271st Knowledge Seekers Workshop – April 11, 2019

Plasma agriculture. A new method of farming
and agriculture, through the use of the new Keshe
plasma science and technology. Farming. Virus processing protects
the life of farm animals by processing away the energy
packages called viruses. Increase in fishery
and farming products create the optimal conditions
for farming to thrive. Reduction in growth time. The plants grow
faster and stronger. Reduction in harvesting time. The earlier maturity
time for harvest allows farmers multiple
harvests per season. Extension of the shelf life
of agricultural products. Increasing grain protein
content without interfering with seed genes. Environment. Reduction of chemical
agriculture inputs. No more fertilizers
or pesticides. Progressive reduction of
land nitrates and chemical contaminants clean and
restore the environment. Decontamination of agricultural
water from poison and metals. Health through food. Reduction in the use of chemical
fertilizers or antibiotics in farming practices. Food nutrients in the crops
are kept without the use of genetic modification. Improved health for
people and environment. Plasma culture. Using the Keshe plasma
science and technology, the environment
creates and provides to the plants exactly what and
how much they need to prosper. Reduction in use of groundwater
in agricultural systems. As the energy is absorbed
from the environment, the plant does not
need that much water to create its own food
and energy to grow. Greater crop tolerance
to temperature variation. The possibility to grow
crops in any climate at any time of the year. Non-GMO. Use of the newly
discovered natural state of matter known as
GANS plasma water allow the natural
growth and development of agricultural products. Use of non-GMO
agriculture process, proven through
governmental tests. Financial security for farmers. Simplify the methods and
processes requiring less effort from farmers. More than 30% increase
in crop yields. Increase in income for farmers. Global change. Eliminate famine worldwide. Increase national and
global food security. Contact us. Visit our website for the
brochure in your language. From the beginning
of time, humans have always looked
towards the sky for inspiration and guidance. There has been a fascination
with birds, stars, gods, goddesses, and other entities
which seem to exist above us. And for many humans, the strong
yearning to travel into space. Man has dreamed of flight
since observing space, and now it is time to
become the space traveler. The future of space
travel requires us to understand
from where we came, to see where we are going. Several thousand years ago,
philosophers Mozi and Lu Ban from China were looking
to the wind for flight. They invented kites
using silk and bamboo, allowing for the later
development of communication, measuring distances, testing
the wind, and lifting men. The invention of the
kite brought with it the desire to fly. The first known
attempts at flight were typically by leaping off
towers, known as tower jumping. People in China,
India, and Europe first attempted flight this way. In 1670, Francesco
Lana de Terzi published a book that showed some
interesting concepts. The concept of copper foil
in a sphere with a vacuum would produce a vacuum airship. This is still not possible
with today’s materials. Francesco is recognized as
the Father of Aeronautics, melding science and mathematics
into aerial navigation. The Chinese are believed to
have developed the first hot air device. The Chinese lantern, using
hot air from a candle, can take flight and was
first used for signaling. The hot air balloon achieved
the first human lift and advanced to what we
know of as the Zeppelin. The first attempts at
flight in a heavier than air flying machine were made by more
than just the Wright Brothers. Most attempts failed, however,
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later. The oldest airport,
College Park, is still in operation today. Airplanes evolved rapidly
through the century, from propeller, to
helicopter, to jet aircraft, and most of that
technology is used today. During the Second
World War, Germany developed rockets that
could go a limited distance. The basic rocket technology
used then is still used today. The Space Race started with
the Soviet Union and the USA in 1957 and led to
many developments for the next step, the Moon. The spacecraft
assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft
to have landed on the Moon. The space shuttle operated
at tremendous cost. Burning the fuel proved to
be wasteful and dangerous technology. The International
Space Station, ISS, is a habitable,
artificial satellite that was assembled in
low Earth orbit in 1998 with the use of
the space shuttle. The ISS can often be seen
with the naked eye from Earth. SpaceX, as a private
aerospace producer and space transportation services
company, was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, with the goal of
reducing space transportation costs and enabling the
colonization of Mars. SpaceX reuses the first stage of
their primary rocket, Falcon 9, by vertical propulsive landings. Although, up to present
time it still uses a rocket fuel burning technology. Mehran Keshe has always said,
“The time for burning fuels is over, but did we need to
start with that technology in the first place?” Ancient cultures have suggested
the use of an alternative means of transportation. With reference to possible
plasma technology. (MK) You can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes. And most of this five
minutes is actually landing and getting up. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe
was born in Iran in 1958. As the son of an
X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the
world of radiation and nuclear science
at a very young age. In 1981 he graduated from Queen
Mary College, the University of London as a nuclear
engineer, specialized in reactor technology system control. At that time, he
developed a number of theoretical ideas related
to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications. In 2002 he decided to finish
the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology. This included the creation and
control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear materials
in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor. Mehran Keshe
introduced the concept of double magnetic
fields to explain the magnetic and
gravitational field of Earth. Unknown by the existing
scientific community, he wrote a number of
scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review,
such as “The Creation of Black Holes.” When one of the persons
performing the peer review used his information
in public, he decided to draw back his papers
and to concentrate further on building prototypes. Since the beginning of
2006, several prototypes of dynamic reactors
have been built, some specifically
designed to create hovering effects,
similar to effects seen with magnetic levitation. Basic hovering effects
have been achieved. 2007 brought the
first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe the process
of the field interactions. The main patent, gravitational
and energy system, described the initial
fundamental aspects of the plasma and uses. This was followed by
the supplemental patent, micro plasma reactors, where
further uses and advancements were described. Mr. Keshe found
himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all
the resources needed to create the first lift of
a plasma reactor, managed by the Iranian government. These special
rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma. To bring a deeper
understanding, Mr. Keshe released the first book in
2009, “The Universal Order of Creation of Matters,” which
contained many new concepts released to the public. This included the PMTIC,
plasma magnetic fields, initial fundamental plasma
and plasma dilution technology used for space reactors. The plasma technology
was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation in a controlled environment. 2010 introduced a
new state of matter called GANS, an acronym for
gas in nano solid state. The GANS produces
fields to be used in the operation
of the spaceship. Advanced flight tests
were performed in Iran with the guidance of Mr. Keshe
and the newly designed systems. Mr. Keshe tells us, you can’t
bring all the doctors with you in space. Medical research
advanced in 2010 and is still being explored
daily all around the world. The Keshe Foundation
has provided knowledge for dealing with many
medical conditions in space. A great example of
plasma technology used for peaceful process is
the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in December 2011. This drone was touted as one
of the most advanced drones of its day, and was caught
by Iran using plasma to disrupt the communications. Plasma absorbs
fields, and the drone uses radio fields for piloting. A natural aspect of the
plasma, a barrier of fields. Book two, “The Structure of the
Light” was released in 2011. This book brought
forward the understanding of the structure of light
as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in
possession of all magnetic field strengths. Book three, “The
Origin of the Universe” was published later in 2011. Mr. Keshe explained the further
operation and interaction of different strengths
of the same fields, which then leads to the
creation of the universe. These three books bring forward
a much deeper understanding of the plasma science
that is applied worldwide by knowledge seekers
and scientists in spaceship research
and development. There were two conferences to
release the space technology to governments in 2012. The first international
presentation in April, Keshe Foundation
invited representatives of every country to
the first presentation of the plasma technology. The second international
presentation in September, Keshe
Foundation invited the nations of the world, through their
ambassadors and their leaders, to attend a gathering
at the Keshe Foundation Center in Ninove, Belgium. Space travel requires peace. The implementation of
the plasma technology brings greater responsibility. In 2013, Mr. Keshe brought
forward the World Peace Treaty. Signing of the peace treaty is
a confirmation from yourself to your soul to act correctly
in a peaceful manner. In 2014, Knowledge Seekers came
together from around the world to learn from Mr. Keshe, and
many different experiments with reactors were
performed, including improving the previously
developed reactors to fit with the new knowledge– introduction of nano
coated reactors, multicore GAN systems. The Spaceship Institute
lab experiments were streamed live on the
internet for all to see. SSI lab tests with reactors
showed strong magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla, and
showed significant weight fluctuations. In December, an
experiment was performed using reactors built
by Knowledge Seekers from around the world. Italy, Germany, and Canada were
involved in field communication tests. The tests showed that
fields can interact with each other, no matter
the distance or time, resulting in instant
communication. In 2015, developments
for space continued with different aspects
of the plasma technology, such as in health, energy,
and decontamination. In October of 2015,
Mr. Keshe taught a popular week-long
course called The Blueprint Teachings about
how to build the MAGRAV power units. People from all over
the world participated with building their own MAGRAV
units and teaching others. With the demand of the
Keshe Foundation products from all over the world,
a new research center and manufacturing
opened in Arizona, USA. Many developments
of the technology happened in different
parts of the world, and Keshe Foundation
USA is no exception. John and the team started
performing experiments using different sensing tools. These tools allowed the team
to visualize the MAGRAV fields and to show others
their interactions. With reactor formations
showing positive results, partaking in the
knowledge together is easier and more
joyful than ever. The fun has just
begun, says M.T. Keshe. Mr. Keshe publicly teaches
the space technology through the weekly
Knowledge Seekers Workshops. Plasma enthusiasts
from around the world participate in
gathering the knowledge and putting the puzzle
together in the Space Race. All people, irrespective of
race, nation, or religion are invited to participate
in the exchange of knowledge, thus assisting humanity
to live within the ethos of the universe. It is recognized that
international cooperation and peace is a
prerequisite for mankind to journey into deep space. Individuals and
nations are invited to come together in the spirit
of collaboration and unity, to enable peaceful application,
and the use of plasma technology for space travel,
food, agriculture, energy, transportation,
health, and more. We’re excited to release the
Keshe Foundation’s spaceship blueprint to humanity. (RC) Welcome, everyone, to
the 271st Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday,
April the 11th, 2019. This is a presentation from
the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute Public
Teaching in English. My name’s Rick Crammond. I’ll be your host today,
along with Flint Muhlhausen. And I believe Mr. Keshe
of the Keshe Foundation is ready to go in the background
here with today’s presentation and teaching. Mr. Keshe, are you there? (MK) Yes. Good day to you, good
morning, good afternoon, wherever you listen to these
Knowledge Seekers Workshops. As we see, we’re in 271
sessions of Knowledge Seekers, and we’re still
learning a little bit at a time, brick by
brick, building it up. And trying to see
where we can go, and how deep we can develop
this technology to the point that we can lead man
and mankind to find a new dimension in life. Maybe, as I said
before, sometimes ago. That we’re bringing
this technology forward that many of us who find
salvation in just living a peaceful life, and enough
to be able to sustain life, we might find we don’t
need, we don’t expect more than a comfortable life. We can provide food,
or what we call energy to survive through
the technology. We can create
condition of shelter. We can do all these ourselves. We can create the position
that we can travel and land where we want. Then it comes, what is
mankind going to do? Would the development of
this technology in bringing man comfort will
bring stagnation in the school of
thoughts of the man? And would we go back to
again, the old cycle. We’re just forgetting
everything and starting again. (RC) Excuse me, Mr. Keshe,
I think there’s a — and we need to select
your microphone there. It’s coming through a bit like
it’s coming from the machine. Ah. (MK) Is it better now? (RC) Oh. Much more presence. Thank you. You’re right there now. (MK) I forgot to push
the headphone in. So it comes to the
point that we think do we need to go
through all this, rigmarole of which we are
going through it now just to survive daily life? And then would some of us
become more adventurous and start laying new
ways for mankind, or at least for some
of mankind, to find new, what I call,
business, to be busy, that they can do something? Would this bring a
new intellect in? Would this bring a condition
that we can interact? We can communicate? We can find a space
position that what is needed to be completed
in nonverbal communication, or being able to interact
with other parties that you can amplify
your thoughts. To be able to span the
universe with the same kind of communication system. One of the most advanced
communication systems we know of with us is what is
electronic is available today. We call it satellites. We call it everything
else, but it still needs digital electronic
system to decipher it, that it can understand,
and then we can understand what has been deciphered. This brings a lot of
problems for mankind. You’re going through
chips and chips, and you’re going through
the speed of sound, or you go through
all other things. But does not solve what we call
the zero time communication. What is the next level
of the human race line of communication? How do we come to be able
to produce systems that, in so many ways, can
transfer information across in the spans of universe,
using, understanding the flows, the information
across the universe? We rely on many things,
