292nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Sept 5th 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. welcome everyone to the 290 second
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday September 5th 2019
I’m your host today Rick ramen this is a broadcast from the Keshe foundation
spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the public teachings in
English and as usual we are joined with mr. Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation
and I’m sure he’s ready to go with today’s information and teaching
hello mr. cash are you there yes good morning to you as usual
wherever and whenever you listen to these years of knowledge seekers
programs 292 sessions of teaching and we try to go further as we did in past
couple of weeks with a more understanding our work of what we call
new technology and the science of understanding to control what are the
biggest problems we have is to create a control condition what it means in the
space we have no instruments literally mankind is at the beginning of a new
knowledge understanding a new technology and the systems we have today available
to us the latest computers the latest electronics is absolutely obsolete
totally useless we have no understanding of the complexity of the structure of
the communication in the universe we have not understood the totality of the
work of the magnetic fields and at the same time we have not comprehended how
these fields interact with eNOS with instructure party of us we always assume
that we have a brain and it thinks and it does but there is no electronics
there is no line of communication no wire is no memory banks and if we look
into the structure of the brain of the man is the replication of the control
system of the universe there is no difference compacted in the sphere of
the skeleton of the man in the skull and within the structure of the body of the
man the new structure in control and what we call managing this place and
space programs of the future is to understand the new phenomena in new
technology to create systems which can deliver instantaneously in different
directions in different strength in different commands what does this mean
when I used to be student as a nuclear engineer being trained to develop to
understand the structure the building the control of a nuclear reactor we were
not just told this is a switch this what you do we had to understand the
geological land where we built the structure on we had to understand the
building and the structure of the building itself we had to become
partially to understand every dimensions of thermodynamic radiation fields
electronic interference everything else and then on top of it then to understand
how to control the system it was necessary a system control engineers or
what we call you were trained to control nuclear reactors to understand if
something goes with the ground wrong where we have to move what is the
geological facts of it we saw this failure in Fukushima the bunch of
electrical engineers were sitting in the control rooms and what they do that
mayhem we have when you train nuclear physicists as what we called nuclear
reactor control system what we call expertise you have to we were trained to
understand from geology to civil engineering to electronic to fluid
mechanics to every other aspect that we could instantaneously make a decision if
anything goes wrong or if we wanted atom and a lot of nuclear physicists the
theoretical a lot of what we called nuclear reactors of today is run by
electrical of mechanical engineers that’s why we see so much because they
have knowledge and nuclear interaction once they understand what their
expertise in space we don’t have this the ground the earth the geology is the
magnetic field of the universe that’s what the platform is the structure of
the building what is made of is the physical interaction of matter States at
the point of interaction manifestation how do we control it and then we had to
understand the nuclear interactions on top of all that what’s going to happen
the reactor which is the solar thermal so in the new space technology we need
to we have to to survive in space to be able to expand the horizon of mankind is
to understand the totality of the work this ranek of the universe the working
of the systems how does it work does it interact what does it affect us
and how can we use our soul body the fields interaction of the entity of our
existence to be able to survive in the dimensions of the universe mankind has a lot to learn in the cup of
teachings before a short and explain the interaction of the field of Units and
the commercial now we have to understand there is no choice to find the way I
explained in many teachings the replication of the work of the plasma a
neutron is the same as the structure and working of the solar system that now we
know what they call up clocks and down quarks we call them earth and we call
them the moon because now we know what it is we don’t need to come up and see
works now we have to understand the system that this planetary system these
are stars these galaxies the soul of the man is and needs to work with and within
so we come to the next steps of understanding as I said we gradually
move from what called the village of the earth in the dimension of the work of
the universe therefore we need to understand where do we need to look to
find a replication where do we need to go to find the totality and where do we
need to extend our knowledge that by extending it we can understand the
working the control to manage the parameters of the universe within the
structure of the brain of the matter with
the structure of the soul of the man in so many ways we replicated the work of
the what it called a solar system within our what we call technology in past five
or six years now we have to understand the totality and the replication of the
work of the communication system of the universe to be able to exist and to be a
real true man of space where do we look for where do we have the closest
replication er what can we replicate how can we replicate this new system
you don’t need not to go far be found the inner sanctums in the inner sanctums
of the neutron the structure of the solises will find the working the
communication line of the universe in the structure of the brain of the map
mankind needs to understand the working of his own brain the physical condition
the physical material which makes what we call the brain of the man the central
controller the old system to be able to replicate and to understand the working
of the universe communication line of the universe and this is what gradually
in the coming up teachings I try to bring up I try to explain and many of
you in the communication lines will understand we try in different
conferences to come up with different new technologies that collectively as we
said by April of this year in Tehran we can show a full flight system with
understanding totally control of the system where and
how we can bring the technology about that without any wires without any chips
without any God knows whatever we have created from transistors to resistors to
nanomaterials to be able to do the same in the new space technology control
systems of the future or call excursions of the man not only outside this planet
but within this planet within the solar system within the galaxies you have to
go back and understand the combination of the totality of the physical
structure of the body of the man not only in a physical matter condition of
the arms and neck and organs but the operation interaction energy information
transfer between the brain of the man itself and all these organs where in the
future as we understand more the soul of the existence of the man for those who
were created on this planet will be the soul of those who run an own part of the
planet Earth they become the soul and who goes out becomes part of the
connection with the soul this is how the universal council will operate maybe for
the first time you understand slightly more what we mean when we explain this
process why we set up the structure of the universal council that the soul of
the universal council members as totality become the line of the
extensions of the working of the universe with those of human race which
there and travel the depth of the universe it might sound
strange to you how could be but what it is but this is how we choose the
position the condition the interaction in a way in a simple way in a very
