280th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – June 13, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. the process of understanding is very
simple the process is as I explained last time I explain more in detail
become we are created out of the race within the centre of the universe in interaction and reduction in strength
and division by the strength in certain strength fields in collection of the
totality of the expansion of the universe some energies some dynamic
fields have come together over billions of years these field to be to the
creation of what we call the sea weird of possible gathers together
the same forces repeats again because the Sun is the same as energy sets now the heavier the larger amount of the
energy which is collected in this panel universe called the Sun the radius out
was the same thing again radius fields out and in interaction
with the itself with the fields of itself leads to creation in that process of the creation of
planet the same process happens again in the traction of the fields of the
earth with its environment and cooling an exchange with the center of the other
things in the environment of the space of the solar system leads to creation of
cell matter state and that itself in coming together and stowing down in
certain ways as we called released under the Sun we call the solar this is the truth of other life and
creation but if the soul of the man can
understand and absorb and be correct with his conduct he can become the
strength feels and carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to
the nation and if the soul can understand with the same process can
interact can be correct can upload with his self the totality of the strength of
what he needs he shall become the son and then the same salt as energy are
they can absorb in the solar system within the galaxy shall be common sense earth we call in the rain come from
horseback the solar system we call it planetary
system we come from the race with the combin planet back same thing happens with galaxies with
the solar systems researcher that so I came to a party the life forces of existence in the
universe is the same it doesn’t matter what exchange so
what is the man fighting why to be fired for something which has come from the
point interpretation and in the process it was bad information the soul of the man as the energy of the
earth used the face of the path the face of the earth and that process is the
same a solo our sole in reduction in strength in
interaction the motion of the fields of the environment
least by the assertion of the existence of but once it’s completed does it need a
face or can it be and becomes free from the public all this all of the man to be
feared attachments existence our soul is part of the process of the
creation the key to one question for man shall be in the future to be answered as
we saw the Sun came birth and as we saw the earth became an soul wouldn’t be the listing of the soroban
Alps free to the point of departure for mentality would it become the Sun or creation of
another life of many lives of Correction arrives this shall be and this is how he
happens when you create soul which is not
correct which is misconduct by itself can the evil we lead to the creation of
the next cycle of creation which has started their own way their own strength this is one thing the man has never
understood you become the creator of another universe another side and this is what you have to judge
restructure swallowed man what would I like that side in the physical life create children
in the dimension of the life of the soul of the man what that man what that soul
will create if man has thought up to now that’s it my end my point that is
finished this is much fallacy that when the Sun is destroyed and shaped for they
shall be nothing left but we know the part of the Sun whose part of the galaxy
and of Spartan life so shall be the school the judgment of the man has to be
according to what he sees the future his soul can conduct the day of judgment for
a man not in front of to create that what my soul judges to be and what shall
create man never understood and shall never
understand chickens hope this time I’m opening
itself the reality is very very very real and
that is as we seen the energy of the galaxy become the Sun the energy of the
Sun has become the earth and energy of the earth its console of the path so
shall be the soul of the man which is an energy itself and in the sidewalk how can you change when you don’t
understand how can you change the process of understanding if you do not
understand the process of the creation do we need to extend the understanding
of the man that what is the future it brings we care about our children what
education they get what they wear how happy they’ll be where they sleep now
the man has to be careful and consider what life shall buy so create because
those are the children are in school as we seen the Rays of the Sun has
become planet and seven billion gentlemen seventh billion unlimited
wishes grow so the soul of man go through the same process how many
billions and subdivisions and sub mattress taters Piscotty of man your
soul shall create will it be the soul of wars and conflict where ever killing or
wouldn’t be the soul of the solar system which is peaceful this is the truth and
the reality of mothers philosophy first of all as I said many time listen Lee we
never understood that we saw not an indestructible and now that we
understood understand and departure from its culture that the same process carry
on a state where started and it’s women and the comments that
that religious wars higher water which itself pleased the creation becomes a
star Sentra music of a ship this is what the human race has to
understand the cycle actually starts point of death and not finish both of
them in so many ways before understands is as
the dusts spark surplus came together to make the earth in the solar system so
has this facts of the patents has come to be the creator of man and that
essence of the creation of this box of busting the solar system has led to the
creation social Edith feels from the soul of the lamps radiation on the side
no fight what kind of man would like to have to be created this is the day of judgment this is what man never understood now
you have to understand who have known to us up to today you another where of they
dropped they are aware responsible your conduct has to be to elevate your
soul but in everything so what you become the creator of stands correct in
the conduct of assistances we don’t return as obscene the process does not
stop with one son decide on carry on is very interesting in how he might read
now knowing the fact behind and take the case for man to understand and you
understand those from the tools of war the tools of conflict they have less
they have nothing to start with they have to become the dust in the solar
systems of others till the day they learn more as they cannot create a new
cycle through their own so this is the elevation of the solar to man to be part
of the creation of beautiful life for the next cycle when you don’t have it
you have to become another cell in the body of the structure bigger for you to
be just there that we can done when you could have been the solid they say do not kill create fear I give
you the point of love procreation if you cared about your children understand it
to have the best your true children come out of here also in a coming time how
would you like to educate how would you like to be when you are in conflict with
yourself and the cause of Selma she made this decision and the man will take a
long time to understand as now that we understand the soul of the man is an
operator the variation of the future extended party
whatever is gathered by the salt at the end becomes his point of reference as
all creation of its own language but the strangest thing is what he
creates from the soul shall find the creator of others this is the beautiful occasion and
wha-la stands it understands no limitation you well welcome everyone to the two hundred
and eightieth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday June 13 2019 this is a
presentation of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute and part of the
public teachings in English I’m one of your hosts today Rick kremen and along
with Flint Mel Heusen and of course we will be directed with mr. Kesh in this
workshop of the Keshe foundation and I believe he’s ready to go for yet another
knowledge seekers workshop number 280 today mr. Kesh yes good morning to you
good day as usual wherever and whenever you listen to these series of knowledge
seekers it is interesting how we are gathering momentum towards one direction
another and as you said 280 well cyclop teachings how far we can go and how deep
we understand more is just as I said the knowledge we gain up to now is a scratch
on the surface of the knowledge of the universe would would we gather enough to
become a strong enough to be able to stand what is to come how we will come
to understand our own strength the strength of our knowledge the strength
of our what we call soul can we join a new dimension in understanding of it in
our physical structure or in the structure of the soul of t’me
in the past few weeks we have concentrated heavy on certain things
main part of our work which is towards peace and some of you might understand
sooner or later why we are so rigorously following this path as you know we saw
some 3-4 weeks ago a possibility of massive war starting which would have
had no end because those of you are familiar with geological position of
Iran and Russia next-door neighbor and then the China next door to it and the
security of the oil fields in Iran in the Persian Gulf this was becoming a
wall at our point and in a way many of our work many openness of the humanity
work has led us to where we are today is there significance so amazingly
significant for logs to understand today is the 13th which usually it brings a
and two things things are bad they end up we see that as an end afterwards to
the 13th of June is the end of beginning of the end of the wars because today we
have the Chinese vertically their Japanese Prime Minister in Tehran
negotiating for peace with Iranians on behalf of the Americans because
Americans realized the fighting had no corners their fighting had no reasons
and many many nations have turned back the administration had to understand the end of wars has
come because this was the last water anybody got together to do there’s a
certain attention last night the European who gave hand to Americans to
borrow money to make themselves bankrupt with the wars they have literally walked
against the wall there is no nation supporting it
America was left on his own and these kind of activities takes a lot of
financial reserves and capital which America does not have other attacks in
their nation is heavily to pay for the death of the past time it is not easy it
will not be easy but today is the end of what we promised in the horse we will
see announcement out of Tehran very next few hours in the next 48 hours we are
putting hands of art or collaboration with the Chinese for recall work we are
done and to the Americans that we want peace we expect negotiations to end up
with peace and with it we have offered in writing to the American
administration the opening of the Iranian space technology to the American
government this is a huge move this means that we share this space
technology of Iran in power with the Americans on open basis as long as all
the sanctions are removed Iran stands as a proud nation and America gains some of
his dignity back in this process we share the technology with the government
of russia and china in making a new what we call consortium or group of space
development nations of Iran China Russia and United States of America this is an
olive branch this is a gift for peace the offer has been submitted
to the American administration in writing and we know what is the outcome
out of terror on a positive outcome out of Tehran American administration
scientist access to the latest technology we have committed to the
Macon administration only aware of the offer this means we have opened the peace program to the American
administration this means that the edge of science technology which the
Americans wanted to achieve and gain true aggression but coming to peace will
be gifted to them as a gift by a friend by a nation who has the technology this
is the reward this is the return and this is the totality of what we have
offered can you hear me am i clear yes you’re clear thank you thank you very
much so in that process depending what the Prime Minister of Japan returns when
the negotiation completes in next coming times in American administration or
understanding the piece has a dividend the dividend this time is a scientific
level as in our communicate to the American administration knowledge in
exchange for peace and we will transfer the totality of the
knowledge to the American scientists in one way another or as a joint
collaboration between the four countries this will allow us to open a space in
the direct communication to the American administration we have clearly stated
our Terms and doubtfully are aware that the financial position the Keshe
foundation has been put in by certain nations for space development which is
days we are just developing the knowledge and technology is very simple they came to gain through war in
understanding that is not achievable in the past times we used to punish this
time we share that if somebody wants something we’ll look for it one way
another to create condition to get it this situation with a carry on which
means that Americans would have found another excuse breaking another
condition creating another may have another excuse to get to Iran to get the
technology we are sharing the technology that there is no further excuse for
these kind of behaviors as the span of universe is so big that there is not
enough man on this planet to support our excursion there is a situation which are
