227th Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 7 2018

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cost-effective successfully proven natural way to relieve your pain welcome everybody to the 227th
knowledge seekers workshop of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute it is
Thursday June 7th 2018 my name is Rick cram and I’ll be your host today and
once again we’ll be joined with mr. Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation and
I’m sure he’ll have as usual lots to say and to inspire us with some words of
wisdom today ok I think he’s ready to go mr. Keshe are you there yes good morning
good afternoon good day to you whenever I am whenever you listen to these
knowledge circuits programs as usual we try to extend the knowledge and see what
we understand more I was told last because teaching bringing the technology
into the light and conversion of light has affected many of our people
understanding and they say they understand a little bit more than what
they thought they understood but not they’re lost in the new maze in so many
ways the knowledge after plasma is and has to become the totality of the work
of the plasma we try to understand how conversion of plasma from a spherical to
all elongated cylindrical what we call light to what converts itself back to
and the energy to matter is literally as we hold the book number 1 2 & 3 creation
of the light and motion of the light is itself a condition imposed by
environment which the plasma travels through or gets
attracted to and on the other hand the same condition and environment can be
used to evolve and revolve there what we call the plasma of the light what does
this mean in in so many writing is called and it’s been changed name to
transmutation of element but if you look at it we started reading answers in the
floor first we developed in a way that against in origin in through dating
field some of the fields of the answers you make if you create the right
environment for it you will see will appear as light to the visible or
instrumentation detection but when this light arrives at its destination now in
Haas manifests itself in what it is is the plasma does it carry the energy of
copper or does it carry the energy of hydrogen does it carry in a fact
condition that it can convert itself in conjunction gravitational-magnetic field
of its destination to matter cover so if you understand light itself is
transmutation of fields according to the strength of them and according to what
they can carry and what it delivers at a point of its manifestation in respect to
its environment if you have the Sun the Rays of the Sun in plasmatic-magnetic
field move this way if you be able to capture them as a gravitational magnetic
field by planet here you co-create gold most of what is called depending on the
rotation direction here you have helium here you have some so at the same time you have gold at
this condition but if you can produce a specific condition you can make this
helium the country’s environment to go to so what we learned is the
transmutation of filled packages of energies what we call light this
movement of the fields from the Sun to its points of matter sub elements
whatever it comes to in interaction with the other fields that might have
manifested from the Sun itself a different strength leaving a service or
by interaction on the other fields returning or entering the space of the
solar system can lead creation of co2 as they lose as these fields the green
one and the red one or the blue one interact with each other softly they
create that what we call translucent light of the universe this if we understand then in fact what
we call the light from the Sun as a field manifests itself to what it is
according to what it comes to at what point when he rubs against the
earth different layers further or closer the strength of the gravitational
magnetic OU starts creating his own elements in many many time at the
thought before and recently and thus teachings I explained this if you look
at geological pattern of the planet you and I we see the cotton mountain we see
different layers and different colors the question to ask is what did these
colors come from where these things come from they did not happen at a point of
Inception and creation of the earth they happened as Earth passed through
different strengths from the other strips into what the Sun and it’s
rotation around this environment as the environment around the earth has changed
as in his passage he has accepted and created different gravitational magnetic
fields which has led to creation of different layers so if we understand
this and expand the knowledge understanding is us who decides on the
field absorption then we come to a very big conclusion we can change deserts
into voices and then if we wait long enough we can create the sand which is
needed voices the soil which is needed to cultivate
so we understand that the layers of this planet are not accidental nobody has
ever asked we just accepted geologists this is this this is this okay but some
of the layers we can explain was at the bottom of the ocean
even to be at the bottom of oceans the atmosphere around it has to confirm and
confine in that position that can hold an oceans condition then it comes we see
layers of different thing but it is very calm some of it we get to the volcanic
but our tears man has never been explained to now we understand the
reason we need to understand is that in the coming time we don’t need to put
chemicals on deserts we don’t need to put all sorts of things to change the
environment that land to break for one purpose that now we can change the
environment through the plasmatic-magnetic field that we change
the game we change game in two ways we change the amount of the fields which is
needed to be absorbed to create let’s say environment of a marshland for
things to grow here and there next door we can create a condition that we can
only grow bananas and if you are very good at it we become good at it
on the top of the mountain I like to roll all rice which is opposite to us as
we know rice is made in front lands with a lot of water but it’s the condition
which we create plasmatic change in the environment will dictate the this is answer to those who say is going
to be food shortage because of so many human beings as we increasing numbers
but if we understand this even on the roof of our own homes we can produce
environments like the greenhouses that we have nowadays that in one corner we
create environment of Tropic for tropic fruits another one for grasslands
another one to be able to grow anything we like and this is what the next
generation of the conversion of the fields from the universe will forced man
to accept and to do in the depth of the universe if you go to another planet and
you want to create the condition of this planet sorry there are no classes there
are my new friends no greenhouse but if you carry the knowledge understand the
knowledge all you need to do is to find out what fields are coming here and what
system you need to put here that that fields creates a magnetic gravitational
field to grow carrots then do you need the soil to cultivate them or do you
need the seed that by giving the right condition it grows on you can grow alkaline vegetation on
Assateague land and an acidic restitution are the outliner
you will have different kind of environment as you choose but we have to
move into the steps move into the condition in how we convert the light or
what we call prismatic notion of the fields in the universe light is not just
what you see and you can identify through it alright it’s transportation
transfer and transportation of the plasmatic entity some passes and they
become light on the moon some passes they become light on the Saturn but that
our strength we do not cabbage they don’t create light for us when you are
on the line of another planet you received the same light strength as
the one before after you might receive but the brightness of the planet Earth
does not change because the gravitational magnetic field of the
earth only pull the plasmatic light fields of the entity which is at the
strength which attracts not what is passing to otherwise forever would I
have at under stones of turn the lights of solar system inside the planet we
absorb we attract according to gravitational-magnetic field of the
center points of the planet that is why summers are hot and everyone
across the planet understood sub clouds feels the same temperature the
interaction of the fields in the division of the plasmatic motion creates
life but bed da line is confirmation in a way understanding existence we do not
need to have the RA to see but through the reflection of the lines we should be
up in a way detect we can’t tell what is in front of us
when the man loses his then how does not see how does the man detect with no
money there is a big difference between the brightness and no vision no art even
be are blind the dimension of the field interaction without any of that
connection creates his own foundation of confirmation of the existence but when
they don’t have that you have to very much work on the solar of the plasma
some are very pleased that it works to the vision of the soul
what do we see and how we would like to see then every entity has a pamphlet
according to understanding of the man or being that you can detect everything
because they don’t interact with the specific liquid salt balance in your eye
to confirm them my professional method but then you see
through the strength of the interaction of the fields with the solar then if you
understand just a little bit more into this that man has the vision to see mr.bad who has decided to use the I of
this county and how we convert how effectively we can
change ourselves of rain departments to matter state to manifestation in
different strengths these are the standing of the totality of the motion
of the plasmatic rivers it’s slowing down this transfer and the balance
between gravitational-magnetic fields opposite in so many ways when you arrived as a
light as a beam as a particle as whatever you want to call it then how do
you open up how do you give to yourself manifestation without hitting something
you are the light you are coming with the spaceship and then speed beyond the
speed of imagination forget about what intentionally he never
understood but if you come to this point you are here and now you want to
manifest yourself you are a team you are not a spherical the only way you might
be able to exist and confirm your existence is to convert the plasma in a
way a passport that can balance itself in the dimension of the rotation and
strength if you try to balance this not only you have to rotate in this
direction but you have to rotate in this direction too so we see cylindrical
entity existing in universe is a reality very rare but it’s not practical stop
you start as a plasma you transfer yourself and say it’s a field of the
plasma then you can get attracted the highest speed and then at the point how
do you compare talk yourself into plasma if you’re a car crash yourself into a
wall you stop a mother is left is there but you cannot crash and smash yourself
up let spaceship in trouble for using the soul of the world how do we compete what’s the method to
convert array a field in to plasmatic conservation of existence and in this
table there is those of you who will understand and it go back into a
structure up there what you call spaceship you have to understand one
thing I am very how I’m gonna stop Adama
smashing in but I can convert myself to be what is that there are number of ways
to do it different races in the space have created different methods according
to gravitational magnetic ray the strength of their own existence because
you cannot do the same standard procedure for every race according to
what the strengths they appear and they have to manifest themselves more and
with so what you need to do go back to the original teaching go back to the
very very emotional teaching and understand that this is the platform it comes recenter elongates this is how
a plasmatic field of their a because is gravitated his port to a weaker point in
the front and a stronger point in the back according to the direction of
motion so what you need to do all you need to do is to hook this back to here
