205th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Jan 4 2018

(RC) Welcome everyone, to the
205th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday, January 4th, 2018. Welcome everyone to the new year,
and the new season of Workshops and Teachings,
from the Keshe Foundation. And, … we’re here again with
Mr Keshe and Caroline Keshe, and other Knowledge Seekers
from around the World. And I’m happy to …
be part of that proceeding, I’m Rick Crammond,
I’ll be your host today. I think we are ready with Mr Keshe,
and he, he’ll have the latest … news I think we also have
a look at the new … website? Is that what you like to … see
Mr Keshe? Are you there? (MK) Yes, good morning, good day
to you as usual wherever and whenever you listen to these
Knowledge Seekers Workshops, that is become part of the weekly
pattern, work of the Foundation. Yes, there are a lot of new things
happening around, and one of them is …
the new webpage, which is been done for the New Year,
… we leave it to Stanley to introduce. Stanley, would you like to take over,
and show us what you’ve done, and what is been developed, please? (SC) Yes, Mr Keshe. Hello everyone, I’m sharing the screen
with you now. So, some of you may noticed,
that … in the Summer when we published the new webpage,
we still changed the design, of the homepage,
the landing page. And … now, we are coming again,
with the new one. The reason is, that all this time
we were looking for how to get to the interface,
that … would be suitable for all the generations
around the World. In young or old,
and on all … devices. laptops, mobile phones,
tablets and … we were looking forward
how to get this landing page, that … would give us a really
crisp design, good accessibility, and it would be
easy to use for all. So, what you see now, is the homepage of
keshefoundation.org And … it contains
… three main sections. Here, on top, you see,
it’s always. “We are here to serve,
not to be served.” And the most hot topics,
that we … hear around And then, this section is
important section. Here is actually
the navigation part, where one on laptop, can see,
all the sections at once and can easily decide,
where to go. As you can see it’s … grouped into
Plasma Science and Technologies. So, one who is interested to get
to know more about that part, will go in this direction,
and choose one of these Links. Each one then leads into another page,
where is … more … information about that topic. And then, the second one,
very important to all of us, is KFSSI Education. And … the third one Manufacturing,
that we are working very hard on, now,
around the World. And, the central topic,
of Keshe Foundation Meeting, is to Return Peace on Earth
and here is everything about that … movement, what …
information you may need about it. Here you can see, at the…
as a last Topic, after the EC Constitution,
we have now Commandments. I will show you this page
… a little bit later. And then the Community: Testimonials,
Blueprints, Forum, Support Center, So, where you come in and … share
the ideas with us, your … experience … Where you can get … more information,
about … Blueprints and so on. Webstore, which comes, of course,
out of manufacturing, where we offer
the products, and … here what is added to…
Universal Councils. That we… most of you already know about,
Universal Council and Earth Council. Down, is the old part,
let’s say the part, that you were used to get to …
in the summer, when the first
big change happened. Here at this part,
you will see in … that … the pictures
will be changing. And here is also the link,
that you can jump to the Topic, if you wish to. And … this is for those, that needs the
first big change, is still at the bottom. … Content on the pages
are updated in time. There is more information than
it was available in the summer. Just come and see. To anyone, that you would like to
introduce to Keshe Foundation, just tell one thing.
“KesheFoundation.org” You… And you should find,
what you are looking for. Because, it’s not needed to …
spread the separate … links around. But if you’ll say,
“KesheFoundation.org,” they should always find what they’re
looking for, and more. Right so. If you just put one link somewhere,
then maybe, people do not pay attention that there is actually
all this information. So, now … if you would be looking at this
page, from your mobile device. You will see, that… uh-huh…
I need to get this way …, that … I try to re-share,
the window… This is better, yeah …
So, on the mobile device, you will see that the things
will be stacked, upside down, this way. But, the content is the same. Just in this part, because the
mobile devices can not display this. Normally, you have these groups collapse
and you need to ‘Tab’ on the certain part ‘+’
and it will expand, and you will get these topics,
the same way, available like, you are used to on
the desktop version. Actually it’s, I think it’s not only …
on ‘+’, but on the whole line. you can tab anywhere, it’s quite easy, the…
So, even if … your Display is small, you will still, probably,
have no problem with it. And here at the bottom is still
this part … from the very first change. ‘Donate’ button,
you know. On this ‘Donate’ button …
everyone can find … not just the ‘PayPal’,
but there is also an option for the credit cards,
within the ‘PayPal’. So … this is possible … to use
also for the ‘Student Renewals’. Some of you were asking this question –
How can we donate for the 2018′? So, PayPal and credit cards
option is also available, yeah … And on this page, you can also find …
the information, if you wish to volunteer. So … you can get
enough information, how to join us and establish
the communication with us. This is the page behind. Here is for volunteers,
at the bottom. And … I try to go as slow as possible,
for those, that have slower Internet link. And here is the ‘Donate’ button,
where it… it… which leads to the PayPal,
and the credit card options… Okay. So … at any time,
if you click on this logo type, … you will get be
turned to the home screen. And … you’ll be able to navigate
to the further pages. So now,
you can click on… If you are interested,
in the latest … topic, which comes out of
the last … Public Teaching, … where Mr Keshe was … talking about
the Commandments. The Commandment that were brought
by Moses, and those that were not. We … compile this information,
from his teaching, into this page. So, you can click either here on top,
or down in the navigation part. And, I will now expand … Windows
… we go to the desktop view. And … you will … see,
here it starts, quote, “that resonates in all of us.”
Then the explanation, … what happened the causes, and then
we start withThe Ten CommandmentsWhich you all wanted to go through
in the last Teaching, and the reference, where are these
Commandments actually taken from. And … here, we start with the
next 14 Commandments, that were not presented,
at the time of Moses. And here you see, two are
a little bit separated, from the rest. Those are two, that Moses actually,
got down from the … stones and … did not present it,
at that time. And then, the rest
are the Commandments, that are brought by Mr Keshe,
to us in the last Teaching. And the last one,
it’s still not disclosed. And here is the note. “Man will be enlightened with the
last Commandment, at the time he joins
the Universal Community.” So you understand this information,
what does it mean. Here is the reference,
to the Public Teaching … to the 204th Public Teaching,
on YouTube. And, the next part of the page, there is
another experiment, that we are doing. This time, we analyzed,
everything what … Mr Keshe taught us,
in the last … Public Teaching. And, … we put it here,
Commandment make commandment, with the timing information
from the Teaching. So, that’s another idea,
how you could study, the Public Workshops,
or Private Workshops, in the future. … It doesn’t take much time,
but it really deepens your Knowledge, because you can focus on …
the parts that got taught and you can really think about it. So, here for those that are interested,
to … know … You can actually find hour,
minute, second, from to, where the Commandment
was presented. And at the bottom… here again,
is the reference to Public Teaching, And … at the bottom are the
Ten Commandments
as known … in Vatican. … Just for the information, that you can see,
how the Vatican sees them. … And two sources,
there’s always Deuteronomy, and again the reference
from Vatican … website. So that you ca… you can
… go and see and … study for yourself. So… … this is, what I wanted
to present to you today. I will jump back to the homepage,
and just shortly, jump also to EC Constitution Page
with the Earth Council Constitution, that you… some of you
already heard about it. And … so this is the page where
we are publishing Constitutions, translated to many
languages. The original one is here,
is the Constitution in English, and then, those that are published
without any note in the brackets, are also finalized first translations,
that the Earth Council reviewed, and … confirmed, and for these
translations are brought by the Universal Council members,
or Supporters, and we encourage … you to find your time,
also to translate to other languages, that are not presented here. or did you see, for some it’s written
in the brackets, it will be published soon. That means somebody
is already working on it. But, maybe that person needs help to
Finalize it … faster. For example, for the Russian one, we know that
… we will need more translators. To come and join. So, this is the part of
EC Constitution. We go again, click on the lower type,
or on ‘home’, come back. So, this is it. We could jump shortly,
to the Universal Council Page. First time, you can see
some more information about that. Until the till the creates,
and that more. And … about the events
related to the Universal Council. The language, which is
currently supported. Here we are inviting, more people,
that feel their Soul, that would join, represent the language
in Universal Council. Here is also the Contact Form,
for the Universal Council, to get in contact,
and start talking. And the …
I think this will be enough for today. … I would … give the word
back to Mr Keshe. Thank you all, for listening. Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes, thank you very much, Stanley.
This is been a hard work promised, Stanley and Ella and
a team in the background. There are new teams of …
what I call, … designers and number of people joined us,
to bring these features on. The front pages, webpage will be
changed again very soon, but in the same format, as the
team in … Far East, is working on it. I’ve seen the preview of it,
but it’s beautiful, what has come out. It’s very easy and
this is how it should be. That we can all reach …
very easily, what we need. And where we can go to. And with this, we can always
add whatever it comes, as Stanley was talking
yesterday to us. This is part of the progress,
we are going through. And, … as you’ve seen we have put
six manufacturing positions, which are getting worked on. And there are more, coming in
to make it eleven by March. In this process, we add,
as we said, another 30 odd. So, manufacturing by the end of the year,
these are the budgets, our target. And, addition to that, the
three new Space Research Centers, which are being developed.
working some on, and will go into the further
development. As we said, … Ghana is our
Spaceship Center for Africa, and a huge amount of money
is getting invested in Africa, to reach this, we keep to our work
and our promise. And, we have planned, and work
on the way, the same with Arizona. Arizona is split in two Manufacturing
and Space Development. And, the same goes with another point,
which is at the moment on the development. Has become
a third research center. This is important for us, as these are
the interface from now on, between the Keshe Foundation
and governments. We are establishing a system,
that we can deal with governments, and they can interact with us,
on anything they have. This is important, as we convert
governments to one government, that, collectively we see the change. Collectively we will see,
understand the change. In so many ways, as we promised,
the ‘PPG’, which is a Plasma Power Generators have been given to
three different groups. To look and develop in different ways,
and understand the process. … This is important for us,
because we are on a standby, in the case of any incident
that can trigger a war, due to fuel or energy,
or political. The three groups will
release the Technology automatically. Which means, you become
energy self-sufficient. With it, comes
a lot of other things. With it, comes a lot of acceptance and
understanding for us through the work of the Soul,
now that we understand. The Soul of the Man,
is the Sun. And the Soul is the Creator, of the
Physicality of the body of the Man. This is a part, which many,
many people have problem with. How can I produce things,
on my own, when I always relied on a intermediary
of the Sun to feed me. Where in fact, Sun is
the center of the energy, for the strength of the life on Earth
and on this Solar System. But the Soul of the Man, has the power
of Totality, of the whole understanding. One of the biggest problems, as we said,
when we finished with last … week. Was understanding
the Commandments. The commandments was… had to be.
I’ve released the balance, the Commandments, which was
given to Moses and he did not release. So, those who are religious,
will fight for this. We discuss this, that what, and where
and how he suits them. In so many ways, if you look at the
Commandments, which was published last week. It puts, straight away, the religious leaders
in one question mark. “Thy shall not lie.” And, the second one,
“There is only one Creator.” These two, if and when is done, accepted by the religious groups
of different path, of political
and economical. Then we understand
that there is no need for what we have created
as a financial, monetary system. There is no need
for places of worship, because the temple of Man
becomes the Soul of the Man. Then we rely, we don’t need
to go somewhere to ask, or beg or whatever we done for past centuries
and thousands of years. To get energy from where?
Actually it comes from our own Soul and then we give it,
a credit, to somebody else. As I’ve said, when Man realizes that…
the power of his own Soul, Man has evolved. The point of evolution comes
when we understand that we believed in the Sun
give us the light, the energy, the food but we never stood still to understand
the Sun is the Soul of the Man. In so many way, we look at it, we need
a constant reminder of one point. What does this light do? What does it convert to? What does it become? Most of us have
relied on one thing or two things. On going to the shop
or cultivating or somehow getting
the physical need, energies… Can you put the screen on stand,
it stop rotating one, for seconds please? What is important for us –
I want to show you something. This picture, I ask you
to explain what you see. Rick, I sent you a picture,
can you put that up please? This is… this will bring home…
When I saw it the first time it is amazing, how it brings so much home.
But, we have to understand it. We have to understand
what this picture means. I want to know, I’m sure
many of you have seen this picture. I would like you to comment on it.
What do you think this picture is? Anyone wants to make a comment?
