228th Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 14 2018

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with ancient and plasma technology visit store cash foundation or for DS
and other plasma products from the beginning of time humans have
always looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been
a fascination with birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seemed to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going
several thousand years ago philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China we’re
looking to the wind for flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo
allowing for the later development of communication measuring distances
testing the wind and lifting men the invention of the kite brought with it
the desire to fly the first known attempts at flight were typically by
leaping off towers known as tower jumping people in China India and Europe
first attempted flight this way in 1670 Francesco Ilana de Tarzi
published a book that showed some interesting concepts the concept of
copper foil in a sphere with a vacuum would produce a vacuum airship this is
still not possible with today’s materials Francesco is recognized as the
father of aeronautics melding science and mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used then is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space acts as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket Falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket fuel burning technology
mehran keshe has always said the time for burning fuels is over but did we
need to start with that technology in the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes most of this five minutes
is actually landing and getting up Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran
in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer he was introduced to the world of
radiation and nuclear science at a very young age in 1981 he graduated from
Queen Mary the University of London as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor
mehran keshe introduced the concept of double magnetic fields to explain the
magnetic and gravitational field of Earth unknown by the existing scientific
community he wrote a number of scientific papers in 2004 and sent them
for peer review such as the creation of black holes when one of the persons
performing the peer review used his information in public he decided to draw
back his papers and to concentrate further on building prototypes since the
beginning of 2006 several prototypes of dynamic reactors had been built some
specifically designed to create hovering effects similar to effects seen with
magnetic levitation basic hovering effects have been achieved 2007 brought
the first flight test with radioactive material in which the patents describe
the process of the field interactions the main patent
gravitational and energy system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters which contained many new concepts
released to the public this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and plasma dye lucien technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation in a controlled environment 2010 introduced a new state
of matter called Gans an acronym for gas in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still being explored daily all around the
world the cash foundation has provided knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions in space a great example of plasma technology used for peaceful
process is the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in December 2011 this
drone was touted as one of the most advanced drones of its day and was
caught by Iran using plasmid to disrupt the communications plasma absorbs fields
and the drone uses radio fields for piloting a natural aspect of the plasma
a barrier of fields book to the structure of the light was
released in 2011 this book brought forward the understanding of the
structure of light as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in possession
of all magnetic field strengths book three the origin of the universe was
published later in 2011 mr. Kesh explained the further operation and
interaction of different strengths of the same fields which then leads to the
creation of the universe these three books bring forward a much deeper
understanding of the plasma science that is applied worldwide by knowledge
seekers and scientists in spaceship research and development there were two
conferences to release the space technology to government’s in 2012 the
first International presentation in April Keshe Foundation invited
representatives of every country to the first presentation of the plasma
technology the second International presentation in September Keshe
Foundation invited the nations of the world through their ambassadors and
their leaders to attend a gathering at the Keshe foundation center in an of
Belgium space travel requires peace the implementation of the plasma technology
brings greater responsibility in 2013 mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace
treaty signing of the peace treaty is a confirmation from yourself to your soul
to act correctly in a peaceful manner in 2014 knowledge seekers came together
from around the world to learn from mr. Kesh and many different experiments with
reactors were performed including improving the previously developed
reactors to fit with the new knowledge introduction of nano coated reactors
multi core Gans systems the spaceship Institute lab experiments were streamed
live on the internet for all to see SSI lab tests with reactors showed strong
magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla and showed significant weight
fluctuations in December an experiment was performed using reactors built by
knowledge seekers from around the world Italy Germany and
Canada were involved in field communication tests the tests showed
that fields can interact with each other no matter the distance or time resulting
in instant communication in 2015 developments for space continued with
different aspects of the plasma technology such as in health energy and
decontamination in October of 2015 mr. Kesh taught a popular week-long course
called The Blueprint teachings about how to build the maghreb power units people
from all over the world participated with building their own maghreb units
and teaching others with the demand of the Keshe foundation products from all
over the world a new Research Center and manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many
developments of the technology happened in different parts of the world and
Keshe foundation USA is no exception John and the team started performing
experiments using different sensing tools these tools allowed the team to
visualize the maghreb fields and to show others their interactions with reactor
formations showing positive results partaking in the knowledge together is
easier and more joyful than ever the fun has just begun says MT cash mr. Kesh
publicly teaches the space technology through the weekly knowledge seekers
workshops plasma enthusiasts from around the world participate in gathering the
knowledge and putting the puzzle together in the space race all people irrespective of race nation
or religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus
assisting humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized
that international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey
into deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the
spirit of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use
of plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation
health and more we’re excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship repent to
humanity welcome everyone to the 228 knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday June 14th 2018
I’m your host Rick remand and once again we will be with mr. MT cash of the Keshe
foundation spaceship Institute who has been leading these workshops for the
last 227 knowledge seekers workshops and I’m sure with the world events going on
and the events going on behind the scenes with the Keshe foundation there’s
plenty to talk about today as well as the usual teachings that we get on the
knowledge of the plasma technology so we welcome once again mr. Kesh I think he’s
available are you there mr. Kesh yes can you get me
yes go ahead thank you okay good day to you as usual good morning
good afternoon whenever whenever you listen to these series of knowledge
seekers teaching as Rick said there is a lot happening a lot of good news in many
directions for us and for Humanity and many many in a way news is to become
future news for what the dispute development will bring we hear later on
from John Arizona they have reached a milestone in the whole program of
us-based technology what we said some times ago if you remember today is the
14th is the second month which we have challenged anyone who would like to test
it we know to three groups who are at it John also state as for the casualness
and Research Center open and he’s very proud
we have permitted that to manage to show step by step development
if you remember initially that could feel it that could feel the fields in
walking in months ago and then they came into it and they started feeling it by
touching it on the blueprint day and last month they would actually have a
shape of a they could understand it and they explained what they got
but this week they have crossed a major point major cross point that they can
show it physically it’s very very little but we’ll come to it when mr. talking
mean by joining to explain more and this is the beginning of the space race this
is this time can be seen it’s not just to talk I’ll explain to it once we come
to it there are a couple of points which I think we have to address one is as we
said on 23rd of last month our appeal against the where the court was hurt and
one case was dropped and the rest is cared for as we wanted it to the higher
court in Belgium and we have runs our appeal and no way to see the process of
Courts how they go under way they go the whole thing judgment was on a procedural
basis not on the judgment or when act if the procedure was followed so in one
case we have seen there is something very strange and interesting as we’ve
seen Belgium’s are up again to their fraud and deception of crooked jobs
there is something he’s been hearing on the internet it says half one drop Kent
and then says arrests this is the High Court or what we call the middle court
of Gant arrests in Flemish in this case means verdict not the arrest and these
people know so but the other people don’t know this and I think always now
it’s gone arrested this is a cheat and this session is people of this nation
are up to and they cannot stop so if you call the court and say what does this
mean they said this is a reddit in this court they use this Flemish word as a
means of where they cannot arrest could be seen the
the session still going on but we have and we will submit documents now as we
said which which we brings the rest of the police officers in our own court and
