291st Knowledge Seekers Workshop August 29, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. welcome everyone to the 290 first
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday August 29th 2019 this is a production of
the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the
public teachings in English on one of your hosts today Rick remand and we’re
joined with the Flint Moll housing as well and of course mr. Kesh will be our
leader today in today’s workshop and I believe he’s ready to go with today’s
teaching and information Oh mr. Kesh hello yes good morning good day to as
usual wherever and whenever you listen to the knowledge seeker series 291 very
soon three hundred and then I stop it’s a good time to stop three hundred and as
we’ve said before I was up today we shall not make any more announcements in
any shape or form as condition officially as uncertain today what we
call market and so we keep everything as we can very tight towards the technology
and anything else will be kept out of the scene due to our new position in the
teachings in the past few days we explained many many new things those of
you who understand or who understood what was discussed what was explained
you understand that we have entered totally new era in the space technology
what are the points which is important for many of the knowledge seekers is
what is a next step what except in all these developments all
these what we are trying to bring about and in so many ways
what is the totality of the work well as I said in the coming time in the series
of conferences which is getting lined up and getting set up we will introduce new
technologies to world government what does this mean it means new space
technology which mankind has never seen new dimensions in understanding survival
in space without relying on resources of this planet understanding how to
communicate with this planet and understanding in totality what do we do
when we get to space how do we behave how do we organize ourselves in a matter
of understanding the totality of the knowledge what this means this means how
am I going to live what am I going to do we’ve seen in any
realistic movies the people in caskets and then they’ll want to ask it and
there we arrived at the point of destination you can be probably being on
the way thousand s these are fairy tales the reality is if the man understands
the strength of his soul and the spectrum of the strength of his soul man
can travel the depth of the universe in matter of no time zero time and space we
need to understand what these brings to us what piece accumulates to for us in
the new era space what can we do with it how do we bring a condition that we can
live but at the same time as we say in English we don’t want to get bored what
am I going to do in space we become a bunch of new displaced
tourist sites use not Niagara fall and nuts Eiffel Tower we see buses rolling
up and bunch of Chinese come out years ago both Arabs and the years before was
the Iranian sundress as we made money now we all gain the knowledge or any
total we all we become what we call the passages of the universe there is a
dilemmas for national governments and it comes under one nation one rule that how
we are going to allocate the resources of human resources what are we going to
do with ante buildings what are we going to do with the positions of scientists
which we lose our youngsters are restless my youngsters are not happy
even with the latest computer games is too boring they need new ways we have to
foresee the structure of the social society in the space where human race
what are we going to do are we going to build factories in space stations are we
going to bring Niagara Falls fake onto the spaceship or do we travel in the
depth of the universe and we try to understand that horizon has expanded
beyond most of my teachings are to open eye of the man to the new horizon what
is to come and in steps to teach how to evolve to be able to live within this
structure what is life what’s the strength of her life what and where and
how we draw a line between our lives and our physical life or in the dimension of
understanding the strength of the soul of the man that there is no time and
space and I can create as much as cold as my own selves as my own being as my
own presence not necessary in the form of what we call physical manifestation
in the last teachings last week I touched on this very something those of
you who work on the edge of this base technology with us and maybe have seen
some very true maybe you understand a little bit more maybe you have opened
your horizon of understanding to the next level of the science of space in
man in reality become parts of the world of universal community is where do I
stand with this knowledge what’s my next step how do I keep two
different type of life physical life to be President those who are born with and
then in depth of space where I can be what I can create with my own soul
according to the dimension of the existence the strength of the fields the
pleasures of me wanting to feel true the senses of the soul and not physicality
in the teachings of past few weeks I have started building what I called the
environment of the life in space too many of you as it took many of you
months and months to understand the teaching of the soul now the teach not
to living in the environment of space becomes the next step how and where and
the way we will create this damage how we use the existence and the presence of
the fields of the universe to create the condition for our confirmation of
existence we are not always with our friends and uncles and cousins in the
depth of the universe we come to the direction where we come across life in
the form that we are not accustomed to but we know it exists
we have to respect it as much as they expect us to be part of the life of this
universe we see ants we see lions we see birch in the universe
we’ll see the same kind of life structure but not the way we are used to
what is our reaction how do we might rest ourselves to it how do we know to
create the condition to observe the fields of the universe that a conference
our existence in the depth of the image a new game a new territory the game is a
game of universe and territory is the whole of the universe from now on there
is no limitation for man except its own understanding of the truth about the
life of the man in the universe you have to consider the environment you have to
consider what fields are readable in this environment how can I tap into them
how can I give that I can take I cannot keep on taking even the create doesn’t
take what is the limitation where do I stop
what to what extend I can satisfy the need of my soul without overloading
without losing the condition confinement the strength of the soul of the man we
have to control the start a new dimension and new parameters a new
fields of the strength of the plasma and you feel to understand how the plasmatic
condition works many of you with many teachings I keep on repeating maybe now
as we develop into the space technology there is no resonance there is no
frequency there is something which I always tell but very few people
understand if the mankind would have taken the path of Tesla in a very direct
way man would have become more dependent on the life of the earth if the man
would have taken the path of Edison to work with DC understanding your
volatility most probably as a human race we would have conferred this technology
in understanding the work of the universe we got trapped in understanding
or creating the condition that we thought justice we thought it suits us
but when you have no frequency in the depth of the universe in the plasma
universe how can you have AC alternative current alternative rotation the new world of science has to open his
eyes we hear the noise from the space but that noise does not come from the
frequency it comes from rubbing of the fields of the University Institute is
very much monotonous still another dimension interferes when mankind become
the passengers of the space what you hear even green the space is a
monotonous noise and that noise tells you what real strength is available
because this is strength and you can hear you can absorb is that the strength
where you can add to the strength of your soul the soul of the man does not
have a frequency the soul of the man does not work with the AC the soul of
the man is part of the structure of the universe and it works only one way
through how many singularity and no noise the
interaction of the fields of it with this environment being different part of
the brain up to man converted the brain of the man is a transformer in
exchanging the feel the strength of the soul of the man in interaction with a
field strength of this sort of the physicality of the man to do more is
that the body of the man can understand to the identity of the string that the
body of the man can understand call it joy we call it fear or whatever so if we
look at the structure – brayner – man is nothing but a transformer depends where
you tune it to where you adopted to and in the coming time man
in Japan stop in the world of the universe in the
dimensions of existence in the universe that you decide where is joy what
distance from the soul and what strength of the field and what strength of the
field from the soul of the creation in the dimension of physicality the death
interference between man book creates a noise that heresies or the sounds fear in a way we translate
the noises into physical reaction at the same time which has three lower strength
materials and if what you call a strength of the fields into cells of the
body of the man ourselves walk the same way there is no difference in the world
of creation between the creation of the solar system and the body of the man is
only different in strength and only difference in the what they call what is
in the package is it the self or visitor star or is it the universe in reality
there is no difference the plasma the soul of the land has more to celebrate
is ecology the plasma of the solar system and the universe work all exactly
the same now you have to understand then how do I gain this physical body in the
presence of the fields of this planet in the presence of the fields of this solar
system that at a given point in the presence of the strength of this what we
called the fields of the galaxy and universe gives a condition of the
physicality to my life my existence at this point on moment and time then you
choose the time and space and then you can choose the strength and then you
have to understand what condition the strength of the environment allows you
to manifest yourself coming to use up with to go through with to be part of then it comes one point to understand is
the strength of the soul of the man capable to understand and translate and
live among system of the soul of the universe all its dimensions and answer
is yes because your soul has managed to manifest you in
this condition it has the power to manifest you in any condition anywhere
in the universe then it comes the reality up to water extent as what we
