249th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Nov 8, 2018

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and unrevised. hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
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Jackson shipping not included from the beginning of time humans have always
looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been a
fascination with birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seem to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going
several thousand years ago philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China were
looking to the wind for flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo
allowing for the later development of communication measuring distances
testing the wind and lifting men the invention of the kite brought with it
the desire to fly the first known attempts of flight were typically by
leaping off towers known as tower jumping people in China India and Europe
first attempted flight this way in 1670 Francesco Ilana de Tarson published a
book that showed some interesting concepts the concept of copper foil in a
sphere with a vacuum would produce a vacuum airship this is still not
possible with today’s materials Francesco is recognized as the father of
aeronautics melding science and mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used done is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space acts as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses a rocket fuel burning technology mehron kesh has
always said the time for burning fuels is over but did
we need to start with that technology in the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes most of this five minutes
is actually landing and getting up Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran
in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer he was introduced to the world of
radiation and nuclear science at a very young age in 1981 he graduated from
Queen Mary the University of London as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor
mehran keshe introduced the concept of double magnetic fields to explain the
magnetic and gravitational field of Earth
unknown by the existing scientific community he wrote a number of
scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review such as the creation of
black holes when one of the persons performing the peer review used his
information in public he decided to draw back his papers and to concentrate
further on building prototypes since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of
dynamic reactors have been built some specifically designed to create hovering
effects similar to effects seen with magnetic levitation basic hovering
effects have been achieved 2007 brought the first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe the process of the field interaction
the main patent gravitational and energy system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters which contained many new concepts
released to the public this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and plasma dye lucien technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation and a controlled environment 2010 introduced a new state
of matter called Gans an acronym for gas in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still being explored daily all around the
world the cash foundation has provided knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions in space a great example of plasma technology used for peaceful
process is the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in December 2011 this
drone was touted as one of the most advanced drones of its day and was
caught by Iran using plasma to disrupt the communications plasma absorbs fields
and the drone uses radio fields for piloting a natural aspect of the plasma
a barrier of fields booked to the structure
the light was released in 2011 this book brought forward the understanding of the
structure of light as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in possession
of all magnetic field strengths book three the origin of the universe was
published later in 2011 mr. Kesh explained the further operation and
interaction of different strengths of the same fields which then leads to the
creation of the universe these three books bring forward a much deeper
understanding of the plasma science that is applied worldwide by knowledge
seekers and scientists in spaceship research and development there were two
conferences to release the space technology to government’s in 2012 the
first International presentation in April Keshe Foundation invited
representatives of every country to the first presentation of the plasma
technology the second International presentation in September Keshe
Foundation invited the nations of the world through their ambassadors and
their leaders to attend a gathering at the Keshe foundation center in an of
Belgium space travel requires peace the implementation of the plasma technology
brings greater responsibility in 2013 mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace
treaty signing of the peace treaty is a confirmation from yourself to your soul
to act correctly in a peaceful manner in 2014 knowledge seekers came together
from around the world to learn from mr. Kesh and many different experiments with
reactors were performed including improving the previously developed
reactors to fit with the new knowledge introduction of nano coated reactors
multi core Gans systems the spaceship Institute lab experiments were streamed
live on the internet for all to see SSI lab tests with reactors showed strong
magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla and showed significant weight
fluctuations in December an experiment was performed using reactors built by
knowledge seekers from around the world Italy Germany and Canada were involved
in field communication tests the tests showed that fields can
interact with each other no matter the distance or time resulting in instant
communication in 2015 developments for space continued with
different aspects of the plasma technology such as in health energy and
decontamination in October of 2015 mr. Kesh taught a popular week-long course
called The Blueprint teachings about how to build the maghreb power units people
from all over the world participated with building their own maghreb units
and teaching others with the demand of the Keshe foundation products from all
over the world a new Research Center and manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many
developments of the technology happened in different parts of the world and
Keshe foundation USA is no exception John and the team started performing
experiments using different sensing tools these tools allowed the team to
visualize the maghreb fields and to show others their interactions with reactor
formations showing positive results partaking in the knowledge together is
easier and more joyful than ever the fun has just begun says MT cash mr. Kesh
publicly teaches the space technology through the weekly knowledge seekers
workshops plasma enthusiasts from around the world participate in gathering the
knowledge and putting the puzzle together in the space race all people irrespective of race national
religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus assisting
humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized that
international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey into
deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the spirit
of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use of
plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation health
and more we are excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship repent to
humanity welcome everyone to the 240 9th
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday November 8th 2018 once again we’ll be
joined by mr. Kesh of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute in this
public teaching in English I’ll be your host for Kremlin today and I believe I
hear mr. Kesh in the background raring to go for today are you there mr. Kesh
yes as usual wherever and whenever you listen to these knowledge seekers
program it is nice to be back again next week will be 250 knowledge seekers we’d
understand and if you would have learned one piece of knowledge per session it
will come about 250 should be right in the middle of the Stars Hollow in the
galaxies but we’re getting there slowly we’re developing an interesting is that
many people enjoyed and understood a lot more in the last week’s presentation of
the Chinese space system and a light system a number of you have a started
testing we seen a large number of people showing the test and they see they are
going in that way and this was the whole essence that now you see the power
engines you produce different kind of energies and I’m looking forward to see
which one of you very soon would deliver what we call energy minute flight unit
the agricultural system we had last week is you remember dr.
Claudia with us she was presenting the case to the health sections and
interesting enough I don’t know if she is with us today
that she can explain what happened in the meeting and the presentation she did
and if she’s not we can I can explain to you a slightly better to hear from their
issues with us the presentation has been extremely successful and she was the
first speaker of the program immediately after the minister and she was asked to
meet the minister immediately the following day and there is a massive
progress going through Brazil I will let you know as it develops in the coming
weeks but the government has taken a direction in respect to the Foundation’s
work in the health application and we seen this in two or three other
countries we keep very silent and we hope that they succeed in their work it
has been a huge success development for the changes – when – in Brazil and in so
many ways as we said governments would open toward
us all we have to do is to be correct and deliver to effect a path of work we
see in terms of what God has been relentlessly working day and night
wouldn’t even talk to us in Brazil a lot of people people who were in the Keshe
foundation tried to help to support the best thank you all of you in such a
supportive Brazil in Spanish 20 and this community that they are supporting each
other in this way as some of you are aware – our nation is now interfacing
and interacting with governments that we have set out without noodles and new
what we call terms of engagement with governments the
Keshe foundation in teachings will come and this introduced new ways and we
provide you what we call solid support that you can go in and do your work we
ask you and we request from the Keshe foundation supporters engage your
governments get engaged with your governments because in what you engage
with with your governments with allow the Keshe foundation headquarters to
support you and the government there are a lot of developments in the pipeline
there are developments in the space developments in health developments in
agriculture and we make these available when you to submit to your government
this is part of the newest structure in European nations in Africa nation South
America even United States we see a very good balance now that the technology now
data is collected independently that can support interface with the government we
are already corrected we we see it as an opportunity to expand we’ve seen the
pleasure of the some sort of balance as we see in the American administration
the past few days elections then what we call the one-way hasn’t stopped and this
brings a lot of conditions for peace it allows not with a phone call at the
lower house carrying the maternity allowance now once as sensibilities come