and hook this is magnetically to the front now what happens
plasma just opens up it changes himself from the light into a spherical shape
without any damage the process can be very rapid its bitchery you hang your
gravitational field and magnetic field in the opposite way so abundant opens up
and because you have a continuous flow it makes it sound shape on the sphere or
finish a for what it has to be intervention in that so if you understand this even for those
who work with transmutation of the field very easy you receive the range of the
Sun you change the system and then you can see becomes old if you changes
different way the same thing becomes silver and if you change this light that
away so to become copper he has to go through this at a given specific point
of anchoring at this point if he anchors his copper at this point if he anchors
with this bolt or does it become hydrogen depending on his environment
and then if he anchors closer the control so at the point of the strength
of the connection we decide the conversion of the plasma to any entity
we need you do not need to put to the actors opposite to each other you got to
learn the process of the interaction and linking them after field we all have
spoken you put one magnet of one system on the
other and then this adds to the totality but how far do we understand this
process how far can be expanded knowledge because in the space we do not
have time to think am i right am I wrong cut up with the brakes on because if you
put a brake on in the wrong place here you want it to be copper sorry about
that you choose the wrong anchoring becoming hydrogen here you’re floating
here you’re sitting here your amino acid for the birds here the process of conversion is important
and how we decide at what level we do that in the specialist system is very
easy in the future those of you who evolved in the direction of space
development by spaceship you find out you can make a spaceship
to behave as a ray and you can make the system to behave as a particle to we can
make it to behave as a wave as much as it has no entity but it has no
tangibility but at the point of manifestation you can switch from one we understand the process of motion of
the light we understand so many ways the transportation and transformation of the
field from one point to another according to a strength of itself is one
of the attributes of the man what they belong it’s us that within our physicality that
mention of existence we create what we call by interaction of collection of
cancers what we call the soul of them and then if you understand that the soul
of creator carries the spectrum of existence and is given strength the way
we saw the creation of copper creation it has to be in a given condition but it
gives it the confirmation of existence so does not matter how many universes
are unicast part and the universes and galaxies and the rest are on the path as
you have created dimension of the existence in the full spectrum of the
energy remember now you understand the Creator is within me I come from the
light of his existence this point of manifest myself to visitors but how does the Creator moves from
being totality to be in existence of but if you understood the motion of the
creation of the platform to its point that it manifests itself in a better
state as compared or whatever they cannot be very difference I’ve made individual myself when you
shout it does not go only to your son down the road when you tell him to stop
everybody else hears the same voice so it’s the beauty of the Creator it shines
every bond resistance and even my darkest darkness in a very simple way
you can’t find the path to the beginning because when he shouts all killed and
then as you know were the noise and the words has come from its existence
theology is how who wants the interpret and so if
the light comes from the inner existence of a son and his transformation and his
transportation and transportation arriving to the birth it becomes copper
and if earth was not there and he can travel on another point becomes hydrogen
and helium another position yourself itself or maybe beyond this American
shed then we understand there is a big question for Badlands in the path of the
Creator the cold that one day in collectiveness of
returning back to what it is they’ve become a data part of the solar –
created as the rain of course it comes back to one has to understand there is
no no and nothing at all any different in any realm of the creation then it
comes how man behaves which began this is the difference between emotion or
interaction of the fields of a royal field to a higher real and then we call
it in that point different types of English well in fact if we look is no
different this is the soul of the man this is the finger of the man and then
they motion then the fields off the finger in interaction with a brain of
the man in a given point creates the reaction not because that’s the current
which creates motion for a plasma then we understand very simple thing
where do we want to interfere with emotion and the field of the sources
it’s all of the manner to expect what reaction and interaction at the physical
division of physicality of but this time we have made the channels and everything
else for a bit that is ready to interact only with ourselves in that part I can
only move the tip of my investment or I just want to burn half of my thumb or I
only want to bend half of my wrist left or right up or down
then my langoustines is simple a very simple principle than it is to travel in
the death of universe man has to understand the operation of the fields
as what he calls the night and the sooner we understand this the
faster man will evolve in a new dimension the source transmutation
transportation and conversion to manifest yourself as something as part
of what was originally the Sun so is the soul of the man and so the Sun is the process of the transmutation and
transportation of the fields of the universe are very simple to understand
if one understands of the simple file that the higher order has to give by is
what we call magnitude or strength to the destination and has to take from
point of this nation the gravitational field on it that it creates a balance in
one of my old teachings I told something very simple that the
children could understand it’s like a pulley very simple pulley it events how
you pull on this and how you want to see the pulley which way you want to bring
the chain do you want to change the chain in this way or you want to allow
the chain to become a continuous rope but understanding the operation of the
Rope itself if I start from here and go back to where it should be if I understand correctly I come from
the source I create the point of conversion that I behave like the source
the behavior of the source is very simple and that is you come from here and go to there you
come from here you go to there you come from this one and you enter from the
bottom and you do the same so in fact this man learns that this part in
totality here is the behavior but here is the conversion of the fields from one
truth then you decide how to rotate how to absorb and how to manifest yourself
in so many ways when you speak about the twin the Stars that is what we call the position and
conversion of the strength of the fields of gravitational or magnetical after
light in respect to approaching or departing and if we can control that in
space reactors of today man will be able to travel this plan of universe and turn
at any corner which he decides is going to be the corner the movement of the plasma in a space
it’s totally dictated by the descent of the plasma within itself any respect as
he managed by mr. Kesh we’re just having a hard time
hearing you can you speak up a little bit please I am speaking as loud as I
can about a very bad cold not a bad cold for that somehow what is nose I think
it’s a bit too late by the end of the teaching shall we start from the
beginning okay you could just repeat everything you said verbatim
should I call backwards and then the start again well it seems like you
always have to go backwards with us mr. Kesh but we’re human seems slow to catch
on sometimes but we’re slowly getting there I think I remind the attendees we
have quite a few here that you could put your hand up and I can promote you to a
panelists where you can speak and any questions in the live stream or other
social media you can post them in the streams there and we’ll try to pick up
on them yes so you mentioned that the like song transfer as a light and to the
destination to be a matters so how as a human being we change our birth date
back to light and from light to go back to the stores because in some like a
Buddhist teaching we always hold a lot of stories like those people who
calculate and attended they the fly just disappear and the became all kinds of
beautiful lives and disappear and their body like a shrink or or some of them
totally their body Gong nothing left so what explain what’s that process that
is positive and part of the understanding the if you
go back to some of the teachings a few months ago or some times ago
I refer to transpire of the every cell energy back to the soul that the
physicality a way to disappear or in a way it goes back into his origin which
is a song you can’t do that with the physical entity but if you understood
that every cell has a soul and he can create a condition that the soul of the
man becomes lower in strength than the soul of the cell which he created then
it becomes their feeder and then in that process then there is no matter of
physicality then as everything has absorbed then it shines like a light
because now it has any means to find a point of reference that now that he
absorbed so much that in ratio by strength according to the soul of
totality of the universe because I’m so white or detective right the
understanding of this is very simple buddha tried to explain it but he could
not find a way to make it easy to understand maybe we can do now maybe it
parsley to stop it if this is the body of the man and if this is the soul of
man the law of plasma tells you that the
strongest always gives to the weakest by the ratio of maths that he can make it
bigger or can create a condition that by feeding it he transfers most of his
energy to it and as it goes laws have become unison so what does this mean the
soul of the man becomes so humble and it becomes so keeping that in giving it
gives every soul of the entity so in that process in a very simple way the
point of thought and the point of giving and reducing in fact the power of the
soul all the entities of the body all parts and pieces all the souls of
totality in trying to feed they demise themselves to one century and then this
is that very easy you got to use the emotion of the man then you’re left with
one soul now it carries all the energies from every soul every single soul in
this entity now it changes it has to be a giver to be able to survive in so many
ways now it finds is the point of this eight point of interaction or absorption
or in a way to be poor to it can be done you know it becomes the source of in so
many ways humbleness we call it an English language that we we become so
humble we become so much lower even in essence in the strength Lord and even
the cell of our own body that the sole of the physicality feeds
the soul of the man he needs total understand and then with all the swirls
the physicality when he has a soul even it takes with itself the energy of the
physicality so in a way you diminish into one sensor of soldiers the solar
and that means Allah understanding how to do it very very few people can do
that and that comes when nothing in the universe has value except being able to
be to serve in a way if you look at it you convert the whole totality of the
man to one entity and then as we said if that entity is absorbed by the vehicle
it becomes like a light the way a light moved from the Sun to the earth and is
feeding the weaker by his direction of motion light continues then you you call
it disappearing by the in fact is a massive field energy find the universe
is not so massive what in Lance term which is the total energy of the man’s
existence that you become a light to become to manifest yourself in a