we are looking forward in a full direct interface with the European Court of
Justice we will release our defend publicly this time this time when we
release our defense to the High Court because from now on we are taking the
whole Belgium structure up as a fraud deception intimidation fraud by the
police intimidation by the police falsifying and producing documents which
gives people the wrong intention and information very much like the way
they’ve done now arrest arrest means read it but you will see will come with
it we kept very quiet for two years we stood everything and now we open the
hand of their fort and desertion inside the police structure of the Belgium how
they intimidate it and what they did and how they have falsified papers they have
literally produced papers and it’s only with them but we have a copy of it we
have the original copy that it shows the Belgian police and Belgium structure and
the court are or nothing but desertion organisation for the murder squad I’m
very strong about this because when we release the papers you remember what I
did with the biggest thief of the scientific organization called him and
he started we published the paper from the organization that is short that they
will keep the book the paper in the library and we published the original
paper from them and now they said they lost it now we release a piece of paper
which brings arrests were the police officers within the Belgian police and
within the structure of the government of Belgium and court and even judges
you’ll be surprised I don’t make claims if I cannot back it but will back it
it’s a hard copy paper that we have received honest in the opposition which
shows every crooked job and nation could come up with to get hold of a scientist
in this technology those who sit in an through you’re part of it we will see
you send your drink for you too you need a long term to go back onto it there is
a clearing corrosion here corrosion and deception by the police of Belgium and
they are so stupid that they left it in the hard copy remember when they
arrested me exactly in 2010/11 in Canada and they left their documents behind her
and be published it now we released a paper from the Belgian police a forged
paper signed by the police officer who’s taken Bedok from everybody so the whole
procedure we were we’re waiting for this to come to this level now the quarter
Belgium the European Court of Justice has to wear thick how police is Belgium
produces fake papers and then they go around with it intimidating people so as
I said arrests in the verdict they put it all over Facebook and everything just
call the court I tell you it means that where they took this court for centuries
has been a noun as a rest which means what the word dekhti is going to accept
now we come to another point and that is the situation in North Korea as we spoke
before we are nation of peace lovers as one nation one planet and strange enough
we see in the handshake we seen a walkway of one president the other are
we seeing more president traveling all the way halfway around the world to meet
a president near home and in signing an agreement which has no agreement but in
a way we have some as we see that North Korean president and they’re making
president I wish I could tell you what I know but
for national security and what we see in the background this is not a good
handshake this is not to the benefit this is and we go openly with it then by
being openness they know we explain the situation if you remember the president
on the right hand side isn’t Trump was trumped out of the g20 in the corner the
decision was made that he will come and meet their North Korean president on the
territories which is a strongly supporter of China and as you know by
law of politics the defeated paused goes to see the winner as you see has been
the tradition the kings who fought walk to the president King L ask for mercy
for their life but now this is more political the newest try to put face on
it most powerful man in the world does not travel Morris all the way around the
world to meet his biggest enemy which does not agree with this explains a lot
of things this shows pure power of China and a
pure power of presidency his Excellency has played a game correctly in trying to
bring but this has a very bad tail on it if it goes the way they planted the plan
is more or less that now North Korea will walk away and as the support of
North Korea America can blame China for supporting in an distort destinies next
cycle of wars with Iran and Chinese and Reza
but we advise Chinese government and various only in a way keep the pressure
on North Korea and do not let go and this will see the process going through
this is part of what was planned and Chinese President playing very
correctable follow it through but our warning is North Korea will walk away
from this agreement which gives an excuse for Americans to play the game
what they wanted but now everybody is God we are aware of the move and we have
made it public to the Chinese leadership that be very much on your guard this is
two friends shaking hand then blaming another person it’s very much like when
you sit in the wrong people and then the guy next to you his hand other side and
guy thinks it’s you and hits you hard back so but this time this guy in the
middle will not be China will just go this later on so I’m as you understand
as we teach you to all the earth diplomacy to defeat her if it goes all
the way to accept a submission in a way North Korean president is the submission
to the success of the Chinese leadership and we see the defeat are and if you’re
looking the next following pictures which comes out the North Korean
president walks away not the make because in a way the defeat is trying to
keep face so we seen another step towards peace but we warn the Chinese
government strongly to keep an eye on the whole situation that does not use as
a backfire and as we know as we said North Korea would not use as a cube of
1960s with American and 1950 situation with them talk to it it’s got me why
wisdom in this and has to be kept very very close line observation
another hand has been all of our wishes that we see peace in the warehouses are
all wishes will turn up to be even the deception and the courts will turn up to
be good for there is we seen that the name has appeared as part of the victims
abdication our nation you name mr. Benjamin Lanza has been appearing as
another victim he is not a victim he has worked himself into a corner nothing to
do with the Keshe foundation we respect him we still have our respect for him he
has his maid Mary Pat position in working with indication – in structuring
in Ghana and then now that has been what him in court by the police he has made
also accusation but we pray for his home he served the foundation well and he’s
made a tactical mistake and we hope he stays out of any kind of custody of
prison yeah we still give him all our supports we kept quiet last time mrs.
Blayne somebody is there but we seen his name appearing as a victim if his victim
is reported himself we did not know anything wrong we just asked for the
properties of the foundation to be declared where they are and then he
walked himself into more or less hand of the police excuse me mr. casters and
problem with the audios – too low in people who are not able to hear I’m not
sure how we can cry clearly don’t worry every time you know some people they say
they don’t hear they hear clearly that’s it that’s the problem with your end only
another hand it is very clear that we do not get involved in this matter
foundation has a stage out of this matter and we keep switch or microphones
and we respect the work is done for the foundation he has worked himself to a
corner without us we are there to support him in all the
support foundation is there but with the day way because there is something which
he is known nothing to do with us or action of their foundation or anything
we don’t know to anybody so we hope he finds a solution for it to himself
and he puts the matters right by himself and even if he tries to put the matter
right next then he’s taken it he’s gonna damage you in a way it’s always welcome
back to the are mystified nation we respect his opinion and work but he has
to sort this matter out on himself not with ownership now as I said we come to
the works of their what we call our work as a spaceship program as a special
organization and as we’ve seen can we have John in the background please if he
is there that he can come in because I know it’s late times what I mean I’m
here yes hi John I am what I’m going to do thank you very much
John would you like to tell us your past form of development and then take us
through the video which you think is that enough there to see then I’ll give
you a support to see where you have to go in your work before John comes on the
Chinese space program is on course and we will go as we said for our tests and
trials and as we said we were can be informed directly the Chinese armed
force exactly what you call military as we are in their territory testing and
all our work of ice and may obeys all the rules of the Chinese government I
thank the Keshe foundation team is working with that machine two or three
different groups trying to bring everything together the tests white and
test production will be our force especially that you work very closely
our designs aren’t good before actually the people who are supporting
in every Marion actually in other ways and also producing different materials
of it the Keshe foundation team across China in two or three groups are doing
developing everything ready for this writers their names has been created by
the military that they can work with us we given all the details and we thank
all the thoughts is behind while monitoring and controlling everything
for us and our team especially those close to the foundation who are making
sure that this test will take place it’s a beautiful system this is an amazing
system it does everything which we promised from the beginning but as we
said is not a race against Chinese or Americans we have our family
Americans are they were I think their own side is not just Americans actually
there are people of a patient background in the team there as we see and from
South America it’s very much international and armor has got his
fingers usually everywhere in Arizona so in the way as he says is a collective
work by all of us and you because of our position and work where we are testing
the what called advanced version of the system we have given and we have to
respect the authority of the Chinese government for every trust me to are
never loading it so in that ground if John would like to tell us what you’ve
done since last month or if any other group is busy with this process okay so
Anya is my voice crack and we can we change the picture of the losers to the
winners please rate yes so so in Arizona we’re doing a number of
different tests primarily right now we have three starship formations that were
focusing on we have some other tests going on beyond that but these three
