211th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Feb 15 2018

(RC) Welcome everyone, welcome to
the 211th Knowledge Seekers, Hello? Knowledge Seekers Workshop,
for Thursday, February 15th, 2018. And, I think Mr Keshe is eager
to begin today’s … Workshop, are the sounds of a microphone
coming up in there. It seemed to be that that’s true,
I’m not clear on that yet. And … I’m your host Rick Crammond.
(MK) Yes. and yes there’s the voice
that we’re looking for. Thank you Mr.
(MK) Yes. Hi Rick, sorry about that, carry on. (RC) Well … that’s about it, we’re just
introducing the Workshop for 211, this one is, if you can imagine that.
It’s, it is hard to imagine and we’ve been looking at
some of the earlier Workshops and other … teachings
from the early times, what we call, ‘Early Times’,
which are 3 or 4 years ago. And it’s quite interesting to see
some of those … initial Workshops and … reflect on some of the changes,
that have been gone … happened through that time period basically.
And here we are today. And what do you bring today
for topics Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes, good morning, good day to you,
as usual, where ever and whenever we join these Knowledge Seekers
Teaching programs. As we agreed couple of weeks ago,
last week and this week we’ll be in answering some questions,
or ambiguity, or explanation. And … as part of it.
We try to, maybe teach some new, and learn some new
from each other. So, we just wait and see,
… what questions you might have to ask. There are couple of points,
that we’d like to … refer to. First of all … today is the
beginning of the Chinese New Year. We… we send you a lot regards,
and the best wishes for the New Year, for the Chinese Keshe Foundations
Worldwide. And we hope the dog year
will be a very nice year, it’s a loyal, and, it’ll stay that way,
it’ll be a prosperous year for Humanity. I think today the, what we call,
‘The Earth Council Constitution’ should be one of the Chinese languages
if they are available to read it, in celebrating the new,
Chinese New Year. And, on the other hand, the rest of
the operation of the Keshe Foundation is as normal, and as what we call,
‘progressive’ in a positive way for what we are looking for
and what we are achieving. … We are still putting it out,
that you know, we are looking for
Keshe Foundation Supporters, … who are looking for
to work with the Foundation. To the Research Development,
or join the Manufacturing, production side
of the Keshe Foundation. Start registering you interest
with the Keshe Foundation main webpages, … as we will start calling on the people,
who are in different Nations, or different part of the World,
to join us in setting up of the factories as we speed up with,
in … in the next 2-3 months. We need to do a lot of background work,
it’s a lot that needs to be done. It’s not that easy after
we can decide tomorrow. And we’ll start, … if you have
any kind of interest in Teaching. In working with us
in manufacturing. In design of new technologies,
in software, in design, in everything possible, … in retailing,
in commercializing, in … distribution. We are opening a massive expansion program,
which not starting, we are already in it. And it’ll be made much more public
in the coming weeks, as we progress into dimensions of
opening factories, and then the whole thing starts
rolling in a very big way. Am I back on mic? Yeah.
Sorry about that, I have to switch from one unit to another, as we have
some problem in reaching the other unit. Where am I? (CdR) … ah, you can go on your normal,
it’s open. (MK) Alright, okay. Thanks very much.
Can you switch that one please? (CdR) Yes I’m gonna go.
(MK) Okay. … what we see is, that we are requesting
for everyone to join us. Now we have worked together,
to establish this ground, and now is time for all of us
to benefit by it. In a short time, we will explain more,
and more in this direction. And in this position,
that we have. Sorry, we are back on the other system now
they have sorted out the problems behind it. So, if you are in any shape or form,
and you’ve been looking for or to be part of the Keshe Foundation
Worldwide operation, … start reg… registering your interest
to start and declaring, what you want to do, What you want,
what your interest are. We are not looking for anyone
to set up manufacturing for us, we have, we have organized all that through
different dimensions and directions. We are looking for people who want to be
part of the evolution of the new technology. Are there any questions? (MK) Today different one, one have one
from Azar, I think she’s away. (RC) … I have a question about
your last statement there about … … you’re saying that … like for example
somebody wants to get involved in the manufacturing,
maybe they think they’re a manager? Or, maybe they’d like to part of the …
assembly line, part of the … procedure, or, you know, part of the… the
manufacturing plant let’s say, or, or factory. … What should they do?
Are… are… Is that … … like you said, The, you’re not looking for people to,
to do the manufacturing in a way because you have that set up the way
you want to do that. (MK) What… (RC) How they get involved?
I guess is what I’m trying… (MK) Okay, let me give you on a structure
what is happened, and how the Keshe Foundation
is evolved and evolving. We have now, set up a
manufacturing management team. Which is … spread across this Planet
and we are adding more and more
people into this section. What this means is that we,
we have set up. Now, we’re getting
more and more into it. in, I think it’ll be in, more or less,
complete in next few weeks, … that … we have become, what you call
like a ‘franchise system’ like, let’s say, … Ford manufacturing,
or another industrial organization which are … replicating their business
from one place to another. So, all our factories
are becoming … standardized. Which means, all we need to do,
find the premises. Then, according to the premises
we adjust the setting. And … we just put the machinery in,
and the plant starts working. It’s got to the point, that there is some,
what we call, … ‘cleaning up’ or ‘understanding’,
or ‘changing things’. But, more or less, we will see 3-4 factories
coming up by June, July, like this. So, we… we have set up the first factory,
… the framework for it. And, it goes into operation
sometimes in April … and then all we do,
we copy-past type thing. The structure is set. … The… each factory, we estimate
cost around, about 20-30 million dollars. Operational. And all that has been organized,
all is in… in… in progress of doing. … We estimate … within next
2 years to 5 years, to have between 300 to 500 factories.
… It’s not a position of hoping to do. We, everything has been organized for it.
It’s all on the move. But, … we have to do our work properly.
We have a highly competent team. People who understand and
it’s taken nearly 4 or 5 months. For the team to work together to iron out
everything else, plus what was done before. For this purpose,
… we have acquired … Keshe Foundation Shenzen
in China has become part of the Keshe Foundation
Worldwide operation. Which means, the manufacturing,
the setup of these, pre-factory, prefabricated, all be assembled,
or will be done in … in China. And we just deliver systems after systems.
It’s very much like if it’s a franchise, like a McDonald, we’re just given a shell,
we fit it according to the shell. These things need a lot of people,
who understand the… the work of the Nanotechnology,
and the GANS production. … On average we see something between
500 to 1,500 people per factory employment. … The reason for it is,
we see a three shift move. We see, to meet the demand because we see
different dimension into manufacturing. We look for management. The management has to be people
not just coming from outside. We made this mistake twice,
we will not repeat it. And we are looking for those
in the Keshe Foundation, who understand
the work of the GANSes. The work of Nanocoating,
the Ethos of the Foundation. … In our Italian Operation,
we brought a man, who was highly valued in the
Italian industrial scene. We paid him huge amount of wages,
and then we found out, the guy has no clue from one end of
the Nanotechnology to another. And, that was a very rough, harsh
experience for us, to learn. … A lot of you, who are
in GANS business and Nanocoating, you know how gently we handle
… Nanocoated materials. That they don’t get damaged. I walked into the factory. It was a pile,
heap of coils on top of … I said, “What are you doing?” “Oh nothing is, it’s just
they’re ready to go.” I said, “This needs to be handled,
cannot touch, you destroy Nanolayers.” He says, “Oh, it’s all steel,
it doesn’t matter, is just copper. ” And I realized, … we need
a new generation of people. And this is why
we’re going back to public. We … Try to join the Keshe Foundation
Teaching Programs … Workshops And learn as much as you can
in the areas. We are expanding into … the countries,
which are on line for us, now. … Ghana is …
We have our own team, which are teaching. Italy, South of Italy,
is coming into production. Arizona is coming into production,
and Research, Space Development. … Mexico, we… we have purchased
the land, property, which is part of
the Keshe Foundation. South Africa,
Australia, China … are in the line by June, July
to… to become part of. Hopefully, we start with
them at that time. And then, we’re looking at Kenya, Angola,
Mozambique, South Africa. We are looking at Uganda. We’re looking closely into,
possibly Morocco. It’s one of our positions
at the moment, in Northern Africa. This brings us into Tehran.
Iran two positions. We are looking in expansion
Saudi Arabia. And, we’re looking expansion in
Middle East. United Arab Emirates as part of
the Keshe Foundation establishment. Possible, serving manufacturing. We are looking into production in Israel. We are, highly support
the people, who … Jewish Keshe Foundation
in Israel. We are looking for establishment,
priority on Palestine. These are the freedom, we have. We have no one to restrict us,
and it brings a lot of employment. We are looking
in the production in India. Pakistan is our front line.
Philippine, Thailand Australia is on the move of,
they have already found. hopefully, the premises
we are looking for, it’s just negotiating in next few weeks,
if we can achieve it. New Zealand gets covered
by Australia, if we can, because the population is very small
to support, too remote. We are looking establishment of the
Keshe Foundation Japan, South Korea. These are on horizon this year. We look at 10 different points,
in United States of America. We are looking at 3 point minimum,
In Canada. We are… We have finances available
for Brazil, Argentine. Mexico has already property,
been acquired. Armen is in Mexico. Documents, we got signed and
everything else, which is going through. We are looking at Germany. Austria stays as a Research Center. The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal.
Italy is already committed. We have the properties,
they are working on it. It’s going onto the next phase of it. We are looking into… … just in one way another. In Romania may… possibly
one or two positions. We are looking in Hungary. We are looking into Bulgaria,
and most probably Poland. Poland is one of our prime position,
investments, invest … west, in Europe. We are looking to invest in Greece. We have a very strong support in Greece. We are looking to invest in Holland. In Norway. And a massive investment push in Russia. … The, what we call,
‘The Russian’. … area of the work of
the Keshe Foundation. These are earmarked. And then China goes on its own with
the massive support from the Keshe Foundation,
the Chinese support us of ours, which goes
in its own direction. The reason, we are looking at about
300 manufacturing, minimum, is that we are producing a new
energy supply. We have to do it from zero to…
to everything else. When you start producing GANS waters
for everything else, and you’re trying
to support a Nation, a 10,000s m2 factory
is not enough. Does not matter,
how much we produce. Because we have
a ratio of what we can do. These lead us, as in a way,
if you look at it. … I was explaining to one of the top guys,
in a very recent past. We have so many Nations.
Together, they put 85 Million barrel of oil to support our industrial developments
of past centuries. The cars, the factories, and
it’s just oil. Now, we are bringing such a product, not only
has to suffice for our energy development. It has to suffice for Agriculture
… Medicine, Health Applications. The Space Program, Energy Program,
Material Production. And then, you see the scope of the work,
which is ahead. Is not just opening,
“One factory will do.” Each factory, we are planning
5 factories in Nigeria. You’re talking about minimum
10,000 to 20,000 people employment. In the oil-industry,
we dig the oil out. We have… We have managed, to structure a whole
oil industry in how we can use this liquid. In our technology, we have to
produce the raw material from GANS, from anything
to the point of use. Where we can use this energies
in different aspects, it’s Gravitational-Magnetic Field
purposes. Now you can see the task, when
we say 300, 500 factories in next 3 years. Is not … enough. There is a whole technology,
industries getting built up. Especially, all the new machineries to
support these factories. We are setting up in accordance
with the Chinese. Because, there is no other Nation
who can support such a transition. Everything is available.
We do not see … The heart of the technology,
industrials technologies been taken out
of Europe and America, and they can not support
such a rapid development. Being able to produce huge numbers
of the systems. I can produce 1,000’s of tons
of GANS and … Nanocoated material in appropriate way,
that every single one is the same as, as you go to McDonald in New York,
or in London, or in Beijing or in Africa. They all taste the same and look the same,
and they deliver the same. And this is part of the work,
we have to do. Setting up a new energy industry.>From scratch, which can feed into every aspects
of the need, is going to be colossal. But it had to start.
Now Constance has been achieved. Documents have been signed. Human resources
have been put behind it. And it’ll become, it creates one of the
biggest World operations. As a … what we call
‘ Plasma Industrial Revolution ‘ Is not a talk anymore. It is done, as I’ve said,
in the next few days. Hopefully once
our team finished with it. We announce the establishment and
market value, shareholding company. Which will be shared between two or
maybe three Nations, who can support
such a huge step. We stand solid in our support and
collaboration and corporation with the Chinese people,
Chinese Government. And we’re still
totally committed to Peace. We do not compromise. Now you understand,
when we say, we have so many. I see in next ten years very much
Field production, which is a GANS production. Nanomaterial Production …
GANSes of different … Di… what you call, ‘Materials’. We only touch 5 or 6. There is over 200 of them to reproduce
for different aspects. When we come to do the feeding station
in disaster area. We can not just give the body CO2,
and maybe some Zinc Oxide. We have to develop the technology
of the feeding in disasters, or in Space. where you can give from the Phosphor,
from the Calcium, from Potassium.>From everything,
which the body needs. When you go into a station feed,
you have to receive everything. otherwise you have
deficiencies in the body of the Man. And these are in progress,
they are in development. They have to
be developed by all of us. This is the only way we can
make Mankind independent of finances. Poor or rich, you can walk through
the same box, you receive the same energy. The box does not
distinguish between the color, Race or Religion and this
is what our target is, at least… we are there, we are…
I… I thank … with all my gratitude
to the Chinese government and the Chinese authorities
who work with us so hard. And in turn, with others who
are in that position to do. You will see, as I said,
“I’ve committed to Keshe Foundation and my Life to the Chinese government
and Chinese people.” Because, it’s the only way
we can see, a Peaceful Nation, a Nation which spends all his wealth
at improving it’s Nation … it’s citizens. And now with what we see, the layout
of His Excellency Mr President Xi as One Belt, On Road , that breaks
right away through where we want to be. The collaboration we suggest…
Keshe Foundation and Chinese authorities
will be announced beyond limitation. And this is the only way,
we can establish Peace, when we can bring equal
to everyone by all Nations. In due course you will understand,
we’ll be based in United State, as an operational center
and in China. Two positions, and between
the two we guarantee Peace And, this is one of the reasons,
in the past few days. If you have heard, we invited the Israelis
and the Iranians to collaborate together in Plasma Technology,
because, it’s time for Peace. The establishment, the mechanisms
to achieve it has been set. Now is delivering it,
which needs a lot of wisdom, it needs a lot of understanding
and in so many ways, as I’ve said, “with the Chinese New Year comes
a lot of new things for Humanity” and in that way,
we commit ourselves to Peace. … This is what it needs, so if you are
interested in any shape or form, or size. In being part of
developing different aspects of … being in collaboration
to guarantee pleasurable work. Not just to work for the Foundation,
we are opening these factories on this basis. It’s a mass industrial revolution,
change. And, is not just one of us,
is all of us. We done it together, now it’s time
to stand for what we stood, as a Peace,
as Ethos of the work. Sharing knowledge unconditionally
and allowing everyone to be trusted, that we can share without
being intruded or be stolen from. We saw one, with Mr Lin in China.