but the new space of understanding, the new
methods of understanding of line of communication,
in line of horizon is what we can do. What we can spare. What we can, more
or less, achieve. How do we create the new cycle
of communication systems? Without a communication
system, man becomes isolated in
depth of the space. Because then we worried;
“What is my son up to? What has happened to the dog? Is everything safe?” But I can’t wait for
three hours, one year, for the voice to get to me from
the other side of this line, the other side of the universe. In the teaching
understanding the creation of gravitational
magnetic field system, we have realized these systems
are natural communication system. Inherently, they send out, and
inherently they receive back. But as we’ve seen with
the star formations, as we’ve seen with all
the galaxies, as we’ve seen with everything
else in the universe, we have to understand
the strength of what is the
strength of going, and what is the
strength of coming back? We’re sending a message
out, but maybe is received, but how do we get
the message back? Are we, as we say, in
the matter of state, speaking on the same frequency? Or is it a one-way
communication? What are the new
tools of communication using plasma technology,
which gives man zero time? How do we develop
these technologies? How do we take these
new understandings of the work of the
plasma into practicality of the use for mankind? At the moment, if
you’re in Washington and you’re listening to somebody
broadcasting live in Tehran, you see the mouth
moves, or he has to wait till he hears the
voice before he can answer. This is halfway
across this planet. What are we going to do in the
distance space of the universe? What facilities,
what technology we need to develop that
does not matter wherever out in the universe
we are, and what kind of obstacles on
the path, we can still send the message home? And still, we can get
this message back. That no noise or obstacle in the
universe can become barriers. Because if we
understand the totality of the knowledge of the
magnetic field spectrum, then we can tune into a specific
line, a specific strength, a specific, what we call,
MAGRAV field transportation, which gives itself at what
speed, at what strength. And when I tell you
I am at 15 Tesla, for example, 0.5
in the magnetical, and 4.3 gravitational,
wherever in the universe you tune to that,
you can listen. But do we have Tesla measuring
systems in the universe? But do we have systems that
can be fixed continuously, does not matter where
we are, to transmit the whole noise, the whole
voice, the school of thoughts and the soul? That anybody in the
universe can tune it. Like initial systems,
which we discussed, we can find new ways. We can find new methods. We can find the direction
of the flow that allows us to bring
a new understanding and a new technology
in communication. How do we develop
these technologies? How much have we understood the
full knowledge, that now we’ll step up to the next level? In fact, if you look at all the
teachings of nearly past year and past years, the
communication systems has been sitting
right in front of us. Because we do not, we never
considered, we have ignored it, or we didn’t ignore it, it’s
not there, we don’t see it. We use it in health system. We use it in material
production system. We use it in every
aspects of this technology in the dynamic system. And to be able to
understand and be able to reach the understanding
of the others, we always said, the system will take in any
direction as it needs to. But at the same time, the same
system takes what it needs to. Now we can see there is
a common denominator. We know this system. This system exists within
the body of the man. We have the soul of the man. Then we have the soul
of the physicality of the man, which sits
around the heart of the man. But at the same time, we have
the physicality of the man. But every cell of
the physicality has its own soul,
which all interacts with the soul of the man. It does not matter
where you are. Even though they
have a connection through the
dimension of the soul of the man to every other
part of the body of the man. When your soul transfers its
energy, or the information to the heart. Sorry, the other guy
standing next to you does not get that information to
his soul of his heart, does it? What you feel emotionally
in your brain in reaction, in respect to the
attitude of your heart and the dimension of
physicality does not give cancer to your wife
or to your children. So we can see the zero
time communication, a specific direction,
is already being part of the life of the man. The only thing is
move the soul here, and move the soul of the
heart of the man there. Or in a simple way,
find the strength that these two communicate. Does not matter where you
take the body of the man, you still have access
to the soul of the man. And at the same time as you have
created the common denominator with the soul of the others,
like your mother or father, your heart does not
matter where you are. You have an instant
communication. Then this brings man
to a new understanding. This brings man to
find out about actual, the strength of the
soul of himself, that through it,
you can communicate with the other souls. In the teaching of
last week, we spoke about the common
denominator that is within the soul
of the man, which is within the soul of the
creator and everything else. How do we tune to the specific? And we don’t always
want to speak to one, we want to speak to collective
of the souls together. There is a party. You just don’t want
to talk to anyone. You want to say; “Everybody
there is a birthday party, or we’re going to
blow the candle.” How do you let, how
do you choose?– (RC) Hello, Mr. Keshe? (MK) –like the soul of you. Somebody’s microphone is open. The other souls across
the universe can hear. This is the process
that will be unique, and it will be developed, and
understood, and operational by the members of the Universal
Council and the Earth Council. Where as a soul
present on this planet, they are present and soul to
those of the Earth’s siblings, who travel the space
of the universe. It’s a commitment to common
denominator, the strength of the soul of mankind. This is why we do not choose
the members of the Universal Council. We let their souls to step
up, as they have matured to that step to become
the reacher of all those who understand, in emotion
of the language of spoken, or the emotion of the
language of the man. (RC) Sorry, Mr. Keshe. We did lose part of
what you said there. When you heard the
interruption, that was me coming on to ask
if you were still there. We lost probably about
20 to 30 seconds, which was the part
you were explaining about the, when the Universal
Council part came in there. Perhaps you could just?– (MK) No problem. Can you hear me? (RC) Yes, we hear you well now. Thank you. (MK) OK. What is happening,
this is the reason why the members of
the Universal Council are chosen by their own
soul, and not by the man. Because when you step up to
become a member of Universal Council where you
judge by your soul, you have managed to
enter, to understand, that point of communication
with the rest of the souls of the common language. Because to speak a language,
we trigger specific strength within the soul of physicality,
of the brain of the man, which touches the emotion of the man. But at the same time, if you
are a member of the Universal Council in English, and you have
no access, you cannot reach, or whatever, let’s
say the Iranian, the Persian speaking language
member of Universal Council, can hear you. When you’re at the beach
and you shout in English, not only the Englishman hears. Everybody else on the
beach hears your voice. This is the next step
in the development of the understanding that
side of the communication. Universal language side
of the communication. Then you step up as members
of Universal Council, as a member of
the Earth council, and in deeper time when
the man becomes pure in the work of his
physicality that he becomes as close as to be
a universal person, then you start hearing
the voice of the soul, of the other creatures
of the universe. In a way is the elevation
of the soul of the man. We know this technology. Is embedded in us at the
point of inception of the man, within the womb of the mother. Is one of the first
gifts given to mankind by the carrier, which is the
mother, the soul of the mother. She talks to us
through the emotion of the soul, where she’s
the capture, by the noise, by the soul of the infant. This is the way it
has been embedded within the soul of the man. Now, as those who we endeavor
to enter space, as I said, there are no dictionaries
in the universe. In the physical world, when
we want to ask for something and we don’t know the
language, we are crippled. We make all sorts of shapes and
noises to tell what we need. Have you ever tried to ask for
an egg when you’re in China and you only speak English? You make the noise of the
chicken and every other shape, where it comes
from, to lay an egg. And how do we
communicate with men of universe, who do
not even know what an egg is, let alone the bird. But as we understand,
they will understand; “This is the animal
we have on Earth. It flies. It lays an egg, and we eat
the egg and the rest of it.” But you have no language. You transmute by the strength
of the soul of the man. In so many ways, is mankind
ready to dig deeper, not in what we call
physicality of the man, but dig deeper in understanding
the operation of his own soul? In so many ways,
are we ready to open what we call the RNA
of the soul of the man? The recordings which sits
within the soul of the man as not only when you make noise. Why are you making
these noises for? There must be a memory of
the chicken inside the soul that it explains the chicken,
you do that in your dream, to your mom; “Mom would
you like some chicken?” And she says; “What
a beautiful cooking.” There is no chicken and
there is no cooking. But she knows, and
you see the chicken and she gives you a chicken,
or you give her a cup. How do we create
the images that to us is real, and to the receiver
has responded accordingly? But there is no
physicality of the man, and there is no eye to see. But we see through the eye
of the soul of the man. Is vision the only
tools of understanding the environment of the man? Or do we become
like other animals that we have a
sonar to our soul, that we manifest
the images according to what we receive and the
strength of the receiving it. Now you understand how the
next step of development of the space
technology brings one of the first needs of the man. It’s not just flying
and it’s not just getting into the spaceship. As I said, that’s the easy part. Now, your problem was
going up and down. Your next problem is
how do I communicate? How do I even communicate with
the soul of my own physicality, when the dimension of the fields
of the universe are different? If you get a
pressure or emotion, you feel strength and
pressure on your heart. Now what is going to
happen when the man goes in the depth of the
fields of the universe, how much pressure
would you feel? Would your heart
move to the top, or would the heart
move to the bottom? Would the heart, suddenly
through the fields of the emotion of the soul
releases so much energy that it blows the whole
physical brain up, like a stroke and you’re paralyzed? But these are the conditions
that mankind has to enter. Mankind has to
understand before becomes passenger of the universe. Flying in the box,
call it a spaceship, will become a prison
for man, if he does not know how to get out of
it, to get inside it, to be able to communicate. And even in the depth
of the universe, at a time of the
need to be able, through the soul of
the man, to be in touch with his own creator’s soul. The last week’s
teaching, I deliberately brought this subject up. As one asked, we have a common
denominator to the creator. This is the essence
of the creation. In so many ways, now we
understand the theory. Now we understand the totality,
if we can become strong enough to be able to travel in the
school of understanding, to the depth of
strength of our soul. But as we said last week,
we have different passengers aboard this ship of this planet. Those who would like
to go with a bicycle, those who will like to
go with a spaceship, those who like to travel
with the soul of the man. How does these two
guys communicate and don’t wait for a year
for the message to come back? This man has to
understand and go within the depth of his own
soul to find the answer. I can teach many, but if you
have not experienced it, how can you see the beauty of it? This, those of you who are
happy to see a spaceship, to be a passenger of, how do you
make a system for these guys? And then, how do you make
a system for this guy on Earth, happy on his bicycle? For this, you need a physical
communication system. For this, you need a little bit
more labor intensive systems. With this, if you
achieve this, then you become true passengers
of the universe, you can travel anywhere
because you can communicate. This is the stage
that we elevate the soul of those who become
the true members of Universal Council. The station of the Earth members
of the council, in that line, will be in that dimension. But they carry both
of both directions. Now you understand why
we chose the way we did, members of the board councils. In this process, we are opening
your eyes to the next entry, that once you enter the
Universal Community, you’re not bunch of
dumb and deaf people. Where you can communicate,
not with a sign language that no one understands,
but through the language of the soul of the man. Which way do you want to travel? Would you like to
go first class? Or would you like to
be on a business class? Or we are happy
to be economical? Or do we create a new class,
we call them, space class? Because then you have learned
the language of space. You have become the language
spoken, that like anybody else, you can translate
the strength of soul to the understanding of the
interaction of the physicality of the soul of the man. Now you understand, I can
teach you for years to come. Mankind has to take
the strength and option on its own understanding
of its own soul. And in that process, if you
understand this, as we said, as Universal Councils
can reach the strength, and the span of this universe. The Earth Council will
reach, for example, the readers of this planet. Talking to the world leaders,
is not and should not be in the verb and voice by the
members of the Earth Council. It should be direct through
the soul of the world leaders. This is the gift which
has been given to them. Where the members of
the Universal Council have access to the physicality
of the man of leadership, and through that,
they can influence the condition of
the transformation through of soul of the man. There is a big difference
between the two. As you can see,
our teachings have become to the point of
governing, and teaching to understand how to govern
at what way and which way that we are here to serve the
humanity across this planet and in the span of the universe. But unfortunately, with
a new understanding of the work of the
soul of the man, there are no fighter planes,
and no aircraft carriers. It all has to fly on the ship
of the universe, magnetic fields in the ocean, in the depth
of it, and in so many ways, if you understand it,
the ship and the water are made of the same. There is no separation
between the carrier and what is carried on. This is a major point that the
humanity has to understand. At this moment of
time, we have a phone that we have to send
something on it, through it to another point. We have a ship, we need
the waters to sail on it. Where with understanding of the
work of the soul of the man, everything is one. And this will be a problem
for many, many, many of the man of the
Earth to understand. That in so many
ways, even we make systems to be part of
the communication line, but, in fact, the system
is the communication line. This is what is the
difference between the, what you call mechanical system,
than actually a space system. You don’t need anything
at all than what you think is itself, the
carrier, and the totality. So in reality, it’s a