dimension of this dimension of the strength of the zone of the entities of
the universe according to the gravitational-magnetic field mass of
this planet so it’s very easy and why you call it a farmer’s or what you call
certain the spiritual people do it because they learn how to become
detached and in that detachment physicality feeds to confirm his
existence the soul of the physicality and we did
as it goes converts the energy of the physicality
and I remember once was mentioned when a man eyes been is equal to 18 Hiroshima
bomb is released but if you can create a soul condition that in so many ways can
absorb the totality of 18 nuclear bomb using assume or whatever then you can
see how much energy the body of the man absorbs and hold on then you understand
you can transmute and if you become so selfish selfless that selfishness does
not become part of the confirmation and in a way acceptance of the existence
then you can be returned back to you so don’t forget and we sell produced by the
body of the man has given the share of his soul from the existence of the
totality of the soul of the man in reduction in strength the point of the
interaction if you call in a very simple way if the soul of the man it’s there and you have a cell here the solar the
man is just a beaker but if hands how and where you touch
this soul in this information and transportation to touch the toe you
touch the arm you touch down and not field reaches there because that’s the
strength he has now you understand how they say you can become a light but to
become a light you have to be able to become humble enough that your souls of
your own existence trance are all the energy to feed you but as you you become
the totality of one that the totality of one in interaction with another become
absorbed and become part of the energy of existence and the other poor ISM and thousand
rings and a lot of things closed or my to understand in reality the truth
bodies of creation where the other religions in the West I think what
financial base punishment base which makes a lot of money in the West
religions our business nor the way of teaching the elevation of the soul will
come through the teacher put on flowers not through the financial resources in
Jerusalem or Vatican or other places one thing we’re gonna have to do is fix
the audio mr. Kesh the voice is going down to low it I don’t think it’s your
voice I think it’s the bandwidth actually and maybe it would help us if
myself or someone else did the whiteboard and you were just doing the
voice part of the whiteboard I’m just doing the voice miss kesh so
then you thank you for explanation for this that’s very enlightened explanation
but and then I have another question if like how we are we’re originally we’re a
so we come out from outside of the planets will come here and then is that
much easier for us to like her to became a light and a man is fast her body here
not needed to go through the pregnant her to be there in a mom’s room and
Sherbourne as a baby what are you talking about now I just want to ask
because this is the another like a way you just explain how we get back from
our body to became light and back to the source
I mean if at the beginning we all come out from the sauce and then but both of
by the way we arrive in here we became like like a baby and go through the the
sperms and they sings but I say if if nowadays some other like souls just
arrived the planets they just became chance their body as a light and they
just manifest a body in this planet and that’s could be much easier it’s not a process you can control is
the process of balanced distribution of where you put the beginning for the
beginning Africa car you put the beginning in Russia or whatever but
beacon is what you call the beginning the soul of the man is stopped when it
gets established in the womb of the mother so that is what hello are you still there mr. Kesh yes
I’m waiting for an answer hello can you hear me hello yes yes we
can hear you I’m not sure what the question was there I just heard that is
what and I thought it cut off there or was that because the sound better now or
is it worse I think the sound is louder now it seems more clear yes it’s it
seems better okay so let’s clarify was it was this
the question to Ruthie or okay did you get that Ruthie no I don’t know what’s
the question okay answer go back go back to what you asked the question and
understand that it’s us that or is the sole of us at a point of Inception that
decides what strength we want to attract from the fields of the Creator doesn’t matter if it’s gone she was
solar system where it’s gone through Galaxy has gone through a universal
whatever so the strength of our soul at the point of Inception and its
development dictates what we upload from this Center to creating or the original
field whatever name we want to it I think that should answer you ever stuck mmm no you said that we cannot choose so
looming like that’s depend on our originally like the strengths of our
field or we also tell so that’s depend on ourselves we cannot
choose if I want to be higher or lower it’s just like from its conditioned on
the position and the place where the soul takes its condition takes its
origin it’s like what I explained if you’re from the source how far and how
many things are in front of or whatever that here you become cold
you become silver you would come whatever and you become hydrogen or
whatever you create at a point of Inception the field strength that you
absorb this field strength this field the strength but come directly from the
source from beginning when he was released doesn’t mean it’s always so
high it could be that originally she never had an incident or any accidents
or touching anything and arrived to you so you directly connected bearishness
but that’s very rare is possibility is more or less imposition of the universal
because it’s such a big mixing I think I understand a little bit but I
just know maybe want to confirm like her okay so a song come from outside of this
planet can like change a chance to be a light and if you radically manifest her
his body in this earth and without to be pregnant and boiled so there is he
happens man chooses to accept that kind of birth but if you can’t go from here
to planet Zeus and you know how to come where it when you have Roche you don’t
need to go there warm up her mother to be born you just come back knowing the
strength of the smaller the condition of the environment maybe some of us will
end up in a planet if you decide to go into a space that all the things are a
rollerball and they roll everywhere they don’t have a length so do you need to go
inside the rollerball to be born to have a song you can come in and live
according to the position your eyes as I said you change the plasma of the soul
at a point of interaction couldn’t even say cash I have a question
on a beam of light that you showed and you said if we put gravitation in the
back and magnetical in the front you change to the to the Gans in a way it’s a dimension of spirit we
can explain it up but but on analyte itself varies the magnetic and
gravitational is it all over this is very much interacted it’s very much
light finds a space cap in so many ways if we can redefine it as we said in the
other teaching if you have a magnet you have fields if you put an iron dust on
the ground if you do the same with a spherical magnet you will see and about
the same depends are you played it or was I sitting the other teaching the
space gaps we say the North Pole has this tradition going out but there’s a
gap between there what do you call these magnetic fields so these gaps are not
empty spaces are where the fields are squeezed in in the gravitational fields
are squeezing so how you can get through this space gap of the universe because
this doesn’t stop here as it goes out it opens up a very large angle so anything
in that field less strength has a passage
and this one is different than this and even different than the one next door so so if if Ganz has a light like the
ghastly make and I am as a person I mean the body is against two so if I could
see or should be same as a light too but the reason I don’t see it because on a
planet Earth that’s the way physicality is I cannot see it yes well let me look
let me explain to you something else this is very interesting for you
those of you who might understand what I’ll explain we seen the or of the
matter we see the sister this is the aura the sister fields around and this
is after a conversion from the soul to physicality with a mass body of the man
so there is a very strong beacon in the center an amazing strong beacon in the
centre we call it the solar then you have what you got used to the
physicality of what we see we see as what we call the or of them yeah but if
my I I have the soul in physical I of me from Planet Zeus does not see this I
only see the soul I don’t see what is doing here
but I see what its intentions are and man will find out this very very soon
very soon in the space one of the first thing will hit the man is you don’t see
physicality but we see the light but you see this light has communicating is part
of it you feel it so now it goes back to the point do I
see your soul because it’s a very strong be gentle or whether I have to man I
don’t want to see the physicality of the man I cannot see this but the aisle from
Planet Zeus I don’t see this I see this and if you are a predator which of you
take the soul so quick package of energy mr. Kesh I want to go back to a cold
that you said because I want to understand this better you could I mean
last time you said the whole of the únicos becomes the gap between the soul
of creator and the plain the ocean would the magma which by the failed reduction
leads to there is a little bit Dodger excuse me this lead to the creation of
the physicality of the of the creator then in which part of the emotion of the
creator man would like truth to sell with dimension of his soul so the
Creator has ever sold the clearly as a physicality the creator has emotion and
we practically and also when you go back when we say I created the man in image
of myself so there is a lot happening here so really in emotion we’re up the
other image of God because he created us in his own image so the Creator actually
playing all aspect of itself in US and his unlimited aspect of himself so in
water but I mean my emotion am I am i swimming in the creator’s emotion right
now and my emotion is the person who feels emotion but in physicality so so
so right now no matter how many people are born on this planet they have one
aspect of the Creator and then the Creator is playing all his aspect in
order to achieve what because it must be some reason with he plays all this
aspect to come up with ultimate solution or get to a point of threshold that
everything is going to come to one I said that once a child and I think he
summons up to answer you but if every cell has his own soul
is every soul of the cell is or every cell is aware of the existence of the
soul and then you are one cell on a tip of a finger and through interaction with
the soul you have received energy to be in that
position but now you are the tip of the fingers on the cell and the body is
playing football what is your role in the game of or you’re part of the totality which is
moving chasing evil and you’re not aware of it because you’re just yourself so
even though we say we are part of we are connected to the soul of the Creator is
the Creator playing football at the moment or is he having a rest and just
because having a rest does is that about finger moves which is mr. Kesh something
strange happened to me last night I hit my head I was cooking in the kitchen I
opened the cabinet I hit my head on the side of my head close to my eyes and
then it was so painful that I had to just go later I was just like coolest
and I was just feeling I’m gonna die right and it was really painful I close
my eyes I finally I fell asleep because I don’t know I was painting or something
but then suddenly I don’t know when I was just I was completely light and I
don’t know five minutes later I was completely light and I felt I was the
creator I mean it was a strangest feeling I’ve ever had and it was just it
was amazing I mean you’re one with everything but but the pain it was the