Intruding into others and saying, “Is there any patents?” Please boycott any purchase
from this Gentleman. Because, otherwise,
if we don’t stop this, others will follow. Respect each others…
otherwise we go back into patent, back into all
the misconduct of the before, and hiding, “There is
no patent, I didn’t do, I don’t do.” I strongly advise to boycott
any purchase from Mr Lin. He supplies Sta… motors… because he’s
broken the Ethos of the Foundation beyond. He’s… He’s taken things from
the Keshe Foundation, we gave him to… to design for the… for development
of the Technology by all of us and it’s… and the same from the others. We receive complaint about him,
taking their Technology and Lifework. We have to set the Ethos. If you are a Chinese supporters, if they are Chi…
work in China, We have to work. Do not purchase anything
from this Gentleman, whatsoever. Is not to setting example,
it’s for him to understand that the Ethos of the Foundation
is very, very simple. “We work, we share and if we share,
we have to respect each others knowledge and haa…
and what we call, ‘work’. This is what it’s going to be. We openly work, but we
have openly to respect each other. Offering motors cheaper
to the Chinese and charging the Americans triple and quadruples,
because they can pay. And then delivering broken or what we
call it, ‘damaged’ machines that, “I do things, I can replace.” It doesn’t work that way. And you don’t go on the Internet
stealing other peoples work. And, especially we can deliver…
designs, which was given to him to develop the new lines of the Space Reactors
and its been put in the market on the back of
the Foundations work. Without any respect for anyone. These things have to stop. I opened my patents to be free,
no one can claim, “if you have patent?”,
I don’t repeat. We have to set up example, because
as we open up the markets for our… each others knowledge.
It has to be freely respected. If we see copying of any of your designs
and works… in another country. Because of the rules and regulations,
you have to come to an agreement with each other in each…
in each section. This is how the
Keshe Foundation is going to work. You come to us with a product,
we see it, we might be able to evolve it, to change it,
to do something with it. You’ll be benefit by it. Because, is you who’s brought it in,
and this has been a strict instruction to all Keshe Foundation
manufacturing teams. Respect each others work. We might repeat it,
for example in America, because then we don’t need to create
a import licenses and all the conditions, because, it’ll be introduced in American,
creates jobs in America. It doesn’t mean that we copy it
separately to overcome things, But at the same time, we respect
the designer, the inventor of it. It’ll be a lot of paperwork, a lot of was
getting… what you call, … ‘worked’ with it. But, at least it keeps us busy, because
we all receive what we need from it. What I urge you please.
If you see, if you try… you see somebody else coming up
with an idea on the Internet, which is something you can do. Because, you are in China or
somewhere else… or you access facilities. Go back to the designer, make amicable
arrangements that you are both happy. and it’s blessed and then
it’s shared, the Soul. And then you all succeed. Do not push with this, what is called,
‘the stealing pattern’ of patents. We have a huge discussion in
China Community, regarding Mr Lin’s behavior and they don’t understand. Now they understand
he’s stolen more or less, ‘technologies’, as we call it
in the modern time. We can submit the
pictures and diagrams, technical diagrams, which was
given to produce the cores, to him. And, now it’s appeared out of nowhere,
selling it and everything else. These are stealing’s which
we have to stop. Stealing from the Soul, this is what
we said, “Thy shall not steal.” And now the Chinese Community
knows why we… the Keshe Foundations stood firm. Because, it is wrong. Many Chinese will come up with
new designs and people like him, trying to do marketing, without them…
and then trying to benefit by it and destroying the others,
calling them, whatever. Then it destroys your work. If we stop this process,
from now, that we are in infancy of mass production
of products around the World. We stop the whole thing of
the patents and the rest of it. You design, you know how to make
Nanocoat, try to support the teaching, classes and the teachers, which have
been licensed by the Keshe Foundation through our distribution
and … teaching side. Build up your knowledge, how to do, what
to do and we try put most of the teaching for the factories in these
trainings in these … workshops. That when we come to your place,
when we come to your Country. When you knew there is opportunity to be,
you are ready, plus the others. The training, what we call,
‘pre-training’ is done. Accra will employ
one and a half thousand people. We have to train, 1,450 ,
90 of them. Those of you who became
part of the Keshe Foundation through the Love of the
knowledge and the Technology, you can become
teaching these people. Because, is not just teaching,
“you don’t do.” You have to transfer the Essence
of the Soul of the teaching to the people
who work for us. Is not I’m going to work 9-5,
I’m going to work to change the society and… and…
what we had. This is how it should be. We need every aspects of the knowledge,
being a doctor, we need you. Being a … engineer, you work in Space,
there are program. You work in …
high level computer programs. You work in … factory, laying out,
factory production, you are a plumber, you are architect,
we need all of you. Keshe Foundation website, send your
request in… send your expertise in. We want to… we go to. This is how we establish now our …
the manufacturing people. We just went through CMR for people who’ve been with
the Foundation, we just look for them. They are there, we go to them,
“Would you like to join?” “This is what we are prepared to…
to pay as a”… what you call it, a ‘salary’. And this is how we
have recruited most of. And we are recruiting
most of our people. We look into the expertise,
security matters and then you are employed. We’re talking about 300 factories,
1.5 – 2,000 people per factory. Then you can see the scale. This is just what works. And then you have
all the backup facilities and … the support which comes with it. All the manufacturing
and the rest of it. As I’ve said before we support to the…
the way to establish Peace . and be a be able to achieve it
through Industrial transformation, is through One Nation and we see it. Through One Belt, One Road
program from President Xi. Because we can deliver the technology,
what is the dream of Peace, of equality by the Chinese people. Go on the Internet, look for
President Xi’s initiative, over past years. As what is known as
‘One Belt, One Road’. Which brings all the Silk Road,
all the sea roads ??? which been for Centuries. Now, equality that all the Nations
on Silk Road, all the way to South Africa, through the Oceans,
through the Central Asia, through the passage,
through the Southern Seas. Philippine, Thailand all get
benefited to become equal, that the Humanity
becomes equal in all. And the vision of President Xi
is the vision of Keshe Foundation. It’s the only way we can bring Peace. (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe, there’s a
couple of people that had their hand up. Any questions? We’ll allow … João,
I believe is the name? And… John Wells as well.
I’ll promote you. And … So …
is the name João from… João Batista Geraia
de Carmaro Range? Due you want to
unmute yourself and go ahead? (JdC) Yes … I’m talking from Brazil
… thank you. … Mr Keshe we are waiting
your answers about the Brazilian factory. How do you think about? (MK) That has … so to do with
… Klaus and the Keshe Manufacturing. And … we are looking into it
– What is available? This is handled by this section which
is set up for these things, and Brazil is … We … we looked at couple of properties,
which were not fitting our way. And I think there is one more,
or two more on the discussion table. I’ve seen communications in the background. … The Mexico property has
been purchased … Brazil … we… The Brazilian line of communication
in which they have their own net, you have to go through them,
and it’s getting done, But, you got to realise, till,
as we inform all the Keshe Foundations. Till, Accra and most probably, Italy …
fully completed in next couple of months. At least Accra, that we see
all the mistakes in the production line. We are not … leading
to open up the others. Because, whatever is done. Once we establish the 100% correct,
all the systems response is correct. Then for us to produce
is matter of copy-paste. It’s taken months to… for a team of
… what do you call it… ‘specialists’ who even come up with …
containers which can take the right pressure. When it was tested, built it collapsed, so
we had to redesign and has been going on. For example,
the machinery’s the same, so as all the people around the Foundation,
who work and we’re setting up. We are doing as of
1st of … March, because Accra, more or less
is finished for us, is the delivery condition
which is holding. … We move into layout of the factory
in Mexico and Italy, and then we go to … I know, Brazil we’re negotiating, there
is a property in Romania, which is done. … Australia, with …
I think 13,000 m2 of fabr… factory. Is on the table,
we’re looking at. We don’t have
the financial restriction. The only thing we have… we,
we have decided collectively, in the management, that we
fully run Accra … In a full operation. Find out with all the mistakes,
all what it needs to be changed. And then, it takes us a very
few weeks to… to do the rest. Everything else is done. But, as we said with our…
all our… everyone, who’s around the Foundation,
in manufacturing, we… We got delayed by 2 months,
because of … what we call, ‘two points’. First of all we expanded
the factory in Accra, from 1 – 3 and then nearly now 10,000 m2. It has to be finished
to be handed over. Then we can place all our,
what you call … machinery
and establishment, inside. Run it for at least 4 weeks to see
if there is any… anything needs to be adjusted. And then it’s just paste-copy. And then, our planning
is one factory a week. … We have a very good team of
system control people in Canada, who are marvelous in their work. We have a beautiful architects in London,
who are all behind it. We have a manager of the
whole Keshe Foundation operation, manufacturing from Paris. … And … it’s… it’s a lot of people working
… good team of people in Shenzhen, which are responsible for every single
piece which is going out to the factories. Is a lot of work. Is not something that you…
can be done on one day. And, is no use opening the other factories,
if we see a problem in one place. And, this has to be done,
it has to be, how you say, “fully operational”,
computerized system. It’s pharmaceutical level. Once we run it, it’s paste and copy.
Mexico, Brazil. You have … Mexico we, we were
given a very good opportunity, we have a reason we purchased a
… the property in Mexico. … The same goes, we will to purchase
the property in Australia, it’s a fantastic site. … It gives us a huge opportunity
to meet the need of the Nation. They’ve got a power shortages. … That we can bring in, in that way
… the … what do you call… the ‘Romanian’ stays the same,
but as we all said, they all understand. We have to wait till
the test setup of Accra comes in, see what we need to adjust
and then it’s copy-paste. … We have a good… expert teams
in London, who are ready to go. Or are setting up the factories,
we have a… The… the management, manufacturing team
is bunch of experts people and they are traveling all over the World
to get things done, to be done correctly. You have to wait till same in Brazil. We see Brazil, sometime
in back-end of June, July. That we move in
and we can go. But, we have to have data’s coming complete,
confirm that … the production of the… materials and the goods are according
to International standard, and according to FDA and
the Standards Boards around the World. We are very open
about what we are doing, because we don’t have anything
to be worried about or be afraid of. The… the time of… what
we got harassed, by a bunch of what I call, ‘headless chickens’ in
… in Europe is over. You will never see us setting up a
factory in the State of Belgium, no way. We support Holland,
we support France and.. … what you call it, ‘Italy’
and … France. We… we don’t consider the…
that there is a need to … to worry about anything, but at
the same time, we are very open about it, We say where it is, what we’re doing
and the state we are. We open the Space in
… Accra … with the property which has been given to us by the Italian’s
for the first Spaceship Center for Africa. … We’re committed to huge
amount of investment into … into Ghana Space Center. But we have to run a factory… that the fuel which we produce
for the Space Program in Africa … I see a list of Nations who are talking
to us in the background, for the factories. They’re all looking for premises
and whatever, we are still working on. But … at the same time,
they’re all aware, Accra has a priority to come into operation,
that we can literally see … Nigeria is running into a operation
with Alekz at the moment. We’ve seen, we authorized the opening
of the teaching center in Kenya, because we need to teach People to understand
that we can employ them accordingly. That we don’t have the problems
we had in other factories. (JdC) Okay, thank you, it’s okay.
(MK) You’re welcome. We are committed to us, Brazil is the same as,
… what you call Italy, the same as Mexico, the same as United States,
the same as Australia. It’s one family, and none of us
would like to waste time and finances in making mistakes
and then trying to correct it. And there is no jealousy, it’s all equality
and we’re doing it the same way. But you have to understand
our openness is our strength. … It’s taken us
years to get to the point we are. Now we are opening these stations,
the… the, what you call, Arizona research center
and the manufacturing it’s gonna be a huge burden
on the Keshe Foundation. Especially this year trying to bring so many
scientists together to be able to do it. Any other question? (RC) … There’s questions
on Livestream that I’m not so sure
if they’re appropriate about … it’s Jan says he’s worked with the large
International companies at the management level, and can assure the biggest challenge
will be the recruitment of skilled people. What is the plan to attract
skilled managers etc? And after all without a well worked out
business plan not much will be executed. (MK) … We don’t have a problem
in that section. We don’t disclose
but we don’t have a problem in that section. (RC) Right well, you know someone…
(MK) We have some of the… some of the best managers
who brought the Nation out of poverty to one of the richest,
stand with us. You got to realize, all the best managers
don’t come from United State or Europe. The best managers come from the
places where you see 8-10 % growth or you’ve seen the Nation
moving from one status to another. And secondly it’s collective, and the way
we structure the Keshe Foundation, is central management,
we can bring anybody, and at the same time the manage,
management team, The Core, management team
monitors everything, and develops new style of managers
to work with our Ethos not before. Our … our bottom line is not profitability,
our bottom line is Peace. And you try to explain that to managers
they walk away. And those who are managed and taught by
the Keshe Foundation work in that direction. (RC) There’s some that are concerned about
where all the funds are coming from, but I, I don’t think that’s appropriate
to reveal sources and what not. (MK) [Inaudible], we don’t need to disclose. (RC) Alright.
(MK) None, nobody has made a … what you call it, a hundred million contribution
to the Keshe Foundation. and we haven’t seen,
only people who have very little ever, they have contributed that little
they have to the Foundation, all the ones who’ve been benefiting,
selling things have been putting in their pocket. So, you never ask where it comes from,
we are correct in our way, and we don’t need to respond to no one,
that we see anything else. (RC) Okay thank you. (MK) There’s one thing
surely it doesn’t come from British government,
or Belgium government. No blood money and no stolen money and
the murderer machinery, that’s for sure. (RC) So, … someone like that
that might have business experience, they can apply to
the Keshe Foundation at the, either as a volunteer or possibly
even as a, a job opportunity. (MK) Yes, it’s just the same, everywhere.
(RC) They would have to … they can … I’ll put the link
into the chat, so that … … we have that now from the
Human resources part of the … website. So, that’s something you can apply to,
and once you pass through security and so on, then we can start to communicate with …
what your skills are and try to … get things matched up with
peoples skills versus what’s required for current moment basically,
and it changes from moment to moment. Is that not correct Mr Keshe it’s so fast
moving right now that… (MK) Now we are. (RC) So, it’s a good time for people
to get sort of in on the ground floor, literally in some cases
of these new factories and so on? (MK) … As Caroline says, the main thing for us
is we carry the Ethos of the Foundation. In the, in the … the whole process is that
we have to learn, a new way, and that … even in the long run,
our factory is become part of the structure of the society. This is the only way we can guarantee
the… the… the looking after of those, who need looking after, not just …
financially, but in other ways. The, the problem is huge. The problem we face as
as the Keshe Foundation is what the Nations
have ignored. This is the problem. Whatever has been ignored
now we have to address, and we have to address equally. Irrespective of other things.