main starship formations are what we’re really putting most of our efforts in we
think if they’re gonna bring us the fruits of our labor um two days ago or
actually how we count today let’s say two days ago we we attempted to identify the light that happens when between two
starship formations that we weren’t able to see with our naked with a naked eye
but we could feel that there were spiels nonetheless that were were there we felt
him with her with her hands and it was clear that the fields were there that we
couldn’t see anything so we put together what we call a wand and this wand is a
device that has on the end of it a ball of magnetic energy magnetic Gans very
strong magnetic Gans so that we were able to interact with the to two
different reactors that we had one weaker and one a stronger that were
feeding each other back and forth if you will I’m John would you like me to show
that no or were you going to share it no I’m sure you can pull it up in the
background but I don’t want to actually play it okay sure yep so we had these
two reactors one of them is finder starship formation one of them a weaker
one the weaker feeding this the stronger feeding the weaker and and vice versa
so what you’re going to see in these two videos is very caught in a way
amateurish video we turned off all the lights in the in the facility and what
we’re attempting to do is to see the fields of the light and we tried the
same test in a darker environment and in the darker environment it didn’t come
out as good because everything was just basically dark so what you have to do
when you see this video is to look very closely at the tip of the wand which
contains this magnetic field and when when we were standing in front of it
what we saw and it was clear to us when we were seeing it was these what I call
wisp energy in other words there’s like smoke bond between the two not real
heavy just ever so slightly in in some of the video I think if you pay close
attention you can see it also so go ahead and play the first one and see how
it looks but the I did it I think we’re here in
Arizona and I have this little device here we turned off the lights but this
has a very high magnetical and it’s spinning very quickly and I want you to
see what what happens when we put it into the fields and it’s ever so
slightly so Julian watch what’s the very tip of the ball because I put it into
these fields can you see that you see it on the
camera no none kena it’s never so slightly random a tip of the of the ball
right there see that landing tipping the ball you see it probably not showing up too
good on the camera sit down the bottom of the gravitational
field is four we saw you see them I said yeah I think I think I think I see yeah
I can see anything kind of it okay okay so the second video of what we did we we
notice that the background was wasn’t really conducive to getting a clear
picture so he put another white background behind it and tried it again
so rip if you pull up that second video okay we’re going again because that
picture didn’t come out real good let’s see if we can get a better picture with
a white background right there go on the top Julian so you
can see the dark right you see it coming off the top
Claire you see just a ghostly image right there right there oh you see that like a
smoker hmm come away I can see around the bowl you have to be out of the field
ball don’t mean in the field oh there is a spark some smoke coming
off okay sorry about the quality of the
video I don’t know how it how it it’s pretty hard to see but when you’re
standing in front of it you can see it and I guess I’ll leave it at that okay
John let’s go step by step this new tool which you’ve made is the double core a
single core motor single core magnetic only this one ball would mean by
magnetical can you explain we put basically the same material
that’s in the top for the tritium that’s very heavy magnetical and we filled it
up to the top so it’s all all tritium but we get higher ratio it’s a very the
whole ball is filled up it’s a 30 millimeter ball yeah okay what you learn
from this or what you observe well we learn it interacts with the
gravitational field but not so much the magnetic field and it didn’t interact in
the center area with the field plasmas going wait it was clear to see that the
two fields the two units are starting to interact with each other this is after
five days of running so both of these two machines these setups have been
running for five days with only a change of batteries in between them how how
they load that which one is much has stronger load that the right or the left
one the left one is stronger we see the loads more towards a wait a minute
excuse me the right the right one with the the balls bigger unit
is the stronger one yeah so you see the light on the weaker one on the left-hand
side more or somewhere in between the tools between the two yep okay if you
remember you weeks ago I asked you to make this motor to stick it on there
fill it up and stick it on this is the better version plasma version of the
puzzle which John has been showing us for nearly a year or two going everyone
buzzing every said the field is this one ad with the buzzer he could show us the
dimension of the matter conversion of the field strength and used to create a
current now with this system if we understand it is at the lower part the
reason for is the lower part of the disk just on where the two reactors are on
the base reactors is this is where most of the fields are and what is we should
learn from this is if we create a stronger field in any of the two sets
the system will light up now if you go around the system and see if you see the
light at the moment the system is interacting between the earth
gravitational magnetic field and this system what will call the mother system
or one of the two systems against each other so what we said from the beginning
we feel it and then we’ll see the light if you remember for years I’ve been
telling you for the first time we start seeing the shimmers so in a way the
strength of the fields in the bottom layer are there but not strong enough
and when you put a stronger field which is inside of the single core which he
uses as a detection unit gives you confirmation of the theory and what we
search from the beginning the next step for this shimmering
if John finds a way to load up heavier field then he will you will steal it all
the way around you don’t need to look this is part of the development
understanding so it’s not that why is not done John has done systematically
through the whole system now when we add the third matter the third stronger
field in because don’t forget this one is much stronger than the other two I’m
very much concentrated you start seeing the rubbing the smoke he calls it
magnetic field commercial and so commercial of mass fields into matter
state but still in the gaseous state so this for the first time if they can even
show it more in a in a finality the recording system that he can show their
different kind of lights then you will see totally now we understand we are on
the verge of a breakthrough we have managed to come where it matter into
plasma and incorporation of the plasma in to fill the strength that it becomes
a plasma of itself and when their strength is right it manifests itself in
the whole structure so for the first time we seen the fainted light and this
will grow bigger and bigger now it shows John has to increase his loading then
loading has to go step up the loading has to become heavier more energetic and
in so many ways we are on the next phase what we’re going to see hopefully if
John can carry this then we see the next step one of the ways to expand or a
strengthen the field is to reduce the top number four reactor down you
suppress the donut and it no not gonna squeak like you know when you have it
in your hand and then you squeak it and the cream comes out you can’t do that
and then you see by reducing the height of the top core you squeeze the donut
the bottom three are very strong so they will not Bend and the only thing is left
the field flow will increase you can do the reduction in the height of the two
by together simultaneously or you don’t want to fly if you get it right and you
push it a bit too far in the pressurizing of the plasma your system
will fly will not go through the transition of the matter state system
will create its own gravitational field as an opener space system will take
shape and take flight this is very very at this moment not there I don’t see it
to my experience but there’s a possibility depends how John and his
team changed the mixture mixture is weak but you’re getting there you have to
strengthen your field watch if there are any Gans material around in the room
because they’ll be draining from your system so whatever you build you’re
feeling left so you need to watch that too but congratulations on your team
this is another breakthrough for development of the technology try to
increase the strength of your bottom corns not the salad so property can do
the top part by distance in a way you bring the plate closer instead of taking
the knife closer bring the plate down bring the top space
lower and see if you can see the light easier then your next step is the
compression and what I call back flush of the fields of the top whore
if rituals before the gravitational field is created
we’ll give you the spaceship or the shimmer of the spaceship you will see
initially light but you still can see all your holes and everything inside
your Dedham if you don’t play outside like past few
months and get back to where your and target focus on it most probably you
show us mobile next four weeks can I can I share one other video now that you
mentioned that it’s it appears well I’d like to share it one one more video and
get your comments on it because we have a case of missing missing Gans from
another reactor and it may be because it’s in in the general vicinity but
let’s have you take a look at it if you don’t mind I’ve seen the video I know
what you’re talking about but before you show I’ll show them they’ll ask you the
question this is what I want to ask you and I saw the video Rippey pulling it up hello I’m sorry I didn’t know I was
supposed to his did you send it to me through mail or the same way same way
okay I’ll to check on that one a third video I sent it right after you you sent
the acknowledgement so this one this is our this would be our stationary
reactors with no motors and we filled them all the way up to the top and for
some reason one of the gravitational reactors on the bottom one of the three
started losing all of its material and it doesn’t have a leak or anything it
just all the material just say vanished the other two reactors seem to have a
lot of pressure were they they’re actually leaking after so much time it
may be a problem with our with our glue and the acids reacting with the glue but
this one this one reactor like take a look have you take a look at it and see
if maybe what’s happening this is these other it’s not object we don’t see it no
I can’t see any additional message John the last message I got from you had