back at the borders of American interaction with the rest of the world
and this helps the Keshe foundation supporters you will understand later on
why and how has being coerced it is interesting for us
in the next space not only to show the agriculture and to show the medical
application the showing of the space technology from now until Christmas and
in the interview here has to become the parents the majority of the work we
don’t get engaged into the space technology is the backbone is what this
technology was built and based on we can discuss we can develop we can expand in
every aspects of the space technology because now that you have done these
tests now that you have seen that culture of law that you see what we call
Health application we have to move to the next step of agriculture we have to
gear up to what is next now that we understand more about the technology up
to now with most of your when you start talking about development of the
agriculture you have been busy with showing the waters showing how you mix
cancers and how things can develop just before with warm air I was explaining to
one of our policy Jews that what is the new development up to now what you have
seen what you did you took the cancers and you put them
into these containers and you place them or water them into the land and you grow
whatever you grow when we get involved in national level when we get involved
in supporting a nation with agriculture he cannot go on land a farmer does not
go to the land every day he saw the seed and baits were the mercy of God
if it rains and that’s all he has nothing else if it’s a good rain day any
year he has a harvest otherwise if it’s bad
you suffer I’m part of the new development in the Keshe foundation is
what we came here for as you know we are a space technology-based and Earth has a
space we have to go to ways in the trains kilometers away from each other
you have a lands farming lands maybe two three hundred square meter you can hand
water it two or three hectares become a bit more difficult when you go to larger
sizes is more or less impossible Keshe foundation technology does not apply
because you have to get a pocket and water everything every field has to be
water now we come to the real application of technology space
development the space energy department what does this mean we use this piece of
over the land to cultivate if it’s a rainy day rainy year the farmer gets
harvest what goodness is harvest mean the rain brings the water which majority
of the use to evaporate and become the same position but in that process some
of the nitrogen and whatever comes in gets converted back as much as possible
to a protein or whatever it that countries to me with a new space
technology we call it a space which means we change the space the land and this way it only to aggregate this way
you do not need to create a condition that you have to water you take the job
of what is the process of creation we know plants only protein so one of your
main condition is to create abundance of mr. coin in that process what you
actually do you create a new environment different ways to do it as you seen
yourself to test you that you hang bottles how many bottles can you hang in
Hector’s of life or you create the new systems of satellite ik which you just
deliver the Gans and you allow to change up the conversion these systems to our
estimates can cover think long distances very much like the masks you duct the
land across in a way that allows you to bring in in so many ways you cover
everything which is vegetation but this time you make them variability of them
I mean asset this is what the plant needs it absorbs it and in the process
absorption in the interaction with the oxygen and hydrogen it creates its own
water its own moisture nitrogen and carbon add to the strength of the growth
and Parana process amino acids absorbed that is why you don’t need much water so
the next step in agriculture is very much change of the environment over the
land at the time of harvest but the beauty with the new technology of the
harvesting over the land is that you can change nothing to go from one scene to
another if you harvest we next time your harvest cabbage
they all need them in acid nothing else it’s the same ready but in that process
part of what is as part of the ground who will come into play because the
minerals in the underground decide what can grow more Grove s that’s not a
problem anymore because you decide in this environment
it what’s in the land we just add to what you need and you find out it was
perfectly so you make it attached to your amino acid what the land in that
area produces you can with this new technology change the condition in so
many ways you can grow wheat which never been gone meat you can go seeds or
groups which has never been grown some of you have a problem with what are we
gonna do this is only when the plant is above the ground what do we do with on
the ground the rules which will talk about us depend on potatoes onions and
the rest of it there is no problem there is no problem
if you remember we just said you’ve caught above the ground all you need to
do you bore holes different distances doesn’t matter what it is their fields
will interact your potato their length of a lot the field of the land part
comes up very small amount of reactors in balls will create the condition in
the past use of the seeds in the present way you don’t need to wait anything else
you can still use the bob system but with the roots you find out or holes are
one of the most effective way depends on where you put your containers and the
depth you covered area college this has been done is amazingly effective changes
the harvest up to two to five times not alone you harvest from the top we
harvest these are the new ways which we change
the condition this is the way those of you who are they’re targeting the work
will change of Agriculture comes to play the space technology development if you
go step further what we see at this moment of time in time of trouble
earthquakes natural disasters hurricanes we seen the Caribbeans people wait for
the food and medicine to hide the game if you understand the process space
satellite ‘ok very easy it can be put on the cash foundations in the coming time
to have these ready on emergency cases as we see by positioning satellite in
reactors we can free people we can deliver medicine according to what is
needed target medicine target delivery of energy what we’re trying to show you is the new
technologies in a burnished commercials in China cash Malaysia cooperation with
official Chinese all the latest models all the latest technologies in the space
development agriculture will be delivered to Chinese Chinese we’re in the time of disaster we don’t
need to wait everyone in the valleys and the hills and in the rivers and the
oceans and since everybody will be covered instantaneously again the human being is a second bucket
we how we create an environment that it created the protein that it could absorb
we can do the same injuries and infections all can become this is what
the next 12 months Keshe foundation will endeavour to deliver through proper
channels of knowledge and distribution of knowledge now that we have moved into
the plasma as a space technology development there are a number of solutions which
will come true the new space technology of the Keshe foundation as I said one of
the biggest problems for large nations is finding the Nationals if you need a
thousand ton of a grain to feed let’s say ten thousand people when we can put
national space conditions in the environment a thousand ton million
because the surplus will come from the space position because now the food does
not the composition ality it becomes a pleasure we can deliver medicine the
same way so in a way we take the control truth food out of the hand of nations
this is part of our nation program very soon we’ll announce joint
cooperation with nations these kind of technologies will cover immediately is
not the technology to Communist Party which is completed and it be delivered you’ve seen the example of this in a
very different way there’s a military base when the Russians on the 5th of May
to damage your ship by just flying over this time we don’t fly over to the city
this time we position to freedom the technology concentration evasion and we
use it extremely effectively to change modes the education of hunger is one of the
main party of the consolidation because this way nation’s top change after
course for health application is where the nation stopped we are setting up the
basis into one nation but through collaboration with the present nations this basic knowledge those are here who
are in the research base extend your research to see when Iran a reactor
would renew without the motor because the motorist was a problem you are
limited to the magnetic field of the motor with a new system which we show as
a dynamic fluid grow fancy new garden and see how it grows extent official extend the animal here
you do not need to rely on feeding the man the food as you can transfer the
energy this is how you’re going to be fed in
the space we take a few kilos of potatoes just in
case near Christmas the British backed up that most but the
knowledge is there we can create a replicate that potato exactly as it is but will not carry with this process
because by delivering the energy directly to the sort of the physical
position of the integrations and total mass of the body would we have any mouth do we have the
emotion of it way it is reverence for behalf in the coming weeks the space
technology development has taken a new course and we do it while you do it
nothing has changed nothing in the direction of the knowledge has changed
now the punster justice systems non-dynamic the modules
had a problem we always knew but you are not ready to go into the next now
technology has been shown last Thursday if he can put the light on please Rick
divide thought last week if you look at the shape of this light the pattern of
it the way changed he should give you a lot of information about it we have a
light bulb in the house we don’t see these kind of performances we have
Filosa lights we don’t see this kind of guys we have laser beams we don’t see
these kind of performances but if you look at this right you understand
Singapore game it’s a new phenomena is a new understanding of the technology and
if what you have not noticed in the ball the ball and the light of it
the size is dictated by the ball if you can move this ball we have always energized to stop this
time we’re energized from inside or the environment of the date reversing in the
way going to the center to the soul the way we fed the soul will allow what the
light dictates this is a natural light in the interaction with the body of the
man or the plant will give whatever the plant needs of the conversion is already
done there is no heat but except transformation and transition of the
magnetic fields where is technology but also you understand a new cycle and new
knowledge is released now you have been of confidence to take
it open understand how you create not the rotation of the liquid but the
recognition of the plasma it’s the same thing you have enough confidence that
you sit between two balls and you see it helps with my pain or cancer so this
field must be find something so these fields aren’t the same reactor rotating
so what you have to do especially the research centers is using these dynamic
systems with no cans liquid gels putting them in front of each other and see what
collective if you get looking for confirmation of existence water we – its Munro’s we have a long way to go none of your
option now has managed to confirm the production business or in so many ways