… This, this thing that we are better, we are, we are the Iranians,
we are the better blood and we are Germans we are better than, we are
the Russians and we are better has to die. Within the Soul of the Man. And this takes a lot of work,
it’s not easy. To, to understand the …
how the Foundation works. And people who have
the Ethos of the Foundation, come in to do,
and they are very straight forward because they know
what the Foundation stands for. … We, we recently had
one of the Keshe Foundation supporters, knowledge seekers around the back …
around of the Foundation, joining us in the management,
even he said I’m here for ??? things. Because he… he worked
in the same Ethos of on the Foundation. And it was easy for him
to understand where we go and what he was doing,
and he decided to move out. He was, it’s amazing how people who work
our way, think our way, do our way things too. And this … this is part of the change.
And it’ll take time. But it will come in a, in a smooth way.
… Massive employment … are lined. When we’re talking about three hundred,
if you could, one and a half thousand people. We are talking about half a million people
in next five years, working moment ???
through the Keshe Foundation. And then all the auxiliaries
which goes with it, you’re talking millions. And it’s a new industry, it’s the same
as what it was with the computers. We… we brought the, we brought …
what we call the computer second value
out of United State. We bring what we call the Plasma technology
and Plasma value out of China. Because, it’s the only way it can be done,
the, the resources are there to be done. And, the commitments was there,
which is the same Ethos as ours which is for Peace and eval…
evolution of the jobs. And we have to see how we go and it goes
with the other Nations accordingly. … It’s not a small back of the job
in the back kitchen doing things, this is very open and straight forward.
At the same time through our operation bringing the mo… major powers in the World
to work together to a direction of Peace, it’ll take some adjustment
but it’ll be done. Because, financially and employment wise,
and security wise it’s benefit to all. (RC) … Mr Keshe you mentioned
that many of the jobs are not jobs but operations of the factory
will be automated. So I’m wondering …
what kinds of jobs will be available for these people that …
will be involved in the factories? Obviously there’ll be some …
maintenance of equipment and … operations of those machines and so on,
but if, will it be mostly automated in terms of that manual labor type jobs,
is that the way you see it, in the future? (MK) It’s a combination,
it’s mainly comes through innovation. I think the innovation of the …
technology will employ huge number of people. … We are designing, literally now, machinery
which fits into the Plasma Technology. And it didn’t exist … At the moment, we are commissioning
on two, three systems like this. And it’s gonna be
many more of them. … The… We, to be on the medicals
on the pharmaceutical, we have to be fully automatized, computerized
and this what is been achieved by our team. To be, in a mass production
of equipment and pieces, still is a partially automatic partially,
human resources. To be the … the way we see it …
to … produce, items or products that is needed by
80 to 90% of the population is our target. We are not going for niche,
maybe some will be. But, the… the product range, is to be able
to touch every Man’s need every day. Which means in let’s say
ten years time, Where if you shop let’s say,
100 items. 10 to 15 of it has be connected somehow
with the Keshe Foundation minimum. Then this brings a
position of, “As we consume, as we produce,
we create enough wealth that, we don’t need to work
forty eight weeks a year.” We work, we understand,
work maybe one or two month of year. But, what it’s been made, facilitated,
allow us to spend the other times to, …evolve on the direction of
serving. Service industry in the right way,
should not be a slavery. It should be a pleasure. And this takes a lot of changes but,
but we see it can be done. If we are paid according to what,
we need to live a comfortable life, and we live
a comfortable life, then people’s ideas of …
owning more and more, will change. It’s not communism,
it’s a satisfaction of the Soul of the Man. It’s not that we pay you all this … No.
We, we provide all this, that, for Man has
the pleasure to do. (RC) … Mr Keshe there is a question
about, “Is there an age limit?”… … I’m realizing a lot of
countries have, regulations and that would be the local regulations
that would kick in for a minimum age for,
someone to be employed, or… but in some countries,
(MK) Then we do. they may not have those …
rules and regulations. So what, what would be the policy of
the Keshe Foundation. (MK) We… We obi… we obey by
the National regulations. But there is one thing
that we do not accept and we made that clear in
two or three occasions now. We do not accept sixty and sixty five
as a age of retirement. Age of retirement and Man wants to
stop working, has to be option for the Man. Not by the books. Many of the diseases which the
Western World is fighting with and the old age is created
by the enforced unemployment. Productive people are imprisoned in the
four walls of their life, at the age of sixty. And that can not be. A Man can be productive
even at two hundred years old. It has to be the freedom,
that, we can serve. And this, this takes a lot of things out of
pension policies and the problems we have. But, in so many ways,
when we meet most of the demands, through one way or another
of the Technology, this shouldn’t be hard. There should be, there is, there is,
one thing there is a minimum age, which is, below eighteen
should not be allowed. But, if we have a genius, in the world
of the understanding of the Plasma, at age of five, or ten, or twenty,
or sixteen, or two hundred, they should all be respected
for the knowledge. And this is a big difference. But … minimum age, work,
minimum age has to be abided by, because, a child should have a life
of a child. And Man should have enough time
to mature his Soul. Between eighteen sometimes even thirty
is not enough. (RC) What about the idea of
… children’s education, about you know GANSes and Nanomaterials
and all, all… all of the technology, all of this …
Plasma Science. I mean, that would be good obviously
to start at an early age, but I think we’ve talk about this, somewhat
and maybe is should be … … produced in a way
that’s really fun for kids and rather than …
the school learning kind of … way of doing it.
(MK) … The… The, the way we started Children Teaching
about four or five years ago was with fun. … I always said, physics has to be fun,
otherwise it’s not physics. … Any teaching
has to be fun, not all of us are physicists
or they’ll end up to be doctors, they’ll be designers, they’ll be musicians,
they’ll be all sorts, which can bring the whole thing in
in different way. But, child education is part of what is
goes to the, KFSSI with Jim, and this is a part,
they have to develop. That, it’s done, we… we, we made
two, three attempts for child education, but now we, the changes in the
direction of the manufacturing and the capabilities
of the Foundation, … in each country, we have to look at
how we can teach. And it has to be taught
very, very early, ages. … That they understand, our Ethos, our way,
and how they can do things, and how they can survive,
in depth of the Space. … I don’t, this is something
which we are doing, I was… The, I… I’ve explained that to …
one of our Team Members. We are setting up fifty PhD’s. We are, the Foundation is paying for fifty
PhD places, in one of the Universities. And, what I’ve said to …
to the whole Structure, is that, our PhD’s should not be more
than one year. Because, the response of the GANS
and Nanomaterials, is so rapid, that this time wasting of 3 or 4 years,
just paying for somebody to be, to do something, is not needed. So, we are even introducing new startup
… teaching … at a higher level. We have sponsored …
next Friday I’m in a meeting. … that we sponsored a hundred,
sorry, fifty … PhD places, but under conditions of The Keshe Foundation
for what we want to have because the response is so fast. What’s the use of wasting
three years just waiting, and… their playing
twiddly dumb twiddly do. The whole process of teaching
has to change. And youngsters are part of it. Because, they see a World different
than we do and most probably, a lot of solutions will come from …
our youngsters than our … what I call highly educated …
with PhD and twenty years of experience. Because there are locked into the mentality
and they have to just apply every thing by formulas,
where formulas has no meaning to children, they look at the natural process. We need to strengthen the KFFSI children
… program, and it’ll be done that way. But don’t forget now we’re going into a
National levels and International levels. Most probably a lot of it
becomes debatable. How we can do with
the way we can do, and how safe it’s for a child to be,
near a GANS? Or how can he fly a System
with his thoughts? … I always say, “The first Child
who start teaching … … being actively …
progressively evolved in, … what you call, ‘Teaching of
The Plasma’, ‘Understanding of Plasma’. They poisoned it with Cyanide
didn’t they? Thanks to those who live
within the boundaries of what I call, ‘Forbidden Nation’. But … the children have to be
nourished and looked after than toward the technology,
from the ???. Any other question? (RC) … John Wells had his hand up. … John did you,
something you might say or ask, there? (JW) I just want to comment … the
difficulty we have for the, … the letters or the contacts we send
to The Foundation … are not being answered. So, we are sort of…
(MK) We, excuse, let me address this. Don’t expect to be answered, just because
you send something and you expect it. … A lot of people send things to The
Foundation they expect to be answered. We… we receive so much, and
what is need… what we see essential at the time to be answered,
it gets answered. … if you just,
… what you call it, … I get this complaint that
you’re very slow in responding, we respond when it’s
needed to be responded, because a lot of people send
a lot of things, we respect you, you think it’s
important to you, to be done. If it goes to the right place
and there is a answer to be done, then it gets addressed. But, you have to understand where
you’re sending the information to too, that you get
the right response. (RC) Where, where are
you sending things John, where you’re not
getting a response, or where are people
complaining about that? (JW) …To the KFSSI
… six months ago I’d sent something, I have no answer,
I sent it again … (RC) To where would it..?
(MK) What is you sending? (RC) SSI, what are you talking
about, to the student application, … to apply to be a student,
or for, as a student? (JW) I am a student, as a teacher,
I’ve been asked to be a teacher, I still haven’t had an
answer for the certificate, I teach, I’ve been teaching for the
last year-and-a-half, and I don’t… (MK) Yes, you see,
let me … let me address, we have a lot of people who
want to be teacher in KFSSI, we have a limited,
and especially the new management which has
taken the course by Jim, he has decided how to
concentrate the teaching, because it was, as I understood,
he has a fully freehand, and it’s in consolidation with the
management team of the Keshe Foundation, and with the head of
the Keshe Foundation, Ella. … Just because you want
to teach, we have to accept, we have so many people
who would like to teach, … it’ll be … as I understand,
… Jim can address it too, because I think he should
be in the background, we take teachers who we see to
be necessary for our live teaching, or, because it’s a live teaching, you
do every day between 9 and 5 o’clock, if you want
to teach, then, … you have to go to the
KFSSI which appoints teachers, workshops,
that’s a different section, and then that goes to
Kevin Blundell, it’s his section. (JW) Yes I’ve done so … I’ve been
teaching for the last year-and-a-half, I don’t consider myself
needing a piece of paper to teach, I’ve been
teaching every day… (MK) No, I understand
that, thank you very much, but if you ask to teach, if it
goes into our daily teaching program, or it goes as teachers to, would
like to be like, you just want to teach, you … how we,
how they can help. It has to go into KFSSI, it’s got nothing
to do with KFSSI when it goes into the, teaching in your Country, if
you want to teach in your Country, support unit,
this goes in the, it goes in the section with Kevin Blundell,
he’s responsible for this section. (VR) Yeah, that’s the workshops,
let’s be clear that that’s the workshops, holding a workshop with
on-site people … in a location. (MK) If you are cert… cert… (JW) Yeah. I’m here in Argentina,
workshops don’t work, I mean you don’t charge for teaching,
I teach free, gratis and for nothing. (MK) You don’t need to charge,
workshops doesn’t mean charging. (JW) Exactly, that’s why…
(MK) Workshops, as in Dr, Dr Gatua, does all the workshops,
it’s not by charging, it’s just for the…
the reason we set up… Let me, let me explain,
the, I… I understand part of it, is Kevin Blundell is there,
can answer you … what I understand,
it’s done by … the team this way, is that, we have
categorized how much your level of understanding is,
that to what level you can teach. It’s not that you don’t need
the paper, if you know Nanocoating, or you go into the Space level,
or you gone into Dynamic System, or you’re a doctor,
you want to do medical, each one allows for people to
know what level you teach at, it’s a guideline for people,
not for you, how good you are. And, we had to certi… we had to put,
… these things on it, that people knew, they go to a teaching and say,
“Oh, the guy only knows the town, technology cannot go, but I wanted to
know about Dynamic System, This guy does not have the extent
of knowledge to go to Dynamic system”. And it’s getting classified
in ABC, if I understand, and level 1, level 2, level 4
whatever, and these are set up for you, if you’re looking for health teaching,
there are these people who teach health, in a Dynamic system,
or in a static system, or these people are good to Nano
technology, or theoretical or whatever, It doesn’t need anything else. the reason this has come up, is for people to be free to
choose and to understand, “I don’t want, I want to learn
Spanish because, I speak Spanish, but I live in Italy” or
“I live in South Africa.” So, that processes
are set up that way, it doesn’t mean anything else,
you don’t need, you teach. (JW) I’m 100% … agree with
what you’re saying and thinking. … I’ve been asked to,
to … whatchamacallit, ask for this certificate,
to be able to get it, … take charge of
the Spanish teaching … I’m just waiting
… I’ve been, I haven’t stopped doing what
I’ve been doing for the last 2 years. (MK) Yeah, but, I understand very
well what you were talking about, please go to the right, if you send
it to KFSSI you won’t get a response, you have to go to the section
for the workshops and teaching, you get immediate…
Kevin Blundell is fantastic in responding, he, I think less than, less than
5 seconds on his computer is too late. (JW) Well his, must,
computer must be broken down too, with Argentina,
because I’ve written… (RC) Well wait a minute here,
are, what are we talking about, are you talking, John
you are talking about the Spanish Knowledge Seekers Workshop,
being a teacher for that, correct? Which is coming up, it’s every Wednesday
at 19:00 hours Central European Time, I’ve got a message here from
Ursula that they need a teacher for that, there’s over 700 students and
they don’t have a Spanish teacher. (JW) Exactly, I… (RC) Is that what you wanted to apply…
(MK) (inaudible) … to the right place. (JW) I’d like to have some fluid
communication with somebody there, Kevin hasn’t answered my,
my letters, so, well, what can I do? (RC) Well Kevin’s not part of
that, Kevin does the workshops, the hands-on workshops,
not that workshop. He has nothing
to do with that. (JW) I understand that. (MK) Who is,
[RC talking in background] Rick … Rick where can
he go, who is… Is Jim online? (FM) He needs to
talk to Jim directly. (JM) Yes, Mr Keshe. (MK) Jim how
can you help him? (JM) Alright, we’ve already been
helping John and Ursula in that, I have instructed them that,
they need to work together to, to … get the Spanish
teaching sorted out. So, I don’t quite understand why
he’s saying, he’s not being replied to, it’s because it’s up to, you
know, it’s in their hands now, how they want to
take that Spanish teaching. (MK) So, you’ve been in
touch with him, with Jim? (JW) Well yes, I’ve
often… Jim’s letter. (JM) So, I’ve been
emailing both … John. (JW) Yeah, and Fernando. (MK) Pardon? (JW) And there’s also
Fernando from Mexico, yes. (MK) Yeah, but you say you
have got no response for 6 months, and the head of the
Keshe Foundation teaching is online. (JW) I haven’t had a
response from Kevin, Jim yes. (MK) If you, if Jim handles
you, you don’t go to Kevin. If they’ve already decided
where you sit, that’s where you sit, you can’t go between the, if you still
want to do your private workshop teaching, that’s separate,
you go to Kevin. If you want to teach in the Foundation,
you’ve already been responded by Jim, and you’ve been asked to
participate in the Spanish teaching. (JW) Well, Jim has asked me
to get in contact with Kevin, so I’ve done
what he asked. (MK) That’s for the workshops,
not for the teachings. … Foundation has different channels,
you have to sit where, what you… if you’ve been asked to help
with, help with the teaching… (RC) You have to watch
out for the words Mr Keshe, cause when
you said workshops, it is the Knowledge
Seekers Workshop in Spanish that’s to be that’s to be taught
on the Wednesdays, but that’s different than the hands-on workshops,
so we have a bit of trouble, with using the same
word for two different, sort of, whole different
categories of teaching. (JW) (inaudible) continue this,
I’ll get into contact with Jim again, and sort this out,
yes, please. (MK) Yeah, sort it, according with
Jim, it’s what, they need your help, and they already
instructed you where to go. (RC) Yeah, it should be … should all
match together, you would think there, so. Unless there’s some other
issue that needs to be worked out. (MK) Okay, thank you very much.