regarding videos and it had the two links to the two videos and that’s all I
see in that message and that’s the last one I got and with me one second yeah okay so let
me go back and share my screen to my lab to sheriff sheriff I believe so
give it a try there okay can you see can you see that something’s coming through
yes we see the video okay so what I’m talking about is this is this front ball
right here this is the water line if you will or begins line pathway and they
were all filled up to approximately that like this level up here on the top
magnetic ball so let’s play real quick there’s no sound there’s no sound so
nobody loves and you’ll have to know every audio check box where’s that box at now when you go to
the share screen then there should be a little check box to share computer
Arabic audio you know before you select the item on your share screen where you
have all the items like there’s a box you know let me just talk you through it
because there’s nothing really there’s not really a lot of sound than you need
to hear me talk you through it okay it’ll be the easiest okay so so
this is where you see this ball right here it just lost all of its material when you had it filled so nothing down
here it looks like it’s almost impressed in the center ball now this this ball
you can see a leak here and it’s lost that much material and it’s actually
dripping down here and leaking it’s also leaking just a little bit over here you
see it’s kind of courage some of our our our beads I’m top balls good are these cause sealed or is it the
twisted one the coils of the threads are these coarse outside cause thread on
them you you tighten them with threads these no they have these Armand
connectors no no is that because the plastic dirt
they’re Christmas ornaments so you put together they’re glued together okay one
of the things the problems with this Groot system is
you got to watch is sometimes it works if you use what you call it two
different composite grows then they be boxy you mean you need it because
sometimes it works much better but there’s one question I want to ask you
the one which is emptied more than the other two which way is it facing towards
other reactors or the tool which you were setting up so if I look at this
picture the other two reactors are directly to the left over here on the
side about 20 feet away 20 feet away yes and is the other core in the same
direction the opposite side mostly because I’m online yeah these two these
two are basically facing the other the other reactors which are over here 20
feet away okay and all three are the one which has got less off which is not a
leaking is this one this one maybe this little thing I don’t know could have
been one drop yeah what we got to see how where it is these things
can happen or you have a hole that evaporates true they might try to seal
it again and see yeah okay we came up today sisters when you see that mark on
on the table it could be evaporation but it could be at the same time ready in
stock and it goes on the top touch the ball and see if it is what do you call
it any stains on it before I forget something it’s very
important because our Chinese cash foundation supporters would be waiting
for it mmm cash Foundation dot C an has opened up this week a kapa gate and is
running so the Chinese friends who were looking for the website to come back up
their system is up and running as back on the line and it’s been translated by
pages simply filled up in the next few weeks as they work on it but you can go
on their cash foundation that’s en and find they’re trying this page now can
you hear me I can hear you okay John what is important for a lot of our
people is how you manage to create what we call tritium or you call it
magnetically as strong a lot of people are trying to produce it and they are
running into problem and then they are running they’re trying to produce h2
they are running into problem they’re calling each other says how do you make
it I don’t understand so could you explain to us how you make
it but I give a warning does not mean two things
this is the only way to do it and secondly does not mean it’s 100% extreme
this is what John has done and okay so we can go to step further that we have
seen the light today so he could be on the right path see is the right path so
if you could teach us and share knowledge how you make a choice three
that people can understand this okay so I’m going to share with them the part of
the golden trick competitions yeah so excuse me let me get the right screens
up here does it take long no I got it right here can you see that
yep okay so one of the things that we did that I think is very important is when we when we went through and you can
go back and look at the video that we shared back with a spaceship
configuration where we showed how we made the h3 where we pulled the carbon
out of our disassociated at processing is through you’re asking for I’m sorry
out well we disassociated it from the ch3 Karl oh wow this is the trick we
want with a help okay so the trick of how is we we put it in a co2 container
with just like we’re making co2 let’s just say that this box here for example
is the co2 we put a we put a copper plate and nano coated copper plate and a
zinc plate over here and we put this in in salt water and we put our ch3 in the
middle of this container container of the ch2 you in know now this would be
the liquid is Sophia sported in no we put it in a glass jar and we put it in
the center and we hook it up to the sides so that it’s at in the center in
the water as the co2 was being made and then we covered the top with a glass a
glass container so that the fields were sealed in so as this was making CEO – we
were disassociating the carbon and the hydrogen in this glass jar in the centre
is that clear could you so loosely a know Kate that on the whiteboard when you share your screen top row has a
whiteboard which one is the whiteboard I see the annotate just hit new share whiteboards on the top row next view of
green escape you know close the annotate or you know there you go and which one
was the pen do you have it just start drawing okay all right so here’s our co2
box nano coated copper zinc plate and we put this rather than a plastic box we
put in a glass a glass container so this isn’t a glass container and then we put
our container of ch3 sorry first talk again ready I’m not an
expert at this so that’s hanging that’s hanging in this
container and the water level water levels like right here okay and we let
it sit for about three weeks in this container and then we’ll pull it out and
well one of the things that we do in addition to it but it’s not necess it’s
not necessary for everybody because they don’t have the same tools we have but we
add before we even start we add in we bubble in hho into this into this
container of ch3 so we caught a hydrogenated ch3 and I showed pictures
before of our hydrogen ater if you will but if you don’t have one of those don’t
think that you can’t do it because this this I think will also get you to the to
where you can make the hydrogen Gans so now what you’re doing is you’re you
you’re disassociating the carbon from the hydrogen in this container so you
still have carbon in here and you still have a ch3 in here but they’re not
necessarily linked together and that’s how we make it now what we do when we’re
making a hydrogen is we’ll take this same material because we also believe
that what’s in here also is that this isn’t necessarily all h30 it’s also
because we hydrogenated it with hho it also contains eight h2
some degree of each – and some degree of age how did you make the H – how do you
guess is age – and how their guess is H so we put we put a hydrogen mater in
there and hydrogen ater bubbles in each H – in other words just like that what
do you call it atomic hydrogen so what we’re doing is
we’re bubbling in atomic hydrogen into here you mean molecular hydrogen atomic would
be H right it’s the same stuff do you use – to power your dad to run your cars
on water hydrogen gas basically hydrogen gas but not the AJ Joel I believe it’s
an HHO hydrogen gas that’s what I’ve been told would it be possible that once
you’ve made a ch3 and you now at your age 3 to the mixture of water
and mixture of let’s say John’s water of co2 and creating again between the two
plates create a condition that you produce hydrogen and in conjunction with
a carbon you can produced aterial where what
let me write it I explained there is a possibility but if you take this
hydrogen but I’m okay if you take this hydrogen here this h3 here and take you
to another box where you have a copper and zinc and sorry if I take it here and
put it back in another composition of salt different soft and this salt
different composition and you allow a ch3 which you added at the bottom to
interact with a new copper which discovery is in the top decile in this
carbon that if you close the top will allow this extra carbon which is in
there and you have a h3 which you have there – this time extract additional already called oxygen from the
atmosphere without a cap and then you will get h2o and co2 and what is left
over will be additional hydrogen which should be a different color material
inside using the using a pure water and or a salt water which is different
density than the outside you still get your co2 from the oxygen which is
getting pulled from the water to create the co2 in conjunction with the carpet
and and are fine water is coming other amino acid which
is safe from than outside allows you to create a water and then you should get a
pure hydrogen okay this this co2 in its because it’s all plasmatic your knowing
you don’t go into the matter state then allows you to create what you call h2o
plus hi the only way you can see it is very very slow is this marking of the
water to see if the water level rises this needs a special understanding of it
because when you connect your plates you got to make sure you have a order called
resistive load and then or you can it works usually with resistive load just a
piece of copper wire connecting the two but not of the same man you know you
never when you produce material will never connect this to this anybody who
does this you find out your you actually produce what you call different product
and it’s not a co2 and the production of there you might see pure hydrogen at the
bottom which this conversion is very rapid you might see change of color and
you see the color changes are very very very rapid in this process there when
you connect the two wires two plates with one wire you are not using what you
call use a chemical reaction even though it looks exactly the same but what it
looks like when you do a direct con most of you you’ll find out your you
might get two types of cancer separation but when you create a separation because
now it has to go through what you call it interface of the wire then you create
a different environment there is something which is very interesting a
number of points you have to remember maybe over years of doing these kind of
nano making else making has slipped your mind is that the reason we use salt is