simple way is when you’re a mother you feel the pain of your child just don’t
matter when it is you pick your phone up and say what is wrong the collective
soul of the members of university council becomes that mother it feels in
the line of the magnetic field of the emotion of the humanity as we are
collective connected we bring a message home there is a problem need help
and then he understands why we are structuring the whole combination of the
Keshe foundation work in many directions in a way we are creating the central
point of focus of the soul active man in the collective awareness collective work
of the soul of the members of Universal Council to be the tender lines not only
for just at this moment being there what is good for the French or the Germans or
the Iranians but for the French and the Germans bloodline or the school of soul
of the link in the span of the universe so now he understand furthermore why we
set the whole structure this way well now we bring the other arms all what we
set up to be part of the collective connections of the universal community
with the human race there is another point which we have to understand in
totality of the whole understanding of the work of universe mankind on this
planet is not alone never being alone the way we will now extend our arms by
traveling our children and their children into the span of universe those
who were educated and they were advanced enough in terms of the path they have
sent their children is the same as what we’re going to do across the spans of
universe and some of those are with us amongst us they have become part of us
and in the process of evolution and evolving they have brought many beauties
to us this is what the mankind will do in the future but how can you tell what
your son sees you pick up a phone he says mom I’m the beautiful beach with
the sunshine and a beautiful sea sorry we have no universal communication that
your child from Carl azuz can say what is looking at except through the work
and understanding of the lines of the communication of the soul of the mother
to the child Universal Council to the members of the humanity across the
planet mankind will evolve especially those who become connected to this
dimension will evolve very rapidly is not that something new will be created
will become to be aware of what we have and we have not utilized will come into
operation now you understand why this is there and that is there and according to
our scientist they say mankind only uses eight watts at 5% and Ashton was
supposed to use maximum 15 percent of his brain every cell of the brain of the
man is used at all time but man has not been aware of it because we use it in
different dimensions and for different purposes and for this reason now we have
to there is no option to move into the next step of understanding the
construction of the control and communication of the brain of the man
the self the conversion transformer what we call the modem and at the same time
the receiver and then at the same time the generator and everything else within
the structure of the brain of man if you go back to the teaching which we did
some years ago on the medical section on the brain the structure of the raid and
working of the brain many of you will start making connections you understand
the connection between the teachings of today the teachings of the past five or
six years how everything was set to bring all together gradually turn the
start to work but there is a problem a very big problem in this panel universe
the earthquakes of Okajima happens the structure blows up but the fuel rods and
the source of energy still there those fuel rods and their what they call
source of energy is the solar and the brain of the man in the dimensions of
the existence of different fields of the universe would dissolve can never exist
is putting a sugar in the hot water but in the middle of sugar when you have a
lollipop the stick is still there the center is still hold the soul out now
how do we transfer all what is develop what is carried by man in connection
with this brain and you know working of the system trade
into the system control of the solar and when mankind understand this he reaches
the level to understand the essence of his own creating then from now on in
step by steps with new systems which are going to release that you have never
seen you understand why we’ve been sitting on the wings teaching that more
and more people understand in the teachings which is set up in
demonstrations which you will see in different conferences we push mankind to
move from the dimension of the matter state in the dimension of the
interaction of the fields of the universe the conversion of the fields
the presidents and existence of what you call AC and easy not the Canadian way
but in understanding the totality of not only feel the strength the interaction
of the fields and in what angle in what position the fields have to interact
that they change themselves from AC to DC and vice versa from DC to AC that’s
all it is if mankind understands this how he can work within the flat line of
the DC and then when he’s needed to convert it into the sinusoidal or
whatever shape of the field that he can become matter state then man has truly
come and reached the point of maturity of to understand worker to creation
there’s nothing else to it of mph you sorta leading space
technologies understood that some time to go in the teaching and now we’re
setting up the new Space Center in Arizona – foundation in coming weeks
would develop this technology and we bring Arizona to EDA Center to teach
these new technologies to humanity and what does this meet it’s not the soul
The Sun has no beauty if there is no earth to convert it and shows the
existence of the Sun earth has no beauty if the man is blind and cannot convert
the lies of the vegetation the animals and the scene is on I and this is where
mankind has to make the change mankind needs to understand the totality of the
work of the universe within the structure of the human physical body
because we are in the physical sense a miniature replication copy of the work
of the universe it’s not just the kidney and it’s not just the liver it’s not
just the heart and it’s not just our universal operation is based and it has
made the man in the image of with working of the universe and in that
essence a made man in the image of myself and then we understand is the
soul of the man the copy of the working of the soul of the creator or the
universe and answer is yes now you understand there is no room for theology
but in fact theology is knowledge active working of the universe
without understanding needing the matter state condition then respecting the
working of it then understanding the interaction of it then understanding how
one leads to another in the writing of side a the most beautiful part of Iran
this war on the Torah United Nations he says we are all each part of the same
body but in fact my soul is part of the structure of your soul and in that sense
collectively we make this all of the creating the solar the cell in the
kidney in the neighbor makes in totality by balance of his own fields in the
interaction of field of the planet the body of the man the working of the
functions of the body of the man so it cannot be any different between the cell
the soul of the body of man as the soul itself in interaction with the soul of
the creator now the whole structure is how did this brain come to exist how he
has found positions for emotion different feelings different
functionality replacing and reacting to every cell and conditions which comes
about as I said in a few teachings before the blood flow in the score of
the is a magnetic fields which the
scientists in plasma technology create to contain the plasma the flow of the
blood of the man to create a condition of the magnetic field is the flow of the
fields or the magnetic field of the universe there is no difference then you
understand within the structure how the interaction between the blood flow and
the soul of the man creates its own condition for creation conversion of
different cells of different strings want to be used as the memory bank want
to be used as a reaction self want to be used as emotional self want to be used
in communication but in fact the totality of the structured brain of the
man is of one in essence one entity but so micro it does not show but so macro
that it can connect the whole of the universe this is what mankind what