transfer of energy Nero to Italy as behalf now we need to build confidence in all
of us by those who are ahead how this energy can be transferred and how it can
be absorbed would you stay here for a few days and see how much fatter you get
Oh would you stay here with some weight by gaining a losing weight in the system
is very easy because you only take what you needed
and the body in that process as is taken whatever it doesn’t mean it burns in
themselves we have entered a new understanding and what are the opposite
opportunities and what are the possibilities beyond your imagination because now we have seen with the
reactors what we call the cops and the orange now this college is dynamic and
it carries everything and this water is the body of our business emotion which
is physicality we saw our Chinese friends drinking
water for seven months and not needing food that’s gone it’s all Russian the
new plasma technology greets you hundreds of years in the space would you
change our characters will to change our behavior
what derivation of the soul of man to change the color of your RA all
possibility what we are a decayed inherited diseases generously the
effects all can be done because we can put in order the basis of the structures
and DNA and RNA because we have a system in balance that can feed both RNA
carries the electromagnetic field we call electromagnetic field on the matter
state but in the addition of transmitting field of all the
information everything which the particles are the source of the body of
the man needs to produce we can correct we can add whatever changes we showed you last week Nuria we are
holding back maybe next week maybe the character within it’s more information
we are waiting for Qaddafi born Jew groups who are testing to catch up as
they say if you don’t want to be a tomato
it’s a to catch up and so in that process we need to understand distance
time to digest there’s no use ransacking and running so
fast just that we know we known this all the time thousands of these now the
scientist individuals are working start creating condition we need that time
need that gap were you to set up and then we go we allow more expansion
knowledge but we have to be able to understand and see the knowledge to gain
please that works on this day any questions of thank you yes I can hear we have Josh
Peck I have a question yes you mentioned these two reactors that and that can
change in whatever we way we want if instead of two reactors one of I have
one reactor you plasma reactor and another is my soul or my emotion and
between the two the same thing should be possible as well who said not do you
want to feel reactor or even get wet by the reactor or do you want to find a
balance in respect to what is in the reactor how far is that reactor from you
how close are you to it because positioning changes the ratio reactor
using my soul adjust the field different location depending on the where of
course can’t you carry reactor with you in your pocket when you feel hungry if
videos on a video phone it’ll be done these things are not seeing anymore and they’re quite welcome but be careful
what you put in your reactor as a mixture mr. Kesh I could I could show
that video if you like of the Lightning reactor stop sharing number of people are testing these
reactors you put all these reactors in this dynamic system these balls and that
deformation of it there are developing the conversion of it we have others who
have achieved the same since last week I’ve seen the number of number of people
you see this light if you freeze it somewhere please
it’s a strange light it doesn’t light of the surrounding as such the boundary
stays within the guns within the within the ball and it covers to the edge of
the ball just stop once again the how look at it does he play and look at the
shadows on the table but he play shadows don’t change that much where with the
normal light we get the different proposition you have to reach a point of
saturation people are using different ways I’ve seen people sticking to wires
right in the middle I’ve seen people who stick the wires distance and they’re
trying to create a jump inside everybody is doing it but now you have seen what
it is the shape of the light the color of the light this are all different
property magnetic fields it’s an unusual picture very unusual is
a plasmatic now if our what I call you you’re an apple I can show you something
I can use this here stop please just stop it somewhere yeah
now you see this field if our people now use the understanding of rotation now
it’s different game at the moment as they see the light coming this way and
that way but if you can make a system that the light rotates the field rotates
now you create a field interaction those of you who are in this game I have
explained to you in the past week how you can do it with development you have
to be able to rotate your plasma and the moment is plasma rotates in this way we
need to get a dynamic system plasma that is very very simple thank you where a new game comes in the new game changes to this this is
something which you never considered with the dynamic reactors the rotation
of the motor in forced rotation another with the new plasma technology which you
have no motor about you in house the motion of the fields the
game is different much much different and if you manage to create such a
condition you’ll find out something very interesting happened you only force the
creations you enforce the creation of principle not and in that point when you
do the principle matter will take over and goes beyond the boundary of the
light then this thing has to interact with the
attraction of the field of the base which is earth the way you see this
slide is very a small rotation for the interaction of the field charges now you
understand it’s very much like a tornado which tries to find his Center and the
center absorbs enough energy from all the plasmas that it breaks open opens
the skin you achieve love beyond boundary you achieve if the motion and
then you dictate how much of this energy be allowed to come out to what distance
to create you saw last week can you go to the
other one where you see the dynamic flow please okay if you look the condition of
the fluid now you are sure the plasma field is dynamic now you have two
choices fill up the whole container it liquid or find a way to create dynamic
plasma fields without liquid and then you have to find a way to create two
directional motion why two directional motion because it’s very simple in the
universe opposite to what you not have taught you see the motion here you will
see your watch is in this direction if you fill it up this way might go here
and then what you might see you need this you need to create that when you
see go back to education knowledge we had and this is what we call our eyes
Falls us in a way is this that if you look the fields are in two ways in every direction now you understand this would match up
with this this will match over this this will match up with this and this will
match up without and in some parts in the same light as some parts and then
you understand the creation of gravitational magnetic field why earth
has a gravity balance more or less every even though it’s not balanced if you
look at a gravitational magnetic field before daily report you understand that
a lot of these things change very very rapidly but when you’re technology you
can do you can achieve because you have predetermined all the characteristics you see the rotation when you take the
liquid away still be the same attention but how you rotate it it dictates this
pad that’s going to come you need the tool to be able to create
motion and rotation as you don’t have any more motors and you can’t control
this in a very simple way by the fields from the other systems as this in
English budget are considered creation of this motion without a motor is one of
the biggest achievements of the universe in a way what’s going to happen well if
you understand if you explain it scientifically this is what happened
compactness of energy creates pressure and in that way this will turn in and in
that way this turns it so it creates a water saw feels inside medicine so in the next few weeks those of you
who are trying he will find very soon you can control this you haven’t reached
the point of testing that something very strange we’re gonna happen to solve
you’d be interested to see how far any of you can take it many happens to you in creation of the envelope of fields accidentally you find yourself to be in
the center of the fields I wonder how will you react even though you’re standing outside but
the feel is so strong that you become part of its ethical sentiment but what’s
going to happen to those of you get to this point you will see with the vision
of the soul of the man not with the vision of the IOT everything changes because the physicality instead of being
in the boundary of you now has moved the boundary up outside you’re part of the
side they are part of the fields confirmation of physicality of existence
does not exist because it creates a lot of confusion the reason I’d teach you these things is
some of you very soon as I seen sour videos are about to get there but you
don’t know what you’re walking into those of you who work on these dynamic
systems or at home you bought yourself a ping-pong ball as I’ve seen some people
are doing because they think they can do it it’s fantastic what you’re doing we
can do very very simple works some people say how can I I need a spherical
ball you’d need not absolute walk to a
hardware shop buy yourself a ping-pong ball by yourself she can assuage the
ones you do feeding cupcakes or injection filling the cancers you want
in a cup extract some inject into the ball empty then you have to understand how to
create a condition of dynamic flow in these balls very soon don’t forget you
still finished with the matter state you move into nano state and connect
yourself to some small battery but try to create a boost in the battery and
then you will see the light will come on slowly slowly slowly but bring the
battery to be as close as possible to the ball because the ball will feed
battery not by the connection but by the field which is coming out the real nigga you solve a dynamic ball
cost a few cents and then you can start testing put them in the house and see if
the obesity of the child was way because he takes what he needs he doesn’t read the whole structure of the physicality
of the man depends on different strengths of aminos very simple create
our conditional on an asset go back to the principles as we said and
create a dynamic from uniform availability of the energy at the point
of conversion in a way you become the center of the energy or so and you take
what you need dynamic system with the gradient of the
strength with the key to operation of the motion of the universe so should be
easy and the other question yeah Thank You mr. cash I’ll remind the
attendees that you can put their hand up and we can promote you to a panelist so
you can speak and we have quite a few panelists here as well
you want to open your microphone and heart put your hand up dependent and we
have a couple of questions from the live streaming chat there was one question
then can Yemen or Palestine Palestine be a testing ground for peace and food
delivery our food and peace delivery Bernie had answered that any place on
the planet can use the technology for food and agriculture and peace
technology is given freely for everyone to use or implement he says you got to
understand the simple principle this technology doesn’t know race color or
religion he feeds the wheat the same system with
such mortals the same technology beats the apple and orange do you think man is