pain created that and I was wondering why such a pain can go to that extent
that I can see the light to that extent and what’s the relationship with such
pain and that emotion at that feeling I don’t know if you see the light and if
you hit your head your eye so you might have created a shock off nerves that
they raise themselves and I a lot of things people do can’t physically
explain they say are going to talk to law and
then there’s a huge light and I was free of everything but in fact I can explain
the court process the divergence of the soul of physicality into the soul of the
man creates a massive light and people they’re making mistake with dying and
being very free and comfortable because all the solar energies need to be in a
way it replenished in a way to be put in the order
it’s just that as we call it in their industry they called the call back
everybody gets called back in because there needs an adjustment there is an
internal correction let me see this quite a lot especially in physical
accidents you see rush of cells as you do not want
to start that treasure or the pain and miss your decision I just had enough I
want to call it a day in subconscious this is how people create their own RLS you know missus okay another question I
have last time you spoke about when you want to leave I’m here either to another
spot on a planet elf or to a space you have to create a point of reference how
do you create a point of reference because each point of the earth has its
own gravitational magnetic out and each a point of the universe has its own
gravitational magnetic also if you want to start from a point say in New York
horrors any point how do you create that point of reference very much like the
birds who they get up from one end of the planet and then exactly on the same
thing every year we are aware of the field strength that we have we have
coordinates in a way we decide to ignore it but they are fully aware of all of it
we know where we want to be on this planet
the minute we’re born and where we’re gonna end up you know where they’re
gonna be and leaving few bits and bobs here and there
more or less we have a bird on the wing of white but the two ends are no third
five things which man surely does and as one thing is born and that is one
certainty Buddha in the between three more
you eat and you sleep and without any of the four or five there is no existence
on its own and it’s got a time gap we call an age between the beginning
establishment number saw and maturity of the soul departing from the physicality
because it cannot hold it’s too much we know all of it is just a we decided
to ignore it because for us we decide the time and everything else to be what
we hold it like him when they give birth they said see the boy or a girl says I
don’t want to know even the doctor has told you and you decide I’m deaf I don’t
want to see it but the reality said we for either point of our inception more
or less activity or accidents we’d really know exactly where and how we
might end up come what you’re expecting to be at what level that we departed
it’s just going with a pocket and knowing how much you want to carry that
pocket 1 liter that one was my feet something was prepared to fill it up
with drip reference also very comfortable and somebody just push the
stick as you said these five things human nose but you counted only for one
is be born one is dying when is it poisonous well we’re going to toilet
okay that’s the five things we all do without it there is no it’s part of us
without getting rid of what we don’t need without taking that we confirmed
without having a time to process it and there’s a beginning of it but you’re not
imagining to become to become I mean really against become light and then as
a light to travel I mean to manifest to any place you want and – that’s actually
does magnificent any other question thank you have a hand
up here from jig Baloo go ahead Shabana you should be able to
talk there yes good Molly mr. Kish Paris yes Harry the bunny from tobu yes okay
sometimes when I see a man I see like the light on his body like
start taking different color like gold or diamond ion depending of a person and
this situation came to me sometimes I see my body change like diamond alone
gold I want to know that it is that the transmutation or what I’m seeing
that’s my question okay sometimes if I mean with my friends or a person I see
on this the body of that person the light like star shining on his body take
different color you can see like gold you can see like diamond you can see
like ion is bright and move on his body sometimes that’s reaching me on me when
I see my body I see a change like a gold shining like star and move and then
shining going like dominant a doll of a thesis is that cosmetician is the light
is the aura I don’t I don’t know whatis it depends what you want what you want
to accept in the dimension of the field that you observe you can see the same
person as a cold and the next time you see him in a silver color and in so many
ways we decide to in what position and what condition we want to see with empanada and it
depends on the strength of us in the point of observation there is something which has come about
I didn’t get a chance to speak to Giovanni but Iraq is Giovanni online yes
I see Giovanni’s here can you undo your microphone there
didn’t speak yes hello okay do you only explain that
no we’re talking about Giovanni actually Johnny from Italy now Jake no jig Bonnie
but Giovanni from Italy yes are you there Giovanni I can try to amuse him that I we never
know what might happen yes I’m not sure maybe she’s not able to
find his mute button I’ll try to immune them and see what happens
maybe he’s talking to somebody doesn’t want you to listen mmm quite possibly
Giovanni can you hear us so would you like to speak you’re unmuted now maybe
just after though he’s not responding I’ll unmute him again because I don’t
want anything to come up that not supposed to prophesy can connect a bit
later okay any other if you see Johnny just we have we would like you to
clarify there is a position that we’ve been told to they are clarified I
haven’t had a chance to speak with you it’s as we know today is the seventh of
June and next month seventh of July is anniversary of passing by Fabio and
there are some things that we did not want to release this but now has been
put on to go on respect to some programs on the internet and before he gets
revealed on internet that you come to understand is with the permission from
Giovanni we would like to grease this because he might happen in the next few
days then it’s better to come from the foundation I read you the text written
by Giovanni this this says is regarding the incident of Fabian irani and Naomi
this is the exact writing from Giovanni which you will see on the presentation
of the program the person involved were Naomi fabio an unco pinion truck driver
still today is not clear what happened and there are investigation going on
just two years later but the engineer appointed by the public Minister of the
court found that was the truck that hit the car on the right side and after the
car does behind a car the car turned in front of the truck and he de Road the
barrier and bounced on the truck running poking it turning it at other times at
such a speed as to project his bodies out of the car about two hundred meters
the death of Fabio has been assessed by the Italian police
and this is we just read the text which is released by and is still being
buckled away as we said this was a attempted murder now
the police has confirmed that it was a hit and especially at a position which
was head we have to wait for for police inquiry the court because the rest we
know is in what he called in a private event of the judge decides or the court
case which is set up for the driver and if convicted they will be a very large
sentence because his claim Edison’s but it’s a well set up as we knew how it was
done and this brings no more clothes under after the murder cash our nation
will use this in the court of justice to defend a lot of cases which is happening
to us and they praise the position and how happened it’s brought up a
foundation to optimal some time but what I read you is from the public ministry
or the court has found that the truck hit the car on the right side twice and
they run it over so what we said this was not something it looks and we bring
more information as it comes in with us we cannot interfere every day Lord
Justice line of justice part yeah we all aware of what has happened and in I
think this will be in the public domain through another channel was not a
condition but he had foundation but I told you some couple of weeks ago the
accident has been in the favor of the Keshe foundation this is another Fujioka
readers attempted murder on and my life which our fortune has ended
up with two beloved ones one day come on Nicole the way we look at it and what it
is and there are other things which the casualness and research group and
securities are working on we have found the connection between a pioneer driver
and it just events how the British will link it and very directly goes to one
person in Belgium and we will bring this in a court of justice in Hague or in
European Court of Justice our security are working very hard in the background
we have established the connection between Albania and the people involved
you mr. Cassius I can hardly hear you I’m sorry microphone is way too I cannot
do anything about it I think we need to make some changes in
the zoom preferences perhaps you can change the microphone input to give it
more month or input yeah can you go can you find the would you have there there
should be an arrow perhaps beside the start video or
microphone icon so you can get into the settings
I think he’s sharing his screen Rick so it’s a little bit different so
plentifully want just take over for a moment so mr. Kesh can do that properly
thank you I not see it what Michael okay do you see your microphone icon is
there an arrow beside it or the start video icon is there an arrow beside a
lot of it it is there it’s correct does it show the microphone when we call it
the slider options don’t you putt it you have to go to audio options first sort
of you use the up-arrow you should have an audio options there every option
again tell me is this microphone it’s the left microphone I select microphone
does it have input volume you see input volume there and the setting a little
slider setting to change no I don’t have such a fuss okay how about automatic
Leah just microphone settings do you have that box there where do I go for
that it should be under your speaker and microphone settings
Oh mr. Kesh you good now under zoom and audio like zoom you see how we go there
I think it’s why I’m assuming audio darling zoom in preferences in audio
okay so you see the microphone does it have an input volume or odd magnetized
all di don’t see kotti is your technique the duddy okay so I don’t how we can
give some additional input on that winces let’s do this later so maybe
we’ll just have to bear with it for today everything the audio is the
maximum everything is on the maximum I see it okay funny the funny thing is
that it starts fine and then you start fading
maybe it’s my age it’s really okay that’s everybody bitch comes on here you
perfect it’s when you start fine and then after five minutes is like you’re
disappearing very funny I’m sorry a different kind of Michael maybe we
change the microphone couple of weeks ago and that’s how it is okay let’s go I
am okay thank you for trying tried everything I still try in the background
and see if I can’t find mortgagees so what it is as we said a couple of weeks
ago we have not stopped our work we have not stopped our mission to find and now
that the family of Fabio have released is to it to be on the public domain we
are releasing the knowledge that we have connected the Belgium’s to the Albanians
now it’s the time that international law takes his place and crush the whole
thing to what it’s got to be and bring it forward
or we kept respect of the family of the both side Bobby Orr’s and Naomi and this
text is my journey to be released on unformed specific program in Europe we
have found the direct sharing of website between the Belgium’s and Albanians very