explained in their recent past and there is a situation which will comfort Iran
as I said in the past when we achieve this kind of movement achieve this kind
of peace processes the leftover Wars like in Palestine in Syria in you man
they all will end in a few months are shortly after maybe even sooner
as the making government needs to consider paying instead paying what is
committed this stuff when actually before on the other hand there is going
to be a further burden on these nations what this means
many of the nations will not need military forces we will see a massive
reduction in military forces around the world as everything steps down you have
to understand that with the US base technology Iranian flights will learn in
Los Angeles in few minutes and American flies we learn from Washington in
Isfahan minutes we have overcome the borders so we will see the world’s will
have no meaning and military forces will be dissolved as I explained one of the
teachings yesterday this will put a huge burden on government how we handle
millions just about 1 billion unemployment that this condition will
create when you have nothing to fight no borders to protect as there is no bond
is there to threat as we’ve seen in you there is no need for armies what are we
going to do we have two choices to put and crossbow certain military camps and
put the soreness on the what we call street all change the hardware and
retrain soldiers to become builders of the nations if your nation is so well
developed you can develop the next-door neighbor because still there is no known
what next-door neighbor is part of you this will create a lot of hello mr. Kesh we heard this will create
a lot of transition or a lot of something yes it will create a lot of
transitional problem that the governments need to go through there the
unemployment the what we call change up a skill all will come with it and this
is one of the positions that this peace dividend will come will create how are
we going to handle it how the nation’s will handle it is something to be seen
how we are moving so many soldiers which are sitting in different countries and
nations to be moved back to home is another problem we’ll see a huge problem
with American forces in South Korea we see huge problem with the Japanese
forces there what American forces in Japan all these need to be reassigned
needs to be redone needs to be reprocessed and at the same time needs
to be understood that how we’re going to help the United serve America to
reposition some hundreds of thousands of forces back to the United States or as
it’s been tradition as you all know majority of the men of space in NASA
program our military would we put all the military people of different nations
to become people of the frontiers of opening up the space for mankind in so
many ways in a space we don’t need to pay them wages and in space we don’t
need to give them any hardware to fight we make a group of
test Auto soldiers who in the process of work learning will bring more to us and
allow us as human race to develop new skills
we don’t need protections in his face so the new technology the new sciences will
bring us an amazing position that allows all of us to become as one family and
put all the what we call military people all the scientists together to open his
face we have to find a new occupation some will go into production of new
industries the technology will offer new some of the new technologies we offer
will create his own unemployment through the making the old technologies obsolete
their transition is very hard the transition will be extremely hard for
many nations to go through but how are we going to transfer and translate this
is another headache which is sitting on the horizon would
the government’s will go through understanding of the process that
collectively they have to HTTP and collectively they have to find a
solution for all these men of military we have arm over centuries it’s become a
habit of a man to kill it’s become a habit of man to make soldiers to
different imaginary lines for somebody’s trying to be a leader to a king to be
head of something without asking the others in so anyways today we see the
end of wars the beginning of peace we see that mankind as I said before has
killed so much especially in the last century that he has racially got tired
of killing mankind run out of energy to kill and we seen it
Europeans who were always leading innovating and colonizing have given up
Americans had to do it on their own and they cannot pull they cannot even for
1,500 soldiers to bring it’s not there is committed somewhere else and in a way
is the embarrassment for a government who one’s teammate does not have their
forces but he has committed itself so much into it it is a position that our
forefathers have been dreaming about getting to the point that we don’t not
have energy to fight in a way we have run out of finances to fight because now
the fighting is inside the nation’s people fighting their politicians to
give them better life politicians are too busy trying to keep their nations
happy that they don’t have time to buy arms and do other things even in the
name of the armies we have reached a point of maturity and the last remanence
of the wars what we see two or three of them they will finish then they come the
process of contemplation in how as a race we will make facilitate and develop
technologies and sciences which can help all of us not just some of us in this
process as I said we’ve seen our friends with the old machinery are offering a
trip to space for 30 days for 56 million dollars I think the new organization of
the joint space programs we will be interested in 56 dollars to give the
millions to the others because the space technology of today
does not have fuel to burn does not have the expenses which goes true and at the
same time has the power the beauty to create food and life in a space you know
in the Roman time if you lived in Italy the Italian tell you Italians in Roman
time used to her children boys that they could send them to become part of the
Roman Empire army because when you had a son in the army you got food they would
pay you as he gave his son for the nation now that we send our children
into a space we don’t need to worry about paying them or paying you because
in this space there is no food to buy as we give everything and on this planet we
make the life satisfactory for the rest but if anybody wants to have more
children to go to space he knows that children in the space are safe we do not
we will not have hungry people in the space we will not have people who fight
in a space I wonder if mankind even will carry a gun in his face and to what
extent we matured in the next coming weeks it will be a surprise for all of
us how would our governments react to the position of no war
I’m sure the Japanese Prime Minister has a lot to say in our position at the
moment in terror he has a lot to explain the guarantees then the Americans will
give will be upheld and it will not be broken as before
some trusts some bridges which needs to be built there is a need for a lot of
understanding by both side I pray for the sort of champion his prime minister
that threw his soul a meeting resumed the sides were common in Iran and his
Excellency President rouhani they come to a point to accept not the defeat by
the American military but a point of being proud that we have managed to
bring peace on this planet through the power of knowledge and technology and
not through killing you got to understand something very simple which
if you’re not involved in politics and diplomacy is very hard to contemplate when the major power sons and my for
peace talks and they know and that if a nation has managed to establish ships
and bring so many planes now could have done the same in the land of the same
nation which means Iran could have taken this technology and literally practice
it deliberate in United States in cities and major capitals but they didn’t do
the Iranians did not show the power of them knowledge and Technology by harmik
as is the tradition of Iran we defend ourselves out of strength and this
should be he to a lot of nations in the coming time having a pub having a
knowledge should bring us to be more peaceful and not more arrogant and I
hope and this is my biggest wish as we have suggest a second hour August will
be the time when presidents huh Tara the offer is on the table the offer
has been made to the American administration and in so many ways we
have made a move knowledge science and technology for peace on behalf of the
humanity to the government’s or this planet many of you when I gave the key
away to the government’s when crazy with me brought me everything you liked that
you betrayed us you gave the technology to the Americans
and the other is to the government’s they will never share it with us and
then we brought the technology we gave it to you a lot for past three or four
years government and Susan do anything with it for years then you not just
managed to make a few my graphs and others and in that process we now come
to the point that new knowledge seekers have to do the reverse which is very
simply you have to work with your nations your governments to transfer the
knowledge to your account this the what it means you have to transfer the
knowledge which you’ll gain to your government
we gave the keys to administration we gave the knowledge to knowledge seekers we allowed the knowledge to be shared directly between nations Nationals
governments equally so what does it brings to you is that now is your
responsibility now that we achieved world peace and this cornerstones of it
is set in Tehran today this was my wish and we have achieved it you will hear
what will come out of Tehran a little bit of rhetoric in next few days some
people don’t like to say we did this other likes to say we won and both sides
have to be the winner otherwise they can’t stand in front of the nation Iran
has a huge problem to sell to the nation they’re Americans who they have called
the satans and the biggest enemy for past 40 years America has had a huge
problem selling to his nation these people we called what we call terrorists
now they’re here as tourists and they’re bringing knowledge to us you have to
understand this is going to be a lot of selling to happen the Iranians have to
sell to the soul of the religion the Americans have to sell to the soul of
money and somehow the two have to find a compromise somehow is not going to be an
easy trip but somehow the trip the ticket has been bought the journey has
started as of yesterday by learning of the Prime Minister of Japan in terror we
have given supports to both side and we carry on
giving our supports to both side it is the responsibility of both side to find
a way to change the way the Iranian officials know how to do it they’ve done
it many times before homes cash hello we’re not here you mr.keshe yet still waiting to hear any mr. Kesh not
sure if you can hear us okay well bear with us for a minute
well the connection comes through hello mr. Kesh not hearing you yet and here’s some sort of connection
trying to be made there but not on the voice connection sorry still can’t hear you mr. Kesh okay
you can hear me I see well I’ll just simply let you know when we can hear you
then you hello I’m back yes yes hello yeah I
think a lot of people don’t like about what we are there we’ll be doing but
it’s good for them they have to change a lot of things peace is very hard you
know when you’ve been trying to fight with such an object finding somebody to
blame in education anyway as I said we are talking directly to the American
solution trying to find a way to bring America into the 21st century space
program let’s take out the stock in 20th century in 1960s and they’re still there
they still trying to get to Mars and moon in a very different way than the
rest of us that we know the new technologies allows and in this process
we we had we are hoping that the news watts of Tehran will be good enough for
all of us that mankind will take a new steps in our direction of peace and as I
said it’s not easy a lot of things has to be cued up in next 3-4 weeks by a lot
more people and a lot of concessions needs to be given to be taken and in so
many ways the peace dividend will be for all of us mankind has reached a point of
what I call no return from Wars do not want any more Wars
and collectively as a human race we will see new evolution we will see a new
dimension as Europeans are not in their war game anymore because they can feed
the nations and everybody doesn’t want to go to war because it’s too good to
win they’re getting paid by their governments or social services social
securities on the rest of it and you know when the time is good was sure to
go to war and we see it with other countries there will be some skirmishes
maybe between India and China but again but his little bit and we will see
the resolution of a lot of problems around the world as next two years we
have a huge problem wait what we call for unemployment
through military forces and we have to with the new technology to replace it we
have to create huge amount of jobs and hopefully by the end of this month Keshe
Foundation will make some announcement in that direction to start the process
those of you who live in China might get the news before the address and those
who even live in United State might get some more news from that side we are
going through the progress to change to complete and hopefully in the coming
days we’ll give you some good news that it will change it will bring your not
changes for all of us and not for some of us in trying to achieve peace as we
say we’re going to have the governments will have many soldiers they have to
find new ways and things for the same thing comes back to us Sasuke foundation and all that we have
to deliver the promise of peace the technology what we promised we have to
prevail all of us doesn’t matter Nuestra different companies different
technologies different aspects research we need to step up to cover and to bring