not only because of the planetary condition but salt has a very typical
common denominator wait if you look at it can lead to or can lead to nearly
enough going towards chloric acid those of you who find mixture of gansters
delayed it means you most probably have connected directly you gone into the
battery operation and sorry you gone to the bacteria bridge
where here you go through songs with khonshu this is what life on this planet
depends on and if you understand this process you can use the salt to
literally release yourself with a lot of things and create yourself a lot of
whatever you need it’s two different process one is gravitational process one
is magnetical process NaOH is a gravitational process where what we call
a NaCl or we’re going towards a choleric acid is magnetical because you release
all energy and if we understand this process we can
literally use it to our advantage to create condition of H 2 h and h 3 none
of you plays with this UPS of seeing one or two people very earliest stages
played with this and they left because they couldn’t understand so if you
change your salinity and you Friedan’s h3o bring what a sweet uni produced into
a new environment now you can decide on the salinity or Aquinas or if you
connect lines to be acid condition then you go through matter state then if you
go to the sodium you go through the plasma state or what we call cycle of
life this is the difference in them in in the whole understanding and the work
of what you see has been done is that when you used NH you go sorry when you
use sodium you go into the cycle of life when you go into the crore or acidic is
when you energize life and then when you go into the direction of the hydrogen is
you feed life this is why we see if we understand this process as John is
trying to explain and understand the process of creation on this planet it’s
exactly the same our body decides and plays does he work with different salts
which in a way dictates the gravitational how much am I going to
hold on that’s why we have magnesium of your body or different salts in our body
is how much am I going to hold on energy too
and then when it comes when it goes to crore chlorine besides how much of it
I’m prepared to share and when it comes to the hydrogen is what I’m supplying
and if you understand this I’m bringing into a production of the hydrogen h2 or
three tiem you’ll find out in the dynamic course which John showed us
there is a continuous conversion between these it’s not as I have only a ch3 but
in in the course especially when you reach what I call the donor position HT
commerce to D and D commerce to H and then vice versa and you decide in the
coming time as become more expert in these kind of space flight tests we use
only one material as John has done but condition of the giving and the speed of
the conversion besides if the material goes to h3 and then goes to h2 and then
if we can contain the h2 we achieve down on the structure of h2 which is then
gives us the physical cost structure when you look at the what we call the
skin of the man in the 3 layer the manifestation of the physicality and how
he appears is on the middle layer you have eczema we have skin deformation
it’s not done even though so this is disturbed this has to respond to it this
carries two layers of emotion or in a way in fact if you look at it it carries
three souls of its own and then when Nick dis soul gets disturbed the balance
of the soul changes you see a skin affection eczema and then you go inside
the body where the salt comes to it with the liquid it becomes asthma
when you bring someone in a liquid condition that he can grow you get what
we call what is known as asthma but in fact if you go there’s a company in
Europe which makes I think they stopped trading I had something I don’t know I’m
not sure yet what they do there are a specialized I have understood the effect
of the salt in the middle layer so if you get your middle layer disturbed
emotionally or by salt you get a skin deformation this key and information
doesn’t come just because of the topic comes because of the salt change in the
middle so it becomes release of emotion or attracting or supporting or holding
onto so the skin changes we see if you understand this and bring it into this
part and understanding this process then when it comes to your the star formation
reactors you’ve got to see which one you need to
change to create a Chris or physicality ask the question about the LED would you
recommend that we put an LED on every single Jim’s I done that I always do we
were only using four co2 gans no I use LED for everything because it’s
a balancer and if you understand the work of the plasma is actually very much
it works as a diet but in the flow traffic from the magnetical to
gravitational and it it can change vice-versa okay next so I saw a very
interesting presentation by Lauren in Rick’s reactor group two weeks ago where
he was talking about this very this very subject of the salt and his comment was
that he showed this a graph where on one side of the graph
it brought in certain ions and the other side it brought in radioactive ions
apart and when you had the two of them together it seemed like they would feed
off each other and the comment was brought up about using sodium and
potassium salts in your in your boxes so you talked about the sodium and the
chlorine with the potassium be even a better choice here and the chlorine yeah
you see if you go back to some of the teachings years ago I refer to and
sometimes some of the knowledge seekers walk around me they see I use potassium
are you bypassing of it and the reason I use potassium salt is not only
conversion but is the property of the potassium which changes the space is
configuration in the process and if you use potassium in your what you call nano
coating a stage so you create a condition in your ganses for production
of such a field strength which can support you in the space right system
this goes back to understanding of the nuclear structure neutral field magnetic
field in the interaction which in for total neutral pardon this is good
information though you’re talking about the isotopes then potassium and for
example yes isotopes but but at the same time is not just isotopes because now
you’re working in a Gans estate of my so you’re working in field condition not
matter condition anymore I I specifically go up purchase potassium
soft and it’s not easy sometime to get because we have to wait to get delivered
and I what you call it but if you go too far with it
it can have other what I call it other properties which might not be needed but
if you look at the body of the man we have many salts in our body and the
ratio of salinity between each one and amongst the same itself creates this
different tissue thickness different muscle strands and this is something
which had a lot of you overlooked but if you understand it and go through the
process you you in a way are the knowledge of man is not that deep yet to
understand is all the structure but the solidity changed between the two salts
or three salts and several salts in the body allows different hardness of the
muscle tissue and if you have a very very strong salt condition you get the
bone structure calcium salt which reach the creation of calcium itself and then
it gets deposited as it is is of this character so this also opens up this the
the scenario of the Gans of gains that you talked about so many times where we
can now within the single games have it become more dynamic by itself so we use
yes I think you’re it this is muskeg
sorry I have some comments or questions about this games against I have produced two tritium and hydrogen using Gans and
Gans method and I can show it it’s very similar to what mr. Kesh was talking
about a moment back about making hydrogen so I tried this okay I’ll show
it’s my camera ah wait wait you have to stop sharing
okay yes so these are as you can see this this is using Gans off here I have
I’m creating three TM from ch3 and the two vials on the sides are carbon Gans
two-to-one ratio and at the bottom you can see that there is co2 deposit and
the top is sealed as you as you can see so and I think it is treaty M and it’s
color is distinct from ch3 and on the Left I have a similar situation with
carbon Gans and deuterium gas together so it’s creating a ch2 field at the
bottom and it’s the same same sample of ch3 I’m using on both sides and you can
see a significant color difference I can also have a reference ch3 which is which
is again different from either of the two and anyway so this is how I produced
the tool and you can see the deposit at the bottom of this which is a make sort
of a light version of a deuterium this is a mixture of ch3 now co2 and
deuterium and here is just a co2 so this is what I use to do it
and yes your tokens here I have to have a carbon-carbon here and double carbon
here so it’s a carbon field in the middle carbon Gans so this is how that
mass ratio is 2 2 1 oh I see what you mean and you have a copper wire inside
or something around on the field transfer right is literally what it does
is uses the Gani this is how you make the remember the fruit cocktail so he’s
using mass ratio of the same matter and inside he creates a carbon level
graphite and so he attracts the field from the ch3 out of the container
through the boundary of the container actually the paper on the top is just a
gimmick because he’s draining the copper from inside there is one thing I have
noticed is that I have to use glass plastic does not work very well I tried
it earlier the glass makes a huge difference for both inside and outside
yeah everything is glass here yeah that’s very nice this is there is extension version to
this because I’ve seen and if I’ll stop hearing it’s okay no problem if you understand the potential of the interaction of the salt you can do a lot
of things salinity rates has not been understood
by any of the students but salinity rate and especially what kind of salinity you
use gives you a massive weapon in space technology in the in the future as a man
extends into the life of creation and then we become masters of it by change
of salinity and composition of different salts we can create this a few maybe a
couple of years ago I refer to this uh nobody noticed so we moved on but maybe
some of you can go back and visit Sun as John said adding potassium but they
cannot do too much of potassium because it gives you different structure work um
composition which at this moment with in most cases we don’t need anything else
you like geology I share one marks what shot can you switch your microphone uh
please carry on please are you sharing can you see yes career okay so one of
the things that we’re also looking for in our hydrogen what we call the the in
this case or tritium is called a diamond structure and the diamond structure
comes from the carbon and it comes in the form of crystals so what we do is we
put these are tritium out in the Sun here in Arizona our Sun is very high so
you can see it forms these white crystals now some people will say that
