225th Knowledge Seekers Workshop May 24 2018

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and unrevised. you from the beginning of time humans have
always looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been
a fascination with birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seem to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going several thousand years ago
philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China were looking to the wind for
flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo allowing for the later
development of communication measuring distances testing the wind and lifting
men the invention of the kite brought with it the desire to fly the first
known attempts at flight were typically by leaping off towers known as tower
jumping people in China India and Europe first attempted flight this way in 1670
francesco alana de tarzan published a book that showed some interesting
concepts the concept of copper foil in a sphere with a vacuum would produce a
vacuum airship this is still not possible with today’s materials
francesco is recognized as the father of aeronautics melding science and
mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used done is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space acts as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space transportation costs in enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket Falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket fuel burning technology
kesh has always said the time for burning fuels is over but did we need to
start with that technology in the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes most of this five minutes
is actually landing and getting up Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran
in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer he was introduced to the world of
radiation and nuclear science at a very young age in 1981 he graduated from
Queen Mary the University of London as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor mehran keshe introduced the
concept of double magnetic fields to explain the magnetic and gravitational
field of Earth unknown by the existing scientific community he wrote a number
of scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review such as the
creation of black holes forming the peer-review uses information in public
he decided to draw back his papers and to concentrate further on building
prototypes since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of dynamic reactors
had been built some specifically designed to create hovering effects
similar to effects seen with magnetic levitation basic hovering effects have
been achieved 2007 brought the first flight test with radioactive material in
the patents describe the process of the field interactions the main patent
gravitational and energy system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters which contained many new concepts
released to the public this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and plasma dilution technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation and a controlled environment 2010 introduced a new state
of matter called Gans an acronym for gas in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still being explored daily all around the
world the cash foundation has provided knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions in space a great example of plasma technology used for peaceful
process is the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in December 2011 this
drone was touted as one of the most advanced drones of its day and was
caught by Iran using plasma to disrupt the communications plasma absorbed
fields and the drone uses radio fields for piloting a natural aspect
a barrier of fields book to the structure of the light was released in
2011 this book brought forward the understanding of the structure of light
as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in possession of all magnetic field
strengths book 3 the origin of the universe was published later in 2011 mr.
Kesh explained the further operation and interaction of different strengths of
the same fields which then leads to the creation of the universe these three
books bring forward a much deeper understanding of the plasma science that
is applied worldwide by knowledge seekers and scientists in spaceship
research and development there were two conferences to release the space
technology to government’s in 2012 the first International presentation in
April Keshe Foundation invited representatives of every country to the
first presentation of the plasma technology the second International
presentation in September Keshe foundation invited the nations of the
world through their ambassadors and their leaders to attend a gathering at
the Keshe foundation center in an of Belgium space travel requires peace the
implementation of the plasma technology brings greater responsibility in 2013
mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace treaty signing of the peace treaty is a
confirmation from yourself to your soul to act correctly in a peaceful manner
in 2014 knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr.
Kesh and many different experiments with reactors were performed including
improving the previously developed reactors to fit with the new knowledge
introduction of nano coated reactors multi core Gans systems the spaceship
Institute lab experiments were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI
lab tests with reactors showed strong magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla
and showed significant weight fluctuations in December an experiment
was performed using reactors built by knowledge seekers from
the world Italy Germany and Canada were involved in field communication tests
the tests showed that fields can interact with each other no matter the
distance or time resulting in instant communication in 2015 developments for
space continued with different aspects of the plasma technology such as in
health energy and decontamination in October of 2015 mr. Kesh taught a
popular week-long course called The Blueprint teachings about how to build
the maghreb power units people from all over the world participated with
building their own maghreb units and teaching others with the demand of the
Keshe foundation products from all over the world a new Research Center and
manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many developments of the technology happened
in different parts of the world and cash foundation USA is no exception
John and the team started performing experiments using different sensing
tools these tools allowed the team to visualize the maghreb field and to show
others their interactions with reactor formations showing positive results
partaking in the knowledge together is easier and more joyful than ever the fun
has just begun says MT cash mr. Kesh publicly teaches the space technology
through the weekly knowledge seekers workshops plasma enthusiasts from around
the world participate in gathering the knowledge and putting the puzzle
together in the space race all people irrespective of race nation
and religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus
assisting humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized
that international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey
into deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the
spirit of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use
of plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation
health and more we are excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship
in to humanity you welcome everyone to the 225th knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday May 24th 2018 I’m your host Rick remand and once
again we’ll be honored to have mr. Moran kesh of the cash foundation to direct
today’s workshop and I believe he’s ready to go with today’s activities mr.
cash are you ready there yes good morning good evening as usual whenever I
write about use of these notices pork chops it is nice to be here after 225
knowledge seekers programs and many other bits here and there redone but the
total there are thousands of hours of yes we’ve we’ve taken care of it I think
our means microphone gun opener yeah it’s it’s a 225 sessions of teaching and
we are progressing very beautifully towards the spaceship program and what I
see I know where it’s going to and we can see it as we said the Chinese
spaceship program move in the head of the Chinese
government release as they decide as we develop on completing work on time and
getting built is totally new ways of doing things and this beautiful weather
way is coming out of it another hand I was watching the development in Arizona
John is heading now back in track towards creating new dimensions and it’s
very interesting to observe the next steps is reaching or approaching their
what we call the shimmering and solidification but then we have to watch
how long it’s taking to fine tune to that position I’ve been guiding him to
get to that point and hopefully hopefully we will be run about the same
time as the Chinese hopefully when we know that you’ve left most probably
sometime history sometime the next compliment there are a couple of videos
which is released by John today and it’ll be nice to look at it and then we
can talk about them then develop it because on my target at this moment is
to complete this vision program John are you there in the background or
condition hi John I’d like to tell us your progress in the
past week or so so one of the things that we believe is that there’s kind of
many different ways to achieve a similar or different results all of them leading
to different versions of space travel so we’ve been testing a number of different
types of configurations some of them may be a little bit more off the beaten path
but nonetheless they all kind of bring us to an understanding
so I sent a couple videos to Vince there if you want to go ahead and show them
this is the one of the ones that we have going in the front office area
another foyer and I believe it and now we’ve reconfigured it to where we’ve
kind of gone back to original original understandings belief strengthened the
fields both in the bottom in the top so go ahead and play that one so miss Missy thank the Mathilde won’t
care in Arizona and we have this configuration of our spacecraft going
again we have very heavy gravitational fields on the bottom and on the bottom
reactors I put the gams of the fingernails in them and like my
fingernail Gantz and on the top reactor is very heavy magnetical the bottom is
spinning anti-clockwise and the top is spinning clockwise the fields that is
generating again we get we’re back to where we have the heat the heat is about
you can feel the field right about right about there it’s very warm right about
there you can see and we’ve tilted these
reactors in the bottom ever so slightly we tilted them inwards right now they’re
sitting all of them are sitting at a four and a half degree angle to the
inside and we’re trying we’re trying that out to see if if by tilting them a
little bit if we can’t get the direction changed right now it seems to be working
pretty good in that that that field on the top it’s about the heat the heat is
like right there maybe you put a foot off of it so that’s been running now for
half a day and we’ll let it continue to run what temperature difference do you say
John that is it was it was noticeable I’m going to
say there’s probably a five degree difference in the in the temperature
once you move in that range we got some measuring devices we’re going to
quantify it better later later on right now we we can only sense it with our
fingers okay can we see the second oh yes this is the second one here in
Arizona this is our our I’ll call it our original spaceship configuration with
the ceramic balls again we have the heavy heavy gravitational on the bottom
and the heavy magnetic on the top saying spinning this ones spinning clockwise
and the bottom is spinning anti-clockwise and you can see we have
three sheets of metal except we have the titanium plate underneath there the
copper plate there and the aluminum plate up there again the fields of the
energy and feel them now they’re stronger than they were before and
they’re very definite that you can feel them about right there uses about the is
where the field of the heat and on the top it’s about right there so it’s a
pretty similar to the other one because they both have the similar mixtures this
one where you have it on a scale so we’re watching me the any change in the
way we haven’t noticed any change yet but we’re watching that also so now this one is our motorless person from here in Arizona and we have our
motorless spacecraft and we’re hooked up to a plasma generator through the
electrical lines and what Strange’s is that the field almost has a pyramid type
shape to it when we measure it with our beeper and it kind of comes out like a
pyramid and then on the top you can see it’s so we’ve ignited it and we’re
letting it go we had a little problem where we had to switch some of the balls
around especially on the bottom the hydrogen balls the gravitational balls
because they were they were leaking you can see where they leaked in the in the
past but other than that it’s running and we’re monitoring it this is a different configuration that
David in our group is working on hey we’re here in Arizona and David’s going
to show you what he’s been up to David go ahead and explain what what is it
you’re doing I found these pots flower pots from
copper flower pots from Mexico and I thought it was a nice idea to enclose
the fields of the experiments were doing here and as you see I’m kind of making a
similar to the spacecraft’s hot tub you see then the top part has a reactor that
is turning around on the inside and inside you see here we have reactor
right there and we have a coil of coils one coil that is loop around and we have
also some magnet I drink on top of the other ring that will be the magnetical
part of the be a space probe okay when you say magnetite what are you talking
about it is black sand where did you put the black Santa caught it isn’t this
ring so you put that inside that white ring yeah okay magnetite nunna coated
that is gonna pick up the fields the money so you got jambs and magnetite in
there yo okay yeah and in the only one is gonna have another half it’s gonna
have another coil in the bottom section this coil also is gonna have a I mean
