together I’ve explained its if you look the a
scholar of the man engages the solar but if you understand how the soul is the
soul of the man through the bone engages if it’s calculating man that’s why we
have a bone structure inside it if you understand this then you’ll find why
they both agree we agree both that we trust each other and I look after you
somewhere else but you you let me have the other way we call it the skin of
them that’s what they say the skin is part of the brain what does the brain
contains controls this wallet and that’s why in the physical domination of the
man when we die the only thing is that in support its calcium it’s a point of
mutual agreement of the balance of the fields if you look at it in totality in
existence calcium is right in the middle the board can negotiate agree with thank
you very much mister give it shall we call it a day it’s nearly over three
years sure that would be fine
well maybe you could while you’re on the topic of the brain and the calcium what
about the idea of yawning in is there a connection with the soul
Virgil asked that earlier in the Q&A perhaps you could just quickly answer
that harder can you repeat what is the plasmatic explanation of yawning and the
connection with the soul is this question a be seen when you yo and why
you yo it depends on this position when we young particular to oxygenate I
explained why we drink coffee and tea hot the reason we get addicted to it
because amount of oxygen we take in the people who have a very active brain
inside and could be even what we call beautiful people they tend to drink a
lot of um tea or coffee or coca-cola and hot sugar drinks because the energy
needed is so much that you have to keep on injecting it in and short-term fast
and when we when we drink tea or coffee especially when it’s warped we take a
lot of air this is the only reason more or less we drink these drinks the hot
drinks because it needs air to cool it so we take extra airing and the energy
which gives us profit-hungry we need it under awning is to get that energy you
need the rest will display if you take one yawn it means you need 20 cups of
teas the amount of energy option you get in to combat over the air not the oxygen
that you can for what is needed and why do you need
energy suddenly out of nowhere it means the soul is using a lot physicality has to give a quick quick
delivery and in that position of the Yannick is very much racket sleep time
the balance time and so my soul gets in touch with you also and that’s why it
brings a balance when you yawn that the guy owns at the Guyot is not catching it
brings that position of the balance feels that the stones get in touch and
they all replicate and if your energy level is as fine twenty people three or
four of them really on you find that lovers always you own together if you
understand what it means it’s time to strip is nothing yes just got tired dispose me to meet we understand well
the common theme seems to be that we need to slow down the physicality let’s
say and that allows the opportunity for this all to come forward because we talk
about sleep as one place where the soul becomes more free and yawning or
lowering the energy level of the body and not being so excited or Pipers on
you know in the path of wreath of Moses there is a one row which is a crescendo
be broken is one of the rules which is the biggest crime if you are true Jews
and you brought up what the rules are head doesn’t matter what happens within
a matter of woman they have to reunion every Friday night it doesn’t matter
they kill each other in the week and there was a reason for
it there is a reason for it because in in in that condition the two energies
balance and somewhere peace is found it is one of the cornerstones of Judaism in
the manager and in a way we have different ways of sharing and balancing
our physicality and our soul and our soul does this job under its Caledon job
and they find their balance the the the balance one is many matches it creates
the new condition and creation of life this is why in the new technology we be
done many many trials through a specific way people can’t have children Sonny get
pregnant because we bring not the balance of the physicality rearing banks
in a specific way to the soul of both that the sharing of the soul agrees the
condition of the physicality it’s a it’s a specific knowledge Mandal understand
more and more is that at the point of Inception the two is not that a particle
has spin of a it’s the soul of each which have they agreed physicality
cannot be the both halves falls it’s not that one I said oh he has to go and the
strongest one where it is the center of the universe
you believe that you believe that too but in reality the two souls agree that
the strength that in the reunion be share and that’s creates each other you
see you saw the seed of the original soul at
that point but before in such insertions just accident afterwards very good thank
you for that additional live mr. Kesh so I’m not gonna get paid do you haven’t
paid me for six years I’m going on the strike zone I had I had a thinking from
the head of the Keshe foundation last week since mr. Kesh people are asking
really you wanna stop after 300 it’s gonna stop maybe you haven’t paid me for
300 you want me to still work more free okay well how about double double for
this week anyway thank you triple thank you congratulations to all of you you
have managed to bring the Keshe foundation in the World Arena in a
beautiful way we will see the benefit of it we see the beauty of it and many many
of us will understand how a new cycle of freedom of the man has a started with
the establishment of this company in United State and I hope those of you who
have been appointed to sit at the board of directors of the KVL understand the
responsibilities of it step down when you think cannot serve humanity don’t
sit in that board just because you have to be there and it’s the same thing is
the some of these people and this board has to match with the solar to members
of genus of council that collectively they can create a condition of peace and
not only peace comfort for humanity we’ve done everything possible to put
everything in position from now on is to show in your head and how you
structure it how you develop it thank you very much today and I’m sure I’m
pretty sure you’ll see amazing things coming up very soon and I will try to show you new ways to think in new ways try to go one step beyond up what you
thought you know and you understand the gifts will be given to you thank you
very much and in so many ways we got to wrap it up I was will be here hold here
and the 19th of nine it’s a beautiful time to be a part of humanity thank you
very much all of you that especially thank you very much Armand you you were
the key in the change and the change has come and all of us we are there somehow
nineteenth of them 9f9 2009 will be a beautiful day to be remembered it will
be put value on the knowledge of the God that’s the funniest part to carry much 1909 19 it’s very very auspicious Thank
You mr. Kesh for another amazing knowledge seekers workshop this one
being the 294 ‘the knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday September 19th
2019 and thanks once again everyone for attending today and think that’s all we
have for Spence and see you next week at the same
time in place bye for now you we are the cash foundation our mission
is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal community we
wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe by teaching
plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is left out and no one
is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you can help achieve this
goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate hello

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