290th Knowledge Seekers Workshop August 22, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. Welcome everyone to the 290th
Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday August 22nd 2019. This is a broadcast
from the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute Education Department part of
the Public Teachings in English I am one of your hosts today Rick remand along
with Flint Muhlhausen and of course we’re joined with mr. Mehran Keshe of the Keshe
Foundation and I believe he’s ready to go with today’s teaching and information
hello mr. Kesh good morning to you as usual whenever whenever these series of
knowledge seekers programs as usual we jump into the deep end and we try to explain a lot of things which it is
scientific phenomenon so present time has no room or has not be understood
today we carry on the same pattern of working with the same discussions it’s
and at the same time we try to understand more about the work of what
we call the systems how we can expand to the next level in understanding the
totality and they’re full of full knowledge in – and by extent that we can
work with and be comfortable with as part of usual work which we have had
these conferences which are coming up and how they will be set the we had many requests from people
who could not attend the full three-day workshops and they wanted to know if
they can attend one day of it or two days of it this has been our
accommodations on their website you can book for saturday or sunday sunday is
trying to be what we call the official day we try to get their governmental
signature on agreements and we’ll be mainly in high-level we hope to be
signing up where and we use and contracts with governments or number of
countries with the presence of their masters or delegation so on first in the
second day is educational and showing the new technologies so if he wanted to
attend to people from Germany we’re asking question and from France
you can attend but we need to know by end of next week if those who could
participate just register website use their conference in Mexico is still in
the process of being discussed to be done and the same is with Brazil we
explained further as we go on with these conferences on how will be done as there
are many many developments around the foundation
in different countries and different positions and this we have to say what
we call dynamic and fluid that we can respond to every condition one of the
things which we need to discuss and understand in position complication
condition as you hear more we have taken the case into the European Court of
Justice with the Belgian government and for this reason you will hear now until
the hearing in the European Court of Justice a number of undisclosed facts
about the behavior of the Belgian government in the court case and we are
open to negotiation with the powers of government on a direct basis not the way
is done in the background and a moment the case according to lawyers is very
strong 170 will they win the case has we been told and the case will be in the
favor of the Keshe foundation as we have seen many many many justices and
tampering with evidence our applications fully submitted to European Court and we
are waiting for the final date and on that made we will find abate will
release huge amount of information into public that the case is heard how we’ve
been treated by the Belgian police in a court behavior attendance of the armed
officers searching people for David by the people discrepancies in destroying
documentation not submitting the truth fabrication so in the coming time in the
teachings will not be reported these three years four years war since 2014
which this cover has heavily launched on Keshe foundation they’ve got a fake
judgment by their own judges now European course we have discussed with
powerful people in their sessions and they tell us
no education Edition Windows and issue of terrorism my estate this we will
expand on it will release pictures documents information in a public arena
on it regular frequent basis from now till here and as we said now we are
there to defend our case not to be in a control case which has been run by them
this is very clear to us we release documents from mr. policeman as we call
him and documents that he shows clearly a sustained harassment and intimidation
and documentation poisoning of Keshe foundation staff which we will show you
how it’s being done and then we’ll take this further into other dimensions that
will show how the Keshe foundation has been systematically
put on the pressure and falsify documents bank account closed under the
Terrorism basis because we now release how the whole thing is done I will
explain but you have to understand from this week we become part of their what
we call stock market in the United State on the pink sheet so a lot of what we do
and what we say can affect the stock share value we are trying to separate
the Keshe foundation work away from the commercial side of the foundation and
this has to be understood by the world of finance commerce those who buy stock
and share stock and what we announce because every announcement from now on
hands and gains of value in the market if we announce we start such a project
which is connected and why we are doing it the new development would indicate on
the values of our shares in market so hopefully by next week you should become
clear to buy as our team tells us by next couple of days you will hear the
name of the company everything we release in the
I mentioned Educational Foundation shareholding the stock market company is
and will be released through the organization not through the Keshe
foundation and I teach it even though some might interact there is something
important which I explained to our team and I explained to all of you to
understand is that as usual we have not gone the way normally is done normally
people like as we see start a small back door garage business and then they make
it to a multinational home and then they become in a stock market and then as
they become rich they become philanthropist and give their wealth for
the projects they want to do or share something of theirs and then that’s how
us with our work piece as our Chinese friends say is upside down the
technology and the ways we set up we set the foundation we gave away the
knowledge and the technology that all of you can test and try and then now
because of his progress we have gone into commercializing we tested the
waters with the smallest scale productions like in Italy like in
Austria and in other places and we tested the technology has to be proven
and many of you did so now we are going for a large scale and so this is totally
opposite of really usually the market works you build the wealth and become
philanthropist we were French replaced science and
technology and now it creates a dimension that it needs to be
commercialized to be taken over the whole thing
are we commercializing it in a very specific way as we haven’t started in
China now I’ll go straight away into what we call worldwide operation also
China there is a high possibility that we will merge the Chinese operation into
the International global operation in u.s. there is a possibility we might do
that but we have to see the situation so what we see is that from now on maybe
this is a la time I cannot be so openly before we
announced the rotation in the market and this is gonna affect new shares the
share values the operational values and from now on we are literally in public
domain as a operation with financial effect which as we have said we set up
our tent in a way to bring a lot of things together scientifically and call
commercially you got to realize we cannot separate as you here today is 290
sessions of teaching in public there is many many more privates
many private presentations many workshops has been recorded so market
has to get used to the new way test foundation way that knowledge can be
shared there is no patent but those who can and
work with us will benefit to us and through our work be the government be
the individuals but in a very open way we will set a standard we would we will
shut down all those Keshe foundation cave as you search which is illegal and
those who use our name to do public teachings with their own ass what they
call it benefits and everything else so you become very much more exposed
internationally and nationally because from now on if we increase the share
from $1 to $2 any all 1 million shares you end 1 million euro with more talk
you understand how effective this is going to be but this is a problem the
problem of the market has to understand this technology has brought new
dimension new ethos new ways and is the same we will let all of you to
participate in being part of it our plan in the global is very simple
minimum one factory per nation in next five years what we call a factory is
industrial zone which means has to have at least 250,000 square metre our
manufacturing and industrial operation this means that we invest in every
nation at least over the next five years of opening 300 million euro of machinery
facilities this means when we announce in certain countries we might need more
than one invest in European nations we see the need could be more than this in
United State we are committed to to peace agreements with which we keep to
adhere to is that we see the need for at least 10 to 20 factory what we call
industrial zones we will employ we create huge employment in United State
our target is at least 30,000 employment within next five years in United State
alone our capital investment in the United soon will be heavy
you will hear step by step and when you create such a job inside the Keshe
foundation operation it creates another two hundred thousand jobs outside
Transport taxation offices and everything else we become part of a
massive operation in every aspect we do the same we keep our commitments the
creation of Italy and the same to Western Europe
you will hear our commitment to the nation of Kenya is one of the first
investment will do outside the United States we are negotiating with the
government of what we call Ghana in what has been done and we are expecting a
clear decision by the office of the governments in respect to what happen in
Ghana and we have asked a direct result they
tell us within next two weeks they have a started a internal investigation by
the government and they’ll give us an answer our response is very clear we
invest if our investment which has been there passing 1 million dollars has been
secured and returned back to the foundation this is very clear if we do
not receive positive response from the Ghanaian government we release all the
documents how the money isn’t Ghana has been stolen and how it operates this
will damage massively operation of the nation financially from our investment
we have made that very clear to the diplomats and politicians in the country
there on the term of the negotiation and we play very opening all the assets
which is been stolen from the foundation has to be returned all the damages has
to be accounted for and be returned back to the foundation very very clear in
respect to Ghana we open all the books and we’ll make sure no finance is
supported if any finances are in a position we are committed to China as
you know we are going on a huge clinical structure of trials for different
diseases and we should be able to give you telephone numbers today or maybe
next week that if you want to benefit from the trials or the cases which are
going on in China you can travel to China and collaborate and work with the
hospitals for different illnesses in the next weeks and months as we go and we
develop our commitment to what because South America is very clear Mexico
investments will be extended in agreement with the government when we
move to the Mexico City all we expand where we are in what we call tewara
we own the property we have invested there
thousands of dollars has been invested there over millions and we will keep to
that they are committed to the work that to bring the third world nations in
scientific and space program equal as I’m informed American military and
defense and diplomats are major work in space will be in the new space
environment of Arizona and Iran and China we linked the three together to
develop a new space organization as we have an asset our investment and
collaboration is on a scientific level and not on any other basis as I said
this is the last stop I can speak openly before the stock market is opened up and
everything will say will affect the condition and the share value so we have
to be understood clearly we know we have and we’re going against what is being
commonly known as a stock market value for shares we are valuing our shares and
we have people who have accepted this share price we are not waiting for the
market to dictate because they do not know what technology is about those who
do value accepted shares will be by us not dictated by the market for the
initial stages pieces are common but when you know nothing how can you
evaluate when you have no knowledge of the science and technology how can you
value what it worse where in other parts of the world we evaluate in seven and
eight and ten digit numbers so we bring a new way new ethos sometimes rough but
overall treasure furnishing your guarantees on shares which means if we
do not reach the target value of the shares we added to be breached or we
give an evaluation amount which means we put the value of our shares let’s say
at $10 or $100 and we say in two years we guarantee that we’ll reach this
target and when we reach this target your share has kept its value but if we
don’t reach we build a dump that your value stays plus such an amount of
discount which means you can never lose and your valuation stays the same this
is the heart to operate this is what we asked many of those who bought goods
from Italy to convert your orders or whatever into shares and it’ll be done
the same many people have accepted and transferred dishes now into the shares
of the market we have fixed a price we are not moving from that price does no
matter what is done in market of what we call fixed price stays with those who
make agreement with us we will not add anything into it and we will control it
very tightly so you will see new ways of cooperation new ways of shareholding new
ways of sharing knowledge and technology you got to understand how our wire we
operate this way because we have opened our patent and when we open our password
we walk on the respecter sharing knowledge and being in that position to
be to the real value of the technology this is the reason why we go through
these what we call workshops for them in fact what is is not a workshop these are
what we used to call workshops for the government this is what we used to call
ambassadorial meetings in these meetings in these workshops we will meet you will
meet with ambassadors those of you who come in you will meet with diplomats you
meet with people who make decision for nations and
is harvest are operating as I said in the last teaching very clearly we gave
the key to governments that we taught what was in the government to public and
we seen these people are sharing openly the public governments are hiding what
they are doing in the meetings which we hold as workshops nothing is hidden and
this is how it should be no patent but respect for knowledge and technology
sharing with the nation with population in the aspects of developing the new
companies in different nations Keshe foundation has taken the next step
forward which means which every nation which we open a factory or we call
industrial zone because they are targeted for a specific capital return
to be able to feed their what we call the profit into education into health
and into infrastructure up the nation what it needs means we share our profit