this ring you know have a coil a small coil in the center with gravitational
Gans these all these are gonna be gravitational guns and you used aluminum
plate here that seems likely that we’re gonna put him here in the plastic plate
plastic plate and that’s gonna go on the top that how is gonna sit and we’re
going to put the rider so hold the holding
the whole thing up so that’s what its gonna look like
and the fields are gonna be in closed completely and we’re still in the
process of nano coating but it’s gonna be what are you gonna man up coat
what part only yeah the inside part okay and and from there and then that way I
want to start loading with the different guns similar to what we are doing in the
other reactors okay and we’re gonna activate just the first prototype I had
two more prototypes that I’m working but this is gonna be the first one okay
let’s take a look at the other stuff we’ll stop this one okay we’re here in
Arizona and David’s gonna explain his other project that he has going on the
other prototype that I’m working with the sink copper plates that I got from
Mexico I’m Kara you can see our reactor in the
bottom part and I had three more reactors inside and one at the top I
have my reactors so it’s five reactor setup yeah and open it up so you see the
inside balls okay they’re gonna be loaded with the dance – we have a plate
per sink wait wait we want to put in this section before we closing and we’re
hoping to put also one of them plastic okay what’s this setup where
does this deal over here this setup is gonna be also a way to use in one of the
other reactors like at this one it’s a like enclosing mm-hm
don’t put it over there don’t put it over there that’s probably our wife
doing closer feels too okay it’s gonna be none accorded in the
inside okay where was your device for making making materials is that gonna be
this device yeah this is for the because it has all the Gans so you’re planning
on putting food yeah I’m funny to put all the food games and all the who will
be almost like a food creator you know rhythmic so I’ll have all the different
elements to pick from yeah it’s gonna be almost like the central feeding unit
okay almost replicator that’s an idea I know that I’m working with I won’t start
you know the food cans and I keep a journal material inside those reactors
is gonna be all for material creation you know about at the same time it can
be the area of spacecraft that can create the food you know it’s almost
like a central fire of yeah okay thanks okay yes you know somebody yet to play
all right Arizona
and so those are some of the things that were working on right now John if you go
back to the second video where you have and course and when you can feel the
heat where you migrating for how much a stronger is a couple of us with this
configuration so last time we could feel energy but now we feel significant
amount of heat with this new version it is now much more like sheep versus just
energy so you have brought it one step down so in a way if you can step it
another step down you should be able to see the light and you should be seeing
what we call the shimmering lights this morning I asked how you achieve this the
heat is on equator this is strong apparently on the equator which explains
it that’s where the these balls contain dancers from original time when they
were filled up against water some of it so at that point the fields coming from
the top breaks down and goes towards the base so there is a conflict of the
fields which are coming from down up as well and the heat which fields are
presumed stronger on equator line is due to the interaction of the two fields
from the top and bottom which they they come together this is what we see on
planetary system unacquainted there is always warmer this is not that the
Equator is closer to the Sun as we’ve been presumed before is from the
interaction of the two fields which run the system directly inside
internally but their son has because of his diameter has some influence on it
but now with this system as John can tell you the most of the hits it’s all
around the Greenbelt area if I’m correct am i right that’s correct so this is the
interaction of the two fields coming from the bottom and from the top and
with the field of their boss bending towards each other it’s pulling them so
now the next step for journeys to convert the field into action what is
got to be achieved if what the next step will be is that the fields from here
have to come let me take any that you can see the fields from here have to
come down and their field which is closest to it will come this way second
then the dynamic field between these as it gets pulled up in the rotational
vortex if you look at it creates a third field which at that point we start
seeing tangibility we saw sing shimmers so we have the the field interaction
between all three which now who starts changing gradually from heat as the
power is increased you got to remember this system has one efficiency which is
this central column now if John changes the basis of this reactors again to an
angle towards the center they’ve done four and a half degree usually is
between eleven point two to nineteen eight something in our region it gives
the best value conversion of the lights something about eleven the
to nineteen point two degrees thirteen point seven degrees we see the total
conversion in sound system depending on the loading so what do you have in an
angle with your reactors if you bend it a bit more forward you’ll find that the
concentration goes up if it’s correct depending on loading and that’s why here
originally we always said in all the operation to keep this centre path open
it is hollow center this am I correct we have a bearing in there to spin them the
motors but other than that it’s it’s open on the top right where the copper
plate is is a bearing a holding them off to be able to spin
yeah if you keep this passage open you’ll find out you start getting more
effect there is a small correction which Alan has already done if you look there
is a power unit here this power unit when it’s moved down allows more
energies to be balanced out because in this path of fields there should be
nothing so now that we changed winds to heat now is the inter if now we have to
adjust up explain to Jon how to adjust the motors the three cores and all the
cores to start achieving to see the shimmer so Arizona is on the way to the
right path as I said last week if they stopped playing they start moving the
right way now the the what I call it they are in that direction and there are
certain things which we have advised them to carry out if they do then you
see other result their problem with this sets is they will not show Southern move
it’s on the wrong greet that you have to change your base to a solid base you set
it on agreed as I noticed it and then because it starts vibrating when it
starts shaking vibrating become fall-off you have to
secure this system and you have to put a plate that it doesn’t fall through the
holes if he has got a possibility to go through and by moving that battery unit
to feed the motor to a lower level next to the other blower we increase the
possibility of the work so we we are in the right direction what they’re going
to do next week hopefully we will see they will show us the heat difference we
can actually see observe people heat variation there is a one thing which we
always have to notice and it’s important and this is what we always said in
agricultural sign the fields does not end here these fields expand beyond
solar system because our plasmid it’s also has to decide and it’s
spherical so they it has a lot of application and by strengthening the
central column field we can dictate the boundary of the craftsman on because
when this spreads out and doesn’t break here if it spreads out breaks here it
gives you a meter you can create a total sphere out of the system that we become
the center and then you create a craft on the boundary this has been done
single reactor solidification has been achieved before but it’s very hard to
maintain it’s one wall to environmental field strength especially in the three
zone space magnetic would but this is what we see this is what there’s just
about to come up and it’s beautiful to see Arizona back on track and slowly
everything is coming together if they keep on this track they will see what
you call they start seeing that radiation in the fields and if is kept
on track maybe they’re about four to six weeks away from solid education if they
keep everything will not get diverted and there are a couple of fuels which
needs to be considered it’s not here and there’s couple of
positions which has to be considered which is not here and these are what I
call the golden key to the oil rose which is in the pocket and there is
something in your talks you continuously repeat it’s good to explain to our
knowledge seekers if you can enlighten us John you carry on explaining that you
have heavily magnetically and heavily gravitationally rotate their course can
you explain what you mean by heavily gravitational and heavily magnetic
properties okay so with the gravitational heavy
heavy gravitational fields what we’ve done is we’ve loaded hydrogen dams on
the outside which by mass ratio is substantially more than the tritium
which we put on the inside or the number two ball with an empty center ball so
what we’re doing is we’re pulling the fields in if you will and we’ve also
paid a lot of attention to the pH of the material that we’re using so we’ve the
pH scale on the the tritium that we’re using is at one point one point seven
and the hydrogen that we’re using is up at thirteen point one so we have a very
strong gravitational pull on the bottom on the bottom floors all three of them
are are similar in that effect on the top core it’s much more magnetical in
nature or and what we’ve done is we’ve taken me the tritium and when we put it
on the outside core and we use by mass ratio substantially more tritium like
128 to one in comparison to a very small amount of hydrogen that we put in this
the number two ball again both are hydrogen and tritium have the the pH
difference such if there’s a substantial gradient so the fields on the top are
all radiating out and the fields on the bottom are
pulling inward can I ask a question I can explain more the way you achieved
high pH yeah and you explain why you go to a page okay so what we did with the
tertium is we mix some dried tritium with with small amount of water and first we started the drive pretty and
that we’re using is I’ll call it a one washed tritium so it’s it’s called
stronger in nature and then we add a little bit of water and then we put it
in a reactor and we oh and we add some citric acid and we measure this the
field the amount of pH and pushed it down to about one one point one point
780 and then we put it in the reactor and put it out in the Sun and it’s our
thinking that when we put it out in the Sun because there magnetical fields that
what we’re doing is we’re pulling the energy fields from the Sun into the the
tritium so it’s like an energized energized from the Sun and Arizona our
Sun is very strong so when we put it out in the Sun for an hour it seems like the
consistency of the material changes to where it’s rather than being orange in
color it’s yellow and yellow black in color for the most part the amount of
citric acid do we have in there is not overwhelming it only takes maybe a
spoonful per reactor or maybe less and then with the hydrogen
what we do is we we use potassium hydroxide to move the the hydrogen Gans
up and again what we’re doing is we’re taking dried hydrogen Gans editing a
little bit of water and adding a little bit of potassium hydroxide until we
reach level of about into the 13s we’re about thirteen point one I’m not saying
that that’s the best way we’ve also been testing other ways to move the pH of the
material up substantially and down substantially and when that when that
other way comes maybe our our material will be even
better but for right now it seems to have that gradient difference that’s
allowing the the fields to be strong be strong again when we had the small
gradient difference of you know approximately seven seven for the
tritium which is what our normal tritium runs and then about nine point two for
the hydrogen you know that there wasn’t the strength of the two fields will
didn’t appear to also move the meter as much yeah if you remember about a few
months ago when we were talking I explained to you when you achieve 14 two
to fourteen or one and a half or two to you will start reaching the point where
you can create fields for what you call it before left so you’ve managed to
achieve roundabout thirteen point one and one point seven which is more or
less six or seven times is there another point
which you have to now consider to increase this power is to increase the
ratio discussed this before you have to increase this this ratio outside to
inside to run about 1200 to 1 you take your time to achieve it the gradient
frost what you call the pH will give you a stronger field for interaction and
creation of the shimmer and a solidification so if you build it up
you’re going to want to NT 8 go to 256 and then the same ratio up learn about
1000 to 2500 ratio is very much like 2500 rpm and so you should be able to
start seeing stronger fields with the same if you can still push the pH up or
down will give you a more factor of water of magnitude and so you start
seeing higher and stronger fields there are couple of things are still missing
in this structure so when you call it you come to it then you will see you
need the rotation of the balls inside because most of your tests at the moment
are non rotational balls and this nor this balls when they rotate see if they
increase the bending and the temperature use a mercury temperature meter not the
beam derivative and then you will see the temperature difference
and then you can go to the next step and you’re not very far but the next step
were you to increase pressure is change in that density now becomes order of
magnitude or pH and or the rough road the road ratio what is your load ratio
at the bottom is still 128 to 1 now on the bottom we have 48 2 2 or 2041
you got to increase that to that the fields can go upwards or stronger okay
and we actually discussed this morning how to test for the fields and then you
should be on your track anything else you would like to share with us no I see