What do you think? What this picture is explaining? (VV) The rush of food that
… people get before bad news? Like a hurricane or something that’s
going to devastate s… some areas. (MK) Anyone else? (RC) … Possibly a scarcity of food due to … a breakdown in
structures of some sort? (MK) Anyone else? (SC) I remember this picture very…
much a like in … the parts of Yugoslavia
… after the war started. They only broke down and … when we’re going to the seaside in Croatia
every shop looked like this. And it was crazy to see. (SK) This looks like … a photo from Germany,
was it from East Germany? (MK) Explain. (SK) So, … I wasn’t…
I never have been in East Germany. I have been in Romania in … the…
till the late 80’s, but not in the 1990. And in the late 80’s … we had
no empty shelves practically they were all filled
with something, but … probably we had 20 meters
only of pickled cucumbers and nothing else. We had some scarcity. But it was in…
(MK) Any… Okay anyone else? (VV) Brett says in the comments there,
he says … “This is what you see in Africa.” (MK) This picture is a real picture,
it’s been taken on past few weeks, in Germany. But, it has two meanings. What the German supermarket
has decided to do was to take everything which is not
made in Germany, or produced in Germany, to show the Germans how we become
dependent on other Nations for our food. That’s all it is. If you call ourselves, as Nations we do,
this is the shelves. The supermarket decided to show
this is the state of one Nationhood. I’m sure in other countries we’ll find out,
it’ll be more scarcer, there’ll be nothing on the shelves.
Some of them even less than this. This, if you look in the
background of the picture, is all the same. A lot of brochures,
but totally empty. And you see there are tags on the barriers,
which tells you what product, was there. This is how we have become One Nation,
relying on each other as One Planet and we try to separate
each other as a Nation. This is very recent,
It’s a couple of weeks old this. This was to explain
why we are fighting, because of the positions which has arisen
in Germany with the racism and the rest, that we all need each other. Without the pita bread,
without the curry, without the German food,
without the English sauce, without the French cuisine,
these shelves become empty, In each Nation in different version. And then this shows us,
how we become One Nation, how we become
one resource based entity. This is, in reality what we
are striving for as Keshe Foundation. That when these shelves are filled in,
there is no mention of the Nation, where it came from. It comes from another brother,
another sister, another position on this Planet. That they care for us,
and they serve us, that we can Live and
have the luxury, to Live. When the shelves cross this Planet,
filled the same way everywhere, then we have achieved
the target of being equal. One says “Russia”, one said “Africa”,
one said, “a disaster”. This is a disaster of Humanity
we look on this screen. That we have not come
to be transparent and correct with ourselves
to understand we are one. But this picture
has a second image, second understanding. This should be, in a way,
what we will see in the future. Exotic foods, which we would
like to create, to have, to test. Then our Soul can create it
that we can take the pleasure. When we learn that
we can convert the energy from our Soul
to the energy of our life… Can we have
the picture back please? Then, we’ll see the reality. We can produce everything through
the conversion of energy of our Soul. Then, we can develop,
a condition that in Space all these shelves don’t exist,
they are empty. We have become habitual
to produce what the Man needs. Now that we open the
Space of the Universe in a open way and
open manner to the other Races, would they bring their foods
and put on these shelves that the travelers of the Space on Earth
can openly purchase what they enjoy? Or have they developed the a position
that they understand the position of the strength of the Soul
and they do not need to bring? Would we in the future,
have as was years ago in Europe, a section for Asian foods,
a section for South African food? As we become more cosmopolitan
would we become, in the next step,
‘Cosmospolitan’, which means, we bring the foods
of the Cosmos on these shelves. Would we learn how, and instructions in
what the strength we need to taste the food from another Planet,
another position in the Universe? As I said, “In 2018, we start looking
at the realities of what is to come.” One of things, which is of most concern
for all of us, every single one of us, from the second we open our eyes,
till the second we close our eyes and the thoughts of the next day
when we open our eyes, what we have to do. It’s one thing, liquid and food, water and food. Would we have access, would it
be water for us to drink? And would there be a food
that I can eat, that I can guarantee
my survival till the next night. In Space there is no night and day.
So, it becomes, “What do I need for next time, next month,
next years, that it can feed me.” Would the cycle of the regeneration
of the cell of the Man in Space, if he decides to carry to
his present Physicality, change. At the moment we change the
cell of our skin every 28 days or so. Our blood cells changes
about the same time. Or, other cells of the body of the Man,
on a regular basis changes. Because there is so much need for energy,
to give and take. In depth of Space, when we do not have
such a huge interaction of the Fields, the way we have
established on this Planet, would the cell of the body of the Man
of the skin, will change every 200 years? Would it change every 10 days,
because of the … initial energies,
which are come in to it. It’s part of the evolution,
our body has tuned itself to 28 days because it fits into the
cycle of the Moon and the Sun and everything else
which we have created. Because, each day of
the Moon’s cycle with Earth, creates different absorption
of the rates of the Fields from the Sun and from the Moon,
and from the Earth. This is one thing which we have never
understood and we have to understand. Environmental conditions
dictates how we will receive, and we have
cycled ourselves into it. We do it so naturally,
we don’t even think about it. We receive different energy
on a full Moon, than when there is no Moon
for a few hours or couple of days. We need that, because it
gives us a spectrum of the energies which you need
to conserve, to do. In deep Space when there is no such
a revolution and evolution of time, in respect to rotation of the Earth,
and the rotation of the Moon and the Sun, it becomes constant. There is no need for regeneration
of the cells, so fast, so much. Life of the Man will run
into thousands of years, like every other being in the Universe. The secret of
fountain of youth or Life, is the combination of
understanding the Totality of Life. Would we take into Space to live longer life,
or would be stay on this Planet and use the food on these shelves,
to limit our lives? This is what Mankind has
to open his eyes in 2018 to. As we develop,
as we bring resources, then we have to understand – How do
we use these resources, or do we use one source,
which is the Soul of the Man, to feed it? If you remember, those of you
who were with us, some 3 – 4 years ago when
we were in Desenzano … we had a visit by an Indian Guru. In one of the presentations,
pictures of the introduction we see. We see his picture …
in the lab in Desenzano. I don’t know if you can
look in the background please? In the introduction you see him
standing with a Guru’s frock next to me and
his people in the lab. This Guru gained prominence
with his cult and his point of elevation
was that how many times he has managed
to not to eat for 21 days. And, every time he could
do this his mastership, his elevation of position, in respect
to his followers increased. because nobody could eat
for 21 days and stay alive. Drinking you could do. Eating we could do a few days,
but this gives him elevation. This gives him position
that he could do things. In his meeting with us,
when we sat on the table, and I explained to him the secret,
what he does and it’s not very clever thing,
what he does and he gains elevation and position, because of…
he knows, he has learned a trick in
the physical dimension of the Man. In fact, all of us can do this,
anyone of us can survive without food, on Earth and beyond. Many of you through my teachings
have started drinking GANS water and substituting the energy
of the fruit or food with, what we call, ‘pulling in’ the
Gravitational Field-Strength of the food or the fruit, into the water
and drinking it. In a way, we’re still relying
on what I call, ‘copycat job’. We copy the strength, Field of the Orange
into the water and then we drink the water. And the fallacy is now we don’t kill an animal,
because now we know the energy. We just copy it
and we stop eating. I’ve seen people in China
in my travels in the last year, that… there are many people in China,
which just drink water. But they have made a GANS
of this water from the materials, so in a way, it’s going to the shelf
and buying the same product. But now, we stop being in a package,
is in a water. This is beautiful, but we can go
one step further, even two step further, even three step further,
in understanding of this evolution. When we speak about the Guru,
who can not eat for 21 days. If any of you manages
to eat and not drink, or not eat for lets say 50 days,
or a 100 days. You definitely will take over his cult,
because you are more clever than him. So, you become
the new Gurus. And if somebody can not eat for a year
or two years, definitely he’s God, if we go according to the basis of the
present understanding in this cult system. But, we understand the science,
there is no cultism, we understand now the Technology,
how we absorb energy. There is no need to make
any more churches and Gods, because now we
have become the Creator. We create the energy we need. We create a condition for energy
we need to be absorbed by us. As I said to the Guru, “You should have explained
what you do to your flock. You’re deceiving them.” He said to me,
“You have found my secret.” I said,
“There is no secret.” “This is what is done all the time,
for those who understand.” The process is very simple. All of us do the
same thing as the Guru does, but we have never realized, is so amazing how much we
have knowledge and we ignored it, or we never understood it. That it became an ignorance
from our part. Go back to the beginning of the teachings,
very earlier on teachings. I have explained many times, that in
the present science of body of the Man, they explained to us that
we need to breathe oxygen to survive and as I’ve said, in all my teachings
if you’ve been with us, is that this is
such a huge fallacy. That none of us,
nowhere in our lungs we ever allow a single cell of oxygen
cross our lung into our blood. What does this mean? This means, that we have learned
in our blood to create a replication, same as the orange
and the water. We bring the energy of the air
into our lungs and in our blood cells, the matching
energy in the liquid of the blood converts and receives the energy
it needs from the air we breathe. This is one point that the world of
medicine and biology have never understood. Now we have the knowledge
we understand more. Look at what happens,
you create a condition in your systems, where you put an orange, you create a water,
a condition of the Plasma, and the energy of the orange
is transferred into the liquid. And now, liquid carries the energy, which,
you can drink from and take what you like. In a way you are a third hand
process conversion. So, the same thing
happens in our lung. The energy from the air,
coming into our lung, with the liquid
which is present in the lung, it becomes that water. Because, it’s all in a Magnetic-Gravitational
Field-Strength environment, our lung. Then, as the blood passes, the same now,
the lung in converting and holding energy, What do you do,
you get a cup to drink it, or you take the water and you put it
in a patch, and you put it next to your skin and evolves to become,
as you have understood, conversion of energy
and always gives to the weaker. So, in a way if you look at it, you have
a floating, dynamic body, which is the blood,
and you have a stationary pad, pain pad, which is a food pad,
you call the lung. So you understand,
never Oxygen crosses, the wall. Now we understand
the science of the food, understand the science of the
conversion of the Fields into the water, and then
drinking from the water. Or convent again into the water
and making a patch from it and putting on our skin
to get rid of our pain. Which none of you
have ever done before. When you made that orange,
and you drank it to taste the orange. Next time, what you need for a Cancer,
put in that water. you don’t need
to make GANSes of it. This is how you
have become copycat. Extend the knowledge,
then you understand. So, this is the process that,
in that condition, we only transfer energy from our lung,
from the air we breath, and because of the weaker strength
in the liquid of the blood of the Man, the energy is
transferred across. No Oxygen has ever
left the lung of the Man to enter into the blood of the Man,
to Oxygenate it, as it’s been said. The brightness in the color of the blood,
as we see, it’s just because, as it receives energy more it becomes
of higher order, so it becomes brighter. But there is a limit
in what carry, and that limit is what
it carries for a given cell. Every blood cell, is destination coordinated,
it finds its way, it goes like a motorway, it goes only to Rome, it does not to Brussels,
it doesn’t go to Beijing. Because, it’s a strength Field,
its GPS is connected to GPS of a specific cell, in a
specific position in the body of the Man. Every cell of the blood of the Man,
is specific for one cell, … where it feeds,
and no others. In time Man
will understand. And in time, when we understand this,
when the cell gets to the cell, the blood cell,
where it gets to the cell destination, it does the same thing,
it transfers its energy for it. It’s just like, one catering system
for one office, one cell for one cell of the blood,
with a transportation. And in that process,
because it carries the energy, it carries the information, it has to
have a interaction between itself and it has a few seconds,
milliseconds, microsecond, to pass and transfer energy
in a blood system. Then, we understand,
you already predestines what I’m short of
to receive from the lung. So, in a way, the cell of the tip of
the toe, tells to its corresponding cell in the blood cell, that this is when you go
to the storage, “that’s what I need” from the pad of the lung
what to bring for me, that in that process
I can feed the Amino Acid which is partially the Soul of myself,
with that I can survive. So, now we understand the biology,
physiology of the biology of the Man in a totally different way
and a correct way for the first time. So, when we breath, in how we breath,
we dictate different energies. The air we breath, in Himalaya,
with the position we are in, as a altitude from the center of the Earth,
few hundred meters difference, few hundred meter, which is meager
distance from the center of the core, dictates different physical condition,
dictates different absorption, because of the condition of the environment
of the Fields, of the Planet, the Sun, what the body and what the cell at the toe
has decided to be, working in balance. Now we understand for the first time. When the Soul of the Man creates
the Physicality of the Man, which becomes the cell on the tip of the toe,
is actually with that, dictates what it needs to release,
so our Soul becomes that orange. Where, by conversion into the liquid
of the presence, which is not… doesn’t need to be a liquid, it can be
a different dimension strength Field, converts the energy, which the cell
in a tip of the toe needs. So, we understand a new dimension,
which means how to feed that Soul
in the tip of the toe, with the Soul, from the energy
of the Soul of the Man, that the Physicality
can confirm its existence. We go back to the Guru. I explained to the Guru,
his trick. And that was very simple. We all now understand, that the strength
of the Fields we absorb, dictates what is given
to the body of the Man. Even water has
energy Field-Strength. So, if you can find a way
that the energy transfer in the lung, can be of the liquid of the water,
which the body of the Man needs, you can create the same Oxygen
and Hydrogen which is in the air you breath, to the strength
of the liquid of the water which the body of the Man needs
to survive in deep Space, if you decide to carry