scientists in the coming time have to learn if the way I do there is one thing you bang
your head against the wall when you work in a true essence in the space
technology after today as a spaceship program the computers are obsolete the
electronic system cannot catch up you realize mankind is in a dilemma of
knowing what is to come but not having the tools to get there to see it when it
comes this brings about for many of you the need for evolution development of
the next steps of lines of communication the next steps in what you call
three-dimensional memory banks those of you who will evolve in a rapid way in
the knowledge you will understand the brain of the man is made of single
ganses collectively to make the emotional those of you who understand
soon will come to comprehend one of the most important parts of all this
technology which I have taught is that the ganses are the cells in the line of
the communication system control of the matter states into the line and
conversion into the line of communication of the universal
connection what does this mean what is the reality how do we now come to
convert these single gases in these jars you hold to part up the communication
lines completion instruments communication beings of the future but
the need of the man in the our space one one single dance of copper
can manage the whole working of the fastest computers of today in the
storing memory in the coming time Keshe Foundation in cooperation with leading
chip manufacturers will convert the totality of the new and the present
world of computers and the rest we will teach to leading manufacturers like how
way in the coming weeks the production of the new three dimensional systems in
the memory bank chips of the computers which means which hands where the
knowledge to bring and build the new dynamics memory banks of the coming time now this puts a new pressure on other
companies other organizations to work together that collectively we change and
we prepare ourselves for upcoming times in the depths of the universe in trouble
incorporation in my meeting with how in the next following days we will transfer
technology to a higher organization in clearer way this is the way we shall
work we work with those nations and companies who are advanced enough that
they can understand the technology there is no American organizations who
understands this yet the Chinese communication computer organizations are
far ahead is no use dealing with the child when you can work with an adult
that he can understand the totality the cooperation will be the same with most
of the chip manufactures who are advanced in the cubicle chips to
transfer the knowledge into the what they call the Gans techno
she empowered continued other conditions we have no choice instead of teaching
online somebody might do something we collectively bring the scientists who
are in that position to be able to step up to the next nanotechnology is
obsolete it was a step up those of you who have not understood the totality how
far how advanced you people are is very simple you speak to the leading
scientists their understanding is worded nano is and some of them even are lost
in explaining it as knowledge seekers you have gone a step further you have
separated that man oh now you have a new material you can’t dance so in knowledge
we are tens of years ahead of the present world of science in material and
nanotechnology we were masters day people and Yahoo we found nano material
and we are very advanced Yahoo cash foundation knowledge seekers have gone
20 50 years ahead they work with the next step we call it counts now the way
the man has advanced in the knowledge of nanotechnology and everything is nano we
can sit far beyond far beyond the present understanding of the sciences of
today you as knowledge seekers are leading the world of science we need for
you to understand what you really are what you have really been playing with
you being creative playing with the essence of the conversation of the field
of the universe to the math restate what you call Gans the stops
that’s what stars are called they don’t just become shining and being a bunch of
lights and everything else they have gathered their energies that have
mobilized themselves that now they can give as much as they take so in the
knowledge of the present understanding you
as knowledge seekers in understanding the words of the gans to working operate
the structure of it you are hundreds of years ahead of
professors at Cambridge and every other universities because they are working
with donkeys you need sometimes donkeys to get things out of the depth of some
caves but when you come out you have every other systems to move now you
understand what you were afraid of what they told you don’t understand is you
are too advanced you have already entered the next phase of the knowledge
and the creation you can and you should be able to understand this none of you
has ever picked up a single chance and see its operation because to you is
something there mr. Kesh made this you’re to be called the CEO to use it
for the pain music but this is having gold in hand and not understanding it I
gave you the gold of the universe and you have not understood because you have
no knowledge of its value you know sometimes somebody gives you or
bring something to shop or I want to give this to you it’s worth nothing you
take you to the specialist it’s a million dollar and think I have given
you then pick up the universe because the others don’t have the knowledge even
to understand it now you understand how in a very simple way I have brought you
to have the tools to be able to be part of the universal community but as you
never understood you have no value for it what’s the use me explaining the
beauty of the rose the smell of it the way I explain love in essence of the
present and pebbles of rose that have never seen
and you have never smelled and you have no knowledge of his existence now he
knows success it smell it touch it feel it and understand the emotion it creates
within the body of the man within the soul of demands now you understand what
the ganses are and if you haven’t understood salute will see you to your
great-grandchildren when they might understand the technology the
advancement of the technology is so rapid that we don’t have this knowledge
anywhere in the books written and it only can be taught this way but
collectively we develop collectively we understand color clearly we change the
condition we change the understanding and the comprehension and move away from
these funny little things be called chips is good for a fish not in the
computer it’s time to move it’s time to evolve and in the upcoming time we will
bring this in the hand of the most advanced communication organisations to
develop the next generation of what we call plasma organs or the replication of
the brain of the man in my book if you look where I show the tube makes her
optic answers I gave you the knowledge ten years ago nobody understood that was
the message because to you it was just something color liquid water and bits it
became CEO and became the doctors oxide and everything else but in
the stupid what is for what you can do with it you’re only happy with something
to drink that in my change is diabetic but you never understood it controls you
a diabetic is the essence of the creation of the transfer of the energy
in the essence of interaction with the soul of the man it’s not just a water
you drink the it’s the line of communication you create you have
already become universal communication people but without knowing it because it
was not understood it was devalued because para those who don’t understand
through what we call peer review we have left our knowledge in the hand of bunch
of incompetent people who called themselves the scientists of today this
is why they object to your work and there is something else we don’t
understand something there is something no there is nothing wrong with it sir
you are incompetent you are donkeys each time not the present time you’re working
with steam engines we are in plasma condition in the coming time now that we
have set up the organization and the functions of the company in United
States as an international company will deliberate these technologies
collectively to humanity into organizations we can rapidly take us to
the next step we see how way as one of the most advanced and other companies in
China who can take it further in America we have nothing no organization who can