thank you very much thank you very much and thank you to your team it’s
fantastic when I saw that brass don’t remind me of we made that with the plant
pot in nearly in the sense I know it’s somewhere the plant pot so this is on
the same kind of track but it’s totally different but it’s fantastic to see give
ideas new ways thank you very much to you and your team is there anybody was
ask any question from John no questions is registered with us I’m
here mr. guest yes like a person or as know the beeping stop now and and the
power came back on at pretty much the exact moment when the video started
playing for the workshop at the beginning of the workshop so that was
interesting so the life-support machine kicked in
yes I guess that’s what keeps me going is the workshops transform this person
with their hand up but they had their hand up from before so I’m not sure I
don’t think it was in regards to this anybody else if you’re an attendee
there’s 65 attendees here in the zoom and if you wish to ask a question you
can put your hand up and I can allow you to talk I’ve seen questions on the live
stream anything on YouTube or Facebook guys I have a question Rick ah yes to
know your voice yes this is Gladwell I have a question and the question is
about the rotating balls the I think they’re ceramic balls and I was
wondering what the number of those balls are and why we don’t have the inside and
outside ones I believe that we learned that you have 12 on the outside and six
on the inside so I expect maybe two rolls two circles of balls with six
inside and clapping so why why is that not the case you we actually we do have
you can’t see them but there’s actually six on the inside behind that the
that row balls there’s another Romo balls inside and there’s 18 on the
outside okay thank you very much dr. catwalk
can you read your zone please or some messages there for you okay I’ll do that
mr. Kesh think and the other question we have dan has
his had his hand up I think you allow him the talk hello again did you want to
speak your hand was up briefly there yes thank you I want to know in this book
really equi equator line what about give up love ganz and use the
only field center of like in next only previous workshop when mr. Kesh say what
with only with feel not against which means making one reactor may put inside
the holy balls octane is feeling me in the middle and
use this is people boil full of down or stand of gods of field eventually we’ll
get there but this you have to do is you have to create those fields in in the
center ball of your reactor and once you do that and once you create the strong
field plasma then you can create more or other ping-pong balls by putting them
into this into this field plasma if you will but you have to create this strong
field plasma first in other words light up the fields in other words you have to
create that energy light if you will the plasma light letmego awesome thing that makes me
something that they might enlighten something what actually should happen
between all the three base reactors between the all the three base reactors
somewhere here and this reactor up here they should be a free zone plasma which
is with the placing of the six reactor gets pulled roughly into the equator
line the planetary system when it comes into operation or in any position to any
satellites or whatever moon or whatever is the interaction with this free plasma so you have to remember this all the
time this goes back to the teaching of since 19 2014 and all the teachings we
repeat and you can take your balls off this and this is the free plasma total
free plasma of the whole structure and in part is one of the reasons that you
feel heat here so even though we have this dynamic
course with materials in it the real free plasma is the yellow bomb
summer day this is where with this configuration we have created a dynamic
double plasma and it’s a double plasma skouries of the single core because of
the interactions of what in fact in totality is nearly 5 cores into layer
and in some cases four to six cores into layer on top of each other so this has
to be kept in mind don’t get distracted by the balls and rotating walls and
where the three plasmas went with this all our reactions in a way is the soul
of the body it’s the soul of the system all this physicality does if you look at
it there is something important if you go back to poverty teaching you have
this you see it that’s why they feel heat gradually we will see the first
shimmers if you look the same we have with the structure of the planetary
system the center core of the earth thus the soul of the earth and now you have
the surface of the earth which is the physicality of there in fact if you look
is the same we have the same structure the soul of the man and the face of the
man but because of the gravitational pull of the body as we said you have the
physicality of the way and this is the same if you look at the repetition of it
so once we create a balance column you can hold it here you will see the
manifestation of the physicality of the body in respect to plasmatic environment
of the universe not the earth this has to statement we
have to remember this because we have created a plasmatic environment in this
course this plasma core here is the gravitational-magnetic field plasma of
the universe no there that’s why I can manifest this
stuff and all this of one planetary system or anywhere else there is a part
of the what we call atomic structure teaching that is again unknown to the
world of physics and in so many ways if we are trying to go back on and come
back on this one it is very simple I try to do it on this screen you understand
this has never been discussed by a nuclear physicist but is what it is if
you look we have in a nuclear structure a better choose another color in the
nuclear structure we have a proton and we have an electron rotation of the
electron confirm the existence of that look at it you have the center of the
earth and physicality of the earth where you have all the oceans and all the
hills and mountains if you look at it it’s exactly the same the skin of the
planet is the electron of the planet but in a way has solidified a search word it’s dynamic and if you look other
nuclear physicists or the atomic physicists and you look at the structure
and we follow more or less the path of the electron around the proton we see
the same kind of structure around the solid estate of the matter of the earth
around the center it’s exact similarities so what we will see
in a coming time we can confirm and in a way explain that the skin of the planet
is the electron of the planet the boundary of the skin because if what we
call inertia this stays the same the inertia that magnetic field layer of the
earth which we call it a solid core is actually the energetic balance between
the higher and lower energy of the electron boundary as we know electrons
move within the shell here is free here it has all devices but the field still
rotates within it which with a heartbeat of the center what this tells us is that
what some of the things with general notice soon will be this shimmering and
then by adjusting which I’ll explain to John how to do it
it has to refine it the full shape and that center pole is the soul of it
this goes back to all the teachings go back in times five years it’s all in
there now it becomes together now you understand why with placing these
twenty-four or sorry eighteen balls upside down six balls inside we have
given it conformity because now as you have the fields of here now you have a
small field of these cores which continuously confirms the salt
defecation confirmation of holding the fields in a way if you look at it is
like your breasts of the chicken all the balls which come in our chest of the man
that’s the reason for these balls that does not matter what we support but it’s
the same with underneath now is this one I’ll change the color you understand
more now is this one with this core part is the smaller disc or two and it’s this
one with this core but when you start creating rotation in this disc these
solid beams become solid matter it gives you the solid structure of the
physicality that’s why I said to you on this morning talking get your balls
moving because you need a system the motor heats up what you got to do change
the position motor in a way that it doesn’t need to eat up you got to bring
it inside the motor is outside find a way to bring your motor inside so now
you see how the structure should start building up you kept the ratio of 124 or 128 up 48
down this balls have to have a ratio between the two as it’s stronger he
feeds the weaker and is a stronger it feeds the region so you create a server
like allison is online for flight and we explain it directly as i was always
ready to create the structure but if they go and play like past month or two
then we have to wait till the court of the nursery stop playing
but if they is now you see how this ratio is taking place it’s a very direct
you understand the relationship between the structure of the electron and a
proton you understand the structure of the
physicality of the earth now we understand the physical body of the
planet is actually the electron operate in respect to the environment in the
other point this is free now we’re gonna have the same thing with our course
without flying systems this is where the worth of that money holy the atomic has
lost extract with the geology we’re in fact the exactly the same thing we’re here the mass of electron creates
all inertial boundary maximum/minimum we’re in a planetary system the shell of
the body then you have a magma here the magma and this gap here are exactly the
same thing and then you have the soul you have the same thing if you look the
soul of the man then you have the face of the man then what you have in between
you have the magma we call it the brain of is no difference I’m here on the same
track we’re on the right track to complete their position I congratulate
John and his team back on track and if they stay on track no play around okay
they win the test is something they came up with a new fuel combination but
there’s another way to create a higher what they call Aquinas which is a
gravitational field an acidity which is the giving then it explains a lot of
this this is also explaining to our knowledge seekers past week or so a lot
of these things to fill in the gaps understanding of the gaps and then if
you understand this you can create a condition continuously that you receive
fields from the environment you never lose if you look at the descending and
ascending of a system as graining or giving energy then you can see it only
to add the gravitational-magnetic is how you host polarity through your system
and how you move the center core in is a string is there anything else you want to
explain job or any other question no I haven’t yes yet other didn’t we added a
little bit of deuterium in and all of our our hydrogen in our tritium and what
we’re what we also found was when we put our deuterium out in the Sun it was our
thinking that we were able to again strengthen it as we saw a gray layer or
a gray film appear on the top of the deuterium which we felt was the stronger
more resonant use for the rather than just the flame powder so or whatever
that’s worth thank you very much about any questions there’s a couple of questions a sense
has San asks John talked about fingernails why is there a Gans of your
fingernails there thank you um we so one of the things
that we’re attempting to do is to connect um our energy field with the
system we wanted to kind of stay away from the blood at this point and we know
that the fingernails also contain a DNA so what I did is I made the Gans of the
fingernail and I put a little a little drop in the in the bottom reactors and
my thinking was that with my soul I’ll be able to let’s say interact with the reactors in a more positive and
meaningful way including even at my own now that should have that connection
field to the reactor some cells and it’s kind of in my thinking moving us closer
to the controls with our thoughts you anything else okay well we have Lawrence
as his hand up and he’s got a question about the balls I believe Lawrence can
you go ahead yes good morning hello hi Mike well my question was whether we
can use the central tube within the star formation to create scaffolding
using the free plasma if we put a simple empty ball in the system where we have
joined the free plasma who would be capturing that simple free plasma but if
we put say two or three balls stack up onto each other like if we had swallowed
something and the tubers in ourselves or the chakra system of our bodies then we
would be having three plasmas up in the center and below each other in similar
strengths but in slightly different strengths and use this free plasma for
scaffolding for the next level of star formation that is the question
your transfer it my thinking is that once you create the spaceship that
everything that goes into that spaceship will carry the energy fields of their
spaceship so you can take as much gas long as you want inside the spaceship
once you create it and come out of the spaceship with I’ll say as many as much
scaffolding as you want that’s my thinking the point I wanted to make is
that with the motor system and Ganz’s we are somehow still tied to them metal
level and if we capture the free plasma and use the free plasma then we do not
even have to put our own Ganz’s inside because we are already at the level of
souls and we can interact with our emotions this is the teaching we’ve been
or something like this has been the teaching that we’ve been listening and
learning about in the last few weeks and when I saw this drawing with the tubes
I just had an intuition and I wanted to share and ask mr. Kesh this question or
you the question whether it’s it’s the same thing as we have now just in the
direction of the spaceship without motors so basically the next level of
scaffolding using only the free class yeah the position of reactors without
motors and without actually poles is the future development but we got to
understand in the universe we have no motors man has advantaged it’s
discovered and built it over centuries it’s one of the beauties of knowledge
gained from this planet in the universe is unique and in that process we have
used it to create but in the future development maybe next five years two
years depending now that the what we call government’s are involved with the
Keshe foundation development not the spaceships we will reach