about the new industrial revolution we have to be able to deliver now that we
have achieved is no use winning election when you cannot deliver what you
promised you in the election and this comes back to all of us
we came here many of you wished many of the delivered many of you went through
the process of understanding the technology to benefit by one way another
financially maybe some other ways and now in the next coming months and weeks
we have to deliver it’s not time off to talk anymore – in addition your
supporters of the new technology you all need to be ready to deliver what you
wish for how do we bring this technology to be understood how we bring this
technology to be mastered how we bring this technology to become the frontier
of Sciences and next years to come the same as the government’s is not going to
be all tomorrow it’s going to take time we have time to build it we have time to
gain it and we have the opportunity to be able to create the condition hopefully in the coming days we will
increase the teachings life teachings in the coming months to follow up teaching
people teaching to take new technology and those of you who are very close to
the foundation work you know what is to come what is about to come and we all
need to be ready for what is to hit us we pushed with it we make answers we
change humanity now your wish was peace now to hold on to peace you have to
create the condition of peace and all about we have to deliver in every front a
beach from this way sighs bees from the energies are made from agriculture be it
on every front which we said we won the election we have achieved peace now
collectively we have to deliver that we guarantee nation’s security food won’t
energy and thanks to what I call beautiful Tesla he has managed to get
mankind to do the job for today what does this mean
as you know they’re one of the problems most of you knowledge seekers have is
that you have not realized a massive critical point none of you knowledge
seekers have understood one of the cornerstone principles of the technology
and this has become a mayhem for a lot of you what does this mean today’s teaching is trying to sort out as we say in English those from the
church what it means is we have to understand what is involved a lot of you
have worked but never understood and a lot of you have understood some of it
but you could not connect let me explain to you what I’m trying in text to say
and then we take it further you have to look something which is very
important in our technology in the teachings we have continuously referred
to two level of cancers matter state guns can you hear me
Rick yes we have a matter of seconds and we have energy seconds these have to be
understood and many of you have not come to the level to understand not matter
energy gap else leads to the condition of life see you
zinc ch3 mr. Casper narcan in your screen sharing coming through yet very
strange I can’t see it you can’t see it I know it’s black at this end maybe try
it again just every share this French hearing a fearless reach here I stop I
go out I do everything or can leave the meeting they want me to believe the
meeting I better leave and come back it okay to reduce the load we have a common
different way this screen comes through another channel is not on the same
Channel can you see it and now yet something is changing can we get the
usual black screen now and we’re waiting for it to go into the white there’s a low complication a lot of
government sitting on the watch still black at this point yeah are you sure
you’re on the right channel because I’m using two different lines one says so
easy to share a screen and our mind I see already shared okay then maybe I
tell you what just wait one second restart the computer anyway what I was
trying to explain is that most of you have not separated the two sides or the
science the technology what does this mean as I said the technology has two
sides this technology has the universal part he has a light part and he has a
matter part in the matter part which is the life of the man you use see you all
zinc oxide and everything else and then you try to get this small energy from
the matter part to create lift and motion what does this mean is that the knowledge seekers have to understand
the total process and not part of the process and a lot of people go between
one or the other or they mix it together and this is part of why you do not
achieve or you cannot achieve many of the things you set out to do
I’ve seen people trying to work between the two can you see this screen share
now no we can’t very strange the screen do you see my black lines on we see both
lines in the panelist list Flint mentions when when you see your
whiteboard on both of your devices that’s when we can see your share I have
shared you can you see the whiteboard and both of your devices yes
I saved my screen and it comes up it writes if I if I go on the participants
I see all the possible participants well how about I set up a whiteboard and
you can mark on it if you can see okay do it that way best Flint screen so he’s
done that just as always I think you were to do it rich and Flint we can you
go back and switch it over okay you are going unity
okay Flint can you switch off and can you come on because you have an apple he
doesn’t have a Apple or kill of work possibly okay yeah sure no it does he
doesn’t give you that okay no we can’t can you see me though
yes the second here and I think that should be correct yes can see the my
writing yeah okay so it was there’s something wrong with with the program
okay so what I was talking about is that the ganses we work with it is dark
answers which we use for matter state what we call the life order gansters we
should use for energy and many knowledge seekers have not understood the
difference between the use of these two in medical application in food
application we use usually these in energy application in a space movement
application we use this I’ve seen some people are trying to cross line this is
very difficult you remember the universe transition matter state when you work in
the cancer states which is here sometimes is not so easy to go back that
way unless you know how to play the game if you are on this stage you can calm
down and you can make the matter state is easier in this process you release
energy majority of time in this process you gain energy co2 co2 so then all if
we look these are all alkaline or gravitational these are all acidic or
energy giving in a comic time those are you who work with these systems
especially with macro systems especially with a dynamic system and as your lift
you have to understand what you set your systems for many of you when you make a
calls and you cover to see you on the rest
many of you when you make your course and you cover it with these kind of
things you get different results you’ve got to understand that hydrogen deuterium 3 to have different needs and
they can be used in a specific way for gravitational-magnetic culture and the energy released from these can lead
to the creation of these from plasma we can create matter you can
create energy of the matter we can create the condition of energy automatic with the beginning of elements we have
problem to achieve those of you who go towards the
understanding of the motion and travel in the space you have to understand a
further knowledge I have explained this past few days try because I see problems
my trying to solve a problem before but now being ready for it as we have to get
man into a space if you look at it in a matter state the gravitational field
forces are tight to keep a molecule in his position strong and tight to keep an
atomic structure into molecular structure to keep so many atoms or so
many electrons or protons on whatever together but if you look at the
structure of the planet systems home system energy is very weak extremely
weak there is a star there star there the galaxy here another force on
universe there billions and billions of kilometers away the field has had many
buttons on his way with other fields to get to us tantalizing weak tantalizing
it beautiful to play what this means or the reverse technology of the universe
mankind has to learn to fly you do not need the strong real forces to create
matter and hold onto even against you need strong fields in the location and
if the knowledge seekers understand this man
come man of space in a few seconds the mistake made by most of us knowledge
seekers they’re still in the camel bird story do you think they are in the
rocket propulsion but they want to work with against technology fill it up pack
it in – what do you like sorry there is no a star so close with this power be a
dead doctor this is where I’ve seen a long time
knowledge seekers plea doesn’t work this would cancel co2 I put zinc in I put
this in a petard if you look at Chinese fry system we have not used anything but
these three in your medical system yes you have to
use the new blahblah to be the lights on sight in space technology you have to
understand what you are doing and this is the problem with which has been
sitting around the foundation for some times and I always thought one day when
they are ready to go to a space I explained it is no use mixing this with
this and expecting something miracle because holidays is energy commercial
you hit a high energy to a solid body you gather if you know how to take the
energy card you might create a few malt as the said horses for courses the
sooner a knowledge seekers understand this criterion and connection and
conversion between it then we are in a various mode way to take avoids if you
look at the condition of this planet you have the energies which come and in the
process with the energy of that what we call inertia of the copper they change
to cover and if the gravitational-magnetic field
of zinc is there they change to sector these are energy products these are
inertia products depending on the gravitational-magnetic field of the
structure you dictate in that reaction at this point what is created so
gravitational magnetic field of the earth in conjunction with the energy
which enters the earth through what we call plasma fields of hydrogen dictates
in that point what is to be made very few elements on this planet are made out
of organic eruptions or other things the rest of the materials on this planet
have entered this planet this way become part of this planet this way because if
there was an iron and something else and the balance energy was zinc step will be
to come in now create zinc if there was an eruption and everything else that
creates the condition of the field transfer what we call heat then it could
be a copper if you understand this and understand the completion of the work
not in the direction of the energy field forces transfer and a weak field
somewhere we might find a match for planet Zeus and somewhere we might find
a match on the moon is very faint compared to the magnets which we hold it
heard the battle state we have to start during these at the same time we have to
know in what strength our planet is giving to the mood what is the return
factor what strength you are weaker in the magnetical at the point talk arrival
we are stronger at the gravitational of the point where magnetical has come in
because my lower plasma they’re stronger feeds the weaker and the stronger reads
the weaker is the matter state of the planet
the weakened state compared to the moon which the moon can affect it at the same
time earth creates the same pressure to give because now it’s gravitational a
stronger for the moon to receive if we understand this respond if the knowledge
seekers and the men of a space understand this principle you will all
understand you don’t need to burn any fuel all you need to do in interaction
of the fields in your system if you can create a friction enough or distance gap
energy a strength enough to be of this strength hello the source what it might be because as I
receive it I know this always have the same reflection back but on the week of
the strongest strength to feed and voila I’m on a sailing water of the universe
magnetic field in matter state we measured the strength
of the wind in plasma state we measure the strength of the magnetic field in
the line of connection then we can apply don’t forget if you understood this
something becomes very apparent I’m very clear is that if this is your system and
this is pronet source if you are stronger you are pushed away if you are
weaker you’re pulled in and all you need is the system inside what am I gonna
produce the stronger fields or we have fields and stronger fields for me to
become their giver and get pulled in or we can field that is the reverse in the
coming time mankind will have and build systems which measure these fields and
then you can enter when you have the planet Earth the position of the planet
Earth is not beside you so much by the Sun but but billions and billions of
weaker fields in the solar system and some in the galaxy and some in the
universe we are a closed shell for the same time the condition of outside
determines and effects Albert in understanding this then many of yours
knowledge seekers have to step forward and understand what happens when you put
the tool together can you convert it or do I just create a barrier and those of
you who have mature to this knowledge then you can start playing a lot of
games our game in combination is this because this we cannot find everywhere
in the use the operation of the brain and the soul of the man is at this level
that is why you don’t have no blood no more gonna be no metals nothing and in a
coming time when a mankind learns a little bit more about knowledge of his
own brain you will find out as we say even though some of the gravitational
magnetic fields of the elements can manifest themselves to be in the
strength of the zinc or magnesium or whatever essentially all the layers of
the brain of the bird which control the role of the man are made of different
strengths plasmatic fields or what we call neutron if it’s hard for you to understand it’s
very simple to explain if you get a drop of oil and you put it in the water and