their salt crystals some people will say that their sodium crystals they may well
be you know a little bit of all of it but they’re also nano nano carbon
crystals do you know how to test it so the way we test it is if it if it
dissolves in water its salt and if it’s holes it’s its structure it’s it’s
carbon or sodium crystals well we actually try to grow these
crystals a little bit so what the user for we put it in their mixture this is
so this would be crushed up and become our tritium so these crystals there are
your tritium yes or the orange dust both wow I’m going to give you bad news okay
I’ll give you a test news you know these crystals you separate the clear one yes you said they don’t dissolve in the
water some do some down okay the one who don’t do if you get and go back to the
old time of the time on testing if you scratch it on the glass or on the mirror
see if it scratches the glass for the winner I imagine they haven’t grown to that
degree where this one single cell can do that it gives you if you have managed to
achieve crystal structure in the diamond this diamond way in the mattress state
these are simple tests we spoke about before so if you separate these and then
you see the scratches the the glass because in a liquid state you could not
catch them then you have reduced diamond structure and then this is 100 percent
h2 it’s very hard for HT to make crystal of itself because of this composition
but h2 can because if you look at the H to a structure is in a way if you put
six of it together he gives you one carbon so that’s why h2 becomes and can
become what you see as a salt as as crystals so if you be a better ambitious
and taking the step Fred you can grow these what you call soft pieces because
they don’t dissolve to about five to ten carats of diamonds there is a specific
way to do it to grow it and you can cover these you let them grow in the
liquid state and one day dry they take a bigger shape
I made bigger size I was speaking before you go after the specific configuration
to pull the plasma apart to extend it in who will diamond structure and then you
can make 10 20 carats of diamonds and the only way you do when you time on
tested it tells his diamond that’s the only we can do or when you scratch a
mirror on it and its gets a scratch if it doesn’t get scratched means you
haven’t got their eye with the smallest thing you it makes a specific noise and
you can cut the little edges in discussion but so you know we don’t have
the big crystals don’t we have nano nano carbon structure you have an you could
but it’s not a carbon structure the ones which dissolve usually usually the ones
which dissolve come out of HD 3 CH 3 there it gives you the the characters of
the energy but in general you are producing if you test it out watch it
tested the best way to test these crystals under cold water you do it in
the hot water and you still see that there now it means you have created the
diamond structure then if the second thing is I want to Sarah just corner he
goes and he goes into the line tells you you have diamond or you allow it to grow
off and have a biggest diamond in the world on your finger that is it so what
you actually create most of the time majority at the time these crystals you
collect is carbon structure it’s a h2 time and structure which in fact due to
the composition of the h2 it becomes diamond it behaves crystal structure but
you have to know how to use it if you if you use in the right way especially in
your space technology it can give we can give you a lot of advantages a
lot of advantages in especially in your space program I wish I could have
released book number four so many of you would have been seven years ahead
box number four is not released and I said I released number four in due
course and there is no kingdom of Belgium book for me it’s published and
till then it’ll stay out of the books and this book if those who could read it
I’ve explained fully how to actually make the space reactors because book
number five goes into a direction of depth of the magnetic book number six is
how to run an operation of the space reactors partially iteration number six
is partially complete so you need to put number four to be able to understand how
to make the spaceship lower for the quality movement so how do you make a CH for making
hydrogen now what we do is we put it in we take the ch3 with this ch3 that we
fold the Carbonaro and we put it into coke bottles with pieces of plastic I’m
gonna stop you there I don’t wanna stop you there because I want to teach you
something I think it’s time you will understand it because I have to
understand yeah you got to understand John you’re right on top of it but
that’s a gift to you if you understand what I’m talking about
um he’ll have a white skin please can somebody give me a white screen nope
John you gotta stop sharing I did thank you very much you spoke about what is my
pen okay you speak about this is going back to the physics theory I have to
finish in exactly 58 minutes I have to go please leave I mean exactly 38
minutes to go you see you explain you put the nano coated copper you put the
zinc in you put your h3 in yeah and in this h3 you read something what is there
because of the fields and you have created
sorry ch3 you create it actually then you speak about or iyx POC about or out
of you speak about doing the next step to create a h2 from history have you
understood nuclear physics construction you’ve got the X but come on John you’ve
been long enough here you’re the old man of this game and you played more than
anybody else I played a lot sometimes got to be the right play look at what
you have achieved what what do we call what do we call it with you t2 is one
electron what you have extra in h-tree anyone one
Hilton well ah voila do you remember in my teachings always explained when a man
reaches to understand how to use a neutron then man opens the space now
when you move from HT to h2 whether it is neutral or in a plasmatic condition
where does the energy of the neutron goes only one man has managed to reach
two spaces and he has not understood it and it is still puzzled if you can
change what if you understood or if you can understand a system or you can
develop a system where you can always remember you have chances of these
materials we don’t have the physical matter of these materials if you can
capture this energy the third entity extra Neutron you have created Neutron
reactor that’s of universes and that’s where we get into oxygens
being the magnetic for universe sure don’t forget you repeat the same process
again when you go to hydrogen what is hydrogen one direction one
proton and you speak about this so freely but again what is missing here
where does the energy go one more neutral so if you understood everything
which you always spoke about and everybody speaks about if you put your h2 and your h3 and your hydrogen what’d you get can’t solve it this is
the space are you saying add them all together I miss something
I hope is recorded you have miss the other thing you haven’t understood what
expert say say it again in different language okay well I speak in the layman
language you remember when you put a copper and
copper what did you get cancel your copper yeah yeah now what happened when
you put chance of hydrogen and so teaching and denser material what is the
balance in it they all have this in so what is left to give to neutral one
neutral no need do you understood are you saying put him
in a salt salt environment they got it enough so if you go you you came to the
point of producing ch3 and you cannot strengthen your system yeah
yes means your dancers are not powerful enough when you put a more mass into it
that’s all it is it’s a 2 liter engine you cannot get a 4 liter engine out of
it yeah but sometimes if you take the fuel
lot and it just your carburetor or whatever you can get maybe three or four
out of it this is how if you understand how to do it the correct way you
understand you have the capability to produce kinds of neutral and then you
can use it as a space you then speed beyond the speed of light imagination of
man can be dude go back 22 very past few years always set point of maturity of a
space trouble comes when man knows how to use visual because it doesn’t divide
anymore itself but it shares power of highest order you can start stripping it
with other ganses you always have diminishing ratio when you have a
neutron you don’t is the mother is the essence so whatever it splits to be
pulled back to so those of you who are going there the
the the the space level with this knowledge moves one step closer to
spaceflight I said you move I teach you
we saw mushrik bringing something out but it doesn’t understand but he
understood part of it we see all of you keep on speaking I made h3 I made a tutu
on the hydrogen and when I tell you what you make you don’t know now if you have
you say you made the h2 which is in the crystal condition and you made a stream
go back to copper and zinc when it’s done acquitted the only nano elements
left individually in this set is what nitrogen sorry
neutral and this neutron dance does not mix really cannot be a cock so that I
said but you have to find a way to hold it and you have to find a way that you
can use it in the space reactors that’s million years of research and
development investments you got to be in one sense if you understand don’t forget
I’m a nuclear physics and I know the inside the structure of the plasma and a
new is so if your knowledge if your space actor
needs to go a step up you’re looking for clearly the ultimate view this is how to
make why did you manage to create copper oxide or zinc oxide when you had a nano
coating of the same which is a matter now game plays to say you have one nano sir now that we see in the light we go one
step up but there are other ways we are going through this process if you don’t
understand that you can produce continues to be self what you call that’s a lot of good information you
shared with this day I’m here to teach when you’re ridiculous this is why you
cannot see you cannot share dimension beyond at the bottom three reactors
you’re pulling apart the tritium but use some of it in escaping becomes h2 and
then it gets energy from the outside it goes back to h3 and when you put that h3
directly in the center high-speed you actually create if we look at it this
condition and then you still have partially these two in it so if you can
produce Neutron plasma understand what you’re doing there’s a specific way I’m
sure some of you will grasp it very quickly then you’re more when you put
this in your system then you see the lights in the easier way would you call
that Neutron plasma magnetical Neutron plasma is neutral and it interacts
according to his a planet it turns over itself because he has no
connection do you remember we talked about Einstein who never understood
through his mathematical work they called it a funny thing when he said
you’d want atom chance other 1/10 of one polite Returns other materials and he
couldn’t understand to him was funny cuz he didn’t have a knowledge of physics in