any different respect color of faith and religion the situation of Palestine is
needs a little bit more of growing up by a small nation called Israel and with
what is seen in directions of this week they lost a very big support and
the same it other places political Wars for the name of the religion the vase
presumably oh I wonder if we can make systems that doesn’t allow any Joe to
become intelligent which is very easy they are not very intelligent people
they pretend to me and they became before they make the bigger block to me
the dominance of cohosh lettuce rubbish ever in the world of science it’s invite
or difference’ constitute a medium it hero and is actually a zero from
scientific point do not worry about the Palestine or
other places are more worried about the manner of doing the space you know in a
very short time man will be forced to united you will see it we see the
pattern coming up as many of you start testing many others with the start test
recommendation teach me and technology is sold much sooner than you think
will be part of national government’s strategy feeding of energy space
everything else the biggest problem will be how to keep
people busy then you don’t feel hungry when you’re
not sick and you have learned even what you see in front of you
how to make a safe shelter I wonder how many of you are going to be slave to
imagine the money we are approaching this condition of man
has created himself valuing everything then it’s coming up very very rapidly
you knowledge seekers have done jobs without you knowing that it has cost has
changed the course of humanity and you’re working on it you’re very nicely
what just keep at it develop it move from the way you move you know you’re
like a bunch of opposition we have to win the water you know like what I call
the left wing we have to make you to the milligrams and the same bunch of
right-wing we have to bring you to the middle ground but you’re all happy with
money but on what you get we had to push you from dynamic nuclear into cancers
and then the cause and then the cores and everything else and every time I
thought again for something that somebody’s back to prison a lot of you
can shout and how every time we move but I promise you after this you’re not
moving anymore this is as much as the intelligence of man can understand more
or less on the work of the universe there’s much more beyond it I promise
you for next few weeks that will not change in it but if you can go through this process
of what you believed you took the water and change your headache
you took the water and you clean you whatever it or you did something with
the energy or whatever now believing the dimension of your also and then you
interact with it and see what comes up I go back to what Mark said maybe as I
said I’ve taught this before now you understand what it is I want to take
over the screen – Rick this is gonna be very interesting for mosh rock this is done by many races in the space
but you’ll understand the reason why I bring it up he speaks about the soul of the man and
undressing Lily I said to him depends how far you move
closer Frederick this is the soul of moonshine very happy
chap you noticed her with the Lexus that shows happiness is dancing and then you
have this dynamic reactor again plasmatic that wash remove his hand here
all his head here you remember a long time ago I spoke
very tiny and there on that you can put your hand out and take what you like now
you understand this is the earth and this is the Sun
interaction of the field of the man creates their own condition if you understand this even water you
have worked because you get the emotional wrong God you correct or
emotionally rich – now you understand where the technology’s way very soon we are reaching a point for month we
don’t need to be in the space and always said how are you gonna feed yourself you
hear the last man are you a solitary animal you want to be
on your own or do you understand the process of what is said in Torah would
you like to have a spare ribs with the dimension of the sort of man
lead to creation of weather and would you ever become the last man or would you choose some religions that
you have many spirits it’s the middle of the creation which
leads to operation you wish to die with our vests dismantled you wish to create
shall be created and you will not be illusion but
separation and creation of another dimension and when it takes shape and
form you disconnect that’s how life starts in many part in the history of the man man has moved
from villages to another and he started a new tribe one man and one woman they
started a village become the city now if man understands the soul of the man
its creator of the both the village is any spot start with mushrocks game try to make
your cups and try to see what do you feed on your hand is it what you feel
into your body and your taste and your feeling and emotions don’t push too much of your soul because
he haven’t found it still you don’t know how to react with it mr. Keshe I’m an appropriate question
from Entei about this she says why do we have to feed the soul when going into
space I thought food is for the physicality not the soul going in space
we go as the soul without the physicality what do you think your soul
can operate without receiving my god you got to go back to class one go to the
first teaching I come back up you have to understand that the process is what
we say a magnetic gravitational field this soul has to share and this song is
already sharing with another one and this soul is sharing with another what
way does a need comes on this text from it what you call it feeding or absorbing
you still need to feed you know that song says goodbye
loneliness that’s when you can become the creator then become hello happiness if man’s dimension of understanding of
the technology becomes deep enough but allowing the understanding you can
change everyone to the level of the piece and this is what’s happening now if you leave one nation out of the
equation and put them back in this race isolator
the rest of the humanity gradually is reaching peace point whenever we see a
problem amazingly the Superman is there to rescue to create more war to rescue
in another moment the earth has a Superman called America but the problem
is the Superman creates his own problem to be there to rescue to cover his
existence that the knowledge what I try to do
today is to inspire you to take step part of the teaching of today and now on
we told you enough you’ve seen a lot of things motion and everything now it’s
the time to inspire you to test to move into the next level to move in total
understanding of the new technology because as I said I stopped making
things people copy now I teach you an inspired to try because you’re gaining a
confidence than the other ones yes we have a question from Gunther in
the queue a plasma light is this similar to polar lights and I don’t know you’ve
seen it what do you think you see mirroring the polar light if you look at
some of these lights you see in that ball it’s like a mirror why why does a
light to come mirror up itself what do we know about mirror if you look at this
all lights a baggage out there not only you see light but in seconds you see the
mirror of light you see mirror reflection that should have given you a
lot of knowledge – they’ll give you a lot of insight that within this there is
another dynamic system which is like a mercury in the back of the cars but in
the dynamic system this is how when some of you extend into a space you’ll get
your silver spaceship because the reflection of the lights in the back
creates mythicality on the front this is something I think
you missed in all my teachings and I was thinking Nasri shall I teach them shall
adapt teach them and then I thought maybe they understood but they never
understand let’s see where we go and then maybe disaster this is the skin optimal now what
happens the interaction of the fields in tree the creation of manifestation of but there is the problem
man the scheme and all the structure of the man which man has never realized as
a big problem is surrounds itself in that structure of surrounding itself
creates a special characteristics which means centralization of the council now
if you go step in a different direction something very strange happens this
become the first this becomes the second a year now your turn here
but the physicality has to appear in here the containment of the skin of the man
is a creator of the internal organ this skin on the stomach level is not the
same skin on the arm devil the skin on the stomach dictates not much reps but a
lot of liquid condition stomach the condition of the skin of the arm creates
a center bone and the restaurant so the skin of the man in history daily it just
doesn’t create the skin of the man it’s this skin now has to create something
inside here that tree there about the other body as well
magnetical gravitation but in one case something very strange
happens where now the bone structure goes out and the other parts come in they call it the brain of life but at
the same time allows for the calcium which is the thinner what itself to be
interesting in spreading but if you look there is a very strange animal here
again don’t just enough this skin Jew is interaction the taste
creation of the calcium outside this is skin through interaction of
layer dictates calcium inside so even it looks as the skin has different
gravitational magnetic fields but it pulls the calcium out behold and when it
cannot hold the calcium grains in and becomes the signal to break if man
understands this it should be very easy for you to decide if you’re gonna have a
spaceship outside or a spaceship inside you’re gonna have a solid ball outside
or you can have a soft interaction this is something you could not do up to now
because if you go back and listen to most of my teachings when we speak with
dynamic reactors with the motors are always said that the problem with a
motor run reactors is the copper is the magnetic field of the copper when the
brushes or brush motors on the magnets you had a limitation and none of you
could understand there was a limitation in creation because that magnet that
dynamic motor which was rotating you was dictating second third fourth layers
outside away down the wire of the system now you run into a dynamic that doesn’t
exist the game has changed now everything will centralize now those of you who work on the dynamic
systems the new systems with the power supply you have to move away from this
gradually in a very simple way and I know one or two people are working on
that create the parallel system that they
feed each other go back to understanding all my teachings ratio gradient many of you working on these systems and
I’ve seen it we showed last week this song how they went through frame by
frame and they said oh there’s a white clip there they’ve got something in
there is the wire and somebody says oh look there’s a wire hanging there but
did you see what’s hanging on this hand did you make is a ratio of one to two
thousand or is this in fact this wire is here this wire is here you haven’t
gained confidence you still need these little power generators and the
sparklers we receive it but you have it there we thought and we keep on teaching what about if you put your a sparkler
here and see what happens in this one but I put it there it doesn’t show it
means the field is too far bringing a little bit closer it is a bit while
there till you say lighting up this is mush part and this is the system mush
rock balls or the system book you have coppers in gold for patience everything
else and if you get it right you create the fields of the emotion of happiness
satisfaction and their inevitable well would you like to move mr. shrapp from