zero space and time. These have to be understood. And those of you who understand
the true meaning of this, will move on to
elevate your souls and move on to become the true
passengers of the universe. Then you understand you
can transfer your own soul across the strength of the
fields of the universe, and then convert those souls to
physicality of the presentation at the point of arrival. In a way, you shout, you
send the message, as you say; “Mom, I love you.” That voice, that noise, is
the carrier of your own soul; “I want to be there.” By the time you get there,
it’s the soul which arrives and not waiting for
the soul to arrive. It needs a lot of understanding. It needs a total comprehension
of the world of the creation. It needs to understand the
process of transportation, and transmutation, and at
the same time, zero time, zero space, existence
of the soul of the man. Then the question
comes, does my soul exist in that point
of space and time? Those of you who manage
to master these and you know that it’s a zero time and
space, we can play many tricks. You can manifest
yourself at the same time in the eye of the
physicality in open spaces. Because the eye of physicality
is at the lower length where the speed of the soul of the
man and the strength of the zero time and space, can manifest
itself in many places. The slow frame is
the eye of the man. But the soul of the man
plays in the fast frame. Those of you who
understand this, you might have found answer
how some people manage to manifest themselves
in different places, at the same time, in
different dimensions. This needs mastering,
the presence. This in so many
cases, those achieve, who go through a deep
pain, which means they receive so much and they
give what they have. We see these at the
point of separation of the soul of the man and
the physicality of the man. But man, at the same
time, if he reaches the point of understanding
of his own creation, does not need to go through
the point of separation, but he can create the
point of manifestation from the same process. If you understood, you
have become a blessed soul. Which means as you move
away from the dimension of physicality, the physicality
of the man shall do no wrong. As from now on,
the soul of the man is the feeder of the physicality
of the man which satisfies it’s need, be it love, be it
hunger, be it everything else that that soul needs. Now, we have to
understand this position, this line of communication,
this beauty of the creation. Then those of you who
have reached that point, then you understand if
you can or you become, or you can stand to become
a member of of the Universal Council. As I said, we chose the
member of the Earth Council. Those of you who are the
member of Universal Council, you understood the
need of the soul, of the creation of the man. And in response, to answer. Very soon, many of
you will step down because you understand the
true meaning of servitude by soul, is different than the
servitude by the physicality. You’ve got to decide;
“Am I traveling, I want to be with
friends and joy, in the dimension of
physicality, or do I travel with the
soul of the friends, in the dimension of zero time,
in the spans of the universe?” Amazing to know how little we
know, about our own creation. Do we need to
develop technologies to be able to
communicate, or do we develop the understanding
of the soul of the man? Both is the freedom of
the choice of the man. Or do we decide to be
on one or the other? Then there is a very
interesting point for those of you who
watch too many movies in the realm of the space. If you have managed to
educate yourself to understand the operation of the zero
time and you can move, then comes one question. Do you need any doorways
to walk off the spaceship? Or do the spaceships of the true
men of universe, has no doors? As you can transmute your
own soul to the dimension of the existence. This journey of understanding
will take some of the mankind till the end of the
existence of this planet, and some will mature
to it within seconds. Then if you manage to
enter to this level, it comes another point, does
the mankind, or has the mankind, would the mankind, be able
to go through this barrier of physicality, or
through the strength of the soul of the man, travel
the spans of the universe? The answer for some of those
who understand, is very simple. In many teachings, I refer
this to a very simple story. And that is, the
dynamic systems which inherently have a soul in
them, have a limitation due to the Copper coil. Then, I would like to
give you a very bad news. Copper sits within the
structure of the physicality of the muscle of the man. Is this the shackle of
man to be able to free the soul of the man? As did the Copper coil,
dynamic fields and the soul, brought the creation
of shackling man to certain fields? Is this Copper coil, which
is made of the muscle fibers of the man, the
shackle to his soul, to be freed from the physical
existence of this planet? And I have a very good
and very bad news for you. The answer is yes. Good news is that now
you know the problem. Bad news is what
you can do with it. Or does mankind moves
into the dimension of universal understanding of
the knowledge of existence? That creates the field that,
in respect of the matter content of the GANS
of his body, he can create to encage this
totality as part of itself, that it has no interaction with
it’s direction of the motion in the dimensions of the travel
in the depth of the universe. Blessed those souls
who understand. You were afraid of the Copper
coils to be able to fly, now you understand I
have been giving you a hint for a long time. Many of you should have
guessed this a long time ago. And I said many
times, the muscle, the red tissue of the man
is connected to Copper. Now you see mankind has no
difference between itself and the machine he has made to
create the flight of itself. He has shackled itself
to it by his limitation. And in so many ways, why
Copper on this planet? We thought we were
connected with the Iron. Step up and step down. Now you understand why we
have muscle tissue connected to the Copper in the
dimension of transmutation of the soul of the man
with his neighbor, Iron. And if you’re 6, you
understand the difference. Again, the life of
the man is trapped. Again, through dimension
of the subdivision of the fields of
the universe, which gives the dimension of hexagonal
or what you need, at the time. How one creates one
and leads to the other to be captured by
both that it creates between the two,
the transmutation of the soul of the man. It’s becoming
easier to understand the cycle of the creation,
the physicality of the man and the cycle of
the soul of the man. And then you understand
how your physical life, in the dimension of the motion
of the blood of the man, has become the line of
communication for his soul, with the soul of it. In a very short
seconds and minutes we have opened the mystery
of the existence of the man, and it’s the line of
communication within himself, to the rest of the
Universal Community. How long would it
take you as a humanity to decipher on this knowledge,
depends on the strength and what you put to the efforts
of war or efforts of the peace. To spend more time
or whatever, to be able to develop the senses of
the man towards the creation of the life of the creator. Which in common denominator, has
access to the soul of the man. You can download
the whole knowledge of the creator in no time. But do you have time,
in in the dimension of the physicality of the
man, to make that no time? Then it goes back, does
the soul of the creator have a space and time? Or the confirmation
of the existence of the soul of the man,
gives an indication of the totality of the
creation of the creator, in no time and no space. I wonder if mankind would
have understood this, or simply, if was not
building the space reactors, with the motors? Then the dimension
of understanding comes, now that we have moved
into the dimension of what we call dynamic
systems, with no motors. Would this allow us to
create the exact dimensions of the soul of the man
within these new systems? Where, in fact,
through the systems we develop, in
understanding the process, we create new communication
systems for the soul of the man and the rest rest
of the universe. Those of you who’ve been
busy with this, with me, now you understand the message. When you put, like Dr.
Rodrigo, your patients within the structure
of the system, do you actually move
their physicality or do you increase and elevate
the soul of the physicality? Do you enhance the
soul of the man or do you actually
interact by elevating the soul of the man,
so of the physicality? It’s becoming very strange
to be a man of medicine in the dimension
of the universe. Now, many of you
should have understood that going into
space, is not just understanding lifting and
having a box to call yourself; “Now I’m in a
smaller house, I’ll call it a spaceship,
where I’ve moved in out of the Earth ship, that
to be traveling with it.” Now we need to understand more. Now we need to
grasp in more depth the totality of the
knowledge of the man. And in so many
ways, we need to be able to decipher
everything we need. How do we need? How do we do it? On what level do
we find ourselves to be in that process? Is mankind ready to really
understand the truth about his own creation? Is mankind mature enough to
understand that his existence is nothing but a mirage? Is mankind ready to
take the soul of the man into real dimension of the
existence of the universe, than the matter of physical
condition of this planet. In my teachings in the
past, I have explained something very interesting. Maybe those of
you who understand it will come to go a step
further in your journey in the space of the universe. And that is, I explained in my
teachings in the recent past a lot of things and that lot of
things has a lot of mysteries, which now maybe I bring to
you a dimension of reality. Where do I begin? How do I explain to you as human
race where your dilemma sits? Let’s say this is the Sun
and this is the Earth. In our teachings
in the past times, I explained something
very simple. The interaction of the fields
of the Earth and the Sun led to creation of the fields
in the packages of the Carbon and Hydrogen and whatever. And then when these
Plasmatic Field strength, it could have been Gold
or Silver strength, they come in touch with
the inertia of this planet. I can choose you a color. Then we have seen what
we call the matter existence of the entity. You become Gold or you
become Nitrogen or whatever. Then you find tangibility
of the physicality. Now, let’s change some names
and see where the man goes. We change the Sun to
the soul of the creator. Change and keep the Earth
as the soul of the Earth. Then would the
interaction of the fields of the soul of the
creator, in interaction with the soul of the
planet Earth by creating the dimension of the fields
of the universal energy, in interaction with the
inertia of the planet, leads to creation of the man? The physical tangibility in the
form of what we call GANSes, then you understand how the
soul of the man and interaction with the soul of
the planet, leads to creation of the
soul, which gives the dimension of physicality
in the dimension of interaction of the inertia of the planet. Then we understand why it’s
been said in the Holy Books; “I made man in the
image of myself.” As its created by the
fields of my own soul. You always looked at the
physicality of the existence and not the true
essence of the creation. Man is too entangled with
his own physicality and never understood why, if
I have Iron in me, I cannot pick it up and
nail it to the wall. But it becomes
part of the fields of the creation in respect
to the physical dimension of the inertia of
magnetic field of the soul of the planet, which gives me
the physical manifestation. Then if you understand
this, you understand man can travel the
span of universe anywhere, as the beauty
of the soul of the creator radiates across the same,
the whole of the Unicos. Then when you choose your
new home, it’s field strength and it’s interaction
of it will give you the manifestation of the
presence at the point of the field strength. How much more can I teach you? In all my teachings in the past
I have referred to the fact that the Earth has a soul. Now you understand what is
the true meaning of the soul. Interaction of the
soul of the man with this dimension
of the creation of the soul of the creator. That it manifests and
leads to manifestation of the soul of the man,
and with the interaction of the matter of state
of the physicality leads the physicality
or presence of the man. So the soul can move anywhere
and it will manifest itself, according to the
strength and the position from the soul of the creator. I am the beginning. I am as the Messenger of God. So simple. I carry the message of existence
from the creator itself, and not in the position
of dimension of existence. Maybe we have opened man’s
eyes to the true existence of two physical
dimensions of his life. One of physicality, and one
of the soul of the man, where the two merges and the man
has been confused in which dimension he exists. Now, what is the space and time? Or is man still confused in the
dimension of his own existence? In so many ways, when you
listen to the world of science of today, they say we are
99% the same amino acids, and the same genome
as a rat or a cat. Then the truth comes. As the soul of the
universe, how similar are we with the soul of the
rest of the creation, where we have as a common
denominator, the interaction of the soul of the creator. Now you understand the
essence of the creator. This is how when you
lie, I see through you. When you betray,
I see through you. When you’re sincere,
I see through you, as I am made of the
fields of the creator. In every sense I am
part of, as the creator. Closing my eyes
does not mean not seeing the truth, as
the soul of the creator does not have no
eyes, It’s the creator of the soul of the man itself. Now, one of the biggest
mysteries of the man’s creation is on this page. how long will it take mankind to
understand this, and comprehend how man itself can travel,
not the physical spans of the universe,
but in the dimension of the soul of the creator. Then if you understand
this, how long would it take you to reach
the soul of the creator? Or is the soul of the creator
the soul of the man, in essence of the truth? This is the beauty
of the knowledge. If you understand, nothing has
changed from the first pages of the first book. We just changed a few
names and a few alphabets. But in essence, the
creation of the man in this dimension of
the soul is the creation of the soul itself, in the
dimension of the planet. it’s matter of position,
gives it’s physicality or the essence of the
creation of it’s soul. I am the beginning. I am the end. But where does your
end finish and where does your beginning start? The totality of the
essence of creation is understanding the creation,
not looking at the creation. I have nothing to do with
the soul of physicality, but in fact I have to
exist through the source of physicality to
be able to take man across the lines of creation. For him to understand
himself, not for the creator to be at the point of
the presence of the man. Any questions? (RC) Thank you, Mr. Keshe. I did have a question from Bente
stored up here from Facebook. I think it’s
appropriate, actually. I didn’t think it was initially,
but now that you’ve introduced this, it seems perhaps
it’ll make more sense to you than anyone else. She says, she had the great
pleasure in going back to book three and
studying it again, that this time I
actually understand, and it’s also helped
with all the data that Mr. Keshe gives us
in the Knowledge Seekers Workshops on Thursday. Now I have a question. What determines whether
a neutron decays to an atom of Hydrogen
or to a GANS of Hydrogen, as in book 2, chapter 3,
the conversion of light ray to the GANS of the matter? And it seemed to me this
is similar to what you’re talking about here in a way. So perhaps you can answer her
question and attach it somehow. (MK) In a way, if
you understand, the matter of the Hydrogen
is the interaction with the inertia energy
field strength of the planet. The GANS of Hydrogen
is the interaction with the soul of the planet. But it does not need to