Thank you. … Any other question? (RC) Yeah, sorry to get so involved
in all that, but it might be… (MK) We have to, we have to, it’s,
that’s why we should have had these question times at least
once every 3 months or so, than sitting in
the background. … So, if it is there we have to address,
these are part of the teachings the teachings, the same as we teach
about the Soul and everything else. We have to sort these
things out and now it’s there. We have to space it
and walk the next step. (RC) Okay … I’ve got a question
in Livestream from Wolfgang who also put it, I think,
in the chat here. It says,”Mr Keshe, do you have any
comment how do act best in Germany for teaching and manufacturing due
to the “special system” in Germany?” (MK) What is a “special
system” in Germany? (RC) I’m not sure. It’s kind of… (MK) Let’s understand
a “special system”. (RC) It was supposed to be a wink, wink,
nudge, nudge, understanding what the “special system”
is in Germany … (MK) We had, we had … some people
teaching in Germany set up workshops and … we received
a lot of complains with it. And we stopped it. We disassociate
the Foundation from it. And then they tried
to carry on their own … The manufacturing
went the same way. There’s a lot of, there was
a lot of misunderstanding in how they wanted to do it. And they tried different
things and then we found out there was other problem with
Knowledge Seekers and development on it. Germany is, it goes,
is covered by … Klaus. There is a German
speaking set up there. Klaus, are you there? You
can explain this more in detail? Because you are hands
on with Germany in Austrian… (KP) Yes, I’m here.
(RC) Is the… … Just so I say, Wolfgang
mentions that the political system and the force on people is …
is what he means by that “special system”
in Germany. Maybe Klaus… (MK) I thought Germany
was a free Nation. (RC) I Th…, I thought, I thought
so too wasn’t that the whole idea. (KP) Rick, Rick this, this
question does not concern … our set up, set up of the
workshops and the teaching. It is more or less a topic
… which … comes up … teaching in schools,
in public schools. So … this is, this is nothing to do
with the … Keshe Foundation Education. (RC) And also the official manufacturing
was the other part of that too. Which is again, a different
category altogether. (MK) Official manufacturing in Germany will go, as the rest of the work, with
the Keshe Foundation global operation. The Keshe Foundation global
operation will cover Germany. Germany is one of the major
points for us for manufacturing. And we already work with …
what do you call the German structure
for … some of our work. It just need, like everybody else, gotta
wait till we do, to finish the job to do. Because MaGrav system has shown
positive … dimensions in … Germany. A lot of Germans are
making a lot of pieces and they’re selling
it on the Internet. In different way of showing, crystals,
pens and whatever they set up. They sell all sorts of things
they do, number of workshops. We, we, as we saw some problem
with … one German workshop which went totally on its own,
on its own leg and we blocked it. Because it was going
the wrong way, as we saw it. We, we’ll bring manufacturing
into Germany in a very big way. I see something like 15 to 20
factories needed across Germany next 10 years, maybe more. And in time, I explain why
and the reason we see it … The, the German structure will come through
the Keshe Foundation global operation. We will do and we’ll
comply with all the rules and regulations of
government with it. To employ these kind of people
we set of our own teaching structure. There is a work
in the background going with part of the Keshe
Foundation Management Team that the, the, the teaching is
getting done by with you manually that people can see especially
we have a, a high employment that they, they’re videos will be made
to be subtitled to different languages. This work is ready. I think … the
head of the Keshe Foundation, if Ella is there can tell
us how it’s developing. We are standardizing all the
teachings for all the factories and, with it goes
public teaching with it. Is Ella there? Or is
she’s been working late? We don’t have
her there to tell us. Any other question? (ER) I’m here. Oh Ella, could you enlighten
us what’s going on, please? (ER) … Yes, we are working
in … standardizing the structures. So we can … save the time of the people
that will be doing the trainings and also improve the efficiency
of the people receiving the trainings. So even if they would be
receiving the training personally … They would still have a material,
training material to return to. In case that they missed something
or maybe they will understand it better the second or the third,
third time they are watching it. So it’s … it’s more on …
constructing a knowledge base which can be easily
accessible to all the Foundation. (MK) Thank you very much. (ER) Thank you. (MK) Any other question? Is if you look … in past
few minutes, you realize how big and international
the Foundation’s become. You got a person from Australia
Jim who’s part of the education. You got … Klaus from Austria,
you get Ella from … Romania and they all, and as you need. There are people in there, you have
Kevin Blundell from Canada, you have Vince from Canada. We become very multinational
and we’re all hands on. We sit in these teachings too,
to be able to see what we can learn and what we can add onto. Is not a one, one man,
one teaching anymore. It’s a huge, huge
structure in the background. And, more and more, we’re appointing and
finding people who have more speciality and they come in to
deliver what they have. We go from, and if you
look at it, the timezone some of you are nine
o’clock in the morning and some of us, two or
three o’clock in the midnight. You’re still there to,
to be there to support … It’s, it’s being part of. No organization in the
world is delivering the way we are delivering technology
with it everything else, education and everything else. On regular basis every day, week in,
week out, teachings, week in, week out. And we do it without
a fear, without being, doing coded something,
hiding somewhere, very openly. As I said very recently …
If you see with all the problems which the American government
has caused for the Iranians, Keshe Foundation
has not been touched, not even by Chinese, because
we are correct in our conduct. And we cover all
the Nations openly. Some of you might appreciate
what it means to have such a Freedom. It’s a treasure, especially
in these time of times that anybody can be accused
of anything to be put on. Our Freedom, our Freedom
to share freely is the key to our … what we call, ‘success’
in sharing knowledge. And that’s all we are doing. We are fighting actually, if you listen
to most of these questions is, “How can I teach more?” None of you if you even speak to John,
he’s fighting to teach more, ‘I want to teach more what can I do?”. And this is the beauty
of the new age, new era. We have fighting,
we are discussing that “I cannot teach more.
How you gonna get me more. Can I have the
factory to do more?” None of us is talking how we can
suppress or start … something opposite or something
against somewhere. And this is the beauty of it. Just stand still and listen this
conversation in past few minutes, half an hour, 45 minutes. We are all asking, “We want more,
we want it for us, we want it now.” “We want to share now,
we want to teach now.” And it’s very unusual,
it’s very unusual behavior. (RC) Yeah Mr Keshe, the first …
question in the Q&A which I answered just …
by text … was from Nikola, he says, “I’m from Bulgaria and we are ready.
What do I have, who do I have to contact
to start the paper processing?” You know, this is exactly
what you’re saying. People always coming forward
and often. (SC) I would like, I would like to add
some information, Rick and Mr Keshe. KF SSI Education … more
than a year ago created ID’s for public and private teachings
for more than 20 languages. If you go to our …
official YouTube channel you see the playlist for
the public teachings in languages. If you go to the Education site,
as a student, you can find … also the private teachings
in languages. …Those that would like to teach need
to contact Jim, on educationkfssi.org, the ID’s are created,
the infrastructure is ready, and a certain moment, we had like,
18 languages teaching in parallel. Some of the languages
are still very active: French, German, Hungarian, Polish,
Romanian, they are teaching every week. French and German and Polish are
teaching even more than once per week. So, if you would like to teach,
we need to talk, you will get ID’s, you become the Host on these ID’s,
you get on schedule, your schedule is published to students
every week. It’s very easy. It exists, it’s there.
These recordings that you can see, they actually, were done
through this infrastructure. We offered this more than a year ago, so,
I think that you can sort this out very quick. (MK) Of course this is the voice of
Mr, what I call, ‘webmaster’, one of the 3 webmasters
of the Keshe Foundation. And, Stanley is, more or less,
more keyed up to the Education side. Keshe Foundation has a team of webmasters
and, each one have their own speciality. (RC) And perhaps, perhaps we could give
the website address out for people that… would be at kfssi.org Flint has [email protected]
is that the address you mean Stanley? (FM) Yeah it’s an email. (SC) Yeah [email protected] it’s an email
where you can reach Jim Mac Donald. Jim is the head of KFSSI Education and
responsible for content and schedules. So, you need to talk with him first,
to tell him your intention, after the short talk, he will forward
you to me, just to get the ID’s. And, in the recent days, we just gave the IDs
for the public and private teachings in Farsi. and for the public and private
teachings in Bengali. So, it’s on going process,
it’s very easy. So, if you really
have an intention to start teaching I think this can be sorted out
within the week. … Flint takes over …
the training for you, … to show you few tricks
in the zoom, how to host and this is it,
this is how we do it. And … all the recordings are done
automatically to Cloud, you don’t need to take care about them,
we publish them. It’s a, this is the public teaching,
it’s published on the YouTube channel, in the playlist for the public teachings,
in this and this language, and, in the same time,
to the Education side, if it’s private teaching,
it’s published only on Education site, available only to
registered students. So … as you can see, [email protected]
is an email where Jim is talking with you about the content of the teaching,
the program, the weekly schedule, the announcement, advertising
that you would like to do, … and … also some other things, like focus
groups that Jim introduced, recently. And … educationspaceship,
[email protected], you know this email when you were
registering as a student, for the applications, for the administration technical support,
this is still the old address. We introduced the new address for Jim
so that, this part where … Jim wants to bring the KFSSI Education in the future,
to improve the content, this one has the special email so you
can talk with him and get this sorted out. But, do not hesitate we would like to see
100 languages, teaching in parallel. That is, it was offered by Keshe Foundation,
by Mr Keshe … years ago, that the, that the infrastructure
is given to you. You just need to be brave,
come forward and start. We are welcoming you aboard. (RC) Excellent Stanley, very good. Helps clarify for people
that want to apply for that. (MK) Thank you very much Stanley. Any other question? (RC) … There’s a question. “Do you have
any plan to set up a factory in Sweden?” (MK) Not at the moment. If you are interested,
send a request to … the manufacturing link
of the Keshe Foundation, or put the application in,
we look at it. There’s a very big …
there’s a need for understanding. To set up a operational factory,
now we see it … like in Accra.>From the time we start till we finish
setting up the factory structure, that is, literally,
… no cost The cost of setting up the factory comes
when you start holding stock, raw material,
holding the stock to sell. Then it comes the financial backing
of all the wages, all the running obsolete systems
and everything else, and keeping technology in front. Setting up a manufacturing outfit to,
to a point of being efficient, not… it’s something like between twenty
to thirty million dollars, is not cheap Because there is a lot
of hidden bits in it. … Twenty million to invest in a small
Nation, to what to be able to deliver, Is better to put a few Nations together
and work in that way. Or, do what is done,
in a couple of points, we put the organization according to the
speciality they have, into a research section. Or, a specific… Because the basic
setting up of a factory is for the small countries, especially
in Northern European countries, is formidable, but, we, we have foreseen
that we use for the basic raw materials, instead of setting up the whole structure
is to supply from base in Italy. Base in Italy … is very handy for us
to meet most of the Mediterranean. We are looking at the center
distribution point of the raw material, what we call, the ‘base material station’,
somewhere in Germany, where we can reach most of the
Scandinavian Nations and the other side. And these things, when you look at it,
setting it up, running it, in a way producing GANSes in thousands of …
liters and in different, what you call, ‘shapes’ of dry or liquid or paste,
or whatever, needs centralization. We, we have made a … a conscious
decision that Italy will go that way. Italy will become the central depot for
the small Nations of, what you call it, ‘Balkan Nations’ … that
we produce their raw materials and then they become
production lines. If they see something they need
to be produced, we can finance. Or, very small Nations, usually better
for us to, to see the talent inside and move into the direction
of research and development. There is so many products
to be developed, so many. Hundreds of thousands, it’s not just,
because we touch everything. You think of it, you, if it can be done,
financially affordable, we do it, if not, we support
you to do it. These are all what is coming up.
We are not short of … products, at this moment of time, meeting
the capability and the capacity to produce the raw material for
every aspect, will become a bottle neck and this is why we are planning three,
five hundred factories very rapidly. Total factory set up in, across the world
in next three years, we, we… our plan is between, something
between 600 to a 1,000 units. And when we say this is, the stations
which can produce the raw material. You got to realize … to, to make a base,
we won’t, we will not be only us, most probably we see a number of
other people, organizations will come in to operate and run, with us
or along with us. And, as I said to our team
very recently, past few days, is, “Anybody opens a line
to be in our competition we have to reach
out to work together.” Then, we can collaborate in a much
easier way, is not, that we are this. I’ve seen these kind of collaborations work
for years between the major corporations, At the beginning they are at each
other’s throat but then, when they merge they find that they have bigger … what
you call it, ‘comfortable’ work position. And … we don’t see the Keshe Foundation
to be the only, but in a way, as we carry the name of the technology,
we have to be trusted by it, and our main, all these things
we are setting up, all this structure, is for one direction,
Space development. Usually, you develop
a Space Technology and the fallout from the Space
Technology comes down the line into public as by-products. As I say,
“Teflons came from the Space.” With this technology we have
brought all the by-products waiting to go for the Space. And, this takes a lot of understanding,
a lot of work and a lot of trust in us. And, as I said, “2018 is the year,
we hope, we’ll take Man to Space.” I see some results from some researchers
they are going very fast they have seen more, end. I start moving scientists from positions
that they can bring everything together to make sure it happens. Any other question? (CdR) Rick? Good evening
or good morning. … You remember there was a
person who had a question and we thought it would be very
nice to bring it into this platform? for Mr Keshe to answer on it
or explain on it? If that person is present
he can ask the question maybe himself? Do you remember what I am referring to?
(RC) … Yes I do. I remember the question. I can’t remember
who the person was. I’ll just remind them.
It was… had to do with the … … the vacuum chamber or
empty spot behind the heart. And … We were discussing, is it
the Soul of the Physicality? And, maybe that will ring a bell
for who that was if they’re here? Was it Joseph … Becker perhaps?
He’s got his hand up. So, I’ll allow you to talk.
I’ll promote you to panelist there Joseph to see
if that was you. If that rings a bell perhaps because
it wasn’t one of our regular folks. Joseph, you want to go ahead
was it you that said that was interested
in that … question? (JB) Hello and good day to you.