tangles to happiness from copper to sing her food and orange and drop now we can play this game because we
have the biggest obstacle but you had to control it to see it you pick an
obstacle I kept on saying our lesson these are all beautiful motors which you
rotated it hanging this was your demise this was the story of progress and
nobody listened decent Lu teaching many times and said the brush there with the
motors is your problem now you understand now that you’ve seen the
dynamic rotation and the motors on Monday this is your filtering this is
where the energy loss came into you continuously created but you couldn’t
see anything because these motors were the cause of your energy to disappear
you couldn’t build it up you’re feeding it the motor was the other channel now you and mr. science you take away the electron and prop they put happily
run bring you the lipid closer he goes faster there it goes
that’s now there is no limitation now you work on the principle of the
universe not the man’s little water sorry champion I even I love you so much
but find a new system so more or less reactors you’re intelligent enough there now you can understand how we change how
the game has changed and how it will change because very simple it is as
simple as ABC always say look at the work this is your reactor 1 this is even
though it’s here small but this needs to get a feedback on his field otherwise he
may have a race of it the Sun mark the soul of the man knew his couch there’s nobody else now that you
understand son has no motor that rotating it birth has no motor so now is
the solo you put Saturn smaller fields weaker strength you get helium and
hydrogen come closer earth dynamic closer stronger fields of
hydrogen nitrogen you go closer you get heavier elements there’s no difference
it’s just that up to now we had a leakage in the system
where you could not hold on to the motor support the other leakage you have is
your cable into the wall now with the system if you understand this is gone
too so you become universal independent
system this is the change this is the development which we have brought in in
past 2 or 3 weeks when you seen it now he seemed right if you go step further
and understood the work of the soul of the man and I just explained in a very
simple way what did we see as shown in the light in the field interaction the soul of the
man and the physicality which strength you choose in the path of
the energy you call it different chakras I’ll call it hydrogen nitrogen carbon
oxygen and water or is it the reverse now II understand now that we have come
to independent reactors life is cheap now there is nothing to stop man to
replicate the bark of the union’s my teachings company you had a problem we had to gain the
trust you had to see the fields you made the course you made the coils now you
made the reactors now what I said last time I choose my words very carefully my
teachings and then I go back to it this is all he said that they listen to
teaching up last week when they were showing the ball I said if you pull
these apart your plasma should hold if you have created a dynamic system in
your own sister you don’t need a cup you have created the light itself because
it’s all good feed you’ll need the light shining without it this is your next
step of development but you will not achieve it till you create both turnips
it’s very easy if you look we have done this in the coils in the creation of the
coils I created this in a hidden way the same field as it goes the same feel as
returns in this position becomes different
and it creates a waters how many of you ever tried to measure fields above your
Magreb cyst none of you not many of you never understood massive energy this is the energy beer okay nothing
this is the what is called dantana now you can work many of you were puzzled last week with
the hand and the paper now you understand the progress of the
technical maybe some of you become very clever
you put a map system display a graph system here and you can see this creates
a rotation this discretization and see what does you have to shine to confirm
exist rotational field I said and I keep on saying now we are
pushing the space technology beyond understanding after man but demand
knowledge seekers have been educated enough that they can see the next step
this time for you to move and move very rapidly have enough confidence in what
you done have enough confidence that what you do is correct create emotion if
you have to confine to see it that’s your problem but if you understand the
average law of physics gravitational magnetic field this year should be much
stronger than here do you need a container or like you know
when you go camping you take with you a stick and two pieces of knife back in my
friend I think in your obligation the sparks on the fire start and then you
take it away when you started it are these two pieces of metal you have
to rub to be created with other company assertive is yes and you can create one
and when is become independent position in their opposition in there and then
make another one there and then you see your spaceship with star formations good
that’s why when you look at the spaceship in the sky you see the bright
lights but you don’t see no containment because this is how they stop and then
link up and according to the strength you decide I told you I take you to the
space technology beyond your imagination and now you don’t need to imagine
because you have none you afraid would it work if you mix which you will do and
you’ll be happy to see it if you create this and then you pull to create this you have port and then we get the right
and then you strengthen it enough that you can’t just guide it walk the lot the
light will shine among golden do you need any more teaching No are you flying it now you see how the interaction of the
fields will come yes you can create a dynamic rotation this you can create the
transmat rotation in the flat a combination they have the teaching of passing direction here
this creates fields in this direction you get your displacement without
containment for path something you might get some bit of goals on water around
here do not believe in Allah you had your food there is no need for
physicality but if you can increase the pressure somebody’s microphone is open
if you increase your pressure the feed reaction would take over and you will
get its ecology to continue anymore within your hand and if you go and do it
the right way what you loaded up here please change the sort of mr. Trump don’t take away from it because it gets
worse just elevated as a Muslim the biggest nation on earth has divided
between color on race for the first time in directions this year and the poor and
the rich have separate so Democrat and now they’ve seen they have separated
internal war in America is guaranteed in the coming time and this is what we got
to stop these guys all have gone at home nobody will be left alive and yet yes we’ve got our home with his hand up
here gonna go ahead Arnold I’m Matt I know hello everybody this I see this –
well then many people are walking together and when you see people don’t
do a place to play you see like some kind of silver dust on the floor I think
because they have some kind of feeling to go then they react together and they
create also matter I was taken a long time about that on
the place were people had to get on the might um and shaming pool but for five
weeks ago because they are in the construction site to them to the mosque
in our neighborhood then then I saw it because it was dirt in the beginning and
after three months there was laying some kinds of silver dust but it is different
like the aluminium dust you see as you a different color because they have
another intention to go there then the colour change what they create this
experience very good what mr. Kess tells about the interaction of fields create a
method to cure you farm by any chance okay yeah I’m Dutch I’m from Holland
from bondage betray I saw you one time in the fury of spittle when you are
doing teasing I did not know where but what foundation was I now with the
foundation for I think a year yes thank you I’m very grateful what you but you
presented to us you know you have to share it so it that sometimes I get
wrong with robots in the chat but this because I want to protect the knowledge
okay thank you thank you very much I used to teach the Lots in Holland also
yeah too bad I did not do negotiating I cannot see the fields with my eyes but I
know they’re there I was child I was afraid for shanghaiers
because I saw also there the blue in it from the magnetical and I thought always
it was powered because when our child is 8 me one time very hard and I always had
to experience with my own my graph because I was always the one who was was
kicked or a school but it was not because with them it was my own
reflection I feel them they become like dark curse that I should get right and
then they were it was just like their one too man and once I might experience
I was very happy about when an old female gif shown on condition Airy to a
boy with Down syndrome and that feeling I had with me that day the people who
kicked me they saw I was a person and talked with me
that was very good and then I had a very long time to achieve to become a little
bit mastering with it and then I get a little bit greedy using it from my own
and then I stopped because when I had my son I protect him and it was not there
when I need it and so on I I go and with your knowledge all the new people don’t
have to suffer the you you bring a great treasure of knowledge from all of us
together so new people have to confirmation when they have to go to
that path I’m very grateful for that that all sauce can pitch now thank you as you know we are a touch structure I
think we also touched on Sarah’s child because I think our fan our family was
with your family or with your family though I don’t know when you started
space space company it is very close but not clearly for me yeah I also appeal
work very close because I don’t know we met before and
we talked to the so I lost your dreams with the Equinox reactor when I can walk
to the future it might be and then yeah it’s very beautiful I wish an image to
the soul there the position will be in the coming
time many of you will see new dimensions and use new new ways because working
with these reactors elevates you see energies fields for call from the
system’s and from the environment we change the environment it’s very much
there’s no difference between the man and a plant what we did in China we
change the environment in China in the test which will be released so on you
will see not unbiased independent laboratories in China under test the
average protein in the Chinese rice is somewhere between 11 to 13 percent gram
per hundred gram the highest ever achieved worldwide is 20 gram per
hundred because the seat does not have any more wrong to accept protein this is
the reason each section has its own terms but creating a new environment in
China for the first time in agricultural land and the seat being tested we’ll
have more figures by tomorrow night coming out for China we have created 20
grand maximum maximum amount of protein which their plant could absorb no
nitrogen nothing is being given China has never produced 20% laboratory
conditions the best in the world has created 20 the maximum to fill up we
just watered for 27 days 20 gram what does this mean it means that energy
of the environment has transferred packing to the plant is taken as much as
it needs to take to his maximum to guarantee so I now here we watered here
we use the new space reactors here with it and the soul of the man is no
different than the grain of meat you receive energy and the other weight and