estranged is totally legal and never been done never been seen we provide
this document now that has been released to the Italian breeze and this is
organized crime by an estate I hold any further
information here but our team no securities and people behind us has
established a very clear line between the Belgium and America Fabio and the
Iranians Italian police cannot rest the case now there is a point that he has to
be taken we have provided their full information to Giovanni to pass on to
the Italian securities yes kriste has to stop yes Johnny would you
like to explain to us with her phone to the phone and so don’t listen when you
come and yes the situation is this as you text to you the engineer of we call
procurer here in Italy I’ve found it that the truck the car they make has a
very special special checking with the particular device and they found the
trace of the tides of the truck that hit the car it’s not something that is they told
that the car was a was a was the car that track but they found the opposite
situation and mean investigation on this case clear this investigation take time
because another involved more branch of police it’s not possible to say more
because when there is investigation of this type its they don’t release
information because without any without any interfere
without that the people are scared and so can hide something something so but
what is for sure that there are investigation on it and they start to
continue to check what’s really happened there and we continue to to to to to
follow the situation and hope that we achieved what really it was happened
that day now I continue to work on how only for for recovering and we all put
that when she start to talk can give to us more information because yeah thank
you very much to start thank you very much we
how to release this information today because of what is going to most Rolly
published in one of the Italian particle European television programs because
some questions has been input by their people who making the program and he had
to be answered and we kept silent about it we were aware of it some weeks ago as
I explained come on amigo but now in what we suspected and our
people in the background who do the search and security now we have for
confirmation the Keshe foundation inner team management was informed of this
some weeks ago and we kept respect to the narrow B’s I’m new to javonni and
his wife and fabulous parents but Keshe foundation research they have found the directory
and we announced that record link between down terminal vineyards this
were the Italian police investigation and we will see and how it will come to
be the position the place and everything else in respect to the accident is now
opened as far as we conservative in court for attempted murder of my view
and myself personally this is another attempt as you are aware the Belgian
government issued a warrant for me as a terrorist American refuted it they
wouldn’t take it assigned to severe terrorists
so they went for the claim in the court as the medical application their summons
for being a terrorist and copy original is in our hand you’ll be handed over to
the European Court of Justice American did not support because they thought
America will go for the Iranian nuke of it’s as a terrorist and in that process
as they failed to get the support they thought they can do the scam they did in
Canada they brought up the the warrant has me and camera in being a terrorist
American crash net they will not play it so as you understand now that the second
quarter is finished and now even offered I appeal for a high score in Belgium we
are going directly for the whole structure the entry of the evidence in
the court is for what fortunate or be happy but we asked we thank all those
who weren’t court or your support you responded to us accordingly please
follow the instruction we needed to be not order that especially especially the
people who are involved and can be arrested this is important for all of us
that we do not see another scientist to be killed members of his team to be
endangered and it’s only all happens around unfortunately as I said we did receive
this information some weeks ago I promised you one Yelp and not release it
till they decide now he adds and we have passed all the information and we do not
make any acquisition because the collusion between the opinions and the
Belgian is so clear that it does just needs a blind eye to be paid to it and
in that way as we said the appeal which we announced last week we wanted what we
got with the mote anything to be changed didn’t change now we have paid and then
final appeal to the highest court in Belgium will be launched has been
launched by our lawyers I know the gentleman who writes that the crushed
the gentleman is part of the structure of the whole whatever it is we we do not
speak we keep our silence when he should be done in past year and how the court
two weeks last week when inside – what appeal it was done on procedural that the first charge followed the
procedure and procedure was correcting one police which wasn’t that he was
crushed but what we are bringing into the high score is the procedure the
whole case is fabricated and the procedure is correct on fabrication but
the informations fabricated threatened and many illegality has happened now we
don’t know what the next move will be and we’ll announce further one of the
Keshe foundation team have was arrested and imprisoned yesterday and he’s been
released on bail and to be back in court this we know now 100% connected to
Beltran – we did not want to release any formation this is ongoing procedure
inside the Keshe foundation the German who was arrested and imprisoned under
bail to the 11th due to Belgium they infiltrated us at
the highest level but thanks to the police and they try to connect the two
together to move without repulsion to another country and now we announce it
directly that it’s become international criminal organization and are bribing
nations this this is this cannot be tolerated anymore we kept quiet till
Joanna has released it we kept quiet in a procedure which is going on
deliberately set up the damages by the same people backed by the same
organization and we have informed all the legal services that there is such a
thing has taken place and in so many ways this is crammed with criminality by a
state beyond borders we did not object to the procedure we object to the
content that extortion force lying fabrication in cold case have was used
now we can bring it out and the people who give evidence any evidence in favor
of the Keshe initiative Court were destroyed and was not brought out and
all allegations are false in every case which has been submitted and the
judgment has been made of it now we can announce it and we can release it and
will support our case now to bring the Belgian government and the court system
to Belgian court first and the European Court of Justice how they allow police
was in court to intimidate and how they intimidate witnesses to get false
affidavits and false confessions but we announce again we have found the direct
line direct line connection between downstream and Armenians they thought it will not be found I
thank our security team I thank the second rescue team at the highest level
in governments who are supporting us thank you very much any other question we had a question from the YouTube from
Jarrett the question goes if you have an opportunity to ask mr. cash a question I
would like to understand more on a plasmatic level the interaction between
earth body and soul when grounding ourselves barefoot I was
with a solar system a couple of last week or the week before I think that’s
week and I explained to this engineer that we and you know it in part of other
teachings we done that we absorb more energy at night than the daytime and the
reason for it is being that as the field forces of the Sun as I explained before
moves away we go to the back away from there facing
the Sun it allows it’s less pressure on the fields of the planet to to move out
because the sun rays are as that stronger than the earth so in deals
it’s just not being strong as so much of it that subdues the earth graph
raising gazes surface and what has happened is that when you go for example
to away from the Sun you’re going to the afternoon/evening or whatever at night
these feel forces you go to the balance now they have to balance themselves in
respect to the fields of the what we call the solar system and these fields
are not as strong as the Sun facing part of that
and what we have seen by experience by testing is that the fields of the earth
they move further up away from the surface of the earth
which means we receive much stronger magnetic field which means you receive
more fields from the planet let’s say if during the day the strongest strength of
the field would have come to our ankle now it reaches our knees the same
strength if he was to our knee it reaches to our hip the same strength
let’s say if the factor was let’s say 10 junior day at the knee high and a
nighttime the same 10 we see by the ankle and sorry ankle height now we see
that any high so we know by I showed you this fear we showed in eindhoven that
these fields from the earth are much more powerful let us explain to this
solar system scientists but there we can produce systems that they create more
energy during the night than the day using gravitational magnetic field of
the planet as I explained through the experiment as we showed the ball in the
couple of two or three weeks ago in the teachings
so as we lie down as we walk barefooted without shoes or without what we call
socks or whatever because each one of these is a filtering like your brain as
a filtering your soul whatever expansion the extension we do to the planet from
this surface from his absorption it does the same thing so if we walk barefooted
on earth or with steep flat on the floor which many people do we absorb different
field radiation from this the earth if it’s the lunch time or sleep night time
and so what we said the soul of the man the soul of physicality is connected to
the soul of the man so as we receive more direct fuels
through our different out of the souls by Fulton listen to the
ankle much as stronger fields radiated back to the soul and infects
the soul of the man so we are connected to and the way we
walk the way when we walk if we walk with a fear or we walk with a joy the
field absorbed the reflex if he hits our motion after joy
and that in in reflection feeds back to our soul the way the soul gives to
dictate the shape and the position of a cell when the cell receives death
strength that he gives motion to it it feeds back to the emotional part of the
brain that he feeds back to the soul it’s a mutual way to feed so when you
walk barefooted you receive more fields at the level it doesn’t mean you’re
gonna be you can walk somewhere I feel absolutely exhausted and he walked
come here any field so rejoiceful I go for a walk to enjoy I do it barefooted
but I walk on a concrete you’re always afraid something may go in my foot
something might happen or some people just blank it out nothing can happen I
walk when you get to that step that nothing matters I walk and there’s a
motion of block does he add to the sole activity or don’t wanna walk on the
beach and I enjoyed the pleasure of sharing my body my feelings to the
ground whatever I as much you give to the earth as we received from the earth
when we walk on it it’s all everything you all take at the same time we we have
to understand it’s a everlasting continuous interaction between every
single solar cell body of the man and the soul Atma
so if we walk barefooted we absorb energy direct if we walk barefooted at
night with peace that we see everything there comfortable we get it differently
sleep on the floor you get the reaction I if some of you have ever tried
sleeping on the leather create different type of a sleep pattern that way
you sleep on the cloth if you sleep on the leather which is a natural process
again is it sorry mr. Keshe you’re breaking up there we can’t hear
that last sentence hello mr. Kesh your connections not good
hello very you find out yes we can hear you now but it we lost the last couple
of sentences yes as I was explaining if you asleep on