call passengers of the universe we would like to get involved in the environment
where we are what do we want to see who do we want to take to share the
knowledge or can we see the people to see to our soul by not being there but
by having the interaction without so it’s like you become a camera to the
world of the universe for those who are the passengers of the planet on earth
what I see using what I feel you feel and this will
become part of the work of the mankind in the coming time if you understand it
my eyes become the eye to the universe and your soul becomes as you call it the
monitor receiving it as my soul has connection to yours time of the zero
time of space there is no time in space that’s what I see is what we see then we
develop the conditions that we filter only and we accept only what we want to
see what we would like to have then the life of the man changes beyond then the
position for man changes beyond and the reality becomes why can’t I do it while
I’m here why do I have why do I need why it has to be done once I leave this
planet or why it can happen when I live this physical body many of you and many
of your children in a coming time will go through the transition of
understanding the strength of the soul understanding the language
of the soul when man start walking this run it had no language as he understood
the capability and potential of his brain they start making noises and he
recognized the noise what to be now we have to listen to the noise of the soul
of the man and understand the working of the soul of the man and not the
physicality of the man read the writing of Mohammed brother’s name he has
referred to it many times he’s hidden in the writing of Quran and in so many ways
we see the start of this point in writing observation mankind has a full
knowledge but mankind has to understand how to siphon in knowledge deciphering
it to the level that he can translate it the physical work of his life and his
existence you cannot put this knowledge on a board we cannot put this knowledge
on a piece of paper is not a reactor to build and it’s not against develop every
man has to understand the strength of his own soul the working of his own body
in understanding and respect to the soul if we can think and create cancer in our
body in the subconscious we are not producing another child that suffers I
suffer from so we can do the same understand the same use the body of the
man the same to last thousands of years not me if you ask the
of life is simple this man who has not understood it and has made it so
complicated how far we can take this knowledge depends on the intelligence of
nothing else but every man has the intelligence to understand it and at the
same time he lives through this dimension it’s not an antenna to put up
and absorb this radiation or that field that I can make bread or my leg is to
understand how the fields of the universe works that in the interaction
leads to creation of confirmation of existence in the dimension of the soul
and not in the dimension of physicality would mankind ever reached the point of
maturity to understand the difference between the world of existence in the
dimension of the matter or installation of soul and would the man be able to
exist in both dimensions at the same time many races in the universe do so it’s to understand the work of the
strength to understand the work of life and to understand the work of the
reality in how Lyle is created in the dimension of physical structure if man
needs to manifest itself we have reached a point of maturity knowledge with all
these teachings not in coming time many of men by now when they listen
and they go through the teachings they know how to cross the line to be able to
cross to the dimension of the soul without waiting for the confirmation in
dimension of physicality it’s confirmed that they have been in business the
transition between the two will become understanding the totality of the whole
structure of the universe do I need to go to moon in a craft or do I see the
structure the life that tastes the smell this whole environment of the womb to
the souls or the passengers of the universe man
has never been in all points at universe but when the man learns how to tap into
the universal soul man will be and see what the others duel as he chooses we
travel without actually leaving the position of the soul but through the
strength of the fields of the universe we reach every point of universe you
look into the light of the Stars which comes from the depth of the universe but
if mankind learns that this even star has a soul then you use that passage to
reach the star you do not need to travel this time if I can read it if I can
receive the confirmation of his manifestation he has a soul and if you
learn how to communicate how to be doesn’t matter is the soul of a stone or
a soul of the man or a soul of your child or the soul of his star in the
depth of universe once you have made contact you can reach it then do we need
bishops or do we need to understand if I manifest myself to you as a star it
means I’m prepared I’m open to receive from your soul as much as you receive
from mine do I need to have a spaceship or do I travel the depth of the universe
across the lines of confirmation of the existence in the star
don’t forget the ray of the Sun comes from the soul of the Sun not from the
surface of the Sun as the ray itself was created by the field interaction from
soul itself from the point of the exception then man needs to understand
more then man needs to understand the dimension of the space travel is not
within the structure of spaceship but within the structure of the soul of the
man to understand whole spectrum of the capability of his own soul then a new
knowledge comes into operation man has been in a way mr. Fayyad and pacified
and forced to think that everything has to be so bigger to be stronger to be
able to do we call it a space acknowledge our present payload but in
the world of the universe there is no load and there is no pain its to
understand is for free and there is no size and damage as I said to a friend of
mine sometimes ago how’re we gonna explain to friends and
the depth of the universe that our soul travels with the speed of a thousand
horsepower break what is a horse how do we measure it in depth of the universe
when I never seen a horse do we need to create new language new
understanding new conception and new structure in the work and the life of
the universe man needs to educate himself very rapidly as
we have opened the doors and so many ways do we need to be the passengers or
are we the captains of our own destiny our own future and in so many ways
would the mankind be kind enough to understand his own dimension his own
strength his own interaction of his soul with the rest of the souls of the
universe then do I need to give you a spaceship or is the ship of space
swallowed then it comes to another further point and that is did know her
bring a boat with all the animals in it or did he travel the dimension of his
own soul that through his soul he created what he needed to be that fits
this planet do they have elephants and camels in space that no autocross or did
the man or did man not understood that is the soul of the man which creates
what he needs at a point of instruction and demand and a point of the pressure
of the giving confirmation of his existence by creating other dimensions
then is the boat not the same as the rebuffed Adam in creating Eve has the man not understood the totality
of the truth and he had to be put in different languages for him to become
mature to understand what’s missed but he still missed because he never
understood it was in physical terminology it was a confirmation of
manifesting anything you want from the strength of your soul even being a
partner something to confirm you cannot love I can love you back
isn’t this the same as calling the man the Creator and Eve the man as subject
to confirm his love for the creator and the creator to show his love by creating
the map to confirm the confirmation of the existence of life in the universe
which part of the history of the universe we haven’t understood and we
have translators in knowledge of our own understanding because that’s what much
we could understand then the truth about the bottom no how does not exist does it
it’s the soul of the man who understands he can create body knees as long as it’s
just don’t correct and he applies and he can live within existence of the
environment of the given time and space in confirmation of manifestation
I cannot take elephants to the moon I’ll show you there are no horses in Francis
but on this planet it can confirm and conform physicality of life and it
strengthened to filled up the universe how can I put this knowledge on the
board and write it that you can measure it and you can develop it and make a
reactor of my with it if you haven’t understood the strength your own soul
how can I explain to you the beauty of the creation when you’re applying to it
how can I explain to you describe to this love grows when you have no sense
of smell how can I show the beauty of the Creator when you
not even understand where it is to create establish not so love the man
himself then you say do not speak about my soul it means you have not even
understood about your own creation denying one existence is denying the
totality of the existence even in a matter state of life of the man there is
no theology this is the truth about the life of the man in space but you have to
understand what condition that space gives you that you can conform and
confirm your existence within it what do I need how would my soul react to this
new frequency of matter state on the planet that I can my first myself in
that dimension of this country there is no frequency it’s a lot of frequency in the work of
the beautiful man like Tesla when he enters in a mattress tea to confirm the
energies of the universe but in a dimension of the interaction of the
fields to confirm the dimension of physicality if you ask yourself why
there is no frequency why there is no what we call sinusoidal waves in the
universe because in the universe there is no cutting trying to get true you
accommodate accommodation does not have the need to find to resist to overcome a
frequency a vibration comes when you have to drill yourself edgewood gotta
make a structural mass osmotic field the matter state in a compact mass of the
fields of the earth moves but our call is a pneumatic drill of the sounds and
the waves we go and we go to get through it we’re in the world of the universe in
a plasma condition you float across no resistance I keep accommodate that you
don’t need to sacrifice you don’t need to lose what I give to you is your
gravity and what you give to me from you is magnetic oh and I take what I need
that you do not need to waste time energy in the space get to get to the
point of destination then you understand why that our knowledge of what you call
direct or DC current comes into operation as the plasma has no frequency
maybe those of you who are knowledge seekers understand more in the new