non-mo turn on containment reactors where the field of the creation of the
dimension will enforce the creation of the actors imposition of the voltage
that this is a future development but we have to be getting there this is why
last week in my my talks I in a way gave him to John go back you are going the
right way and not be seen it immediately the result has changed to heat in a way
he chose but now they have to determine the position of their field interaction
not some changes needed to compress this into physicality and we will see the
other like to see the first structural made the same as the body of the man
without matter estate John has a clear guidelines I explain to invest money to
reach that this fine-tuning now it’s just matter of fine-tuning and then if
you fine-tune good enough then we can get rid of the motors and the course
what would happen if we took an empty ball put it in the center of the star
formation failed it that center ball moves that center ball which you want to
put in there to contain the first or why do you want to contain it secondly in
vibrance it on top in some cases you will see in the future it moves
according to expansion of the core sometimes it’s a time it moves slightly
due to the pressures from magnetic field it’s a barometer to hold the structure
you can’t confine it and thus imaginary confinement in a way if you look
underneath you of what you call UFO you see three lights which is the base right
and one in the center that Center is not the top reactor is there what do you
call it plasma field reactor in the middle that’s what you see you don’t see
the top reactor you never see the top reactor in a way when you look from down
and most of the plasma reactors you cannot see through them some some some
species you can see the light through the base you had a drawing some hanwen
when you mother you had a drawing sometime when you moved the free plasma
to the height of the top reactor with another reactor that was placed on top
of the force reactor the magnetic ray does kind of things you have to
understand what yet ok so we are not you cannot wash it it’s very you cannot push
it unless you make certain things to parameter changes in all the system you
collapse the structure of physicality yes I understand
thank you very much any other question what is interesting for us is to
understand more in physical dimensions and understanding of totality of
everything and in so many ways working in the direction of creating plasma
fields which we can measure which we can deliver which we can understand the work
of the plasma the totality of plasma physics is not the dimension of
physicality we have to move on outside this dimension we have to move on in the
direction that we understand more about the work of the plasma and not the
matter state of the plasma and this is this will be important for all of us now
that we are achieving and what we seen into the switching with
John the next phase of interaction what is important is that many many works
have done many many confirmation of the field and traction done now moves away
from matter state into the plasma state and the field motion so it’ll be good
for all of us to move in the direction of now going into plasma motion
understanding the motion of the fields understanding the interaction of the
fields we need this from now on that what will happen in the universal
dimension the stars planetary systems all of the galaxies put together total
mass is maybe less than three to five percent of that visible materialized in
the strength of the body of the man point of observation physicality if we
decide to live with a five percent go from star to star what are we going to
do with other ninety five ninety eight percent of users the beauty sits in
those and actually in the county of London so to be able to work within
dimension of the ninety seven percent or ninety five percent of the universe we
need to understand the work of the plasma on a field level not on a matter because in so many ways it’s very much
the stars and when we develop more in the science of the universe the field
parameters of the galaxies are little islands in the ocean of the universe the star is ocean in the island in this
ocean planet Earth is a dot in this ocean would you like to be standard on the desert island in the universe when man loses his attachment
confirmation of physicality we find there is more in the world of the
universe three plasmas interaction of the plasmas in a simple way
John has showed us today he could feel a wind and I said weeks ago follow the
wind now he feels heat now in time comes we’ll see the shimmers the light will
see the physicality but these are all made of the interaction of the fields
and if we expand and knowledge we will see the interaction of fields you see
the work of the universe you see that new dimensions can be given
new understanding is needed so would you like to leave in a deserted island with
no ships around and watch and wait and see somebody comes that’s what we done
as human race on this planet would you like to get stranded walking from one
island to another make a colony and making new generation and people will
forget how you are right there because you forgot the technology of this base
technology and then they have to go through the evolution of thousands and
millions of years that they might find that path if they survive the
interaction of the fields of the universe and then they were taken to
space and then the whole cycle start or you want to be again as part of the EM
what are called the sails of the universe on the ships of the space of
the universe it’s called spaceship means finds and
spaces is a ship which works within the space of the universe not on the land of
the universe this is the space we have the whole 97% of the universe then we have to understand now that
become the sailors of universe in the spaceship same as the earth the
direction of the current rules of the seas their rivers inside the interaction
of the salt water and the sweet water the interaction of the hot and cold it’s
the same in the universe there’s no difference but this time we have a
stronger field than a weakened field you have fields that rivers which move
against each other you have dams and reservoirs that the
fields just gather and do nothing and you can sit there it’s like sailing on
the ocean you’ll find the turbulences in the interaction of the fields due to
rapid expansion of one galaxy or collapse of another how do you stand the
storms of a hurricane in the high seas now the whole thing is you have to be
able to make a ship in a higher level you have to be able to make a ship that
it can stand all the turbulences of the universe so it means you can’t attach
yourself to physicality you have to be able to understand how to sail this
matter physical structure which you created out of the field of the universe
you call it the spaceship to be able to sail the winds of the universe now you
see nothing has changed the problem has got bigger man was happy to move from
the leg into the back of a donkey was cutting in and then he was happy to find
their engine and find a car it was happy to find a jet and then now he’s happy to
find a spaceship but you’re back on the same track you become the sailor in the
oceans of the fields of the universe current the only difference with this is
that now you’re all submerged inside the universe we are submariners of the
universe because this universe as I explained with the fields and the
face of the earth and the face of the man has a center of plasma a face who
lives upon it who lives on the surface of this universe how would we become
when we find our way to the surface of this universe remember one principle in
the world of creation what is in macro now you understand when you speak about
those who live within the planet Earth we ourselves would in the structure of
the universe we haven’t seen the service of this University no one has ever
spoken about this up to this point but as a messages were universal messengers
we have to open your eyes because sooner or later some of you will break through
and you come to a dimension which you have never thought existed but it’s the
reality that’s why I brought the dimension of the service of the atom
service on earth and the service of the solar system and your reactors we are
some moments of this universe we have never been told we have never
been guided how do we interact when we entered service of consumers if it takes
you 40 hours or 24 hours to go around the
surface of this planet can you imagine the time would take you to go around the
belt of this universe not as the fish but as the man of the universe this is the reality that some of you who
take into space will come to face so because in reality you get caught in the
volcanic eruptions of this planet this universe and your pop-up or through the
dimension of interaction traveling to another universe by mistake you come to
a dimension a new diverge it has the same structures this universes in
structures this planet valleys mountains oceans of its own matter
and now that we have brought to this point man has to understand the
travelers of the universe does not finish for endless universe we are in
the shell we are in the structure of the universe which has service as has when we spoke about the black hole in
the center which is the soul of this universe it’s the same as the soul of
the man you have the brain of the man and a transition of the points from A to
B and then you have the face after you have the face of the planet now how man
has to accept the face of his own some of you in this process will end up there
or your future generations will live on this land we’ve been on this land we
know the dimensions you’re those who live within the magma
of this universe he has a face yes it’s one of the reasons why man cannot
see beyond it because has a certification of his own state of matter
in positions now this might not sharply humanity but
that’s the truth you have to face now that doors of the universe are opening
not many in this universe to all the spaces you’ve seen have managed to break
you but from what we see what we understand with the Internet of man
there is a possibility man might break through this in the coming time so we
got you will not see humans with two legs and two arms and rest he has his
own structure creature because this universe itself is part of the universe
and it has the same as what we see here stars galaxies and this there are those who are about the same
as man is above on this planet if by accident John or any of you who
start these testings jun’s to the gravitational field above or by accident
created dimension you will go through then manner will come to a new damage as
I said this has happened to other races is not man will not be the first one
will Papa would you become a diamond in the volcanic eruption or would you go
through a transfer of the heat or in another shape or form through the
barriers into the surface of the new damaged
it’s a vast ocean which man has to learn not but at the same time when you learn
when you arrive if the time and merriment progress carries on because
top of his own weakness but I can travel into the other universes the way we
start waiting for so now that the man child has grown
my child has the evolution of the man hasn’t started
and this is the beginning you have broken through the line of knowledge if
you remember months ago I kept on saying we have a page some one group has
managed to create the wind and now you understand why I have decided now many of you as you remember
Arvin shouted out last two words we don’t know which two were the last two
involved where are those who want the universe or has it shown to about
the universe on the foundation of mythicality
there’s no difference do not get shocked there is no difference in exactly what
you have you now find out I was a hunter now I became wanted now I thought that
on top of now you find out your submariners that you have learned how to
live and breathe within the structure of this liquid of plasma you have to take the step you have to
take position and condition you have to go in one step to open your eyes to new
ways of communication to new ways of being able to go home what you need
anchor then you can always pull yourself back you become like very much like your
parachute is but the climbers – while you’re parachuting free-floating you’re
tied up with the rope that can come back home to the planet one of the main jobs
of some of you who become stop this process will be to create the point of
reference that those who wish to come can always come because the open fields
and oceans of universe and everywhere in the universe has a GPS of itself
Universal GPS is much easier than a man-made GPS any questions hello hello mr. Kesh hello everyone as
you suggested to us last week this is various from Romania and you
suggested last week that we can try your suspending a ball and two uttering the
ball or a mixture of co2 gas oxide gas and some amino acids luckily I had the
nano-coated both on the inside and outside and I tried both ways to move
with the energy of my hands and with my mind but I not noticed that is that when
I closed on the hands near the ball in mostly 20 seconds there was a connection
it was like a hole created for me and the ball it was like a new entity and I
was somehow locked in there and the energy was very very high and in a way I
managed to move the ball but not very much but it something happened there and
the same I tried with my mind so I moved a few meters away from it and I was
feeling a high pressure on my forehead on my top of my head and on the backside
of my neck and I think it’s somehow related to the third eye where the
energy of my head or even my soul and I think there was something there
triggering but I didn’t manage to to move the ball but I think and I
asking you if this is a similar approach with the free plasma that is created in
the center of the star formation or in our spaceship a free plasma if you go
back this has been in teaching since 2013 and we emphasized on it very
heavily to you in the business I know teaching with their knowledge seekers
and now you can see it you you will physically see this this field force is
very strong and in so many ways we we shall it but due to its higher strength
the the process is as John said he left his nail cutting and you have to go step
further but now that you open the knowledge of the man you have put your