work with us the knowledge is not there there are 10 15 years behind g5 we are
working G 9 and 10 what is G 9 in up one of our
things in China there is establishment of the organization known as G now what
is G 9 g 5 is the breakdown of your communication how fast g6 and g7 becomes
a method of feeding man in space and disasters transfer of the medicine
through the line of communication g8 and g9 will become the line of communication
in a universal condition which means we are that far ahead now they’re fighting
for g5 oh my G we have developed the technologies and
in a coming time we’ll be delivered to the government to the nations who are
peaceful and can transfer the knowledge in the line of communications the way
you receive mobile home message you receive mobile on food medicine
determine pharmaceuticals is long over one of the Chinese scientist of the
Keshe foundation five years ago made a system without him knowing partially in
his infancy the line of communication in the space dimension lies within the
structure of the guns manipulation and working we transfer the
three-dimensional space travel to the nation of Iran in upcoming conferences
then is the responsibility of other nations to collaborate to become man of
space because the Iranian nanotechnologies are other ways of
understanding it much easier than our friends who steal technology without
understanding in countries like Belgium United States and the rest let me
explain to you something you understand advance fear why the government of
Belgium decided to make a cash foundation and me as a terrorist because
Wilma giddons the first couple parachutes on coca-cola bottle
they found flooring in it cinder report a sign and sealed with lawyers in
deposit banks of banks on Belgium and that time they were so ignorant to the
knowledge that they said roaring can only be used by creating gamma rays and
so he has a gamma source at home and is a terrorist in the Iranian the stupidity
of the nation is not understanding work of the universe universe works on the
principle can forget graphing now you understand how atmosphere registered to
the company which tested it as you know the head is one of the heads which go
into European Court and the lawyers were tempted of Network me and Fabio this is
what our they were killing confirmation of the existence of resistors known as
graphene in the space technology became the source of gamma rays and terrorism
listen as of the euro and in blocking technologies we work
with the nations who understand our open and now you can understand why
technologies are transferred to the Chinese organizations the Iranian
organizations and those who are advanced enough and open enough to understand and
accept not mickey mouse copycat nations like the scientists in Japan or South
Korea because there is no time to stop there is no time to hold back for the
others through the ignorance to catch up as I told you in a coming time we
release more and more information and documents and data to the European Court
of Justice that the Belgium’s knew what they are doing and what was all the
frame-up their own reports from the company which they appointed to test
confirmed the existence of graphene 11 years fourteen years these documents are
sealed in the walls of the court’s attention
now you understand how advanced you all are because you have even passed the
condition of graphene you have moved into the gaseous state you have managed
to separate that item which you call graphene and what is orientation the
same as the brain of the man you can clear one section separated section it
to eat for the emotion any frequency of the matter stayed in this box means joy
now you understand any magnetic field strength combination of the AC NB C at
this point means hunger now you understand how the new technologies will
be developed because have all the tools you were happy to put
more and more of it in a bowl and rotated I was more happy to
individualize it and understand the work of it the collection of it the operation
of it and the interpretation of it be the universal feels now maybe me you
understand more how advanced the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers are
compared to the present scientists if I can compare you is very much we are like
the guy who said the earth is round and rotates and it’s not the center of
universe and what did they do with it they hung him in the church and this is
what they tried to do with me and all of you
we are demand who understood what developed and made these materials in
our bedrooms our garages and we became more advanced and through it with beauty
understood the work of the universe now you understand how some of you who
devoted your life to this knowledge have become the two men of knowledge of the
universe to you was ganses but never anyone told you that you have the key
you’ve been given the tool to communicate and to exist in spans of
universe because when you can make their gains in the strength of the level of
the soul of the member of universal council that’s your line of
communication on zero times zero spaced human body human structure the working
of the brain of the man is the simplest version of the operation of the work of
the universe good time few years ago when we
started building the second generation of the brains in the lab in the letter I
taught one of the knowledge seekers how to structure it layer by layer I told
those who took over he has to be fed he has to be watered he has to be kept I
doubted that it can work if you people understand knowledge of the Gans
technology the way truly is done in universe if I give you the skull of a
man which is dug up on the ground today you can build a man you can build this
brain you can build and wear it to the structure creates mythicality because
every curvature every bump in that score has dictated what field sits where in
that structure which we call not man is not the brain which has made the skull
it’s the skull which has given the brain the limitation of his working this is
why some races of the different structure what’s called have different
intelligences why all the Chinese are like disk and why these Canadians are
that like that because the structure of the skull the containment dictates what
the body hold a harmony hold and what strength we hold then you understand as
knowledge seekers you have had the tool of the communication and work of the
universe in your hand for years but all you did you were happy little
bit of pain had a little bit of this and rotate it and see what we get at God’s
will now we trained specialists in
communication in what we call a line of interaction we need our subfields and
coming years and months to be able to make man the passenger of universe and
at the same time nons own birth in the line of communication with the mother we
set up the universal Council for that purpose and that purpose for me and
that’s why they are called Universal Council it means that in touch with
every man across this universe who dares to travel the difficulty space and is
always in touch with home collectively the member of the universal council can
recall the soul and with it bring back the physicality in time of
trouble this is the power we have given to members of Universal Council this is
why they are not chosen but the souls have chosen them because the souls is at
the point of insertion to understand the totality those who lie and cheat as
member of the councils will never understand the power those who live in
that life by in the physical dimension lying and cheating to themselves and to
the others have closed the path to their lives to become the true members or
units of council there are very few I see those who talk my words do not count
the silenced majority those who have chosen through their love what
understanding the creation of the small of them you remember I explained to you
the time will come that you want to board the ship and you walk away there
are very few fake members of Universal Council and soon you will understand
they have no feeling they talk about it but they don’t feel it but those member
of the council who are truly became knowledge seekers to become truly to sir
will receive the message as I said the time would come that member of Universal
Council will step down this time when it’s done wrong and nose is not
receiving it’s not there a member of French speaking is in trouble in the
universe and there is no feeling it’s the responsibility of the soul of the