within a institution after taxation we pay our taxes after what is left
government as friends what they like we spend fifty percent our profit into the
nation building the latest screws training teaches across the planet to be
or equal knowledge level building hospitals structuring that way and the
other 50% will go to the global which means the nations who will own companies
in one sense America makes a lot of profit fifty percent goes in the bucket
China makes a lot of profit goes in the market and then the poorer nations and
then we run the same who needs what needs and members of the universal
council decides Arles in connection with the earth Council for this isn’t
to run an operation we have given one incentive to the world leaders every
president of the nation we work with from now on once we sign the agreement
mr. decision they receive 1 million dollars per year as a pension as long as
they’re alive from the organization of the Keshe foundation for servicing or
serving their nation the vice-president’s will be given 250,000
for life as long as the conduct is on a peaceful manner so what we do we take
corruption Otto this is extension of what I explained to about mr. Moore
Ibrahim this time we don’t work is be extending his work in the direct way
that the income of the nation will be spent on the reduce that they can
introduce and encourage the next generation of leaders to be correct this
way we won’t wanna step further with this we use the president’s knowledge
and expertise in to increase world peace according to our eaters so once you
become a president in where we have the factories you will have 1 million
dollars for life as long as you live that it means you’re already rich enough
that service of the nation comes first this is goes the same because a lot of
things are hidden in the background with the vice presidents they do a lot of
work we respect their works too and in this process a structure will be set we
start to govern common correctly and through the people who work as support
us everything will be fully transparent in
so many ways the Keshe foundation has set up to work with nations another hand
we will see the work of the foundation choose organizations very very clear we
raise one shareholding by government shareholding
by people so in a way booth benefit by the expansion of the new
technology this has to be understood fully Hart is going to work by many of
you who now we ask you to approach your governments in coming days once we go
national and shareholding but to the raising investments in a market
refinance building factories we finance feeding nations and through His Prophet
we finance one piece as simple as that we haven’t started the journey into the
next step one of our more in most important jobs with this process is our
research and development and as I said we’ll take big chunk of the work we will
not allow anyone to misuse and abuse cash relation name in their benefit and
opening what I call search or factories or trying to be under cutting or
whatever we will set values understand us as we go along anybody uses our
technology will come under our 19% guarantee payment to the foundation you
will understand how we will work this is not taxation this is intellectual right
copyrights we allowed you to use it you build the market we will and you will
understand what it means which is what we agreed from the beginning with all
those who use our technology and you will understand how we will enforce it
very very rapidly it’s very simple we open our patterns we gave you the rights
to expand it you made whatever out of it or you have ideas that you can make out
of it our nation keeps magic set which go
into automatic rights into the work of the global so we operate in a new way
because of the foundation to be correct we have seen a number of Church
foundation supporters as always seekers have done a lot of little things they’ve
been successful and then is behind we will shut you down you do not know what
we have a plan you work the correct way we support you you have new ideas now
the foundation is set up as a commercial organization the research centers are
open for you to develop your ideas we financed it in their what we call it
does real songs which are going to build the amount of money needed so large is
not too big here grands factory is to bring so many substitutes that he can
cover everything in every nation and all these nice investments the medical
application the space application that I contracted all needs
expanding we are not a little shop as I said we tested in Italy and other places
with a small bug labs I patches these things will be there in collaboration
with an ambition but in general we’re going for a bigger target
what because when we work we work for the total environment we don’t look at
only United States or China or whatever we look at what process where is
affecting most of us and we concentrate across the planet to work on our
priorities for us is very easy air pollution we have systems which will be
introduced very rapidly once we go commercialize in next few weeks the
other thing is cancer cancer agents which are in airborne and cancer agents
which are initiating a lot of problems we know we have identified many of them
and the new system should come we’ll be in that process you will see the
structure of the Keshe foundation to change in a
very dramatic way in this way we have a split the foundation work or what we
call the work of our commercial side in a very simple way practice what we call
industrial zones service industry education foundation what we call
commercial side industrial size and research you will see the Keshe
foundation will come up as a multiple organization as the new company which
means we will support producing a hardware basic hardware or whatever we
need we develop service industry with it Sarkissian we build machinery to apply
what is made here what is meant from here and then the research which means
continuously all three as I said to the politicians and diplomatically the
reason we run into problem is the wages we paid for the fair way and it was
blocked was stolen from them and our work has suffered heavily but today’s
authorities are not bid Keshe foundation all employees have to have comfortable
life and income which means we don’t make search shops here for people to
suffer who actually make the products for the consumer to have a good time the
work of the foundation most operators the man makes it should have the same
pleasure as the man we use it the search of business is over we pay well at the
end of it look at it when we pay taxation who uses the succession the
people who live in a country why do we pay less for the man to suffer for the
government to take more or less to come to our worker you will see as we did in
Ghana we paid our first graduates enough that
they would not leave and this caused a lot of problems and this is the dilemma
with a gun in government as a son and many many government people have to be
paid not for the companies to make profit to cover the pension we make
profit for those who make that their intention from the time we start working
this is the problem at the present time the company is
showing more and more profit putting their workers on the pressure that the
money made can be used by the pension companies or other finance companies
that others who are richer can benefit by it more this is the wrong way this is
why everything is collapsing unless of all there is no continuity because
government cannot support more health care cannot because they put pressure on
the worker from the beginning to be sick worrying about every bill where you
create a conference you reduce half of your problems in your health and at the
same time you can expect more this is a new way this is it ethos and the way
vacation function works I have worked this way in my commercial
business for many years I know it works because I don’t pay myself to come to
work they come to work because they enjoy working because they looked at and
this is the way he has to them this is the way the new way to be done and we
are not sentimental I have operated by face for years by companies so we
expanded now with acknowledge we do not expect the workers to be paid little
bargain as much as you can that somebody in the pension policy can sell
moderation with more property to cover some of the else’s the man works has to
be benefited by aswer correctly peace it brings peace to the patient and we
see why and how this is the way you will see the Keshe foundation the new
cooperation will work will change the ETS we change gradually the working of
it we dictate the condition through the work and the way we do those who deprive
the foundation and I think they are very clever and they move different things in
the background be keeping an eye and in time we will respond as many people tell
you especially Caroline I have a lot of patience it took a long time to get to
this planet and I have to fly out so you will our decide from next week once we
are in the market once we start settling we will respond accordingly and the two
sides of the operation of Education condition will change what does this
mean is will be more direct we teach the technology the way we have done over
time but at the same time you come up with it to do it to use it you
understand you have a committed to the body but to understand every agreement
was signed with the governments there is one of us everyone who produces uses
Keshe foundation technology a different form of shape has to collaborate and get
certification according to what we do we have already started this in two
countries we know it works so you will understand we gave you the technology we
tested it we use it based on the country’s four core industry paid for
new space plasma technology materials which comes from the knowledge of the
foundation large corporations work and what they took from the foundation will
release publicly and they have to respond back number of new
technologies you see comes from the water Spanish I can name the cars I can
name you space technologies and I can explain to a lot of no no microchips
which are using the Keshe foundation technology because I kept the track on
because I know they are how they expand beyond it their names will be exposed
and we do not produce patterns God expects for people’s work now you
understand how why I released the project when you to grow it or give
energy to benefit by it in the coming time in this way we had to close this
because as I said as of next week we we have to watch every day you’ve got to
make sure what it says our people tell me
from now on you cannot be so open because I’m going to be more open
because it’s not our fear is their fear their as we say who take some time to
adjust and in so many ways we set a new stat new way of cooperation
new respect for knowledge technology and intellect and they also abuse it you
haven’t seen are there any questions of the section
teacher okay Thank You mr. Kesh as usual I
remind the attendees they can put their hand up and we can allow you to speak to
ask a question there’s trying to read this one from Maria she mentions good
morning mr. Kesh thank you for all your efforts over the years meanwhile we have
learned that a certain Kim has on has hand on all human money and gold wealth
you could ask her if she supports projects that don’t need loans to be
paid back as she gives a couple of web-sites there so I thought Maria is
suggesting that you could ask this person Kim who supports projects that
don’t need loans to be paid back in other words for for financing what our
work is is to structure the technology to be
benefited by the people who use it and also develop it and as I said this
technology will touch every part every every thing of this planet every living
things will be touched by the obvious fields of answers she read the system
sweet operation we do have a question from Jam in the YouTube who says
greetings and how can you secure the share price once the company has been
listed on the stock market and the share is open for trading we run a system
which the share price in the market we control the amount of shares we know how
much you got to understand we’re coming to a different direction we are not
setting up a new company in the market we have bought a company which is
already existing in the market for years we know how many shares are in the
market so those shares does not value much but we decide how much new your
shares with new way we put it market this is not the way it works we have a
very tight control we know exactly the name and the shareholders we have more
the existing system this does not count us market can price we negotiate for
prices which we see and we value these people who bought these shares most of
our lien absorber which is people in the world but that’s what is to come but we
invest according to return on capital
investment which means usually the way we structured it see the China and other
places we set the to make X amount of profit in respect
the respect of capital investment without profit we know we can guarantee
shares two to three times the value in the market maybe hundred times value in
the market the market will move to our prices we do not move to the market
prices we are introducing new technology so the shares are bought on the basis
from the foundation in a different way than you buy stock market shares those
you will see millions of shares in the market at the moment
existing company and then you will see those shares will move to our prices we
are not moving to their prices it’s a totally different handle yet the shares
will be fixed at an amount or given time and this is the part which we agreed to
do so it means you have guarantees and you understand how it works you buy
shares from us not from the market but according to the race we have given for
it to be valued at very profitable where you organized and what you will see is
different than a present trend we share part of the company where shares with
national governments which means governments become shareholders in our
organization this is part of our agreement with setting up companies so
what you will see in the overall few years to come World Bank will be
replaced in a way each nation shareholding in the total financing of
repetition of the cash value quite the case foundation in time will
be owned by the nations and not by bondage and on that extent there will be
a common denominator cheers for public which means overall public governments
will make their future this is the only way we can get out of the present I
Lamar taxation and all the promises which government’s making cannot keep
because of how they want to play who could be richer to get what’s gonna be
less done this way as I said be setting up a global operation not just the Keshe
foundation so in a coming time you will see as we negotiate with the
government’s let’s say United State the last the government will hold shares
primary shares in the Keshe foundation so we’ll do Connor so we’ll do
Bangladesh and in a way the profit from each one will come into the pocket that
the foundation has to use for that you talked about the Lord
you don’t be the lone when the nation’s income goes into the production
internationally and actually we use we pay and save 25% taxation on the
appropriate to the governor United State then we still have a balance left we
know what the balance aids half of that we spend in the country so we can
partner with the government and the other half will go for the rest of the
family worldwide we don’t need to borrow they don’t need
to put nations on the burden of evidence the central bank central part was
supported be the disaster the development phase space in a way by the time I finish we have
set a new united nation as one nation we have a structured a new world but ik be