start heavenly rotate it shake it Russian whatever you do with it you will
see the white form the thickening and if you understand the process of the
receipt or energy bar then brain of the man in conjunction with the speed of the
rotation of the fields of the body of the man the other will create that the
steering and so many ways if you understand this then you understand how
brain cells are created you have to understand if you go back in the very
early teachings borrowed teachings even recently only prayer tones when you have
an egg and a sperm coming together where they make the third instance and Aegina
trying to absorb energy from the environment of the womb of the mother
these guys are extremely dynamic they’re a machine at the highest speed
rotation so in that process they stirred up a very nice white form called the
brain of the man and in so many ways through the energy of the Bloodless was
outside the boundary now control and educated if you understand this and take the
knowledge step further it is very easy that to be essentially unthinkable but if you understand it
very practical to build brains control systems on the same basis or the
spaceships of the future in a way you build a new communication system to fit
the space technology you are built even though it will talk to you and have a
feeling like you and everything else except the physical condition of arms
and legs and essentially will hold us all so then
you understand how their communication the interaction the existence after
physicality in the soul of the man has faced trouble and energy no food
interconnected then it has become easier for you to start developing this
technology that the mankind can make the space of universe you all be looking for
a control system for your flight systems it was easy we call it in the English
language a – and the miners of brain of the matter is made out of the
combination of strength of the hydrogen that interaction with each other they
mimic the strength of the physical body what they’re connected then making system controls which are beyond the speed of light according to
the need of the system for the first time you understand has become possible but this time you cannot make the – by
putting something to steer it you have to create mayonnaise which is created
out of the interaction of the fields of the universe which does not need oil by
the knees commercial of the energy which record this allotment then you
understand is simple language that let’s say the Sun is the soul of this solar
system do you see no cover no zinc and whatever in it but in the interaction of
the fields of internal dimension structure creates field studying a
strength at some point will converge in its shell to copper or zinc according to
the point up there all right then now you understand how the next generation
of wireless communication systems when you call computers are possible mankind
has to move in the next step mankind has to start moving to
understand the totality of the structure as I said
mankind has more towards peace we have to give man something to be busy with
that understands now he can make a condition
the new systems are wireless zero time communication like a brain of
the man as you have there is no wires in there but everything communicates but
then you have to understand the strength of the fields what mixture is spun into
there how you allow it to be there can my price system feel its environment can
the FRA system have an emotion understand the distrubing
amongst life in the space without physicality and like you that you don’t
like to step on the ants because they are the beings will avoid them because
they feel that users now for the first time we have released this launch but
you take my kind sometimes to understand it because now that we have made clear
the separation between the control and physicality now we have to understand
the motion which can be controlled through the dimension of the same
otherwise you cannot control your systems if you lose flight system which
are copper in it and you enter in a zone which is strong and in so many ways can
dilute the energy of the copper you lost your space to be are falling into the
skies in the open is part of the universe but if you understand the
structure of the work of the universe in the dimension of material a matter of
state which is again connected to the structure of the hydrogen as one cell
complete or they call the Tyrian then you hold on to is a cavity of the
direction and dimension these or the new technologies which mankind
has no choice but to understand with the teaching of today if those of you
understood we have told you how to bake in a way system to control manner the
same as the brain of the man we don’t need any wiring but gravitational
magnetic field positioning by dimension of the thoughts by dimension of the
emotion when there is a need in the environmental energy dimension then we
will see what the control system where it is it’s exactly like the way your
brain releases so much enzymes because you’ve eaten this food this is so much
things concerning temperature and everything else now if you understood
how to build the structure of the control or the brain of the system which
is not necessarily tangible by the exists then mankind has entered the next
dimension of knowledge of the universe and will be very interesting to see how
many of you very rapidly will convert to this process and if you understood this
process then you could create the same trouble from here to moon in seconds
travel from here to the other dimension of the galaxies is zero time because
when you are on the winds of universe in the direction of their motion you become
their passengers at the speed that thing the beauty with this trowel is is
friction operation because the magnetic fields do not reach the matter same
strength unless you reach the point of destination today in past few minutes I
have told you when the mankind has been yearning to understand for years and
centuries it will take you sometimes to digest it take you sometimes to
understand it and replicate it but in essence the basic knowledge of the
existence is here and exist and indifferently strength has different
constant eye of the observer but if you remember something very simple in all
the teachings and that was how you compact is how you are observed and
don’t forget all elements in plasma technology or gravitational magnetically
positioned then you understand why even the brain of the man has different
colors how come back there gives them different color
and why do they become compatible what’s the purpose of suddenly changing because
of the companies because of the energy factor because of what you are putting
there according to the field these things of the Commish and if you
understand these how to make it how to do it how is done then you can do a lot
of things controlling massive pest controlling
massive conditions but you have to understand the process of their life you
have to understand the process of the emotion any questions Thank You mr. Kesh and
once again I’ll remind the attendees you could put your virtual hand up so we can
recognize you and I see your panelist Krasner has his
hand up here so go ahead crash me with your question thank you Rica
hello mr. Kesh hello everyone I’m just trying to understand something that you
explained in the beginning of the workshop that you said there are two
sides of the technology one being the universal and the other one being the
meta WA and you compare the meta one with the copper and zinc that we use in
the energy one compare it to the hydrogen and deuterium so would that
mean that louder the making of the technology would be towards the
interaction between the hydrogen deuterium tritium with the other gases
that we’ve been familiar with we always promote it and we always explained in
that direction it’s just that there has been a confusion and he had to be made
clear some people did not understand it and as caused massive may have they take
mix things and they take things and they convert things on there put ch3
somewhere and they would switch to somewhere but if in general you
understand the two separate part of the energy and matter then you understand we
are talking about magnetic field energy positioning we are not talking about the
energy as we can convert it to usable energy that we can electrocute something
or rectify something that’s another direction of the combustion and in so
many ways at the point of the conversion you get
what we call the pulse at the heart thank you thank you very much
any other question you see now I have divided you knowledge seekers in three
clear category matter state category energy is a country and control category
and soon you have to understand all three or you start from one and see how
you get to daughter ok mr. Kesh there’s a question in the Q&A maybe we can sort
of combine it because we also ran into this in the plasma reactor group and
it’s a common thing this idea of the there’s kind of a duality the like
you’ve shown that and just explain between the matter level States and the
plasma level states let’s say so the question from Steven is and maybe we can
sort of combine this is when I’m thinking how can we help the twenty
souls to find a balance are they able to find peace by understanding they have
twin souls are these twin souls of physicality within one physicality so
I’m just comparing that question which could be taken on a personal basis and
you know individual people what do we call it twin soul define it after all
these teachings somebody has to define it
some of it should be able to define it what is their twin so what we call it we
solve it the soul of being made the soul of a stone whatever is that an entity a
plasma condition which gives me everything I need that I do not need to
look somewhere else or most of my needs and I give to it what it needs or most
of his needs then when you can get and receive everything you do not need to go
shopping to you and that’s what is the definition of tree so it means when
you’re a tree so it means I receive all the pleasures all what I need from that
soul and then it comes that how truth will are we with the others which we
live in the dimension of physicality and this is one of the problems with this
process when you call somebody a twin soul it means it gives me everything I
need it facilitates everything I need I don’t need to get anything else from
anybody else oh I do a little bit because it cannot be all connected but
let’s say majority of what I need I receive and then it reaches a point that
something in the structure can change because we are not all the same
and literally is slowly the twin souls feelings become strings and detached and
separated and gradually go to another one and then we have access to many
souls and a twin soul that’s all the meaning he has somebody something could
be a twin a star could be solar a being he could be solar entity as long as it
can give most of what we need and receive most of what we give we receive
from it and we give so we tied up this work it’s virtually one shop won’t
customer whatever you need I have and whatever I want to sell you take him and
a few other customers requests are out there but your main customer that’s what
we call it whistle and twin soul is not limited to him manager it’s not limited
to solar systems and his owns limited to universe and in that dimension it is not
limited even to the Creator in all testers and all the stories we talk
about an Adam and Eve Adam is to give it up what evening is what I don’t need but
overall the part another totality or were in a totality of the existence what
the happy that they have to be part so we we have a twin soul according to
dimension of the need and the position of interaction okay thank you
there’s a question from Joel you had mentioned earlier that it that it’s time
for us to deliver so Joel says good morning mr. Kesh when you say that we
must deliver do you mean that you allow us to facilitate meetings or conferences
to disseminate the technology of course that’s your application we’ve had meetings with many scientists
in the past recent past in past years and we find scientists who are looking
for an answer and in technology they find their answers now in hindsight
kissed who by finding the answer shows that ignorance of the totality of
knowledge they had to object but in common 99% of the population are there
to learn to help themselves and if you can translate the knowledge to the need
of demand you can do a lot optics you have to understand what they need not
what you want to teach what is the need of tonight rust Thursday
I give me any five or six hours of teaching into the Iranian agricultural
teams tonight again we have highlighted the problems in Iran agriculture so
maybe another marathon session tonight will go through because the stop things
mission needs to be done I see a problem I try to solve the problem not just
because it’s just Iran because it’s a critical position is extremely critical
and you have to understand I can’t send you maybe because I cannot share videos
but maybe I can hold word a video that you can see what Iran at this moment is
entangled it I can get my hands on it I can transfer it to Rick because they can
share it when you’re on we have a drastic agricultural situations okay let me do it different way if he
can play a trick I have to send it to you when you see this it’s the
obligation of every man to find a way to solve this and we’re trying to solve any
problem like this at the moment with different parts and different you I think you might
off there mr. Kish you hello mr. Kish can’t hear you currently you hello miss
gosh well bear with us for a minute here well
we reconnect you a waiting for mr. cash to connect see your hand up there Dean and you can
speak when there’s an opportunity that comes up here see Steven you’ve had your hand up as
well allow you to speak and you know silly me that what I can
yummy yeah I was trying to send you a video and it just got broken up the