that evolution gives you the insight new insight to understanding and seeing the
strength to be fulfilled the wars will finish a satisfied emotionally man
through the strength of his soul does not see war as a solution because it
doesn’t need to he has his reach the point of maturity
if we are punished to do this in China man is not that big a problem but up to
now you had the limitation of dynamic means
now you don’t have now you are exactly like that but ready to be elevated to
reach the maximum capability capacity of the soul of the man in the interaction
of the environment this planet which creates a peace to Auckland I have walked him into the path of peace
you have no way to escape just watch you remember the orange and a man the
orange is too powerful and too tasty for men not to taste you have to understand
the structure of the brain after this is the soul of man the closer the
fields are to the brain to the soul there is less interaction the less interaction creates a more
peaceful during there comes animal behavior when you elevate the soul see whether
cupboards even the anchor and anyone who comes the
piece because this receives more clicks mouth very simple
but up to now as I said that thing hanging was your demise
now this thing is free to people I think you have become Picasso with a
metronome my name is Mike Mike nobody will understand and also fans now you understand how we have come to
where we people like that to Rodriguez you don’t need to change the child
understand gravity in solitude in that process somewhere the strength of the
field will interact with the mission of the RNA and DNA and what is wrong your
company’s needs when you correct the strength of the
army the DNA will change the topic because if you look at it RNA and DNA
are the same thing what is much stronger than difference we are a strengthening
this this has to respond and it puts everything you know now you understand where we are what we
came from the reactors you made the answers on your day now you got the
cores and he had these motors now you heard the dynamic is where once you make
your plasma without a containment unit charge it as much as you like then let
the Sun Shine she can’t do this you have your
displacement I go back to one of the teachings in palette you remember the
hand and the right in between and I tell you you leave the right now you
understand two years three years I dated online how the light is the mapping
system is the heart I did and it’s everything to me you don’t need to be
the child but invited now you know how to take not tangible
physical plasma which you can control to feed not only yourself but we can create
suns in any time Asian leaders in a space reactor travels of the future we
go Stanford because if you understood how to create these things it’s very
simple to go to next step you remember stronger but tighter you create
in your spaceship one which is a stronger which moves well and in a space
reactor how much you made this system tighter stronger the further he goes and
then even much into it and he can continuously feed this to be healthy
trying to follow people’s speed of by nobody as I will measured this is what
the futures not and this future is weeks away
not yet you learn about the two pores sourish
the auspices suddenly teaching this to us this creates motion if you know how to
use this just create motion this the interaction would create light and it
works this bit of limitation but if you know how to pull one in one out you
create you know containment in the other question mr. Kesh I have a question this is
Bernie this when we a little bit or when the so listen or elevate the soul of the
man this is that experience that man becomes so peaceful that the experience
is everything is peaceful it is also this moment that man can travel to
different places while many I would say travel because you can witness a
different place while you while your body is still in in the physical my
question is if this is the same thing as the planets that they say earth you have
this nitrogen oxygen and the closer we get the Sun is heavier elements with the
Olivia when the soul is I mean there is elevation the soul does this mean that
the physicality also exists in a different manner in that perspective on
that level of existence very much so yeah that’s how I see also this is how
our soul is the dimension of its existence interesting is in the in the near future
some of you will do a test and this tests will bring you a lot of shocks
when you see it for the first time some of you deny existence and some of you
will call mentally demented with what you see but this is part of the process
of the knowledge some of you will deny existence than some of you elevate to
the dimension of existence some of you will do a test which will test you not
for you to see that in elevating a soul to understanding the process of creation
in creating other dimensions of the soul that you release what is released you
will come to understand something new let me move this somewhere else
because then you understand much easier what will shock you is this in respect
to this you see yourself as an earth in respect to this you see yourself as a
new creature many of you will go through this because
when you enter the dimension of the space apparent the soul of the man does
not change its the environment adjusters and then you wonder am I either
or am i apart and how come I exist in both divergence this is what I’ve been teaching for a
long time man will change in the dimension of the environment
now that today I’ve taught you the three plasma condition to the containment we
understand it is in front would you see yourself as a man or would you see
yourself as a new creature the soul is the same interaction with the
environment which creates the new damage this time if you do not need to go to
Planet Zeus to see how you look you create a vision of brother zu secret
many of you in the labs once you going to non-dimensional not tangible systems
if you achieve it you’re faced with it is what you see is the reality another
image then would you be animal behavior and
peaceful or would it be why servers or would you feed the soul of the man
wheezes maximum that he finds peace in all dimensions I told you I am the creator and I can
teach as much as you can understand this type of man – atchoo you have to understand what is about to
come know what is about to be and you have to taste it here then menu for arts
I does not become a problem many more strength has to be a peaceful
so we need to elevate the soul ultimately to be all the time and this
minimum which is a maximum at the point of peace as I explained just to humans
does not matter what you manifest you so much the process has a starter to make one
nation out of this planet and this is how we’ll do it it was the biggest regret to see the
election results are in that instead in past two days the color of the man what
man an Englishman position now the race has taken color of politics directly
this has to stop if we don’t stop this very fast we’ll
see the same process as not since I’m in nineteen forties but the teaching has to be there you
have to understand how will affect you how you can handle it can we elevate the
soul of the man to the level that there shall be no religion because man becomes
wise not understand product creation but that did any false intermediaries promised our tech distance of vatican
back to policy the most important part of the teaching
for past five years was to bring you to this point freedom freedom of the soul as it is without a
cognition of tangibility and now how could have taught this over another five
years but the time is right and the men of peace are in position as I said man will accept this
technology out of fear of his demise not out of this beauty but I’m making it so
beautiful that man will not even think about the
device some of you are Jews go listen to One
Nation one race one planet of choose the knife number 56 you will understand who
has led and some of you who follow the others
would understand you can give your soul but not your physicality because we can
change your physicality man in the space with not bear suits and
jackets and winter coats and underwear and over where you create cover up the
skin of the lungs of the swamp but they need no I should say sorry to Chinese
called my cabbages and this may be in Bangladesh what you don’t mean more
exporting space any other question it’s fairly quiet on the front here
there was a question a little commercial I think so mr. Kesh it’s gotten very
quiet in all the chats and there’s no hands up or anything here there is one
question I was the surrendered there’s one question but I you’ve you’ve already
answered it I think in in many ways but as from Patrick in the Q&A says thank
you for your teaching but how can I capture the energy you were talking
about the energy that’s given off but you did show bringing in another reactor
and that could sprinkle gold and water all over the place and deliver light and
heat and everything else so why would you want to capture all the things that
you know the things you’re being gone your ass’ll in the world of physicality
so we got a long way to go you gotta go and educate yourself mm-hmm the position
is when you reach the maturity of the soul and what I’ve taught even in past
two minutes move the reactor closer and you get yourself gold and come closer
you remember that also he says come closer darling somehow I can break away
goes back to nineteen seventies every movement and so come closer let me see
there’s a beautiful song mother on the moment and sometime in the chart
he says composer I like to taste your smile see what you can taste from the
smiling at your reactor will be the soul of the reactor of eternity and if you
touch the physicality means you’ve so got a long way to learn still that leads me to ask does the salt need
to capture any energy or does it sort of just go with the flow that’s happening
at the time that all is a hippie it’s not Indy capitalizing it’s just into
going with the flow what he needs what it gives what it takes you mankind from
last week as I said has entered a new con new position and we teach very very
direct I don’t think any teaching has been directness today and ask me you got
to understand the team of Keshe foundation researchers are part of what
we call pure Souls and the physicality needed emission does not really matter
that devoted to change and a lot of research is done by them they come up
they tried to test it and they stand on one of them writes me I put these things
on my head I’m getting headache I’m afraid I might change my soul or
something happens inside but hey I thought the soul has already been
elevated so here I get a lot of pain in places you don’t know I think harm it
means there was something wrong it’s mended the transport technology the
beauty of it is purification of the soul of the man which means the elevated he
stands all the back and that in turn will change this velocity as it gives it
one plus not fine solution we’ll find a new type of man on this
planet with this technology you’ll find new behaviors with this technology can
we create these Suns that shine across every line that he feeds and makes
mountains Mandana hand when we all become peaceful
would be cultivate or hunger or will be constipated for purity of just doing
something which means we don’t need and nobody can pressurize or boycott us but
we do it just because we have to keep busy we grow the food we leave it on the
streets for people to have everything about the pleasure garden this is not
the fairy tale you will see we set out to win in past 3-4 months amazing amount
of work has been done for a confirmation of the technology and the government’s
will start soon the biggest problem we had was to show