there on a leather beat the furniture or leather on the ground you sleep totally
different because the leather is made of that amino acid which we are made of we
share a different field strength from it it’s a balance field when you sleep on
the ground or asleep on the mattresses with all the metals in it it’s not the
natural natural way that we transfer energies we transfer energy with the
copper and the spring and the rest of it and we know how to use the copper for
different purposes in our plasma technology and we see another position
and that what we call how we share our energy the totality of our structure so
we walk we can roll it all what we give them or we take them as you call aura
this continuously with us it’s a continuous how far we are what the
strength we give and what strength we take so if you walk barefooted or you
sleep on the ground without any interface you absorb too
to the different energy level we see even though some researchers to speak
that people who sleep on the floor it totally different than people who sleep
on the mattress or a bed or on the 20th floor or on the first floor
how far you stay away from the absorption of the higher-order or
absorption of the lower-order during the time day or night decreased different
pattern of behavior these are all been studied in belly dealt with
summarization and if believe on the 20th floor
the total different than the people who slept on the ground floor the emotion
the energy is different even there was the same building you are at a higher
altitude you receive different magnetic fields from the earth than what you see
from there above so it affects you and so what you observe and when you give is
directly connected through the soul of the physicality and reflects that when
it well hopefully we won’t have trouble
transcribing which where you met soul of the man and the soul of the feet because
there are no soul of the feet in that okay good because in a way the walking
and so on is and you talked about tapping on the sole of the feet before
to to help people that have been bedridden for example but Sam has a
question in the QA that is similar but he’s talking about the hands what is the
role of hands in the salt point of view you often talk about hands are our hands
in a way a copy of an Alex bead system the one we put in the spaceship because
I was observing my hands and I pictured the palm is round like a Sun and the
space between the fingers looks like what you explained with the magnets
and the iron dust earlier I picture in my hands the triangles you draw in
Alex’s system to would the space between the fingers be the absorbing and
gravitational point and the fingers the giver and magnetical point and what is
the use of hands in plasma technology at a soul level thank you would you like to
write a book about it it’s very much the same as what we just explained but the
fingers are we absorb different strength from our fingers different magnetic
field strength and in so many ways the the finger of the man or the toes are
needed and are part of what we call energy balance and how we
behave our soul is how our soul dictates operation can be shown and we observed
by the by the shape of their fingers the way you hold them the way you shake hand
with your fingers in a way we can tell everything about the soul of man it’s
this I think the people who invented the handshake and the Japanese are very
clever they don’t know it because then he can read them he is to find out how
you feel who they got opposite to them and what
do they expect of them and what’s it going to be done or is
expected to be mr. Kesh good morning
Caroline Jalal he said something beautiful with us I would love to have
more input from you if Jalal can present it it’s private so it’s not taken from
the internet he he knows how to present it if you give him the opportunity
please to do screen sharing Jalal are you there jalla yeah he is because he
posted can you ask mr. Kesh but I had to wait till you stopped your topics he’s
he’s there but he may not be able to unmute right now sometimes these student
I see at work and so on okay he responds it’s beautiful what he is he can share
because it will bring a lot of information to all of us and we prefer
to get the knowledge from you direct mr. Keshe it’s something that apps actually
happened so he knows what he’s talking about so we give him a few minutes if
that is okay with you mr. Kesh yes is that something you discuss yeah but you
were not there anymore that happened before we did not bring it back on your
plate we waited because I think it should be
shared with the broader public it’s something that actually happened and to
understand the beauty of it so that’s why we want to share it on a more open
platform not to keep it in our private teaching
because it’s beautiful to share and to see but to receive more information
about you from you I mean so we’ll see when we wait till he can speak is there
anything else yes there was the presentation from Angelo doll I’m
wondering if you would like to speak a bit about that and maybe you would would
like to see some of it I’m just trying to see if he’s still yeah he’s still
here Angelo can you talk a little bit about
your what you’d like to present and maybe mr. Kesh can decide whether we
want to go there or not this is parsley
hi mr. Kinch hi everyone I am Angelo maybe you know me I’m from Romania and I
sent some materials regarding some experiments we did last month with with
some some kind of Makarov device maybe Rick you can share a photo it is about
interactions of the specific device with the human body and we we did some
measurements with the we don’t know therapist with an doctor and he made
some measurements before interaction with this particular device and he made
some measurements after interaction with this
ticular device also we have some short videos with english subtitling from the
Creator let’s say of this device with the description in the exact description
of this device also we have a short presentation of the of the medical therapist who explains what kind of
measurement he did and with what kind of of instruments imagined also we have a
very short testimonial from one of our colleagues who did the processing with
this device and we also have some some sheets some data data sheets from the
measurements so this this is this is the this is what’s about dated it is and if
you if you think we can go deeper and we have also some questions about our what
we are noticed and what we can improve or other other questions so how do you
think we are going further what would you like mr. Kesh let’s listen we are
here to share knowledge okay then there’s several videos and we can have a
look at them they I think the first two don’t have audio with them is that true
Angelo but they’ve got the English subtitles yes yes they have subtitles
normally they have audio – but I don’t know why you know yet they don’t come
through the first two – four minutes before minutes without audio but maybe
you can sort of talk through it or we can discuss during the video I’m not
sure if the whole video needs to be played you explain to us what was the
purpose what was the aim of building this thing yes we to achieve this is a
device with we do house this with some liquid plasma zinc and co2 plasma and
our purpose was to create a a bigger plasma let’s say of these tube fields of
the zinc field and the co2 field and as you can see they have two motors so we
can vary the the flux of this liquid plasma inside these tubes and observing
what interaction it’s with after we interact with this device and so as
mostly this was the purpose to feel interactions and let’s say to look if
these interactions are beneficial or are good or helping our our body our body
balance energy balance roughly this was this was the purpose but also my
colleague asks if we can go further with this kind of device with some
improvements and maybe if this kind of understanding of a Maghreb unit can be used maybe for transportation or for
some kind of flying device maybe with three exes not with two exes or maybe
adding some against rings of these tubes on these tubes but here is the video and
our colleague explains exactly what he did and why I don’t know why the audio do not work
but me works yes you can see on the left corner the
photo this is the second divisive much bigger device very hard to read it’s a
very hot which was I understand the writing on the bottom you mean mr. cash
or the it’s very faint the writing of the body is very ugly yeah well I should
have read it perhaps I might have been better okay this is a very nice if you
can polish it up on come back next week with it because this we have what the
guy is trying to explain yeah we have another similar video where he talks
about how the tests were done and so on if you want to I could read it actually
maybe that would work this is two minutes and then there’s two more videos
that shows the device being interacted with with participant yeah okay maybe we
can go through this he says today we made measurements with the bio well
device on the people who wanted to be tested the tests were made using the
blind method meaning that the person was tested using this a Kirlian type device
before he connects to a particular device i is the operator I don’t know
and I haven’t been performed and I did not want to be informed about the device
with which he was tested subsequently after 5 10 or 15 minutes of connecting
to the device with which he was to be tested he came back and I made the
second measurement and the differences between the two measurements should
normally reflect the influence that the device has induced in the subject 14:15 measurements were made some
measurements have been made without the measured subject being connected to any
device to make the method as accurate as possible the Kirlian type device that I
used is a device made by the inventor Constantin korotkov on the base of
studies he has done starting with the year 1986 at Saint Petersburg and it
uses as a basic principle the principle of or the well-known Kirlian principle okay we can go to the next video here or
if you’re able to see the video ok I guess you guys should share it a little
differently here so it shows up better just a second okay this one I believe has sound to it
it’s 40 seconds long wait a minute sorry I have to share the
sound on that I wasn’t sharing the computer sound so go back I think it’s
just some background sounds but okay here we go we still don’t hear anything okay you mr. Ferguson okay definitely so you’re muted I’m sorry too
many things to control at once you’re on time okay I’ll say that again I was
going to actually say the chat here so that we can hear it so let me try that
again does it seem to me or is it influenced
it varies and someone says what okay varies when it when I put my hand it
varies does the speed vary I cannot figure it out okay ready okay and there’s another final video
here what does this too is just flow is a fluid flow in each tube yes in the in the gravitational tube is zinc oxide and in the magnetical I think
is co2 liquid plasma with some hands these things are really cool watch it sorry say that again miss Rakesh its hi
Systems anything with a high-speed rotation of their ganses we always see
effects like this we feel it and it’s the way you built it is a spherical
somebody else can sit on the other side of it while is running and you see if
both feel the same so it could be in the center of a circle of people even
perhaps yeah if you go back to the old cultures Mayans if you go back to part
of Far East they used to have these kind of things but they hid it in the
structure the way they make things out of wood or whatever yes and in a very old time they used to
to use the inter sign of animals to make these kind of things they bleed the for
life rings and if they if they could regenerated we can’t bring life back in
different ways okay carry on with this one says well with this plasma device is
positive plasmatic now this fiend for Toby very much noise there’s a
conversations around me the cheapest addition what is initially by the
district instructions that were rather more focused on focused a little kind of
a trance Nomad with them I no longer heard the conversations around me seems
young fellah not like a tingle my breathing was