the Physicality of the Man. So, it’s for you
to test. Then, it brings
another dimension. As we know everything is exactly the same,
has a Amino Acid base, which is a Carbon and
Hydrogen, Nitrogen based it combination
of different Field-Strength. Then, we decide through our Emotion
in interaction with the Field of the Soul, and what comes in as
a energy of the Planet, through our Emotion, that I taste banana
because that’s what I need, that’s what my body’s craving for,
and the energy of it. So, your Emotion in interaction
with the Fields of your Soul, and the environment
which you bring in to convert, can give you
anything you need. Or, as we do sub…
in our subconscious, we recreate the Matter-State of Emotion,
in the physical dimension, through the interaction of the Field
of the Soul and the environment, which has to itself
a dynamic Gravitational system, or a dynamic combination of
Gravitational and Inertia. Where we decide to replicate
the Field-Strength of the Inertia, we give ourselves physical manifestation,
in that dimension. So easy. If through our Emotion, we decide
to give ourselves no manifestation, as is only Gravitational and Magnetical,
but of a lower, or very higher inertia, we decide
not to manifest. So, the physical manifestation
of the Man, is a understanding between the interaction
and the Emotion of the Physicality, in interaction with the environment,
which decides on how, where, and the way we manifest ourselves
in Space. So, we have to understand in
the physical body of the Man, how we convert energy, to the need
of the Physicality. In one of the research centers,
very soon we will create everything the body of the Man needs,
through our systems. The team, will start working
as of next week. Where, we can produce any
energy, that we need. The new, Space Research Centers
for food and material which established and it becomes operational
from next Monday, is set to do this, that you
can physically see this. These are competent
Keshe Foundation Scientists, Plasma Physicists who are on the edge,
have understood and can do the conversion. And they have all the support
from me to develop it. They all ready achieve some, but now,
is the integration of the total System. One of the points which, goes back to
Mr Kuro is very simple. He understood, the conversion,
of the Amino Acid to, what you change with
the Essence of Emotion and you called it, ‘Orange’. Now… change your breathing, Understand, your Lung is the
Gravitational point of your body as Dr Gatua told us last week,
in his understanding a question. You decide… by different rhythm what you breath in. Move slightly in the position of
your breathing and Physicality And then control,
the heartbeat. Which is now, as we said,
“The Soul of the Man,” “is a Star,” and, the new system which has received
all the energies and mixes up which is now the
“Heart of the Man”, as the Earth. You decide… if, the Field-Strength from the
Heart which is… absorbed the energy through
the path, system, from the Lung, from the environment
of the Existence. If is going to create… Amino Acid? Is it gonna create banana strength
in interaction? Or, as we have seen in the
Body of the, Solar System, the Interaction of the
Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Sun which is the,
“Soul of the Man”. And the Gravitational-Magnetic
Field of the Earth, which is
the Heart of the Man, dictates, what materials are created in
the Interaction between the Fields of the two Elements. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen. So, now you understand,
how easily for the first time, if you can control,
the speed, the rate, the absorption
of the energy, from the environment, you do not need to be,
dependent on anything. Then, you walk through the
shelves of these supermarkets, with everything to you,
being irrelevant, empty because,
“I don’t need.” “I don’t need, to have… a banana, which is made out of the slave
work of the Man for peanuts,” to feed his family, for me
to become the abuser.” “I don’t need, to rely,
on the African to die in starvation, meager
food for it,” “for the Matter-State to be put
in the tin or aluminum foil, or whatever for me to have the
pleasure to have it on the shelf.” Then, in deep Space,
there are no supermarkets. Where you’re
going to shop? Except… except, going to the
supermarket of the Soul of the Man. And you become, the Supermarket,
it’s shelving it and deciding what you
want to take from it. Can you close the microphone
in the background, please? This is important for
us to understand. This is where,
we are evolving. This is where in 2018,
we enter a new dimension. Then, you understand. If you teach it,
you understood. This is what I said in the teachings
of past few months. Now we bring all the
teachings together, and you start understanding
more and more. Through the Dynamic Systems
you understood the Soul. Now through the orange and the
cups you drank the water of, you understand, “Now the cup,
it’s the Body of the Man” “and the orange is the Emotion of the
Man, who would like to feel that orange.” And the Source of it,
it’s the soul of the Man, which created the orange
to start with. Now you understand,
very easily How, you have to use the
Dimension of the Physicality in the Interaction of the Emotion
of the Soul of the Man, with the Field of the Soul of the Man,
to feed the Body of the Man. So easy… So easy… So, those of you who went through
the Evolution, specially those in China, that, by only drinking water,
from what you made GANSes of gain trust,
and start testing. Decide the rate of
absorption of the energy from the environment, by breathing,
which is, is an in… even this is a intermediary
steps, till we teach you more. Then, you absorb the Fields,
in the…. blood of the Man. You bring it to the Central Gravitational
Field of the Heart of the Man, and then through
the Emotion, you decide to interact,
the Field of the Soul and the Heart, which is the physical
part of the body of the Man, and create the friction,
which gives you the taste, the feeling a pleasure
of the Banana. Then, do you need….
to cut a tree? To kill an animal… or, to destroy
anything else? except, what the environment has given
you freely to what it has available which you, we call ‘Air’, to become food. Then in this process, you’ll find
something very interesting. Because, the Field you
absorb in this way, will create a new atmospheric
condition around you, because now you create
Field without any waste, the Body of the Man
will evolve. The waste system we have today,
will… becomes irrelevant. Because now, the body does not
need to discharge any waste, because it releases back as
Field in it’s environment. There it goes,
our digestive system. If you go back to the teachings,
when we did, the Medical Sections, with the Dr Eliya Kostova We clearly made
this very clear in two or three sections,
when he came into Intestine, and the stomach
and the rest of it. Go back to these teachings. Keshe Foundation Web Masters Please release, the sections
which covered this, in my part. Not, where was done,
as a physical, because it’s important. The part, where I have explained,
and I explain now again, now that you understood that
the air you breath, becomes like a pad in your Lungs
that it feeds the blood vessels. So happens the same, in your
stomach with the food. No single atom, of banana ever crosses
your Intestine into your lymph But the same way,
as your Lung. But, you understand,
even the banana, was created out of
the Amino Acid, of the Interaction of the Field
of the Earth and the Sun. So, now that you understand,
do you need the digestion system? Now that your lung
can feed your body? Not only with the
Emotional part Field-Strength which is the combination
of the Amino Acid, but the physical strength
material which the body needs. Then you become independent of the
position in Space, anywhere in the Universe. Once the world of science,
and many of you have done, you drank the water
with the orange in it, and when it went
into your stomach it gave the Emotion
feeling of the orange. But… it was no
orange cell in it, except the energy pack which is at
the strength of what we call ‘orange’. And then it transfers to the
lymph, which is the physical liquid, not the Emotional
and the Soul liquid, that it transfers it to the point of
the body of the Man when it’s needed. So we understand, there
is no difference between the lung of the Man and
the stomach of the Man. One has the pad for
the gaseous dimension, and one has the pad for
Matter condition dimension. But, now that we learn the interaction of
the Fields within the lung of the Man, it’s enough to create and
absorb all the Energies. Do we need
the stomach? Or, gradually as we don’t,
our body converts itself to a new disposal system,
as a kidney or a storage. Would our liver shrink to
nothingness, very, very small just in case if there is a
need for storage of energy? Would we
lose our kidneys? Would we lose our bigger
intestine and intestine totally? The answer is yes! As I’ve said as a joke to
some children in a teaching, “There are no toilets
and public toilets in Space” And we don’t see
astronauts as they do now, they put all their waste in a bag,
and they throw it in Deep Space, “that it hits
somebody else, not me.” And if it by accident it comes
back and hits this Spaceship… or the Space lab,
they’re in a big problem. They are the cause of their own
demise, with their own excrement. That’s how
simple it is. As we don’t have churches, we
don’t have toilets either in Space, because they
are both the same, they’re all waste of time for the waste which
does not need to exist. This is the clarity of
understanding the Totality. “I am the Creator.” “I am the point of
existence, of my own.” This is why I released the
rest of the Commandments. As I gave
it to Moses, now you’re
all Moses’s. You have to understand
and evolve yourself. None of you
become the priest. None of you will
ever become Moses. But now you
understand the Totality. And then, what these
instructions are, what these Commandments are,
is that, “do not create any filter between the Soul of the Man and
the Soul of Physicality of the Man.” Read into the Commandments and
understand the teaching of this morning. You have found, partially, the path
into the Universal Community. Understand the Totality. Understand the reason we are here,
and we are born for. I can live on this Planet
for thousands of years, but I’ve chosen the body,
Physicality of the Man, with all its pitfalls
and all its joys. To transfer the knowledge,
that this time, there is no mistake. And once
you sell one item, you become
a salesman. There is no
salesmanship here. This way we give you the
Knowledge that you decide, that, “I don’t need to pay… for someone to kill
for me to enjoy.” “As the Creator
of the energy, me, what I call,
‘the Adam’, in the interaction
of my Physicality, with the Soul of my Physicality,
which is the Eve, I decide the Creation, conformation
of my own existence, in different spans of Universe,
in different position and condition.” So, what you got to
learn from today’s teaching. Which is the next
step for us to understand the entering of the energies
of the Universe within our body, is under our control,
we decide. We decide… where we, and how we like to be
presented to manifest ourselves, or to feel to be. Start practicing. Change the rhythm
of your breathing. A slight position of your arm to the left
or your leg to the right, that it changes the
position of the absorption by the motion of
the Fields in your lung, decides the motion of the arm,
is the energy of a banana. The motion of the movement of the leg,
is the energy of… olive. Create slight movement and get the feeling
of the Emotion of what you receive. If I sit, slow my heart down,
and I put my one finger up and move my
lungs slightly forward. I get the Field
taste of orange. But it goes
back to one thing. The energy I absorb
from the environment, as the lung and the heart
is a Gravitational point, I have to feed into
the Soul of the Man, that the Soul of the Man understands
the condition of Physicality, that the Soul of the
Physicality can exist. It’s not that the Soul uses the
environment to absorb of the Matter-State. Soul receives the energy of
Universal Gravitational Field-Force. The Physicality is
conditioned to the Inertia. Which is a Matter-State and in
every position in Universe, there is always
Matter-Field Strength according to the Position and the
Condition of the Fields in that environment. Even when you look into
Deep Space and you see nothing. There is still Matter-State according
to the Strength of his position. Otherwise, you will not
shine that you can see it in the interaction with
the Field of the Universe. Translucency of the depth,
when we look into the Universe, through the
eye of the Man, is because there is a
Matter-State strength in that position, That it manifest itself,
but allows the light, according to the strength of the Field
of the eye of the Man, to be absorbed
and to be observed. Now you
understand. Do we need these
supermarkets? Or condition of the
Emotion of the satisfaction, in the strength of
the Soul of the Man, with the Magnetic-
Gravitational Fields of the Matter-State,
what we call, the ‘Inertia’, gives the elusive Fields
the pleasure of the taste, of the look,
of the belief we have. The reality,
it’s very simple. We have to start learning
a new way to feed ourselves. Then this brings
a new Dimension. And that is… When we
achieve this, would we look at the oranges when
we don’t have a digestion system and just enjoy their beauty and
the Fields which they want to give us, without us
ever eating them? Even though the
orange will fall off the tree and it’ll decompose and
become something else. Or would the Physical Dimension of
the energy to become an orange, as the orange tree sees
no need for anyone to take it, will change itself to the Field,
without the fruit, that we can absorb
from the tree? Don’t forget, the ‘Vertical People’
are more advanced than Man, much more advanced
than Man. Then we understand, we change
the condition of the whole Planet. These are
not theories. In time Man will see. In time those are,
who are the travelers of this Planet, they are here as visitors,
that’s what they do. They do not eat
from this Planet. They do not take and
kill an animal, to receive. If that animal is at the Strength
giver Fields that they need, they receive what the animal gives
that now he has become the Earth and the Soul of the Man,
Sun and the interaction Fields is what their body needs, without
ever touching a single animal. Then we understand
the monetary system which has been created to control
Man through his food and his need becomes irrelevant. Nobody can control what you breathe
and nobody can charge you. In 2018 we’ll see a lot of changes,
because many of you will start. This year we open to public. This year we become one of
the main forces of teaching on how the Man…
to become a peaceful Man. Through understanding, through
teaching of how we can survive and create a condition that we do
not feel cold, we do not feel warmth. We decide what temperature
we want according to the Fields which we create within the boundary
of the Man from the energy which we release from what we need, that
it gives us the temperature we need. The big question is, the very big question is… now that we have become wise
and we stand in this process I wonder how many of you, can you
tell your partner, and you say, “I love you” with the mouth, the word
with the sound and your Emotion confirms, through the Soul interaction
of your Soul and their Soul. Now you understand. “Thy shalt not lie.” It’s not the word of the Man. Now we have the interaction
of the Soul of the Man. When I tell you, “I love you”,
it’s very easy because my Soul carries a Dimension of the Strength
for that, and you carry the same. And the beauty of it is, the Love has
the same Strength across the Universe. It’s the only common denominator
in the Universal Community which means,
“I’m giving.” “You take what you like,
I’m a Lover.” Then, you fall in Love
with the Soul of yourself that means, “I can not lie to myself” and
you become the clear transparent Soul which become the ultimate
goal of all these teachings, for Man to join the
Universal Community. Now you may understand
the 24th Commandment… “The Equality of the Soul of all
created things across the Universe.” And it goes back to
another Commandment, “That there shall be no
leadership and no kingship.” As all the Souls see each
other as equal, in giving. And the competition is,
who can give more. And the competition is, who can
give more, that more can elevate through the condition
of giving. We say in English ,
“All men are made equal.” In the Universal Language
we say, “All the Souls are equal.