the only to borrow literally to be dictated because governments will earn
from it for their domestic we pay for what a nation needs on half and the
other half fills in the bucket but the rest looks bad peace programs
understanding more expanding interaction with a different part of the world and
scientists and the rest of it and our target is very easy every factory at
this moment even in China is said to produce 1 million dollar minimum a day
we do not operate every department and now you understand how the structure
will carry on we have set up the industrial zones all planned this way
minimum 1 million dollar a day per factory you can see the employment you
can see the space and knowledge and everything else which come with it
I been in business for 20 years I know exactly how so if you look at it you
live in a country you know that every day every day
your nation receives huge amount of funds from what you buy what you use
would you buy it any other brand what it gives you back to your vision you will
understand exactly how I said every does he also has to be and his plan until
this plan is structured this way to produce 1 million dollar today that’s why we set up at 300 million euro
industrial zone we pay taxes fully to the nation constellation the domineers e
to power at the same time after taxation we pay 50% reading West while the nation
means that cannot come on taxation to beat when the rest will go into what we
call central banking that all other nations have accessed and then mr. Joffe
laws and council members and earth council members which projects will have
more effect total equality and guess what no nation will need to borrow
anymore to be controlled you got to understand as we say in China increasing
the harvest two or three times I was seen with other programs in the health
of others we will create a huge amount of wealth and food in a coming three to
five years there’ll be no man beat go to sleep still pay for example be free
because he pays for the other works this is what we see and now you understand
how we restructure if we produce in next 10 years 100 factories around the world
which is the minimum you have 100 million a day which 25 30 percent is tax
paid to your nation gradually this will build up to be more and all revenue is
up today in next 10 years you will understand as we go Freddie and the moment everything is in my name
and my rights are given to the foundation
it goes back to the foundation and gradually the government’s below every
one of you a citizen of the nation become part of this instruction I have
to tell you we done this before and it works we have no worries from non what
you mean West is not only mutation but is on this product because you know
finance companies understand this because we still covered part towards
those who needed that they have to pay potential policies all we change these
what we call pension business to be pictured clubs it is not correct to do
the bad to a life of death to wait to die at age of 60 or 65 where now is
going to be 120 150 years well it should be productive and active as long as he
is and that allows my kind to create a new dimension in life we don’t need to
work from age of 22 65 the same company that will get a pension when we retire
the pension has to start of the time is subject not to force us to get sick to
die and faster we die the more money is for the pension pumps we change details
man should go to work to enjoy not to go to work to survive understand the dream
charities are time-tested over 30 years any works how we let people who thought
they were on the run the foundation factory some whatever and we say
there’s a lot of talent abuse a lot of confidence the other companies will all
come to play and it has to be said all the resources of talents so don’t come
in with their own ways of thinking by the time they’ll change back to the way
we work the grid of the men will be there but they’re conscious of totality
or the collective consciousness will return to expect people will queue up to
get a job to work not queue up just to have money when you pay correct and
people understand to their expectations has to be just the joy coming and
sharing their life with others to make things to support things and wanna date
when I run a business in Africa three years ago when I used to lad they used
to tell sessions like that he’s here by the time I used to get to the office
there was a queue of people outside waiting for jobs because their jobs was
guaranteed and harmony was part of the company food the comfort counted more
than anything else and we had to say to a lot of people at this moment beautiful
I did the same thing Donna you have to understand how we run
into problem Akana we officials you just go on internet and
check the Minister system Minister maybe 3 to 5,000 cedis a graduate with a PhD
with 10 years work takes home ground about 2000 series because we knew what we brought in a
certification we received we paid 4,000 CD to first graduate with a Master
degree now you can see the problem minister at the top
all his life that’s what he gets and young boy that’s what he gets this is
the correct way because we don’t let the boy retrieve a key card the balls to
sink and to die halfway to Europe or become the dishwasher in McDonald he
keeps his respect best mother his nation in this is how it should be and this is
how can our nation grow both should operate those who take after me or with
me to work now you understand why all this feeling comes our God why should a
graduate in Europe ten twelve thousand I’ll give you the comfort of the West
and the same boy of the same degree we more talented kids to the boat to wash
dishes somewhere if I get a job like this
we gave the job to leave at source and he stays this is how it should be the
immigration and travel should be more pleasure not economical condition
mr. job application mission to secure that from the beginning was the use of
paying taxes to spend on pension and hospitals where you give the money to
your worker that never sees the hospital because he himself half of the problem
operations are today is the guy who is worried about cannot be
something else can i buy extra shirt can I give one more son in each room charge because the money is taken in black but
to pay taxes and then the taxes are not paid to support so who suffers the man
who makes the best one and this has to change and with the new technology will
change you will see very very bad don’t be those who abuse it will be those who
oppose it as we see here if you remember I flew into Ghana to give a press
conference to the minister called me the Iranian terrorists because I became a
terrorist to his funding he gets paid that much my graduate has made that much some of this micro so as I said we speak
very openly as he don’t want us to come next week we cannot speak so shares a
lot of things but another hand as we are fixing the price of the shares ourselves
we don’t need anybody to tell us – one two or three
don’t forget there was my facebook by yourself there was no internet and those
who brought it such a planet-sized long G they brought the terminal conditions
now this is a commission of work and sizing – we set it up because we can
search them we give guarantees government’s for the rest total
transparency filter work on the international operation the shareholders
may company so they can see every part turns will change very soon
but anybody opens bakery using a gas technology before they spread you’re
looking for damage to be good mutant we used to call it collective all right
property we call it human rights but gradually national taxes will change yes I’m searching our sources of
questions here trying to find logical I think there’s still some confusion about
the idea of a listed company and having a share price that’s limited or whatever I think we’ll find out more information
next week probably on values taken up this year because it works that body
counts what people like sometimes people fake it – okay we go back to the
teaching in the teaching of last week I opened a new dimension in understanding
of the totality in the work we did we always considered what we put into our
reactions when we put in our system on the edges but what we consider up to now
was the environment because whatever happens here there is some interaction
from it started and these forces are opposite to what we normally understand the reason is very simple when you put a
lot of material together you create a different field force compact and
dynamic when you consider the field forces of the outside they come and they
are in a way link up a different district this is what will affect in so many way
as we say in McGraw positioning a feel for strength of the position and those
field forces which are the balance between the two many of you as I said
before will try and succeed with the flight or whatever you always only
looked at this environment and this is been part of your problem now you have
to understand as you join displace technology is that is this the field
forces of the earth visit the hole or is it a galaxy then you can create field
forces that interacts with and conditions position so in respect to the
field many of you who tested could not understand why I cannot fly why I cannot
develop a condition to remove chance why can I convey create a condition that the
plants grow without a water because in none of the cases you considered the
main creator of the condition here are the toy
in hand of the editor conditions even though you’re self-centered and produce
your own dimensions this is what all the work of the foundation will commit to
you look at it what do you do you have you made a patch you put the pie
somewhere else and then in between you have the body who creates the condition
your patches or your children you have created the new environment and
this guy has to play with as you set up and in Reverse if you look at it who has
set the condition since the more this is the earth
you have to conform with it which way you want to one is the reverse of the
other but one creates a condition or other to exist to perform to interact when you make these pageants what do you
do with it what is the purpose of it who’s
traveling to where you remember the two magnets are shown one standstill and our
minds the stronger always formed and it gives the same when you watch this
baseball same is when you want to create Theriot how do you transfer the fields
of the universe into matter state as you know have you understood the work of the
environmental condition and a condition of environment that you create you got
to understand to many of you these things might not have any meaning
because you don’t understand the implication but those who are in the
scientific world have understood and we see many new things coming up in
mathematics because these as they say were missing
links considered you have to work understand your
position and at the same time understand in reality this is part of the story the
other part is the other sources which dictate this to what happens when this
is not there but parking convert this to be partnered how can you transfer the
images of universe in hydrogen or gold or on video if you understand this
should be easy they don’t be dynamic there so you have
to understand how you use the conditions of the universe fields of the universe
to compare it to what you do one thing you have to understand the field forces
of this side are stronger than this one even though you use the fields from the
same source in the world of plasma physics but netic field motion every
micro comes forget about meters do I need to carry a reactor or if I
understand I can use same field forces of the universe to create what I need to
be in the position and position I need you to you understand how the game
plasma physics and your work has as we say making something out
by the effects of zero time energy space is using the space energy which is gonna
be to create collisions at matter stood up to now you have been busy I said with
this make it stronger ganz do something making power to do something but the
universe or after man give you the machine you don’t need to make a patch
if you understand how to transfer fields across there is no reactive with no
motives there is no coming and feeding but planet Earth for past billions of
years have existed through this place using the interaction of the field of
universe to create some existence in conjunction with something very little
in comparison with something a slightly stronger match should’ve understood this
by looking at the moon where the Sun was a time many of you in the present science think
that rules were created others in reality the moves are the cause of the
creation and strength of the planet because they are in into the fraction
where the mother the point of reference to the teaching there is a fundamental
understanding of this in a way if you look at the principle of the totality of
the axis of the earth and the moment would be listened to bunch of hypocrites
science of cosmology they say we should look you numerous find planets which are
the same distance from Earth and cold son you’ll find out look at the facts
look at the reality in the construction of the physicality of the body of the
man and the physicality of the earth itself life only exists confirms
physicality in diversity where there is a change of position inner strength life
will be very hard to find in a complexity of the earth where the axles
are straight at the particular field of the when you have small dilation you
have life extinction seasons so what happened to man itself
then you never understood look at the position of the heart of the man says
the mango straight the body of the man now you understand
your heart is slightly off-center to the left and why’s it because it’s working
replication of the planet Earth he creates diversity liver heart and
everything else for the body to exist and none of you have a look since world
of science has never understood the direction what we call positioning of
body of the man and the union is those of you as a cosmologists who look for
life diversity and earth you found your planet you found your
solar system but how does it work in that
in this fine diversity those of you who said systems of expect to see things and
nothing happens because yes sorry sir you replicated the rest of cosmologists
Oh simple little things have to be considered and men of science of today
never understood it’s just there why is it there why the liver has a certain
shape why does the kidney covers the same shape as other parts every senior
year have you seen your brain structure do you see much difference in the shape
how we looked at you and bounced have you ever understood it through the by
the creation or just bunch of things we do because we operate on it look at all
your organs and see what happens shapes consistent and if you look at the field flow of
this universe with the earth you will see the same is this a kidney or your
heart river field structure the containment has change recall one
the containment that is accompanied on and alone is called the universe but in
fact that we need actually it’s the same thing has changed and the present world
of science is ignorant to the limit bunch of works rice cheese rest but you
travel this waste you look at the field flow of the universe and what do you
mean which part of the universe how the fields well what conditions will create
what do I have to expect and what do I have to to be able to be part of it mankind has not understood the totality
of his own creation is the application of then maybe our physicians can tell us to bring up beloved Harvard the kidneys
and even your testicles and your bones of wonderment and then the ball
look at the field follow of the planet isn’t that the same once the man become
educated absolutely the same where’d the field floors of the union’s this scale is asleep you start from the