bandwidth wasn’t there to carry it what we have a problem is we we have to teach
as much as we can and to to spread the knowledge it’s not anymore as we know as
knowledge seekers it has to become part of the knowledge of the nations as part
of one nation one word and we’ll see how we can develop it teach as much as you
can yes yes I can hear you’re very weak voice can you hear me neither
yes I’m speaking that’s very good thank you well speaking hello it’s Dean here
from I wrote a little something actually I was going to say hello I’m a man named
Dean from a race from where from the UK okay yes I was going to ask you a
question um just recently I’ve been feeling a lot
of energy through my hands that energy I feel I actually went and listened to one
of Rick’s teachings last night and only listened to a small part of it and there
is a guy the French chap talking about his background that he had now I just
thought about that maghreb and connected with it for a short period of time and there were conversations going on that
term the my grad was giving out pulses the heartbeat let it obviously they were
saying that it didn’t give out a very strong heartbeat
in the evening but as soon as I connected to that magrav with my hands
my hands tingled from my fingertips right – well I don’t even know the
bottom of my fingers and slightly in the middle of my palm my hand but I was
getting pulses of them two or three pulses per second and quite strong as
well now I found that this all started when I gave him my soul to the China
spacecraft do you constructed and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger
and it just I just you know just need to talk to you about that really what
happened at this pole system is something which we know about and we do
a lot of work around it we don’t know a lot of work around it and pulse is the
cornerstone of life in the universe the plasma cannot work without a pulse and a
pulse is created at a point of the balance between the magnetic and
gravitational field point over strings in a way when you jump from
gravitational to magnetic and in that process one contracts on one pulse
expanding one pulse race is gravitation on one post races my data and the earth
has a pulse our body has a pulse and the rate of the pulse shows more or less the
the size of the activity and in so many ways is a balance between this sort of
the physicality and soul of the net what you call sort of the man where each one
has his own pulses we we developed this technology no shit without a poster is
no plasma unless you catch me last part of a sentence there and you said yeah we
did without apology we have we developed the technology to create POSIX pulse is
a cornerstone of life in plasma when you have a man which is made of
combinational plant must be called answers the collective can change
between the polarity because the heartbeat of the body and you can look
at the pulse two ways one is to release plasma because really when it reverses
squeezes the fields to radiate or well how many reverses is sucks in a pulse in
reality is like a pump no use of it you know you go in suck and every time you
suck in you need to God was you can also concur a Saudi who and in reality is the heart retorted
physicality which is our blood circulation that creates or forces the
soul of the man to radiate at the level that in the brain of the man in the
interaction of the two leads to creation of emotion one triggers and responds to
the trigger he creates a new condition if you understood before as we explained
the blood vessels around the brain or the cat the energy but this carries a
pulse energy which pressurizes in Nevada that the plasma the soul of man and that
causes the soul to release and the interaction to us even point creates
emotion the inward pulse pushes the fields the artwork poles takes the
balance we call emotion back from the blood and in conjunction to the
physicality this is something which I was explaining I can’t remember where I
think is once in their teaching to there somebody very recently is that you have
the brain of the man and you have the neuro system and then you have the blood I have to do it in different colors tell
you at a point where the blood vessels information gained through the brain
from all the cells in interaction with the nerves need creation of the himself
conversion of the lymph to the matter estate or cancer cell so here at this
strength with this blood coming in with the presence of there lived it makes the
cells of the heart at this level with the strength of the two with a given
signal coming each one separate makes the cells of the liver and kidney to
become the leaf is a common denominator to totality the physical body is the
difference or the voltage balance between the two which decides what name
becomes what element at what point and how often
all these change because the informations is here if mankind didn’t
have the layer will have no dimension of as a country to make so we eat and we
make everything into live we transfer energy to the stomach and then it’s
there it’s like a flower you want to make a cake out of it
here I make a crumb it depending on what temperature and what ingredient I put in
the information from the soul comes through the neuro system the information
from the Victrola miscalculate comes through the blood and wallah you have
that cell you can take the kidney out because there is a blood cells in that
position which is posted in the kidney you can create a condition to develop
and will be there this is how we developed the brain cells
in Brno destroyed then we chew into the heartbeat and the
soul beats and the heart returned to solve it at the given point of strength
need to create you know certain strengths that’s why when we get old we
don’t produce stronger cells because their physical dimension fails not the
soul if you look at the blood circulation of the man you have one
which brings what they called the red blood cells or fresh blood and bond is
the one used blood but you asked the physicians how did they jump from one to
the other the same thing happens in the dimension of the physicality and the
conversion of their life back to matter or back to blood cells so they can be
taken out it is very very interesting if my kind understands how his physical
body works if you have if you look the process of the limbs the neuro system
and the blood system the blood circulation and you understand this what
I just explained then you understands how simple energies convert the matter
to what it is it is coming in to be added or is taken up by a different one and this is how man has to learn in the
space to replenish stock return – energy levels in the spaceship the body of the
man the working of the body of the man now that we understand if you understood
and you can repeat it because the whole universe works the same
you understand how suddenly out of nowhere stars are created in Sony I
don’t know where stars disappear or become part of we call it whatever you
call it that they change but in fact is that’s what it is a certain strength
fields come words the matter or energy as a limp to the metal state of the
cancer itself to the high-level energy and the other one which is a slightly
different is is what takes out it’s very interesting if you ask on lorem a lot of
matter of medicine they tell you a can you go in the Wikipedia and you bring
out the blood circulation of the man and why doesn’t what they call oxygenated
blood circulation doesn’t mix with on oxidative blood circulation but if the
body of the man is making always red blood cells and is making red roses for
both systems why do we carry in some the energy or the material of what we want
and some in the energy material which you want to get rid of just on the same
principle and if you understand this process or to
what you got to body or to map and be very very easy for you to make
gravitational systems are very easy to make my ethical systems it’s the same
blood cell and how come when he gets mixed up and passes the body call it the
lock when he gets energized it changes his characteristics there are a lot of
things that scientists have not managed to explain they just tell us is there mr. Kesh I was them I was listening to
some some music last night and I came across some Aboriginal Australian music
and I listened to intensely and not pulse but that my hands were just
glowing I don’t mean as in light I just mean they were alive with just a force
and it was a deep connection and I’ve never listened to it before but as soon
as I did it might they just so you got you got excited within music such as
your soul has recorded in my stuff yeah it’s something that we we understand as
part of our emotion what we deliver it through with the blood circulation but I
don’t actually have a my grave at home I mean I don’t various different you know
built various different things along the way they built constructed you know out
of copper and things and some Ganz’s and stuff like that but I don’t actually
have my graph and as soon as I see at my graph and I can
think about it I kind tend to connect to it you got the Copperfield as they call
it not the magician copper filter copper will miss here you connect the copper
strength field of these systems we have to learn we are all unique in so many
ways and we are not all the same thank you very much shit Rick can we go
to John in Australia if he is ready what is teaching today is section here
to Jim you can go to jail yes Jim are you there yes Rick hi I missed occasion
why we have kept you awake enough now that’s a lovely evening
it’s an apostille yeah okay we enjoyed your last week your teachings if we can
have the second part I get enlightened please all right I’ll try
thank you very much I see that come through Rick yes perfect you know
talking to Lisa she said the best part is coming this time last time was just
hard work well this is the the interesting form apart
Thank You Melissa very sort of go on the scrap heap of try again okay let’s see
where we go okay all right so tonight’s presentation is a continuation of last
week but looking at it from a different angle and what we’re looking at is some
field interactions within the plant tissue and
using the method of circular chromatography to do that so I’ll go
through the process so last week we had to look at the benefits of using the
Gantz and how it increased the nutritional value of the pond and also
the shelf life and so I was trying to find out and work on methods to try and
show another way visually of the effects of using the gains on produce because as
we said you know if you pick up one apple or one mmm banana that’s been
grown with against another one that hasn’t on the surface they look lists
they might look the same but internally there’s a big difference so I had come
across the circular chromatography which was entered by and pain-free Pfeiffer
and he’d originally developed this method to evaluate the life in soils and
was almost eighteen ninety years ago so it was a quick way to determine the
health of any soils so no in the soils they were setting for the the houmous
the minerals the microbiology and then more and most of the work done with this
analysis was on soils very little was done on plant material and so this
analysis is not an exact science but rather an interpretation by the observer
so the purpose of the chromatography was to allow the separation of the different
organic components that make up the plant matter or the soil and it looks at
the separation of the layers from the center to the outside on a pulse of
paper and it’s using the silver nitrate so I’ll go through the process that he
had done but what we had looked at that’s comparing the daikon radish which
we had shown last week that had been grown with the plasma
and the only way we could do a comparison was to purchase some daikon
radish or another growth and then we had also done some of these chromatography
on the daikon radish which we had just grown in the environment without any
addition of gas and then I done another set of experiments on our cost lettuce
which was grown with the plasma and then again I purchased another cost lettuce
from the shops just as a comparison to create view comparison so those were the
three experiments that we had done now where we prepared was we needed a point
five grams of silver nitrate mixed in 100 moles of distilled water now with
that solution the we created we had used a circular filter paper and then we just
cut a little square of it and rolled it up so that became as I’ve become a
little weak and then we just created a little hole in the center of the circuit
of the filter paper and then put the wick through and then we just let this
sit in the solution of silver nitrate and through the capillary action the
liquid gets absorbed and we do it to radius or force your radius of 4
centimeters we then remove the week and in a large paper to dry so there was a
basis preparation for the filter paper now we’ve got a look at processing the
plant material and with that we used half a gram of caustic in our H in a
hole in five animals of distilled water and we mix that with 15 grams of the
plant material and then we just use a stick blender to mix it all up and the
picture shows the nos green mix after mixing and then we let that solution
with a caustic set for one hour now we didn’t start creating the
chromers so we then take that solution so we’ve got our filter paper which has
been pregnant with a silver nitrate and then we put a new wick in and then we
allow basically pour some of that solution plant solution and we allow
that to wick up into the filter paper as shown on that picture and and just allowed to weaken it can
take quite long some of them took 30 minutes to reach sort of that four
centimeter radius so it you need a lot of patience for this one and then what
we do is once that’s over we take the remove the week and then you hang that
full paper up in sort of indirect sunlight and allow it to dry and this
can take several days and it’s quite fascinating to watch how the images
change over this time it has been exposed to the light and then your your