member to feed it there is nothing left no one who leaves this planet would
leave without that line of communication tuition so and the structure of this
systems we should be honest more in the future as I said don’t count the member
of the universe council people recognize them by their souls but not by then aims
untitled and who they are a member of Universal Council should be known by the
strength and shining of salt not while his talk it was shining so bright that would
cover this part of the universe and not to the eye of the man and collectively
will brighten the whole of the universe as one council we didn’t set up a united
nation to lie we set up the universal council chain light and the humanity and
other races of the beauty of this race in the universe in the coming time as we
teach and we develop physical matters for those who understand it you will
understand everything we lived and worked for that become worthless
meaningless why do we trap ourselves in skyscrapers we can live in a beautiful span of the
most beautiful places in universe and I still work as a secretary in the offices
or wherever it could be if you look the structure of the Keshe foundation is set
on the structure of the global operation we have no head offices but everyone
works timezone and the place does not exist we have it started we’re actually
developing and creating the next generation of node and space in
different ways of operation of the cache partition as long as I have food to eat
as long as I have the energy to be able to live and sustain every cell in my
body as long as I can transfer my emotions to my lover to my child and I’m
fat and I am kept safe I served that foundation this is the way I live and
those who follow me will do the same we walk away from tangibility and
physicality of wealth because their love is in the knowledge we carry not in the
clothes we wear the houses we live in my house is universe and my clothes is the
beauty of the knowledge I spread those who follow my work will live the same
life because you will understand to be given the universe to live why have you
shuttered and imprison ourselves in the village of Earth if you’re happy
don’t keep you climb up it should be clear to the members of Universal
Council if you lie to one you have lied to the whole of Council and you don’t
deserve your soul will not allow you to stay as a member understand that as knowledge seekers
those of you who have understood and created developed the answers you’ve
been given in a gym but you thought is a glass is how you shine light on this gem
will let you to develop the next steps in the knowledge and the science of
space technology for math and the development of the solar column now for
the first time maybe for the first time many of you understand the knowledge we
carry in single accounts in a collective audiences is the structure of your brain
the structure of the interaction and the most advanced communication line in the
universe as is the replication of the work of the years and then you
understand why nanotechnologies are dinosaurs of the knowledge of the space
technology 26 million years behind as I explained in an upcoming
conferences that we set up you will see the most amazing machines we are not
going around as a show we are going around to show what this technology
brings brings all the nations in line to work together the purpose of the next
1012 conferences around the world is to confirm that the nations of the world
the government’s have no power compared to the technology she’s delivered and
the finances which is set up to control mankind becomes obsolete up in a very
clever man I’ve told many of you that now the technology cannot be stopped the
development of the man to become manifest base is on the reversible then
it comes do we need CNN or BBC to lie to us you it’s
reality that we have to understand it’s the knowledge which need to understand
is the knowledge which we are born with and is part of us how can a system work
how let’s say a magnetic field can stay balanced when some us some of his fields
are connected to the wrong place that’s good
it means they can’t do anything with us our soul heart of the talking he could
and he could not hear I said that’s good so they cannot do anything what this
means is that from now on in the teachings especially in a transfer of
technology to companies like how we we move into the plasma technology in a
Gans estate that you will see in the coming months and weeks and years new
advanced systems we held all these back to the company was registered in the
United States that we could spread the knowledge as one structure not ask a
Foundation which was whatever now the technology will be nourished by the
Americans and will be published by the Chinese one needs to work with the other
to bring Tantra splendid both one pace and one gains the humanity will gain
from it because collectively we pay for it through the knowledge through the
time we spend in the the next race in a coming time the
microchips we are used to will be on the history books in a way if you remember
3040 years ago the first mobile phones were the size of a suitcase and the hand
mobile phones as we used to have in the house now the dynamic for the mobile
phone manufacturers is to make it big enough that people can hold in their
hands otherwise they can make you richer now we can make it in the cell of the
brain of the man you don’t need no numbers in the memory bank of the
present computers compared to what is to come in a dimension of the Gans
three-dimensional system is collectively you can put all the computers of this
planet together the most advanced ones that everyone owns every nation into
less than 1/10 of one brain maybe even not 1% now you understand the change now
you understand where the next phase comes in Arizona will bring the
understanding of the controls of the systems John has done a lot of work in
that part but he never understood why his dennings doing it because the
spaceship program on his foundation will carried out in Arizona and he has set
the seed the system control many many experiences he’s done many many
experiments his turn to people has no meaning even he doesn’t sometime
understand what he’s doing but his sends me a video or two minutes one minute and
I say John I wish you could understand what you’re doing the breakthroughs in
the science you’re achieving but because he hasn’t gotten knowledge to understand
what is involved I see the gold I see the jewel and this
jewel incoming time will be shared with many of those scientists who understand
it we have to show the way otherwise it’s just another thing as I said their conference is coming up those of you who
will attend like in Austria in Mexico you will see the most advanced stages of
the science where matter state is irrelevant where we move into the next
dimension of the structures of the systems which make everything we have
taught in past six years collectively as the knowledge that we understand how to
utilize it for man to travel the death universe and how to feel the emotion of
the man who is in trouble in the depth of the ocean then you have to understand
if you have not listened the past one hour teaching I have given you all the
secrets of the creation which man needs in this bands of universe but you are
not aware of it the sentence word is specifically chosen and a spoken– has
to enlighten the soul of the man to the understanding of that word in his
application in the work of the universe you got to understand people tell me
show us a magic and show us something I’ve shown my knowledge in the secrets
of speaking that you do not even understand that is the magic every ward
every sentence is chosen to enlighten certain soul
and as your don’t see you’re blind to what magic has been please you got to
understand in the coming time we do not need to fertilize this for example to
grow the plants we transfer the soul the strength of the soul of the plants to
the plant and it itself by elevating his soul it shows its beauty this is what we
do with plants this is what we’ve done in millions of square meters of hand in
farming land in China today we haven’t given the guts we have elevated the soul
and the soul in response of being elevated has shown its beauty this is
how we will bring what we call national food security not by Kansas being put on
waters we transferred the knowledge of the soul of the pan to the soul that he
reaches his happiness is a point of commercial where he shows his beauty and