manifest in the matter of state. In so many ways, if
any of you have ever held a dry GANS
in your hand, you should have understood this. If you hold a dry
GANS in your hand, and you try to put it
back into the water, would never become the same as
the GANS before it dried out. You can still convert
it back, but you have to go to do the same
process as the rigmarole of the state of the matter. That’s the only difference. In so in a way, when
you become a GANS, you show the dimension
of the strength of the soul of the matter in the
dimension of the, what we call, the soul of the creator. In the writing of
Bahuala, bless his name. He says; “Even a
stone has a soul.” Maybe now for the first
time, man understands. You have to know where
to look for the soul, and how to free
the soul of the man from the shackles
of physicality. Otherwise, in reality, man
is nothing but a stone. How we find your answer? Mankind has involved
and evolved itself too much in the dimension
of the physical life, as he could touch it. If you can and you understand,
and in true essence, if you manage to entrap a GANS
in its dimension of his soul, just wonder where
he’s going to end up within the soul of the man. We understand this
fully and you use it, in the health application. And now maybe for
the first time, you understand why we use
the Zinc for emotional. We use the Copper for physical. And we use the CuO as
the line of communication in holding the two together. And in essence, the beauty,
the sweetness of CH3 allows the line of transfer
of the fields in the dimension of the strength
of the amino acid of the man with the universe. Now you understand, I look at
the physics of the creation, and not the
physicality of the man. When you understand
this physicality of the soul of the man, you get
detached from the physicality of the matter of the man. Needs maturity of
time and space. Any other questions? (RC) Yes. We have two people with
their hands up here. Krasimir and Azar. Maybe Krasimir could go first. (KK) Hello, everyone. Hello, Mr. Keshe. This is Krasimir from Bulgaria. I have a question regarding the
picture that you’ve just drawn. When you say that
with the matter, the physical matter becomes from
the interaction of the fields of the Sun with the inertia
matter state of the Earth, wouldn’t it mean that
if we become independent of the Earth’s
matter state inertia, we would not have to manifest
ourselves in this sense, in the matter
state, and we’ll be able to go beyond this
interaction of the Sun fields with the Earth, and thus,
go into the plasma state? (MK) In so many ways,
the creation of the man has a connection with the field
strength of the matter of state of this planet in the
gaseous section, which is the amino acid. The amino acid, which is the
interaction of the fields, is under the chemical binding,
you call it, amino acid, is manifest itself
in the dimension of total physicality in physical
dimensions of the living things. But if you move it away from
the inertia zone of the Earth, there is still amino
acid, on the higher levels and we see creatures
in this way. And at the same time, you see
amino acid, if you call it, which means the block of
life, across the spans of the universe, it’s not
a gift of this planet. This is very much, as
I’ve said before to you, nothing is there till you put
your night vision glasses on, and everything, there’s plenty
of life in the background. Just because you can’t see,
does not mean it does not exist. Now we have to
understand to look at the vision of the
soul of the man, which is very much like night vision,
and it sees the totality. You see, when you wear
a night vision glass, then you create that condition
of interaction of the fields. So when you have and
look with the vision of the soul of the
man, then you will see the light of the other souls. Man has chosen the easy way
through the eye of physicality, so it does not need to bother
with the eye of the soul that is much more
effective, and it sees in the dark edges of the
creation of the physicality. Then, if you understood
this, then you understand that you
are in the position of the higher and lower strength
of the field, of the creation. Would you like to be there,
or would you like to be there? There is something which
man has to understand, and maybe is the need
for the explanation. Many times in the teaching, we
refer to common denominator. In one of my teachings I’ve
referred to this a long time ago. We have the gravitational
and we have the magnetical. But you might have wondered
how these two work. In fact, if you
look at it, the two are connected by a
field in between, the system of the
fields of the creation. And the two are
entangled around it. So that is the
common denominator, this is the same strength. That at any point, it does
not matter what strength, this is the same. We call it, in the
man’s language, at 1G. It does not matter at
what strength you sit, at the highest of the
point of the creation, or at the Hydrogen, the
balance between the two stands as a constant,
which is the tunnel, this is a connection, and that’s
why both fields stick together. They have the stem. They have the inner being
in the dimension of the time that they can connect. It does not matter
where you take it. Understand it very simply. If you’re on the sea
on the North Pole, or if you’re at sea
level on the South Pole, or in the China Sea
of Japan, or the Caribbean, it’s all 1G. Because that’s the
point where the water, where the two
field’s interaction has created, in the liquid
state of the matter. So it’s the same here. Mankind does not understand
the truth about the creation. He’s so blind to
everything that he should have seen the answer years ago. Have you noticed in
some of my teaching, I say we take this to be
the combination of the two. Now you understand
where it comes to. How simple. That’s as simple as it is
and you cannot explain it any simpler than this. Within certain
tolerances from it, any protein, amino acid of the
given length and the strength, can exist. Depending on how you base
the life, to start with. if you’re a deep
sea fish, or you’re an animal live on
the top of Himalaya, you have a minimum-maximum,
and then you have a point of tolerance,
because it’s made of the same. If you take the fish on
the bottom of the sea and create the right
physical condition for it in the Himalaya exists. And if you take the animal
from top of the Himalaya to the bottom of the sea, create
the right condition of it, it still exists. Because the central
gravitational magnetical field of the earth
will not change in any of the two position. Man has got to
understand much faster about the true essence of
the creation of his own life. Otherwise, he’ll be here for
another 4 billion years, still looking. Oh, there was a
civilization 6,000 years ago who understood more than us. Because they’ve been
through the cycle halfway, they never understood, they
went back into it again. And in fact, if you understand
this 1G, in many dimensions sits within the Carbon 14. And on the other
side of it is Carbon. And in line of the two sits
Hydrogen as a zero at 1G. This is not the Hydrogen
as you call it single, but we call it Deuterium. The field forces of the totality
of the fields of C14 and C12 in crossing at that
1G, or Deuterium. This is why in my
teachings in the past, I said if you create
Deuterium, you can travel the spans
of the universe. This is the fuel
of the universe. Because depends how
you turn it, you divert to the dimension
of physicality, or the essence of the
dimensions of the universe. That’s how simple it is. Any other question? (KK) I guess it would be good
to know how to make Deuterium in a good way and a proper way. (MK) Listen. Giving a fishing rod
to a man does not make a man a fisherman, does it? (KK) Not really. (MK) Exactly. Any other question? (RC) Thank you, Mr. Keshe. I’m still pondering the
fishing rod thing there. We have Azar had her hand up,
so maybe she can go ahead next. And then we have Arno that
was waiting to speak as well. (AB) Good morning, Mr. Keshe. (MK) Good morning, Azar. (AB) Mr. Keshe, a
couple of thing. When you made the first
drawing of two man with a soul and heart. And you made another
creature on the other side, your whiteboard was too
crowded and we lost your voice, and I didn’t get that part. And second thing is when
you made the other– (MK) Then the man was
not supposed to hear. (AB) OK. (AB) So the second one
was you made three boxes, one was Copper, one was
Iron, and another box. So the Copper was
the muscle, the Iron is in the blood, which we
can say the heart pump. And then we come to
another picture which you made the soul of the creator
and then the soul of the Earth, because the field, as they
interacting magnetical, gravitational, and as they
lose the energy in combination with the salt of
the planet, they give to the amino acid,
which is us, we get created. Now, if you take those three
boxes, the Copper and the Iron, bring it to that picture, can
you make the connection there? (MK) You should have
understood very easily. The interaction behind the
fields, if you look at it, you have Iron, you have the
Copper, you have the Zinc. But somewhere here
there is an element which is a cornerstone
of the creation between the physicality of the
man and the soul of the man. It’s a crossing point. Man has no physicality
till it reaches this point. Our physical dimension comes
from this and interaction of these, we are manifested in
the dimension of physicality. That’s what you
have to understand. In the previous
teachings over years, I explained many
times these things. You have 12, it is, you
have Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen 12, 14, 16. You have here something, Sodium. You have somewhere here,
Potassium, Calcium, and the rest of it,
which is around 40. Then you have another bracket
here, which is around 60, where you have Iron, you have
Copper, and you have Zinc. The physicality of the man
in a dimension of existence of a protein manifests itself. Then you have
another cycle, here. And then you have
Magnesium, Sodium here. And then here, you
have the amino acid. You can see how it sits. You have somewhere here,
the Silica, around 28. And then it goes in the cycle. And a combination of these
packages leads, step by step, to the creation here
of the soul of man. Here, you have the beginning. You have the agents. You have the structure
part of the physicality. The GANS condition of the
physicality in dimension of creation [INAUDIBLE]. Now you can see
what’s the next step. Go back to one of, or most of
my teachings at an earlier time, always say life starts
in the magnetic fields, becomes a plasma,
becomes one piece, that’s the fields, that’s the
interaction of the fields, this is physics, which is
interaction of two plasmas. The interaction of three
plasmas becomes chemistry. The interaction of four become
the physicality of the man. Fifth and the sixth becomes
the soul of the man. And strange enough,
if you understand it, will come back to the beginning. Not only we have understood the
conversion of the matter state to nano, to GANS, and
then from the GANS is a cradle of energy of the
man, GANS to matter state. Now we understand the
whole cycle of the creation of the man, itself. That’s why the soul
of the man leads to the physicality of the man. This is why I tell you,
you do not need to kill. You have to
understand how to feed through the soul of the
man to the physicality. There is no difference. You took a GANS, you took
Copper, you made the nano, you made the GANS out of
it, you rotate the GANS, you come to interaction. You make Gold and Silver and
Copper from the energy of it back to the matter. So is the soul of the
man as a field creation of the physicality of the man. How hard is for man to
understand this simple process? Then why does man kill? That’s so simple. Why does man not understand? You, as the new
cycle of knowledge, you speak about Silica. Why when you have more
Silica, you have less cancer, let’s say? There we are, and there we are. You do, you separate the
dimension of the physicality. You connect the dimension
of the physicality to the point of the conversion. That’s all. There’s no mystery to it. It’s very simple. Look. I cannot do it any other way. Nitrogen, 14. Round Silica, 28. 42. 56. What else do you want to see? This connects, if
you look, 6 to 6. The dimension of the matter
of state of physicality, this connects the dimension of
the soul of physicality. Very simple. (AB) Thank you, Mr. Keshe. (MK) Now I hope you know
how to make a tooth grow. When I teach, I don’t
teach only the dimension of the physicality. I teach in the essence
of the combination of the soul of the man, the
essence of the creation, and essence of manifestation. There is a big difference
between the creation and manifestation. Creation has a birth,
manifestation has a presence. Mankind lives through creation. The soul of the man lives
through manifestation. In the past hour of teaching,
I have brought the whole cycle of the creation of the
man never understood for billions of years. As I taught you many
times, I can teach you everything about the creation. But how many are there to
understand the totality? In time, mankind
will understand. (RC) Mr. Keshe,
that was pretty much the question from Chris
in YouTube, who is asking; “Is a physical manifestation
necessary for man? If it is, does this not
account for seeming unawareness of the soul?” And he goes on to ask; “How does
man, then, return to his soul life, after immersing himself
or myself with matter?” (MK) Very easy. In the dimension of
the matter of state, we use NaOH to
open up to the GANS state and the fields
of the environment of the matter of state. Man has to find that field
which allows his soul or his physicality to enter the
same dimension of the fields. It’s embedded within the
emotion of the brain of the man. That’s why we help. If you go back to my
teachings, many time I have said emotion comes
from the interaction of the field of the
soul of the man, and the soul of the
physicality of the man. The same as the interaction
of the field of the Sun and the Earth led to the
creation of the matter of state of the fields, so shall be
the same with the interaction of the soul of the
creator, and the soul of the fields of the
physicality of the man, to lead to creation
condition of the fields of the soul of the man. You have to get the right flow,
the right motion, the right to strength in, and it
will become what is to be. If you look what’s
on the screen, it’s the true story of the life
of the man in the true meaning of the essence of his
own understanding, of his own creation. We did not teach man Carbon
and Oxygen and Nitrogen that he can cook. And we did not create how
the fields flow between them. It’s man who’s done it and
this way, with this language, man can understand it. The problem you have has
been this 6 and this 12. But we don’t look
at the numbers, we look at the energy
flow, and the space gap that the two energy
flows in between. And the balance
between the two is what leads to the dimension
of physical tangibility. That’s the only difference. Mankind has never
understood this. If you look at it,
this is where you sit. This is your point
of physicality, and for every physical
condition, is a slightly different. That’s why you is you
and I cannot replicate. In a different part
of the universe, different strength
gap between the two, lead to the creation
of what we call the soul and entity
and life can be replicated in all
dimensions of the universe. You have to understand
where that box sits. Is that zero time? Come on, watch. This is the line of the
soul of the creator. This is the string which
we are attached to it. And it’s like you’ve
seen these fishermens, they take a fishing line
and hook up many hooks, and many fishes come to eat. The only common denominator
between all these fishes and all these hooks in different
position of the universe is the fisherman who stands
on the top, the creator. Any other question? (RC) We’ve got Arno, who’s
been patiently waiting here. Perhaps he can– (MK) Who? (RC) Arno. Arno would you like
to go ahead there? (A) Thanks. Hello, everybody. Hello Mr. Keshe. I have a question. I have [INAUDIBLE]. (MK) I can’t hear you. (A) Can you hear me now? (MK) Yes. (A) OK. I made some [INAUDIBLE]..