universe to your planet to your brain long rest uniformity here you call it
this particle here you call it center axis of the planet so it’s the same the
behavior once you understand what is logically if you get to the other but
how do you create it how do you expand it how do you go into the inner sanctums
of knowledge of the creation and to have a full understanding of the operation we have come a very short time from pink
finding the fire after hundreds of thousands of years we understood the
power of the water another image called atronics the field flow which created all this
started now we deal with the chief now we have to understand new understanding
technology the extension of knowledge is the limitations and solar we understand
this disorder the whole energy this race will go to bridges of race color and everything
else the reality and we understand more and more the way as I explained to
diplomatic visa well past few days is that I said before we share the
knowledge that nobody could’ve used the internet to start to talk to we don’t
need to be as I said South Korean nuclear physicists say they’ve been
waiting for Americans to bring us technology wide-ranging scientists it’s
you who put yourself below order not done so they dictate understand your
people do a lot abuse try to understand the work of very simple thing which is
opposite to what you always thought you will see they are very strange
damage to you’ve resisted create because it’s bigger to be this is to create
because he won’t study that’s where I created Lee releasing expanded but at
the same time he forces returned back to keep in touch all this magnetical called this
gravitation the pool to be collected strong multiple to me we always go back home though we see is
within the fields and he puts it down to these principles are and will become the
cornerstone of the work of the space technology as I said in a very short
time we would set up the space programs very strong a Negro you know the
birthplace of space technology collaborate with all other nations share
that fruit of the knowledge but we have to understand one thing
and that is do we spend time to learn more about the universe or to be first
learn more about our weaknesses than the universe we can survive this way we need
help thousands of years to burn everything the other way jump in the
pool and learn to swim sometimes might be dangerous but sometimes mankind will
succeed to join the nurse to miss a successor to our friend Universal
committees at the bar everybody sitting there waiting for you to come first
community is what you are part of but never understood that their fields has
led your creation and your movies we are not waiting for parties and
welcome parties hoping to be there be there the parties intelligent how much
we understand the work and then will it will see the physicality of being always try to understand this as I said before
now the mental space fields more important for you period
maker as you can create out of them and you can give to them do you need a
dynamic reactor or did God created a motor somewhere with a small reactor
which led to the creation of the planet Earth this is a huge jump even some of
you might try to understand it – converting the fields into entity and
then commanding the entities to things this is going to be a huge job in the
college of man will be as bad as he wanted to come up a hundred years ago
and it was donkeys and hearts and he wake up today
displace technology computers readings but in all of it there is always a need
for what we call the initiate generation the source which is already pre-made is
very much like what you call in baking you can make as much noise as
you like no problem what do we do we put the yeast in it to
start and what man should understand that yeast really shouldn’t start of the
universe is the souls which are created planet Earth to position the dimensions
of the union’s Marianas and if you stood this fundamental principle you have
mature to be if you look at it your soul was created
out of fields our soul becomes that star did your father put two reactors rotate
them in speed or they will not mother creates the condition for them to exist
the true it develops the existence of the builds which can work with the
strength in the future will understand slightly more and that is those souls
who will come stars in the universe or those also created the dynamic
condition of the totality which manifest themselves in other universes as they
gain theirs and our souls which directional strength create that the
reach the soul of the creator there is no difference is what you
gather on this planet decide Tony pulls back remember sometimes ago when said
you can think and you will achieve because your thinking is part of your
souls it’s part of the fields hands is creation the creator of the whole
difference means what you think you will create but the universe not just
obviously now you understand how is in capitals materials and in state of
matter also anywhere as I said many many too soon for me to
change my kind is very easy but the problem is this this which I run
opposite to each other in structure and this has been one of the main causes if
we created life the heart is very different direction you can see what but
why do you need one opposite because it creates a balance confirmation I give
you you give me many many of the children are born that is but died at a
point of birth have this problem position if you change the man they will die in
condition of the planet because that angle that position has created the
dimension of physicality of even its own brain and then you understand how a
physical matter condition of the planet Earth itself with life needs another in
Reverse condition for it to create another life in itself then if you
understand is you understand how to create anything in the universe should
have a field of the understand of the work of the sorry the structure has not changed this man’s
lack lack of understanding of the reality which is the problem life exists in every dimension but you
have to understand how to position itself in respect to his souls in
respect to the central line of the universe this is one thing that you have
to consider all the time where are you in respect to the line Oh Systems be earth be feed the solar
system big galaxies all align themselves to this line and nothing else matter
which part of the universe you city and according to the alignment you create
different condition of mind when man expands it to the future of the science
of the space find out very much like Earth something very strange life on
this side it’s very different than you have the rest of it it’s no different in
the space visible life will have different mentality different conditions
different environments even when you go to the depths of the universe you will
find that weather here is very very different
this is magnetic field floor we teach to open the horizon and when you see in the
beginning scale we understand how to manage this mosque all of you such a big
actors very nice but how many of you he said bioreactors a slightly tilted if
you look regional pictures which was released by Austrian research they
showed it but never understood it themselves that they tilted the reactors
in position that was most of the time the mystic see the problem
what understanding is very simple when he set the reactor on a straight line
you have created uniformity when he said with an angle now you see and if I
expand you can see the fields interacting differently if they’re
worried that natural straight up you see the fields are different these playing
with the fields positioning in the field is the key to the future development of
the science of space travel a creation of every condition even creation of the
soul numerous in space you don’t not create unfortunately coped you create
the soul of the strength that in any condition would lead to creation of God
go back to writing name says even stone as a soul lampion star you can create
read the writing of muhammad rasul state you understand in many verses what he
explained this but man never understood this is the totality of the knowledge
and it’s a cornerstone of man survival in space to us everything has to be
straight and upright to be correct the beauty of the creation comes out of this
diversity of perfection then you understand how the field of the
universe counts as sometimes make your job and if you
understand as a lot of which way is the soul of the Creator if it was this would
it lead to this creation diversity apart or is this they can give a take and
create the lower line man needs to mature mature very very
fast because now people to understand goes back to where I started to
discussion today it was very simple we spoke about transition global education
now we were little in obscurity knowledge expansion to be very rapid
that’s fine open the doors to speak now we come to the dimension that every
scientists will assess his own knowledge and his work cannot be hidden because
you will see when I started years ago bombs coming to pinch man where he
actually induce me pitch pre knowledge now the totality no as I said to
somebody very recently do you think I kind with the new knowledge now is open
what is casually physicians are deciding how who are they they become you think
they don’t listen to a bunch of Belgium’s there shall be no king because
they wrote it up themselves I understand very very quickly place where we are any questions the pictures look very clear today yes
there is no comment with certain requirement obviously resigning made
there for you the audio is not very good though it was dying often had to listen
that full volume in order to hear you so where some day yes it was going off I
sent a couple messages and I didn’t want to interrupt you middle we we do not
pass this time yeah because lyrically right now so yes we are on the internet
system so I think we close to the whiteboard sometimes interferes way to
year and I got a free microphone yeah is that something we cannot wait unless
you want me to swallow the microphone and does he drink my way that’s why I
didn’t hear at you is probably nothing change in any way no it’s like being
closest to the market today what we called this screen is a magnetic field
attraction yes from non I’ll extend my arm and I do a drink what standing as
far as possible we had the alley here with mr. Kesh hi
Rick it’s good to talk to you again from you for a long time yes it’s been an
interesting few years and there’s been interesting you know forces around you
know intermingling but the curse of God everything is okay and I’m fine and
still going and I created this system using copper pyramids and plasma units
so the same for plasma units that I had I connect I created a copper pyramid I
can send your picture so if you want me to explain to us what
you’re trying to tell us sure it’s a seven feet copper pyramid it
has a for copper poles and I also made a video that Rick I sent it to Rick that’s
one you can do it justice still shot if you want that way
maybe mr. Kesh can have a look and give us some insight it’s been very
interesting my body weary repairs very fast when I’m in it and also my need for
food has gone very down very much I don’t eat meat to eat as much when I’m
in the system so one plasma the three plasma years have three I have two
polarities one the one line goes to the bottom of the pyramid the top goes into
one of the corner so I have for plasma units they each connect to one corner of
the pyramid and one line goes to the top on lines goes to the bottom and what I
noticed is that it is this week my body repairs really fast and my new one
damaged yourself deliberately to see if you repair
I know it’s just whenever like I do a sports and stuff and I have a lot of
pain my joints if I sleep in the pyramid it with those plasma units around that
originally we had designed it’s just within a day I’m back to normal and I
feel good so this is kind of a still shot if you go a little backwards Rick
and there’s four corners of the pyramid so ya don’t each side you see there’s a
plasma and one line goes to the bottom piece one line goes to the top piece so
that’s the configuration and I was wondering if you can bring
some insight on how this creates the field or the field effect to improve
their you know health and also reduce the food consumption what is important
is that what fields you created and are these all copper cancers or all the
coppers no can see you have any nano coated copper material vicinity only the
on the plasma units not the copper poles it’s okay why you recover fast is
because you use copper doesn’t matter in what shape now you concentrated most of
the body of the man has a copper country means muscle tissue we are made of it is
for about the first teachings we explain that’s why with the muscle damage in
certain ways you need to use copper Cu and so the reason you recover is because
these are in tune with the field strength of your physical body muscle
tissue if you for example change your systems to another material like I say
think is the copper coils you’ll find out you’ll attract a psychological
pattern your emotions okay you understand so you know we you tune into
the physical vibration see or if you use nano coated steel or iron you know find
out the charge hold the field should’ve mine because now you touch the
home globe in the village so we understand this in so many ways you go
into the environment which is balance itself but in that balancing is made of
the copper which is creator of your physical language in the muscle tissue
that’s why you you get it what it means I presume if you even nano-coat this
copper to achieve what I call it copper triangle or primitive made you’ll find
total idiot even reaction much faster reaction okay but you got to understand
you need to know no code the tube inside out at both sides let’s use a solid rod
okay that make sense yeah thank you very much for your insight and nice to hear
from you long time no see but it’s been a challenging few years and overall in
Davos but always in my heart and mind for years and we have C here dan has a question in the
Q&A it’s a little hard he is actually seven questions altogether and his
question but for what everybody else study any other questions freed us in the live stream so our hands
can be used as a plasma field to heal ourselves by intention and vision of a
perfect balance yes this is what some of the key lessons because I understand the
strength of the field if you look at it you look at the transportation of the
energy and not matter and this is bodies what it will take place when you use
your hands when you go to certain healers they can heal some people but
they cannot heal address because they feel the strength of their body does not
match unless it and they can fit some others with a new
space technology plasma fields and other gas fields you will find out that can be
done the same way it is a new dimensions many of you are trying them if we will
try new dimensions and you will understand more we have to move into the
next step or next stage what we call the field interaction and battery
interaction and understand how we create methods out of fields and how we create
fields other matters and when we want to create cancers out of the condition
which means in both dimensions but we decide where I’m going on what fields from rod is a very exciting time condom
for those of you who do a lot of research in the field and transmutation
of minutes on transportation appeals if you understand the total concept and the
prints if you look at it your two hands are the
two patches but this time you have the control to change it with the patch is
fixed with your hand your emotion change in a way if you look at it is in the
subconscious of the man do I want to accept what he doesn’t want Charlie