thanks to the man who gave to me I gave harvest three four times ten times more we don’t increase the harvest we keep
the pleasure of existence to the seed to the soul of the see that it shows its
beauty and this is where man has not understood at all any of the working because man has not understood the
essence of the purity of the teachings I am Iranian and are born with
one-eighth us talk would do good and think good I don’t spend my time harming
I live according to the way it is what people get stare problem from what
I get and I wanna give because it means they were there in that path to learn
and it stitch what you call may be a way of finding about themselves we work on
the strength of the soul of the man and not on the dimension of the physicality
you can translate in any language look understand sit down and look at the
latest brain scans look at the latest explanation of the structure of the
brain of the man understand the working of the ganses understand the position
and the interaction of the fields of the universe and you will say oh my god now
we understand why the brain of the man is made of one matter one structure
there is no blood in it and is in different densities and why certain
positions in all the brains is for emotion certain places near enough is
for language what is language what line of communication is needed
dr. fields between the gases in that environment nothing is needed
like the organs of the body or third man one organ to another organ or positioned
in the brain of the man all connections all strengths are in the strength of the
gravitational magnetic field of every individual self chance of the body of
them then you understand in a very simple way
maybe for the first time if you understand what is to be said in this
structure of the physicality of the man every cell as in the universe every star
has a twin without it it cannot find his position and its totality of his own
balance then you understand how feeble the scientists of today have been
they’re not understood that every cell body of the man in essence of
physicality has a dimension and replication cell in the brain of the
match in a compact field force and then if you understood this you understand
how mankind will make and replicate itself in the depth of the universe
according to the position it manifests itself because that cell in that
position in the talk is the confirmation of the field and strength and collective
interaction of the fields with a planet Earth one star is the holding of
totality and one star is loosed to show what it interacts and these two creation
of the physicality then you understand even the planet Earth is turing star is
essence is it the soul of the system or is it the physicality of the system or
is our own solar system the physical part confirmation of the manifestation
of the soul of the other part which not necessarily needs to have a physical
dimension but is an energy part which travels depth of the universe but
imbalance has not solidified to manifest itself in a master state and this is
where we see many interactions of the fields
of this planet in conjunction and in response to the two in the star of this
planet not all the systems to in the star is in a physical state so what that
twin star absorbs us fields in the interaction with dictates the condition
and the position of the fields within the solar system and the entities which
are within it be it the cell of the man in this time now you understand how
interactive and collective the whole universe works I’m getting a new message then you understand in totality how
everything is connected to each other I was talking to somebody recently I said
very simply if they blacklisted by the most bankrupt nations of the world which
they cannot catch up with how wait for advancement technology can you imagine
what they’re gonna do well how we and hopefully hopefully
maybe we can get some American German companies to understand a little bit of
work of what we do when they release the neutrality dimensional chess dynamic
like a brain of the man then you understand how we unite the humanity
through understanding of the totality understand the orientation understand
the position understand the installation and isolation
understand the collaboration of the fields then you will understand maybe
the beginning of the work of the universe why do you think I said we
don’t allow any cameras and we asked how much it is not to take any pictures
because we want them to understand the knowledge to their soul not by copying
and not by what ever they might do those who try to copy who never understood
those who understand the essence of that knowledge of those knowledge seekers
which attend these conferences will take it to go to the next level of the
development the soul octoman and in communication with what we call
the nation of physicality of the man which is the brain of them if you don’t
carry one you will not be able to reach tons as I said we gave up to show anything
any new developments in the cash foundation teachings in past year or two
first of all the terrorists who call us terrorists and terrorizing them good
should learn the family secondly land copied and never extended because now I
have a copy I can do it not only to understand anymore so there was no
addition to this no more addition to understanding the work of the universe
in a way by your own misunderstanding and misconduct you punished yourself not
us we still teach and we spread knowledge and those some who enlightened
can take it when you got to understand the working
the ganses into essence would in destructure the physicality of the body
of the man understand it in a bigger dimension in a physical structure of the
universe and then you can replicate or do or in a way operate within it the a
part of the universe once man become educated there will be like the memory
bank of the universe exactly the way you have in your brain there is no
difference they hold the essence of all the
knowledge of the planet of the universe even in the solar system we have even
within the structure of the earth there is such a pattern repetition of
hurricanes repetition of the seasons is not just coincidental how it changes to
respect to the changes in a universal condition creates the new environments a
man has not even understood this simple thing the memory bank the soul of this
planet has to consider its position in respect to all the other planetary
system all the stars of what we call field floors within the structure of the
solar system and then its justice’ and we say you know we never had it so cold
suddenly is become so cold and is getting colder and colder have we gone
to the memory bank of the planet trying to hold to his a structure how positions
itself to us to in a way protect itself in what forthcoming all its function is
to survive exactly like you would mean how where the way it can attain and
distribute the fields and the whole be dead we call it sphere and magnetic
create flow and because we never understood the true essence
creation nothing is there working on his own with nothing we are too greedy too
thirsty to see the truth to see the reason why we are given this way and we
are in such a hunger and thirst that with it if we don’t watch can damage and
kill ourselves many of you will come across illnesses
that he cannot help because you have not understood the essence why you got that
illness what has changed that has brought that
illness and the present medicine you cannot explain it we do not interfere we
teach it’s the responsibility of those who understand to use that knowledge to
help themselves I never punished but the soldier
punished itself because it has to make a balance it has to bring your balance
between the pain of the field of the emotion of one to the other and when you
have a physical body you’re not immune from it your physical body is used to
put things correct with you and if you don’t understand it it will repeat
itself again and again it’s like learning how to roll on the roller
skates you fall did you learn when you fall stand up
roll a little bit more you make the same mistakes your fault you injure yourself
understand and this does not finish in the dimension of the physicality it will
carry true to the dimension of so often man the cross is a
existence there is something mankind has to understand why why do we get old why
our physical body in a way comes to rest because if you have not understood up to