and there is no hierarchy.” And the minute we achieve this, we
don’t judge, we don’t steal, we don’t lie. And, in so many ways, you can’t tell
another Soul, “I love you” when our Soul is not at the
Strength that Love shows itself. This is why most of the Stars in
the Universe shine the same color because of the same Strength,
does not matter about their size. Unless their Matter-State Inertia
interacts in the Fields of their Dimension. Now, you made the cups, you made
the oranges, you made the waters. And as Alekz can tell you,
he’s a member of the Earth Council and one of the leading
scientists of the Keshe Foundation, you could taste the banana, the orange
and the drunkenness from the same cup according to the Emotion and
the time of the Field of the need. So, now you understand why he is
one of the members of the Earth Council. He understands the Strength of the
Soul in the Dimension of the Physicality. And he was one of the first
ones who opened the door but you were
all blind to it. You copied it but you
never understood, just normal! Now you understand,
it’s time to evolve. It’s time, in 2018, to move
in the new Dimension. Once you learn now, to be
done with even drinking liquid, now we can understand, that you create
the liquid within your own body, yourself. Then you understand… you are the Creator of the
Physicality of yourself, as you decide. In one of my teachings and one of
my papers, in the medical sections, I have explained something
very, very interesting and never understood.
Maybe now you understand? The Doctors and the medical
people today… they can not explain and they just pass by it,
because they don’t have the knowledge and nobody asks the question. Is that, they empty the lungs from six
liter of liquid or four liter of liquid and, you ask them one question,
“Where does this liquid come from?” “Oh, the body produces it.” But the patient
has taken no liquid. hardly any, that produces
six liter of water in the lungs. “This is a natural phenomenon”,
because they don’t understand it. Now you understand
from the teaching of today. When the Emotion
is not befitting the interaction of the Soul of
Physicality with the Soul of the Man, it does not take from
the pad of the lung into the… river of the Life of the Soul,
which is the blood, what it needs… you create a dam, you create
reservoir of Energy Fields which is the equal to the liquid of
the lymph of the body of the Man, which has no need for. Then, the interaction of the Hydrogen and
Oxygen Field-Strength, which enter the lung starts creating his physical Dimension
in a GANS level, which is the liquid. So, in fact, as I’ve explained
to the Doctors, “If you change
the Emotion of the Man, or you change the physical condition,
the posture of the lung of the Man, or you allow different
rate of breathing, all the liquid will ex… disappear
from the lung of the Man.” The liquid in the lung is created by
the interaction of the air we breathe. No, it’s not come from the inner
body, physical body of the Man, that it gets stored
in the lung. Now you understand
how we die of pneumonia, how we die of lungs being flooded
with liquid, because it’s our Emotion, it’s the Fields which
we have absorbed, and we have not converted it
to a usage we needs but through the construction and restriction
which we have created Emotionally, we convert the Oceans of the Planet, which
are created the same, in our own lung. How do you think the water
ever came to appear? The physical Gravitational-Magnetic
Fields of the center of the Earth, in the interaction of the Inertia
of the body of the Earth, has dictated the absorption and creation
of the liquid, what we call, ‘Water’. So now we understand the Gravitational-
Magnetic Field of the heart of the Man, which carries the
Emotion of the Man, in respect to the central Gravitational
Field-Force of itself on the Earth has created the same Ocean,
in the lung of the Man. There is nothing which
comes from the Physicality with the inner structure
of the body of the Man. You decide, in breathing, what type of
water, liquid you produce in your lung then, the pad absorbs that energy
that it transfers through the blood into the Soul of the Man and the Dimension
of his Physicality. There is no difference
between the creation of the… what we call, the ‘Oceans’…
and the liquid in the lung of the Man. But, we have become an expert in it,
we do it faster and that’s why when we go in the lung of the Man,
we’ll see liquid, that jelly-ish thing we call, ‘liquid’,
of the lung of the Man. This is important for
you to understand. Then, as we see how energy is transferred
from the body of the Man into the lymph, then, you understand how the energy
is transferred from the orange into the Physicality of
the existence of the Man. This is what we are,
this is how we are created, and this is how we can manifest and create
ourselves in Dimension of Physicality, anywhere in the Universe. Now you understand why
our Soul is released when the Physicality has nothing
to contribute or to hold on to it. And now, the Soul of
the Man becomes free. And now, he can take his position
in any Dimension in the Universe and because of his accumulation,
he … can become an Star, a beginning,
the Creator of Life. If your Soul, in interaction with the Inertia
Gravitational-Magnetic Field of this Planet, led to creation of your Physicality in
the Dimension Strength of this Planet, so it can do anywhere in Universe,
now that it’s free. Now you understand in one
of my teachings why I said, “Earth is the nursery of the start
of the Stars of the Universe.” We need a nursery to create the Soul,
that it becomes the seed for the creation of absorption of the correct
Elements in the Universe. This is why you see billions and trillions
and beyond imagination of the Man, Stars, in the Universe. Where do you think
it comes from? The Soul of the Man
is Sacrosanct. And what, sooner the Man understands,
the sooner Man will enter the Dimension of
Universal condition. You remember, the Sun in
interaction with the Field of itself, create the Essence of the creation of
Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Earth, and that has led to the Creation
of the Life on this Planet, and Life of the Soul of the Man,
in a finer Strength. And now when this finer Strength gathers
together and become a Soul of the Man and establishes the
Physicality of the Man, so the same can be done,
anywhere in the Universe. This is why when the time of
the physical Dimension finishes the Soul of the Man takes a new
position, because now it’s free, It has matured for itself
to become part of the Totality. The beauty with this, is that we do not
understand and now we have to understand. We have to evolve to the next level,
we have no choice. Now we understand
the purpose of our creation. A single speck of dust, on it’s own,
does not make a Planet. It has to be a collection of these, that it
leads to creation of the seed for a Planet. So is the Soul of the Man. This is what we got to understand and this
is the part of the further development in understanding of the Totality. The sooner we go through these processes,
the sooner then we decide, if we will like to leave the Life of
the Man of Universe. Because this is us
who creates us, according to the condition of
the energy of the environment, which we feel happy
to manifest ourselves. This is what is for us,
to confirm our own existence. This is what
we need to understand. This is what
has been denied to us. This is what
we have to evolve into. This is what
we have to comprehend. This is what changes
the teaching from now on. Because now, it’s not teaching anymore,
it’s understanding one selves operation. We still, as I said before,
we carry on with making the Cores and making the medical systems
and the food systems. But those of you who have gone
through the process of the evolution of comprehension of the Totality will
suffer a lot because it’s a Dimension, it’s a transition and
you see the physical side and now you have to live with
the Dimension of non-Physicality, in the Dimension which you
want to manifest yourself in. It’s going to be a
process of conversion. It’s going to be a process of us
understanding the Totality of ourselves. It’s a process that all the teachings
which we done, with up to now, with different part of the educational,
experimental, come together. As I said recently,
“This is the graduation time.” Many, many World Leaders will rise
against the Keshe Foundation, because they see
their position in danger. Because, now they
have no position to control. Food, water,
financial economical forces have been used
as a point of control. Fallacies on the
name of religions, different type and sect,
but all the same. Has
been used to, in a way, slave
the Soul of the Man. Now, the only person
who decides, my Soul is going to be enslaved
to others is me, myself. “Thy
shall not rape.” Means
you cannot, rape, steal
from your own Soul. It’s not for the others. You cannot deny your own existence,
to confirm another, to be
better than you. You confirm your existence
as a Soul of a lover to give. That the others
through your own process, elevate themselves
to elevate the others. Is a
brick wall. And a Man
has to be the giver, to be always
the bottom brick. That the others
can be put on higher, that in Totality, reaches
the highest to see at the top, the beauty of the
further distance. The understanding of
the Totality is the Essence, it’s the key to all this teaching
and not creating another Dimension of
mysteries and magic. Listen to these
teachings of today. This is the process of starting for you
to become independent of the Earth Planet. To become independent of
any position in the Universe. Because, what do you
do in another position, when there is no
need for the lung, but still the transfer of the
energy of the environment is needed, for the
survival of the Man. Or, the confirmation of the
existence of the Soul of the Man. Teachings from
now on, are very much targeted,
into understanding the position of the Man
and how to survive in Space. As we evolve we
understand more. As we teach we
understand more. As we understand
more, we teach more. Any questions? (RC) Thank
you Mr Keshe. And I remind the attendees,
they can put your hands up, if you’d like
to ask a question. …We do have
several questions. Jan is asking
in the Livestream. “When the Man dies and
the Soul leaves the Physicality, can the Soul take any
position in the Universe, or is there a judge who
decides the new position?” “In other words,
is there a hell or heaven?” “Or, does the Creator decide the new position
of the Soul, of the … dead Man?” (MK) I think you better go
and read the 24 Commandments. You get
your answer. There is no one to judge. And there is no
heaven and hell because, if you have not done wrong
there should be no fear of hell. On the other hand,
the position of the Soul is created by
Gravitational Magnetic Field-Strength. Which is created by the Soul,
during the time of its existence. If you look, and go back
and look at the teachings. And where… Rick shows
magnets on the table, each Soul in its freedom, for its
Physicality will find its position, in balance and where it can be in
the Universe, is not predetermined. This is
what we say, “Thou shall not create
any or do any crimes” That he, in doing…
in doing wrong, you use a lot of energy of your…
or Fields of your strength to cover it, to do it
and the rest. So you
have less to give. So, you are positioned as a Soul,
in the Fields which are less. Which means you become a burden to
the other Souls to give to you, to elevate you,
to reach their level. In a way the reason we say,
“don’t do this, don’t do that”, or comes in
Commandment, is that, when the Soul
leaves the body of the Man. Is of the higher strength,
that it doesn’t become a burden, on another Souls
for them to elevate it. As it becomes itself,
the feeder to elevate the others. You don’t become a
burden, you become a Source. The hell is
to be a burden. If that’s your
interpretation. And then you understand,
in my teaching, you’ll say, it’ll come to the point that
Man will do nothing but to… Giving. Because, they
have brighted the light. The more it can shine, then the
deeper it can go, that it can reach more. It’s not to light up more,
it’s to give more, in a deeper strength. In a higher strength. This is the fear
they put into you. Man by creation
of heaven and hell. Because, hell is the time when you need,
you become a burden to receive. For the things you put
wrong, you did wrong, and you took
from the others, in the physical Dimension,
Gravitational Magnetic Field of the Soul of the Physicality,
that you have to compensate. And then… Would you like to have somebody
on your backpack and to feed them? Or would you like
somebody equal next to you, that he walks the same as you
and he feeds you as you feed them. It’s a lot to learn. Go through the release
of the new Commandments. Put them in a context,
an understanding of all the 24. And you will
find the path. Listen to
the teaching. I emphasize,
there is a lot, a lot, now we
can go back to it. In the medical teaching
which was done, the first 33. In understanding the transformation
of energy with the Emotion of the Physicality of the different
organs of the body of the Man. And then… understand it and bring it
forward to the present understanding. Then you will see, how we can Live,
independent of any Physical Dimension. My
enemies are many. But the fear
of my existence, puts fear of
Life into them. Because of what they might steal,
that they cannot complete their cycle. My biggest
enemy is me. Not
anyone else. Because, I do not understand,
do not want to understand, the True
process of Existence. So… I rape. I steal. I do everything else to my
own Soul and nobody else’s. And then, I’ll tell other
people to judge me. Where, I have to be the
judge of my own conducts, that if I don’t do wrong, I don’t need to
appear in front of a judge to be judged. If you
don’t do a crime, if you don’t
cross a red light, if you don’t… hit a Man
or rob a bank. You don’t need to appear
in front of a judge, do you? When you don’t rob a bank, because
robbing it means stealing from the others. When you don’t cross a red light because
it means you put other peoples in life in danger and you watch
your own conduct, there is no need for a court
and the judge, is there? Because you have
judged your own conduct. (RC) … Mr Keshe, what about
Krasimir’s question, “Is there a way to clean your Soul
from wrongdoings in the past?” (MK) If you know you’ve done wrong
and what you’ve done wrong, and you have judged yourself that it’s
wrong, you have already achieved balance. As long as
you don’t repeat it. This is the key. If you say, “to clean
up the wrong of the past”, it means, you stood still, you know
what you’ve done wrong. There’re two ways, what did you do wrong
and what was the consequences of it, for the other Souls
and your own Soul. We always look when we do wrong,
what we done that they, people have done something