sole marks on it soon you learn you use for the fingerprint then you put the
plasma cancer of your blood and we hear a name but one thing which you will say
learn very soon in a common time day damn they what I call the curvature of
the learning from known and be very very fast the class of different society in
the knowledge of a space will be so rapid in the coming weeks and months
that it will create a separation and division amongst men those who preferred
one those who get frightened of the change and what is to come and what it
is and what my advice is tolerate each other and accept each other the way it
is just because some of you become so fast doesn’t mean you’re wrong and some
of you who are not scared but prefer to be in the dimension of the matter city
of this planet except that basement of the human race and you’ll find out for
those of you who go very fast I know two or three people
in the Keshe foundation and see them coming up to that level and dark doors
who can share their souls to the creation apart of the control of the
system and share to control of the dimension of the motion so you don’t
need a nail cutting because when you put very much as John said he puts one ratio
of their what you call Gans up one thing in the center he’s actually put on a spy
inside he’s put part of him if that structure inside to be able to control
through it how much absorbs now that can be useful that drop and through it you
can make a lot of controls on the spaceship and those who start doesn’t
have any physicality of the broad plasma of the nail or whatever and this coming
as part of the teaching I’m teaching you in two directions three directions to be
able to reach there are some of you who are testing in the background trying to
understand come out with it talk about it and you learn with it the Keshe
foundation in Arizona has a financial backing to be able to operate and do
these kind of testing it’s fully particularly subsidized and paid they
have their they can cut into what they like and they pay some of it themselves
on the operation they do and some of it comes from other things but most of you
don’t have this background it’s the same as with other research centers in cash
remission so but doesn’t mean their answers should come out of our
relationships the answer cars come to come from the sole Optima always say
exactly round this time ten years ago in 2008 I was in South Korea the use of
Samsung Group and I attended by the imitation
of the ox of their presence after a year at a nuclear center of South Korea
Center to give a lecture to the nuclear physicists of the South Korean
government and they all walked in with a big fuck off like a pack of papers with
them and they were all the same marching about turned to all of them many more
and and I was wondering what is in their hand
because I was possible was this big pack some seventy four hundred pages of
papers they’re carrying and as I’ve said before I heard it that was South Korean
government nuclear physics physicists and the government decided to download
all the pages of the Keshe foundation for the scientists understand what I’m
talking about so they were carrying the website
application under on now I explained to them to understood and as is tradition
higher land can speak and Lord I cannot speak in this kind of meetings and
they’re one of the top scientists said we were expecting that such a technology
maybe in 3040 years comes out of United State and I said to him you put yourself
so low that you think you’re on an American that’s how much they
brainwashed you cannot think you could be equal on more and this is the control
of the mind what we accept and this has to be the same with our knowledge
seekers nobody is supporting them to know and some of you will move in the
dimension of what you call being able to in a way become the essence of the soul
of the systems and develop systems much faster but once in all our research
centers you create the dimension of the craft we had a guy called Ali from
Canada he was enjoying that direction but he lost it somewhere and and we had
to let him go because he was very much on the track to go where he was going
and as usual with people like this we allow them in Latin to take their own
direction but there are other people in the foundation who who have that ability
to go and some of you will learn instead of living and nail cutting or drop of
blood or asking of the cat or whatever you understand you share you don’t give
you share part of the energy of your soul
in a way you become twin with your system you become the key which that key
allows you to drive home just as vision so this is the process which a lot of us
will go to a meal and it is important that we understand and it’s important
that we develop technologies it’s important that the technology does not
stay and becomes part of the statement it becomes part of the science of the
plasma so you don’t need these things but
sometime as I said some people would go to the spaceship and some people become
this patient and also you got to remember something very important there
and this will come to you some of you in the time of the trouble you will come to
it and you understand it and that is either your soul has led to the creation
of your physicality on this planet in the open spaces of the universe in the
condition of the universe you’ll salkelely to creational condition
of creation of the planet where your face changes to a planet that its
decision of still conscious still aware but in a way you’re part of there
what I call turbulence flow of the fields of the universe you got to
understand as the man changes living in China to the Chinese face living in
Africa in the color of the skin because of the condition of the environment and
as he’s changed the color as is reached Europe now that the mahan colonizes the
space the face of the mammal change is inevitable and that’s the soul of the
man machine interaction with the physicality of his universe dilation
elastic plasmatic optical existence will give his face and his dementia so if you understand this and you
understand that the soul of the whole thing is the soul of the Creator the
Creator has a face as the physicality of existence he cannot be anything but what
he has created that if as I said did you know last week when we are part of the soul of the
creator and be known that the soul of the Creator it is equal amongst call so
the Creator itself cannot be any different then the whole
of the universe becomes the gap between the soul of the creator and the brain on
the ocean or magma which by the field reduction leads to the creation of the
physicality then in which part of the emotion of the
creator would like manner to sail the direction of his own any questions we have zinging with his hand up singing let you go ahead there just be a second
to come through okay she bailed open your microphone
there now I’m mr. Kesh hello can you hear me you got this feed the
bed love the trees yes sir all right thank you
I’ve been in a long process of self-discovery in working with the
fields I built a lot of the reactors and I
followed as much of your instruction to the best of my understanding that I
possibly could and I still AM and I’ve discovered an awful lot of
things about myself and everything else it’s been a long hard road and but it’s
it’s been good and great and a really good experience and I started working
with the soul whenever you were discussing it whenever you began
discussing it and I got to a position where I can I could see without my eyes
closed and I’ve got to experience I’ve been experiencing awful lot of amazing
things and there is another dimension and it is extremely beautiful and I’ve
been blessed with the opportunity to have some interactions with some I’m not
sure how to explain this because I don’t want to go well there’s actually like
there’s there’s like a little big animals we
keep on losing you yes sir because in your voice yes oh can
you hear me yes oh well there’s some ah there’s some like there’s entities and I
can actually feel them and see them very well and they’re pretty amazing but
there is still a lack of an understanding on my part due to I’m not
sure how to completely interact with them on bases so more of an
understanding where I understand what it is that that they would like to
accomplish or to achieve or I know I love them in their dirt they’re
extremely amazing but I don’t know where to go from here and I don’t have nobody
to talk to about it it’s just I don’t know would you like
this all group sir I said would you like us to create this all group not soul as
a singer so what are the soul of the man as I said many many people will move in
different directions and now they start searching as one of our knowledge
seekers rotary send a very very small number of people know about this
technology and this product that monster or most and more and more no but then
the whole situation will change the reality is we have to be able to exist
as our individual souls can achieve done most for our souls and then in that
level to be able to enlightened the knowledge of the soul is not taught with
language the knowledge and enlightenment of the soul comes from giving up a soul
soul has no in a way languages as we have so for those who get enlightened to
see what a call and more and more powerful dimension those souls that they
become the teachers or enlightenment of other teachers of other students and
other knowledge seekers when you reach this point of maturity that you become
enlightened then you have to change the process of teaching not by words and by
whatever but understand how you achieved it and through the same process reach
the soul of the others and then the process starts but then you have to
understand the soul of the universe and then that’s another matter that needs a
lot of understanding yes sir I have one more question may I ask
yes I have I’ve been working with the fields an awful lot and they’re amazing
I’ve got to the point where I’m very linked to a lot of things and in the
process so they actually I just through focusing I can create a free plasma and
can you please explain anything and at about that please I knew yesterday what
you exactly mean that you want me to explain okay let’s say let’s say I have
some Gans balls okay and I can focus my I can just stare at
him for a few minutes and just focus clear my mind and they’ll create a wind
and then they’ll start expanding and then it kind of light up like a a
beautiful little star and but they seem they it’s it’s I have one outside that
is so playful it’s amazing but does anybody else see the lights who create
i’m sure we out the woods and I don’t have any prints you know I was talking I
was talking with Caroline a few days ago and we were sitting in the garden and
she said you know how much no Brock birds have increased in the garden I
said yeah because we could see them it’s very ignore Mille to see birds and she
said I’m spraying co2 and zinc oxide and CH around to the plants around the house
and they keep on coming and getting more and more and in a way what is
interesting with top early around as a dog they have no fear so in so many ways
many people tell you this the we we change the environment even than we
touch the soul of the animals they come they see this is this is what we have to
understand maybe human beings can’t see but the animals do they build a trust
they see the soul we don’t need as a last man
the way you share in the woods out of nowhere you’re the last one standing
what is going to happen if you set the system or here with you so that you can
take off and be somewhere are you going to come back I will have to anchor home
you know where home is if you have the attachment so maybe you’ve got to see if the birds
increase or the animals come around or even direction of the flow of the fields
of the trees change yes yes that that that yes yes yeah yeah okay thank you we have it all set sorry go ahead
now go ahead miss Ke$ha other said we we start going deeper in understanding
because I see with you some of us will sooner or later in a very rapid way will
taking to this place of universe we are like it is a body call it these people
never been on the back of the horse and then suddenly horse takes off and you
don’t know how to handle it and runs down the road or up the hill and you try
to keep reading it and you don’t know where you’re gonna end up some of you
become these space rodeos you set system up but unknowingly you didn’t know it’s
gotta match somebody in the universe and you gonna end up there and you have to understand these things they’re becoming
very close to the stage and the more and more we look at what we are getting and we and what we
are up what we get to and what we are about to achieve it is very interesting to understand how
the position changes how we understand more and how we recognize the space on the
future questions yes we have Richard as his hand up and
think you can go ahead now let me unmute your microphone and see if you can go
ahead hello yes can you hear me yes we can hear you now mr. gage two weeks ago
you mentioned that we can use the interaction of the soul with the heart
chakra to produce levitation can you please explain how to do that in
practice as well as the understanding behind it the soul of the man is the soul of the
planet and the chakra is electron it’s you who decides which economic
strength the closer chakras they are the stronger is positional power and then
you have the concession go through the soul of the man which again becomes a
stronger be stronger the more interactive position of the soul is the
closer is to the center and the center is the soul of the man so you can decide
in the interaction of the soul just field of the soul with the electron
which could be any chakra create dimension of physicality and left in
respect to the body of man some of the very mature people have done indeed what is a chakra what we call man has
come to culture a these are the center point of energy
where does what is energy is the interaction of the fields so now you
have electron then you have protein you have the soul and dynamic position fixed
by the soul of the man you call it the first chakra second chakra one recipe why your first chakra is sitting so low
and far away from the soul of the man have you ever thought why because I want
to create and let go it’s not part of me I want to produce to give away so that’s
the distance detachment from is what I’m prepared to be the boundary of me and