dimension of my as I said we enter a new earth in a
world of the science and technology because we covered everything and we
gave that everything he wanted to see in dimension of matter state as I explained
in the coming time and conferences one after another we unravel and show
totally new technology which is the real space technology and don’t come in and
expect to see a flying machine I have seen none I’ve never seen souls being
all get in your mother spaceship then you can put the whole of the solar to
universe in one spaceship in needs the man of wisdom
it needs the manner understanding the truth when you come to these what we
call workshops do these conferences these are the conference is to open the
eye of the governments into what is to come and what it needs to be done what
is on the horizon for the world of science in what level in what strength
in what the emission you want me to manifest in some of the workshops you
might see the soul of the what we call citizens of the universe we can create
that culture we have the knowledge if you remember I refer to this to two
years ago we can make a fish tank and in this fish tank we in the condition that
we create the fields that the souls the souls of those who are of the different
strings on the mat in some of these workshops you might see the fish stir in
some of these workshops you might see new technologies and understanding the
changes in the dimension the physical in understanding what it means to be
with manifest space without dimension do I see my own soul within a confinement
of the fishtailing and what does he stand in the presence of me in physical
dimension outside I was told by one of the Iranian groups you have to show
magic in your one of things then we believe the magician was Christ
eros a dead man the new science has no magic in means understanding and insight
of the totality and knowledge then the magician will be you and not me I can
create a condition that many people see the soul but if you are ignorant to it
nothing is happening that there must be crazy but in fact your soul has not
mature of the extension industry one of the
most powerful presentations will come when you present your soul these
conferences not for us to manifest dissolve a detachment through
understanding of the knowledge is the cornerstones of the new technology in
entering the universal community and nothing else don’t come took we expect to see the
gans machine or something else don’t turn up because you’ll be disappointed
world leaders and the government’s will be shown we have planned for them to
create the conditions which we want not what mankind has dictated on himself as
I said there shall be no war because we have decided this our decision is our
wish I wish is command we command it to be correct and from now on mankind will
take that because you become aware of your true existence and not in the
dimension of the security our stroll in communication with Iranians that the
Iranian officials and rest see their me as I met Betty full of the Maron has done it you
understand the truth and it lives within dilation of the truth we are not meted
to one a messiah to the other we are the Mathia Messiah to our own
soul in the dimension of existence understanding the work of the universe we teach and is for the man to
understand be pen to no government and we accept no conditions except ours
which is peace and in understanding the new technology we bring wealth of the
knowledge not worth of the pocket because when you have the knowledge of
the universe you don’t need a pocket the universe is your oyster and your pocket
it takes time for man to understand it but once he understands it once he sees
it the clarity of the soul manitech to the next dimension but you have to
understand what field he hates me not I’m here what field I
create mankind has to go into the essence of the fields of the universe
which leads to his creation and then through that path fine away to the
creation of the Creator who led to his creation in the new technology we show
the path to the Creator we show the ways and you cannot build a system to
replicate it you understand it through the work of the solar in workup the universe
dunno kings and no presidents the king is a solitary and president presents
himself at a point of manifestation turn south through the confirmation
interaction with the physical dimension to fields of the universe at the point
of the time in space try to understand more and more about the field
interaction of your sensible dimension and the environment of your body go step
beyond in just reading the temperature and the heat try to feel the soul of the
planet try to feel the soul of your friend your child that you don’t need
the dimension of physicality defense song says I am Who I am nothing else
nothing more I cannot make something from you and for you if you are not
aware and in a way knowledgeable add your own essence of existence as I said
in many teachings if the Sun in interaction with his own fields creates
the movement the Earth and Mars so is the soul of the man interaction with its
fields of his environment creates a limit the long enough physicality of the
man it’s us who has to understand this and nothing else you are blind to the
truth and in that process we have become blind to our own existence how do I
measure the field of my soul have you ever said to someone I love you
have that word had a meaning to confirm your existence then you have a Miss – to
think of yourself have you ever heard want to kiss want to touch want to smell
I want to transfer the whole of your existence through then you have
understood the dimension of the physicality of your soul I love you very
much I adore you what does that mean it means I give every sort of myself at the
body in the dimension of my soul to you that I can feel every cell of you that
you can take what you need from me this is exactly what the Creator does with a
man and the rest of the universe I give or what I have in totality and no
more that I have I cannot give and then what is the totality is this what I
carry or is it what I can take from the fields of universe which have available
to make it available to you that you elevate higher than me that you can
absorb more and a higher string that you reach high level what does it mean we
give more to our children but they live a better life tell me I love you my
chart it’s the same when we love a person and it’s the same with a lower
card and the Creator but how we tap into how do we get this
understanding is for man to understand truth then you understand why as I said
before we have set the company and the matter state is in hundred those who
want to be in business because our business is the world our creation the
mission of the solar turn those are worried about the happy with companies
and setting up for control for those who are physical to confirm
their existence we set the scene for the matter and to choose which scene you
want do not lie as we see the lie to soul of
the man and if his County has to stay a shame nothing is hidden is our grace we
keep our silence not your cleverness of silence and cheat and deception nothing
is hidden when you work through the soul but a lot needs to be taken and be
graceful it’s not to put it right in the face of the people that I see the truth
is for you to live with your own shameless being because that’s what it
is not for me my silence is my grace not my weakness and it’s the same when you
become the man of universe but again you ask myself if you have to look to find
your soul you have not even understood about it so you haven’t understood about
the Sun the creator of the creation of your life you haven’t understood about
how the center of galaxies which gave life to you as the center of the Sun to
be to such a soul Optima and then the same as he gave the light strength from
the soul of the center of universe and a sense of humor skits aside from the
center of the soul of the Creator then is it the reflection or is it part of
nothing reflects is part so in reality our soul is part the soul of the creator
in the totality of the dimension of the creation no one has put mirror in the
universe to reflect this right we have become part of it in
different strengths despite then there comes another point
are the creatures who believe in the bigger dimension make a space for the
universe yes they do but for man is to see are we part of their organs maybe
but in a way we are an opening part of our cells how can be any different limitation of understanding and
accepting the truth it depends on the strength of what we call the knowledge
of the mind and the truth and nothing else
as I said people will take this technology according to their
intelligence which means according to the openness of the soul of the man how
to translate this knowledge how to translate this understanding that I can
move to the next time mission or have we got the dark bar off when the man
creates her scar if you go worse than 25 months your brain comes out and your
ears will bleed a new time so many of us will travel on a donkey and the cause of
this planet must all be dead according to those who existed in 818 19th century but interesting enough as I said in one
of my teachings if they said if we broke faster than 25 miles and how your brain
comes out do you look up into the sky and see how fast the birds fly did they
bring come out or was this a fallacy of a man never understood the totality of
the truth and now we have the same problem in the next dimension about
their existence soul of the man and once you understand
it you can explain you too and you can transfer the noise sure you’ve got
Matthew Messiah on the rest process of the transformation of the man
to become mine of universe as a start it’s now depends on how many mens are
ready to move from the village of the earth in a different ways and not buy
weapons and rockets and maybe very soon through the spaceships and if you need
that a spaceship call Tara the Iranian leadership will give you we have to move
into the next step and totally understanding it is the function of the
soul locked in man for us to understand us
and if you are still in the same habit of the old time you become the new
French business we are making weapons for mode now you understand why I say we
have to change the man on this planet before we take him out they can’t get
there now they’re trying to weaponized a Des Moines a speck of dust in the
dimension in the recent picture released in the meeting of the French burst in
our Minister you see a strange man sitting next to a man of Christianity
sitting next to mr. the Iranian Foreign Minister has the clergy and tried to
demean love the sole ultimate or still tampering with the physicality in
trapping matter in another dimension of the physical war just look at the picture when you see
where mr. Nassif sits and holds immediately on his left-hand side religious gathering together because
they know the time has come trying to fiddle fixed the dimension of
physicality of company when there is no covenants now the soul of the man will