and their reaction was, whatever. But, we don’t look at it, that what
I did wrong, it has created a condition, that my own Soul had to take
a new position which wasn’t to be. So, we call it a punishment
but, in fact, is a new position, which my Soul
is not at comfort. When you’re adulterous, when you
sleep with another man or a woman, behind the back of
your husband and your wife, That you know is wrong and you can’t
… you find every excuse to justify it. Then the Soul of the energy which
you were supposed to give to your wife. is not there so,
she moves in different position. Then, there is the same with the Soul which
you have made adulterous position with that moves to a different position, so now
your Soul has taken a new position, because is not what is supposed
to be, to be shared equal, between the two Souls
which shared it. And then, you find this position
is painful, it’s not what I want to be, and then you blame it
on everything else, except looking at where
you started the change. And if at that point you realize,
“it’s me who’s been the cause of this” and I have to correct it”,
then you have judged it, and you, if you do it
and carry it out the same way, that you might not be
able to achieve the satisfaction, of the both
but at least near to it. By giving more of what it needs
to be create a new position to be. Then you already judge yourself
you have achieved that Peace you have achieved the position
you want to be or you should’ve been. So, when you judge yourself
you don’t need no one to judge you and you don’t need, unless you do not
see the correction needs to be done. We have created …
one of the worst things on this Planet. By killing, we have somebody killed,
this is the worst thing which the… was brought in and is against
all the teachings of Christ, bless his name. “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”
What a rubbish! Those who created these, they’re the ones
who are going to abuse the Man. “Eye for an eye”, if I take eye from you
I give you an eye. “I give you enough to see”, not for you
to take an eye from me. This is how it was put to judge,
for those who abuse the Soul of the Man
to have control. “If I take from you, you are not there
to take from me, but it’s my job to give from you, to replace what
I’ve given, what I’ve taken.” “I become your eye
I give you the eye of my Soul, that the eye of
Physicality is not needed.” It’s the elevation of the Soul,
not taking another eye. This is how the whole teaching
has been misinterpreted to suit those
who could put Man in fear. Then they could abuse
the Man and we’ve seen the abuse. They say, “You confess,” you go
and confess, they know your weakness, and then they’ll rape you and they
do everything else with the children. Where do these Souls confess to,
to other abusers or to their own Soul? In the coming months,
we see the establishment and the end of Catholic Church,
through this misconduct. This has been promised
and my promise shall be done. No Man needs to confess to no Man,
except to his own Soul. With it, will come the end
of fights between all religions. We have to understand the
Totality of what we are here for. Not to be judged and not to do
what we’ve done again and again, and always find a point
to justify the same mistake, and then when we suffer we blame
everybody else except ourselves who did it and we found
an excuse to do it. And that was adulterous behavior
and then you go from one man to another, and you justify because,
“He did that, I did this,” so you stole from the condition
and now you have a lower Soul, to achieve it, you need to gain energy
and you always suffer more, because, is not the level
that the Soul wanted, the Physicality has pushed
the Soul into that position. The payment, the ‘punishment’,
as you call it, is that the Soul which gives unconditionally, has found
the filter of a stealing from it. And then it does the Soul itself
to find it’s position and it puts the Physicality,
in a position, to find the mistakes if mistakes is not corrected,
it gives it another one. So, you repeat
till you learn. And when you learn
and you don’t put it right, then, the Soul
loses the Totality. Then you fall in what I call, a ‘free fall’
of not being able to receive and give. And then you say,
“The relationship’s run into problem”. Because what it’s not there, the Soul
will not commit itself to anything, because it knows, the condition
is not what it was agreed. When you enter a relationship
you become like two Suns, a twin system. One takes from the other one and gives
and it has to be equal. When one takes more
and gives less, what happens? What about if when you give more
and take less, what happens? What about when
it’s in balance. We have to become the judge
of our own conduct of Physicality, and then the Soul
are… always shines. Have no fear of judgment, except
yourself judging your own conduct. And don’t be afraid because there are
no courts and no judgments in Space. I’ve seen none
in many years. Man has conditioned
himself to abuse and those who were clever
have used it, to abuse them. I explained this to
a ‘man of robe’, as you call it. They have created
this condition of confession. So now, the Man who has confessed to,
knows the weaknesses. And now, he knows the weaknesses,
he abuses it, to his own advantage. This is what the Catholic Church
has come to. Then, because he has the abuse his mother
which he confessed to adultery, he abuses the children of the mother
because, if she talks, he talks. So, he’s captured a wife
and the children. Now you understand how, especially
we see this in Catholic church. Confession and adultery connections
to abuse of children. That’s how it’s come, most of it,
we’ve been witness to it for centuries. And Man does not
want to understand. 99% of the children abused by the church,
in the condition of the whole, is when the mother or the father
has confessed to a weakness of the Soul. And then, has opened the door
for other abuses of the children and the fear of the same. Silence of the parents against
the abuse of the Man, or the child. If you open the door of the abuse,
Man will be shocked. Any other question? (RC) … Jan says thanks for the answer
and is interested in, “What is the meaning of higher or lower
strength in the Universal Community? “Is the Soul with higher strength
closer to the center, and then the lower
further away?” (MK) No, we are all
equally positioned. The higher strength means,
being able to give more. And in giving more,
there are more to receive from. I explained this to the position
of the Earth Council members. Listen to it, the past couple of weeks,
where I explained, the Earth Council members
are not been gifted, they are been opened to have access
to higher strength of their own Soul. And when you have a higher,
when you have a brighter light, the deeper you can shine, the deeper
in depth of the Space you can be observed. If you have a candle, you can light a room,
when you have a floodlight, you can light up
the whole stadium. That’s all it is. Do you want to be the candle,
or the light, floodlight in the stadium? A candle will only reach,
maybe the paper that I can see, but a floodlight allows,
hundreds of thousands of people to see. Man should be the floodlight,
not the candle. With all the 24 Commandments,
if you understand it, we make the path for you to become
the floodlight and not to become a candle. That’s all the purpose
of the teaching. To give pleasures for more to see, for
more to enjoy, for more to be able to give. For more to come together,
that they can share more. I always explained this,
I’m a lover of football, many of you know. If I put a candle in the middle
of the football team, in the football ground,
not many people can see. But, if I put a floodlight on the same ground,
many people will come, and they share their Love and experience
and the joy of the game, and with it, each other. Man should be the floodlight,
and not the candle. Where, the present way of the religions,
has made sure the Man stands a candle, that they can abuse it, and they can blow
it out and play with it where they want. Any other question? (RC) Well Mark Erb asked,
“Does the Soul need to bring the energy of the Physicality into itself
before moving off into Space?” (MK) It’s not the energy of Physicality, is the energy of the Soul of the Man,
which leads to the creation of Physicality. Look at the higher level, not the lower,
then you get enlightened. Now you understand how beautifully
all the teachings come together. Now you can understand, and use
your own Physicality to absorb energy, without taking and killing. And then, you decide how much
of this energy from your environment you give to your Soul,
that it can give more. You take from the physical
dimension Field-Strength, and you convert it
to the energy of the Universe. In a way the body of the Man,
if you understand, the heart of the Man,
the breathing of the Man, the physical dimension of the Man is
conversion of the lower strength Matter-State into higher strength,
which is the Soul of the Man. Where as we said,
“In the Spaceship structure,” “the three base are Gravitational,
they pull everything in, to feed the top.” It’s not that the top is weaker. The top is weaker in taking,
because it’s such a giver in giving. The understanding has to be complete
when you are a taker, you’re Gravitational,
you bring everything in. When you are a giver it means
you don’t need much to take. You give so much that the others
can exist through your giving. When we look at the structure
of the Hydrogen in the Amino Acid, Hydrogen is a giver,
because it doesn’t have such a Gravitational-Magnetic
Field-Strength in the center of it. It has only one Electron and one Proton
and one Neutron, if is Deuterium. But the others, because of the
number of the Plasmas in their center, they are heavy, they need to get fed,
so in feeding they absorb more. And then in that process,
they have to release, that in coordination with each other,
the one which is not fed but is weaker in the Strength of the Gravitational,
they feed into it but as a giver,
it gives. If you look, the Hydrogen
is a Lover. We have to understand all the parts
of the teachings together now. And then if you understand it
and comprehend it, and translate it
the correct way, then we have achieved
what we are here for. It’ll take time, many of you
in the coming time, will start the process of,
what I call, your ‘Soul feeding’,
your ‘Physicality feeding’ and then, to see how your Physicality
can feed your Soul and your physical body, through the breathing and the others,
that you do not need to kill. You do not need to be worried,
where my heating bill comes from. Because now you can warmth yourself
through the interaction of the Emotion. I like to have the feeling
of the snow once Christmas that I enjoy, because
then it means something. Does not matter I’m in South Africa
and there’s a shining and sunny. It’s us, who has to create
the condition of understanding of the Soul,
of our Physicality, and there was no other way,
no other way, than going through
the teaching we done up to now. The GANSes, the Field-Strength When I speak about a pad of your lung
transferring energy to your blood, if I what I would have told you this
two years ago, four years ago you would say, “The guy is crazy,
he doesn’t know what is that.” But, now that you have seen it,
you produce the GANS, it was enough time
for a lot of you to experiment. Now is easy.
“Yes, why didn’t we see it before?” Now we understand it, there is no Energy,
there is no need for Energy to be transferred with Oxygen
to go across, through the lung. And then you see, how much fallacies
we accepted because of the lack of knowledge. But in a way is good, because now we know
what has been wrong and what is correct. Then no-one needs to fast 21 days
to become your new Guru and a God. You fast 21 days, I fast for 210 days. Then you become ten times
bigger than the Guru. Then what is the next
trick up his sleeve? Any other question? (RC) What is the difference
between the Soul of a man like Mandela and a man like Hitler?
Do their Souls have the same position? (MK) No. I explained this very clearly
in respect. In… you have to consider two – three parts
of the teachings together. As I’ve said, last week
and in my teachings in the past, “The man who makes the gun,
his Soul pays as much as the man who
released the bullet and kills
for a Naan. The same, the one who creates
the conditions for elevation of the Soul of the Man,
will receive this. The process as I’ve said before, “Who’s Soul was elevated more
between Diana and John Paul?” And I don’t think the light of the candle
of John Paul’s Soul, even flickers. And maybe, maybe, the light of the candle
of the Soul of Dianna is much brighter. John Paul was brought in and placed
and knew about all these adulterers, all these child abusers from day one, and
kept silence and many children suffered. Many people suffered. He was brought in to create
the revolution in Eastern Block. That was the only reason
we saw the Polish Pope. And came with it, opening up
new doors and more abuse. We are aware of another revolution
of the same, of the certain people. That will not happen. I promise you
will not happen. So, which one is worse? Mandela, or which one
gained more, Hitler? That’s… You have to answer,
not me. You understand enough
to be able to answer it. Any other question? Read the,The Commandments
as was released and was revealed to Moses. Those which he carved
and those which were carved on his Soul by the interaction of the Fields
between the Creator, the Soul of the Creator
and the Soul of the Man. We need to understand. We need to comprehend the Totality. Don’t readThe Commandments
on their own, one at a time. Put it together and look at it
as a conduct of the Soul of the man. Then, you can judge it through
the Physicality, if you want to. We will see many,
many, disasters this year We will see many,
many, joyful things this year. And we will see
the maturity of the Man this year. In a coming cycle we start a
new approach, a new way to look at Life. And as I’ve said, “Once one receives,
the others will elevate to receive.” I hear from many
Keshe Foundation supporters that they have start
experiencing different things with their Soul,
with their brain, with their body. And some of it is joyful,
some of it they cannot explain. Some of it is experiment
for Man to start learning the next step. And some of it
will be very harsh because we have to
correct a lot of things of the past. We will see. We will understand. We will comprehend Totality. What we understand, and connect
allThe Commandmentstogether. Not one at a time. In so many ways, what I said
to Moses was easy. I transfer the Emotion of the Soul,
and that’s all you need to do. But, he transferred it
into the physical tablets, which was
not the condition. He was supposed, the light he received
that he was enlightened to enlighten
the Soul of his followers. But he chose
the abuse of the Physicality. No tablet was ever carved.