and I shared them last week [INAUDIBLE] about
how [INAUDIBLE] lead to the creation of how we
look and how our animals look. Then Carolina said I ask
you if they are correct. But that’s not my question. Maybe if you can look at– (RC) I haven’t sent
them to Mr. Keshe. I thought you were going to– (A) OK. No problem. (RC) Arno, Arno,
I thought you were going to put together
a presentation and be able to
present something. (A) Because as Mr. Keshe
explains, it’s about my dogs I explain it two ways. Now, I thought; “i know maybe
if Mr. Keshe look to it, and if he likes it, then I
can go more into details”. (RC) Sure. OK. Yeah. We can do that next time. (A) And to do that, in
connection with this, then the knowledge
will be shared. Otherwise, it’s just
holding on because– (RC) Well, I’ll look
at that next time Arno. Sure, yeah. (A) OK. No problem. Then I don’t have a question. (RC) We can discuss after,
if you want to put together a presentation or if you
want me to just send all the pictures the way they are. The way I asked you to. (MK) Let him make
a presentation. Don’t send me anything. Just let’s see what is
his school of thoughts. (RC) Do you want to
see it now, you mean? (MK) No, no. Let’s him make a presentation. Then we understand. (RC) OK. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) I think he’s
got someone that’s going to help him with that
with doing the graphics, or helping with
putting it together, a slide show sort of thing. OK, If we could do that for next
week, that’ll be great Arno. (A) OK. (MK) The beauty, the
beauty of the way we teach, anybody can pick up, or
somewhere part of it. The only thing is, don’t
get carried away just because you understood
a little part of it, you understand the
totality of it. That’s, as we’ve seen, has
been a pitfall for many. (A) Yes. Thank you. I understand. But for me it was
for, as you follow the rotation of the space
range, then you see the beauty. (MK) No. You see, there is
something I explained. This is, I think,
where you misunderstand and your presentation needs more
understanding, put it that way. (A) Yes, I understand. (MK) As I explained in
the teaching in this week, we had a beautiful teaching in
the Universal Council meeting with Armen. And this might answer a lot
of questions to a lot of you, and it seems that many people
have not understood this. If you look at the field
flow out of a plasma, we call Earth because it’s
easier for us to understand. We always look at this, that
the fields flow this way, and they come out this way. Or in interaction
with another field, they come out in so
many ways, this way. But the truth about
this not this. This is the simplicity
of the presentation. The truth about
this is, in fact, as we said before, you have
gravitational in the North Pole, as much as you have
gravitation at the South Pole, and you have as much
magnetical in the South Pole as in the North Pole. But what in reality
happens is not that way. In reality, this goes to this
way, and this goes this way, and this one goes every level. The fields of the planet
are not as you thought. So at every point
of this planet, there is both gravitational
and magnetical. All do not go to the end and
come up through the other side. And if you understand
this, you come to understand how plasma works. Then you can turn it in a way
of itself, back to itself. This is what a lot of knowledge
seekers have not understood. When we get somebody coming
in and trying to present, you can see the flaw or
the not understanding the totality of the
knowledge, and they insist their knowledge, what
they understood, is correct. The matter state itself has a
problem if you don’t understand it, because this field,
in fact, goes here too, as much as it goes here. And at the same time, the
fields in the reverse, from here go here, as much
as they go here. Simplicity of the presentation
has created the dilema in presenting the
totality of the knowledge. This is why wherever
you stand on this planet you have gravity and
magnetical fields. It pops out through every
fields on this planet. And as I said, if you
had that, you have this. There is a zero
point of interaction. If you understood this,
about conversion of fields to matter and matter to fields. Our Iranian colleagues
on the Iranian channel, you’re writing in Farsi. Please communicate through
the channels set up for you. I see he’s writing in Farsi. I understand it. I can read it. In a way I don’t understand
it, but I can read it. Please transfer these to
the channel set up for you. We ask it in the next meeting. Thank you very much. It’s just been sent me, by
the web masters, anything and we’ll try and to communicate
through the Iranian teaching channel, which is set up. It’s easier to answer there. Thank you very much. What I said, in how you can
convert the energy to matter and then matter to energy,
how you can convert the energy of the soul to
the physicality of matter of the amino acid
and vise versa. We can show this in
application in a paper which is to be released
in the journal this week. Then you understand how we
have come to this conclusion, in this paper and
is in understanding this knowledge that allows
us to go to the next step. As you remember, we
announced months ago that we have managed to
breakthrough a new technology in science of the, what is
known in the Western world and in China, of pig, swine,
what they call the African pig flu or swine flu. And in so many
ways, newspaper is getting released as
part of the journal, to complete this understanding. How you transfer the fields of
the strengths of, what we call, the strength of
the viruses, energy connected to the
matter of state. And then by changing
it, you make, in a way, the fields
of the next strength. What this means, it means we
can get the DNA of the virus and then convert it. This means that we can
get the DNA virus strength and convert it to
RNA virus strength. So with this RNA we can
create the manifestation of the new DNA. We go from manifestation of the
matter of state to the fields, and from the fields in the
interaction, manifestation of the new. In the pig disease,
what we’ve seen, the pigs dies because
of the extraction into the strength of
the field of the virus, and in one of the papers in
the past couple of months we issued, we released it. Now we can see how the
knowledge comes together. And so what happens is
that the amino acid field strength of what we
call the swine pig flu converts itself to RNA, which
manifests itself in a DNA strength of the next cell. What happens is that you have
the African swine as a virus. That virus has to have
attachment in the strength of the amino acid. And now that we drain it,
the RNA of creation of it, which is now is released
in the new strength, attaches itself to
the next protein. But the protein does
not show itself, but it shows itself
as the next virus. And then when it stays long
enough in a new system, then it disappears. So for the first time
we see a virus in a DNA, changing in the strength and
becoming RNA and attaching itself to the next amino acid. And in interaction with
the next amino acid, when you add the cycle to it,
it leaves the amino acid behind, in the form of a
damaged amino acid, the same as where it started. So what we see,
in some 700 pigs, a DNA virus strength,
which is connected to amino acid strength. In losing its strength,
jumps and becomes RNA strength, in the
strength of amino acid. And then this amino acid,
as it’s continuously in touch with the composition,
leaves behind a damaged cell. And then this damaged cell
itself creates infection, or what we call, like your
bacterial infection, which in the process of another GANS,
we dispose of the dead cells and the pig lives. We started this process on the
16th of January of this year with a farm with 829 pigs. We were allowed to come in
touch on the 19th, where already some 70, 80 pigs
are dead from the swine flu. In entering, we saw infection,
like a bacterial infection temperature, which these
still cause temperature. And by the fourth
day, when we went through the cycle of the
pig flu into what we call, the secondary infection, we saw
what they call, another virus disease which kills
the pig, and when by the interaction
of the, again GANSes, we have managed
to save 725 pigs. In fact, if you put the line
here from the time we entered, more or less, the death stopped. And this is a massive farm
with some 38, 40 sections. And this has been a breakthrough
in the world of science. It’s taken within three days to
interfere with all the viruses. And for the first time
today, the Keshe Foundation releases the scientific
paper, which is already submitted to European community,
and to the Chinese government authorities. It cost very little. You can save all the animals. And with this, for
the first time, we have shown that the GANS
is the most effective way to interact with the viruses. Because in the space,
we have only viruses, as there are no amino
acids, and these viruses will attach themselves
to the amino acid and cause the death of the man
or the mutation of the man. This is one of the most
important cornerstones of the scientific papers Keshe
Foundation has released up to now. It’s full of data,
communications with the authorities
and scientists. Everything with the people who
handle the pigs and everything else, is recorded. And in the appendix
of this paper, you’ll see the first case
when we did with one pig, and in a case which
was done with 30 pigs. And then extension of
this to a pig farm. And in going into the pig
farm with the permission of the authorities, because in
these areas you can not enter, we were taken there and we
started Saturday afternoon. By Monday morning, because
by the time you do, we interact some animals are too
deeply already in the process. There were some 70,
80 dead by the Monday. We were there on Sunday. And then we saw the tail off. The way it’s done when
you read the paper, this is the entrance
of the farm. This is the entrance
of the farm. We isolated, we divided
the pig house into levels. We created a section with 135. We created a no animal section. And then we created a
section with 131 pigs. And here, we left
the rest of the pigs, the total pigs starting was 829. By the time we arrived and the
whole process taking place, is round about 80,
90 already dead or in the process of dying. We isolated the dead pigs when
we arrived, in this corner. Here, there were all the
dead pigs in the sacks, you will see it in the paper. And this is all videoed. The video connections is
provided to the governments. They can see the process. So in this process with
the cost of very little, you don’t need vaccination. The vaccination’s a waste
of time by the authorities. And many farmers
lose because of this. This is a specific
way of making GANSes. And what we’ve seen,
even the pigs which were in this section,
which what we did, we, at the beginning the first
day, we processed this lot. Then after next day, we
created this isolation zone. The two days later,
section three was created. And this passage in the
center, from the entrance, as we saw a weak point,
was decontaminated, the same as this last section. But what we did here, it
showed for the first time that the gravitational
magnetic fields of the, what we call GANSes,
does not work locally, but has taken over the whole
environment of the pig. Usually, the total
animal is lost. They all die. And we, at end of
the 14 days we have saved 725 pigs in the pig room. All the communications
between the parties, the Keshe Foundation team, and the
army team, and the officials is all recorded. And is put, it’s
a very unusual way to present a scientific paper,
but this is the true way of doing experiment. Not going there and
writing papers trying to justify everything shows. And this is what we say, peer
review doesn’t exist, as it is. And we’ve seen the people in
the process who’ve been with us, trying to manipulate
to, what we call, steal technology, which that’s
the way some people work. But in fact, the
whole of 725 pigs, if you put the value of
the pigs at whatever, $100, $200 per pig, it’s a big
loss to a farmer or company organisation. This company holds
two million pigs. In China there are over 700
million pigs at any time. And now we hear there is
no need for vaccination. Because viruses for the
first time, you understand, are packages of energy which
are attached to the amino acid, we drain system, their energy. And it’s very specific
to do, because it needs to be understood. We have developed a full
technology for bacterias. We have developed a full
technology for everything else. We can decide literally, in
the knowledge of the Keshe Foundation, what cells
we want to produce and what cells we want to take
out, to be safe somewhere else. Is Ella available? Is she still awake? And is the paper ready,
if we can show it? Or do you still need time? (SC) She is still moving, yeah. (ER) Hello. Actually, it’s
quite coincidental that I just finished exactly
when you said that we have it. So we only need to
look at the layout if everything is OK graphically,
and then we can export the file and share it. (MK) Where do you
want me to look at it? (ER) We will send you
on your channel first. (MK) No problem. So what you’re going to
see, thank you very much, what you’re going to see in this
process is a huge revolution in the world of science. People who understand it,
they call it a discovery as important as penicillin. Because for the first time we
have managed to handle viruses, because now we understand
the structure of the viruses. And we think 725 cases
is a large number enough, in proof of concept. We have done this
in three cases. The first time we
saw the publication of the first paper,
one pig being sick for three months,
changed in a week. The second case of
30, which some pigs showed the sign of it, there
is something which goes on. This achievement would
have been impossible without the full cooperation