government how do we tap into these damages how do we choose the strength mankind has been too kind to himself to
fool itself to spend more time in the dimension of physicality because as I
said many times we came here to have the pleasures of his ecology the beauty of
existence this know the touch decide now can I feel and a spell and touch with my
soul than my physicality and what would I smell which perfume does the soul of
the man uses which dress does everywhere to cover the deception of the
physicality as I said there is no board for me to write to pass this knowledge
is for man to write with a pen of his soul and understand it on the board of
the damnation of his cards also the truth about existence and take white
in a path of what we call the soul of existence and then there’s more question
if this universe is made to contain the soul and soul of the created things
what soul does it contain this universe if there’s a containment
there must be an environment for it then what is the name and what is that
dimension of the strength in the books I have explained as unica’s the totality
of the selves the containment of all these universes but is the term unique
also in totality is the embodiment of the creator is it the interaction of the
soul of the Creator with a dimension of soul of his physicality that each
universe become a self in the structure of the physical body of the creator then
you understand how people monies and what is the mankind fighting to be a
dust of the dust of the dust of a dust that is not even a dust how can I write
this and how can I show it on a piece of paper or on the board we are not theologist we understand the
essence and the process of the creation theology for us for those who try to
fool the behind to control the soul we free the soul of the man from the
shackles of abuse if the man is sized to terminate with the dimension of
physicality of his own does not need to come at the point of death and then as I
said we recently to a friend of mine if mankind understands that he cannot come
the physicality of the man was use of building the priests who are you gonna
keep in there when all the prisoners know how to move their soul or does the
mankind move to the next step of creating a prison for the solar the
churches and the religious leaders done that for centuries and so then we have
to teach the man never get into the prison in the physical structure or
prison is so we call control of the others this is what I said in many of my
teachings when we take the mount when every so community not everyone here see
and shows you a magic as I was passed by the Iranian authorities to show the
magic that the Mirian then it becomes a new reveal and in your product I have to
show it magic that I’ll be accept as mad I am and there is no way I’ll confirm
with the knowledge and science and that’s my magic and that’s the totality
of the truth let my students show the magic we have
to understand the totality we have to understand the reality of our own
existence then no one can fool you and no one can make a Matthew or Scioto puke
all souls are equal dimension of the creation as I said they have made
magicians out of the profits of messengers not this one any questions Thank You mr. Kesh there
was a question in the YouTube from Steven who said mr. Kesh can you please
tell how Jesus opened the way for us all I know it’s a hard and big question but
if you can explain it might help did he take on the planet and calm it
from the soul can you repeat that please again okay Steven says mr. Kesh can you
please tell how Jesus opened the way for us all I know it’s a hard and big
question but if you can explain it might help
did he take on the planet in comet from the soul if you understood the teaching
of today a thing is that understood that was a question from earlier so I
think you did tend to answer that one as well as the next question from Chris who
says yeah you are telling us what is latent in man the potential of endless
existence can you tell us why man profoundly is unaware of this potential
what is the hindrance or blockage that prevents man from entering this
dimension even though it is the foundation of man’s life and again I
think you answered that well you’ll think of it by the way and you you sit
in the train and there is a lot of noise background noise the train running down
the track whatever the people who speak around you in the train their
conditioning the hostess who passes you and offers you a drink will sell
something children running around the train but
you are on the telephone line trying to speak and tell your lover how much you
love her is your body your earring your essence of existence descends to all
those noises when you’re confirming your existence your partner or you have
blinded yourself to it you have blanked everything out because that’s all you
care to tell another how much you love her doesn’t matter what behind and this
is exactly when a man and behavior man has chosen to ignore but the work of the
universe the work of the soul of the universe carries Oh
we have chosen to stick to the dimension of physicality even the north of the
existence of the universe carries on outside it we had our passenger in our train we
have chosen to ignore to blank out the noise of the universe the confirmation
of the existence of the beauty of the fields outside the Train and how fast it
goes and what a beautiful person sit next to your water nice for this
operator it all doesn’t matter as long as you can compare to your lover you
exist and that’s what man has done with his physicality does it mean that the
rest of the exists he has chosen to ignore the noise the voice to call up
their Creed we sit there and the tonight goes you arrived at the station but he
wondered but you’re so busy telling your lover how much it up her that he missed
the Train when mr. station and yet back on the
train of why you didn’t get up but they arrived at the station and man has
arrived at the station to understand the truth in the dimension of exists we chose to become physical and to value
that physicality as I said many times Karen asked me why have you come here I
said there’s so much beauty in physicality we want to taste we want to
feel it that we understand by Manny’s attached to it so much that we can
salvage find a salvation upon the scent of life the essence of creation in our
nation of it scripted that it gets man so tied up to be attached to it to pay
for it to breed one more breath I give everything I have I want to be one hour
more one day more to suffer more what is with this dimension of physicality we
had to understand and now it is nothing but the Mirage as I said I love you very much which
means I give from isola me my existence for your soul to elevate beyond not to
be equal otherwise secessionists of existence it was a question from Doug earlier in
the chat he says doesn’t DC also contain AC within itself to manifest when needed
or desired to be able to interact with the environment wherever we may be then
does AC lives within DC depends where you want to get off well you want to get
up you create a brake and a vibration and that’s your dimension of physicality
as I said many times you all go to the shop and buy a 9-volt battery DC and I
said how many times how many of you have initially there was any scene that without the AC DC does not exist without
the receivers DC doesn’t exist and I don’t mean a CDC in the Canadian meaning
if you know we have to understand to exist in both
dimensions and we have to interpret what it means for us at the point of
manifestation but so we have the ability to live in both dimensions or poor
dimension exists within us no time Rene asks can you point out the difference
between thinking and knowing and he goes on because I think that if we want to
reach a higher level of knowledge we should stop thinking with the brain
because the brain is the box where we’re stuck two terms from Austria so let the
brain go I see you here resourceful is that part of the idea of detachment
that you brought up earlier it is when you understand you are the creator of
what it needs to be created so you become detached because there’s no
attachment I can have it when I want what should I carry it I told you when
we get to this point and we set up all the business certification our mission
and a third dimension of physicality with the companies on the rest so we
have nothing to do with that anymore so education becomes very very very very
very very very one-sided towards elevation of the understanding of the
totality because I cannot start painting to your soul but I can educate you how
to find yourself how to not define but to understand this existence then I have
to manufacture a machine I call it soul under then we are back in the matter
state we have a quite a long list of questions
from a ferret ferret in the Q&A in the zoom here who says I’d like to thank you
for what you do for Humanity and would like to say that I love you from the
very heart I have some questions I would be very happy if you can answer but
there’s a list of put 9 questions and some of them are in multiple parts so
I’m not sure how you want to address that in this Rakesh think I won oh yeah
some one of us would be a poor centrist right okay well we can start with the
first one I guess what happens to the souls of plants and animals after death
do they first have to become humans in order to return to God what happens to
the soul of the man does he become a cat or a tree then the answer is insane when
a soul is created and leaves the what we called the Cradle of Life where it was
established is what they call foot free I can’t fancy anybody wants to but you
have to understand that go back to the original teachings the soul has bought
to give and to receive and when you read this word from his cage he has to find
his position in respect to what has created would the soul open and will
reach to the level that will be in the universe closer to the soul of the
creator and soul of the man who lives this
dimension moves because of his misconduct and what is coming from his
life in damaging whatever moves further from the soul of truth in another
dimension and languages and then when he arrives in that position isn’t the
position which dictates his condition of his physicality if it is highest
manifests itself then do we have one universe for all the hands which are
created on this planet or is there one universe which only accommodates man’s
soul hello boy what time when have you been on earth you know I’ve been a
century so on and so on which planet on which galaxies were created this was part of deliberate teachings
that we thought these so clearly that all these ambiguities at the end when
touch and teach this part of technology is fully understood in the composition
of the knowledge and understanding of the totality knowledge or facets I’ll remind the attendees they can put
their virtual hand up and make allow you to speak where is the panelists candle
and the microphone and ask a question if you like there is a lot of
soul-searching going on you can hear it you you can hear the friction of the