I am Joseph Becker from Austria. And I was teaching
a friend … about the Soul and the connection
to the brain and to the skin. And the friend of mine
said to me, “No you are wrong because
the Soul isn’t in the head, the Soul is in a vacuum chamber
behind the heart” And I realized that
there have to be two Souls and Mr Keshe also spoke about the Soul of the Physicality
and the Soul of the Totality, I want to name it. … Maybe Mr Keshe could … speak
about or want to take this topic. (MK) … Not really, we… we have
clearly defined the position of the soul. And we leave those who like to
interpret themselves in one way, it’s good. (JB) Thank you Mr. Keshe. (MK) Thank you very much. Any other question? We… we were… in one of the teachings,
in past couple of days, those of you who haven’t heard it
or you were not there. We were trying to explain
the position of the Soul and one of the things
which … we touched on is … If you go back to the structure
of what we said, the way the… in coming an egg and
a sperm together, leads in the dynamic
division of the cells. And then they create … so many
cells when they come together create a center point of the central
control that all of them can communicate and be with, which we call…
creates, becomes a Soul of the Man In so many ways,
then this Soul communicates with all the organs
in the same way, in the same … dimension. … I explained this in a very simple way,
in a macro or a micro, if you look at it, It’s the same as what we see with a school
of fish. Or we see within the flock of birds. This should give you
a very good visualization of it. For example when in… in the oceans we see
… mackerel or sardines or small fishes, so many millions
of them come together, and they rotate and revolve
in the same direction. or they move in
the same kind of circle. And we always think, “How do they know
suddenly all turn in one direction or the other?” Or we we see with a flock of birds
especially, for example if you’ve been in Rome and you see
hundreds of thousands of birds. Or if you are in Accra,
5 or 6 o’clock in the afternoon … millions of bats take over from
what is known as ’37th’ hospital. And in one area they just take off
all at the same time. Millions of them. And they go away and they come back again
in the afternoon, in the following morning. And we see this in Italy, when the birds come
back in the afternoons to, to, to nest in Rome. But they create a motion together. Or we see the same thing with a huge
school of fish. How does it work? In the same way as what we
call the ‘sperm’ and the ‘eggs’ they make this
combination of Field forces. These animals create what we call,
a ‘central Soul’, in their dimension. And they don’t need to communicate
because that’s the center the energy they create, transfers
the energy right across through them. So they all put the bits in of themselves and the totality receives
what it needs to be done. Where the danger comes from?
How they have to feel? And this is, it’s very much the same of
the operation of the brain of the Man, in respect of the Soul of the Man
and Emotion of the Man. If you want to see this, there is
no better way to explain it. And then you see everything responds
together, all the birds move together. All the animals take the
same directional flow, suddenly. It’s just you press one place,
the rest move. So, in so many ways,
in the liquid of the Planet in what we call, the ‘waters’.
We have that condition of the GANS-State, and then the animals this way create their
own central what we call, ‘Soul dimension’, which they all connect to
and they all receive from. There is nobody
there shouting, “All this way, now we all turn back”.
It’s not an army. If the scientists or the what I call,
the ‘Man of Knowledge’ understand this and they can utilize it.
This becomes very handy very, very effective in Space dimension
of traveling through Space for Man when we have a number of
…huge number of what we call, ‘Spaceships’
or Souls in the depth of the Space. Where this thing becomes
zero communication, we put from the strength of the Soul,
which is the Emotion of Trust, in everything. And then it responds back to. The process of where the Soul is a Soul can be created in anywhere,
when the collective strength of understanding of the feeling
of the Emotion come together. Happens in the division of cells
in the womb of the mother. Happens with the flock of birds. Happens with
a school of fish. Doesn’t matter,
a few millions or a few hundreds. This is the beauty of … now that
we are knowledgeable, we understand, to
understand the Totality of the work. And, if we develop this knowledge. If we understand this knowledge,
then it becomes very easy to control systems, flight systems. It becomes very easy to control the whole structure within micro-seconds
of deciding to go to left, to right, or the the whole flock decides
suddenly to turn backwards Collective numbers of
what I call, ‘Souls’, irrespective of being in the heart of the Man,
the brain of the Man, the school of fish flock of birds, bunch of Spaceships
who understand the process of interaction creates a zero-time,
what I call, ‘response’. It creates, a zero-time through
the dimension of the Soul of the Man. Those of you who work in
Space Technology and you are looking for
zero-time communication. You should have learned a lot
from these past few sentences. Don’t create a fiberglass
line of communication, create a central dimension,
central Plasma communication, then you can reach
the whole Universe. Those of you who understand and
been looking for zero-time communication, you should have
received your answers today. It goes into a
3-dimensional dynamic systems, which the thought of a Man in every
dimension can go in and go… go out. Is the speaker of
the Soul of the Creation, and, in so many ways,
if you understand this, this become part of the process of running
your reactors for the Space development. The understanding of
the cavity of … back of the heart, a cavity in the
foot of the Man, now we found a new cavity in the
left arm on the top of the shoulder. The reason is
you have to understand, the Totality of Physicality
comes into the heart of the Man. The Emotion of the Man collectively
comes there and it distributes. The brain of the Man has got no blood,
so it cannot participate in this direction. But, if you look in the time when
the Man educates enough himself, you will see Field flow within the
structure of the brain of the Man, which leads to the creation
of the Soul of the Man, and maintaining everlasting
energy supply to it, till it takes
its own dimension. In the teaching
of past couple of days, I explained this in a very soft
way that one might understand. Many of us I think
it was Rick who said, “I dream about my grandmother, my
grandfather and I see them and the rest”, and I explain how it happens
go back into, into the teaching, into the private and the public
teaching in past couple of days. Then we understand,
even within the Soul of the Man, you still carry the Soul
of the Matter-State of the Man, or what we call,
the ‘Physicality’. Because it’s of a different strength
than the Soul of the Man, which is the,
possessor of the Totality. As I explained
in the teaching when, we see the Physicality of our father
or a mother or a grandmother who passed away or they in another
part of the world, they are not with us, we don’t see the
physical body of the Man. We see the Soul of the Physicality
within the realm of the Soul of the Man. Which means
the Soul of Physicality, sits within the structure
of the Physical Soul. What we call,
the ‘Soul of the entity’. And then, we recognize from the
Matter-State of the Soul of the Physicality, the Matter-State of the Man, and we
recognize this is a mom or dad or the uncle, or somebody else we don’t know, but
somehow, we have a connection with. Then this explains
a lot in another dimension that when we manage to go
within the structure of the Soul then the Soul of Physicality
creates a new dimension of existence, what we call,
‘zero-time communication’. This is important for those of us who
are looking into the Space development. Be very much, working on a simple way, then making
things complicated to confirm existence. Understand the new system,
the new knowledge, understand the way we decide
to expand our knowledge. We have to be able to communicate
not only, as I said last time, to bring the Soul of the Man
beyond the boundary of the Physicality, but to be able to
work within the dimension, of the Physical Matter of the Soul of
the Man, within the structure of the Soul. Then, we don’t need to carry
this heavy body of the Man. Wherever you go
you bring that out, and that’s physical
structure of the Soul the… then, in the new environment,
will manifest itself. Very much is still H2O if you bring it
in the frozen area it’ll be ice, if you bring it in a warm
area will become steam, if you give it the right condition,
it becomes drop of rain, but, in essence,
it’s still H2O. Then, while you are within
the structure of the Soul, on a physical Matter-State of the Soul,
what we call, the ‘Soul of Physicality’, then you can bring yourself out to
manifest yourself in the new environment, which needs 20 legs
or 15 arms or 20 eyes. Because that’s what
confirms existence. Not every being in the Universe
has a lung and intestine. There is no need for intestine when
there are no animals and no trees to eat. If we go into the next
steps of the understanding, of the structure
of the Soul of the Man, in becoming in charge and in
control of it and understanding how, not only we can allow the Soul
of the Man to encompass the Physicality. But, we can leave
the Physicality behind, but, work through the Soul of
Physicality within the Soul of the Man then, we are in touch with everybody
else without the Physical dimension. And then it become
the zero communication time, it becomes
exactly like we see, as a school of fish
suddenly changes direction, or a flock of birds suddenly move back
and turn and do everything else. Because, in what it turns
it creates a new dimension. If the school decides to go forward
is the image of the uncle, if the school of the fish
decides to go backwards, it will be this, the image of the Aunty,
if we can explain it that way. But, in fact, is instantaneous
in all dimensions. And then, as I’ve said in the teaching,
if you understand this then you can see, if the desire and the line of communication
at the strength of understanding, is equal to the Soul of the person who is
in balance or in communication with you, and is what is your path of belief,
“My Wish is my Command”, you can make line of communication
even to see the prophet of God. You call it, ‘Christ’,
‘Moses’ or anybody. Then you’ll be surprised what
you see, if it’s what you seen, in the blue eye
and black hair or blond hair, or is he? Watch he’s actually a bald guy,
he had no hair? And then you have
to trust in yourself, what I’ve seen is
what it is or I even start, questioning the conduct of my own
Soul in the dimension of Physicality. Zero-time communication comes
from collective mass 3-dimension, in, more or less, spherical
position of the line of the Field, which can be understood
at the strength of the Soul of the Man, in a dimension of Physicality,
and no other way. Then, you see you don’t need to imagine,
you hear and you can visualize, exactly as you, in your dream, you see your
mother your grandfather or your brother, being alive or passed way or
hundreds of generations backwards. If you can go in depths of the RNA,
which is the recording, not DNA which is the Physicality. Then we understand
the new understanding, and that is, through the RNA we can travel
the depths of the evolution of the Man, in all dimensions where DNA limits into
dimension of Physicality of the Soul. Then, you understand
in a very simple way, you can dig into the archives of
the dynamic RNA Soul of the Man, and then you
can call upon anyone, but it needs a lot of training,
a lot of understanding. Is as, was said earlier on,
“How do we send, our children to be educated
with the new technology?” Now we all become little kids
going back to nursery to understand, the Truth about our own Physicality and
the Creation and the condition of Creation. Then, in so many ways, goes
to some of the teachings, go back. I asked a single question,
“How do the babies communicate? Even in the womb of
their mother with each other?” Now you understand. They are exactly even in different liquids
but part of the same soup of the same, what you call, a ‘school of fish’,
because they are no different. Collectively,
in zero time, they understand, they feel,
and because they have no, in a way, connection to Physicality
the way we have outside, communicate or understand,
and there is one language and that’s the
language of the Soul. They don’t understand Arabic,
or English or anything else. The new design of the Space reactors,
for those of you who work in that direction, for system of understanding and controlling,
comes from, this principle, this fundamental way,
where you have to create, a dynamic flow within the structure
of the Plasma, which part of it, becomes the
Soul of the Physicality of the Man which can understand
and interpret languages. Then, your decision of control
become instantaneous. Zero-time communication,
and you don’t need any computers. An… any other question? (RC) We did have a question that … Flint
has forwarded from Krasimir, who says … it’s related to what you’re
just talking about I believe. “Mr Keshe is there a difference between
the Soul of a dead person and the Soul of a person who has decided
to travel the Universe only with his Soul, and has freed himself
from the Physicality?” “Can both of them manifest again
in the Physicality?” (MK) Yes, but it depends
in which dimension. You can even do it on Earth. (RC) You mean … come back
into the body you left or to … come back into another … light form?
(MK) Either way, it depends on position. It just depends on the position
and the form. Many people have done this before. You can even be so quick to understand,
that, in India you need to look Indian, and in what you call it,
in, in let’s say, … Scandinavia you got to be blond
and blue eyes and whatever. There is no difference, this is…
The only limitation is us, who does not understand
or have not understood up to now. As I said, if you manifest yourself in an,
in, in Planet Zeus, which is got twenty legs
and fourteen arms, in the condition of the
atmospheric condition, because now you work with the Field
of the Plasma of the environment, that’s why some of us turn blond, blue eyes
and some of us black hair and black eyes, it’s the condition of the environment.
So you can do the same here. We, we are so attached with
the physical body that we wouldn’t, we do not want to understand
that we are, we are detached from it,
we can be detached from it, and create the same dimension as we need
at any position. Does not need to be in deep Space. And does not need to be Human race. If you see a flock of birds, and you can
tune into the strength of their Soul, you’ve, you’ll feel how they feel,
when they get chased, or with a fish, how they get
chased by a whale or whatever. Then you understand the Emotion,
then you can do something about it to change it, or, satisfy the whale,
that the fish can stay. But the question
comes in another point; What are we gonna do with the whole people
having no predators? Souls find the balance, because they
don’t want to see one of them to be demised. It’s a school of what I call, ‘queuing’.
We wait. If you produce
another 100 extra of fish, they won’t be feed for them, that they
can be fed. So, we don’t produce any. And the birds do it perfectly,
by season, by, availability of the food
and everything else. How do they allow so many of them,
not to produce that year because there is a shortage
but they allow the others to. What decides that? Man has, needs to
learn a lot about his Soul, because he’s too
much entangled in Physicality. (RC) Well, that’s a good question …
to come up right now … regarding, it’s just been Valentine’s Day,
and the one of the questions from Alpler … “Any words for the Valentine’s,
does Love need a confirmation?” Was one of his questions.
“And if yes, is it a celebration, or a physical confirmation?”
and then, from that, “Does Soul need a confirmation
of any kind?” (MK) Shall I leave that to you Rick?
You should be a Master for this by now. (RC) Well … not exactly, well, in a way
perhaps, but it’s, … Valentine’s day, is normally a time for
… couples, right, that’s, what happens on Valentine’s day,
people get together and. And as it was mentioned … earlier today,
… even in the … the ancient teachings it was a time to revere the woman to …
the wife and the woman … to … … make it a special day for them,
and so on. And … so that’s always a, a part of it
is this couple thing, but for me I don’t have a …
relationship with someone else, in that manner, so, … it’s a singles day
for me, as it was at Christmas and so on. So … how do I approach that?
It’s still for me a day of Love and, that feeling of Love and that expression
and so on, it’s … you know, I’m totally with that but,
at the same time I, there is a bit of a “pang” because
I don’t have that relationship thing. And I wonder, “Okay if I’m out in Space
… you know, floating around in Space or whatever I’m doing out in Space.
Am I going to miss that, … that need … for … … the other,
to have someone other to relate to? … Do we need confirmation of this,
does Love need a confirmation? Does … that’s a big question,
the Soul need a confirmation, do we have to feel that Love from
what we call the ‘other’, someone else? Or can we just self generate it
and feel it within ourselves? And that’s… also ties in with the idea that
we can love the Soul of our Physicality, essentially, it’s … we can in a way
adore our own … biological Physicality Soul, through our Soul, and that way it becomes
… bound to each other and, and it’s … at the same time were,
were trying to separate in a way to understand
one from the other, what are the actions
of the Soul, the Physicality, and what are the, what is
the behavior of the Soul and so on? So I guess to be … a good time
to run that sort of exercise, what is, what is it that I need to confirm
from my environment, to feel … that Love, and can it, you know,
can I generate it myself? Can I be a self sufficient energy generator?
Is what it amounts to. And this is what I think is an independent
energy generator, actually it’s the term. And I think Humans are
becoming independent energy generators. And perhaps we wont need to have
that partner in order to confirm our … existence in that way, at some point.