and collaboration of the Keshe Foundation Chinese team. The sincerity and the way
they work with the Foundation has brought a lot
of achievements for the Foundation. The way everything was
made readily available, to be able to
deliver this to show the beauty of the technology. I would like to thank every
member of the Keshe Foundation Chinese team. It doesn’t matter which city
you helped, which where, how you helped. Without your collaboration
and cooperation, and now your new extension of the
collaboration with Keshe Foundation China, it’s
become the cornerstone of the development of the
worldwide Keshe Foundation technology, in a huge way. You know who you are. For security reasons, we don’t
release your names anymore. But I would like to
thank all of you, the way you have supported our
work for over a year and a half here in China. And in a way, this
is thanks to you, to your work, and understanding
in the technology, and in a way, the support
we received from all of you across this planet is
changing the course. The governments are trying
to show they have vaccines and they are testing. There is no clearer
indication than this, that there is a new technology. And 720 animals are a good,
what we call, animal testing. This is done with
the full supervision of Chinese government
authorities. They take us to the
place, we don’t go, we don’t even know the company
where we check in there. We spent two days in this
place administering material, the process. And the team which
worked with us, they’re all highly
educated technicians who are looking after animals. They’re not ordinary farmers. All the people you
see in the picture, they’re all graduates,
doctors, managing directors, CEO of the company,
manager of the company. They all were appointed to be
present in the first day we arrived, to application, to
cleaning up the pig stall, and everything else. And in a way, what they call,
you have to do clinical trial, 725, three times repetition
seeing the results, shows that the Keshe
Foundation’s Space Technology plasma application, is
a major breakthrough. And this is what now we tell
you, world governments who are aware of our communications
and work in the background, have and are bringing the
technology in the world dimension, dominion. That we can start seeing it. Usually when you do clinical
trials, half a dozen, 50, 60, this is open communication. And the pictures,
and the reports was continuously shared with
the government officials. Every day the whole
team, the whole structure was aware of the progress,
of the next step. Saving so many animals
gives national food security to the governments. We see nations like Romania
are crippled with this disease. Now it’s in the hand of
the Romanian governments. It’s in the hand
of the rest of EU. What decision they
make, it depends on their own understanding. But the technology is so
cheap, it’s so effective, that does not need
any other explanation. The pigs were tested before,
and the laboratories, and the management, and
the professors connected to university in their
own communication confirmed this swine pig flu has
been confirmed, in the field. Usually it gets reported, and
then the officials move in, they slaughter all the animals. If you leave the
animals, they all die, and it goes to the
next farmhouse. Immediately after the
discovery, we were informed, we were taken to
the fields, we were given the total free
access by the owners and by the officials,
to test the technology. And the paper is there. Is going to be published
both in Chinese and English. And this is because this
is a Chinese development, it’s a Chinese structure. We have translated
it into English. And it’s in the hand of the
officials across the world. This is significant because
it shows in the space, we can control viruses. We can control the
mutation of viruses. We can control energy aspects
of every possible combination, which they might come
into the amino acid or out of amino acid,
as energy packs. Ella, is it ready to
go, because I haven’t received your package yet? (SC) I’m processing it. You will see it
in a few minutes. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Mr. Keshe. Sorry, go ahead. (MK) What is important
is that this can be brought in into human viruses. AIDS, Ebola, E. coli. AIDS is not such a virus,
it’s the combination of two or three things. But still, the antibiotics used
and everything can be used. The beauty of this technology,
with this knowledge, it’s a natural product. It’s not a chemical product. FDA cannot touch
a natural product. If this material can be blocked
or been said something with it, so from today, we cannot
eat no carrots, no potatoes, and nothing else. Because it’s a totally
natural product. Understanding this,
Keshe Foundation has launched a new product. You call it bio,
which is no chemicals, but actually it’s
about chemicals. We have launched products
of the Keshe Foundation, as GANS Plasma product,
which explains directly, from now on when
you go to the shops, into the wherever you buy,
you see logo of the Keshe Foundation, KF SSI
registered numbers. Which means wherever
you see, that assures the security of the
product, that it’s not GMO, it’s a natural process. But this time, even if there
is residual from fertilizer of the past, after several
processes of the growth, with the GANS material, the
land is purified, it’s pure. It’s the first time
man gets access to food which is
as natural as when the man put the first steps
of walking on this planet and consumed. There is no contamination. And there’s no
genetic modification. It’s been tested
by the governments. This is the most natural
process ever man known. The GANS Plasma products, which
will appear in the coming time, will carry a seal number. This is how we start
controlling people who claim, because there are
ways we can test now. It’s not like anybody
saying it’s a biological. In a way, this is
the most natural way the products can be certified
as a pure, the original, without any contamination. This is one of the reasons we
release the video this morning, as one of the first parts. Can you play that
video again, please? That now, maybe you understand
why we released this video. It’s not only for
agriculture, but it shows the rising of a
new way of cultivation, the new way or application,
in helping man to survive. You have to understand
the structure of the body of the
man is not very far from animals and plants. You all live through
the same protein. Listen to this and then you
understand what I explained. And then we go into the
paper, which is published. This is, this paper we published
today, is being said is as one of the most revolutionary
papers, if you understand behind it, of discovery
of a new confirmation of the new technology. The last time we
tried to do this, some people thought
they were very clever, threatened the
scientists to be killed and they tampered with the
evidence, if you remember what I’m talking about, in Japan. This time, I personally took
over the whole operation from A to Z. There is no– And the heads of the
company confirm, they are so happy with the results. Because now the
governments stand to be able to serve
their nations, create a national food security,
produce a national health security, produce a condition
that the nations do not look into the pocket and other
nations for food and survival. Again, I thank the
government and administration of President Xi of China. Without the full
understanding of the potential of this technology by
His Excellency President Xi and the Chinese
government, Keshe Foundation would not breakthrough so fast. You will see very soon,
what we are talking about. You will understand how
the technology has changed and bring changes. 30, 40 years ago,
bio was something. And became ridiculous because
now the bios are still the same as before, just a label. With the Keshe
Foundation technology, with the Plasma Technology,
we can measure everything precisely. There’ll be new
codes will come up. Every product has to have what
it has as a natural condition and what it’ll be. Anybody can measure if they
received the true essence. In a way, what
we’ll eat is the way the plant was created
to eat, on its own. Am I there? Can you hear me? (RC) Yes. I think we have that video
coming right up here, Mr. Keshe. (MK) Can you play it, please. Plasma agriculture, a new method
of farming and agriculture through the use of the new Keshe
plasma science and technology. Farming. Virus processing protects
the life of farm animals by processing away the energy
packages called viruses. Increase in fishery
and farming products create the optimal conditions
for farming to thrive. Reduction in growth time. The plants grow
faster and stronger. Reduction in harvesting time. The earlier maturity
time to harvest allows farmers multiple
harvests per season. Extension of the shelf life
of agricultural products. Increase in grain
protein content without interfering
with seed genes. Environment. Reduction of chemical
agriculture inputs. No more fertilizers
or pesticides. Progressive reduction of
land nitrates and chemical contaminants clean and
restore the environment. Decontamination of agricultural
water from poison and metals. Health through food. Reduction in the use of chemical
fertilizers or antibiotics in farming practices. Food nutrients in the crops
are kept without the use of genetic modification. Improved health for
people and environment. Plasma culture. Using the Keshe plasma
science and technology, the environment
creates and provides to the plants exactly what and
how much they need to prosper. Reduction in use of groundwater
in agricultural systems. As the energy is absorbed
from the environment, the plant does not
need that much water to create its own food
and energy to grow. Greater crop tolerance
to temperature variation. The possibility to grow
crops in any climate at any time of the year. Non-GMO. Use of the newly
discovered natural state of matter known as
GANS plasma water allow the natural
growth and development of agricultural products, use
of non-GMO agricultural process proven through
governmental tests. Financial security for farmers. Simplify the methods and
processes requiring less effort from farmers, more than 30%
increase in crop yields, increase in income for farmers. Global change. Eliminate famine worldwide. Increase national and
global food security. Contact us. Visit our website for the
brochure in your language. (MK) Can you hear me? (RC) Yes, go ahead. (MK) Yes. Sorry I just jumped in, because
I lost my, what you call, connection provider. We have seen now why
we start producing. And then there is one thing,
which I’ll be asking you, Ella. If you go to the page 17 of the
paper, there is a stamp mark. We would like you to
withdraw that stamp mark. If you can, blank it. And on top of the chart,
before you publish it, on top of the same page, there
is a number underneath of it, and a name on the top of it. You have to blank those out,
please, for security reasons. Can you hear me? (SC) Yes, we heard you. (MK) On the table you have,
yes, there are some numbers. They have to be blanked
out, and the name. Literally, if you see
on the right side, you have blanked it. We need to blank the left
side and the red stamp. And there’s a number underneath. Again, that needs
to be blanked out. Just in that page. Everything else is OK, please. (SC) OK. (MK) OK. And then you can
release the paper. And we go through it
when you are ready. More or less, everything
else is perfect with this. What is important is that you
might see the colors that you’d think is the color of
the GANSes you know. It is not so. These are a specific way has
been constructed and is used. And please, do not take
it just because you see different things
you know about it. Is not what it is. We might have used
some elements of it, but in fact, this system
already is, as we said, translated and transferred
to the governments around the world. And this gives a
lot of credibility to the Keshe Foundation
Plasma, what we call, Journal. We’ll start releasing highly
technical and breakthrough technologies. As I said, this
needs, excuse me, and you need to do the same
thing with the Chinese version. Because you’re releasing both
the Chinese and the English, please do the same with the
Chinese before you release. Then you can put it up
when you’re ready, please. Everything else is OK. Seems to be good. What is important, once
the pictures are released, I go through with it
with you, that you can see the whole process. (RC) Mr. Keshe,
there’s a question that comes up that’s related
to this that perhaps you can explain in the meantime here. It’s got to do with the Q&A
with Dan in our Q&A here. And it concerns this idea
of what is a medical device. And that sort of ties in with
the agriculture and the health and so on. And some people
have been instructed that it’s basically illegal
or can be a criminal offense to use a medical device. And so what would be
considered a medical device? Is a Magrav a medical device? Is a wall with different
GANSes on it a medical device? Dan asks, am I a medical
device for others, for example? (MK) Yes. In a way, yes. You do a hand massage,
or you put your hand on somebody’s body
when they have a pain. And say, you– (RC) I gave the example of
a chiropractor, for example. (MK) Chiropractor manipulates. But there are
other technologies. With the process
at the moment is, if you look at the Keshe
Foundation materials, we give our systems, we
submit application form to the government
authorities, and they decide if it can be used
and what it’s called. Everything which is, what
you call it, you use, to be used for
any processes, you submit it to the governments. If you look at the
Keshe Foundation, which is of a biggest flaws
in the court case, is that Keshe Foundation has a
certificate by a naturopathica, which have tested our
systems and they’ve given the Keshe Foundation
certificate, to be able to, and the process approved. And these are part
of what I call when you speak about the