souls it doesn’t have a frequency so on go ahead start cutting out while
you mentioned on that topic of frequencies in and the idea of souls now
all souls are one but at the same time individualized through the physicality
so in a way it’s a different vibration for each one but it’s not really a
frequency maybe it’s more like a flavor or color or something like that maybe it
can’t be described in terms of our senses but we know the difference
between souls I think we do generally speaking as far as you know we make a
distinction between the soul of a cat the soul of a stone the soul of a human yet you say they’re the same but at the
same time they’re different different flavors it’s kind of like ice cream is
all the same but there’s also hundreds of flavors so can you explain that a
little bit what do you want me to explain okay when when you encounter
when you encounter and you saw how do you register that being with yourself
how does it vibrate with you or how does you know they used to have to saying
he’s got good vibes or bad vibes or I like divides I don’t like the vibes all
I kind of think you know it’s more same with when I stand in front of the person
and I get lied to and I see it through the soul to me is a lie but I don’t go
back and I say you’re lying because I can’t see your soul
I leave it for the soul to put the physicality in the position that it
shows us ly that’s what we need to do the way you create a condition to
manifest your what you call it in your physical manifestation it’s the same
process there’s no difference it’s just in a way you see the tool and in so many
ways the body language tells you if somebody tells you we hold it if if I
see we have a specific word for they call it Toro means you know I give you
sweetie or some no no no thank you I don’t want anyone thank you thank you
I’m I’m full I don’t want anything to eat oh yes please please please have
some no no no no I don’t want to see but I know you haven’t eaten your mouth it
smells of hunger and you had food oh yeah please please have some he takes
the whole plate thank you very much they decide it’s the same with the work of
the soul this with a person and I see it quite frequently I see this is why we
have as you know now the situation with altercation auditions and all the things
have over an ounce of weed you got different dimensions I put everything
into all the members of the course which are involved exactly as it was so they
have to go through the same emotion as I hear from people as from those
authorities for my problems because I am a messenger between what’s happening on
someone but because I give the message as it is I have no problem because if
they go to the source they get the same message but the beauty of it is in that process
the whole group has gone through the same emotion together now when we get to
the goal and when is there as it’s been said it said then the clarity of the
soul is the unity of the Slocum’s and this is how it is and you you understand
the whole composition you stand in front of your bus and you haven’t done what
you’re supposed to as always all finished this is can I have it please
oh sorry I have one or two more lines to exist to to add to it he knows you have
another job and you put yourself in a position of testing and saying a few
lines left our finishes by tomorrow you can have it which way you lost we kept we keep doesn’t matter there’s
some time and a lot of pain and suffering and misunderstanding but then
why have been untrue listen that was why we were brought in that position to be
put to learn what it is was the outcome and it was a reasonably that we went
through these tests if you are put in a position of the testator now when you
put yourself in a position of test to understand your strengths understand
your your own inner beings strength since this is – what I believe and what
I do they said that they finish with the
dimension of the difficulties to have to carry on a little bit more to mankind
keeps busy with his own domination of physicality to teachings removal in
France in a very specific direction that you all will understand marriage just be
careful the ovens getting very hot the heat is
understanding the existence of your own soul individuals unless you wanna assert
to make you a soul machine good day mr. cash what is haraam mr.
cash if I have a reactor of star formation of four reactors I have
established in the middle the free plasma of the form if I bring fifth
reactor in the top I will elevate this free black metal 1/4
1/2 cents in my living room or push it outside
have you ever tried it I have yeah you tried it on you achieve that the free
blast not cover up the fourth one no freedom free plasma to be outside the
dimension of the four star formation the star formation is there but the soul of
it is outside the end so but I don’t need to move it to the fourth one boy I
can move it down to the third one or one or two three I want I want to compare why do I do one
do I do one this whole in the fourth part he already has a soul I want to
compare it with the body of the man let’s go with this one first when when I
achieve this star formation before and put fifth one I will have interaction
between the fifth and the whole four so I create another free plasma and this
one will cover up a space between and the in the space of the reactor and the
body of the man I have the same reactor to achieve communication between the
soul of the man and soul of physicality do I do the same step that means I will
create a free a very free plasma as you said but the communication the
connection I establish it when I understand that the soul of the man is a
little bit above of the head of the man in this case do I bring the soul down
that I see the light in the head or I elevate the soul of the
man that it goes a little bit above to connect with the soul do you understand
that yeah good because I didn’t I’m trying to
comprehend how you want to connect the two can I can i annotate cannot I cannot annotate break break can you
help them please you know I’m just trying to work they’re
in here just bringing in as Elvis there chill out and I think you can entertain
now yes thank you Rick mr. cash in there I bring again this reactor formation of
the star formation and from the teaching we know there is a free plasma here when
I put a fifth reactor here what what I am done what I done I achieve elevation
of this one two to be here to capsulate this reactor and the body of the man I have the same
thing I have the cell formation let’s take it from here and the emotions I’d
leave the physicality it’s no problem and from the teaching I know if the soul
is here so this is the free plasma physics you put why’d you do what did
you put your soul above your head because it is this is the field of the
whole universe oh go back to studying break some of the teachings please able
to listen he also is in the center of your brain
not above you I know this one here yeah so why’d you put it above you whatever
is outside the physical body of the man is part of universal field doesn’t
matter if you’re in the realm atmosphere one and so the soul never changes his
position unless you allow it or conditions created for it to be so in a
carries moves above your head in a normal condition of mine we can move it out but then you’re aware
of the dimension of physicality in existence if you haven’t managed to
understand how to carry the fields of the souls of your talent we do that when
we’re asleep yeah I was gonna mention that we that’s
what we would do when we sleep and you’ve talked about that before due to
the orientation of the way that the rest of the body is in relation to the head
and so on so Jalal or are you suggesting what mr. Kesh is talking about which is
to deliver the repositioning of this seat of the soul you might say outside
of the physicality well in the multicolored daytime consciousness or
our vertical position not in sleep or I make an environment that established
re-established that good connection between the two and regarding that the
fields of universe I can understand where you’re coming from and so many
ways there is two answers to this question and the way you have put it are
you looking for to free the soul or you’re trying to get the confirmation on
existence of the soul with the body within the body confirmation of the existence of the
soul and the body of the man that’s sure about 100% so whether you look you you
cannot increase the strength of your soul by eating this and that what you
eat is the dimension how how does the soul of the man breed where does the
heartbeat of the soul of the man come where is it from
what leads to his generation something very interesting in the world
of creation of the man within a Walmart imagine and mankind had not understood the way as I explained in other
teachings their blood vessels around the brain of the man control and contain the
mounds of the expansion of the fields of the soul of them now
that rain that condition of creation of environment comes to me within the soul
or confinement of the physical dimension of the womb of the mother in a way she
gives you another skull till the soul matures within but what difference is
why can’t we stained an environment even Anna grew up we walk around with the
womb of our modest apartment or does it reach a point that our
nourish you to the point that you know from this all in the physical dimension
your soul is in tang only the compression is it cells then is the rule
of the mother under the universe which with creating a condition given the
condition leads to absorb energies from the an environment of the life of the
mother to lead to creation of the soul and infer the point in total operation
of it leads to the organization and existence also called the human if you understood this will be very easy
for a man to my come under the passenger universe but this time they walk the
mother has changed the soloist ooh you have to comprehend you know mr. case I think the problem
here in the white this in this white border because we used to to dimension
and as a matter what dimensions you put to it the factors it changes yes that’s
why we as a human we do we do not we see only white and red and this drawing but
we do not know that the fields all spectrum of fields discovering
everything what about with what you draw we understand the state of the emotion
of your soul all the spectrum of the fields there but we did not used to see it you can create
a condition and planning to show the monitor conferences in Jan where we
create a condition that you can see the fighter fancy sort in living is content Kanaka sighs thank you very much as we
say from now on this a lot of sensation you see I show you a picture then maybe we show
the progress of knowledge you see this picture many of you know
what they are this is how we have created different dimensions and the
strength of the soul those of you who noticed that one right turn the right
hand side is the first thing in his face reactor the blue one is the first
reactor we built and don’t remove their body called how sphere the the two next