it’s either two legs to it to be able to walk this planet and then you come back
to additional and then if you can connect the soul to the chakras and the
dimension the strength of it we can do a lot of things you can stop a planet
go back into if you look at the original tape which at the beginning of this
teachings was shown where the speaker speaks word the stopping of a core
between Germany Canada and the cesano but that was done between the two and
moving from chakra bringing the field forces that the field forces of the
plasma of the motor could not resist overcomes it was done in a special way
moving the energy through chakras between Bulgaria and this channel it was
done within seconds because as you move from one to another you increase energy
the energy of the core could have been at the level of their second or by the
time it got its recorded you can literally listen this is part of the
record is typed in communication and it was achieved by the for sure so we have that power we can extend it
it’s not that we stopped the reactor it means that the field which created
overcome the field of the strength of the water or the rotation of the plasma so when we speak the interaction of the
soul and chakras chakras are energy point is a conversion and you know there
is a scientific position qualities of centre forces we call the chakras or
whatever in different languages but if you disturb any of these you can cause
the death of a man if you manage to reach the centre of your chakras and you
disturb it in a way that disintegrates or expand you change the physicality and
causes death or change of the dimensionals happy and yet somebody asking in the
background how was your food with the robot absolutely fantastic we had a
fantastic time meeting with our with the robot as I said to you last week I was
going for a dinner for with the robot and she cooks gorgeously and as I was
eating I said this is one of the most delicious food I’ve eaten because it
just had the taste of the food didn’t have the emotion of love or hate or
anger of the cook and it was extremely we had number of dishes cooked by this
robot and it was amazing it tastes so good I’ve decided to marry a robot
hoping a robot to cook but unfortunately stop big and it’s not completed yet but
it’s a strange how we can give our cooking to something without emotion and
then we see the essence of their true essence of the food so so you’re saying
that lamb doesn’t need to be put into food oh yes so you have extra at least
the other pizzas not there but if you want to really taste the taste of the
fruit the vegetables the meat it was an experience I went there to understand
the emotion of the food and it was fantastic it was it was experience and
one dish after another was another trip down understanding how a thing really
tastes more or less because it was no no emotion put it at a time of mixing it
together I knew it it was one of the most delicious fruits and said now I
understand the emotion has a lot of factor in the food when it becomes so
delicious you want to eat it is the love maybe isn’t it or what happens when you
don’t have anything in it what is there we had the cookie nothing number 2
robots and it was very very delicious seemly one day I’ll give you the
pictures of mr. robot or mrs. robot so were some things fried and other things
the Borah senior would yes all varieties of variety things they were so good I
can’t remember what I ate but it was it was very nice and you could taste it
from the first time so I recommend if you find a robot you
get food in actual taste of it without emotion and then you see how how that
tastes well let me it may be that we’ll get
that sort of service faster than we expect they say that when the minimum
wage reaches $15 an hour which they’re projecting over the next year or two
that is the break-even point where companies will start hiring the robots
basically for example as a barista ma in the cafe they’ll all suddenly change to
robots at that $15 an hour sort of marker point which will which will be
shortly probably within the next year or two it’s already I think that increase
the prices to cover the $15 as we are desperate for despair on that Sunday
which will pay for it mm-hmm as long as our people to pay and they
don’t have time to make it they don’t really care where he comes from robots
for a man but that $15 is the Canadians and Americans an African is happy with
just in dollar a month sometimes a week mm-hmm so the world does not go around
Western words that the more I spend time around all that realize the humanity
does not go what they call North America and Europe has become very self-centered
that everything is what they plan no people live with one banana and maybe no
dollars in their pocket for months at a time but this was why and everything in
my life but maybe in the Western world we’ll get to
the point that we have to do something but what I see we can see John he can
create heat in the cooking in no time and so we have the lights and we don’t
need to pay the fees for electricity maybe the wages will come down one of
the biggest fear of the governments with the Keshe foundation is always we’ve
seen radical moves and everything else with it is the way new knowledge seekers
are spreading the knowledge and applying it and teaching it as somebody told me
no religion has grown so fast and mr. Spanish he has become a path of belief
in oneself without the religion without any name to it because we start
believing in what we do in ourselves and we don’t become a consummate on the
common religion we stay individuals who become conscious of their environment
and their own soul and it’s growing very very rapidly and that thanks to all of
you your teaching you even when you enjoyed the knowledge to you saw the
vibration of the soul that feels of their so all of the pleasure of the soul
reaches the other souls and they became the becoming formed we see a change but
that it’s inevitable the monetary system we are used to is
going to change I listen something recently and one of
the presidents becoming president says that marijuana power in cryptocurrency
that the government’s like us cannot control us anymore and we had discussion
very recently government speaking in respect how would cash foundation coins
will come into operation because it has a reality in the back of it and as the
factors of self coming to operation we be back it’s the first time we going
back everything to be backed by the reality of the
effort of their man in his planet and something which came out of the plane
that has no value so people could value on it and as we changed about evaluation
on the effort of the man that we have we start getting respectful the new Keshe
foundation coin is getting looked at and watched then it’s just matter of setting
up the factories and the first returns on it and the payments on it will bring
make they’re very strong strong currency so how many coins cash points to one for
one hour of work or you work with the pleasure of working and you don’t want
to live at the moment we work to live where we have actually to live to work
that becomes a pleasure and that’s that’s the job of the foundation you
will see it very very soon I spoke with John and our Chinese team and the other
Keshe foundation research centers are working in that direction but when you
look at those 18 balls or 16 balls I have I said to John this morning put him
thank white sheet underneath seeing what materials you collect on it is one
corner called a monk on a silver a monk monk on a oil John say it’s just
happened to be a spot of oil on the paper this is what you produced he
hasn’t come you have to gain confidence so if you look at that 18 ball altar
rotating with the star formation and you keep it on the ground and what would you
like water on one of the four balls and beef and energy of whatever the feeding
has become very very easy once this system starving this is part of the
structure your learning ever if you go too fast people will go what you’ve seen
this be the work of Peter a couple of years ago when he showed it
now you see the actual operation so we start we we are literally on the verge
of as we said with a adjournment I was on a team creating these dynamic
reactors and now the heat I mean you can tell you this morning I asked them to
finish it and you can see what you collect we are on a verge of feeding man
without work and biggest problem for man has been shelter food food security is
the biggest problem for all the governments and for every individual
once you are covered and there is no hunger then shelter which we’ve seen the
conditions as we saw with Caribbeans we can create that voice’ system to be
covered this is what was in the patents long time ago and you see in the wisest
system then what else is left do we care it is wrong and there is no suit and
shirt and tied with a leaf will do the job public one to time of Adam and Eve
or the presence of the man we become harmful enough to only show our emotion
in the direction as a friend of mine said Peter files will pop out like
nothing very soon so we see it this is what we have to understand we are going
in that direction and when you look at this unit which is shown in Arizona you
have not understood the potential of what is delivering that system expanded
field is your shelter your home you have to cause running what would you like
a spectrum of the fields that your body needs you have 27 calls 28 cars running combination and a position it gives you
every spectrum of the fields your body needs your food is there your shelter is
what you’re trying to achieve this a lot a confirmation on the wall what else do
you need would like me to give you a miniature one in your pocket and every
minute you change your souls on your jacket because now you don’t need to
where you just change your clothes in your pocket it’s not very far off pocket-sized dressing room we are
getting there this all this is matter of depend on how
fast the humanity moves this matter of a short time away miniaturizing one you
achieved it it’s very easy next week I’ve asked John to place thermometers if
we see detect field temperature in the environment confirms the completion of
the creation of freely transfer energy is another Sun and when you put results
in creates according to his position strength anything oxygen hydrogen man
has become independent none of you have understood the gravity
of these plasma systems you all made now you understand now one comes up with a
solution and shows the rest of you and we are doing it very very slowly we
showed you the wind now it’s the heat remember I like Green Day I’m gonna call
it the proved a special are one and the rest was standing there and saying this
is heat here this is cold here you should have gathered what’s coming
up now start back on the track we got we got the Arizona team back on the track
to do things very rapidly I’m guiding in the forests in the background to get
there and they’re fantastic in their work now we have to tighten the belt
they tighten the belt a little bit we move from the wind now to eat now we can
have a physical interaction because by rubbing each other the heat is produced
there is no motor there there is no radiator to meet up there comes from the
interaction of the field so now we have to measure it this is just a field of
the body of the man or is it environmentally it that it can be found
and let the monkeys will tell us really soon and then we go to the next step
they have to tighten up it’s just literally and he said back off fields
that as you tightened up the gel will create out of nowhere to become
jellified and then you have everything and that’s why I discussed position with
now – ready to go to space what point that you see you understand that you’re
submerged in the CEO motion of the universe there is a path to the landmass
you call it he is enormous try to get above it would
it take man billions of years or with the intelligence of man if you
understood the teaching and you understood the total teaching today so
it’s the soul of the universe in the center would you like to be solved to be
that director on the chakra and then by changing your position you can distance
yourself beside outside the chakra and soul itself to be another state but it’s not transmutation of elements
misunderstanding the interaction of the elements in respective position there is
no other board more people who order the matter won’t be chosen and you
Lauren says his hand up here go ahead Laurens gaming mr. Keshe explained us to
us about the big plasma spiral because they are always within the one system
and you also explained to us about the twin souls that when we are created our
soul always has a twin and my understanding is it’s just like the two
plates within there within any reactor that creates the movement of the fields
that then creates the movement of the Ganz’s our our body is also made of Gans
our thoughts are plasmatic so there are these two reactors one the soul in our
head and the other the twin soul and the movement between these two reactors
creates what we experience as the human being or any any any being that that we
interact with and you were you were telling us many times that when when we
go into the spaceship we should prepare for for being like the sugar and the
water like solving into the water and then when the water evaporates the sugar
comes back in somewhat different form so to be able to control the spaceships
that we are creating we will have to be able to do the same connection as we’d
create with the other twin souls to be able to alter the strength of that twin
so basically the location on the spiral on the big spiral to then be able to
move that what we perceive in our present situation as body or our
thoughts or emotions and all the expressions the ganses that we have – do I understand it correctly they have
a shared knowledge appropriately I don’t know what you’re trying to share I’m
trying to share that we as dancers because we are being moved by the fields
and as far as I understand we have two reactors that are considered like the
plates in our co2 one is the soul and the center of our head and the other is
the twin soul whenever you drew that big spiral of the whole creation of God you
always draw these two these V signs connecting two lines of the spiral and
in the center the of the V sign is what I understand as the body mm-hmm and
depends how you want to call it or what they do we need their physicality that’s
another question it’s it’s the expression of the interaction of the two