the way this neutral place the game you have to
be able to control it that stays north or south as you want to call it in the
direction in one and then you change it to south or north or under new land
playing the game with a with what you call it Neutron is very dangerous if you
don’t know how to open this space of it but you don’t need more than two or
three neutrons to to create huge rifts massive millions of tons then most of
the current system TalkTalk maybe one or two grams of it in a sense but I was
reading today that the density of neutrons is if there was a cubic
centimeter it would weigh billions of tons just in the matter state that they
talk about is scientists great because it creates its own gravitational field
magnetic so the next step in there in the game of a space I know John Knight
stops playing we won’t see her for weeks playing to make things it’s hard to make
that Neutron free but in in your talks today you you said it but you can
understand now maybe it brings back light so if you can make the cancel you
turn we entered a space technology in true essence but there are other ways to
do it mr. Kesh this is MARSOC I have a
question so deuterium is the fuel and tritium and hydrogen dictates the ratio
which way the neutron will be going magnetical or gravitational am i correct
not really we used to go back to the matter state
try to understand field transaction if if you want to play the game of what I
call space technology with the heavy gravitational magnetic pole we play this
game now you have to imagine balance that feel but you have to convert it
into the answer stated if you play this game and you have a single or the next door to it which is a
hydrogen and Syria again you have a thing but this this this these neutrons
are totally different from each other what you get from the hydrogen balance
don’t forget these are the plasmatic and then if you can make a cancer rate you
have to go to the same process of loading that you create the field of
mudra and this gives you a key to the I told you I take my it was placed to be
equal to that that’s not too severe or not when you see there suddenly the
property of neutron which is good understand the process understand what I
explained understand the energy transfer connection is on the plasmatic condition
here is not by putting a light up and trying to use it this process dictates
the condition of the use of nano coated materials because that’s the only way
energy plasmatic flows through the Mattala state of it if you look at it a
copper state does not allow anything the gap of the Nano the years with allow the
field and depends how you pressed it you keep the strength to it and then you
have to have a plasmatic system that it balances to in a way if you put two
cores next to each other connected you can see I’ve done the scenery the
structure in the Sesana I covered this but many people haven’t seen it they
don’t understand it you if we understand this any question Thank You mr. Kesh we do have listen to
this base technology Fitness there’s a message here if some of you understand
happy birthday to those who are the mothers today that are the mothers today
today and now if you look at this structure
and you cannot control the nutria or you deliberately allow the neutron to play
this game to open up then you become the creator because it’s the energy balance
of what you call combustion which decides this is going to be the energy
level of hydrogen or energy level of copper or gold so according to the
environment you create for the neutron single Neutron converts itself to any
elements in the universe which means the environmental condition decides the
splitting then when he wants to convert to matter
according to this bit of the energy it takes two electrons and protons and then
conversion of some allows in interaction with the environment dictating energies
which we call the neutral energy to be solidified and combat itself to the
matter state of that element so out of one Neutron you can build any
entity in the universe any matter state but you have to understand how you open
it up how he allow it to be done we must don’t forget your neutron the
size of it the energy carries is dictated by central line of the galaxy
universe so it’s size has all the properties of
all the elements within the universe from various starter tree
da-rae much much more heavier elements which man is not aware of it I may
become more and more aware of them as we break into the barriers toward the
central line call the principal line master of the universe the hydrogen the
cold and whatever we see are very very weak elements because it’s not at the
boundaries of the what you call the galaxies and the universe but grass and go more towards the central
line of their plasma of the neutron of decision universe you’ll see new
mattress and this is how it works if you go back in some of the teaching I
explained that what they call fusion technology is a dream and it’s not
something will never happen now you understand the conversion of the plasma
to matter state so Fusion is nothing but your body because physicist wrote some
papers the conversion of elements comes from the transformative transformation
of the plasma into matter state not from future and if you understand it single Neutron
can become any element or if you handle it the right way that you can open it up
we came here as a galaxy or universe itself now you understand what’s the next step
to build the proper space system now all the other of you who are
building these the space reactors are back to their drawing board but a lot of
you understand there is no none nothing ahead of the Chinese or the Americans or
other groups which are testing now the new game starts and this is a final game
world as for all of you to step up and remember what I said in conversion of
the energies of it am i clear John gives us a lot of good information today
I think we’ll be able to move forward in you showed us the light we showed the
path speaking of light and Lawrence says in the chat mr. cash just opened a
window looking at the Creator let there be light
and he had his hand up earlier and had a question maybe he had something to add
to this because he understands I think the what’s being discussed
perhaps we can hear from Lawrence Joey go ahead there Lawrence no good morning
if you could speak up a bit I’m not just about ten minutes to go I have to thank
you for reminding us mr. Kesh go thank you okay
Thank You mr. Kesh I don’t think I can really add anything to this present
topic it’s it’s a great gift and we have to ponder on it I wanted to just go back
to the topic of results and the potassium and the sodium because as far
as I understand they create different sizes of these hexagonal structures the
crystal lattice when creating the nano coating and their interaction on the mat
level the beta rays just like the Sun and the earth which create a free plasma
the bird that flies in and force and through that interaction they create the
same interaction on the level of the copper of the nano copper which will
then also have this creation of free plasma in their own layers due to the
different crystal lattice sizes the different shapes of hexagons that the
nano structures create and I believe we have the same system or
the same principle applied here the h3h do where the Sun and the earth create
interaction with each other the two trees which let the bird fly and then we
create an environment for the bird to settle down become a guns and we I to
add to the knowledge or to to share my understanding when we look at the
different answers with the different colors we should consider each of them
due to the hexagonal structure like a little prism you know where the white
light goes through the prism and it gets separated into different colors
depending on the lattice of the guns we will see different colors absorbed and
it’s basically different it’s like different bath tube drains feeding each
other through the different sizes of these crystal lattices that creates the
gradient of the plasma and for the generation of stars when we want to have
a spaceship it stars usually children of different universes so when we want to
have a spaceship we need the seed which we’ve been
talking about like now this light of the Creator which expands in its appropriate
environment to behave as a neutron and from the other side we are feeding so
everyone the whole universe but all the universes are feeding and sharing their
three plasmatic fields it’s that’s what I wanted to add I hope
an appropriate okay thank you thank you very much water gotta understand we in
the future mankind will understand the teaching of today how we brought man
into a very advanced level of his way still of those who don’t understand they
just think of others under the peace but in time when man may choose to
understand the teaching then they understand maybe this was a gift today
that changes the course of humanity in a space development it’s I have as we say ponder than this
for a long time is now ready to carry this knowledge or would not ever be
ready but as we see some of the mankind’s man have understood and made
that difference and as I said always you make move a tissue and so many many of
you have a started moving very few of you have understood how to move and this
comes to this point as we are now today that we have to whether call add to the
knowledge that the knowledge from now on leads to one direction and that is to
take money into a space a lot of you have and will have a problem with this
knowledge today because it’s meaningless to a lot of you because you have not
understood the process of a space travel but to those who understand how or those
of you who understand in the future will understand this is the biggest gift I
could give you the fuel of universe the way the universe works the way the space
becomes oyster for man who what I call Adam he came to Adam to
nucleus and the molecular bottom and now nucleus and then I brought you into
energy inside of the plasma none of you have broken into the energy inside the
neutral this is the first time so we have reached the pinnacle of the
knowledge of universe we are there from now on whatever we do decides the future
of my kindness base because now you have access to the universal fuel I have
shown you how to make it and my wish is that the knowledge will be used for
peace on this planet because this knowledge is million times much stronger
than any knowledge man has ever because now he’s the way universe is
created through the neutral to the essence the origin the principle the way
today Universal course of creation subdivides itself and in so many ways if
those of you who understand and understood the teaching of today we’ll
have one course and that is find the true essence of creation
I have shown you how I explained it how and I think some of the children of the
man are ready to take into space but you have to understand transmutation of
elements is nothing if you understand the power within the neutron which is
the transportation of the creator and one day this process will start a