calling the pain and do I want to keep from me for him or the body to accept
new energy that it allows the body to be in comfort position on okay it’s the
environment which you create and you have a control over emotion it’s a very
interesting test if you ever manage to do it understand it you know you’ll I
don’t know if you play the game when you were children and you’re right on the
back of your friend and say what did I write and he has to feel the touches
that you have the impression made on his nervous now try to do this with thoughts
with the soul and see if they can read and if you are prepared to go through
the exchange how many of you will go and touch a man mile as a human being or
doesn’t matter the person has a physical body of a male and knowing he has a
cancer you accept that in the military host they call it ultimate sacrifice but what you receive would it be the
cancer to you would your strength be higher than what he calls the cancer in
the body of the person you try to receive it then I’ll be confident enough that we
can take go back to the teachings very very early times training or in since I
know war but before not always said in the future you give your soul to the
capture but would that captain be there to carried such a strength oh should
would he say och I can this part of your soul I can only carried out this
strength after knowledge is understanding the truth one yourself and
what you carry how much you take if you think of it when you put a patch
on one side the stronger and a passion of the side and you put a cancer tumor
in between and you to everything to reduce the cancer tumor where does that
energy go or does the weak a packet cancer or does it spread the energy in a
way that you can never find use all our research often our shows we don’t send
cancer images but in between the patch and the skin of the man you find the
residues of cancer but in the patches you don’t find it the energy balance the
feel the energy interaction balance changes the patches we see it we have to perhaps you could give some
clarification to to Dan regarding the idea of intellectual property and he’s
worried about how how will he know whether he can share with others and
teach others freely if he’s interested of the strength of your will isn’t it I
don’t have any fear I share you gotta understand it’s a very old say from the
song days and now that they educated that people they change your position so
this had a very clear line who years that there is no patent rights because
once we think of it belongs to and everything longs to everybody but they
had no means of doing it it was just if they wanted to copy something neither
have educated some of their people and now they paid a lot of forest come in
and they paid him to such till now the intellectual right counts because I
spent money already but we become the old Saudis and we say
the once you reach the point of knowledge we share the knowledge and if it is for you to gain from this
knowledge then it’ll come to you in a confidence in action indeed not
fear of not doing up my tub learn from me have no fear to share and
you see the foundation grows bigger and bigger and it’s become stronger strong
it’s the way we have been brainwashed into this thing by sharing the knowledge
and letting the knowledge seekers to do many many knowledge seekers has spread
the knowledge beyond one man could and now we see it coming back making a very
strong base for a lot of us what we wanted the certain knowledge is which we
don’t release because man is not ready for it and certain knowledge is we use
for a specific purposes to create specific conditions to achieve what is
our bigger goal applied and this has its not should not be misunderstood as I
said beginning very handy around you could teach the whole knowledge give me
a spaceship and put you in spaces at one but let us call the animal behavior of
the man in space and I have to fight with everything else in space not to
kidnap and destroy how do we know what fish is more delicious than the audition
or we like lamb but we don’t like donkey or lion to eat we taste that we kill it
but the man do the same in space with what comes how does it taste it’s always
said all movie I said in many many times white brown blue
Treena black brown skin black eyes he says do you taste like chocolate cannot
lick you that licking has to stop enjoying to what isn’t present god I
wish not this is one of the biggest problems with mankind
we gotta stop eating and tasting but enjoy the presence how many creatures of
the universe will taste like a jelly how many of them will be chocolate may have we got stop man
tasting when I stopped racing I insist on killing those who have a fear of
intellectual rights those other people minded because that’s the only thing
they could ever have now it’s important when you share you receive more to share the lyrics today’s teaching is very much directed
to the Iranian space scientists people who work in that environment and that
developing their technology in certain directions those of you who work in it
the space technology they should have received a lot of gifts today as a
knowledge be monitoring the the progress development when we see there is a huge
space Capuchin evening in knowledge seekers and knowledge in space and the
rest of the world how it is how is happening I don’t understand maybe is
because of the situation we are in and where the soul of the knowledge concern
but in part a large part of the teaching today was talking about the green space
people who are developing innovations I was a question from Jen regarding the
reactor so you create a push to move the plasma fields by tilting the reactor
how about tilting the reactor at 23.5 degrees as it’s the angle of Earth’s
rotational axis and the second question will different what if you want ten
point five degrees well then yes will different tilting angles create
different push of the fields and lead to creation of different results and I
think what you’re about to say is goodbye
remember that you got to understand the diversity of life on this planet is you
to the angle position it’s multifaceted interns now see a lot
of angled reactors now and of course Lauren says how to detect the central
axis of the universe rush is easy yes absolutely it’s like you know you have
these Christmas balls and you hang them all from the ceiling and all stand in
the same light if you look at the true line of
interaction all the galaxies all the planets the Sun in the same line as the
units the the actual direction of the universe is tilted is not straight that’s why I create such a diversity in
the universe our heart is replication of it and that’s why life is not
exclusivity on this planet in the future mankind will have a big surprise and
that is nowadays if you are American you say my ancestors came from that country
in that country in this basement and man become knowledgeable to also understand
to work of the universe they will tell you my soul comes from Planet Earth which means the soul of creation created
on this planet that creation of life where that’s smoking on the set in two
teachings do you want to be a particle in part of orbit disturbs created
and these are the things which man swoon welcome tungsten to a you’re proud to be
an Iranian in America come from Iran my parents and grandparents or whatever in
coming to terms understanding the solar demand is the creation of dimensions of
life man all creatures would know where they saw contra and they will tell you
you feel it you understand it we have a common denominator creator of the soul
is the moment period you don’t understand in the
future many of man the scientists who
understand the meaning of the teachings of today in the past but to you who is
assert their no voice maybe you understand part of it but to that will
be reality because by dense mature enough for them to understand little Cajun has another question our gods
fields rotating upright or at an angle I think I also do before it that you think
that’s been answered and if you listen to said last week they said Christ never
compacts not very soon they don’t say cutters racist because the whole
dimension of their control is changing when you deny the Sun of quality thing
you’re gonna accept it on itself assume they call themselves the
a question earlier from Lourdes how did how did it become part of the operations
on a national or global level who is to be contacted if you mentioned having the
separation of the companies and commercial and the Keshe foundation or
whatever so how does one become part of the national or global operations we
with setting a structure sub mystic as you know we had many many people in the
foundation two years ago and now we have brought sit down it’s come down due to
internal conditions and us partially deliberately reorganizing into very few
and now as I said the setting of the corrector structure was in the hand of
the collector condition and her work with Universal Council and Earth Council
they have to set up new structures as they see fit and the job of the what I
call the new organization was a commercial entity is to finance and
facilitate these needs to correct conductance I thing about the
application of the technology and development of technologies and this is
all will call park to to the occasional issue management and council council and
coming weeks due to a structure to be prepared and structure themselves to be
able to govern in the correct places we’ll see a lot of individuals who try
to use the old ways of meaning and those who try to accommodate these news and
this has to stop I see a long linear inverse car also I
see part of it in the operation of what you call condition management
before and this whole will change as I said I’m a facilitator and acetate or
their organizations we set up to operate this movie but the number of employees
number of people who serve that rounded foundation you don’t need to be paid to
do things when people keep unleashing by serving and then they change it to many
because it paid to be and at the functionality drop long we will see
massive transfers support into the foundation coming weeks to months occurs
the control which they put up through history person media with now has no
control and will have no control because there are other ways we are watching
them we do things and this is a new structure and data structure partially
has to come from Ireland twisted or future failures of the management’s of
the foundation Universal Council but in a way whatever they do wrong want me by
2 or look wrong and the end will turn them to be too dependent on tonight I suggested that they the people could
apply at the human resources center of the Keshe foundation and get into the
database with their skills and whatnot and at some point might be contacted we
we made a lot of these things databases information it’s gonna be more you got
to understand we’re going in such a way into public domain where financial gains
are concerned new instructions will come up foundation will be will find new
structures to apply and bring these things we don’t have all their expertise
in the foundation but the expertise has to be brought in to be paid for their
services to structure it properly we have a started even at this early stage
looking at mergers acquisitions of the companies and organizations which meet
us humbling expertise in because it takes a long time but we can bring it
and bring the agency to punish you look at their structure how we if it was how
we look at the profitability and how we look at their use of their knowledge and
expertise will expedite our work a lot of work has answer to the discussions
within the foundation is to bring expertise it we don’t have it done work
to get it and build it but teach to expertise what we expect in our
direction you have expertise this is a very big situation streaming a
foundation is that we have through knowledge seekers and we have through
people toward the light to serve the foundation but they don’t necessarily
make a good businessman or not a business management the way to be able
to control the structure of the running of their the Foundation’s we’ll know as
we call their miners and these things has to be done by expertise and by
people who have and to be brought in and understood by them this is our structure
they make deviations they make trying to fit into the hallways but we have to
change gradually me what we say is exactly with with the shareholdings come
in we will guarantee that what you call dividend we don’t wait to guarantee
doing it with we guarantee the amount which allows the foundation
to operate with all these heaters at the same time and that you are you know you
have an income from it that it can support we did the same thing the coins
we will guarantee it not to wait what’s going to be this dividend I have enough
to eat but what I invested it has to be correct and as I said we set the
companies to a specific target of $1,000,000 and they made him prompt
profitability accountability and when we accept so many shares to be basis the
guarantee that that’s gonna be their return before the body call how do you
guarantee the light we guarantee your page should spawn your own investment in
your own time image not by somebody else sweatshops on yours you can be still 19
core to Keshe foundation officers or put your life in because we know that the
end up with a space and looks out to you this is how it should be another own
pain I sit and sit back and somebody opened my mouth and they feed me these
tastings all gradually will structurally understand we need expertise the
position of the foundation is very clear we have to guarantee an income for those
who invest to develop daters and as we don’t meet all the dolls who served our
nation said before in a committer I mean two three cycles all those more or less
who we can remember we have will be thanked for services to the foundation
by sharing their assets of the shares of the addition you will see public to me
and those who supported us in different ways we have put not values to it but
what services come with it even so must think
we said better than the others but so anyways you put your life to develop the
foundation the way it is is our applications will to take you in to
support your bill be financially beat social structure we created the Justin
correct the environment we don’t create a common everything we didn’t work
because the ethos of it was such in a different way and we see corruption
celebrity consummate he has to me this should not be a time limit on the life
of the man and they should not be a process that deliberately
pharmaceuticals develop technologies that people die a certain age because
they own a certain pharmaceutical shares or the pension companies which have to
keep on paying so the last step more they can create condition of not paying
the monthly they’ll come they can give the shareholders that the shareholders
being welded after all they tied themselves up when
they received workforce has to be to the last point when a man decides to share
his was not dictated by those who can share the brunt of his life to their own
advantage it’s it’s a way to do and as you will
understand depletion of the population on this planet will force just incorrect
conduct to support my anger this is part of what we have to understand and it’s
not wanting to is we have to a lot of cash foundation
supporters who came in to scam him for the money of it we seen it we have we
see it we have a recording of them sitting there all caches of only pays us
this is the money ball they may pretend and they appear only the last two days
after not sending something as they’re busy we’re not who we understood but
it’s not on the foundation is hopefully managing but in a way needed that we
become wiser the reality of people money’s so we need expertise and you