fields the connection of the one line and the other line and the one line is
the is the beacon the center of the soul that we have in our head and the other
line the point on the other line is the twin soul and when we understand how to
move the twin soul on two different dimensions on the spiral we will be
creating different V’s like where the two lines intersect and this is the way
of moving the spaceship and the spaceship of the soul and then create
expressions wherever we want on the dimensions and this is also as far as I
understand the point of the teaching in terms of feeding because once we have a
working connection and understanding of the plasmatic feeling between the soul
and the twin soul we will not really need to resort to Stephen I can I ask a
question way if you understood or the fucker
explained another dimension or bring another point of understanding this
might not be understood at the present time without these teachings are
recorded one day in the future somebody will understand if we talk about the
twin soul and we spoke about the soul of the man and the chakra of the man has it
been his electron or what we call his twin solid and strength and as we know
that every energy pack whether we call it the soul of the man and a star
whatever it has a full spectrum and operational point and given a strength
so wouldn’t we as the soul of the man in a spectrum of the energies we carry
mirror twin soul to the Creator because that’s what the truth is in in understanding of totality that’s
that’s worried his became from here connected and in the same process we
carried a spectrum does not matter how a small the stories is the soul of an ant
or a sort of an elephant or a man are we all have carried a full spectrum and
then we know it’s the same with the Creator
then listen in the world I made man an image of myself what is in the level of
the soul the physicality that the man was looking for two legs and two arms then he constantly carried essence of
the Creator with us the civilization does not come from
right position understanding so what but we are learning now is the
way of operation of the soul like how to dissolve and then materialize and
connect with other souls and becoming responsible beings with what we have
been given and created in so many ways you’re right in so many ways we are here
to learn more about ourselves and ourselves it doesn’t come to be the
physicality ourselves goes through to understand through the conduct of our
souls a teaching man has been very hot recently wrote to result – militia
members I want to go home their life on this planet is too harsh and somehow man
plays likes to spray his German because we did he can do what he likes but I’ll
be said if you don’t an away the soul of the whole planet then what do you expect
if it’s allow a lion to eat in front of the man or a cat catches a bear to eat
then man will follow us me even if we take his mom away from the hill created
because he wants to to see what it takes it’s not an easy job this human this is
a very hard part never had such a horrible assignment but sometimes it’s
worth what you learned about the lovin and when we’re creating the nano-coating
with the caustic does the soul of the copper elements and the beings that are
the couple they are interacting with us and are requesting that they have become
elevated we are the heat method we had the magnetic expression that we create
as a condition so so there so some in some respect
I think the soul of each human the soul of humanity the soul of Mother Earth and
maybe the whole solar system is also crying for this magnetic influx of
energy somewhere to be elevated I think we are getting there and we see some as
I said some variation in the work in the past few yes more people are opening up
understanding and they’re the BH how it is in the past 12 months especially some
of the world leaders have opened their eyes to what is about to hit them and
what is about to come and as I said this this manifestation of the core and the
reactors which is sort of it in Arizona and what will come in China will will
change the course of humanity I have not that will walk away from few we walk
away from burden of a lot of things and governments will take em the new
dimension into a lot of things and what are called the bankrupt nations will not
be able to support because the if you look at the nations
Europe 30 40 % 30% of their national growth income comes from making arms
killing another all become obsolete the worst-hit nations on this planet of the
Western world which rely heavily on production of arms
there’ll be worse than the termination because there is no buyer as I’ve said
with the development of this technology the evolution in science will make the
old obsolete you know when the Eastern Bloc opened up
as businessmen we will be rushed into Eastern Bloc to see what golden things
hidden and we found the new things from the West is now much more different than
the ones on the east but the lipid cruder but the West managed to show
shinier boxes for the same product in the box in so many ways and other ways
and suddenly everything became obsolete in the West I remember me say how do you
how do you increase the price of a Lada it says just fill it up with a few times
before double is rice and now this was the same way the school that I see with
the new technology they become the mother’s nobody wants it nobody nobody
was ever started the biggest revolution for nations and governments will be
understanding that their arm is worth nothing and the beauty of this is done
in Hana people not body Nations this this this is where the military guy will
come to accept the term of military hasn’t changed the terms of production must come change
you make the most that – rocket launcher when I press a button you see it adjourn
electronic jammed what is the use of it and then it goes
with others when you create pharmaceutical things that the Tom’s and
you can’t put a system on which is balance and energy the you you looked at
the dynamic course which knowledge seekers like dr. Rodriguez and other
people who are in their health or whatever used and they seen the changes
you watch what Indies dynamic system as the spaceships becomes military to the
help cancel you know cancel eight seconds home there is no hunger
there is a storm we cover I mean the change will come you can see you pay
$20,000 for a car and $200,000 for a shelter your shelter your car your food
in a suitcase the song who says wherever I lay my head’s my home I don’t need to
work ten hours a day 48 a week for two weeks of holidays for somebody else to
be in whatever card I can have myself so I’m not i satisfy the basic needs and
the best and I take my children to see the whole world I don’t need to teach
them about the wars in history which is on lies to see who’s better than earth one day very soon you understand the
effect of the power of what’s it’s like today’s to other and this is part of what we promised and
the promise is the maturity of the man and nothing else yes mr. cash Pete had a question Pete
from yes Rick I’m here thank you good morning miss Ketchum Pete the universal
cow remember for the college language my question relates to knowledge stick a
session from two weeks ago when Alice asked a question and the question and
you talked about observing yourself from outside like during a sleep condition
where the soul of the man is freed from the physicality anchor and I had a
couple of times it’s like a spectator watching the play and it’s really
because you see physicalities reactions responses to for example having a
conversation with somebody and they seem to be like reflexes that you have little
or no control over and and you can only watch what’s happening it’s a very
strange state and I wanted to ask about what’s the next step what to do next and
also maybe this links to the second part of the question a couple months ago in a
private classes about two months ago you were talking about a lack of
identification with your own physicality or the mirror reflection of your
physicality I listen to a couple of times and to be honest I’m particularly
interested in it because students I remember since I was a little child
it feels weird looking in a mirror I cannot fully identify myself with the
projection or reflection I see it’s it’s like looking at some projection that the
shells something not you cannot fully identify yourself with could you please
explain this a little bit further so that I can understand why I have this
feeling another feeling is becoming aware of
what you’re capable of this is the difference you becoming aware of reality of your own existence
very simple you you you get to know a new knowledge it’s like I didn’t know I
can drive now I can drive I didn’t know I have a car now you have the colony
can’t drive and now you’re testing it and you realize how much you didn’t know
you’re talented it’s very very simple it’s just we have to we are becoming
aware of our own powers our own strength and this is what it is nothing else and we learned more and more we learned
in a way when you stand outside and he watched the conduct of your physicality
become the judge of it that doesn’t do wrong because it’s not in your nature to
do something wrong as you can see what is what will happen and you are in
charge of it and it makes you aware of none the limitation but the openness and
the power that this is what I wanted to be the beauty with this development and
the way we teach is the pleasure of knowing that I didn’t know I have this
power will give a lot of you a lot of strength to to be correcting conduct it
is important that we understand our own strengths and our own our own
capabilities in a way which we have ignored if we can remember what our soul does
when we call it a dream now we understand is access to our soul so be
we becoming aware of what we had we didn’t know it’s very much like you know
where the grandma leaves a pack on their clothing and the grandma goes away and
never comes back and you you’re desperate for something and you
desperate to live whatever and in terms of trying to get something out that you
could change you find it back from them especially a lot of money did for you
and you say oh I did not so rich loving boy so hungry this is the worth within a
man that the man always thought the grandmother but in fact this was in the
man himself the man was stolen from himself she
bought back into the teaching over years I mentioned mentor the biggest thief of
the man is the man himself from himself and this is what was given to Moses thou
shalt box either not steamed from himself was the first rule so what you explained and a lot of
people are coming to it is we are finding that all what we had we we
ignored and we were talking more and to have a power the beauty of it is the
Whiteman only Club the WC has become WC for the club there is no more club in a
way is a world club this all of us in it every soldier beautiful thank you thank you mr. Kesh
and to be honest with this reflection in the mirror that’s a sensation I’ve had a
long time since I remember but I think I begin to understand what it is it’s like
looking at one of your suits knowing that it’s just a suit it’s not you thank
you mr. Gus there’s a comment and the QA
from has an question you always refer to the conduct in your teachings a subject
came in last Tuesday’s teaching of Caroline about anger and not judging and
acceptance of whatever happens has a purpose is adopting the proper conduct
the key to reach universal community and in a way the reason why you say it will
take years for some of us to understand and are the commandments you release the
basics of how to reach space without physical tools thank you
press all the commandments which released was not what was given to Moses
he didn’t release they should ask him where why he put in his pocket we know
all the reasons secondly when we recorded in English destiny and there is
a reason for everything many many times I’ve said the reason we
come is to end the kingship and in a way the king walked into it to finish the
kingship to score on I was listening to it it’s very funny but it’s in fact go
on listen to Celtic club last football match last Saturday it says a lot about
kingship just put Celtic club last match last Saturday in your Scotland and you
see what they think of their family and the kingship two years ago ten years ago
wasn’t heard because gradually people realize we are all equal so to be who
means we have to conduct ourselves equal to but gradually comes I was talking to
one of our knowledge seekers today and said that you know the poverty here I’m
whatever I said come and show you the poverty in the rest is beyond
imagination you think the poverty sits in India come
with me to Manchester come with me to centre of Rome come with me to southern
Rome Italy I’d take you to Paris will be shame to be human walk within 100 metres
from rat again dogs have a better life that man so we have accepted the wrong
concept our own principle and it’s us was done yet but they have managed to
cover it they have managed to fully to cover because they cover something
called boxing television and the reality is very far in the West the hunger is
beyond imagination and the hunger will become beyond imagination in the arms
and all these trainings to destroy order stop the new generation of the computers
which I start releasing the knowledge gradually makes obsolete Microsoft life
why did you have to pay millions of dollars or hundreds of thousand dollars
for given $1,000 for something which is carried within the structure of the soul
and the brain of the man I can show you how within seconds you can use your
structure of your brain the email is inside of your soul and you can transmit
to anybody directly all you want they can even print it for you if I tell it
KnowledgeTree carries beyond man’s understanding you’ve seen it now when
you fly then you understand and now as many of you use the health systems and
the rest you understand more and then those are still to come how can you send an email into the space
or take a thousand years of courting just beat up to whatever they send you
when you can’t turn to mama on Planet Zeus and mom are you coming for dinner at the moment even on this structure
we’re talking about a massive massive shit you got to realize a lot of casual
addition supporters have built these systems are built and understand
everything can be done one last question please yes whenever whenever we work