processes, these are processes. It’s a process. It’s not a healing system. When you use GANS material,
you create a process. It’s not there to kill. It’s an option to take. It’s very much when you go to
a restaurant, I force feed you or is a buffet, you
take what you like. It’s the same thing with
the body of the man. Body takes what
it needs from it. You make it available. With medicine, you force it. You take antibody to kill. You take chemo to
kill, to do a job. With the Plasma Technology,
there is no enforcement, you cannot do. It’s a balance of the fields. You make it available. It’s a process. This is why we explained
in the cases we have, which we’ll take to the European
Court of Justice, is this. That the Plasma Technology
is a natural process. So you go, you breathe air. It is not forced to
you, you breathe it. It’s a process. You make it available,
if it takes. When you take, what
you call, chemicals, it’s a forced opposition. With GANS Plasma Technology,
there is not an enforcement. It’s the option for the cell. The world of, what
we call, governments have to understand this,
this is the process. This is what it is. (RC) But legally, and with the
current environment and so on, the Keshe Foundation
doesn’t just sell certain things that
might be a benefit and so on, because they’re not certified. (MK) Everything Keshe Foundation
sells on the Keshe Foundation website is legally
registered, certified. It tells you, even in
answers, certified for this. Because we submit the forms, the
applications with all the data to the government. The government
authorities say yes or no. When they say no, they’ve done
it many times, we do not put. But there are people
outside, they see our system, they replicate it and just
put our name or a stamp on it. (RC) This ties in
with Dan’s question, because he’s been told by
the people in his group not to do certain
things or whatever. (MK) You cannot do. We certify in EU. When we ship, we
put certified in EU. We sell products in Africa
certified by a Standards Board and the FDA of Ghana. We put products in
Italy is certified. Goods sold in
Austria, certified, or is built and done on, as
a license from another one. This is one of the reasons
in the United States, Arizona has a problem
because they cannot get the self-certification. We’ll shut Arizona
down, very soon. because the cost of running
it, they cannot come into commercialization,
was putting too much burden on the Foundation. Then we move Arizona into
the factory position, licensing international. Arizona in the next
few days, weeks, will shut down because
of, we cannot get with. The same thing
happened in Italy. We cannot get manufacturing
certification for certain things. Now, we bring in the
technology in a different way as manufacturing,
which gets licensing. These are the processes. We do not do anything which does
not comply with regulations. You sell any
products and you put the stamp or the
picture of the KF SSI, you are involved in
illegal activities. The governments know. We make it very clear. You can take Adidas label
and put it on any t shirt. It does not make it Adidas. Your condition is, you have
to certify everything you do, with the authorities. (RC) And a lot of
that would have to do with one’s intention. Like for the
example of the hand, say you do, using the
fields of your hands, to process people’s
diseases or something. (MK) We can’t touch them, if
they don’t allow you, do you? (RC) Right. And also, you can’t
advertise that you’re healing people or doing
that kind of thing, around. (MK) About the healing hand. (RC) Like you can’t advertise
that you cure cancer, for example. As soon as you put those
words together it’s illegal. (MK) No, it’s illegal. It’s themselves. You can do anything you like. You heard how the
American president’s called part of their nation’s
military, terrorists. Who says? So they said back; “All
the American forces are terrorists.” You can talk anything you like. You understand. It’s the same as in
Belgium, they issued a false document, a terrorist. And when they told
him to get lost, they came up with another thing. This, you can claim anything. You have to prove it. The essence is you, you
know you can copy anybody’s. We allow you to use our name,
because there is a reason. We want the name to
become synonymous, that everybody knows. We sell things
which is certified. You see, the Keshe
Foundation work is a mutual work
between all of you. We give you the knowledge, and
you, by using the knowledge, you let the others know. That in turn, it becomes
across the whole planet. But you cannot abuse it. I’ve seen people, they
do; “Oh, I’m selling it. It’s my only way of income.” There are many,
many people who are making a living out of the
logo of the Keshe Foundation. At this moment we don’t mind. We allow you to do it. But in a few months
time, when we open factories in
your countries, in the neighboring
countries, if you do something wrong can damage
the name and reputation of the Foundation. We will enforce, you can
still sell what you make, as long as it’s regulated. When we open a factory,
we don’t shut you down. If you are within the
law, we support you. We support you to grow. We support you to
join the factory. We support you every way. But you have to make sure
what you do is legal. I’ve told many people. They come, they carry,
they’re selling. Oh, Keshe Foundation
sells a Pain Pad. Keshe Foundation, yes,
we get it certified. We pay for it. It gets governmental approval. You see the water in Accra,
it took us seven months to get certification. We spent so much money on it. You just take and sell
GANS water, who says? I don’t know if
you opened a tap. Our products are
FDA certificated. Are Standards
Board certificated. Are European government
standard certificate according to what
they allow us to do. You have to do the same. Just because you put my
label, you get caught, we are very clear. We can, we sell products,
we send products according to what we
sell, European Standard. It’s for you to standardize,
get certification. As the Keshe Foundation is
opening up internationally, many of you, you find
yourself in hot waters. Just because you see it sells;
“I make a living out of it.” it’s your problem in
respect to your authorities in your nation. And as we are opening
a large number of factories in coming time, we
don’t go and shut people down. There are two people we
will close and shut down because of the reasons we have. Both in China. And they’ve been informed. But we come, you are the person
who, if you have certificate or you sell things which
doesn’t need certification, there are many products which
don’t need any certification. You have just to be within
the law, what you do. We support you. We didn’t bring the technology
to be exclusive to KF SSI . We brought it to change
the society, in a good way. But don’t abuse our
knowledge and our logo. I see many people using it, and
GANS water and this and that. We report you to the
authorities, to check. Once we come in, even
now, we see misconduct it’s our responsibility. We heard what
happened in Norway. One guy out of nowhere
opened his mouth. And they got themselves involved
with the Norwegian government, the Health Ministry. This report which
you’re going to see, we have submitted to the
officials at government level, at highest level. And it’s them, and we
have submitted to the EU at the highest level. It’s for them to study, to see. But you have to understand,
many pharmaceuticals have spent millions and
billions in past three, four, or five years,
10 years, to find the solution for swine flu. We’ve done a test under
full control, knowledge of a government,
we are protected. You cannot go in the farms
with such a level of, that they slaughter everything
for 10 kilometers. They took us in there, they see
the correctness of technology. They said test, let’s see. We tested, with them knowing
every step of the way. Our team report
to the officials, through the channels
that are provided for us. You cannot go in a farm
and just get there. How do we know where it is? They take us. They show us, let’s see. And these tests which
has brought credibility to the Foundation. You save 50%. You save 10%, you’re lucky. We saved 90% literally, when
we got there we lost only 20. And those 20 was the
cycle of what was there and the section we didn’t touch. We did not touch
500 of the pigs, but we created the
environment to see if the environment
these tests covers, different aspects of it. Section one, which is at the
bottom, we washed the animal, we washed the area, we fed
the pig and everything else. Section two was totally
cleaned out, washed out, to create isolation. Section three, they were just
given the water and sprayed. Section four, nothing was done. We just sprayed where the
sick pigs on the top were. And we showed the field
transfers, the whole animal environment changed. Within three, four hours,
they start seeing the drop in the death rate. Within 24 hours, the process
started, was complete. The problem why
we got into there, when we were set to test
a breakthrough somewhere in China, that week. They told us be
ready for 80 pigs. So we had everything
ready for 80 pigs. The last day, when we
were supposed to go out, they said there was a change
of the plan by the officials. “We are sending you to a
bigger case, to 800 pigs.” We had material for 80. So we said; “OK. We isolate but we’ll spray it.” And it worked. The nation has saved itself. You have 250, half a kilo,
the way it’s sold in China. Multiply it by, let’s
say, 10 RNB, 1 euro, that is 250 euro,
the price of the pig. Multiply it by 700, you see
how much a nation has saved. How much the farmer hasn’t lost. The work of Keshe Foundation’s
national food security, international. We are involved in
it right on the top. This is why I tell
you, you think people listen to the Belgiums anymore? They become a laughing stock. Because governments see how
correct the technology is. And it’s given to them freely. Absolutely free. You show this technology to some
other, they charge millions. This is the beauty of the
strength of the technology and the Keshe Foundation. We are taken to the position
of the support by governments. Teaching in universities, doing
farms, doing space, everything else, this is what I tell you. Those people who made all
this ridiculous accusation, they’ve payed themselves
for rest of their lives, in the cell. Governments have realized
what was the plan, to steal the technology
and sell it at high prices and enslave the nations. They got themselves enslaved. You save 10. We saved 725 lives, with the
presence of the officials, doctors, and scientists. Can you release
the paper, please? This is the first time this
paper is seen in public. It’s one of the most
confirmation of the Plasma Technology, as a
breakthrough in understanding that viruses can be controlled. When we released this one, three
years ago in Africa for Ebola, the World Health
Authority officer took it off the
Presidential Office when it was demonstrated. Said; “You talk and you
lose your PhDs and position at university.” They took it out. MIT came up with the
paper, the same doctor. This time nobody can steal. This shows the power of the
knowledge which each one of you carried. Don’t abuse it. We support you, you
support yourself. But the correct way. Anything with label of the
KF SSI has to be perfect. Can you go ahead, please, Ella? Can you share it? (ER) Yes. Just one question. Can you please, really
quick, check your message and confirm that it’s
OK for that picture? (MK) I don’t even see it. I think show it
without that page, because you have listed up a
lot of the information on that. Take the page down. (ER) That’s not the problem. I can jump over that
page when we reach to it. (MK) But can you blank out. There is a writing right on
the bottom you have missed. Cover the red circle totally
because there are numbers carried in there,
at the bottom of it. You see it? (ER) Yes, I see. (MK) Those digits we want to
be out, but you cannot see it, actually, can you? There is one line below
the long Chinese line. If you can take that out,
therefore, it’s perfect. You can do it. You can show it as it is. But make sure the Chinese
version is cleaned up totally. (ER) OK. For the online presentation,
I can skip this page. When we publish
on the website, I will just blank out
everything that we said. (MK) OK. Go ahead, please. We go through it one by one. Thank you very much. (ER) So I’m just
going to share now. And I hope that we
will be the right. portion. It’s just a portion. One minute. Actually, less than one
minute, a few seconds. (MK) It’s still loading. I see there it says
Farsi language. (ER) Yes. Because the paper is part of the
KF Plasma Times for this month, and we were a little
late releasing it. Now everybody can
see how it will look. So basically, when you go to
the menu of the KF Plasma Times, we have under the Plasma
Scientific Journal, the paper that we are talking about. (MK) OK. As you can see, it says,
do you want to read it? The application of
the Keshe Foundation, GANS Plasma Technology
to prevent and overcome the African Swine Fever
and the Blue Ear Disease, is a virus, blue ear. We’ve shown how the African
Swine through RNA becomes what is known as blue ear. Because what happened, the
pigs after the application of the GANSes start showing the
sign of the blue ear disease, and not of the pig, or what
they call the African swine flu. Because the test before
we enter confirmed the presence of the
African swine, and no blue. So we saw the conversion
from one to another. Can you go ahead, please? That’s how we tell you,
it can change to RNA. Because African swine
is double stranded and the blue ear is
a single stranded, which is actually the RNA. RNA is a single strand, which
means it travels information. DNA is a double strand,
which uses a matter state connection or link. And this is how
it actually works. So can you go ahead,