regulated very spirit SIA digit so before the night adopted even at tests
that measure them through the Kirlian pathology Tomita methodology Killian
many areas that energy that is what problems do I have on the sciatic area
that’s several years the area struggle with for several years lower colon shark
has meant small problem that I’m a label which I crushed five years ago no I’m
lying about ten years ago I did not know he said to me on that photo what a
problem chip problem mama would many times came
here I told you that I focus not to hear the outside or oh
man focus attach it focused on the inside so where is the central point of
that grain gravitational-magnetic Sassoon awful session was what to say
ten minutes five minutes for the achievers in new poses I cannot say the
time for me it was relevant I can t figure out how long I was innovate
repent only in the moment we operator came and turned off the device Authority
after the new measurements after the charging area has been performed it got
his out the charging utilization of plasma fields suck was the truth that I
had with the golden apps I had in my aura were filled and with an Edition
Excel and implement button all my den efficient areas have been please donate
so there are three big areas and the others that work off from what I’ve seen
on the photo was completed they all have been completed and a bit strategist
ability by this plasma device which with the dispositively made many devices at
this meeting and to needy and my contention is that the plasma is alive
exactly where I need enough goodness of God is not making that effort on it to
locate my deficient areas that’s always added where I was missing early
tournament where I had too much than trusted much from this for this I thank
the collaborators the others my colleagues and for the possibility to be
here the ability to learn about this technology from Optimus and thanks to
the cash Romania okay that’s the final movie there there
is some other images and technical data that we could also have a look at
perhaps if you want to continue a little further with this mainly mr. Cashner we
did in this day a lot of measurements with several plasma devices is not the
only one and we want if you are okay with this to share the results of the
measurements with this plasma devices so for now we are we we share the data we
from this device but we have another three devices because it’s a very
open-minded not to be prejudiced or try to promote one thing or the other this
program the way you show these fields is is not scientifically acceptable because
a lot of research has been done this thing is one program everybody accept it
and makes lines are made the way they like
I know maybe hundreds of different programs on this one program made by the
Russians of space before so what I think is important is to this is what what we
got to move in from cash foundation and this this thing’s has to okay we do some
of these things to see and find but we started this very recently
and it’s going that way that any devices you make any processes you make try to
bring scientific people once you see the result to quantify and qualify the
result this is what we done in cash or on the ship for years we just show
things and this is nice see the guy says this is it’s hard we know you pay the
guy to speak what you like to promote yourself so we don’t even this in the
past few days we we are entering a massive research medical research and it
also we want to see this we want to see that can you do this and that we said ok
put the team together government officials doctors and we
bring bunch of doctors officials from the cache partition and everything
monitored that when the data comes out after all this effort he made all these
machines and everything else is not dismissed is government approved or
scientific improve their aura this under standard you can explain I don’t
personally don’t believe in this system because I worked on it for six months
it’s very random it’s how the program is said we
dismissed one system totally with one professor in Italy because he made these
kind of claims and I put things in the box and he said you see this has changes
with my secretary and then I told him says you see is such a improvement with
this I said look at the box is empty these are a lot of these this programs
try I press me and I know many scientific world does not accept is a
very good thing to set a machine that people see different colors but
scientifically if you have achieved such a achievement with the people organize
it to become a data or validated before and these are goods where we can or
something people test if we start showing these things from now on has to
have a solid ground the NIST skunk off program is totally
laughed out by some major scientific organizations because it’s a random up
tested I spent nearly a year testing these machines I have no belief in it
personally a lot of people might do but there what do you call it if he has done
so effective as your what are called test case shows try to organize
especially in Romania many doctors that you have a beautiful team there I have
been there I’ve met you and I’ve been to the clinic which you showed us and try
to organize yourself that you can bring the technology out at the time of the
plays over you’re a fantastic thing I wish I could work with you Romanians I I
can bring you our two situations your doctors that you can do a lot of work
with the foundation to quantify and qualify the bird try to consolidate your
work there are many of you who are doctors in that clinic and lot of you
will do this work in Romania as a beautiful team that sit down and support
a program out and submit it to an institute submit it somewhere with all
the influence you have or independently to a university you have universities we
should support you have met the promises from your universities and let it be
done properly that we can bring it in as part of the process and becomes a
mainstream euro minions are one of the cornerstones of this openness in medical
application and it’s fantastic to see I understand what the developed we have
other people who are developing different parts but I think in the
Romanian team the way you are you have the freedom you have and the way you
work you need to become out of the heading this technology into
the medical part I always bleed what I’ve seen there and what I see you not
do that organize yourself set up program bring officials to monitor independent
organizations monitor your works it’s time to change the position of the
foundation history – with that go for the publishing in the plasma scientific
journal has or with with what we would what they’ve done so far with that
qualified for publishing or shipping line really prepared this is the
knowledge to write a paper we published it the the Keshe foundation I start
publishing the paper often people who write what you’ve done it doesn’t have
to be you know I walked out from death or I even changed a schoolgirl faster or
whatever but quantified qualified and submitted but Romanian team is different
team because I have been I’ve seen them I’ve seen there at the way they operate
and there are very professional team of doctors and specialists those who
understand the plasma technology build it for your doctors set up a parameter
for it and deliberate scientifically bring outside this tool to to be with
you and I think Romania is one of the very few positions which we can see
breakthrough submit a true body call professional
doctors to do this for the condition yes I understand mr. cash thank you mmm
of course we we are doing the steps in in this direction it’s not not very easy
but the direction you lot yes of course so I understand what what are you saying
this data from this kind of device is very very good and it’s yeah a lot of
data may you have not seen it now but they are for each measurement for each
subject for each prospect they are about 30 pages of measurements I told you I
spent six months apparently try to qualify this machine and it’s not final
from my point of view the way I made the cops and the water a it’s it’s too
random and fancy just to sell systems programs yes at that time or at this
time we had just just this this one metal but of course we we are looking
for another colleagues or another of doctors and it’s Restless to go further
with other devices and make it and make it happen and it will make we will make
it happen we have to explain one of our research centers has submitted the Gans
balls for certification hopefully will receive its own and then on the back of
that certification we we can go along with the medical teams and doctors and
see how because nice a certified system to qualified trying Romania to build one
system but dynamic system or any kind of system even like this and get it
certified and I start from one system speak to the
once we receive it we can keep the research center after condition can put
you in a framework you can use their documents to submit application for your
systems that in Romania in Bulgaria in France or Italy or whatever we can
collectively submit a number of application forms together for the same
system that we start working as one team any of you achieve medical certification
for any system make it available to the other Keshe foundation teams that they
can submit it to their governments this has become a patchwork and now we go to
the point that we have to become collective you in Romania speak to our
medical team you people are inside a medical team teachings you know some of
you I think and so that once we receive it’s like here there the system’s
dynamic systems of whatever that you can submit it and then be used those in the
central protocol walls of the foundation and French can submit it on the back of
the other two which already been received and then the British can use
the other three we will be Berg this is not something from me this is
how the FDA wants us to bring this technology out is there suggestion since
when you’re submitting one bring as many countries it’s been done near to it
that it gives you a chance to get certification immediately we are doing
too many patch works we need to start especially on the medical side and
agricultural side we need to bring these together somehow in the management of
the Keshe foundation we need somebody to coordinate all the medical systems and
any country you want to have a system this system you show another one tube
they’re getting producing four or five different countries why not
one of you gets a certification like this one with a pipe dr. Rodriguez is
there the people in Europe number of them use it the dynamic version is out
now and like day the one was done by the Austrian cash one nation people – two
years ago with the coils they got the certification that is the what it is try
to I think it’s gotta be done by dr. Klaus in their medical teaching
consolidate bring anybody whatever system they make and together submit for
application collectively don’t be afraid somebody might use it because be
everybody use it and try to get system certified from not you you have me I
know it in Romania France in Austria they made some dynamic system dr. arias
use it people in other countries France and I’ve seen the America they’re
building it try collecting one of you get or the concerta fication and just
use each other to a stack it up we have to do it otherwise we just here one
match or type showings of the anyway maybe the Romanians have got to take the
lead on this hearing and show me the medical teaching I understand of course
it’s very logical what are you saying and yes we have to do this maybe if
somebody from from the team or in the background can I think therefore this is
class in the medical teaching okay you don’t get certification across Europe
and all over the world both paths are to get as we say in English you have to put
to file it up one after the audio data all your certification
all the test results pile it up and this way we go across the world very rapidly
this time come to put our collective job on medical so we
we have agreed on 850 counsel share cases now it’s the process started that
we have to find 50 cases and the doctors will monitor from outside the partly
stupid and government people it’s a long haul is not gonna happen but it is the