to each other in stainless steel is a twin system or a private system and a
solar system the white one on his own is the first purple core reactor for
commerce don’t fight many Sheraton invest exactly Nimitz and last one on
the corner is an energy power supply system building Belcher but in the
essence of understanding the whole house in the process of creating the condition
to see we can we help you eat this orange irrespective of color and size
and pollution days they all follow the same pattern nothing has changed we just
changed address galaxies position and this is a very good example of the
development of the knowledge in a physical dimension understanding
creation of the soul we call it the plasma in the central system the truth
hasn’t changed in any of it do we create a soul for these systems that they find
a position in respect to the planet soul they find what we call the flight do we
set our systems in balance with the gravity of this planet or imbalance in
truth with the position of the soul of the Spirit then it comes to the point to
ask a question wouldn’t be easier to develop a simple system which interacts
with the soul of the planet which is singularity then you’re trying to
overcome all the gravity in their sure and everything else that it spiraled it
on top of it shouldn’t really assign in that wise mega I’m juicing with the saw planet we find
a position of the body optimal for your spaceship and then how much to be in
truth know about the strength of the soul of the planet knowledge zero you but if you look at the construction of
all of them this is 20 years of life of a man maybe 40 years of life
each of these reactors is two years four years in design development manufacture did the soul of the man go in them or is
it to confirm the existence of soul of the planet and they can fly they can
find magnetic gravitational positioning me respect the soul of the planet then
it’s easier to work with one field than the composition of the cancers and
everything else that the man has create and the other version we have Marineris
with their hand up here yeah thank you very much for these excite exciting
enlightenment I appreciate it very much and I see too many see what they all
today I just have a question but if you don’t want to answer it or later
completely occasion can come somebody kills it so the man you can say what you
mean like to the sort I need to say for you nobody can kill me I won’t die so
say but one day I heard you did say what don’t kill this so see you when we say
to kill the soul it means to take from it what it doesn’t belong to you that it
does not exist in the dimension of your existence manipulating no really is you
see the knowledge is beyond the comprehension of them and the moment
but the knowledge is within the grasp of the intelligence Ultima if you
understand the difference I can create through the strength of my soul as I
understand and see this until me also to absorb the energy from it create such a
weak need from my inner being that being in the strength of your soul in trying
to elevate my soul at that point I take the totality of your soul the totality
of the energy the fields within it which has created it in a way that ends in the
dimension of your physical wire in a dimension of what we call existence
outside me but then you become within existence within if you listen to the
teachings of many times before always explain that those captain’s who accept
the soul of their passengers that’s what they do they’re so humble – so what call
in in the language of understanding so putting themselves in a position of
humbleness lower in the strength of the field that by you giving to that so you
give the totality and they do not possess what they become developer of
your soul it’s not a control it’s not a takeover but in our position as they
know is not theirs they can let but we can take life when we take the
soul the physical life is finished and it’s within the reach of every product as much as giving life as much as
putting a soul in we can take solar but what does it serve or can we take it
into elevate it that in a given time we release it man has got a lot to learn I stand in front of the man and I listen
to the salt the rice with everything else I can open and him talking the
truth and he’s so easy then the point is can he live with the truth the truth
that he had within him now it’s awkward enough but all say is a secret is on a
secret when we share between two we can imagine by living by a test of a
foundation and elevating this so when we get elevated in responsible do we have
to go to another place and start with suffering again or at least you can play
with and rest we can profit you can pain and suffering does not matter in which
dimension I think you it’s the strength of the field and up or down position I
can take you to say or on the college hell is all fired and everything you can
still exist we see animals in the depth of the oceans or we see animals in their
John University – whatever degrees they exist but are you happy in our base in
the bottom of the ocean 700 800 degrees more have you happy in the depth of
space at 200 – so you have to decide in what point and condition and position
you want to beat me have you laid there is no suffering there is no in the world
of the creation there is no suffering some values like you should suffer
people whatever it’s not human if you don’t maybe we have a love law subject
that we put in a non satisfaction from where we are you have
to be see if you have to be doctor that what you’re very up to be rich and these
are things that makes us not be satisfied amazing the human being is not
satisfied and they push us to have more to be satisfied to eat more successful
so it’s just educational but as you said if you take your back why not be happy
yeah as long as we breathe and if they have a confidence I don’t see who puts
me prison if I’m happy anyway so we can say we can finish with with the idea of
suffering if we work hard to be in exits and detachment and service I hope you
see I try to explain something I’m looking for a picture and it’s a
combination of pictures I try to put together that it brings the existence of
happiness so very strange just one second
I try to explain this in the dimension of physical life and let me see I have
to find it we can explain it in different way I took this picture
especially for specifics like we have a notion of being satisfied with what she
always appreciates what we so that’s a way of being content and happy in the
losing material world possible and satisfied because I have I have said and
that’s all but when in comparison people mentally know that one in three here this picture if you look at this picture
you see we see four states of life and in these forces of life we see we can
confirm and in a way confirm the existence of the create or what we have
created with the life in the ocean with life in and that forest or the mountain
or bid life in the span of the universe where we can see to that from the
beginning to the end with that light who like comes from is from the death of the
universe and drew it through the reflection of the light of the create
is us who decides at which level and what we want to be part of dog won’t
swim in there or do I go and become an animal in the mountain or do the common
bird in the sky and the clouds or I go beyond that cloud in the blue and I
applied to be part of the universe is us who has chosen that point where we want
to be through the interaction of ourselves and if we understand this then we understand is us who decides a
dimension of the existence it’s just an environment the water can could be a
pond at a universe in the mountain under the galaxy in the cloud another earth or
vice versa why some of our souls decided to manifest themselves in the emission
of the water as a fish or whatever another one as a animal in the jungle
and Darwin a bird in the sky and as we don’t have the knowledge when we look we
know their lives in the blue sky at the universe we don’t need to find a planet
to be like Earth to confirm existence what we see is like what we see is a
confirmation of existence otherwise it could not be anything else it cannot be
anything else show me the fish in the water then I
believe the reservation show me a deer in the amount and I said that is black
living there and show me a bird in the sky then I believe this so show me the
life in the universe the galaxies in that blue sky we call the blue sky but
beyond it is no dimension it’s us who has decided in what frame
and time and space to manifest our existence yes and the last one is to say are we
going like again that they have to accept that or do we go like it to it or
do we say all that we like to create you see I ask you one simple question or in
one simple way what time is your time you’re in Paris operation which is about
11 o’clock in the morning do you know where you saw was about seven hours ago or just because you were in bed you
think this always with you or does the soul goes wandering around says oh the
physical says it’s time to move to to move so I better go back in isn’t it like some do you know you get
the free time prison sentence and you have going every Friday till Sunday
and the rest after we feel free to do your work cause it’s cheaper for the
government to keep you you know in some European countries you can choose the
term of your prison sentence I I work Monday to Friday Friday afternoon will
not come to prison till Monday morning and that’s it and I’ll do it for so many
weeks till my sentence is passed isn’t that what we do with our
physicality we’d bring it back to the cage of physicality to rocking and let’s
see you call I think one eats back you know let the Sheep out on to whether it
likes and then we bring it back into there or we call the the pen we have
chosen that condition nobody else like Shambhala in other dimension it is
possible to go to the places we we knew a life of Fe and say we it is in the
world which Italy and I don’t understand what you’re saying
I’m sorry I don’t know on a stone so rich on it I can describe many many ways
a year are how managed or I haven’t managed or you have manager you haven’t
managed to be it’s what you believe in and you stand and understand what you
watch and what you accept to be it’s the dimension which we accept whatever we
want to be passengers are you see the type as I said the teachings from now on
opens the soul of the man to the dimension of the fields of the universe
if you go back and listen very carefully to the teaching part of the last week
the teaching of the part of that last three weeks I have a started opening the
eye of the man to the fields the dimensions that the universe was there
is no fuel station there is no thinking there is no dimension to stop the man
from it there is no traffic lights and there’s nowhere you can go to Saudi
Arabia to get the fuel to bring it to take it where you was over in there and
purified the pure energy of the universe we see no Sicilians environment
now the man has learned has to learn how to talk to that energy and in tapping