But maybe that’s what we really do need is to confirm
through their partner. Maybe, you can help me a bit with that Mr Keshe?
I hope that you gonna.. (MK) Yeah I’m gonna ask you
a very, very simple question. How many of us on this Planet today,
are aware of Valentine? Very few. I tell you Indians
have no clue about it. Hundred percent in Africa, South America,
in China, most probably 95 % of people
don’t even know what it is. We have created this time,
this date or whatever for us to confirm to us,
that we are Loved. That’s all it is.
Why do we choose a Valentine? In a way, we want to have somebody
to confirm that we are loved, but we tell them we love them,
that by confirming to them we Love them,
we confirm they Love us. But it doesn’t matter
what games you play with it. But, we have to understand,
it only applies to the Western World. Did somebody in your
wake up this morning and says, “Oh, it’s the day I have to
do something with it. It’s a Valentine.” And then it comes,
what does it give? What does it make us to be? That we need someone
to Love, that through their … us confirming to them we Love them,
then they confirm our existence. There’s different ways of looking at it.
But at the end of it, is giving … from the Emotion
and not by Physicality but now we buy a flower,
we buy a box of chocolate. We buy anything that the
commercial world has told us to do, to fit into the image
of being Loved. I remember a women in
… UK, who used to tell me, “I buy myself a flower for Valentine,
because I Love myself.” Running, “I don’t need
somebody else to Love me, then I have to pay with the suffering
of it for the rest of my Life.” In a way, if you look at it,
Love as we say, “is giving”, is that we would like to have a confirmation
that there is somebody will giving … accepting what we are giving,
and that our effort is not wasted. It’s a confirmation of us
for the work we’ve done. Any other question? Today’s questions are very
different from last week, huh? (RC) Uh-hm, … anybody else.
Let me see there was … Jalal you had your hand up,
do you want to say something there? (JG) Thank you Rick.
Good day Mr Keshe. (MK) Hello Jalal. (JG) … Mr Keshe … this … bring us to the point
… The ray… Thank you Topoli. She… she said,
“Welcome” to me, I know. (MK) If he was… Just wait one second please.
Everytime you come he get exited. (JG) I have influence, and he… (chuckles) (MK) Okay. Can you tell us, yes. (JG) Yes Mr Keshe
… zero-time communication. Once you said, what happen in the Space it’s
… you see it direct, because … it is … in … Plasma-State. Why the ray from the Sun,
when it comes to the Earth, take… takes 6 or 7 minutes
to… to reach? What’s the difference here? (MK) Ah, that is a Matter-State
of the conversion, not the actual…
the Totality of it. A ray, if you go back into the …. book,
The Structure of the Light, I’ve explained this
in a very simple way. What has… what does reduce
from the Space of time, in strength
from Sun to the Earth. In the measure of time we put,
we call it the ‘8 minutes’ something. But, in fact, the higher strength ray
of the Sun, the second they reach the surface
they have passed through the Galaxies and the Universes,
according to the strength they have. The… their brightness on the surface
of the Sun, which we see and we call it the light of the Sun, which by its interacting with
the Earth atmosphere we see it, we would not know
that the Sun existed. We see the Star
in the interaction of its light, which is at a strength
of the position of our observation. In the liquid of the eye of the Man,
we recognize the Star, otherwise we would not see it. But, the interaction
of the Fields of the central … what you call,
‘Gravitational-Magnetic Field’, with the Matter-State of the Sun itself
creates a surface light. That light on the surface,
in so many ways, takes eight minutes, because it’s come
to the Matter-State to get to us. No scientist has measured
the rest of the lights, energies, which goes through
from the Sun, it’s instantaneous. This… the strength of the Soul of the Sun,
passes through this Planet the minute it has
created in the center of the Sun. Is the same… the Soul of Physicality
or the Soul of the Existence, or what we call
the, ‘Soul of the Man’. It’s what the doctor…
scientist call, ‘neutrinos’. They try to create a condition,
their pond or whatever, water kilometers under the ground,
that when it slows down enough, by the mountains stones or whatever, when
it hits here, we can detect it as a photon. But if you look at it, this what I call,
the ‘stupidity’ of the world of Science, is… some of these neutrinos slow down
in the liquid of the eye of the Man, you don’t need to go all the way to the
bottom of the Earth and put all these electronics in. Because, not we do not have
… a filter to reduce all the Fields which come from the Sun,
that it becomes observable to us. So, those of, which are in Matter-State,
which takes eight and a half, because we can measure
it at the Matter-Strength. Those of… who are of the higher strength,
we don’t even have the tools. If you look at the … Fields from the Sun,
in a different dimension strength, it’s not even the color
and the shape and the size you see. Here we only see and measure what is,
has reached the Matter-State, physical point of observation.
As ours, not as the others. What I see as the Sun, a Man from
Planet Zeus doesn’t see at the Sun. It could be kilometers out,
or thousands of kilometers inwards. He sees at the strength of his point
of absorption, absorb observation strength. So you measure a Matter,
you get a Matter. It’s very much, very much…
This is one of the… I was discussing this, one of the
top scientists in Space Technology. These scientists have
achieved sub-light speed of travel. … Even though our American friends and
the other things are very advanced in Space. There are scientists here … that
… have achieved sub-fligh… … sub-light flight. And, we were discussing this
because I’ve seen the mission, they show me the flight system. And, the discussion was that … “We cannot go over the speed of light,
we have a problem. Can you solve it for us?” I explained to them, when I look at their
… aircraft, when I saw their craft. It’s beautifully done, they spend a lot
of time, they actually travel sub-light, speed of sound it’s beyond… it goes
within the first second the flight takes place and I explained to them
in a simple way. … The… the craft has been,
been build in a special shape, that it can. But, I explained to them,
“the problem you have, that you don’t see, you are using Matter-State.” If you develop the technology
which we do in Keshe Foundation, which we create the structure of
the Matter through the strength of the Plasma. Then you can pass the speed of light.” We’re… create the… the creation of
the barrier is the Physicality of the entity. It’s like … bullet-proof glass,
your trying to get a bullet through it. We have not understood this and … these
World scientists have reached the speed of light, they are sub-light, they know,
they can travel beyond and when they appear, they create mayhem
in places they do, but it’s funded because I’ve seen their,
their structure and the whatever. And, now they understood,
the knowledge has to be restudied. In a way, as I said, the problem
we have is the, the, the… the, what Einstein has
created a problem. That the speed of light is
the ultimate speed. Yes it is, but only
in a Matter-State! We can produce any aircraft and
fly up to the limit of the speed of light, more or less. But again, depends
what material we use, because in different strength materials,
have different speed of light. Where with the Plasma you become
a chameleon, you fit into everything. Then you can go with multiple strength
of the, what we call the ‘speed of light’, in the Matter-State,
on this Planet. Because the speed of light in the Matter-
State in Planet Zeus is total different, could be million of times faster
than the speed of light here. So, when we look at the Sun, we say, “It takes
8 Minutes to get here”, we’re talking about what in the world of Plasma physicists
and the lights and … physics, they say, “Light has two characteristics and
we don’t understand”. “Sometimes it behaves as a Photon
sometimes it behaves as a Particle.” But, what they don’t understand is
which strength light is traveling at. Now we can answer these questions,
because now we understand that, speed of light is only to us,
on a Matter level the maximum speed or the freedom of the speed …
Plasma can fly in Matter-State. Or travel in Matter-State. Then we call it a ‘speed of light’.
It’s not necessarily above or below it. Any other question? (RC) Well we had a question ear… earlier
from Sylvain … in the Livestream. … “Mr Keshe can you talk about
floating Souls in the 209th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.
you said, Do we change our Soul in the liquid
to become a floating Soul? Or do we change our Soul to be protected
by the Physicality and to what exchange we allow the Physicality to interact with
its environment that it exists within the Liquid-State of the water or
liquid anywhere in the Universe. Isn’t it in a different way like people
with cystic fibrosis who have a problem with adapting to the
breathing of the air? Their Souls having failed to fully adapt
their Physicality to the new environment. Can you explain more?
Thanks.” (MK) … The… the Soul
of the Life in liquid, takes into consideration,
one – the Field strength of the liquid, and then, the Field strength of
the containment of the liquid. A liquid always is contained,
the same as a gas. But, when you submerge or
you are animal of that dimension, you have three forces, Field
interacting in a Matter-State. Or in a Field Plasma-State
of the Matter. What does this mean? This is the Soul of you as a creature,
we have, okay as a Man walking the air, Our containment is
the Plasmatic pressure… of the atmosphere, more or less,
freedom of the Space. In the Liquid-State,
now you have the Gravitational-Plasmatic Field of the
liquid and then, the liquid itself is contained within the structure of
another Gravitational-Magnetic Field. Is very much when you put a fish in
a glass of water or in a… what you call it… a ‘bottle’. And then, if you see it,
the fish has a Soul which is in there. Then you have the condition of
the liquid and then you have the condition of the cup,
or the glass. So, it has to adjust to accept all too. Plus, the glass now is conditioned,
in the condition of the Gravitational-Magnetic Field
of the Planet. With a fish, we always have control by
the dimension of the central Gravity, in respect to the liquid, Environmental
Gravitational-Magnetic Field-Strength. That then, we adjust
our Soul to fit that. A fish, partially, accepts
condition of the Physicality, as part of the limitation
to his existence, in accepting transfer of the information
from the Soul, to his Physicality. Very much, as I said, with
dinosaurs and coming down. If you look, we still carry some of the
animals from the dinosaur time in the seas They are still there. But, none exist on the Planet,
in the air condition. Because in the surface in
the condition of the … liquid, there is a containment which has not,
hardly hadn’t changed. Very, very little. That’s why we see huge animals in
the oceans, which we cannot sustain in the, in the water and
they go back to the time. Go into crocodiles
and the rest of if. Because, it’s a condition confinement
and then, confinement of the liquid. It’s a double-layer system, where
with the Physicality we accept one layer. This is why most of us can not live in
two dimensions, to be a sea and the air. Because, we need to understand the
adjustment between the second container, which is the Gravitational-Magnetic Field
of the Earth itself and the liquid. If we can adapt, we can survive. And, in time we will adapt,
because now we’re learning a new way. In the teachings, part of the teachings,
in part of the books and go back in time. I exce…
I explain, double- layering of the Field. You can allow part of your Soul
to become internal to another. Now, you can live in two dimensions
of the Fields of the Universe. It allows you to live on a Gaseous and
it allows you to live in a Liquid-State. And then, if you are understanding
how to live with the dimension of the Fields of the Soul, it allows you
to live in a Physical dimension in the dimen… strength
of the Soul of the Man too. So for us, as a Human being, to be able to
survive in the liquid oceans of the Universe, we have to learn, one – to protect our
Physical dimension and then, one – to create a dimension of the
Soul strength of the environment, within the containment. Then, we decide if we want
to live in one or the other. We can live in both
– air and water. But, the same happens to the fish when
the fish comes out – has a problem. The reason when we are born,
we go through the birth tunnel, is this conversion. It’s a conversion of the Soul of the Man
into a new strength dimension. And nothing else. Because in the womb
of the mother the containment is the Physicality
of the body of the mother. But the liquid is the same
and our Soul is floating in it. And, how we communicate with the
Soul of the mother, in respect to our Soul we understand the Emotion,
we understand the voice of the mother, we understand the Emotion of the
… feel of the mother. This is what I explained in one
of the teachings in past few days, that, why do we have
a voice box in our neck? And how is positioned and how we,
we talk through the voice. The reason, I explain and some of you
might understand the easier way is, as I said, when you have the Sun and
then when you have the Earth. At the point of interaction is where
we see the creation of the light, and noise of
the entry in friction. If you go further towards the Sun,
we still hear noise. You may compare it to the Earth,
we still hear noise, but at one point, is where
the two Fields interact, and lead to the
creation of the light. The voice box of the Man
is in the same position, is between the point of the Soul of the
Physicality and the Soul of the Man. And Man has created the system
we call it the voice box, which creates different vibrations
and disruptions in this position, we have managed to control it
through the Emotion of the fields of the brain of the Man,
and we use the interaction of these what I call, the ‘Fields’
of the Soul of the Man, and the Fields of the Physicality
of the Man, the Soul of Physicality, and we make a noise,
and we call it, a ‘voice box’. As I’ve said in the teaching,
wherever this voice box sits, and if you look at it,
dictates and shows us, the condition of the Emotion
of the Physicality, and the Soul of the Man,
you know what you’re dealing with. So, as I said,
it’s the first time we understand, why we have
a voice box in this position. With all the animals,
it’s the same. And the position of the Soul,
and the Physicality, the interaction of them,
dictates their level of intelligence, their level of conversion. But, then it goes by the speed of the
flow of the Emotion of the matter, in the strength of the Physicality,
a strength of the Soul of the Man, or Physicality of the Man,
in respect to the Soul of the Man. Now we understand, as I said
before, for the first time why we even have a voice box,
and how it’s come about to be. It’s where the two Souls, Physicality
and the Matter of the Soul interact and, we have become very clever,
we put different filters in it, we call it, we interrupt it,
makes different noises, we are the animals,
which can… talk. We have perfected the art
of the conversion and interaction. Partially by Souls and partially by the
Physicality of the tissue, muscles, that we have created,
which can interact with these Fields. Any other question? (RC) Well there is… Sorry?
(DC) Demetri… Sorry Rick. Klaus do you want to… (DC) I have a question that’s leading on
from Jalal’s question about the Sun. The hoops on
the surface of the Sun, that is … Field interaction
that’s creating a Matter-State, that we can see with our eyes,
COHN-based eyes. Are those hoops a residue
of the rays leaving the Sun? (MK) It’s from the interaction,
of different fields. You got to realize …
the surface of the Sun, is, it has two … two… in a way,
two- or three-dimensional Field flow. One is coming from
Gravitational-Magnetic Field of itself, and one is from the conversion
of the strength of the Fields, which have reduced enough
that they have become Matter-State, at the strength of the Fields of the
Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Sun. And then when they come to that,
now they interact back with the Fields, other Fields which
are coming through, and in this interaction
of the Matter-State conversion, with the strength of the Fields
which are coming, which again acts, a friction,
as I said with the voice cavity, in the Soul of the Man,
Physicality Soul of the Man, to the creation
of the light, of the surface. But some of these, because of his dynamism
and rotation, create these … features. With the black dot, with the
blackness of the surface of the Sun, read the papers, it’s in the books.