He did it to abuse. The enlightenment
of the Soul of the Moses is exactly the way
you are getting enlightened… small pieces but collectively, but in his
condition was given, all to him in one go. If you’d have seen him, the time when
he received, he was a glowing Sun. But, he chose the path
of deception and Physicality. He couldn’t say,”This is what I was said”
He had to make something people could see. So he carved, what he wanted to carve,
not the Totality. In a way if you go down the process,
Mohamed bless his name, he did most of it correct. even though, he made
other mistakes on top of it. What in part Moses did not bring,
Mohamed tried to bring through the enlightened,
the same line. They so, brought
the same thing. (AB) Good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) Good morning, Azar. (AB) … Mr Keshe ….
I understand … why Jesus came because Moses didn’t stop.
But why did Mohamed came? (MK) Because the… the others
did not receive the message. (AB) But was it, was it Mohamed’s message
was more complete than Jesus or was the same? (MK) More or less the same and
a little bit more, he released more. One of the things which Mohamed,
bless his name, released that you see it now
in these Commandments. He says, “Allahu ahad ” “Allahu Samad” “God is One, one Create.” It’s very different
than theTen Commandments(AB) Mr Keshe, is it a reason
that someone is born in a certain religion like I was born
in a Muslim … family? Is there a reason for it? (MK) No, it’s just that the way the Soul..
your Soul is created out of the dimension of the Physicality
of the position of the parents. There is no reason
why it’s more and Buddhist or whatever You’re created, and what
we are created out of should be equal. In a way when you look, it…
it’s a very, very interesting point. Most of the Keshe Foundation Scientists
will come to it. You will see it. It’s amazing when it comes. Because, we have
such a system in Space, but it’s not in a way you see it.
But I call it, a ‘System’. You know we have done it,
these night vision glasses, and we see. There is a vision
to see the Soul of the Man. And then you see
different strength Souls. The flickering Souls,
and the floodlight Souls How much energy
that flickering candle needs to take from the floodlight to show itself
in it’s existence? A lot. And, we see the Souls that way. So when the Man is created
all the Souls are the same. It’s us, through our conduct,
who decides. It’s very, very hard. What happens to the child
which is just born and dies? How pure is that Soul? Or he had nine months
of pleasure to give and take through the Soul of the
mother and the others. The time of the departure
is irrelevant, the elevation strength
of the Soul which counts. Why do we pray, why do
we bless somebody’s Soul? We give to them more
and they have more to give. Why do we tell our Lover,
“I Love you”? Because, in reflection of the receiving,
he tells you, “I Love you” too “What she doesn’t need, I receive
that I need to confirm my existence.” Religion is a Man-made
thing to abuse the Man. Does not matter
if you’re born in Iran, born in New York or born
on Mars or Planet Zeus. All the Souls have
the same attributes. This is what is in
the Commandment. “All Souls are equal.” Not the Soul of the Man on Planet Zeus is higher than the child born on
Planet Earth, or in Tehran, or anywhere. It’s us who have been
put in that position. Then you understand
there is no religion. The religion is One,
believe in this on oneness and belief in the Creator
which is the Soul of the Man. This is very hard
for those who abused. The biggest problems of position will come to the Foundation
from the religious groups. But on the other hand, if
you look at all my teachings, I’ve always respected
the Prophets, when they correctly conducted. But, never the temples,
the false temples which was made by the followers
for abuse of themselves. You’re Iranian, you’re aware of the
present uprising in Tehran, in Iran. We know the outcome. We know the outcome. We know
the interference of the United States through Israelian affairs of Iran. Because it all has come to
an end, all at the same time. What will be the outcome for the Iranians
after this or postmortem of all this? Less belief in what they believed,
because it was created to abuse them. The same as Catholic Church,
the same as we seen in Jerusalem, the same as we seen
other places. Everything is coming
together perfectly. It’s just us
we have to do. So it doesn’t matter, if you’re
born as a Jew in Jerusalem, or as a Muslim in City of Qom or as
a, what I call, a ‘Christian’ in Vatican. I said something very recently,
very amazing to somebody and, I saw tears. I said, and it’ll come…
As you know, I’ve said very recently, that the City of Vatican should be
returned to Rome, it’ll be done soon. And then, the same story goes, as we
saw in Church of England in 1980’s. In 1980’s when the opening
of the Church of England came and the Church of England decided
that we don’t have many followers not many people go to Churches anymore
because they, they’ve found out “we are the tricky guys, let’s
start selling the churches.” When the first lot of churches
sold in prime position, don’t forget churches are always where,
in a prime position, city center. Centers were made
around the churches. Because you go to Sunday mass,
you do your shopping, you go home. So, they’re prime position property
value, nobody wants to keep a church. So, those who bought the churches,
they start demolishing it to build office blocks, shopping
centers, new housing compounds. And what happened? In the first
few cycle of the demolishing, they found so many
body of the children in the church ground,
in the church buildings and by law the companies, the construction
companies, had to call the police. They start investigating 20,
30, 50 bodies in one church on the ground of the church.
They start asking questions. Then they found out, is a
outcome of adulteress behavior between the priests and
the nuns and the others. Then the Church of
England brought a law “You can not demolish
the property you buy from us. We have to do it
with our own workers who already know about the
adulteress business of the Priests.” So, if you built the… you bought a
church, now you couldn’t demolish it unless they could demolish themselves,
to hide their own crimes. Or you had to keep it
as a church. As part of our organization
we bought one and we landed with a church, we couldn’t do
anything with it. Because it was bought to become a
shopping center, a building construction. now we couldn’t touch. And we had to be on the waiting list
when they have enough people to hide their crimes,
who could demolish. Look at the many churches in England,
especially in centers which are sold because they couldn’t demolish it,
is become pubs and cafes or, in a way, funny
apartment structure. The same will be
with Vatican. When the Vatican opens up,
when people dig the grounds you’ll find many, many
bodies of children. But there wasn’t supposed
to be no sex… Why did they come, are these
the body of the angels? Then, the whole thing collapses. The same will go
with the other religions. Because people will start seeing their
own Soul through their own conduct. I’m not attacking any religion. I’m just opening the misconduct
of the behaviour of the Man and the consequences of
the revelation of the Truth. Where did the vow
of silence come from? I’ve explained this
many time before. There is nowhere, in any holy books,
speaks about the vow of silence. We all know, I explained
this before, where it came in. Vow of silence came and it only
applies to Women in the Catholic Church because of the nuns who
were pregnant, could not be. How could be a Sister
and be a pregnant? So the Sister has taken a vow of silence
is kept and hidden until the child is born and then it comes
back out. This is where it came. We don’t have a vow
of silence in Judaism, we don’t have a vow
of silence in … Protestant, and we don’t have a vow
of silence in … Islam. The abuse and the hiding of
the lie of abuse has brought and now it’s open,
creates misconduct. The unbalanced conditions,
when the Man is created to create and he’s told he can not do but it’s still the body for millions
of years has been set to do. “I decided to become a vegetarian but my
body is used to meat, then I damage myself.” It’s the same with the body of the
Man who’s produced to reproduce. It says, “I made thee to make children
that they may Love me.” How can a Man who’s made to Love,
to create a condition to Love to appreciate the presence
of the Soul which created it now is allowed, he can not
create, he cannot stop the process. It’s still the same Love affair,
it’s still the same Love for another. So, it creates a false condition,
a homosexuality, child abuse and vow of silence. All created out of lies which was in Commandment
of the Moses not to be told. We can tear the Catholic Church apart,
in such a easy way, that they will do it
to themselves. I promise you one thing: I’ll return
the stones of Vatican back into Colosseum. Because it’s better to abuse the
Physicality and not the Soul of the Man, it’s the source of creation of Physicality,
because then he can’t stop. It’s the same
with all the religions. It’s the same to me, religion is
the point of the weakness of the Man, who he has created in himself. And he had no choice,
because he couldn’t understand it. When you stand in an island,
and a hurricane comes, in the past it was a wind,
it was bad, you know, it takes so many days for it to cross,
you sacrificed a virgin. Now we have satellites, we see it, it says,
“is gonna be there in that, that strength.” “So we are ready, doesn’t need to sacrifice.
We know is a natural process.” Which one was correct? The sacrificing of the virgin, or now
understanding the actual weather forecast? Lack of knowledge
created abuse. Now we understand more,
why should we? And now,
as I said, “I take Man into Space,” “to be equal to the others in the Universe,
that he cannot be abused.” And the abuse doesn’t come,
that the others will abuse you. It’s you who abuse your Souls, because you
go back and believe in everything else. The guy didn’t say,
“I’m the God” for the priest, the guy showed you
a new revelation, a new way, and because you abuse yourself,
you made him God. It’s us who creates these images,
not images that create us. Now you tell me. Is it Mandela,
is it Hitler, or Diana? Or John Paul? To me, where I stand, John Paul
created more crime than Hitler. He didn’t touch the children,
the fresh Soul. He knew and
he allowed it to happen. The same with
the present pope. The same with
the other religions. Is very interesting, watch what
I explained a few weeks ago. When President of United State announced
Jerusalem as a new center for them, new embassy
and new capital. Who’s the loudest opposition? The Muslims who want to be there,
is their Holy Place? And the Catholic Church,
who’s claiming it’s illegal? Why is it illegal? It’s your home!
You’re claiming it! How can they claim it to be theirs,
and you claim it yours, but they cannot claim to be theirs,
because you claiming it? Or are we all the same and have we all
cheated the Humanity? Those who were available
to be cheated. Is not the message
of the messengers, it’s the abuse of the followers
which is the pain. But don’t forget,
the followers have done exactly, what the messenger has done. Cut of the same piece of cloth,
because the Soul accepts to elevation of the level of the Prophet
which is… Those of you who follow
the teaching of the Keshe Foundation, in time to come, you carry
the Soul of the Universe, so there is no abuse. Because, you enlighten to the level
of the Strength of your own Soul, and nobody else’s. People will understand,
very soon, when we speak. The question is… What is going to be
the reaction of Humanity? We saw in Austria, years ago, over ninety percent of the people,
used to go to church. When the child abuses, by the church,
by the priest, in the church opened up, at the moment they are talking about less
than ten percent people going to church. They lost
their faith in faith. Soon well see the same, when the truth
and the reality opens up about, all the faiths,
how they abused it. And how collectively, in the background,
they collaborated to keep the status quo, but they lost. The reason they lost
is because I have changed the time. And it’s the wishes of my Soul,
the freedom of the total Soul of the Man, that it can join, in what we call,
‘Universal Community’. Within me there is more than all the
priest in all the churches, in the mosques and the synagogues
put together, and every other one. Because, I am a giver,
and they are the taker. And in giving,
I will change. It’s the mistake I made with Moses,
and the ones before it, and I’m putting it right. and nobody else can do.
It was my mistake. I trusted the Soul of the Man. A weak Man. Any other question? (AB) Mr Keshe,
I have another question. … When we talk about…
(MK) If I leave you Azar, you’ll ask question till the end.
(AB) No I… This is… this is the second one
Mr Keshe. [chuckles] … May I ask the
question now? (MK) Yes, please. Azar, would you like to tell us,
where you come from? Because you got a beautiful history.
Where were you born? (AB) I think, I think I told everybody
last time, in one of the teaching I guess? (MK) Where are you born?
(AB) I was born in Qom. (MK) Where is Qom?