what does he want to sell the others we not to be in his benefit
the minute you start having to be to your benefit that’s the point you’re
lost and you will be tested by your own soul by your own condition of your
physicality as Fernando mine once said I’m the head of a bank and all the
money’s in there but that don’t belong to me I can be safe that her huge amount
of money not say what does not belong to me
a Makita for the trust of those who put him there and I’m the peace of mind for
them and that’s for me to know what’s mine why do you want to strengthen your
soul when your soul is already strong I told you it’s you who purchase an
acquisition not the others I was watching a program and it’s these
things raises a lot of questions with me and this guy one man had three wives in
America three wives and he has 17 children between the three not and
they’re all happy living together solid tortured and all happy living together
and you drive two kilometers down the road she’s against every law on the
planet and then another guy has three wives and so many children and
brother dies and he promised his brother that look after the other two women or
his what he the brother had to Isis they’re not Muslims are Christians by
the way moments and then he promises brother before he dies the dark after
that now he’s marrying the other two women to capture the children of the
brother this is today in United States of America a man with five wives all
living in one room in one house and it was very strange to watch the behavior
of them every night he’s built the house that this house has
three apartments each wife with the children live in one apartment and it
goes around kissing each wife good night goodbye darling no tonight is not your
right it goes to the next house good night darling and that last house he
stays in that night is where he’s gonna be and the other three who made the
other two women are aware of this man being upstairs or next door
we never have unaccepted and then we say the Arabs and the Muslims have so many
wives and problem the Christians are the same so it’s not the name of the
religion is the condition of acceptance of us in the conditioned mirror no women
and all love the guy and the guy loves them and they fight for him and it’s not
one is fourteen of them living in the same village and then there’s all of
them in that condition but why does such a condition we accept in Islam equality
can have one hour for that guy’s got find them because he took two other
brothers plus the children and he had seven children and he says
I love you all and blah blah blah and he’s looking for another life and then
in the Western world we make all rules they cannot be more immersed is the wife
who condition was to have not more than wine or is it us who condition ourselves
that way that we can have others and other conditions as because no mindset
one sees it in all the holy books it says man cannot have more than one wife
what to ask but he hasn’t said anything about woman how many husbands they can
but as long as the husbands don’t visit so if you go to Africa you have the same
and if you go to Russia you had the same we have accepted the conditions and we
accepted it and we friendly in the path of mean how suit us and when we go to a
space we have the same problem what belief would we want to accept to be
part and everyone will see me come part of religion of the Mars probe is masters
you can have 2,000 lives and you can say with 10 of them every night or you can
have 200 husbands and you can spend all our village because its own you travel
everywhere here we are there to please all we have to understand in what shape
what condition we condition our own existence and what we are happy with
that we do not need to be taken from or given to this is whatever we make it taboo what
the others is just not to show what we actually call our living ourselves with
Thao under major law a man can leave it five women or three women of more women
one legally and the rest lovers but in fact to carry all this we just changed
the name in the religion and the state in the country they might think mr. Kesh we have
someone called shoulder here with their hand up and they had this idea they so
asked about the soul hello mister cuz this is photo from
Australia oh you can hear me yes I mean can you hear me yes we continue yeah I
hope this question is related to resolve but a little bit different
I’ll try to excite this sounds like you living in the outback stations no not
just what about now that’s Paris eh yeah that were so question is what if for
example a woman has a genetical problem from mother’s side of family psychological problem which can pass on
to her child and this woman wants to have a child but as a risk to have this
kind of disease or illness passed to her child it is possible to prevent before
she gets pregnant or if you see at the present time the science of man does not
allow we cannot do anything with but in the understanding the process of the
creation and with the technologies and the knowledge which is in hand and its
upcoming and we’ll see more and more of it you can elevate the song and that’s the
condition does it mean why you know the question to ask is why do we come to
that point of genetic doesn’t matter as a mental condition or as a physical
condition or whatever what did he serve at a point the first time what was the
reason for it the first time why we we we get different diseases and we give it
to our children we call it a disease but maybe at the point of when it was
started there was a need and a reason for it and can we understand our point
or change in condition of the physicality a condition of the
environment has created that condition and then how we can we interact with it
not to interfere with it and change it according to our needs according to what
is what we want maybe the creation of dancehall what you
call with a mental condition would be the condition for the creation of a
beautiful soul we look at their physical dimension but we don’t look at the poor
existence of the confirmation of the purpose of the soul and when you live
with that fear you you have imprisoned the soul of the man
without fear you know side and and world of science nowadays have where
pigeonhole these things very much if we know the disease if they can say there
is such a genetic and release to such a position do you love the child or do you
know their physicality of the child or do you love the soul a teacher just
there is a physical in fact does not mean the souls not
could be most beautiful song in the news and it’s what we accept and if it is
they’re not to carry that condition the knowledge of the man as is growing a
mere more developed we can integrate to change that defects if we would but
don’t we tamper with the life if we do that you see if I put you in a room I
can experiment a woman a woman and then she has all the ribs and all the organs
and then I put the same egg and sperm in the same body and I’ll remove two ribs
unless a kidney for a time of the pregnancy what the two souls will be the
same or have I changed the environment of it and will not be the same
I wanna defend so why do we interfere me the question again question is is it
possible before the first another another doctor you have to go but what
you have to understand how do we value the physicality or the soul and if there
is a fear you bring it in with appear there what’s the purpose of that soul to
be born thank you Thank You mr. Kish there’s some
questions from Dan and the chat here told him to select one but I think
there’s one question how does the soul of the man manifest in a coma condition
is there memories and emotions the same thing as with sleeping is there a
difference in this soul of the man if he’s asleep in a hotel room or in his
bedroom or in the car it’s the same soul we just changed the environment when
you’re in common the soul is exactly same visibility’s it’s just that you
don’t have access to the physical dimension to confirm your existence or
your awareness of your environment operator I think you mentioned before that the
soul doesn’t have an independent existence without the environment it is
just a way we confirm ourselves how can I come here there it is
there’s nothing how can it be a room I’m not in the room
hey you know if I don’t come into the room I’m here because the room is here
so one would ask what’s outside the room is that the the void the the poisonous
oh no it’s another room which leads me to this or is on the environment you
call it the garden or the park or the street we have chosen many names to
place this body of the man but it was in fact is a passenger of universe we are
passengers and the sooner the man understands human learn which part of me
wants to get out it’s like you know the European Northern
Europeans when it comes runs December November December they all pack up a
move on go to Spain to have the warmth up to somebody had in Northern Europe it’s like you know what they but the
people from beside yourself or California they say they know who was
the Canadians because Canadians come from the north in this winter to be in
the warm weather up the Sun and that one stream and that was daunting because the
chickens she where it’s too cold it’s like Kim we choose the direction years
ago when when this photo can be around I used to go sometimes wintertime and or
our housekeepers and opened blankets random shaking and shivering to blankets
we has to beat them and I was coming walking around with a t-shirt because I
came from you know personal and everything this was 2530 degrees was
warm it was summertime for me and they used to laugh how can you walk like this
I said to me is I enjoyed I came here and they say were the two three blankie
separate random big condition ourselves the environment Mira and we can be in
the same condition when the environment changes coming up to it if you live in
sudden Italy at our part of the world where it is now you come suddenly over a
few days matter of few days you go from 40s and whatever to 25 28
and mr. shivering it’s cold at 25 28 sometimes we will call the 24 is really
cold because few days ago you were the heat and the body doesn’t adjust we got to adjust ourselves to the
environment of the universe and where and how we can conform what is real
existence we will not change is also has to accept the changes in on this planet
we delegated winter clothes in barabra and when it comes for which were all of
the way we walk with the bikini and short dismissed
there are no Wilkinson no no what you call it fair call stupid
you have to exist in the mission of the what I call the solar would you want to
freeze on planets Oscar sent over to buy clothing from under no Chinese factories we nearly turn our past session are
there any other questions those of you who are members of the
universal council the earth Council and support teams of the universe cancel due
to new conditions for Keshe foundation worldwide we have called for the meeting
of all the members those of you who are part of these groups to join us in the