now is that he has collected and transferred all the energy he can
through the blood flow of demand to mature this soul and the point of age
and physical death is when it becomes imbalance and he sees his child mature
and it rests opens the door for it to fly the cage there is no time that man
can choose because in fact the physicality of the body of the man is
the twin system of the soul of the melon a physical damage it matures it it gives
it enough and when is matured it allows it the same as when itself was created
in the womb of the mother itself the mother created the field interaction of
the this environment to give physical life and then we did it created the soul
now on the physical life of the man I chose to swallow tin man and then gives
birth to it in the dimension of the universe my work is beautiful as a
creator and there is no flaw in it it’s just that you do not understand
the beauty of my creation at the same time in the interaction of the fields of
the soul the children of the soul of man would
span the whole of the unicorns as I said where do you think the stars come from we nourished repeat we look after them
in the womb of the earth in the body of the man for them to become the seeds of
the stars in the universe it is for us to understand the totality it is for us
to understand the interaction of the fields of the soul of the man with its
so the emotion of the blood of the man what we call the sort of physicality the interaction is so rapid in animation of
multiple state Gans that it needs a blood flow to keep the interaction of
the soul and a physical soul constantly in communication and a place for them to
know where sits what I’m wanting is to be done and to be contained now you
understand why even the blood of the man is in the guests would you like me to
give you a capacitor or would you like me to give you a bunch of magnets and
how many magnets do you need in the blood flow to get everything up without
them stopping together in reality if you think of it why do you get that blood
cloth in a physical body after that have you ever
stood while you get diabetic what is the essence of diabetic too much
communication too much lack of information to be carried and sometimes
the system over floods itself or under under communicates itself then you have
to understand the emotion of it why mankind become diabetic too because it
creates barriers in structural transfer of the knowledge and energy knowledge of
his own existence we’re due to the lack of communication then he sees itself as
what we call lost this amputation but the body is so that’s why when you
become diabetic and it goes very high damp you tied your leg and everything
else have you ever understood reason for it how simple life is and how
complicated the man has made it why do we create energies which we call stress
and that creates a condition of locking creating a dam for the full information
to be transferred because the body in goes into preserving the energy within
the structure of the brain of the man for it to survive the upcoming shortage
then you call it diabetic has not understood the true working of the gas
and the plasma and interaction of the fields of entities up on each other and
has called it every other illness in the name of God try to take the knowledge to the next
step in the dimension of universal community new knowledge seekers are
unique because you have touched you have felt you have seen the beauty the
essence of the true creation not the robots on the couch you have understood
how your human body is being created and how the world of creation works and that
is why every other one hangs you in the church because there are those ignorant
of the knowledge of the creation try to take the knowledge to the next step
try to understand what are all these ganses you made what is their function
it’s not just sorting up diabetic you missed it you still to keep you in the
line of communication with the universe that you can absorb the energy you need
for your talk but you did not see it in the coming time many members of
universal council will walk away because they lied to themselves and those around
them in their private life in the essence to become member of the council
and those who are by the pure heart will stay understand because those are the
ones who will create the line of communication not only with the solar to
man by the way the soul of the universe that it can translate converts to
knowledge of universe not by words but through the essence of the field
transaction and communication of the universe you will understand very soon we open a new dimension in the world of
science we open a new dimension in the world of understanding the world of
creation we have prepared you for many of it and many of you never understood
how the recipe was and what the recipe is because you were too busy playing
outside try to understand in more depth the work of the dynamic cells the
dynamic structure when you want to look at the physical condition how you
convert the energies into matter state look at the organs of the man if you
want to understand and working on the communication in non dimension look at
the brain of the man and then understand in very simple dynamic reactors you can
create replicate the work of the brain of them then mankind will move into the
next steps of the knowledge of the universe the problem is there is 7
billion of you and this planet is too big now I will let you lose in the
universe will be 70 billion of you the whole of the universe and because we
give you the right knowledge the right condition you do not need to go through
the conditions of the physical life man has been famines
diseases and black whatever and a white whatever we coli and Ebola and the rest
of it from now on we teach the soul of the man and we are responsible for that
soul to take it across the universe in safety and incorrect conduct try to realize try to understand the
interaction of the fields not the physical manifestation of the fields try
to look and understand in more depth the real the real position of the answers
because this is the next step for mankind to enter to be able to make a
transformer to make a translator for the knowledge of the universal community to
man third those who claim are not from this planet and the rest and they stand
up in some conferences because I play this game and then they don’t know I
know who they are because we in a way measure the essence of the evolution of
the man to the collective solar one you got to
understand the faster we go through this phase of understanding
using operating the fields of the universe then we don’t even need the
gases we work in non-dimensional non-tangible
we feel the whole of the universe have become part of the totality of the
creation I have taught those of you who are enlightened a lot this morning I
have taken you through that non dimensional work of the universe and
it’s for you to achieve and take the next step is for you to bring the
transition for yourself and if you are of the ethers of the condition try to
teach the others understand everything from the first teachings and what you
understood becomes your specialty I’m especial for understanding the fields of
the soul in the pain section because I had that field strength within me that I
have the heart you become a special rice and it can teach daughters share the
knowledge unconditionally but at the same time try to reach the totality
understands the knowledge you do not need enlightened we have
already written the light you have to see it to be able to find a path and
seeing is not really physical I is by connecting to the soul of the knowledge
that you can comprehend it and you can translate it as I said we start taking
mankind to the next phase of development that the time of chances making
nanomaterial now everything makes sense how can you cook when you have no
ingredient till you can’t taste it till you can put it on your tongue and
understand texture of it how could I explain the fields of the universe and
the soul of them there if I without not taking you to be able to make the first
elements of nanomaterial and then feel the fields of it with the patches and
everything else try to look beyond the physical condition of the gaps try to
look at the interaction of the fields not the matter state of the fields try
to understand which materials which conditions a material changes what it
releases body absorbs and what released where the information becomes that and