governments a lot of us did a lot of research here here there were small
pieces here and there and now these small pieces are taken to
power governments are prepared to invest everything to change the condition of
their nations and all the nations changed one direction we are one I’m
ruling with love and not the role of the universe is no conflict
and we created the ground for it and man now rolls himself you start making these non tangible or
non containment reactors and you will see the change on the human race I’ll be interested to see how many of
you shine when you’re walking down the street would it be radiation or as I said once
would it be so Liege your sluggish I like if you go back to the teaching I
said the members are in Universal Council and earth will be recognized by
the soul now you understand these continues these whores disposed
had a filter just below the strength of elevation so we call it a day
you got a lot to think about and a lot to change very well thank you mr. Kesh once again
I hope you understand what is being taught today and I hope you don’t do it
for the sake of to see what it is what you do it would say if I’m changing the
back as its universal counsel Polish language
can I show something at the end just to facilitate on its sharing and let people
know that online resources that are available this please thank you so as of
now both the plasma scientific journal and that is plasma types are available
on the wiki so if you could go into the main wiki page you can select the
category plasma scientific journal and you’ll see all the articles published in
different issues of the KF plasma x sort of organized by the month in which they
were released so we have November applications we have silver ones
September and so on until July but we started to release these plasma
scientific journal papers so this is all in a textual format so you can easily
transfer this into your language wikis and translate it into your mother
language also because it’s now text extracted from the PDFs you can simply
right-click and use your auto translation options in your browser if
you would like to translate it from the English yourself and at the same time as
we have the plasma scientific tool oh we go back on the main page we have EKF
plasma x category as well and in here you will see all the articles and
organized again by the month in which they were published and you can see all
the articles in each of the monthly issues again in the same and a textual
format which is easy to take by the language communities and translate into
their own language wikis so this is – also to answer several emails and
queries we’ve had about the available deels plasma science in scientific
journals in an easy to translate format so this is again a message to all the
language communities across with all the knowledge seekers to to look into the
wiki and all this information is available in there
also what it means once it’s on in a week in a text format you can search
through the articles if you cannot remember which release a given art who
was in you can just use whatever keyword you remember from this article in order
to find this article whether you just want to read it whether you want to
replicate the experiment and add your own observations and results into that
article or whether you are simply looking at some piece of research he was
already done because perhaps you want to the dis experiment yourself so I very
much encourage all the knowledge seekers and all the translated different
language communities to look into the wiki and to make use of the resources
which are now available online thank you very much
can I ask you a question I’m using money I’m using my position optimization to
push for something now that now open this scientific journal and you know
something like 14 years ago I stopped in to the paper to be published and he was
a stolen by the eminent scientist okay would you be able to publish my paper
without peer reviewing it of course this is the the basic
principle of the scientific journal and there is no peer review we can only
judge saw scheduled movie no no carry on no no I just I have a delay time in the
voice how do you okay so as you as you mention up this was the
vision from the beginning that there is no peer review and this plasma
scientific journal anybody’s straight to publish whatever the the true conditions
of their own research and experiments where there is no need to sell anything
or by selling I mean you know being in line with somebody else’s view there is
no peer review it’s down to the conduct of everybody’s individual souls to
present in truth what the result of their experiment was and to share it
with others through the medium of the plasma scientific journal so anybody
with plasma science anybody can be a scientist you don’t need titles
you don’t need sophisticated equipment and so on you just simply present what
it is that you experienced for yourself what were the results of your own
experiment your own design of the experiment and the observations and
takeaway messages of this experiment taught you so no publication fees no
peer reviews just pure knowledge sharing through the through the clarity of
office oh I think you didn’t get my message I’m pushing my paper to be
published that what the dollar was to be published in the journal at least I can
publish it that we can accept it it’s pretty in the book number three butter
beans nice to be seen in the journal okay okay I see what your message is yes
of course we can target it for the next December release had this paper on the
black hole creation and end of December release it wasn’t more than a housing
you accepted thank you very much now what is interesting is the world of
science has taken a new course and many of us are respected for what we learn
and what we share and the sharing is more important that then hopefully I
wish I wish desire is to create peace and with the teaching of today I don’t
go for the guns this is what in so many ways thank you very much for today and and hopefully somebody Detroit’s light
system or a soul okay Thank You mr. cash I think we did
it one other announcement maybe from Claudia about the symposium in Brazil
would you like to say something about that Claudia before we sign off here I think she asked for that to be shown
alone do a screen share of the advertisement for it at least we’ll sign
out here and this thing here good morning hello
hyperbolic Claudia good morning mr. Kesh but the morning for us would you like to
tell us what damage did you did last week in your teaching we stopped for a
husband can I ask you a question Claudia what was all that out here dancing okay what is asking me for me to
translate i’m cooie you see for Portuguese language
Claudia toki no finish up our entire he urged nice not okey Raquel a dance the
reason went to Congress make a rocky victory but for myself I told him o Shah
Mardan ay okay as the sources from week 2 don’t mean do Naomi intruded beginning
but I thought they saying the dance was a call for be present it’s all because
people are not aware of it’s like they are sleeping okay he knows who knows
what another physical body okay this was the way that we found out
to show to them that our body our physicality
has to be present in air with our soul in it
they found it in my hand that’s what I couldn’t understand why
was she fucking and shouting shit but but fixed up a DePalma’s disco create some odd reason she studied kamiesh a
mother presented start reading it okay there was an exercise that equals
exactly cold present state life so this exercise enable your field McGraw fields
to put your so present in the moment this what I understood Waters automobile
she says Sharm el-sheikh laps and everybody says Shama Shimada because it
means he’s acting cool it’s cool cool like to call someone to cause your soul
in the moment to the present that what means Russia okay estaba preguntar
Khushi Madoka kept Z some odd know what he stopped breathing okay it means that
she said it means I’m here I’m present have you noticed I have a new name in
Portuguese it’s I’m here present and present okay and the dance is a state
life that means I recognized that my soul in my life it’s present okay would
you like to tell us more what happened in the conference
okay producer Gary Vegas to pick a contestant
compressor nos vemos uma grande report on it is a business inclusive people
share the govt you know tomcatting okay it happens that we had a big chance to
be seen even from governor’s ships of government in areas of health 429 and
they found they find not everything very interesting the form you know a coma
faith faith to travel you you call me with supposed to do
Sabri technology and everything out how it was done the world and all she
exposed everything about the technology it is a beauty no systems no move me to
know GV the ichikawa-san itself would and that we are in a new movement of
life and understand the new ways to reach the people in the yells principle because we are linked to
energy so you are connected to the energy understand that right boys they
poised akela mobile movement ourself do as he sees you do Shimada plays age they
start leader and then after that presentation after the dancing of coal
present state life imaginary character so now it was the public who for total
minimized acceptable okay what I hear she said
then the the state of the magnetic fields and around in these raided in the
public that was the present it changed completely in Osmos las casas games
provine Aquila moment cannot leave them on campus and that way we managed to
prove that we deal with with the fields magnetic field the boys that present in
the including after the presentation star Valley one of members of the
government that was there presenting health the health of the the country
let’s say para Union did called me and for and me and the others worried me for
a meeting we stopped a fuzzy and for I explained how it function all that work
that I was doing in promoting its interest so inclusive a present Ella and
even mature interesting in results that I showed there because the Congress was
about and then we got an invitation for cash foundation be part of a program to
be made a program for the people of Brazil Kshama Pepe all mixture
p RG pills letter P Eppie page Novant oh ok
the program it calls T dot P dot pork significa projeto popular so now
organizational okay means projects from people organized organization key vamos
a ver fuzzy approach a to key population Jim as MIT
SSO a therapy that able us to bring to the population the effects to be
assessed discard this therapy plasma therapy that about what dr. Kroger it’s
doing their inputs console finishes including through the console Federal
Council of natural therapies in the energetic therapies acquire equals if we
agree she odd therapy yes men therapies integrity plasmatic which she was giving
to her Carter it makes the certificate that she was a doctor of therapies
integrative therapies and plasmatic if you’re gonna now to try to fish the
plasma therapy and we are organizing ourselves to death a common mistake
fella posted a strange not like like mr. K say we are coming to the truth front
on core technology Institute Calipari Fazio knows so you’re gonna show all the
technology and everything that she technology plasma technology can do for
us McGrady has possibility’ he taught you know Brando I understand it is a
very big responsibility that we all of us are having here in the zoo choices
sharing painting G this Soviet technology is so obvious campus because
we understand that we have to to teach that the things that are very well
understood make it work and work working work all
these things that we are doing for many years from now they remain to now espera truly I didn’t expect so big acceptance