please, and go through it? You see the index of the paper? Can we have the
next page, please? (ER) What I wanted
to say just here, because the paper is that
large, we actually added also a sub table of contents
inside the page. So whenever you click
on any of the menus, then you are taken
to the proper page. (MK) Yeah, the first
trial is one pig, the second trial is two pigs. If you go ahead,
you see it there, it says very well
presented documents submitted to governments. Can you go page by page, please. Can I have the
next page, please? You see in the green and white,
it’s all communication directly on the chat lines. Just stop there, please. Go back. No, no, no. Go back and back, please,
to the first picture page. As you see the pigs dead, all
over the place with the flu. This is when we arrived. The farm is totally
sealed up because this can fly from one to the other. You see dead animals everywhere. Next one, please. Next page. (ER) It’s loading, probably
will come after delay. (MK) As you see, these pictures
are connected, some to videos. So the video of the
place has been taken. This is the reality
about the situation. Everything is section
one, section two. Then you see the isolation
made by putting up– Don’t go there. Go back, please. Go back. Where you see the
isolating sections with the plastic
sheets, and then you see the tank of the
GANSes in the bottom right side, that is used, different
combinations, different processes. And you see all the technicians,
the doctors and everybody, What you call veterinarians,
all there from the company. So you can see the next step. Can we have the
next page, please? As you see here, pig’s
temperatures are taken, all marked. The original notes have been
taken down, communications. And everything,
temperatures, everything’s recorded exactly
as has been online. We’re about 1,000 kilometers
away from the place, so we had no control. It’s done totally by the
company, veterinary group. As you see, when the dead
pigs, they are there. If you carry on
please, next page. This is a scientific paper
never been released this way, because it has to
show how simply, but how effective it is. You can see sections
been taken out, the pigs dying of the diseases. All communication translated
to Chinese and back. The Chinese original has
no English translation. It’s direct. You can see the
conversion of the disease. Next, please. And you can see, it’s horrendous
the way these animals die. As you can see, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop. Go back, please. Go back. Go back here. As you see, we are there
with, what we call, safety clothing because you
cannot transmit the flu. Once you get on a plane or
a train you can transmit it, so everything is done
in a very safe way. Next page, please. This is the back up. After this, the
company has supported for another 1000 mother
pigs, pregnant with 13 pigs. So it’s actually the next
trial for us immediately became a 14,000 pig trial,
and it seems to be working. We haven’t heard
from the owners. And this is the next
day after the first week when it was successful. We were invited to the
headquarters of the company, for them to organize
the second cycle, which was for the pigs which could be
in danger, which is prevention. And the mother pigs usually
have about 13 piglets, with 1,000 mothers. The next stage from 700 has
moved to 14,000 or something in that region. And can you have
the next, please? And this is how you see
the pigs which have died. And what happens. They just dispose
of them in bags and they get disposed through
official ways which they do. Next page, please. These are all communications,
live communications online. The trial is completed. You can read everything. It’s all concentrated, all. Can you have the
next page, please? This is the explanation
of DNA and RNA. The next page, please. And this one is
our first piglet. She’s grown now. She’s put a lot of weight on. We have pictures of her,
about a few weeks ago, that was where the
whole thing started. If you remember,
the little piglet. Now she’s recovered. Most probably soon, we will
release more pictures of her. And that’s how we saw the
technology to be correct. The next one, please. If you remember, this is
the letter from the farmer, and this is a second
trial with 30 pigs where they found in that original. It’s letter, again,
from the farmer. The technology’s complete. The Keshe Technology
is so perfect. But all we ask you,
not to abuse it. Strengthen it. This is how collectively we
have brought the knowledge out. Some people for their
own financial gain, trying to do whatever they like. It’s for you to understand
what you’re doing. And that is the, what we
call, this paper in the future will become icon of
the new technology, where, for the first
time we have shown, viruses can be tamed. We never could do such
a thing in such a scale. Now, any virus is tamed. In the space we
have only viruses and this technology
is a space technology. This is the beauty of it. And, as we say, governments
around the world are backing Keshe Foundation
and the work of the Keshe Foundation, because
we have shown. The biggest shame is that we
could not do so much better, so much earlier because of some
misconducts by some people. And this is what
we tell you that through the correct conduct,
showing the technology’s correctness, we have delivered
a very powerful technology. We is all of us. We is those of you
who signed yourself for change for humanity. When a government
sees millions of pigs do not need to be slaughtered,
they save billions of dollars. Who do you think they’re
going to listen to? To a Mickey Mouse game in
the most smallest nation with a bunch of the
smallest headed people? Now you understand
what we announce, what is about to happen to
the people of that nation, is a collective decision. In a way, it’s beautiful
when we see one pig is saved. And now the structure sits. We are proud in what we do. And as I said,
it’s not just here. Every corner of
this planet you’re all busy, neighbor, friend. You’re all showing,
feeding yourself, looking after yourself. And this is why I opened
my patents, for humanity to help itself. If we can repeat this in
the new cycle of the viruses immediately, very
rapidly, at no cost, then we’ll see we
don’t need to lose our children, our wives,
our husbands, our fathers and mothers to swine flu. This will set a precedent. You will see, the opening
of the Keshe Foundation worldwide on the
health application. We know what’s happening,
and we see what’s happening, and this is what we tell you. Try to be correct
in how you present, and what do you do with
the products of the Keshe Foundation, because your
mistake, your damage, is our damage. You damage all of us. The greed of the man should
not become what we call, the pain of the others. Certify yours. Show the beauty of it. Now we released the
agriculture paper. Now you’ve seen the pig. We told you we
wait for this to be done, because the
teaching of this morning was needed to
complete this paper. For you to understand
why and how. There’s a lot of efforts,
it’s going internationally, in promoting the
Keshe Foundation technology, by governments,
by scientists, by you. But we have to be correct. As I said, in the
coming time, when you can show this, when the
government take you to do such a thing, and they
monitor everything, the governments see
the correctness. They give you more rooms. They give you more
opportunities. They give you more to
show more of the proof. The next step for us is, and we
have already stated, is to make One Nation, One
Planet, One Race. That the knowledge so freely
can be changed and be used. All of us, whether we do, we
shown, and now we have seen. As we say in English, as you
know, in an English custom where they want to
insult a person, they throw an egg on
their face, in public. I think this is an egg
in the face of the whole of the Belgium structure. They have to understand
how they’re going to be. How our understanding of the
correctness of the technology help us. We’ve got many, many
trials like this, which we will slowly release. Many, many trials. Many developments. This morning we received
some beautiful trial results. It’s amazing what
has been received. Done again by the supporters
of Keshe Foundation team. Huge gains. Governments,
universities, institutes, and the rest of us
just coming together in one team, more
or less, and that’s what humanity should have. As I said before, I thank
the Chinese Keshe Foundation support team community,
supporting us so strongly. And again, I thank the Office
of His Excellency President Xi. And the Chinese government,
as a whole, and the support and our security
behind us, support us, and make everything possible. And we see the same thing. I’d like to thank the Office
of the Iranian government for supporting the Keshe
Foundation team in Iran, and the way they are
allowed to do their work the same all over the
world the way you’re going. The same with Office
of the President of Brazil in allowing
the technology to be cycled through
to universities now. It’s part of what we do. It’s part of what we have to do. And it’s part of the expansion
of the knowledge of the man. Nobody can stop us. Thank you very much. I think it’s a
good time to stop, nearly three and a half hours,
unless you have anything else. (RC) OK. Very good. Thank you, Mr. Keshe. If there is any
additional questions, people can carry them
on till the next day. I think we’ve answered just
about everything on this round around the universe. (MK) I think we learned
a lot about the knowledge of the universe. Today’s teaching is a very
fundamental understanding of the creation of the soul
of the man, if you understood. Many of you were wondering
how my soul is created and it manifests itself in
dimension of physicality and now you know. Thank you very much,
and hopefully we’ll see you next week. (RC) Thank you for yet
another journey, Mr. Keshe. This has been the two– go ahead, sir. (MK) Thank you very much. See you next time. (RC) Is there any
other announcements that anybody has to make
before we close here? Or anything I’ve
forgotten to say? (MK) No. Thank you very much. See you next time. (RC) OK. This has been the 271st
Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, April 11th, 2019. Thank you, everybody,
for attending, and we’ll see you next week. Hello. We are the Keshe Foundation. Our mission is to
bring peace on Earth and join humanity with
the universal community. We wish and work to
bring man as equal to all beings in the universe. By teaching plasma science and
technology equally to everyone, no one is left out,
and no one is abused due to the lack of knowledge. By donating to us, you can
help achieve this goal. Keshefoundation.org/donate. Plasma agriculture. A new method of
farming and agriculture through the use of the new Keshe
plasma science and technology. Farming. Virus processing protects
the life of farm animals by processing away the energy
packages called viruses. Increase in fishery
and farming products create the optimal conditions
for farming to thrive. Reduction in growth time. The plants grow
faster and stronger. Reduction in harvesting time. The earlier maturity
time for harvest allows farmers multiple
harvests per season. Extension of the shelf life
of agricultural products. Increase in grain
protein content without interfering
with seed genes. Environment. Reduction of chemical
agriculture inputs. No more fertilizers
or pesticides. Progressive reduction of
land nitride and chemical contaminants clean and
restore the environment. Decontamination of agricultural
water from poison and metals. Health through food. Reduction in the use of chemical
fertilizers or antibiotics in farming practices. Food nutrients in the crops
are kept without the use of genetic modification. Improved health for
people and environment. Plasma culture. Using the Keshe plasma
science and technology, the environment
creates and provides to the plants exactly what and
how much they need to prosper. Reduction in use of groundwater
in agricultural systems. As the energy is absorbed
from the environment, the plant does not
need that much water to create its own food
and energy to grow. Greater crop tolerance
to temperature variation. The possibility to grow
crops in any climate at any time of the year. Non-GMO. Use of the newly
discovered natural state of matter known as
GANS plasma water allow the natural
growth and development of agricultural products, use
of non-GMO agricultural process, proven through
governmental tests. Financial security for farmers. Simplify the methods and
processes requiring less effort from farmers, more than 30%
increase in crop yields, increase in income for farmers. Global change. Eliminate famine, worldwide. Increase national and
global food security. Contact us. Visit our website for the
brochure in your language. Plasma Products found at
Keshefoundation.org/store. Soothing, reusable
plasma ion migraine mask. Eliminate eye fatigue and
relieve stress in eye area. European certified
medical device. Massaging plasma insoles. Bring comfort back to your
feet and energize your legs. European CE certified
medical device. Antiseptic plasma
liquid hand soap promotes being and relaxation
with protective plasma formula. CE certified. One Soul plasma t-shirt. GANS formula within
the symbols and stripes brings mind, soul,
and body into balance. European certified. Pain relief pen emits a
concentrated plasma field at point of pain. Efficient up to three
centimeters below the skin. CE certified. The MAGRAV’s energizer
and alkalizer raises pH and energizes
water through magnetic and gravitational fields. CE certified medical device. Pain relief pad,
a result of years of research in nano
plasma technology, with magnetic and
gravitational fields. CE certified medical device. Visit the online store at
Keshefoundation.org/store, or find a distributor near you. Tax and shipping not included.

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