framework now we have agreed on 50 patients that doctors and their patients
can be found and team of doctors governmental hopefully in universities
or medical Cancer Center collectively a number of people will look and monitor
these cases because there is a very big advantage which we do not look at it
these systems are so cheap to make so convenient to make but they are so
effective and are usable by the third-world nation of poor people and
this is where we have to come in and in so many ways a lot of you seeing a lot
of results but if we can certify it and published by us put the system together
and somebody in cash Malaysia medical team start putting all the systems and
similar together and start encouraging to do with the application and
Submission and get one and then build the others or from what is near to it
one is God’s submitted and all the doctors you just come in your land
something you go we have to do it through different Keshe foundation
organizations submission of papers or scientific application or certification
of of machinery and systems needs to read ugly doctored up and that
we have to do I understand of course we have to put
the team together because this this is a team work and not just a romanian thing
work it is a global team work and this is nice beautiful so thank you creating
an ostrich hello sorry I had my coffee if we have
three pitchers Flint’s give me a notice here from three pictures from Jalal if
Jalal is still available maybe it would be a good time to bring that up as
Caroline wished Jalal are you there can we have the pictures okay if you want to
go ahead Flint don’t stop the shearing here there is a lot of noise background
that’s one minute yes
good day mr. cash mr. cash this happened before three four days this is Saturday
twelve o’clock noon and this happened to religion family for me and they call me
after ten minutes of the incident this family with two children they were
playing here and this trampoline and the father was with them and he went to the
toilet and the mother went to the kitchen and after exactly he said after
two minutes of that I hear the noise i whistle noise and like a jet but it’s
not like a normal jet he said similar I hear that it’s not the
same but similar it was in the 1990s when the missile was above our head in
Iraq so he said it is similar but it’s not the same noise and he couldn’t move
actually the same thing the mother she was in the kitchen and he had the same
noise and she said I just stopped there wondering about the noise I did I didn’t
go out to check because my children was outside and when the noise is
disappeared they the the mother she moved to the children the children came
out from the temple in they were scared and start to telling the
parents that they saw an object it was very near to them it’s above the
trampoline about two or three meters not more and the daughter said if I jump I
can reach it and they called me because they know I know lots of things about
this tongue and I’m teaching them and they know about a little bit about
plasma I give them co2 and zinc and they used the eye drop before the powder 1
and the it’s happened that they have the new I drop that came with guns and
liquid all the former ganses came to them before 2 days and the daughter she
said that she had this shape and she’d draw it and she said it’s lights but
it’s not lights only colors yellow and orange and red and in the parameter II
of the circle shape this is like waves yellow yellow shape waves and she said
it is a ball but it’s not a ball it have something attached to it that like a
plate so she draw the second one and with help with her mother and she draw
it like this and this is here smoke and here also smoke coming out of it
here smoke and here smoke but maybe it’s not
it’s and I of the the child so we don’t know exactly a visit smoke but she
explained as a smoke and it came and first Bischoff you see came this way
stopped here exactly here and this is I said how big is it it she said it
covered all the garden and more of the top of the roof so I estimate about more
than twenty meter and diameter because the garden is little bit big so we need
your input and that and she asked me if the goddesses have anything to do with
it I don’t know why it came to the children I don’t make comments on these
things this could be anything yeah it could be anything for another
one who don’t know about flying saucers and spaceships or it could be a fireball
they will say what’s called a fireball or a meteorite that landed in South
Africa on Saturday and this what but this one didn’t land
this is stopped and above the heads of the children and well the way it was a
fireball which is a glowing light in the sky basically is what these people were
reporting and this is what used to draw but this we cannot make comments on this
there is no way you can make any comments she said the it is solid object and she
can see everything moving and that object and specially the colors of them
and you see she drove this the third one a small one and yellow orange red and
yellow and she said it’s not the color it is like a fist fist for a chick she
called face phoric colors not lights she said if I jump in the trampoline I
can catch it that’s how it’s close to them I I cannot
make any comment I’ll never make comments on this if you have something
physical you can take at other lights this this could be anything at the
moment so if you look into the deep skies in part of the world you see a
number of positioned satellites what call satella quality spaceships they
shine and they have taken position in horizon in line with other stars that
cannot be you know they can detect any movement of position of the satellites
or what you call it stars that they can see deadest we see them that we’ve seen
a number of them in past few months so there is a moment in the space in
respect to and the man machinery which we spots or we call grand jury system
does not detect us not pick up our knees this due to the fact the way they are
they the way they absorb they do not get they’re not detectable by any shape or
means these are there’s a lot of activities above us at this moment is
being for past two years and those we can understand we can I can explain
exactly sometimes which part of the universe they come from they they have a
specific way of transportation positioning and the wrestle but things
like this you do not know unless you’re there you see they can be pictured it’s
not correct to my comment on it any other question
thank you mr.keshe thank you yes maybe you quick comment on Alex’s Alex’s
concept here that he’s built actually sworn the concept it’s a modular device
Alex I’m not sure if you’re there and would like to speak about this perhaps
you can you can open no I think I need to open your microphone just a second
here just good yeah he’s in now oh okay I couldn’t find
in there okay you can open your mic Alex if you like it Alex says this is a here
is a plasma field accelerator it needs to go for nano coating and then Gans
coating with ch3 so it’s appears to be a series of sort of rings you might say
but Alex can you comment on that perhaps one if you’re still there you’ll have to
unmute if you wish to speak you perhaps Alex isn’t with us right now
so okay do we have anything else we got Nidhi
yeah we’re our three hours into it you’re mr. caption I know it’s time to
wrap up it seems about the t-shirts so on okay you have that that video too
plain so much you’re saying that oh I see always likes us to talk about that
well perhaps we could mention about the plasma t-shirt which is a new product in
the Keshe foundation store and it’s special because of the ink has social
details tutorials yeah sorry go ahead mr. Kesh can you explain
you know do it well the way I understand at least is
the is special because it has special ink that has printed thee the symbols
that are located over the chakra points and so on I believed Giovanni came up
with the design yes the certification but
Italians there’s a lot of things happening in Italy Italian factory and
there are any way a derating knew of the developing new things new products and
we seen them people who bought the stock them that testimonials have come out
right here is the plasmon t-shirt show there is all Europe this is something to
remind you all the Keshe foundation books and our languages in the coming
time will be on amazon.com all the time we didn’t know languages and what the
management team has decided is that we publish port first and the second
edition but the first edition is the way was written originally second edition is
you’ve got number of spelling or sentencing mistakes right but what do
you extract from the Iranian doesn’t know how to write but the second edition
has been edited but there is some inputs by the person who has what you call it
corrected and understanding the technology as a fool and we had some
power on getting some return back into what it was so what we decided both are
there and if you can read it the way it is maybe the v6 will not any more than a
correct part but they’re all the books in all the languages have explained that
that the team has started to publish them on Amazon boat on the soft and hard
bank the Keshe foundation science team has started really call it progressive
sale and marketing of new materials and we’ll carry on what is the coin is still
body called progressing we are talking to a couple
of maybe governments that they bucket it’ll give us a new dimension but this
isn’t about success almost on the right it’s the first coin which has got a
solid financial backing so once the factories come into operation the coin
gains its value accordingly anything else I think we probably should call the
de Rome had his hand up for a while here but I’m sure he could carry his question
over Tom next week thank you very much for today’s program the part of the
teaching especially at the beginning it’s very happy to understand heavy
means we we haven’t gained in knowledge for it as such but we have to set
precedence that when you become enlightened by the knowledge we can
carry forward with it to go to the next step in it and develop it and once it’s
developed you understand this was that part of the teaching such as such time
as we see now teaching of two or three years ago in some cases people can say
you said that before now it’s there they can follow it and understand so the the
structure of the light internally we try to coincide it next time if everything
comes together correctly then you can see how you can use the conversion from
the light plasma or I call the transfer of the light to a plasma of the
spherical condition that in that transition you can produce what you need
is the transition which leads most of the time to manifestation of the entity
there and then the environmental place gave on it to to manifest in that
dimension and that stretching the teaching in this process will carry on
for a while to expand on the light and understanding of the transportation of
the plasma and then we go back into the creation of the you
when we release the crate so it’s part of the teach about today I refer to that
creation of universal you might understand it because now we’re taking a
step further to understand the question between the soul of the man and the
Creator which becomes part of the universe and new and awesome so bit by
bit I tried to put more amore in that when we come to Universal creation of
the universe but the religion of universe we understand the totality of
the creation and the Creator thank you very much for today and please
try to understand the first hour of the teaching that is very important
especially those of you or consecrating that transport additional space travel
thank you very much all right thank you once again mr. Kesh three hundred and
twenty seventh knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday June 7 2018 okay
thank you flan for any going out videos we have and thank you everybody for
attending this workshop today hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack knowledge by donating to us you can
help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate you plasma products now available at store
cash foundation plasma liquid handsome antiseptic
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