come with it we buy expertise in we share knowledge we have no fear of
sharing we hold some things back because in a way is our kind of bargaining power
for a bigger structure of peace as I said we exchanged knowledge for peace
and sometimes you have to partner with the government see what you have in you
and how much even you want and what I want my bargaining history knowledge
cash donation dollar second semantics my father is with the Congress to change
the duration for some what we call the present what I think as I said there should be no passport
I wonder he should as opposed to people from Mars or moon or the other part of
community so do they come a chronicle come catch would we create a tax my
product now we understand how ridiculous the situations that we have created for
ourselves we we set a new structure for work from now on and this structure has to be correct
from his face foundation work to the top and in so many ways
letsa said very recently we we threw a lot of seeds I’m reporting a lot of
birds and this bears claim to understand are not here to be slaughtered just
wasn’t brought them in here to fly and passing masterpiece to the rest of the
birds and that’s what it is Shh and this is very amazing understand it hide works
as I said very last year had I don’t know I heard this woman in Inner
Mongolia we run a test in harvest and our harvests because we were taking a
land which we took part of the harm but I call it the farming land which was
only cultivated for 100 days and it was a hundred meter long by over 20 22 meter
wide it took a third of this and we watered with create the environmental
condition that in this stretch of 100 meter that third we took the seeds were
grown already 100 days so we had no interference with the growth up to that
point and from the hundredth day two hundred and twenty one hundred thirty
days where the seeds mature and had to harvest the wheat and in the rice and
other things like fifty seven days for others the harvest grew very rapidly in
our section and in that 30 days of harvesting from the time they applied
our technology the humus matured by about four or five days faster than the
rest any maturing the verse came and they start eating it and we had
complained after complained from our team in the farm and the farmers
agricultural research into type thing that they never seen so much birds birds
are eating everything and this complaint came on and on four days till the
harvest and when we took the measurement of the weight of the harvest in our part
impossibly more than double than the other parts we tripled the harvest and I
said you know what’s funny can you imagine if you complain so much
that the best eaten so much how much would have been if they with them if the
birds wouldn’t taken it would it be four times three times four times five times
the harvest and this is how life is the more we give the more we get but at the
same time there is enough to give more for the artists to enjoy the time
they’re all the birds and then knowledge is the expansion of this seed there is
no end to it and we shared with the birds and we so cut to three turns more
and the farm is still complaining it wasn’t enough it’s the greed of the man and this is what we will see they never
seen so much purchase never complain so much they never seen so much better
under eating all the seeds though not eating from the situation are not right
and waiting from the situation right and us in our search so this is how it
should be we spread the knowledge we give it and you cultivate it and it
comes back and we harvest to see it that poor people will benefit back but
technology is taking its course and we we are not at a turning point we have
turned the point and next week the most probably you hear it before we talk to
you next week what a call by law we have to release
certain documents as we take over and then you will understand the work of
their mission then we dictate our condition there is a what we call the
market value and there is once again foundation share value to buy on the
future of the stop when the knowledge we hope they don’t have and we didn’t allow
certain conditions for the guarantee we do not go by this and that we secure for
so long as I said our kids to be paid correctly then we secure the
shareholders to be paid correctly as the investment is your life and when it we
secure governments and international and then of all the structure there is
enough to share there is no shortage hold on as long as I’m alive allow the
workers to suffer I suffer with my workers in coming up with what happened
once I pleaded with them but there’s not much we have to sit point we cannot be
this way and into course will see the position
will prevail and we should be able to guarantee the security of job we should
be able to guarantee immunity of correct income and we should not encourage the
greed of the money but somewhere in between you will find the balance it has
to be it has to be a new way of structuring workforce no limitation to
life the limitation in that day you give up you want to go for a year off you
quite welcome to take a year but that hand what is going to be in that time
doing need to work so extensively just to have enough to eat but you have to understand it’s like
time for mine to adjust as maybe NAB you so much that to get used
to not to be abused it takes time here’s a question good morning mr. Kesh
I have a question how is there any time you don’t have a question I have a
question for a long long time ago I think I’ve answered enough myself I have
a question when the cash can come in play in this picture the stock market
than everything else father the cash coin the Creator the cash quite
a stays you can keep it as it is it stays as a constituent operation between
the factories and in exchange in structure of the government where you
work hard cash foundation in organizations we will establish what is
called cash coin value payment which means you get paid as a thousand Point a
month in Ghana and you get paid a thousand coins in United State and do
you want to spend your thoughts on coin in u.s. products or in buying something
from Keshe foundation in Connor you got to look at the bigger picture and that
is we structured everything is done now it is to bring them into play because
the coin is supposed to become a universal currency in the future as we
become one yes silicon universal currency within originally education
foundation operation and then it will come out I had a discussion with the
World Bank and I had a discussion with our bankers on this this is one of their
biggest concerned where is the cash point going and as I explained to the
World Bank people and the bankers is as this internal currency for cash
foundation so you decide the way you do with other coins you want to sell it or
buy it or change it or accept cash coins for my t-shirt if you want to buy a
dustin’s your decision but it’s primarily internal evaluation that we
create more currency planet you will see it once the practices start coming in we
will have two prices on our products one is the local commerce and what is a cash
balance another question I have teleportation device and that you know
you don’t need to use a causal plane you just can tell it for yourself anywhere
you want so if I create a factory like this and I’m working on it and I create
that and selling it I don’t want to pay taxes with but because where is my taxes
going because I don’t want to send my taxes to go and kill other people so I
rather so I don’t want to sell my product you see you come back you come
back to cash foundation 19% gradually we bring with already talking to a number
of organization ideas companies will join the cash one day
and you will see very slowly especially at the beginning that they will
collectively negotiate with through cash violation or tax payments national
nature – you will understand how it works very soon $5,000 a piece upon that
$5,000 what is your fear of paying taxes how come you don’t have a fear of using
the street I don’t like to pay when I pay taxes 37 percent I don’t I don’t
mind paying half of the 50 percent taxes at all
because if I pay 50 percent taxes and my taxes goes to build roads do go for
education of the kids and create peaceful public I pay all my salary for
it’s no problem at all I take what I need to take food and everything I pay
the rest the question is like me that of course is no problem because the
question is is my taxes going to a lot more people to eat more people I don’t
want that you see this is I understand your point but this is what is change
will change as you see we said and of course has come be living we see it they
were a lot of people are pushing it it would not happen but in general we have
to bring a collective tax and collective tax is what comes from the profit of
what is sold what is used to what extent is used you got to understand in a
coming time I don’t need to buy food I do not need water supply and only the
electricity supply I can produce everything in one system we shall have on the road I use the whatever common
denominator usage of hospitals schools and everything else is the cost
different in United State and in as a Kenya not really
bottom price is there and to me in understanding the reality in knowing how
a lot of people have a problem with taxation is first of all cross all 25%
30% 50% in some part of the Europe 70 percent of your what you end in total
goals in taxation if you understand you pay your taxes under the tongue when you
pay to be 80 and then everything else you use under the 70% not up and then on
top of it you have other experiences which comes in you actually will take
search upon the condition around 19% is a correct balance I don’t mind I take
four times they take one but I have other facilities in some cases because
law it can be done to be able to understand those who generate
substantial amounts of effort and work force would like to hold more to do more
but now with this new technology to do what more this is why we building a
factory in each country would become the backbone workforce in a way not paying
taxes but creating condition that the taxes come out of it is not single
marketing you pay taxes and they go no any taxes they’re your money that you’re
use your taxes to keep people do wrong thing your soul is involved so
I don’t wanna be involved in that I mean I understand but you gotta understand
when we get involved on would try in a long term to create a condition that
there is no harm to my car this is a very big problem I was talking to
another American senior General General recently and he’s mine is bubbles I’m
there to kill you mr. Ketchum you’re my biggest enemy with us it’s on the table
I talk with you as the Iranian nuclear physicist and I have to understand
you’re finishing my job the stars on my shoulder has no value because I got this
service because I killed for it I planned to kill for it and I carried a
lot of it in Iraq and God knows other places you put them in a point of
consciousness and this is going to be a very big problem for a lot of
governments it’s not just kidding this is converting the effort of the man
in the right direction and it will change is we will it’s part of the long
term work and negotiations foundation as I said try to reach into these
conference especially the first one second one in Austria and we don’t
expect many from outside but you will see the way would negotiate with
governments and open the eyes of comets with new technologies until people don’t
pay your taxes and I create a bank account have you put the money in the
account knock on door dad Esther strippers here
I put you in there talking to a lawyer he said you cannot do it because they
come at you so owe their rescue brother thing is you
negotiate in different ways with coworkers as you see with our beginning
of the teaching today I made it very clear we pay the government or taxes on
the company but we pay 30% into other direction governments if they can use
that 25% to buy arms or are there and then we make systems that research body
call makes it obsolete how many times you think government’s trying to sell
scented arms so this will buy it the reality is this structure the way we set
up 10 years ago and we openly perfected it and past five years by sharing
knowledge has closed a lot of those a lot of other activities when when we can
show we can produce energy unlimited by making sure we can feed a nation we’re
not even flicking your finger and today I heard Americans opening a new
accession on the display system up there that they can charge for it I can take
it to the moon for five dollars would you pay 250 or 20 million or whatever
time they can hang around there technology makes the pews obsolete this
is the beauty of it we don’t go up rise don’t pay taxes we always if you know
somewhere up a full tax cash foundation should pay full taxes under operation in
each country because otherwise what we’re doing is sitting from nation to
put in a big pot of other nations workers in
the first class has to be looked at and properly paid according not obsessively
extensively letting their God and something even just getting together job
you will find out we such a structure we are rid of those were coming for
holidays to work but this the holiday to work what that has to contribute to the
humanity then we pay full taxes to the government
don’t forget our workers gets taxed more what about we pay them but their earn
more in a way we double pay tax and then in that condition we create a new
condition of peace I will not pay 25% of the government which is spending arms I
paid to the government negotiating 15% give enough plenty but not enough to
spend on arms and secondly the way we create the new technologies I’m
releasing new technologies arms are useless
this is not a fear my my fear is how these people are going to handle when
what they build to create fear has no room to exist but mr. Kesh my philosophy
is if you have a that’s what I do if you pay you’re working more blood less
profit so you pay less taxes so at the end of the year if I have if I instead
of half two hundred thousand dollars five hundred fifty thousand I paid the
fifty thousand to my workers sorry I don’t pay taxes on their two hundred
thousand so I pay a mess yeah but they gotta be a structured that
it goes right across you know they say in the West you get the job with our
unions you’re in butter for us of your life do nothing because if they won’t
suck you Union will do something for you but the problem is if we look after the people ourselves is
there a need for a union I get more working my way than those that the
restrict me to music no change you will see in the way we structure they will
change quadrants you have to give the freedom to people
to show their beauty and what they content and then you have a problem that
people once they see what they can do they become very arrogant I’m proud this
is what I’ve done is mine and then we see the pattern not to think we should
shop around cash relation disciplines but there is a way there is a way to
control these things but it takes time system is obsolete because as a company
when you have a company to make you so much profit is your obligation to pay
not only for the salary to pay for the housing for to pay for the children in
education to people they have they put everything at the end of the at the end
of the year well how much do you need that’s the whole system is absorbing has
to go you see if you work in China they give
you accommodation and the food and you work in the factory when when we look at
the factories around China with setting up industrial zones wherever our being
there is a dormitory with it and a canteen but it’s the dormitory with four
people six people in a little hot condition of creating a eligible life or