chromos are basically ready for analysis and interpretation so as I see there’s a
lot of information on the chromosome using on the soils but our battle to
find much information with plant analysis and in us to realize that
I need to rather do is to rather look at analyzing what I have back through the
understanding of the plasma science and what we’ve been taught over the last
couple of years and so the first thing when when I saw that them how they met
they used in the method was they put a little bit of caustic solution
immediately brings me back to how we use the caustic solution to create our nano
layers and essentially opening up the layers on our copper and from there
onwards we put it into another salt solution which opens it up further and
we create our gains so the method that we had understood taught over the last
couple of years is essentially the method that they had used a year ago by
using the caustic solution used to try and open up the material and material
and see what’s they will open up the soils and see what’s in there so I had
to look at these pictures that we created and try and analyze them from
the plasma point of view so we’re now looked at the first one what I have to
try and understand is when we look at the center of our filter paper the
images that it’s produced we essentially have a stronger gravitational weaker
magnetic field in the center and then on the very outside we have stronger
magnetic or weaker gravitational so the center zone would show the higher
magnetic strength of our different elements or minerals middle zone would
show the proteins vitamins amino acids and in the outer zone would essentially
show for me the integrity and overall health and vitality of plant another way
to look at these is to look at them at different zones of the similar magnetic
gravitational fields so you’ve got the Center zone there which is the red and
then there’s a different color with the yellow and in the blue ring showing
another zone and different layers so each one of these would be different
layers or zones of McNeely gravitational field strings and we see this in nature all the time
with cross-section of teeth tree trunk and also a microscopic image of the
roots of an orchid plant showing different rings and different Magreb
fuel strings within the structure of that root so that was my approach in
analyzing these images so the first one we did was our plasma radish that we
have grown against and comparing that one to the shop radish that we had
purchased okay so these two images the one on the left is the shop radish and
the one on the right is the plasma Ridge I will go into a bit more detail on
these images so this is just after that solution had been sitting in the caustic
for one hour this is just a close-up image of the shop radish there you see a
lot of different layers directions there and has a close-up image of the plasma
range and then just some other clarification
of some of the markings on the filter paper is this outer very outer ring sort
of the Grail army this should indicates where the silver nitrate solution at
week two so we ignore that in our analysis the area then sort of a lighter
brown area the paper is where that’s the color of the silver nitrate goes just
with a normal exposure to light and then then we start getting the darker ring
this is outer edge of the client solution so it’s only from that edge
inwards is what we really start analyzing so you know look at analyzing
I’m looking at the shop reddish which is on the left and I just put the plasma
reddish as a visual comparison between the two so when we look at the shop
radish we can see that we’ve got that sort of central white zone a blue circle
there and then we followed by a egg another bigger zone with a lot of sort
of fort patterns and these pets these folks seem to be penetrating another
layer which is sort of a lighter brown and to me it’s sort of showing the sort
of gravitational magnetic field interplay between these two areas how
that whiter creamy zone with a Forks is sort of interacting with the the lighter
brown area then we have a third zone which is of the bigger blue circle it’s
the darker Brown Sidney you can see that these white folks the magnetic field
strength is interacting with the field strength of the brown areas we need to
play there and then we get to the real outer edge where we sort of reach a a
balance point so those are sort of the pictures of one
can pick up from the shop radish and then all I’ve done here is the reverse
so I analyzed the plasma on the left and I’m just showing the shop radish or
visual comparison so on plasma radish we have a it’s overall a very different
picture one would assume that they are not of
the same plant variety when we analyze them but here again on the plasma radish
real inner zone there we have the white zone and then the next zone which is the
next blue circle there there we get the same white brown mix but it’s it’s form
its own sort of unique zone now when we compare that white brown mix to the shop
radish on the white we can see that this is that was so Brown zone has extended
quite far into the outer edges of of the the SHA Bradish there and into
intermixing with sort of the brown and orange layers whereas on the plasma
reddish has maintained its very strong small and maintained its structure then
we get different patterns coming in from that next zone the to me they’ve Reimer
well-defined holding this shape and also interacting
into the light orange and the red zones there and then we said really clearly
distinct sort of orange and red zones and in the outer boundaries is also very
well well-defined and it’s also shows sort of an inner and outer zone on it on
that boundary so we have a very different pattern and structure that’s
created between the plasma radish and just a normal normal radish what we sort
of observe is that we have a lot more distinct layers refined layers plasma
radish which for me indicates stronger areas of pill streams both solutions
were soaked in that we passed environment and to me the various
components on the shop radish seemed to being broken down that opened up
gravitationally magnetically very quickly in that caustic environment
where we can see where that mixed white Brown area has really spread out to the
outer edges of that zone where is the plasma radish it’s maintained itself
still in the centre and by doing that we’ll see more and more different layers
and that utter boundary on the plasma radishes is really really distinct and
too fine to me indicating a very strong gravitational magnetic field of the
planters hole and may give an indication as well as to how long the shell plum
so that was the radish with against against the shop radish and then I did a
one for radish which was purchased growing in our environment so we never
added any plasma to this one it was just grown amongst other plants where we had
added against and they grew about one and a half meters away from the other
plants and so there again we can see the chroma Desmond reddish that
environment ready which is closed up again of lots of different layers and
here I’ve compared the three so we have left the plasma the middle is the
environment and third one being shop so when we look at the border area we can
see it’s really really distinct on the plasma is there on the environment
reddish not as strong and then on the top reddish we only seem to have sort of
the one how to ban there and then that white structure where we had seen
various distinct in the middle for the plasma reddish the environment reddish
seems to have opened up a bit more and then on the shop radishes really really
opened up and I said to me it’s showing how the the plasma ready seems to the
plant seems to retain its integrity even in that cost environment where is the
radish from the shop if it’s so if the structure of the plant is so weak then
that small weak caustic solution has opened it up very very quickly
so we know look at those three pictures the the plasma ready seems to sort of
show a very well-defined patterns sort of high integrity high
strength and vitality they’re not good the same thing with later stuff we’ll
try some other point so our lettuce is also grown with a
plasma and again I to buy lettuce from the shop there let us we treat our seeds
differently in that because they are so small you don’t really soak them in
three difficulty soak them in water and then plant them so we just plant our
seeds normally but during the four-week period there are now grow table we water
them with against while they are still German
sorry to germinate and throughout the growth period within add against that
period of their growth and you can see there’s the cromoz one on the left is
the shop one on the right is the costly against cost lettuce the gain very very
distinct and unique image is produced there’s a close-up of the different
bands and again we seen the forked effect in the interaction of the
different layers there are Arizona’s cross lettuce we have very defined
boundaries that we’ve seen on the costs so when I’m analyzing the shop lettuce
and then we just got the plasma to show again we see there that in a zone and in
the next zone so the white area extending into the orange layers and
then we have sort of the Reedy area followed by Brown creating the outer
boundary now look at the plasma lettuce we conceived quite a few distinct layers
we have a center zone and then we get a lighter brown that’s with the first red
arrow small arrow and then we get the edge of the white zone
and then they say that what air is very well contained by next Martin Brown area
and we don’t have see any penetration into that next field strength layer as
we saw on the shop lettuce and it’s a very wide band and then we also have a
very well defined boundary on that cost I was where we had just left these
implants solution in caustic with one hour so I wanted to see what would if
there was would be any changes if we had left the plant solution longer so I
lifted those solutions for three days so sitting in the caustic environment and I
did some all promos and now we can see on the left is the shock and then on the
right is the plasma cost so what we’ve think this is the look at the evaluation
the shot cost lettuce so the one on the left is in one hour and one on the right
is three days so to me they they’re almost the same very little difference
between 100 and three-day which tells me that the magnetic field strength of the
plant structure was initially week so that caustic environment was added to
weaken those bondings in that first hour because we his grew a little change
after three day effect but when we look at the plasma Miletus of one hour on the
left and the three days we start seeing some differences what we’ve seen is when
you look at that this brown very wide brown band on the plasma cross on the
one hour and this has seemed to be opened up after three days because we
starting to see a lot more detail a lot more structure in there a little more
layers so again H telling me that is extra time allowing the layers to
separate more so that caustic environment is able to open up and the
more the layers so that we could see but we did we see the difference between one
hour and three days so again is shown one hour really strong integrity of the
plant material and then even after three days the structure has opened up a
little bit more expelled rate maintaining its strong integrity so it’s
shown to me that very strong gravitational field strengths of all
those components with innovators so there’s just a bit of analysis on
three day one you can see that the area on the left which is the plasma costs
strong band circular band there now this circular band is essentially
what we see on the shop leaders of the three days how it’s opened up very weak
structure so it can move into the next layers of strength and then we see here
as well on the cost lettuce after three days we see essentially how the band on
the right to the one hour we don’t see a lot of detail on the brown but on the
three days we start seeing some more detail different layers interactions
here so again that structure has opened up after three days and when you look at
the outer bands there on the shop cost lettuce on the left very little
definition there and then on the plasma the gang which seemed very strong outer
boundary for that plant so when we look at the two to meet Stevie can see the
integrity and the strength of the produce grown with a plasma magnetic
gravitational field strength of the cells the amino acids and proteins
remain intact and are not opened up by that weaker caustic solution whereas on
any of the shop produce that we seen how that it structured opened up very very
quickly and we see a lot more detail as we open
them up so we’re not look at the overall analysis there’s one on the left is the
plasma reddish and the one on the right is plasma cross so you see very
well-defined patterns structures of detail of layer a very strong outer
boundary which to me indicates a very strong healthy and vitality of the plot
the plants have a stronger gravitational field strength which may account for the
higher nutrition and shelf-life that we always seen produce as I say these pictures show a very nice
uniform structure in order to me these pictures may also indicate motion state
of the plant as in the work done by su remote oh he freezes water showing the
different crystalline formations of a person’s emotion that is reflected as
ice crystals maybe the chroming images are giving us
a glimpse into the emotional states of the plant work now are we growing emotionally balanced
plots using against and this emotional balance creates plants with higher
nutritional levels the plants are happy to give and be the best that they can be no further study will be needed to sort
of identify and analyze what the different layers are actually such as
what from minerals or proteins amino acids they are reflecting this workers
say is is my interpretation using principles and understanding of plasma