I explained this very clearly. How we get black spots
on the surface of the Sun. We get a black surface
when the charges goes, and the Sun is trying to go through its,
what I call, ‘reverse cycle’, as it, what you call it, goes through
three hundred and sixty degrees, like its heart beat, every
twenty-three years does a full cycle, every eleven and half year is half
cycle of it, change of Magnetic Fields. The Matter Plasma-State
is going to get balanced, and then, the Field Matter-Strength
of the Plasma of the center comes out, and they create charges, and then
when it gets to a saturation point, at about eleven and a half years,
it creates a reverse rotation. This is why as I’ve said
in half a sphere reactors, we create half a sphere,
to stop this rotation. There is the cycle
of the reversal of the polarity. With the, with the circular reactors,
we always had this problem, and we had
to devise a new system. And it took millions of years
to understand this, in, in some races to, to be able to do it,
because there were so many losses. And because we always looked at all
the Universes and all the Galaxies, everything was circular,
but cutting it in half, … taking out instability
of the rotation, saturation of the, very much like a heartbeat, as we said
last week, of the Plasma, led to the creation
of … present half shape, what you call,
‘Spaceships’. And, like as I’ve said,
“in the Knowledge of Universe”, if you look you still see
some spherical flights, this shows primitive knowl.. primitive people
who have just managed to fly, then you see the spaceship,
and which is half circle flat, in a way,
as you see semi-flat, which creates the stability,
and stops the rotation of the Fields. And, the black spots it’s the same,
when the fields come in and the balance, you don’t create any lights, and this shows
the time of balance of the Fields, which creates no interaction, no lights,
and you see the dark spots on the Sun. This has been explained
in the books. (DC) Thank you Mr Keshe.
What, what you just said then about … full-spherical ships
and half-spherical ships, Now, did I understand
it correctly, that a… a… a… a full-spherical ship
is primitive? Is that what you said,
or is it a half-spherical ship is primitive? (MK) I call it ‘primitive’, … usually a Race…
(DC) If they rounded it? (MK) The spherical? (DC) Okay. In that case, why, when the Soul of the Man
activates the spaceship, why is it, why can you feel the spherical,
why can you the shell of the ship? Why it is spherical?
Why is not a half-spherical? (MK) Because we are part of the same struct….
(DC) If it is so primitive? The, yes, because it’s the,
it’s origin. It’s the original. … It’s very much like, you know, we,
we learn about the wheel and we put a box on it, we call it a ‘car’ and now
we have different more complicated, sophisticated, aerodynamic. The… the new half a sphere
is a development, of understanding Plasmatic aerodynamic,
not to allowing it to flip over. But if you look at it, we create
this condition of half a sphere, through operation
of full spheres. The four reactors you have,
are in a full shape, a sphere. In a primitive, as we said,
it is the origin, the, the way it is the… But, now you can position
reactors in a certain place, that you can bend the Fields inwards,
and you get, you make it to half. And in that position
the Field forces, cannot flip back. You take the heartbeat
out of the system. (DC) Okay, thank you.
So would a … You could use a, … to reflect it, to cut it in half, could you
use a, like, maybe on a physical spaceship, Nanocoated … Mass,
like a sheet, Nanocoated to… to cut it in half,
would that absorb it, or would? (MK) You can not cut in half,
you can suppress it, to the shape you want. If you look,
the three reactor bases are suppression
of the Fields to go further down. If you move these reactors all the way,
equal position from the top, from the center, and you can
position them next to each other, you get back
the spherical shape. The… The half, half a sphere,
has a lot of advantages. First of all … it allows you
to travel much faster. The Magnetic Field friction
is much lower. It allows the containment in … in,
in the physical dimension of the Plasma, it stops the reversal position
of the heartbeat of the Plasma, because you siphon it, you literally
… return it back to itself. And it has an advantage that,
allows a spectrum of the Souls to be traveling in it. When you have a sphere shape
you usually have Mono-Magnetic Fields. When you have a half spherical shape
is very much like you’ve seen we have a 5 degree angle on the Sun,
it gives us so many different variation. These three base reactors coming up,
which enforces this … shape, allows transportation
of multi races. And those of Man who grow into becoming
part of the Universal Community, and can get a chance
to enter these environments, they see different creatures
of different dimensions. Because that change
of shape in the position, allows … multidimensional
Field Strength. (DC) Thank you Mr Keshe.
(MK) You’re welcome. When the Man becomes wise
and chooses the path of Peace, and then, when the Universal Communities
open up the door of the knowledge, to Man to rapidly grow into her,
and you enter these spaceships, you see, the marvels of God, the creatures
within them are beyond imagination. Their beauty, the way they exist,
and they all work in harmony as one, because they work through the Soul,
there is no languages. (RC) … Mr Keshe, that ties into
a previous question by Jan who, talks about a problem
that many humans have, which is, what is the easiest way,
to help someone out of depression, someone who’s stuck
into a negative inner dialogue, and who doesn’t see the beauty,
Love and other good things, … waiting for them, such as you
were just explaining, for example. (MK) Two ways, or one way, it’s very much
attention deficiency. I need attention. That’s all. I need to be confirmed that I exist. And when they do it to themselves,
we call it ‘depression’. I have no reason to confirm
to myself that I exist. Because then I need somebody
else to confirm my existence. But when I cannot confirm
to myself I exist, what’s the use of existing,
and then you call it… all sorts of depressions. Actually is not the depression,
is … lack of confirmation of existence, by oneself of his own Soul. It’s very, very easy to change, but again depends, on what they
are trying to get attention. There is a disease called Lupus,
L-u-p-u-s. Oh you give me one of these,
I run. I would like to experiment
and try to help anyone, but when it comes people
who are diagnosed by Lupus, you see it,
just run as fast as you can, in the opposite direction. because these people have perfected
the art of getting attention, draining other
people’s attention, and the minute you move it, they move
the position and becomes another. They are chameleons of attention
seeking, they call it ‘Lupus’. They have a pattern
and they look for victims, because through their victims
they confirm their existence. Otherwise there is no way
you can say the guy’s got the Lupus. Once they, they find someone
who can give them that attention, then he, becomes the problem,
or she, becomes the problem. We see Lupus
majority with women. I’ve done some research on this
and I gave up at the end of it, because I could see …
how they operate. And then they give it all sort of names,
I call it kingship, I change the seat
to always to be. You know it’s very much like
the world presidents, now you see, they become a world president,
they give it to somebody else, and they come back again
as different thing, and then they become … the head
of the European Commission, and then they become
something else to escape, and duck and dive
from everything else. These are Lupus. We’ve seen it with,
the best example of, is Mr Tony Blair, ex-prime minister of England,
they’re giving him any title, that they can, to keep him out
of prisons in … den Hague, for the crimes done in Iraq.
False war. And he creates any condition. And the strange thing is, the guy
who created all the wars in Peace, now becomes the ambassador
of Peace for Middle East. These, these diseases
we have to redefine it, there is no disease, is just,
“Am looking a victim, to feel bad enough about me, that
through it, I can confirm I’m abuser, so you call it whatever
you like, ‘depression’. You, we can help people
with depression, in a way, of by increasing
the level of their Soul, and then, they find a position
between the Physicality and the Soul, and they walk away from it,
but you’ll find out, because they got
so much attention, when they were sick
they won’t let it go, they find another way
to have the depression again, even though they are happy
when you are not there. Have you ever walked into a relationship,
that the person laughs and jokes with the others and when it turns up to
you, is an… he’s always angry with you? And have you ever stood still,
“How come she’s laughing with her mother and the sister,
but when it comes to me, is always something wrong
with me and attack me. Because you are the one
who gives that attention, you are the point of depression. (RC) What about, excuse me,
what about the idea Mr Keshe, says Jan, elucidates,
“Should, should we just leave them alone, although some of them are
our beloved ones?” (MK) In so many ways,
when you leave them alone, they still become the menace
to their own Physicality. And still carry on with the depression,
pretended depression. There … there are a lot of ways
you can help, or in a way to… They have to understand
what they are doing to themselves, you cannot do it with medication,
the medication and the others, have not understood the function
of the Soul of the Man, in these things. Which is abuse
by the Emotion, and then you give it
any kind of diseases you like. You can strengthen the Emotion,
oh what you call, weaken the strength of the Emotion,
by increasing the level of the Fields, which is radiated
from the Soul of the Man. And you see they walk away, but they
find another way to make a new filter, to reach the new position. I was talking about this
with my son yesterday, we were walking, he said something
about this depression. I said, “It doesn’t exist, is you who
want to know what you can name, you can name it, that I can,
you can abuse my time. That’s all it is. Depression…
(EL) May I… (MK) Yes.
(EL) … Hello everybody. (MK) Yes.
(EL) This is Estella from Argentina. (MK) Yes.
(EL) But I live, I live in the United States. (MK) Yeah.
(EL) … I, I kind of experiment, I, I’ve been experiencing this
since I was a kid, and I, that’s how I start
working with the energy, so doing Yoga, acupuncture, sports,
I kind of explored different things, and what I learned is exactly
what you said, is correct, but we… Adding to what we’ve
been learning, the last couple weeks it’s identified that this connection
of the Soul with the body, and even I remember when I was twelve,
I’d look at myself in the mirror, I didn’t know who I…
who was that person. And, the only way how
I formal connected was to say, “Okay, I’m going to express
in this body, who I am.” And I was young. I felt so disconnected,
that I could… even when I walk I kinda
hit your body with the furniture, because I didn’t have this…
the… control. I’m very tall, and I grew
up a lot in that time. I was growing from
young girl to adolescent and so I went through all these hormonal changes,
Emotional changes and … So I was lucky my family…
I was a… I had access to natural… natural therapies and
… what I find out. That meditation, frequency, music
… help me to connect my Emotion… slow down the Emotional
with my muscles in my body. And running and ex… and then meditating,
relaxing … help me a lot to… release the pressure
of my mind with Emotions. And what really
freed myself is music. Music is… it’s like the medicine
with no words and no thinking. It… just connecting to the music,
helps you to feel happy and feel alive. So, we have the chemistry of…
of depression where your body already lack from Zinc, B6 all this…
crucial … to, you know, to produce serotonin
and dopamine. But, I find out that by…
with music, with certain frequencies its also produced in the body,
all that. And my brain gets
better without even no medicine. Because, when they gave me medicine
I felt terrible, I felt worse, disconnected. So…
(MK) Is it possible, can I ask you a question? (MK) Is it possible that
you have found … a Field-Strength … (EL) Oh, Oh yeah!
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, because I’ve been thinking
about this in the last couple of days. I’m here doing some
medical treatment and I discovered… I’m 54 and I discovered
at 52 I’m dyslexic. But the dyslexia I have is very interesting,
because my eyes don’t coordinate, so affects my… I have
auditorial and visual dyslexia. What means, I see but I get…
lost the information, like there is a gap …
a distortion of the the visual shape or information
coming into my brain. Then you got kids
like “zuuuup”, and I’m like “Okay I lost that information”,
the same with the audio. Someone talks to me,
and the last, usually the last few words
of the sentence, again “zuuuup”. It’s like a circ… electrical circuit goes away
and I cannot understand or I lost the memory recognition of the
sound and sha… information of the shape. You know, like I don’t recognize what is it,
what they talking about. Or like, a simple word, “light”. I’m a lighting designer
and I’d see light everyday. Well the last two letters ‘Th’, I don’t know
if to put it the ‘h’ first or the ‘t’. So, I’m like a… a person with eyes
and hands, but I don’t see, or I don’t touch. It’s almost like being in a dark room
with… with light, and I cannot see the light. And a… I’ve been thinking about this,
is almost like the mirror, the mirror reflected light of the mirror,
the back side of the mirrors. And this is almost connected
to the Plasma you’re talking about. The… the real flow of the Plasma is spherical
and we have a distorted Plasma flow of different geometrical forms,
may create distortion and the manifestation
of things and shapes. And, I don’t take it like,
I’m gonna be like this. I take it like I’m gonna fix it,
because I … even last night,
when I went to work… asleep. I’ve been working for a week and
sleeping 3 hrs, and I went to bed and I couldn’t relax and I’m thinking,
“I’m like those babies”, they are trained to,
you know, learn to move the arm or walk
and you keep trying to touch that toy, because you no have control of the
hand and you keep doing and you keep doing,
and I’m 54, And… and I’m not gonna give up,
and this is about… which is sad, you know. It’s about embracing of the
Soul and the Physicality in the right way. Is not in the distorted way.
I’m not going to allow that, because I wanna be a Human.
I wanna be Human. I can see and dance and sing with my voice,
because my voice is not my voice. To draw, and so my… my goal,
I wanna draw and I’m an architect and I cannot draw with my hands. So, its been hard
for me to work outside. It’s my little secret,
I never told anybody. I kinda found
ways to survive, but … I don’t wanna
… go in victim, but this is… I’m facing it. You know, it’s painful for me,
but it’s Okay. At least I’m going to change it.
So… I’m working on that. (KB) Estella, this is Klaus
(EL) And I think… Yeah. (KB) Hello Estella (EL) Yeah. (KB) … I invite you. We can go into this
string in the next Resonance session. … (MK) Excuse me, can I
stop you there, please? such a discussion,
please do it outside. (MK) Because, … resonance does not exist
within the Soul of the Man. … What… what is important
… for us to understand is … we try to solve our problems,
in so many ways … in a way, which we
see a solution for it. And, in a way which sometime
does not need much help, but needs a lot of understanding,
of ourselves and our position. Many… many of us move into this
Emotional conditions and the others, through the…
through the cycle of Life we Live and the energies and the Souls
we have received in the interaction. In so many way, … … those of us
who look for an answer outside, we have to look answer inside – How this
position has been developed? And, with understanding it,
we can move out of it. Sometimes it’s impossible,
because we don’t see the way. But, sometimes in elevating our own Soul
… we can do, and it’s part of the teachings which we’re trying to
understand more and teach more. Is how to elevate our own Soul
through our Physicality that in return, our Soul moves the dimension,
which is a point of, what I call, ‘pain’ for us. Don’t forget that, the physical part
of our entity, led to creation of our Soul. That the creation of Soul, led to creation
of our physical dimension as we are. We have to understand
to use this process. Not by somebody coming
and telling us, “I teach you resonance,
I teach you something else.” Which we are back in
the same position as before. Finding the level of the …
understanding, the level of the, what I call maybe,
the right way to put it or wrong way, contribution towards our
physical dimension, towards our Soul. And then, understanding in the
return the Soul looks after the Physicality. It’s the only way
of survival in the Universe. No other way.