is it a condition that just stating spend the life we give them something
they give something to the house back in the village where they come from but we
make another profit that we goes to whatever shouldn’t accept shouldn’t be
the understanding of the new condition is respecting man paying now if you
don’t put six or ten people in one room for the making of company to make a
bigger property to become richer to amuse your nation
other suggestions Chinese zero trade window views in countries it’s the only
solution and we’ll come to it and the way we structure it transition is not a
worry I don’t like to pay taxes but our pay taxes when is correctly used for
many governments our talk with them many many years the understanding the
condition is we are destroying part of the condition why do I pay twenty five
percent or 20 percent whatever the government taxes is because you got to
understand when you need technology we put a lot of people unemployed it’s not
needed how many of you think on the run and test like only next ten years
I very recently suggested as you know our favourite car one of the old cars
used to be a beetle they brought a new version of it out and took the last one
months ago they don’t produce it but what I said it’s the best car we need
because it looks like a spaceship especially the new ones and we just take
the motor sounds and they will certainly have a spaceship we will soon offer a
condition to walk swagger to take that malt and start reproducing it it’s a
perfect thing for a flight system I don’t need to design one dough or any
weight it’s called the veto they see it as a loss making to me is the next
generation of the flight system for people you just put chairs in the table
in the middle you have no front or back everything is something so then how do
we pay taxes for these people as I said wait showing new technologies will force
new dimensions and direction but we have to be able to support
these people with these structures with the new system the new cars was a neat
engine doesn’t mean the fuel tank doesn’t need wheels as such you might
think you need you don’t need no exhaust you need no gearbox now put these
together and see how many jobs will be lost me in messages are for factory what
are we gonna do with these people is the evolution of science we cannot stop it’s
not that we stopped the car industry we don’t need these parts what we’re gonna
do with it so what we’re gonna do with the workers working here and this goes
right through the work look at the farm 90% of the jobs in pharmaceutical will
go in no time would you like to pay $10,000 or what’s the new one two
million dollars for one tablet or one illness where you can get it for 20
cents or you can do it half the time but nothing when we put a price on it
because that’s what it is I need pace with that we explain why we do it is under 9th of September you will here and
in international international press about new Kaiser Foundation health
program which is started there’s a press conference is set up and then again on
27 but it’s not something we’re going to hide this foundation is proudly more in
Scituate and then how do we give it free or do we allow for research to be done
but this is what we think it worth that’s what we want from it its
announcement after the Nasus all the hard work is done all the love
basic hot focus on it’s a lot more to be done to come as I sat you will give you
telephone numbers and everything else regarding their conditions you can
process and it’s in national press everything on the 9th of September you
have to understand the same system was used to reverse the same illness in
Belgium did destroy documents and try to make it fraud and criminals and then you
think the European Court is going to listen to that fraud and deception they
say it’s nothing that is the same technology now it’s done nationally and
is used by everyone you understand how we play the game governments are breaking down on the
back pressures of the house they cannot afford to pay for we are a relief to
them II think the opposite to punch up what
you call abuses where we go when we share we share with a lot of a strength
and everything has been done I put my life on it when under 27th is done upon
national international organization local governments there it’s it’s the
way we set it up but in a large scale and now we will see it you go to China
you got certain diseases we have the permission the freedom and the structure
to to let you use it or do we send everybody to China where we actually
producing systems in Europe orchard which can which government you think
even risked now you understand how ridiculous twelve
thousand four they try to pick up they were after this technology to milk it
now is milk my humanity say cash I have another question you
talked about you know this universe has a mother
and then the mother before that mother had another mother because it was
created from because it was happening for for billions of years
one mother gave birth to another mother universes so my question is does the
kita have a mother I was a creature free will himself restore that the field of
the universe that collectively became the creator but I’m talking about what
was the first first thing I mean I also do so the Creator knows where he came
from or she came from depends we we become the Creator out of the fields of
the universe but the same time we create the people of the universe out of our
own creation and then it was back where is the field on opens came boys right
why is their existence why interaction of nothingness of motion of nightmares
leads to creation of dimension we call life book number eight will answer days vacation when you say book number eight
village book number eight I haven’t seen become bright ah you haven’t seen it but
partially is reject you haven’t seen it number four that was same book number
five six these three books are more or less completed my five and six are written in its usual
you see my pocket is insane seven part man is not mature enough to understand
the totality and we said with our releasing books once we go back oh you’re understand they’ll be released
very sooner than you can’t nine up to now it’ll be released number night you
have to understand the origin of magnetic fields then you understand the
welcome to soul yeah number four is complete you can see it
written it was given to to be pictured and we took it out number five is
Richard number six is missing Solon done but when I call it USB sticks that are
just completion of in in picturing it seven and eight a lot of it has been put
together nine has been done collectively Sano was put in charge to bring all the
teachings cut to the sole collectively we waiting for him to return mother is
correct it was early can start the structure of it and then Darby Hagemann
understand so we go back to the beginning the the creation of matter so loved the man is the son and
interaction of the twin that the Sun creates the better so now you understand
how Mach number one connects to number nine and the other question well we’re humans
in go ahead okay we have a meeting with a Brazilian group after his teachings or
a club Central European Time there is a so let me correct something there was
some misunderstanding in a past but Kevin blundered issue certificates for
people to be teachers knowledge seekers of workshops and a lot of people have
used is to to what he call profit themselves from it and everything else
and the direction Trinity which was set up and that was a huge mistake we cancel
any of you received a workshop certificate these are all something else
which branch out of what you call current London and we could see problems
and then the problems now exert mutated into a lot of problem a lot of people
think we have a said you get to teach and they they try to do also some things
with the piece of paper they received like a lot of people who were naughty
seekers we asked to teach the courses professors and kept us as I and we are
the teachers in the rest we stopped all these things because we seen their view
such only we give a room to miss it abused none of the documents issued
through mr. kallenbrunner death certificate her the workshops and things
invalid or really we we have seen the abuse on it and if you have received
such thing and anybody shows that you’re honest that we get well 2019 we canceled
all these because we saw I was killing abused in a lot of ways if you run a
workshop in the sharing of the knowledge has been back of your own knowledge do
not use cash foundation logo for these kind of things or drawings our channels
to come on for walk things for your own benefit because we had on your amuses
and we see that the same in the prevention of side and we
we’re bigger than please many people using try to make clever games with
these things if anybody uses abuses occasional mission no more we will take
legal actions they will probably legally to stop using it because your do not use
my no go because I have a cool internet model for copyrights on the logo
I’m gifted to experimented when you registered it and there that we will
give freedom to use to spread or give freedom to abuse I hope I made that
clear because this at the moment is going on Brazil section and in a train
station that is rather high rocky hill I don’t fight for hierarchy how come you
just learn a little bit thank you no more system identity of the man and
arrogance of are you – yes
checking the question again here the question again from Jan was you’re
talking about this the fields and he’s saying well but who or what created the
first fields where did the fields come from what is the origin of all fields
and what is the purpose what do you say in English
watch this place wait October 8th watch this place I think in the teachings
especially in past 12 months many references was made to him if you listen
to it you understand it only one of the teachings I thought I said too much and
I stopped because I stood on it you’ll understand in couple of teachings in
past humans I clearly told you the original to magnetic its original
insists it’s like my advice is a missus if you 100 attributes of creator 99 is
written 20 of my done at one which is actually the creating himself then
people will not leave already it’s the soul of 8g in the other
question he’s pretty much nailed that I think
there’s one other question from Helene who do we need the justice system in the
future world what do you think well he says there are crimes on this planet
there might be no wars but okay we have to make sure that everyone’s got
education as high as possible just when you need to educate the soul of the man
not the you know of the man and I after class fella problems
would we have criminals we will understand the intention by the sword of
the man and we have no core synonyms I think it gives you a very clear answer we do have one person with their hand up
here but maybe it’s a good time to end at the same time we should take one more
question is it okay for one more question mr.
Kesh yeah no problem was just reading what general Putin is very nice it says
mr. Cohen is an old 43 iron is 56 the total is 99
so mr. cohan with iron makes our club in your life so we put 99 me together you
you achieve man but assume these other parts next from my mr. Kesh hi my
question is I I’ve spoken with you a few weeks ago about Hashimoto’s inversion
yeah but can I introduce you my name is Sharon row yes Mike I’m right now I am
in Australia okay my question is how are you going to overcome this dilemma all
the alternative therapies and basically plasma will be considered alternative is
not considered by mainstream medical staff as basically as an as a scientific
evidence based studies they require double-blind placebo effect not not
these are all the structures which is set up for a few people with the degrees
to protect their book reading the the new system you will find out and you
will see the merger of software to a number of countries is the evidence of
the new technology proves itself and we have taken that line of action that line
of work there is no double-blind you give me 100
like you get 100 I’m walking there is no double blind it means you’re blind
yourself to the knowledge if you put it that way in the Sun so we we have taken
in totally different approach and we be given a lot by the comments to do so
because the burden of the medical system is killing nations nobody’s going to
listen to if the approval that these are all the ones who wanted to cheat you
valid I realized that I agree with you so we have set up a direction totally by
open open development open testing being open to criticism being open to failure
understanding the process we are dealing with bunch of top doctor scientists for
nations they are doing it we are not we provided that knowledge to system the
technology and are drawing it openly with the support of because conference
cannot we had there is no reserved solution we see everybody says I have a
solution or a pocket sir but where is it why is not coming up why is only one man
this way down we’re going for hundred thousand we’re going for ten thousand
unison double Brian is openly done with no blindness
we don’t expect hundred percent to be correct we we get forty fifty percent
then then drop up the computing is immutable like you understand more and
say there could be a deflection there could be something else something else
we have to add so the process has started
thank you gentlemen cannot afford the health care is breaking the back of the
nations behind the pension yeah Irena saw comments are realizing we are not
alternative we are a new medical system we are a new science
alternative who said what is alternative pharmaceutical who killed animals and
they hide everything exactly so the situation is the products are certified
the materials are certified experts scientists monitoring it and the circle
has started nobody can is – more or less yeah
we are not alternative we are the new way of health care yes everyone desert
yes the difference or losers who is also the Chinese medicine is what I call the
traditional medicine is one of the best ways of searching out a lot of illnesses
because they come to the route where that medicine to paint the problem start
but with the new chemicals you know herbicides and cast aside they used a
diver today with a new technology be changing it be seeing it so it’s not
just shine as I said before Africans have it in Iran we have it here each one
of us use the material of this earth to suit us and we helped ourselves since
when a bunch of what are called bandits have 231 who can use I was talking to my
son recently he’s a consultant in pharmaceutical in saying you know each
drunkest 300 million sometimes 150 200 . a 5% episode see and even the 5% we have
to massage it that he fits into the criterion of a DA because it creates so
much side-effects we just keep on hiding it and but how are we allowed this to
happen it’s just you know they put the money and they push push the force and I
think this is the time we another alternative we’re a new natural way of
the healthcare in a space man must use it here is His Prophet
yeah farmer said coal industries or a mafia they’re
trying to control everything because money is there and let me tell you
something research is the other pharmaceuticals comes on the back of the
pension promises pension policies are the cause of half of the problems we
have because they have to continuously produce once to be able to people who
live longer and longer or create conditions where they shorten the life
of the people we’ve seen it very recently this is very very recently how
how FDA has black box medicine but the similar Chico and he’s killing people
how can it be what was the purpose of FDA black boxing or panic but the
pension policies finance it to get something from it as much how many
people died with this technology we don’t have that problem