new move for those who understand and some of you don’t understand it’s just
another it doesn’t matter if he said donkey or a jumbo jet a walk thank you very much for today and
hopefully we see each other soon and the paths which are see some of you
understood and some of you will take in the coming weeks and months you will
bring man into the space and once you understand this there is no choice left
for me but you use man to universal community so the faster we mature the
sooner we interact thank you very much what they end
maybe in four weeks time we’ll have a better view of the universe and thank
you very much for all the work especially John and his team the Chinese
team another team are working gradually you are reaching the point of
interaction and completion but most probably what we have from today will
give us a new energy source and in so many ways I try to divert man from war
and the only way it is to show such a huge technology development that makes
everything virtually obsolete and we’re in that way today thank you very much thank you thank you very much I know you
have to eat now so we have to cut things a little bit short but he’s that way
giving us so much to think about and to work on here sorry Stella yeah mr. cash
maybe we alone oh do I need to take another 30 minutes to present something maybe mr. Keshav gonna be there for them
no he will not be with us I know that but he forgot probably about that part
yeah you still there mr. Kesh yes I don’t understand if we may let Johnny
know to take 30 minutes while you’re I won’t tell you t what are we talking
about in 30 minutes regarding the products from Italy yes I prefer to be
there to correct because if you walk inside your own way they can especially
in Italy in the sense of the position we are can be detrimental to our work okay
I know next week he’ll be here and we can do it and I know Johnny will
understand this is why I asked yeah thank you
sometimes people use as a treatment or a change if you are here we can correct it
but if he stays on record and they can abuse it okay we understand I think as
long as we looked at the video just before
tastes or the problems in there right yes it’s best that you check everything
occurs thank you very much indeed Thank You mr. cash I’ll see you later
yes okay well that’s quite a full workshop I
think and there’s a lot to ponder there for people to understand so we can
continue to work with that in various individuals and groups and experimenters
and this seems to be a new phase that’s coming in so thanks to everybody for
attending today it’s a two hundred and twenty eighth knowledge seekers workshop
for Thursday June 14 2018 and I think Flint has video for us to go down and
we’ll see you all and for the one nation one planet One race for world peace on
Tuesday coming up as well as next week’s workshop okay thank you and goodbye for
now hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate plasma products now available at store
dot cash foundation.org plasma liquid handsome antiseptic
moisturizing for well-being one soul plasma t-shirt balanced
chocolates with ancient and plasma technology visit store cash foundation org for
these and other plasma products the process of understanding is very
simple the process is as I explained last time I explain more in detail
become we are created out of the race within the centre of the universe in interaction and reduction in strength
and division by the strength in certain strength fields in collection of the
totality of the expansion of the universe some energies some dynamic
fields have come together over billions of years these field to be to the
creation of what we call the sea where the possible others together
the same forces repeats again because the Sun is the same as energy sense now the heavier the larger amount of the
energy which is collected in Hispanic believers of the Sun the radius out was
the same thing again radius fields out and in interaction
with the itself with the fields of itself leads to creation in that process
of the creation of planet the same process happens again in the traction of the fields of the
earth with its environment and cooling and exchange with the strength of the
other things in the environment of the space of the solar system leads to
creation of cell matter state and that itself in coming together and slowing
down in certain ways as we called released under the Sun we call this one this is the truth about the life and
creation but if the soul of the man can
understand and absorb and be correct with his conduct he can become the
strength feels and carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to
radiation and if the soul can understand with the same process can interact can
be correct can upload with his self the totality of the strength of what it
needs he shall be called the son and then the same salt as energy and it
can absorb in the solar system within the galaxy shall become the center of earth we call in the rain come from
horseback the solar system we call it planetary
system we come from the race with the comfortable planet same thing happens galaxies with the
solar systems we secure that flow back into the pocket the life forces of existence in the
universe is the same it doesn’t matter what exchange so
what is the man fighting why do we fight for something which has come from the
point of the deviation and in the process it was banished the soul of the man as the energy of the
earth gives the face of the path the face of the earth and that process is
the same a solo our soul in reduction in strength in
interaction the emotion of the fields of the environment released by the
recession of existence but once it’s completed does it need a
face or can it be and become speak on the bubble for the soul of the man we
fear and attachments existence our soul is part of the process of the
patient the key to one question or much of being
in the future to be answered as we saw the Sun came to earth and as we saw
earth became the hand saw what would be the listening of the
soroban helps feed the pointed arches would it become the Sun or creation of
another life of many lives or correction arrives this shall be and this is how he
happens when you create a soul which is not
correct which is misconduct by itself cannot be believed
the creation of the next cycle of creation which has started their own way
their own strength this is one thing the math has never
understood you become the creator of another universe
another side and this is what you have to judge
research to swallow man what would I like that side me in their physical life create children
in the dimension of the life of the soul of man what that man what that soul will
create if man has thought up to now that’s it my end my point is finished
this is much fallacy that when the Sun is destroyed and shaped form there shall
be nothing left but we know the part of the Sun is part of the galaxy and of
Spartan life who shall be the school the judgment of the man has to be
according to what he sees the future his soul can conduct me the day of judgment
for a man not in front of the Creator that what my soul judges to be and what
shall create man never understood and shall never
understand chickens hope this time I’m opening itself the reality is very very very real and
that is as we seen the energy of the galaxy become the Sun the energy of the
Sun has become the earth and energy of the earth on the soroban
so shall be the soul of the man which is an energy itself another cycle of my how can you change when you don’t
understand how can you change the process of understanding if you do not
understand the process of the creation do we need to extend the understanding
of the man but what is the future it brings we care about our children what
education they get what they wear how happy they’ll be where they sleep now the man has to be careful and
consider what life shall buy so create because those are the children of you
soon as we seen the Rays of the Sun has
become planet seven million children seventh billion unlimited which is grown
so the soul of man go through the same process how many billions and
subdivisions and submatik estate of Piscotty of man your soul shall
will it be the soul appalls a conflict forever killing or wouldn’t be the soul
of this let’s say solar system which is peaceful this is the truth and the
reality of mother’s philosophy first of all as I said many time listen maybe
never understood that the scholar managed within the structure and now
that we understood understand and departure from its culture that the same
process carry on as death started and his room and accommodate religious wars
higher water which itself pleased the creation becomes a star central music
publication this is what the human race has to
understand the cycle actually starts point of death and not finish both of
them in so many ways before understands is
after doses sparks does came together to make the earth in the solar system so
has this facts of the atoms has come to be the creator of man and the essence of
the creation of this facts on busting the solar system has led to the creation
social beaded feels from the soul of man each creation under the signified what
kind of man would like to have to be created this is the day of judgment this is what man never understood now
you have to understand we have no choice up to today you are not aware of it drop
today all over responsible fight your conduct has to be to elevate your
soul that inheritance or what you’d become the creator of stands corrects in
the conduct of citizens we don’t give editor as we’ve seen the process does
not stop with oneself decide on carry on is very interesting in how humanity now
Norrland in fact 200 well take the case for man to understand and you understand
those of the tools of war the tools are conflict they have less
they have nothing to start with they have to become the dust in the solar
systems on others till the day they learn more as they cannot create a new
cycle through their own so this is the elevation of the soul of the man to be
part of the creation of beautiful life for the next cycle when you don’t have
it you have to become another cell in the body of the structure bigger for you
to be just there that he can done when you could have been the solar they say do not kill create fear I give
you the point of love procreation if you cared about your children
understand it to have the best your true children come out of here and so in a
coming time how would you like to educate how would you like to be when
you are in conflict with yourself and the cause of salvation beta this
Institute and the man will take a long time to understand as now that we
understand the soul of the man is an operator variation of the future
extended but whether it is gathered by the salt at the end becomes his point of
reference on his own creation of its own planet but the strangest thing is what he
creates from the soul shall become the creator of another sort this is the beautiful variation and one
understands it understands no limitation

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