There is no other way, because there’s no pharmaceutical
and there is no man with a resonance machine
to come and teach you what to do. You got to learn, to Love your Soul,
and in Loving it, in nourishing it, you learn you nourish your Physicality
through the dimension of the Soul. Anything else, sits on
the dimension of abuse. We are teaching, we are approaching,
we are learning, how to survive in Space, even though,
we explain it in the Matter-State. As I said at the very, very
beginning of the, today’s workshop, “In the normal condition people
develop Space Technology, and then, whatever comes out of it,
becomes a by-product of it.” In this cycle, we are going so much
to change to bring Man, that the by-product are released,
before there are full Man understanding of how to use the Spaceship. Even though the knowledge is there. In Space, there are no systems,
unless understanding the process of the work of one’s Soul and the
dimension of Physicality of itself. Yesterday, or the day before,
there was something about … “Love thy, thy love his neighbor”,
as is in the Commandments. The closest neighbor to you,
is your Soul. And it wasn’t written for
your neighbor next door, blond eyed, blue hair
or whatever. The closest neighbor to your Soul
is the Soul of your Physicality. And you have to Love it, and you
have to give from it, for it to elevate. It’s the only way, that’s what we said,
all the… all the processes of … teaching is what we call,
‘Love’, it means giving. “Thy Love his neighbor”. What is
the nearest neighbor to you as a Man? You’re in a desert, two hundred, two hundred,
hundred, one million kilometers away in another Galaxy,
or your Soul? We have misinterpreted all the writings
which came, because it suited. When you Love your neighbor,
which is your Soul, you give to it. What do you do when you’re
in Love with somebody? As I said many times, “A Lover,
in the language of the Soul, is a giver.” You give from it, why don’t you
learn to give from your Soul, from your physical Soul which you can
add to it, because we consume things, through our Physicality,
to increase the level of your Soul And then, through it, the Soul
will increase the level of the Soul of Physicality
in the physical dimension. And then, the filter
of the depression, is still there, but now,
doesn’t fit in, moves out It’s not in that scale anymore. Learn how to survive,
learn how to be the last Man standing and there are no resonance machines
anywhere in the Universe, I haven’t seen one. You have to learn
and this is the only way. I teach you to survive the Space, not to
sell system on land for somebody to suit. Even though, the whole thing on the side
is part of gathering people to understand, more and more,
when they use the systems. To elevate the Soul of the Man
from the pain, makes a Man wise. To see more. Try to learn, try to understand. You are Estela, the last woman
standing in Argentina, the whole of the Nation is gone, you’re
in Space, what you gonna do? You have the dimension
of Physicality to take, or you have the dimension of the Soul
to take from the Universal energy to elevate the Physicality from its pain.
That’s all you need. (EL) I quit smoking, 3 weeks ago, and what you’re talking about,
I associate it with fear, And anxiety, give me in a,
the need to go to something, that would be like an addictive personality
so I go and smoke cigarette, right. But what I realized was
that fear of breathing, relax, and like, let it breathe
in the air, to oxygenate… (MK) You see, if I, if I,
Can I say something? (EL) Yeah
(MK) Yeah, I’m not a doctor but I analyze the words spoken,
which is the easiest way. You have used, repeated two, three,
four times, the fear. What is the fear? Why do we use this word? You can put it in a way,
“This is my strength to this limit.” If, there’s a fear when you can lose,
there should be no fear when you can gain. and you know your limitation. This… this fear … is created in
different ways in us, to control us. And we become master of it ourselves,
to control ourselves for our own pains. Why do you call it a ‘fear’?
This is the level I can, I am. (EL) I … yeah, I know I would,
I was going to that. I… that’s what I, I’m working on, that fear of be the fear of
not connecting to who I am. (MK) Is it a fear of success? (EL) Yes. (MK) The fear of recognition? (EL) Yes. (MK) So why do you have a fear?
You already recognize it with your own dimension of Physicality.
What are you afraid of? (EL) I don’t know, it’s like subconscious, like
a program, it’s like … (MK) It is…
(EL) I don’t understand where this comes from, because, I mean,
you know if I use the rational (MK) Can I, can I ask you a question?
(EL) Yeah. Yes.
(MK) You are, you are the… we go back to the origin of Life, you are the first Eve and there was
one Adam and he’s gone away. Do you go through depression
till he comes back? Or Life is worth existing
till he comes back? And whatever I have is there
for me to survive and enjoy. If you were the first woman on this Planet
would the word of… word of ‘fear’ exist? I don’t think so. Fear has put in us, over time,
and we have, nourishing it and it’s become a way of us
controlling ourselves. … One of the biggest fears for Man
is to do something wrong that it might end him up,
here or there. As I said very recently,
… “I, I have no fear” and most of the people who follow the
Foundation, be of that school of thought. When they, when you’re afraid,
is the time when they control you. Even you control your own Soul,
how much you give to it, that it stops you,
elevation of yourself I had no fear when I sat next to a king,
which threatened my Life. And, as I said, what we see now in the…
in the courts, in the legal direction, is because I did
not have a fear. And unfortunately …
what was planned was not seen, there was somebody else
who took pictures. They were so calculating that,
“Nobody will see, we get him in a corner, in a cafe, in middle of nowhere
we pressurize him, he’ll squeak,” But, I already squeaked,
I gave all my technology to Humanity. I teach freely. And then, the coincidentally,
somebody in the cafe took some pictures, Cause they never thought
they’d be caught. The case for us sitting there is just because
they’re caught, they’re trying to cover up. Otherwise before it,
there was nothing. Because I have no fear.
I cannot lose what I already given. Even a king could not shake me
because I have no fear, I cannot lose. And we see it. It’s out of their fear,
they set everything up. Because they thought, “We got him
in a corner, somewhere nobody knows.” the only thing was not calculated,
a nosy poker woman will carry a mobile telephone and take pictures,
a hand it over. That’s why we have these. When we released the pictures,
we got the cases. Man should not have a fear
when he’s correct. And Man should have no fear when he’s
correct in giving from his Physicality to his… No king can move you. Because the rule of the Creator is
above anyone who calls himself a king. “Thy shall not steal,”
you cannot steal from yourself. When you steal from yourself
you create fear. And then they create you punishments,
confession boxes and the rest of it. When you start creating a condition of
fear, it means, “I cannot give to my Soul.” Give to your Soul and then you receive
more back, because then it collects it. If you cannot do it in the physical
Dimension, do it through the Emotion, that, because you receive
more internally in your brain, than you receive
physically by your body, and then it elevates
the Soul, you just walk off. This is what we don’t understand, this
is what, have been used to control us, the ‘bogeyman’, and the bogeyman
is us, against giving up our Soul. We are not preaching,
now we understand the process, we have to be able to use it,
otherwise we haven’t understood. Don’t have a fear, rejoice to
what you have, “this is what I have,” I need to give to my own Soul,
‘Love Thy Neighbor’, which is the closest, it’s my Soul, I told you, it’s the gap
between your heart and your brain, and the voice
box is in there, change it, elevate it through the
vibration of the Soul of the Physicality, “I love you my Soul, I live you
and I love with you, and I adore you,” and then see what the
Soul will give back to you to live. No fear. Many world leaders who go against
the grain and try to change the thing, handle this fear, because they
know what they do is correct. Those who do for certain
reasons, for their own ego, we see them
going to demise. Those who do it because of the
understanding of their position, are there to serve,
they become everlasting. When you become
one of those yourself, use your voice, because
now you know what a voice is, give more
from the Physicality towards the Dimension of
the Soul that itself will give, even find out your voice changes,
you’ll find that your Emotion changes, because now you’re feeding it,
it’s the way of feeding your Soul, through the center of
the Field of the Physicality, because the voice box is
the interaction of Physicality with the Dimension of the
Fields of the Soul of the Man. What do you do when you see
a lover and you say, “I Love you”? He loves you back, you enjoy the
pleasure of the touch, the cuddle. Do, that with your Soul
and he embraces you. Never have a fear. In Space there is no
corner to hide from fear. (EL) Thank you Mr Keshe,
… when you were saying all this, I was, it was coming into
my mind, you know seeing, when you’re like
a kid, and suddenly, they, … you
say something and … and people makes you feel like
your, what you are saying is not right, and then you
lost your Trust, … and I remember
happening that, you say something,
you thought it was right, but because you feel you’re nothing,
you gave the power to the other people, because you thought you weren’t right,
and then, time passed by, and the event happened, and
I realized what I said was right, and I… I wasn’t… I didn’t, you know,
… I lost that sense of Trust of myself. (MK) You see, understand
what you’re talking about. (EL) Yeah. (MK) And, in so many ways, I understand,
not 99%, I understand 100% of it. … But, try to use,
is one of the ways to… we go, you see in the churches they go
and say, “Hallelujah” and the rest of it, shouting,
and louder, and louder, and they all
get charged up, now, instead of doing to something
which is not there, do it to your own Soul, and you find out
how you get charged. And how you become
more effective in your life. … Having the fear,
it gets you… (EL) Yeah, but…
(MK) much different direction of life. (EL) I just wanna say something,
in terms, this is important because, unconsciously, we create this imprint
in our bodies of our Emotions, and if we don’t change that
imprint by understanding and, and remov… transforming that
imprint in the body, you cannot shift, because it’s, it’s like
energetic, it’s still there. So, I’ve been… everything
which you said I … I’ve been trying, but I realize if I don’t go to the
core of the issue, and see it in this life, I cannot change it
and shift it, it’s all theory. (MK) There is two way to do it,
one is to Trust yourself, and one is
not to have a Fear, and trusting you can give to your Soul and
with it, you can give to your Physicality. The… the people who get abused…
(EL) Yeah, yeah but… they’re always told,
that, “Is something wrong with you,
that we abuse you, it’s your fault.” and, in a way, you do it to your
Physicality through your Emotion, and that’s what you’ve got to stop, or
that’s what you have to learn to elevate, your Soul through
your Soul of Physicality. No machine
can do it for you, because what happened
when the machine is not there? You have,
… it’s not just you, the Human Race has been
subjected to this all the time. We become so good at it
that we do it unconsciously, we’re not conscious
of what we are doing. When we become aware of
our conduct and why we do it, and the way it happens, and
sometimes we don’t see it for years, and sometimes a flick of
a second, it changes our Life. (EL) So, if we’re going back to where we
were, someone said, “How can we help?” So, basically by shifting one
little pebble, shifting the structure, because we changed the way,
how we existing here, we… (MK) Just try to give, just try to
understand the operation of your Soul, and your Physicality, and you
walk out of anywhere, anything. (EL) Yeah, but … it maybe
sounds crazy what I’m saying, it seems like I get more strength to do it
for Humanity, than do it for myself. It’s always looking,
you know, the motivation to like… (MK) Do you, can I
ask you a question? (EL) Yeah. (MK) … Maybe it’s the
wrong way to put it, but I’m gonna go for it
(EL) It’s okay, I’m … I’m okay. (MK) Maybe answers you one way, or it
answers, it bring something else into light. You said “You… You can do it
for the others, but not for yourself.” (EL) Right. (MK) When you do it for the others,
what do you see, and what do you get? (EL) … an Existence,
sense of Existence. (MK) Exactly, exactly,
you get attention. So now, convert that to yourself,
give the attention to yourself. (EL) That came to me, in a
position like, knowing that this, I created for, this is my
Universe, and I’m the only one… (MK) You want, you want to be
confirmed and appreciated that you exist. (EL) that, that I understand but what
(MK) Why don’t you confirm that to yourself? (EL) I, can I finish this, an idea?
(MK) Yeah. (EL) It sounds crazy, but,
imagine if I create this, and all this is a creation of,
a dream of myself, but then I get to this point where,
in order for me to see my existence, I have to find this motive to like,
do things. For others, because I don’t give
enough value to my existence so, get it through others, because I can… it seems
like there is a wall to see myself So, I… It’s like the…
the survival, you know? … In the plane they teach you, “Oh, first you need to see it yourself
and then you said the next two. But then… It was hard
for me to put the mask for to me I have to give
the mask to someone else. So, “What is that?” You know? It’s deep (MK) Try to elevate your own Soul
through your Physicality, appreciate the beauty of your existence,
in what you can give to your Soul. And then come back to us
in couple of weeks. And the we’ll see. Nothing else, you don’t
need to do anything else. (EL) No I… I know,
it sounds like maybe painful. Sorry, apologies to everybody.
I… I’m good. I… I’m not depressed, I’m very sensitive.
(MK) We are all good. We are… we are all good,
that’s the beauty of it (EL) Yeah, I know. I’m just clarifying,
if I cry, it’s because I’m like uncertain… they put … I’m strong, because I’m…
I’m going through this and I… and I’m… I know I’m gonna
reach the finish and… because the bravery is to go
in through these pains… painful things. But now in the…
I’m gonna feel it, the appreciation. Like what you saying,
I understand it, but it’s not register. You know? Just not… (MK) Open a bank account and
put it in the bank account of the Soul, (EL) Yeah.
(MK) then it’ll register. (EL) The currency… Yeah.
(MK) The currency… (EL) (Giggles) Yeah, I’ve been saying,
“In the Love is the currency.” And maybe it
seems like it’s real? Because, you have abundance of the
currency in my bank account, I have to have
the Love within. (JG) Try to ask Jalal (MK) Thank you very much. (EL) Thank you. (MK) Thank you indeed. Any other question? Shall we call it a day? We are nearly
three and a half hours into this. (RC) Yes I think you’ve … earned your keep
for today Mr Keshe. (MK) I hope… I hope today many
of us understood the first step in the, what I call,
‘zero-time communication’, the instrument and
the principle behind it. Then it goes back
to the operation of the Soul. Collective, we gather to be able to
receive collectively what we gather together. This… this one of the crucial points
in the depth of the Space, very few, short teaching for one
of the most powerful teachings. Without communication
in Space we do not exist, in so many ways, to be able
to confirm our own existence. And this way of confirmation
changes communication, not even Humanity, but the forces
of the Universal Community. It’s a key to. Because, each one
will receive the same message, but converts it, according to them
that does and they understand. That is the time, there is a problem,
there is a Love, there is a need for a change, But change in my vocabulary
is different way. But because the Emotion, in the
sense of the Soul has transferred it, doesn’t matter what language you speak,
what strength you all absorbed it the same. Thank you very much Rick,
we call it a day, and we meet next week,
and … would like to as I say, “Happy New Year” to the
Chinese Community, its their New Year. … wish to be with you and celebrate
it as celebration of the New Year. as we are with every New Year,
in different part of the World. We ask for, before we go out … there was
a Chinese translation of the Earth Council. If any of them are there,
they want to read it before we close? We don’t have anybody from the
Chinese Community, because they have two, the modern or the ancient … the old Chinese translation, has been
received as well by the Council. And Happy New Year to all of you.
Wherever you are. (RC) I’m not sure who would
be responsible for that … Parviz would you know about that,
or who would it? (MK) It’s Lisa who handles these things. (RC) … Lisa Mac Donald
or the other Lisa from..? Okay Lisa, can you
say something about that? (LM) … Mr Keshe, … I know
it’s the traditional Chinese, whereas the simplified
Chinese had already been … read. So… I… I… I think it is
… ’cause it’s quite confusing for somebody
who doesn’t understand, but the written and
the read are two different things. So, or the written and the spoken are,
sorta different things. So, I think it’s the Cantonese. That might need to read.
Which I think is Christine, Christina? (MK) It’s Christina or Chaoau? (LM) I’m not quite sure, because they are both worked in it. So … Because… (MK) Sure they must understand it. If any of them present,
they would like to read? You’re not present,
is Chaoau there? Okay, no problem
we don’t see them. Thank you very much
and we see you next week. (RC) Okay. Thank you
very much Mr Keshe, and thanks to everybody
for participating today. (KB) Happy New Year. (RC) Ah, Okay.
Thank you Klaus. And, that wraps it up for
the 211th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, February 15th, 2018. And … I believe we have some music
to end it by. Thank you Flint. (FM) Yeah Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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