(AB) Qom is about two hours from Tehran. And it was is a religious city. And it was…
(MK) What? Can you explain us? (AB) Its a small… a small town and…
then it was a small town, and even during the Shah time,
we had to, I had to cover, you had to wear the chador. … But you know, then it was different,
like we were wearing this light, very white sheer chador,
you could have a miniskirt, and then everybody could see it,
but that was normal. But even then we had to wear it,
and then, when we left, anytime we want to travel
in the car, I would remove my chador, because it was,
then I was out of Qom. But anytime you enter,
you had to wear it. … Then …. I went
to high school then. I mean I went to a school and high school
and last year of high school, I … we moved to Tehran. … Actually it’s very interesting,
I was… being born in a religious family. … I was always … against what
… they were telling me to do. Like my grandmother always, when she was
there she would tell me I have to wake up, five in the morning, when the Sun is out,
Sun is not out, to pray. And I refused to pray,
and then she would tell me … “You have to thank God,
you, the God created you.” And then … I told my grandmother,
“I didn’t ask God to create me so that he can… he should…
he can take, take me back. … I didn’t ask God to…
to give, give birth to me.” So I refused to pray
and … even in school, … with my friend
I always discuss, that why they praying, or
why they believe in God? And sometimes my friend
actually made fun on me, by telling me my face looks
much brighter in the morning. And they say,
“Oh, maybe you pray this morning?” I said, “No, I washed my face twice,
hat’s why my face is brighter.” So, I was really resistant, and when I found sciences,
in middle school, actually that was my… my…
my God, you know. I said, “Oh, this is it!” And I used to go
and tell my grandmother, “Look everything is proven,
and you can not prove God exist.” So, I was this battle of …
between religion, and at the same time, …. in my … family,
they used to marry girl, very early stage, like at
12 years old, hey used to get married. And, when I was seven and eight,
I noticed that, and I used to study hard, because
I want to have high grade in school, so nobody put me
in position to get married. And then … I remember one time,
I was seven years old, I stayed in a little pool we had
in the back, in a… in a backyard. and it was very customary to have
a pool with some goldfish in it. So, I sat there with my clothes
for like five days, even when I sleep at night,
and I kept asking my mother, “Why we’re born, why we have
all to do the same thing, go to school and then get married,
have children, I don’t want to do that.” And then finally when my mom came,
start crying, I said, “I don’t
know why, but everybody does it.” And then I saw my mother crying,
I came out. But she couldn’t answer me,
why everybody does that. But then, I already knew that I don’t want
to get married at age of twelve. So, I would just get my grade, all,
20 was the highest grade in Teh… in Iran. It wasn’t 100, so I would
get all my grades, 20. I showed it to my dad,
I said, “Look what I got!” And I even made him
to open a bank account for me. To … so I show him that I can,
actually, then at that time, I raised about a thousand,
… that money was a lot of money, and only on
the … good exams. And so… and then,
in the school actually, when I look at my own character, and I
realized our character is something that, we’re born with it and we are…
is our essence. Even in high school,
I remember … in classes, anytime I went to the class,
there were two group of people. it was myself and my cousin, and the…
another group, and I was very competitive. But at the same time the other group,
always hide things from other people, because they want to become
the first in the class. But … I always stay after class,
because there were ten, fifteen people, that always had to stay behind
and come take summer courses, in order to pass the year. So, I would stay from … like four to six,
and create classes for them and teach everybody,
math and sciences. And then, the
funny thing was, the more I taught, the more I teach these people
and I didn’t hide from them, and always, I became the first one in
the class and the other group always lost, they became second, and they were always
upset why I became the first. Because then… now I look back
and I see myself, I said, “You know the reason
I always became first, because I always taught people,
I didn’t hold anything back.” And I was open to teach. And …
something that really when I look back, I enjoy as … my memory,
that … I had a wonderful, childhood in high school,
and I really did … a lot of work. And then, at the age of seventeen,
I wanted to go to medical school, so I told my dad, …
“If you don’t move to Tehran, I’m … then I stay behind and don’t go
to best high school in Tehran. … and don’t get into medical school,
it’s his fault.” So, I kinda pushed my dad to sell
everything and we came to Tehran at that age of seventeen.
And actually that was the exact time, that … in Qom the start
of revolution happened, and then it kind of spread
to Tehran and other cities, and my last year of high school
was … at the same time the revolution started and ended,
… in … 1978. And … then after the revolution,
then we … I did, I mean they closed
the Universities of course. And then we went for demonstrations
against closing the Universities, and that was the time …
and I couldn’t have… a couple of them got beat up, …
you know, by the… by the police then, but I wouldn’t tell my parents. And then … one time,
we were involved in this kind of work, that one time, they came when I was …
after I got married, that’s another story, but then I… they came, and they came to
our home and then arrested us, when I was pregnant …
six months pregnant. And … So after that, when I came out,
I was in prison for only three months. When I came out,
… my daughter was born. The same day that I came out,
the next day she was born. And when she was seven months ..
I… we couldn’t really … stay in Iran, because you couldn’t, you could
no longer go to … University, or have any possessions, like couldn’t have
any homes or buy anything. So we kinda of like, … living in a society,
without any… doing anything. And another notice,
another thing I noticed was, anything would happen in,
in the Tehran. They didn’t know who has done it, they
would come and arrest the people who, … who were in prison
because they want to question you. So my parents also have
the fear of that too. So we decided to leave,
so we gave somebody money, and my… my daughter and I, we left
to the border of Iran and Turkey. And … it took us five days walking …
from the … we went to Tabriz, and from Tabriz … we went to a bus… to the bus
we went to the mountain, we got off and then we walked
for 5 days, until I got to … Istanbul. And … I stayed in Istanbul
for six months, … until I got my political asylum
from … from US, and I got here. And … then I end up
in New York. (MK) Hello? (AB) Hello. (MK) Yeah, carry on. (AB) … In New York, I … I was married, and I … started,
going to school learning English, and … but we had to work
at the same time going to school, so between my ex-husband and myself,
actually he was my cousin as well. … my ex-husband We decided after two years, that my
daughter’s very small and she was suffering, … because we were both going to school
and work … at the same time, so we decided one of us should go
to school, and one of us should work. So my ex-husband then was working
at the publishing company, and he had his computer,
two year computer … degree that he wanted to work,
and … so he was working, and I said to him,
I was a biology major. So, I decided to tell him that,
because he got it full point average in computer science, and
… Boston University gave him a full scholarship and everything,
but he couldn’t go, so I told him, Why don’t you go study,
and I take over your job. And I quit studying, then after
you finish then, I can continue. So, I remember that summer of
… that year, I went summertime, I would … take biology class in University,
and then do a work study then in, some from eight to five, and five o’clock
I would drive to his work. He would work from nine to five,
then I go to his work, and I stay from five, six
until twelve midnight. So over the phone he would teach me
how the computer works. And August, month of August,
I learned how the computer works, So I took over his job,
for him to go to school. So, when I became a… when I worked
at the publishing company, actually my work at the publishing,
was better than his work. So, after two years my boss,
came to me and told me, because I told him my plan
is to leave after two years, when my husband is finished with the
school, he came to me and told me, “After two years, what can I do for you,
to keep you in my place forever?” And I was very young,
and I was very naive then, I think when I
calculated all my bills, and I went to him and said,
“Give me this much then I stay.” And the reason also for it was,
because my ex-husband got very sick. He got ulcerative colitis, and we were
needed the insurance and I had to stay. So, I stayed in that place and worked,
and he gave me actually good salary. … but still after my husband,
my ex-husband was in the hospital, for like four months at NYU University,
… they took his colon out. And I was going the work in the morning,
going to hospital at night, every night, and then go to my daughter
at night for four months. And then, after he came home
… I still after two years after, I wasn’t satisfied with my life,
because I kept going to the same place, and I always dreamed
about becoming… And actually what has happened,
he become sick, I was very… I came to a point I said,
“I only have a pre-degree of studying, I haven’t done anything in the University,
so if God forbid I lose my job I have no degree. So I don’t have
any hold on anything. So I said to myself,
“I have to go and study something, that nobody can take it away from me,
so I can always put bread on the table.” God forbid I lose my husband,
so who’s gonna do anything for me? So I came out, my… actually my boss,
then he was very disappointed, still he doesn’t talk to me
because I gave him my promise, that I’ll stay forever,
but I left. Anyway, I went back to University,
completed my … bachelor. At the same time
my divorce happened, between all the movement, and so
I started … dental school by myself, and I just got loans
and went to the school. And, when I came out of the school,
still I think I was very … naive until… about what’s going in the society,
but … I started working in places, I did my residency one year, came out
and start working different practices. But … I always nearly got fired,
from practices, or I quit because it wasn’t something that I would do
for people, and it was very … unfair what they do to the patient. I didn’t wanna do the same,
so I tried, I … so I had to open
my own practice. So, even though I had $250,000 loan,
from the school and … all that, I … I just went for it, I just rented a place,
and I couldn’t afford to buy it, then, so I got … $350,000
loan from the bank. but that time become about $8000,
so I got $450,000 from the credit cards. I finally I built it, I built it
and I start working seven days a week, … for two years,
and then I would go to work. And I start paying and credit cards,
paying the loan, and finally I… I start
you know moving and, but better. But … and I saw the situation is wrong,
so by, by even though I had all that, I arrived at two thousand, two thousand
eleven, two thousand ten – eleven, … I would wake up in the middle of night,
at two in the morning, I couldn’t sleep,
and I would watch, I would turn on the TV, I would make my coffee
and stay up until five, and go to the gym, and something was,
something was not right. I couldn’t touch, but then I came about
sat in the movies, I start watching movies,
and I was still have the taste of where we’re coming from,
where we’re going? I remember watching movie
was called Mindwalk, and nobody knows about this movie,
and everybody I talked to, … they, they don’t know anything,
but it’s the greatest movie I ever seen. That was, that movie I watched,
that movie like maybe twenty-five times. And I went to buy it, it didn’t exists
in a DVD, it was in a tape. But finally I bought it and I
keep giving it to people and I said, I mean, watch, this is amazing.
But anybody I gave it to, they all said, “Oh it’s a lot of listening,
we don’t wanna listen. So anyway,
that was the start of my journey, … into find that who am I, where am I going,
because I still haven’t the practice, and … living in a high society like this,
it wasn’t satisfying. … It was something that,
… something was missing. So, and then in two thousand,
… two thousand twelve I think, that was the time I contacted you,
… when I saw your presentation, And … about the Foundation,
and I didn’t know how to contact you, to just tell you how much
… you make my life much easier, because thinking about somebody coming
and take care of everything in the World, and even everybody all they need,
you know food and energy, all that it was just such a relief,
and I wanted some reasons, to contact you and tell you, I’m so happy,
and congratulations, at least you came here
and you saved the World. But I didn’t know how to do it,
and I found on your website, you take volunteers for … to who are sick.
and I said okay, I’m gonna just tell them, I’m have some diseases
or something. at t, at that moment actually
there was something wrong with me, it was some pain I had in my body,
which I didn’t where is it come from? So I contact your website, I said I am sick
and they gave me an appointment with you, … from Belgium, so I had
a nine o’clock … interview with you, and … we talked about it, and then,
but I was telling you how I appreciate, that I am for you exist this knowledge,
and then you told me and you asked me, “So, what is your problem?” Then I said, “Okay
I have to tell him I have pain in my body.” And then you told me, maybe you have,
I have MS, … but then … And actually
after that I said, “Oh.” I looked at the MS
and I knew little about it, but I didn’t buy into it, so I said,
“I didn’t think I have MS.” But anyway I went back to Iran,
I went to a doctor, they said me, “No, you don’t have it.”
I came back and then I tried to find out what’s the reason for it, because
I knew some Emotion has to be behind it. And in two thousand fourteen,
I didn’t actually follow the Foundation, because you weren’t talking about,
anything about the Soul, or anything
about existence. So, I wasn’t attracted to that,
I was act, … I mean I was happy
that you existed to bring people relief of suffering,
like people can live normal, and … have food on the table,
have, have a safe home, kids have, have food,
kids have a parent, kids have care, people have education,
for me it was always, from the very beginning was very odd –
How is it possible as a Human, we don’t, we don’t see that education and
food, and shelter it should be for free? How come nobody sees that?
It shouldn’t be paid for! Education food and shelter
is just, is … is, is free. I mean why’d anybody
look at it differently but anyway, two thousand fourteen I went
to Peru to do ayahuasca. And … because I found …
I saw Graham Hancock that talk about
consciousness and how you can … with consciousness,
is so deep inside of us that, we don’t know
some of the stuff we do, and what is in your subconscious mind,
and I knew I just need to, shed anything that is not from light of God,
I just want to get rid of that. But the ironic thing is this, …
when I go back to my grandmother, and she was constantly telling me
that I have to pray for God, and I remember I came
all the way, went to the science, and I believe in science like God,
and finally I got to a point that I followed, I became this preacher, but not
like following the religion, because I didn’t believe in, in …
going to a mosque or going to a church. I believe it, all is One,
is all is only one thing. But it was interesting to see how …
coming to the point that, saying, “Okay there is something more
than the science, what is above the science?” So it was ironically
and then I, sometimes I feel bad about … pushing my grandmother so much,
and sometimes apologize to her, that I has to argue with her. But … when I did ayahuasca,
ayahuasca actually helped me a lot, I shed a lot of stuff
that I didn’t, no longer I needed, I did a lot of Field, a lot of …
sadness, a lot of those stuff jealous, shed a lot of it,
it changed my life … for better. … So then, when I run my trip to Peru,
I met Zizan, and then Zizan told me that … and he asked me
where I’m from, I said I’m from Iran and he said, “Oh,
my good friend is from Iran, Mr Keshe.” “So, you know Mr Keshe,
I know Mr Keshe too.” But he said I’m a teacher, and then
he says, “So you’re in the teaching?” “Are you listening?” I said,
“No, because he’s teaching sciences and I’m really happy he is there,
because he’s talking about the energy, and food and production, agriculture.
He says, “No, he talks about the Soul.” I said, “You must be joking.”
He says, “No.” And then that was a time I, I just
joined the teaching and signed up, because that was my, my thing, knowing
about the Soul, where we’re coming from? I wasn’t interested in energy
or MaGrav or any of this. And … I still I think … I’m more …
when you talk about the Soul, and … existence, and those makes,
I mean, more resonate with me. I’m more,
actually it makes me wake up. When you talk about MaGrav,
sometimes I can fall asleep with that, I don’t know why?