we were the openness of the use of the technology to make many of you have done
many many of you when you go on the internet when you project the comments
go and look at it two years was here and how two years ago we had it may have
been two years ago with what else used it in the court they thought and then
the government stood still how come it he stopped padding increase the harvest
so much Jamica means bad it can change medical conditions so they start looking
at how they were cheated to be stolen from and now bridesmaid see the same
we’re in the right place at the right time and it’s many of us millions of us
and we have the support of many many governments now to bring the movement
bring the foundation work as a scientific organization into the work of
life as long as we can show our products are safe as long as we show a product as
natural this is one of the biggest problems which those of you
what you call yourself in alternative medicine I forgot it dancers are the
most natural product ever created and they cannot certify natural product so
you don’t need a VA if FDA approval is needed for rosehip or drinking honey
with lemon then we all need to sign up everything is Saturday which one will be
certain which peak shall we eat yes they’ve been trying to basically certify
some of the new natural products that exist they make curcumin out of turmeric
basically and try to market in it they trying to basically have some kind of
control over that as well it is ridiculous but they control you can’t
even collect rain waters in some states but it’s only happiness itself we should
state so you got to understand something very very important United State is less
than three percent of the world population and the most backward nation
in certain aspects how can the how have we allow these three percent of
population dictate 97 percent turn change table has changed this is we
allow the abuse and now we don’t we don’t need to fight him we just set up a
new structure which is free to be the way we don’t reach you want to make
cancers you can make it or you can go to the shop and buy callous patches which
is already made for you this which one is your freedom and unfortunately
kirtanam of all the universities all across Europe and Western world as well
as Middle East is based on American system and yes no we allow we allowed it
my recent communication with with the Chinese government I made it very with
policy decision making comments very clear go to zero trade you don’t need to
fight China America is 1% of the trade of China give
guarantee to your factories inside China that they will not shut down and see
what product has been used that can be used in China as a support value by the
government you don’t lose your extra you don’t lose you don’t close your
factories until they come to their senses you consume the material in
generally maybe you open a bigger market in the country so I think there is going
to be some sense this is one of the reasons we financed and United said very
rapidly because we see problems in the direction of their agriculture and we
are there to support it before it comes up in any direction from suitable the
same but you have to look step beyond your opening in space and in opening the
space Donald taxes in the space I can open a hospital on the moon
who’s gonna charge me text us some $1 to travel which country on the moon you
understand yes this is the reality which is here I told you we open new
dimensions in these conferences collective governing by nations but not
united nation you notion has been nothing but the views of humanity
because shaken things to seek right sorry honest everything but it was
impossible but in so many ways we are short of human be a visual man racist
once we start traveling the depth of the space you will see new restrictions and
how many and who can travel we will lose many many of us in space drops
accidents will happen and many of us will bring you to study in respect to
its miss matter shorthand better understand once we start putting
all our cursing in peace and all these efforts whichever war would go crazy the
resources available to us as by even taxation of the government’s to develop
the space technology we will laugh into what is going on
I wish the Union government open space technology beyond its mother might be
insufficient and then we’ll see how backwards and new knowledge is but at
the same time they develop all this military hardware which I don’t
understand why Iran needs to do this with such technology not playing games
or keeping employment but developing new ways we need to show the beauty of the
technology that we did we’ll bring in new understanding of government it’s not
matter of governing anymore his matter of working together from my cell phone
today I’m making general very recently and I was explaining to him you know I
see me as Americans you know this is happening bring your friends and blah
blah and I said yeah but why are we fighting
he says why but I have to follow policy and the unison and it’s just I met the
American Consul in Belgium you can read his communications we release it one day
he said mr. Keshe left to me America needs you more than
any other nation with the knowledge you have but the White House says no at the
moment he says I want to issue you a visa that he can sort of lhasa for us so
much message there but what happened how how – violation and I became blacklisted
on NASA you know why they don’t offices they don’t know if he’s
they made two fake names and my NASA rules if two people may complain that
email will be blocked and they can’t even find out who made the complaints
there they don’t exist as the stuff and we think it was done by the head up
there NASA himself this is the room – people make a complaint about the person
email they blacklisted and what we asked the people from the proportion have a
succession you don’t even employ these people is fake done by the management so
let us go to Iran to the multiply we are real we’re not fake the problem is the
problem humanity is greed and jealousy unfortunately because of these two
factors in a way it has been part of our success to the greed has brought us many
meat but is in the way we as I said we are not alternative medicine we are than
do medical facilities for a space you said your freedom – that I’m we’re not
gonna be an upset right all the time and we did we are to the knowledge but you
can join I was hoping to have the numbers and you have all the details but
we have to finish couple of things in China we give you the telephone number
you can call the number they guided you into where to go on whatever else and a
lot of illnesses China will become one of the leading health sections in the
world people would travel to China to use Keeseville machine technology we are
proud to work with the Chinese the same with our coach but they still in China
the people who are abusing the work of the transition to their own by the
remoteness of those two other ways channel stating are be already born some
other but we’ll see him God willingly everything’s can
go fine I don’t wanna go find we already decided we’re just watching an act it’s
just you know they have to exercise and practice a little bit before you get
that a lot these are all practices there are few
things is to be made ready and that the man comes to conclusion not for stock thank you for answering my question and
looking forward to talk to you there I wish you guys a lot of luck thank you always more maybe you could answer the
last one from mark here which is Celesteville well which power is that
one mark Anderson he’s asking is the 51 story medical complex gifted to the cash
foundation which was reported to be open and in operation in December continuing
as planned it seems mammoth on duty news because
this time you’re not gonna open accomplish tomorrow or tomorrow on it’s
all there we removing and mister destruction the hospital which is we
start on the 9th of September is the first phase of the development ended on
27th while we are in a conference here in Europe and there will be public
conference in China for the second hospital using the operation is a public
conference with the backup a lot of other things go with it and then this
will build up to the next steps into a structure with a government and into
into bigger scale operation we are going through phases or or what you call it understanding the limitation talk to
solder to support it and this is done in hospitals which you
in the West reeved or being such a hospital the wings sections of the
hospital have been set up deliberately especially by the scientists for testing
we’re going into the massive trial cases what what will show China will become
another leading health what he call it nations in new space I just don’t forget
that we don’t become one of the main partners in the space program the kind
of a space problem so we have to test it that we know how to handle the numbers
from the hospitals we can give you email and now part we have to have the
confirmation on our side then it’s all ready to go we have to set up the
machineries has to be set up completely by by the night and we have been mammoth
job in setting up there just to look at the new Chinese side it’s massive
investments massive investments in many many tanks to Chinese doctors and
scientists who are with us officials yeah we have a beautiful guys they take
us from step to step guiding us in the right way betadine
culture health side and women told afternoon weather are the sides are
expected to be discussion it recalls our way and most probably now that we have
received certifications for receiving certifications for our systems and
materials China will change the position I think very soon the current those who
try to stop this technology to go don’t be ashamed of what they’ve got
themselves and you gotta be gracious enough to take the back end and not to
disgrace them they both disgrace them and their nations being the king of the
nation the police of the nation but as they say the proof of the pudding
is imaging and other technologies growing so fast around the world now it
will show the Kings who will step down themselves shame about it and we don’t
need to go and check all our job is to push with development push made sharing
knowledge all of you stop insulting each other on it
you do nothing damage to Association emissions big in Afghanistan and trying
to see who’s better donor we all carry part of it when the
arrogance comes in he’s been the problem I started trying to work from now on
to be you have companies up when you address conflict of Understanding
resolve it amicably not we seen people doing things I mean we just keep our
eyes cause we’ve seen people from the French side who we had to close their
accounts because of the abuse and we knew they were doing it and they coming
to our channels trying to be brought on the street but they see what we do and
we’ve seen again other places work as one team because today as I said maybe
the last time I cannot speak so openly because whatever I say from now on will
attract a lot of you and your lifestyles in a way what is going to be done we
have we do not go fighting we carry on working correctly that there is no need
to fight the same will go with the American administrations goes with the
brain demonstration sending the Chinese and many others we request from the you
know it’s a council member of Israel to open the direct talks for investment in
Israel with the industrialization of the new technology in
in Tel Aviv in conjunction with the work with the Palestinians we don’t look at
the Israel as the State of Israel we look at as Palestine and we are prepared
to invest in Israel into understanding that the work will be sure the economy
in Palestinians and Jews and in a way this is George Universal transfer of
Israel to set up their BIOS as intoxication relation Israel or the
equal basis with with the same with America it will descend upon us we are
nationwide and that needs a lot of thinking with technology and science we
can cross a lot of prejudice you know especially this example of it always say
to my children we saw in the French football team few years one more can
change a nation this is what is to come this is the best
part of it we best as much in Palestine as be missing your honor you and I just
see the quarry to the population as much as we do nothing and is part of being
one nation we have to close our eyes to shortcomings
so this microcosm the distance as I said is the job of you know it’s a
councilmember stronger or to take action lines that’s especially for Austrian
conference you are members of the US councilman single job to start inviting
our ambassadors in Vienna to the meeting and inform us on the vacuum it is to
come and to sit down to discuss and to see what is the judge for these to come the Vienna conference is ambassadorial
national international conference not just one mahogany six but this time we
solution the knowledge is shared amongst men we wish we could hold it in other places
but as you know we used to hold a masseur meetings in cash
Foundation Center a table and when did you cause to be held in remote but if
you are members of the coalition members of the universal Council members
you can invite your ambassadors so the meeting to see technology the invitation
of governments in three days is absolutely free we’ll make the
invitations are so small you can start doing it doesn’t matter which country
you come from we need to know who comes when they come and inform us through the
channels make the effort because we have made the ground for it when you to do thank you very much for today and we’ll
see each other next week and I’m sure I’m sure 100% next we could give you the
name of the company if you mostly hear it before we do as we have to declare
our intentions or maybe the quayside attire depends on our team builder and then we will let you know the name of
the hospital the Chinese side we can take more than maybe five or ten
patients at this moment internationally we know that I have to tell you that the
systems we have operational we can give percentage over to outside and since
he/she will be Chinese and I think it’ll be about maximum ten patients initially
in the first couple of months we can allow in a way is the international
cooperation we trying to open the Chinese to make China a health center
through the Keshe foundation technology and then gradually the Navajo hospitals
next six months will increase in China to move the huge numbers and we have to
see how the rest of the world governments will allow this institute to
transfer into what I call it what if all in the whole organization educational
mission just receiving information from Brazil that be more concentration of
Technology in symposiums and we are given a certain hours to do to present
the technology thank you very much and hopefully we’ll try to do our best but
then we change our mind from next week in case foundation our teachings on our
approach in our teachings thank you very much
Thank You mr. Kish once again or yet another knowledge seekers workshop here okay if there’s no further announcements
I think that’ll wrap it up for today okay I’m anybody has any questions
lingering you can bring them up in the next knowledge seekers workshop perhaps
we’ll see how how mr. Keshe is for answering questions at that point might
all be different but I’m sure we’ll get him to continue teaching that will
probably carry on I assume mr. Kesh in some degree as as usual we’ll see okay
thank you very much for today’s 290 ahthe knowledge seekers workshop for
Thursday August 22nd 2019 and I think that will take us out here and we’ll see
you all next week same time in place hello we are the Keshe foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate hello you

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