of everyone in the Congress inclusive ish I spoke of Congress including I’m
already invited to elaborate workshop for the next Congress in next year for
the administer are open Internet technology Paris pesos kitra
ballyhoos DVDs we’re in that workshop you can include including the technology
and we’ll work with it and with the people there for the integrated that in
the wound it’s because it’s the Congress is about wounded Estela to do it so we
are very happy about all of this inclusive in assistance form and OG who
may keep it that it’s all demos demos this question in most remote revalue
we are also including some people in the health area we were working with this
they already doing for a few years for we can show good work so we are
organizing ourselves today doc you know superior most Co latest in Kabul be
fatal and I’m sure from here on from now on we are gonna get very good things for
a very a good job done so me to gratitude instead cash I’m very grateful
for everything for miss acacia tell a coffee a security no no trabajo que no
systems for the Iraqi for the confidence that he showed that he is or for our
work and we are doing here yeah kojiki vice immigrant conquista /
Brazil is Tom’s parent Akash mendacious instil a turkey parasailing totsuzen it
is the savage in we expecting that bring – dashing through the Brazil with the
success and they be here for always in the health programs yeah yeah this shit
NBA keep dialing opposed to gears he paints empanada my reviews rakish Iggy
deformer kosis well platitudes and I think also the Portuguese team that has
made the work that helped to manage things going on in the peaceful way Brazil approximate admire the technology
Aki thanks to death work Brasilia is doing approach better approach to the
technology here in our country and the Cochran’s the Congress was a success
thank you mr.keshe thank you for hours thank you for that technology this does
the translation poisoning yeah thank you thank you very much Claudia could I ask
you to submit your presentation as a paper to be published in the journal or
next edition in Portuguese and if one of the Portuguese team can translate it to
be published in English as well okay stop there better facilitate Sanda to a
presented sound Wow Oh No opposites are presented sound physics la parish
Revere’s ignores push physicians treat some English para para from the sound
whether CF isn’t odd new jet nebula human Despres English telegraphy okay mr. Kesh cloudy said
that she already did it in English and it’s in the your telegram box yes but we
would like you to go to they have presentation not just that the full
history about the presentation and the paper to resent its general to be
published she if you can send it to the general and they publish it for you or
I’ll do it no problem they’ll be done if you do it I’ll do it I’ll send it to
republish it no problem okay okay cloudy front mr. Kesh discuss the appropriate
Bushman the personal letter feminist emotional knows Elvis fastest flashes
the presenter so the smellier Spartacus is producing him on Oprah come on okay
come on what Menotomy get practiced wish wh
puzzle Georgie father in short I’m the kind of catalog okay for it from 3
minutos okay okay mr. Kesh the I wasn’t my
shield with Claudia we’re gonna to bring this to our team with some pictures and
everything she has there and we gonna work that in a short way and the week we
send it to you – absolutely – to the Keshe foundation Journal okay in the
Portuguese in in English in both okay yeah I think so
which you need thank you very much indeed these things to be done in the
coming weeks number of publications will come through
out of China – foundation will show a number of papers which has been done in
Chinese and then which are said to English one is the corn paper which we
showed by then there will be agricultural trial
which has been carried out in in the governmental cultural field to show the
full data scientific data that you can use it for your governments these are
very it’s not easy details to understand it’ll be the full process how the thing
was grown and the harvest and laboratory analysis of the harvest
what changes has been made how has been done and what what has been achieved
you can submit these to your agricultural communities in your
governments for development in countries like Germany they and France are very
much in need of increase in the harvest and these kind of things for European
agriculture committees approach them with the data we really see we just in
just takes us a couple of more weeks maybe two or three weeks more to have a
full scientific data and then use it to change the course and especially German
cash conditions of course another French you have a huge agricultural land in
these countries and increasing the harvests by doubling it or by increasing
it to more than what it is without fertilizers without pesticides and we
will get your support from governmental reports in in the fishery in north of
Scotland to do with shrimps which is a huge loss in it
we will insist on submitting these papers because no bees will come true
official channels that you can change the need and approach your governments
with the data as provided we put it in the journal but everybody can go to it
and take it across to your column it’s test results rapid religious results
what has been increased how much has been increased in in China in rice
production we have increased if I’m correct by two point two times the
harvest partially the increase in harvest was
that there’s some of the plants were damaged by pests so then the harvest was
lost and in what we call you will see it in the corn section how even the seeds
of corn are different and how the weights are different and next harvest
when we see these seeds we see what we get
would it change the growth would we get there much better harvest in the next
cycle there is a growth of wheat in the most northern part of the country in
China in Inner Mongolia to see if we can create two harvests and the same if you
do in other part of the world I think in the terminal we need two separate
stations that people submit across your favorite section medical sections and
the rest of it it just should be very very nice the way
we did the whole thing is just getting a structured and body call is in the hand
of all of us it’s not just medical and applications in the next few weeks very
soon Keshe foundation is going for a full
trial of medical application in four cases in one of the major countries in
the world for it to be commercialized in public domain this is a major
breakthrough for us the trials will start in couple of weeks and it’s done
by what you call pharmaceutical side they have seen they want to test it
I mean victim and very rapidly will will change the course this is one of the
biggest pharmaceutical organizations in the in the country and will follow it up
will let you know the data and what we ask for is that every volunteer would
have will receive what we do that they can enter the data live every day that
we can see and if they allow us that we can blanked numbers like the way
occasionally Schmauss we can go with it public that everybody can see we have
chosen three sorry for trial cases we start with ten and then we might mean
Gracie – what year a hundred depends how the way we succeed and the four subjects
has been decided is diabetic which is epidemic high blood pressure wound and
old age recovery the in countries like Japan old age then
looking after all these people is breaking the back of the nation they
don’t have enough young to cut the old and they have to bring people from
Philippine in Thailand and Vietnam but they don’t understand the beautiful
Cosmo Japan and they are causing problems for themselves
so with this way we try to alleviate the pain of the old that become more mobile
more energetic helping with Alzheimer’s and base for cases will be we try to do
the recommendation works with a pharmaceutical organization to be done
on into that vibe that people can see them depends how they want to play with
us but this is my request and I’m sure we’ll see the results we are opening up
we are strong enough to to see we will understand success and failure and
represents your success and you can put people that will be on the Chinese
hopefully the channel study can be followed and the same with a new result
we are we are concentrating heavily on changing the course in China and we are
not confident that we allow such it has to happen we don’t go to doing other
ways but this is this is open way you can get your governments to look
cominius your birthday to you can put people on line to understand and very
scrapped idli we use what we call the appropriate channels to share knowledge
this would extend into many many other fields not that out what you have to
make their free plasma technologies you understand freedom is absolutely free
from Lord you see many stars when this picture on
the screen none of them has a core made of plastic
and none of them rotates on but I call mortars
self three and now I have these were time for you to make the
starts to show thank you very much beautiful day I
think I’ve taught for five years to be today okay Thank You mr. Kesh once again this
has been the two hundred and forty ninth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday
November 8th 2018 and as always thank you everybody for attending and I
believe Flint will have a video for us to go out with thank you hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate plasma products found at Cash
foundation.org forward slash store soothing reusable plasma I in migraine
mask eliminate eye fatigue and relieve stress in eye area europeans certified
medical device massaging plasma insoles bring comfort back to your feet and
energize your legs European CEO defied Medical Device antiseptic plasma liquid
hand soap promotes well-being and relaxation with protective plasma
formula CT certified one soul plasma t-shirt Gans formula within the symbols
and stripes brings mind soul and body into balance European certified pain
relief pen emits a concentrated plasma field at point of pain efficient up to
three centimeters below the skin CB certified
the magravs energizer and alkalizer raises ph and energizes water through
magnetic and gravitational fields see e certified medical device pain relief pad
a result of years of research and nano plasma technology with magnetic and
gravitational fields see e certified medical device visit the online store at
Keshe foundation org forward slash store or find a distributor near you tax and
shipping not included you you


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    Two years ago, I did what you show to day , and I did more advanced than you MK.
    I talk to the others in the Skype chat trying to teach to the people , and you told to me that I was in total false direction trying to confuse the people.
    I have a copy from that chat.
    Why to day is the right way and advance , and it was not before????.

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    One important comment I believe.. as of lately on occasion. Difficult to hear mr. K.. I believe any microphone device devices that he's using. May be advisable to remove. Put in blender first. And then try to make a g a n s of these devices at some point.. Maybe that would help.. or maybe he could practice hog calling for a while to build. Required skills for excessive volume. To compensate.. my odd sense of humor hopefully has helped also

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    I hope I can find this information on Kf Wiki soon .
    This is a great effort Mr. Keshe Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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