science technology and it may or may not lead to further work in this direction
the images of the produce grown with a gang circuit tell a story how we
interpret that story now you need some more work and just to end off what we’d
also see in keeping our jaws of plant material for a couple of days and
sometimes weeks this we’ve noticed a quite a distinct difference the two
bottles one on the left is the shop radish and the one on the right is the
environment radish and it was the same for the plasma radish now we can see in
the bottle on the right being the environment radish and the plasma radish
all our raw material it settle to the bottom and we had the screen color on
top and it was no there’s no smell from it even weeks later but the the shop
radish you can see we’ve got a very distinct all the pro material had
floated to the top not sunk to the bottom again showing the much weaker
structure and this started growing mold and when you opened up the bottle the
smell from this was rather putrid and this to me also just showed an
indication of the noticeable differences between the produce grown plasma and
without so I hope you enjoyed it and I’m sure you can tell us whether this comes
on scrapheap or where we try getting mr. Kish thank you very good thank you Jim maybe they’re
mr. Kesh yes our listening I took some pictures of this is very nice it is can
you hear me yes we can yeah we expect a lot of things why and how things change
is because we changed the field areas outside or we choose the catch comes
we have changed the environment in this area and that in turn has created a new
dimension of positioning within the structure of the cells this is a picture
which I took while Jim was going through it if there’s anybody else asking any
questions please go ahead do you have any other questions we do well I had
something to show that’s related to this perhaps I can insert that you want to
look for a picture in the background from yeah no it’s Jim can you go back up
on your pictures the to the green one let’s go back up to the green a little
bit more I think it’s just couple of pictures I heard Rob the green picture
this one picture which is green color and that one yeah that’s the one yeah
just one second please if you look at the structure here what we call a
honeycomb and if you look at this a structure is all the way
through the same if you look at the structure of their skin after man is the
same if you look at the structure of their kidney is the same and what these
shape mean and when you introduce cancers outside you change the dimension
of these shapes means you change the dimension the size of the magnetic
gravitational fields in these well we see the body this structure the physical
structure is where the magnetic gravitational field has changed to the
matter State and you see for example in one place they have a uniform shape you
can you can see it here in this band these spaces these what you call hollow
spaces in them is not hollow is the gravitational magnetic fields which this
for example if I can change it to a different color this here dictates the
size of this and dictates what this can bring in and then this this bracket here
decides what needs to be a filter to go further in and then you see again
another filter band here at the point of every change we see univer Universal look at the structure as honeycomb but
in fact the empty space is where the plasma sits the
pressured our plasma can accept allow physicality in its boundary and we see
the boundary of this cell and this is how we look more or less a lot of them
are hexagonal or follow near enough that shape where the balances are in a six
field dimension which in the science of man we do not understand yet because we
are looking at a cross-section there is another half to this on the other side
which has been cut so this is like those magnets which we put together on the
floor during magnets this is exactly the same thing but because is hexagonal it
creates different conditions this is in one of my lectures probably lectures
years ago I explained this that if mankind if us ever produced
hexagonal magnets like the way it happens in the universe as now we learn
the ring magnets we will see in new dimension in the science of matter we
will understand a new concept in technology very much reality in the
dimension of the plasma when we look at a plasma as a circle this is the whole
structure of the system as a ring but if we position enough magnets we
will see hexagonal combination if you leave them to find their own position
but if we ever managed to create a hexagonal magnets we will see the
operation of the plasma in a physical dimension and teaching of science
conversion from plasma to field to matter as a call you have a plasma you
have a field and then you have the matter state then we will understand
this then we become more in the dimension of reality and we can see how
cells perform and in a way if we ever manage to make a hexagonal three
dimension magnets then we will see a different field difference and
collectively then we can understand how the body of the man works of the body of
the live entities working and this is a this if you take a cross-section of
every living entity you observe this this condition and depending how compact
they are and how they are closer to the center the shape becomes more regular
more and what I call homogeneous in size and they usually
become which is at the point of change and when you introduce plasmatic
magnetic fields then the whole ballgame changes and its
to see this because you take any cross section of any tissue you will see this
so we always look at the boundary of this but in fact we have to look at the
plasma inside it the field is ranked I did which creates that push creates that
boundary and that field at a point of interaction with other people at a point
of balance they create a matter state so if you look at it this way I try to
clean up my mess a little bit then you can see better oh my god the rubber is
very good okay so what I’m trying to explain is when we look at the boundary
here is when the gravitational magnetic field from center of this the center of
this have come to reduce from field to matter state have created that these are
what we call in the science of plasma sub plasma levels this is all made of
these space gaps just don’t create as I say these are all plasma fields which
create and the condition of what they allow to cross them in a space gap here
you see them next to each other but there is a spirit cap in that space cap
the energy can come to here and this could be of a different strength and at
this level by absorbing all the fields here then there is a space gap here what
can go through in in a scientific language we call this one frequency but
here is plasmatic frequency if you call it
the energy that it can get through and what is created here in reaction and the
condition to this side it creates and decides the size of the cell but when
you see inside themselves this this cell has a center of energy
it’s there sits there it’s the soul of it and what it radiates imbalance in the
interaction with others creates the matter state this is all is all even
this partition has life because it has to hold on to and get connected to the
next if one day mankind go further in depth and we have machines to do it you
see this is a living thing this here follows the same structure
field and then this we you help me flush your
yo mr. Kish I see a line that you’re making still not hearing you still not able to hear mr. Kesh you hear
me yes not now we do you can hear me okay it’s going to be a strange how this
thing happens I can’t this is our download which is weak hello yes now you’re clear now I’m clear
okay now switch to another one so we see this structure even in the universe
but in a larger dimension you see this structure in galaxies you – oh sorry go ahead yeah it’s just that
if we look at the structure of the universe we see the same if you look at
the structure of the planetary system we see the same in the universal dimension
we still see high seconals between the galaxies position of the
galaxies and position of the field environments which we are not aware of
we we haven’t got a technology to to choose to observe yet and interesting
enough in time when we understand this in certain points in the universe we can
colonize we can live because dimension of
physicality a certain strength is the balance fields of the physical life of
the man and it’s very interesting to to see this
because it’s a repetition repetition of the same structure the same process and
one way or another life as we call magnetic field balance repeats yourself
because it cannot be any different mr. Keshe I’ve got an image of the
inside of the artery that maybe you could comment on it’s exactly what
you’ve been talking about you allow me to share that it doesn’t knock you out
oh I could knock that very easy it’s just if I’m off for my phone get excited
that I’m really out there meant here there you go so you’re talking about
ring magnet and you were talking about we were looking at the images that Jim
was showing there which are very similar actually to this this is the inside of
an artery the aorta artery and you can see the different layers and the folding
that kind of that the in-between layer there that seems so important oh yeah
it’s all the same technically the universe is made the
same way but if you open this further you will
see the same patterns it’s a magnetic field the space gap what we call macro
spacing you it even has
of a hexagonal shape actually as well around the the outer edges you can see
here and then along here and back up there it’s all the same it’s all the
same it depends how it is you have to understand as always say the magnetic
field can only over a plasma can only open as much as is environment allows
you to and why there’s a hexagonal why majority with the SEC second because
if you look at it we call it in English and North Pole you have a notable you
have a son the same no poor results
nor for asar forth you they’re filled balanced forces between
the three forces a hexagonal shape to be part of life
physically we call it diamond search you we can force these to be created we call
it in our technology graphene when it comes to to car one but a graffiti can
create from any cell you one of the reasons when you make the
ganses and when you put your plates in always tell you to put two electrodes of
the meter on either side and just connect them is to create this condition
homogenize or not another because here you have
the North up another one and here under the cell has a south and when you get north and north
together you create a separation till they can create another dimension to the
six this is how we connect cells to each other in the life you don’t see this in
stones this is the characters of the living
entities in the universe dynamic living entities they give and they take but you have to
understand this is another hexagon are connected to the other is this is a
two-dimensional and this balance is the essence of
creation because what I don’t need here I can give here but through the same set
a pointer gives here you and if you look at the structure of the
province or a diamond structure of the plasma which is on the influence of
other field forces enforces a hexagonal shape unless there’s extra pressure you
might see it on music but not again in the dimension of the fifth element
actually is like this define is a space or it creates a
condition you see it in all of these sometimes you see that the fifth one is
sort of fuzzy going on is fifth sort of in between five and six because we are
looking we are looking in one direction right if you’re looking to a three
dimension you see different mm-hmm you you see this very clearly if you do the
nano coating over sixty days then you see the space cap you do if you when you
make a nun according now there is your sternum you got a black surface you’re
happy with if as I said you allow it to grow and you look into the surface you
see these kind of positioning of the what you call nano elements inside
because they’re hanging they are not connected if you’ve done a long term
cancer what has it done according you you see
it very very clearly you good morning leak is this a normal
specimen JIT okay you got a picture from baekje why are you know if if we select
another person and we give them IBF co2 for one week let me take care a specimen
like this how would it look like what would be the change after all three a
person who took a co2 for a week in terms of their eyelid just like the one
Jim showed that one with the plasma water the seeds and one without a plasma
so we can check this in there I think I think you just talked yourself into an
experiment Ezra I’m just wondering what you are a
doctor right and maybe you can get pictures like this
have them have them done of course it’s a little hard to take a cross-section of
a a order because it’s they cut it out of the order it’s kind of a one-shot
deal in a way you can’t do it from week to week really unless they could take a
picture which would be different this would be a slice that they stained and
put on a slide or something like that but it’s an interesting idea because the
one of the main issues and mankind for health and longevity is in the arteries
and the narrowing of the arteries is one of the main problems and ends up being a
little hole just like that tiny center center hole that mr. Kesh made there
that’s about how big the arteries get when they have severe case of narrowing
of the arteries I was going to ask mr. Kesh about that in relation to what
we’re speaking of it here now what is narrowing of the arteries or the the
build-up of of that I assume that middle layer that insulating or in-between
layer it seems that’s the same they create a condition that’s a protein can
be added to this just a gravitational magnetic field strength from the heart
changes and so you get sediments you create new condition and new cell you any other questions mr. Kesh I have fun questions yes you do
mr. Kesha actually do it no I’m the guilty party left when you play amuse