what he absorbed what the information gives to that as I said I cannot write
anymore on the board and I cannot show you systems for it you
have to understand that you can replicate it within your soul and maybe
have maybe some of you will replicate it with the system try to what you don’t
understand to convert it in a bigger scale in the work of the universe for
you to see it the knowledge available at this moment of time collectively to
mankind on the Internet is huge and many of it will show you the way
and the working of the universe but even the people who did it did not know what
they’ve done the knowledge is collectively complete but you have to
siphon it would you like to be a heart surgeon or would you like to be a farm
are you farming the fields of the Gans that it can be harvested or are you
searching you know how to collectively cut and put certain energy in a certain
position that the light can carry on in fact in essence there is no
difference between the one who farms and the surgery in the world of the plasma
technology in the recent past when the scientists got together they said oh if
you put this material to that material we get this gear box and that gear box
the performance will be better blah blah then the computer electronic guys can
talk if you put this chip there and you put that microchip there and you put
this here and out there you get this speed up now the new generation will be
called the knowledge seekers will do the same in the knowledge of the plasma in
the knowledge of the matter seat of plasma confirmation of existence invents move away those of you who understand it
in the physical dimension move away from it and try to develop not only by
holding against understands the field of the gas the t stopped against the Nina it’s not just there as something is
giving to you and is taking from you have you ever start understanding it how
many of you have seen the or up against as you claim you can see the order of
the man because it’s a real damage it’s contained and he wants to confirm his
existence to outside and he wants to see how the outside feels and tastes about
him the knowledge is written in the language and a pen of the soul of the
man and not in a pen of the physicality of the man and any machinery and this is
what I said from the beginning everyone takes from this knowledge according to
their intelligence it means according to their openness to
be able to take their own soul understanding of the work of their own
soul to the next hour that a opens them to the working of the universe now I hope you understand where we are
all moving to and where the destination is what the destination is in much
clearer way than what you thought I’ve been talking to myself we hear you
loud and clear mr. – is that waking up call for the soul of the man to
understand the essence of his own creation I hope you heard it with you
know with a ear of the soul and not with the year of the man as we have no
questions we say goodbye I hope you learned a lot today and you can
comprehend more and understanding in the future teachings of the work the true
work of the universe no questions strange enough other has nothing to say
to me and no questions okay I can remind the attendees here that they can play
there’s a hand that just went up I’m John John Wells we go ahead there John
yes thank you mr.keshe I would good I wanted to thank you very much for all
this knowledge you have certainly flabbergasted also I think we speechless
thank you very much you welcome my knowledge is free I hope
the mankind uses it freely to bring peace and understanding of the
uniqueness I think many of us have understood this and I think we are
trying to do this in your name due to the name of your own and the Creator
we are just messages you’re right there thank you there’s a couple of questions in the Q&A
there’s one from Dan that I can’t tell what the question is and another one
that’s about Ganz about lead ganz and I’m not sure if we want to go there
either but there’s another question from Skywalker where’s my Skywalker if you
don’t have a real name you can walk the skies when you find your name come back
who are we dealing or we talking to Skywalker I’ve got a name of David lad
from a there has to be a German email connection okay as long as that I don’t
proxy and somebody else carrier well the question was where’s my second soul you
gotta find it not me I’ll be busy with seven billion souls to fight and rat in
a perhaps a similar way is ask me I think he’s means and rich brats Bret
headache he says I’m hiding I think he means am i
hiding the creation or enhancing it with the field
you’re not hiding it how can you hide it when you’re ignorant of his existence
you can hide something when you know exists that you won’t hide it is hidden
to you because you haven’t been enlightened to understand
and it is very much like you know you’re short-sighted new your glasses on the
table and you can see the various my class the things in the room are still
the same you can’t even see your own glass how do you expect it humanity has
and would learn in a very short time in understanding the work of his own soul
as he may choose to understand the interaction of the field of the others as I said we’re gradually moving to new
territories of knowledge then you understand why we thought about the so
lot you understood is aggressors now you have to understand the work of his
transformer is translated it’s converter what you call the brain of them and once
you understand this man becomes free to travel the depth of the space and be
able to translate the knowledge of the universe into compression of the souls
and commercient whispers Academy I cannot write a board this is where your
emotion of the pain is and is connected with light there and anyone can find
that organ how it is embodied is always part of the brain you want to take out
copy no other question it has made you think
of your own conduct and it has made you think how the whole
thing works we are here to inspire Oman to
understands the potential of his own soul
his own existence and nothing else as we have no more and I think what I thought
today takes my crying thousands of years to understand the totality of it and the
power of the knowledge we need to listen to this maybe a hundred times to
understand this teaching it’s the first time we open the door of the knowledge
this way and be more and more of these as we belong in what I see and only
speak is not my weakness and ignorance is my greatest and my what the core
understanding of the totality nothing is hidden in no shape in dimension of the
security or disorder I think we call it a day and is for many
of you to start understanding the work the interaction of the fields of your
life your existence with within the structure of the ganses you have tools
to move to work with to understand with we will show you the power of the
cancers you never seen bill show me the interaction of the fields of the
universe in upcoming Congress try to attend if you are there to understand
the totality and in time in a very near future time through different ways we
try to extend the knowledge that as I said you will see the presence of those
who are amongst us they’ve been with us and peacefully live amongst us but
they’re not from the soul of this planet but the soul belongs to the other part
of the creation and they have to be respected loved and looked after the way
they have Tuttle’s without the man would have brought him here through many
troubles many ups and downs in their life of this universe this galaxy and
this planet we thank you for your presence thank you very much for today
and we’ll see you next week I’ll try to understand the teachings of today in
them there is a lot of knowledge this third level of the evolution and the
change of knowledge to a higher level as I said maybe for the first time you
understood why and how we told you the reason we brought in knowledge accounts
tree because it’s the knowledge of your own life is that field an interactional
here also and you had to know – much richer okay very good mr. Kish
will have a shorter show today than usual
but that’s completely okay okay if there’s any other announcements from
anyone else in our broadcast people here okay I guess that’ll wrap it up for
today then Thank You mr. Kesh and thank you everybody for attending the 290
second knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday September 5th 2019

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