with the gravity center what what is the what is the arm how would you know if
you’re starting to go too far you can never go far which way do you go far on
the out going out with Mac that’s cool are we going in gravitational well it’s
fine okay I’m going in it comes to the point of the strength of your
understanding has to handle it’s very much I explained this to one of my
children one’s going to the center of the plasma is like being in it in a fast
car and it gets faster faster – the you chickened out because you know you don’t
have to control that’s your limit doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road
does it how many have you ever driven down many of you have in Germany you
know open limit driving and the car says can go 350 but it comes to 200 you start
shaking 220 that comes in oh no I’m not going to a somewhat about 180 is good
enough and if you leave it to my favorite driver Hamilton he does 500
with no fear boom but it is fear beyond the speed of sound and then he starts
shivering after a few kilometers each one of us becomes
of our own limitation in the highway speed of the salvation of the soul of
man thank you see is the ultimate goal to reach to be able to handle the speed
of light we already passed it convey to the people who door the speed of light
is not that was Einstein’s theory you know what I think about I said don’t
let me to translate his name for you before see perfectly you know years ago
when the beginning of the end of thinking putting Felicia’s rule in Iran
actually started a they planned it British the shop you don’t get a
ceremony called the 2504 ality in Iran and they march at all the heads of
nations and they invited their Queen of England to be because the king of Iran
invited and it was too low it was never King she was more than he would she
wouldn’t come but she said what’s called Princess Anne we all know her now the
change had them to world Queen Royal Prince since Diana came she was the only
reality and in Iran you have to excuse my French
they couldn’t pronounce her name the card on which means that because any
Farsi means excrement so you can see where Anson name it starts to say so we
have a long distance with these things it’s the way we understand things and
the way we we allow science within us to grow and the science of plasma has no
weight and has no ownership but it has integrity of understanding and we we decide to what speak we would
like to drive if you drive with Caroline on the motorways in Germany you will say
goodbye she can go 250 300 kilometres no problem
like they like is just the further on the wind I go over 200 I think I was too
much it’s how we accept what is our organization and that will guide us in
direction of the we we have to understand what we want
understanding of what we would like to achieve
I have no limitation in achieving for peace but I have limitation in accepting
somebody more higher than me or you or anybody else calling themselves machine
whatever we are already calls doesn’t matter what clothes you wear but now
that change the clothes even more intelligent so if I can influence your
line of thoughts to I become the king of the owner do we need ruling when we know
we’re all equal as I said seat of kingship is doesn’t matter what level there is a discussion there is there’s a
lot of movement that once of the said man will show understands the potential
of conversion of the energy to matter that he allows him to create conversion
both ways which allows him to enter dimensions of universal community
universal community who will manifest it’s up to those who are able to
understand the gravity and understanding the knowledge gained and we are reaching
that point very very fast we are reaching the point of maturity of
conversion from matter to to energy and energy to other and that’s all it is if
you can raise the space reactants that’s what they are
so you which one which part of it you want to be you want to be under
gravitational to become matter States to hold it on the end what do you want to
be to gravitational and you become the what you call the center and the soul
now the choice is mad you come through the field down and you go up and you hit
the top chord and you become matter state and then you have energy good so
in in fact if you look at the structure of the spaceship structure is the
conversion of energy to matter and matter energy as was the promise of the
prophets but matures when you understand the transmutation of elements but now
it’s actually translation of the plant elements of mattress data in universe
various matter so I have taken in the knowledge you know rather than
understand which is the dimensional structure shall we call it the day I think you’ve
answered quite a few questions today and I think you’ve answered the last
question that I was going to us from her Q&A was from gear which was can you tell
about the energy of Christ that comes back in 2021 but what you were just
discussing was basically answering that question I think it’s not the energy of
what time is that it’s the point of the majority of the men and many men are
matured especially with what we understand and what we understand more
about ourselves we don’t I knew it well one thing for sure we’re fortunate
to be in this time and this place in order to listen to your teachings mr.
Kesh so thank you very much for today’s workshop and the previous 224 knowledge
seekers workshops and many other workshops in between and before and I’m
sure after as well and thank you on behalf of all the people of planet Earth
and others that might be watching and listening around the universe as well
I’m sure they have channels out there on the earth channel that they listen to if
only for humor and thank you thank you very much for listening and your time
and hopefully next week we see John showing us more and we’ll see more and
the whole knowledge will come together around especially the production of
material they left the heating emotion the show and the man is ready to go thank you very much for today excellent
thank you mr. Kesh this has been the 210 25th knowledge seekers workshop for
Thursday May 24th 2018 and we’ll have several videos to go with that as usual
Flint will play for us Thank You Flint and thank you everybody for attending hello we are the Keshe foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate plasma products now available at store
dot cash foundation plasma liquid handsome antiseptic
moisturizing for well-being one insole plasma t-shirt balance
chocolates with ancient and plasma technology visit store cash foundation or for DS
and other plasma products the process of understanding is very
simple the process is as I explained last time I explain more in detail
become we are created out of the race within the center of the universe in interaction and reduction in strength
and division by the strength in certain strength fields in collection of the
totality of the expansion of the universe some energies some dynamic
fields have come together over billions of years these fields being the creation
of what we call the sea where the possible I got this together
the same process repeats again because the Sun is the same as energy sense now the heavier the larger amount of the
energy which is collected in mrs. Palin universe of the Sun the radius out was
the same thing again radius fields out and in interaction
with the itself with the fields of itself leads to creation in that process
of the creation of planet the same process happens again in the traction of the fields of the
earth with its environment and cooling an exchange with the strength of the
other things in the environment of the space of the solar system leads to
creation of cell matter state and that itself in coming together and stowing
down in several ways as we call released under the Sun we call the swallow man this is the truth about the life and
creation but if the soul of the man can
understand and absorb and be correct with his conduct he can become the
strength feels and carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to
creation and if the soul can understand with the same process can interact can
be correct can absorb with itself the totality of the strength of what it
needs he shall become the son and then the same song has energy and
they can have job in the solar system within the galaxy shall become the
center of the earth we call in the rain come from
horseback the solar system we call it planetary
system we come from the race with the combin planet same thing happens galaxies with the
solar systems received absorbed back into our pocket the life forces of existence in the
universe is the same it doesn’t matter what exchange or next so
what is the man fighting why do we fight for something which has come from the
point of the creation and in a process it was bad the soul of the man as the energy of the
earth is the face of the earth the face of the earth
and that process is the same Isola our sole in reduction in strength in
interaction the motion of the fields of the environment least by the procession
of the existence of man but once it’s completed does it need a face or can it
be and becomes free on the book all this all of the time we feel and attachments
existence our soul is part of the process of the
creation the key to one question home and shall be in the future to be
answered as we saw the Sun came birth that we saw on earth became real and so what will be the destiny of the soul of
man how free the pointed arches would it become the Sun or creation of
another life of many lives or correction arrives this shall be and this is how he
happens when you create soul which is not
correct which is misconduct by itself candle evil we lead to the creation of
the next cycle of creation which has started the wrong way their own strength this is one thing the man has never
understood you become the creator of another universe
another side and this is what you have to judge
restructure to swallow Japan what would I like that in the physical life create children in
the dimension of the life the soul of the man what that man what that soul
will create if man has thought up to now that’s it my end my point that is
finished this is much fallacy that when the Sun is destroyed and shaped form
there shall be nothing left of me now the part of the Sun becomes part of the
galaxy and of Sparta who like who shall be this way the judgment of man has to be according
to what he sees the future his soul can conduct me the day of judgment for a man not in
front of the Creator that what my soul judges to be and what shall create man never understood and shall never
understand tink and salt this time I’m opening itself the reality is a very very very real and
that is as we seen the energy of the galaxy become the Sun they need you up
to some has become the earth and they that you have turned on so lot man
so shall be the soul of the man which is an energy itself another side rock how can you change when you don’t
understand how can you change the process of understanding if you do not
understand the process of the creation do we need to extend the understanding
of the man but what is the future it brings we care about our children what
education they get what they were how happy they’ll be where they sleep now the man has to be careful and
consider what life shall buy so create because those are the children of new
school as we see the Rays of the Sun has become planet and seven billion
gentlemen seven billion unlimited which is strong so the soul of man go through
the same process how many billions and subdivisions and sub matter Staters
cultured man your soul shall meet will it be the soul of wars and conflict
wherever killing or wouldn’t be the soul of this let’s say a solar system which
is peaceful this is the truth and reality of
mother’s world where so as I said many times maybe never understood but we saw
not managed within the structure and now that we understood it’s done and
departure from its culture that the same process carry on a state where started
and his woman and become standard energy source higher water which itself least
the creation becomes a star center new site of a shift this is what the human race has to
understand the cycle actually starts point of death and not finish them in so many ways before understands is
after dusts specks of dust came together to make the earth in the solar system so
has this facts of the matter has come to be the creator and the essence of
creation of this box entrusted the solar system has led to the creation social
Edith feels from the soul of the man page creation of under the signified
what kind of man would like to have to be created this is the day of judgment this is what man never understood now
you have to arrest you have no trust up to today you are not aware of it dropped
they are aware we are responsible word your conduct has to be to elevate your
soul but in everything we saw what it become the creator of stands corrects in
the combat forces in return as you see the process does
not stop me with one sunny side of carrots on is very interesting in how humanity now
known in the fact 200 and take the case for my to understand then you understand
those of the tools of war the tools of conflict they have less they have
nothing to start with they have to become the dust in the solar systems of
others till the day they learn more as they cannot create a new cycle through
their own so this is the elevation of the so not allowed to be part of the
creation of beautiful life for the next cycle when you don’t have it you have to
become another cell in the body of the structure bigger for you to be just
there that he can done many with a penis hole out they say do not kill create fear I give
you the point of no procreation if you cared about your children under
Spanish to have the best the true children come out of here who saw in a
coming time how would you like to educate how would you like to be when
you are in conflict with yourself and of course of cell mushy pea this is the truth and the man will take
a long time to understand as now that we understand the soul of the man is an
operator the creation of the future extended by whatever is gathered for the
solve at the end becomes this point of revenue service all creation of his own
package but the strangest thing is what he
creates from the soul shall be called the creator of Earth’s water this is the beauty revelation and one
understands it understands no limitation

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