it’s your twin okay no problem okay miss acacia I mean the gentleman
for you to ask about the energy in the hands like the image in the hand you can
manipulate it in a way like you can become a like a ball like a circulating
boring moves you can actually make it a clockwise counterclockwise you can move
it out then get back we can play with it so what can we do with that what is the
reason for it I mean because I can create it now because it used to be
energy in the hand now I can if I if I want I can see then I can create two
balls of energy moving and I can make a counter clockwise in two hands I mean this is different from just
feeling is it just noise out and you can separate from the body can go out and
come back I can send it to a plant and then I can
get it back from the plant you you
you mr. Kesh did we lose you I think he’s
just reconnecting there now answer sir guess you can’t hear you yet can you
hear me now yes good so I’m just struggling between two system which one
works the system is very simple if you can get six hands together we can make
the shape of your hand in it in a six-sided form three-dimensional you
should be able to see a structure when you make this space reactors flight
systems you see these shapes a combination are filled forces in a star
formation leads to creation of a structure copy of this if you look at it
if you look at the structure is a hexagonal inverse the space outside
makes it flat looking for the effect it is exactly the same when you make it
three-dimensional when you make him matter state space system you create a
structure like this on three layers this phase reactants is not that you
have one layer of fields you have layers of fields which make the body of the
craft it’s the same if one day man opens and cuts can get into physical dimension
you can see through it you see the same structure but as is dynamic and so much
you see it like the the body of the man it looks like the flat surface how tight
you can make it by different strength and respect is position you can you
create the field barrier that you cannot be penetrated it’s very much you make a
ball out of the same layer for you make a skin out of the same Olivia transfers
energy it doesn’t sound become a matter state well Rene had an interesting question in
that regard earlier he said in the QA if we use only the information of the Gans
itself for example if we store the information in water then we are no
longer in the matter State I think can you confirm this thank you from Austria so I think you in a way just confirm to
confirm that you talked about the energy is transferred and on that level
sometimes it’s not a matter level state things that are going on if you can if
you can see the energy transfer or the information transfer and that’s all you
see then you’re no longer in the matter state would that not be correct you’re
no longer thinking in so many ways you don’t see if you look into if you look
into the sky is especially at night when there is not much so much food
forces of the Sun which is continuously changing is more stable
you see Universal magnetic fields it’s very very clear you see in physical
language we call it we see air tunnels you know they put aircrafts in it the
corridors we call it in if you’re looking to the sky and you have the
trained eye to see most of us can do we see fields in the depth of the space is
mostly millions of kilometres and you can see it you can see transfer of
transfer of fields across the motion of fields across and then where you see the
difference in their field strength then you see the boundary of their of the
fields look in to the skies and clear nights you you see it because the light
from the galaxies or stars shows them the reflection of the light through them
you can see and at that point of interaction the change you see again the
whole structure of their fields well it’s like the rivers in the ocean and if
you train your eyes to be able to see in depth you can see you can see more or
less what is the storm water system a lot of where what because there are
stars are not stars amazingly their own stores and if you look into the depth of
the field motion Optima shows you it tells you does that man has got used to
considering me this short life that everything is a star in the universe is
there some planet are some stars but there are huge satellites which has been
there for it says seconds in the life of the universe but man says for ten
thousand years a million years and out there they sit there and strange enough
where the world of science assume what are made from and this is the story
could be life on it but they don’t see the life in it but they communicate they
interact and at a position certain position you see the point of
interaction it’s like service stations if you call
it in common language ah mr. Kesh there’s an article that just
came out a couple of days ago and some of the science periodicals and so on
saying that for the first time basically mankind is starting to be able to detect
these magnetic fields in space that are very subtle they mentioned in this
article I can’t show it but we can quote a couple parts of it that’s the
professor of astronomy in down in the stay somewhere he says there are very
limited ways to study magnetic fields in space he says our understanding of these
Astrophysical processes suffers from our core knowledge of magnetic fields and
the little is known about them in large part because they are exceedingly
difficult to study so they mentioned in this article that interstellar magnetic
fields represents one of the final frontiers of astrophysics and there’s
they’re super important and they’re all pervasive and yet the scientists know
actually very very little about them they’ve had a very difficult time to
measure and they have some really sophisticated processes now that be able
to do that and subtract the field here we we we have a problem in the knowledge
of man and we have not learned to measure or detect the spectrum of
prismatic magnetic fields this is where the knowledge is lacking we have
developed technologies which we can measure matter state plasmatic-magnetic
let me put on Tesla’s in the 129 set up the way this
that was sad is plasmatic you see in in all present too due to the lack of the
knowledge of the matter it’s nothing nothing else with it do you want to give
me a wide sheet then I don’t have to go can I have a white sheet rings yes it’s
the same we have the knowledge but we never understood how to to to use the
knowledge we still don’t wear less pictures can you expand your white
sheets white paper please it’s very dismal hello Rick yeah that’s that’s as
big as it gets there right now for me maybe you can yeah and I expanded it
okay now follow can you I cannot clean up but can you clean up can you give me
a white sheet I have this pink writings on it
okay no problem you see we see these magnetic fields flow Caroline system
very nicely you know when we stand issue you watch the skies and we see it she’s
got a very good eye for these things and this is the field the reason we have not
managed to pour the knowledge of man has uh brought us to the point of
understanding is when we came to 129 Tesla yeah the de Texas
like this we have a detector here we have a detector here
the present time we just put a detector here and see what it comes in fact to
understand the rivers for what I call after the plasmatic field we need to put
a detector under the cider – motion – then we have a technology then we can
measure then we know which way is giving what measurements here we measure
magnetic hoe in respect to here here we tensed
the gravitational in respect to here and then we understand and we can measure
and it’s very very minor we have the technology but at the moment we only
measure one direction if you make your system is sticking like this with a hole
here and a hole here and connecting the two together then we have a plasmatic
trail system because the balance of the two will give us what they call mass
ratio of the fields began and then we can even detect what is the real
strength here or finger strength here and this will explain a lot of things
and we can do everything we we never ever considered magnetic field to only
be the reverse of return of the gravitational field if we do that this
is called a plasmatic measure which we measure the strength of the plasma we have all these satellite programs
they show us the gravitation of me the strength of the earth we have all these
things they tells us the magnetic fields but nobody has ever connected to because
we never and we stood there of the same circle depends where you are and then we
can develop her cuticle prismatic fields in the universe we’re gonna see what you
receive on one side of the spaceship when we keep on the other side of the
spaceship and don’t be defined to feel the strength in what we produced do we
want to be on this side report or do we want to be under search without me and
where is our balance and then where is the highest field difference I mean what
is speed we want to go in the middle or on the edge if you look at the structure
those cross sections we just saw as follows the same but because it has a
soul the field flow of the magnetic fields is internal if you look at the
body of the man is the same but because of the copper content the body has a
split and then he has connected the Sun and there the the structure is very
simple we can measure we have ignored we never understood that is a balance of
the two fields and one is stronger emily’s weaker and when we measure using
the system we have in in the lab which we measure magnetic field there are two
detectors there’s one for the strong and one is for the weak and those knowledge
seekers we use the system they know what I’m talking about there depends where
you are you decide and the difference the two readings you get the difference
is your plasma beam Lucerne it took me months to design these these
detectives and they work on two different scales you have to adjust the
window just a tool you get the balance or to cross materialist rights and then
you say at this point this is the treeless ring in this river of ocean of
wheels I want to be there and then you can dictate and decide and when man
develops you don’t have a system shiri then you look at the structure of the
exactness to give you a very good indication how close you are how far you
are if you’re in the in the strong flow if you’re in a big flow if you cut a
cross-section of the transit gives you gives you all the knowledge of the field
transfer in the universe more or less the structure of the galaxies in the
center of the universe are totally different and structure of galaxies on
the edge of the universe totally differently their effect is different
the power is different because of that field flow in the center we all needed reaching for house any
question well that’s a couple of other questions in the Q&A for absolutely bit
address and Ben Tate had a question as well but it is getting on here and we
should wrap things up maybe you could answer a quickly been tazed question how
does the hydrogen structure change in regards to temperature and acidity of
ocean and colon structure and does that also happen in space and does this
change in can you two could communicate well her questions are in reference to
the 279th knowledge seekers workshop which would have been the last one and
she’s asking about the hydrogen structure the change in structure
regarding the temperature acidity of the ocean and the Kohen structure and does
that also happen in space and does this change in Gans of hydrogen structure or
strength when hydrogen is alone trust rate I guess she’s wondering about the change
of hydrogen structure by way of temperature and the acidity of the ocean
and that it changes into the Gans of hydrogen structure I’m not clear what
the actual questions and maybe she’ll have to clarify a little better for next
time I can work with her on that okay thank you too much okay let’s maybe wrap
it up for now then if it’s possible elaborate about it next week a little
bit because I didn’t get it the only thing I got from it is less less is more
like the more we become less they more we will the seal I mean that
was my the whole constant the whole thing our God for it was like this like
when you should hundred plus ten and then you should one plus one plus one so
if you can next week just open it up a little bit that would be nice we will
try thank you thank you very much we we awkward under the marathon run teaching
tonight so yeah if you finish another five or six hours of teaching was
wrongly charged in the top of us yeah McManus had a hand up in the
question but I just advise it you take it till next week and we can address it
there anything else you want to add mr. Kesh not really thank you very much
thank you very today as I said we wish we hope the 13 today will be the end of
Wars and a lot of people who are looking for it and we hope we we achieve our
dream blood our children live a life in a society where war was something
mankind did and we don’t know would it be part of us that we want to forget or
become part of us that we know but we never enter into that so and hopefully
hopefully we see the beginning of head upwards it’s our wish and I give all my
support of port Japanese Prime Minister in Iran and the Iranian leadership and
American leadership to fine senses in becoming the first nations to make peace
part of life of humanity thank you very much for today thank you very much mr.
Kesh and as we say I am present I am present hey thank you everyone this has been the
two hundred and eightieth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday June 13th
2019 and we’ll be broadcasting another workshop the same time and place next
week for the knowledge seekers workshop and also have the one planet One Nation
workshop coming up on Tuesday as per usual okay thanks everyone bye for now hello we are the Keshe foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
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