meeting which is announced in the specific lines we all have to meet at
one o’clock Central European Time today we’ve called what is meeting on the
conditions of the nutritional education relation chrony and these are the
batteries that as we transfer power from Keshe foundation in setting up to
organization Keshe foundation in crush me into the hand of the earth council
Universal Council they have to take their positions and what we call
understanding of the operation of the foundation one part and in a way we
start a point of transition from now on now these councils understand the
position and their condition and in how gradually we take shape as one nation
government governing for the soul and the humanity to find path the correct
not the easy path but hopefully a bit will path for Humanity to find peace
within yourself in society so thank you a member of any of that groups after model called the country the council the
missile council and supporting of universal Council which transfer many of
you please turn yourself on the clock we can’t collectively design the next steps
steps any other question or shall we call the
day after two of us might be good to have a break in between when I have one
quick I have one quick one please you mr.kato we see that thank you
we see the interaction between the Earth and the Sun there are you hearing me
obsession I’m sure hello mr. cash I hear chill out do you hear him you know I
can’t hear him can you hear him yes I hear I’m okay try try again John ah yes
hello I am here okay mr. cash we we see the interaction between Earth and the
Sun where we can see the interaction between the soul of the man as a body as
me and the soul of the Creator let’s say the soul of the universe base must be
interaction so a very introduction there is something to to observe to see where
without where that will be do you want to see with the eye of the
man with it that was my question in the beginning so how do you know that your
soul has not been there yet or it’s not there any present time I know it’s there
and and and and I know there is interaction between them so so so be a
wise and understand it now try to see it okay see it only understanding its okay we are in it mr. cash thank you is
within us in it we are in it we are it yes
Thank You mr. case by the way also there you see supporters are invited yes yes
come on number thank you mr.keshe may be one
quick one and from your notes from sure as in the Q&A us in the world of animals
there are psychological disorders like humans or like patients in an insane
asylum sorry are you planning to open a sign of selling pharmaceutical drugs universal
psychological disorder of animals in so many ways this is the point of
understanding the truth are we in a bigger one called planet Earth
attractively recovered have we created one ourselves we are too
clever we separated the ones which are too clever and put them aside years ago many years ago I used to travel to one side of their Kazakhstan and begun
last one day without drivers two days too long to go back and we ended up in
there in a place I getting nowhere and they decided mistake when I woke up in
the morning I actually slept in one of the most secure Asylum places in Russia
during the Communists and I thought this was for diseases the ones which the
government does not agree with that line of thinking that said here has to be
crazy in pian son so which one my way clever ones which tell the society
doesn’t accept them – since I’m all are we part of what we choose to be part of
being caught the others we choose the kitchen from now on we
have the key or we have the knowledge to understand that be the cage we have made
disappear and we have a present solvent and by choice we allow it or by choice
that signature would the sole of demand at the moment for every lives thousand
years of body of the life or at the point of coming into this planet depart those of you who made sure to this it
was a question from Dante who was saying that I was studying man fifty thousand
years ago and 150 thousand years ago and life then was technically at a low state
seemed from now I was wondering then is the soul of man then and now the same
and if not what made it develop to stage of now or strength of now and then she
says this this knowledge seekers workshop the two Naniwa answered that
beautifully I am what I am my manifestation depends on the environment
so the environment one hundred fifty thousand years ago was different so
man’s physicality was different but it’s the same soul correct as the idea there may be the soul of doors was much purer
anastomosis involvement assertion of lies and cheating and
taking from the others and everything else well that question does come to
mind yes exactly have we devolved rather than
evolved in a way we evolved to devolve but the the point of the question comes
in in so many ways is the fear of Darwin a prize would apply to the whole of the
universe or universal community or duelist is that equal to the he walk
like us answers for us does that have to do with the carbon oxygen cycle and you
know about the amino acid so is the amino acid block on this planet the
cause of this planet is it the cause of the called the violence or the the
feeling that we have this as humans in a way yes is partially deviation from this
is the position Assunta teaches we always say they do
diversity of life and diversity of physicality is due to the position of
this planet as it is in what we are what we want to be you change the angle you
do is there are some experiments done the
repositioning some organs of animals an organism inman beings and see the
behavioral change not deliberately but you know they go through an operation
and they watch what happen if they put it in or change their position and we
see behavior change do we change our behavior when we have a transparent what
I remember we have a trance do we get a characteristic IO gave it to us or can we change supporting a machine to
sterilize it ultrasonic whatever we put it to match our soul before we do see
within the body doesn’t reject myself the same so it’s the reason of the
rejection of the organ the soul of the physicality does not accept this one
it’s a magic mind I don’t want it discounts bad guy and unfitted but it’s
different than the way I think when I accept principle how they found order we
have to find a solution for the soul after you do the operation that they did
souls to be insulin then the physicality will my change is that the solution for
the future and partially dancers it will be very hard to teach up the
board when you come to this point because the knowledge has to be here but
it’s all anonymous County relatives I’m checking all the hotlines here and
one thing one thing Rick or mr. cash we let the rain come back allow it to come
back you said it’s very difficult to to draw to learn this in the board about
the soul o or we just let the rain come back because we don’t allow it allowing along the fields I think they
call it a day we have one where there were some councilmembers we said a tradition has entered a new
era in operations first times we take that step to comprehend what is to come
as members it comes through ways we we secret imperative as long as we have the
knowledge to support serve can be used technology it is hard work to get here
I’ll set this morning this is just the beginning of the hard work on tonight’s
big easy and I’m sure will be some pleasure in
some of its more understanding the others we take it up we we stopped up to
it and what I call totality we are ready for it pick it up where it let’s see
what I’ll show you here what it is come on anything to do with the
development technology inside will be announced the new company which will
operate for the coal international sky application these teachings is to dress
with we are going to be geared up with an extension of the college this is the
piece we’re going to do it as they said when the man reaches detached from
actual scientific and may has always involved but a better positions so you
will understand more on the technological side where we cannot build
machines over there but you have to position and work on which makes support
this it is the knowledge spread of technology bringing things to the level
that now can take risk it’s getting hard to hear either mr.
kijima can I entrust my reason miss Katya so we’ll give to a distant you
wanna just estranged when that one that’s with you so as I said be just
about things has happened after you once a few years which has process at this
point we have received some very good news regarding other positions other
patches which is to do with operation of the cache motion while we’ve been
operating in schedule addition I have a very good news hopefully we’ll see
completing about our work as cache partition in kana there we are coming to
the crucial in process with other part of this a specialization we have all
worked with but okay very good thank you mr.keshe okay
if there’s no further and now one thing just one thing I forgot to tell you
please those of you who are registering for the conference’s it has to be done
by this Sunday we need all the things to be close all those who are coming to the
conference in Austria we prepare you to be done by this Sunday because we start
to process up all the other part so whatever you need to do if you’re going
to be here or whatever please completed by Sunday that we can
see it better this process more than compasses thank you very much and as I
said you will see new technologies new understandings and some of it might
shock you but that’s how it is that’s what is going to be thank you very much okay thank you came that appears to wrap
up the 290 first knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday August 29th 2019
thank you everyone for your attention and again a reminder that we have a
meeting with the you see and you see supporters in approximately one hour it was it 1 1 p.m. Central European was at
the time again I know it’s about an hour from now yes it is ok thank you
alright so that’s it for now and Rick to leave this clear it has a European time
change but we’ve got five hours to one o’clock yeah I know you’re right yeah no time change
it’s still at 1 p.m. right ok then within 2 hours time knows what our John
check your time schedule thing maybe you have a some sort of standard time or
some difference but we we have no time King Joe thank you ok very good one hour
in case from this time-space continuum of course this will get recorded and
there would be a different time then but from now ok Thank You Flint for taking
us out and by everybody thank you for a wonderful workshop today hello we are
the Keshe foundation our mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity
with the universal community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings
in the universe by teaching plasma science and technology equally to
everyone no one is left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge
by donating to us you can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward
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