… But that’s the story Mr Keshe. (MK) What I asked you, thank you
very much for telling about your life. But what my main
… reason was to ask you was, can you explain to us,
or for those of us who don’t know, what is the significance of Qom
in Islamic religion? (AB) Significance of home? (MK) Qom. Where you were… (AB) … You know in Qom there is a proph,
… prophet that was … buried there. … has like a Hazrat-e Masumeh
… Prophet Masumeh, as they call her, and actually … when you go there, is a,
is a… it’s a place, people go … for praying, it’s a, like a monument
of the Prophet is there. And actually when you go there,
energy of the place is great. And … there is a, I think it’s a kind
of like, I feel like it’s a vortex. But energy of the place
is an amazing energy. And … people, and actually a lot of
people over there they are religion, but … a lot of my family
still live there, but not a lot of them … agree
with this government … because is done. But, overall it’s a very religious city,
and is been there for, … and actually it’s the… they have
the school that they teach all these, … Islamic … people, like the Ayatollahs. … They have the biggest school in,
in Qom, where they teach them. And has changed a lot, last time I went
there, it has become much, much bigger, and it’s much nicer, …
and actually when I went last time, I enjoyed … walking in the street,
it’s very clean, … people are nice, and …
it’s beautiful. But it is a very religious … place,
because of the Prophet Hazrat-e Masumeh. (MK) So you’re born
in a very … Islamic based, (AB) Yes.
(MK) path of belief. (AB) Actually my, my, I have a cousin there
that … he is very … I don’t know what he born with
because his father was like that, his father, when we used to go to his house
… he used to tell us … tell a lot of people what their life is
because he could see a lot of things. And even he said, he himself, is gonna die
in a … couple of, … in a, in metals, and he would never travel,
and we used to go to a village, … they had a village, we used to go
summertime to a village, but he would never go with us, and because
he said, “I’m gonna die in a car accident.” Because he predicted
he’s gonna die in a car accident. And then … one winter when I was here,
one, one year my mum call, and says, “What, guess what happened
to Mr Haiya?” I said, “What happened?” He said, because he used to have a herbal
in his house, he didn’t have a job. … he had a lot of room of,
… full of herbal, and he would go to people home
and give them medicine. That’s what he would do,
he would just go help people. His wife used to have a huge …
sewing school, that, also they had lands. So, that was his job. So, my mum says
one night he comes to walk from the house, he comes to his wife, he says, “I forgot
to give the medication to Mr so and so, I’m just gonna go there and come back.”
It was ten at night. So he comes to walk from
one side of the city to other side, a motorcycle hit him,
and he taken to hospital and he dies. And exactly what he predicted.
His son is just like him too. Like if I call him, actually we…
I talk to him a lot because I, before even that, we talk about ?El Afán?
and philosophy, things like ??? with him, because he, if I call him and I tell him,
“I have a friend, his name is this and this, he can tell me the hair color, the,
if there has a … skinny legs, the eyes color, everything,
he can tell everything. Is, that’s how he sees things.
And he tells me I can see even too, it’s, sometimes it’s so scary I can see
even into people’s underwear. What involves in, in the whole people.
And then, I was talking to him and every time he sees me,
he likes to talk to me a lot, every time I go there, he’s a, he has
a pleasure to sit with me and talk to me. And I’ve said to him, “What is it
that we’ve made that you think …” He says to me, “You, you have a,
you have a great … you have a great gift but you never
had the mentor to teach you how to … to give your gift to other people. …
But he gave me Qur’an, he says, “Read this, if you read this, you will find,
about say your path, how to go to that path.” And … then I told him “I cannot read the Qur’an”,
he gave me a Farsi … version of it and he said, “This is important for you,
to understand your Life, … read this, then you know
how to go about your Life.” So, I read it sometimes but, but I still
don’t understand because he says … I said to him, I said to him sometimes, I can
read other books but I’m reading these books. He said, “No, this book is going to help you a lot”
and I don’t understand why. (MK) Thank you very much Azarjan.
What is important to all of us, is not where and what condition
environment we are born, is more or less, what we learn and
what we expect and what we follow … In many ways … I was born very much like
you, not very far from where you were born and I was born in a house where
I saw the conflict of religions. I could see clearly my Jewish family could not
eat on the same table as my Islamic family. We’re taught the principle of Baha’i faith
and, at the end, I came, not to rebel, but I came to see,
it’s another path of abuse. And, in so many ways, it’s us who decides,
to what extent you want to go. I sat, and I watched many times, in my
young age, my Muslim uncles and family, quite by accident turning up at a house,
where my Jewish cousins were, and they washed the dishes, ten times
or their hands or their clothes because they touched a Jew. I witnessed at age of six, seven,
when I was, I went to an uncle, a cousin of my family, and I watched
them washing the plates so vigorously, I said to my mum,
“What is she doing?” He says, “Because we’re Baha’i s,
they… they consider us dirty and because I’m a Jewish background,
she washes it seven times, that it’s clean,
not touched by a Jew.” As you know, in Islam religion
they call it, ‘Six Mazjab’, which is about six lengths of the hand.
to the finger, what you call it, ‘small finger’ to the thumb.
And, they consider it to be washed. And I, I never understood how come,
if my mum’s a Jew, and they invite us, or a Jewish back ground, she’s Cohen,
why do they invite us, and then, they go through all this vigorous
washing and cleaning? Don’t invite us, then don’t do
all this stupid thing! And, my father used to say,
“It’s for them to mature.” “It doesn’t mean because she is my cousin,
I cannot Love her or be here, because of our childhood. But, it’s,
I Love your mum and she comes from a Jewish background and
it’s for Love of both, I take the both.” And I watched this
many times. I became aware of the conflict in religion
at a very young age, very young age. And then, I saw more abuse.
I watched many, many times, Mullahs who came and took the frock off,
and they became normal people, because they didn’t want
to become mullahs, they didn’t want to teach
because they couldn’t see the light. I witnessed many times,
in my parent’s house, mullahs’ with their families,
come from different cities, and they take their frocks off,
and they become… they walk out as normal men, after
staying in the house for a few days, and then they could find a job and
they could be placed somewhere. And I realized, Man of faith is the
Soul of the Man, not the Man himself. I asked my father, “Why do we see these
mullahs coming and changing clothes?” He says, “They don’t even know
why they exist in that frock.” And then we saw
the change in the revolution. Many people just put a frock on
because it was a path to learn, or earn, what
they wanted to do. I have respect for all the religions,
because at the end of the day, I brought the religions to be
what it became, later on. But, it’s us to understand. I watched, I married a Catholic
and I watched the same abuse. And then, it became
more and more, with Caroline that, the fallacy
of the abuse has different names. Very much it’s the only way I can consider
it or I explain it to a lot of people, I call one faith, as a sexual abuse,
one faith as a physical abuse, and one faith, as a what I call,
‘psychological abuse’. And, all the religions have found
a way of abuse of the Man, the Soul of the Man
in dimension of Physicality. And the sooner we, we open our eyes,
we’ll see behind them, all of them. They’re all One. And that was
the first message given to Moses. “There’s only one Creator.” And, very soon we’ll see,
they come together, it will be the end. The Peace on this Planet has started
because it’s our Wish. But we got to realize something, that
the strength of wanting to be Peaceful, is much stronger than those
who want to be the intermediary between the Soul of the Man
and the physical Life of the Man, which wants
to be peaceful. And these will be turn over. In the coming time, in the coming time
you will see, as I’ve said, very recently, “What are we going to do with
all these temples? What are we going to do with all
these properties, the churches, the mosques and
the synagogues own?” Don’t forget, none of them pay any taxes,
so it’s a net profit, they bought as much land as they could and
they’ve been given, to the fear of getting better position ‘in heaven’
by those who are weak in character. What are we going to do with all
these properties which becomes available? Are we going to make,
Nation by Nation decision? Or, are we going to make
a decision as One Nation? What are we going to do with all
these properties, which has been collected by the abuse of the Man,
in the name of the religions? In one calculation, there is an estimate,
runs into percentage of the total assets of the World, it’s held by those who used
the name of the faith and abused it over centuries. So, what we see is a
collective abuse of our grandparents and great grandparents and parents
and their parents and their parents. One thing which the One Nation Councils, The Earth Council, Universal Council,
have to contemplate on, as part of as I’ve said, “they become part
of the Keshe Foundation work” and they are becoming there, as we are
there to support and to achieve it Is, what are we going to do with
all these resources, the wealth, which has been collected
in pennies and cents and whatever, by the abuses of the Soul
of our Ancestors. What are we going
to do with them? How is it going
to be shared, for the golds which taken from
Filipinos, South America? And has been bought as shares of the
companies in New York or in London. There has to be con… consensus,
we have to find a solution. Total solution,
for what I call, ‘The Financial Investor
of our Ancestors’. In the dimension of, the abuse
of the Soul of them and ours. The problem is looming, the problem
is there and it has to be handled. How are we going to
return all the abuse, whatever taken like
on regular basis, from far East like Philippines
and Thailand and the rest? In the name
of the Church, and, building which are built
in Rome and New York, on the name of the Catholic Church,
or different Mosques, or the whatever. What about the properties
which are given to these organizations
and this path of … abuse? Then, you’ll see
one thing, Their is no alternative,
but, ‘One Nation’. You’ll see no alternative, but, accepting that, we have invested from
Philippines, in New York and in Rome, and, we all have to
be benefited by it. It’s a very, very
interesting challenge, [Topoli barks] Sorry about that,
my little boy is here. [Topoli barks] Every time we talk straight and correct,
he has something to say. The reality is, there, is a number of positions
which are coming up, that, we have
to understand. These are the dilemma’s which
are rising very, very fast. Palestinians and Jews,
are of the same blood. They came from
the same blood. Christians and the Jews,
are of the same blood. So, how can we find all
these to be corrected? A lot of people
will oppose, A lot off end of,
end the Faith, the way we see it. Because, they’re afraid of the abuses
which will have got opened up, Which’s been done
in the past. The only solution is left. To forgive. We have no other choice. Because, is not one
abusing the other. we all have abused, everybody
at the same time and together and one way or another, we’ve referred it
Th the other one, not to show us. This is what it comes to
as ‘One Nation’. To become One Nation,
we need to close our eyes to a lot of the wrong doings
of ourselves and our Forefathers. And a lot of abuses which is done
in the name of the Creator, by those who could
see us just weak. I attended a fabulous funeral , and, I attended
his memorial and Caroline and I, we sat and watched
and we were literally, were gobsmacked,
we were, absolutely shocked. How , the Soul of the boy,
such a beautiful Soul, had time limit. The priest had one hour, exactly in
one hour, he closed the session. Was the Soul of this boy
so worthless? Or was it higher
than the priest? Or has it become
a business? And its all business.
“How we can rob in the name of God?” Which at the end
of it, it’s us. We’ll change into,
‘One Nation, One Planet’, which’ll take shape in different ways,
this year and the coming time. It will force us to face these. We have to
change these. And the only alternative left is,
somewhere a compromise, that, we were stupid enough to let us
abuse us and abuse our Forefathers, but in a way the ones who
abused us, is part of us. Like Azar, came from the Islamic
in the most, holiest city in Iran. These Priests, these Mullah’s,
these Rabbis are not born to be. They are the products of the nature of
the environment we have created. So, becoming One Nation,
is not just teaching, the Soul, the understanding
how to exist, is to understand how much
we need to compromise. How much, we have to close the doors
of the past with the knowledge. Not to leave thing behind the door
but knowing, what’s the… in the inventory
of the things behind. and the starting to live
in a new house. I’ve been to Vatican… and I’ve felt the pain. The funniest thing is… All these, so called, ‘religious people’,
are fully aware of what they are abusing. The only thing is, they don’t want
to admit the level of abuse. As a priest said
to me once, “I am not a child molester,
I don’t abuse children”. And I said to him, “But you abuse the
Soul of the Man, it’s the same rape.” The, position with us with
change of New Technology and bringing up, the
new One Nation, On Planet We have
to do a lot of work and have a lot of strength
to see the time has come for change through the conduct of the
Soul of the Man, not the Physicality. I watch… many, many Revolutions, many things are happening
at this moment, around the World. And I watch how this change,
compared to the past. And I watch, how much… Man’s maturity
is leading to it. We’re becoming
mature. We’re becoming
more aware of. But, now in the physical awareness has to
become to awareness to the Soul of the Man and then, opening of the Universal
Community into Man. Would Man mature
in a night? Or, would Men mature
in another thousand years? Would those who mature
have to wait for Totality? Or, we become part of the Totality,
become matured faster? All of it, it depends on us,
as a Human Race. I taught you today,
how to feed yourself. For those of you, I know many, many
of you will start doing it and see. Start, with one taste,
one vision, one understanding. And then, when you
achieved it, the next one. Start, understanding the
operation of your Soul. The operation of your Physicality
in respect to the Soul. And operate through
the Soul of Physicality, which is the Heart
and the Lung, to give to the Soul of the
Humanity of your own Body. That by giving,
it creates new position. In a way, from now on, when you eat
it’s not just an orange or a potato, It’ll be, the Soul elevation of,
what I can give to the Soul, of myself. Using the Soul of Physicality
to converted it into the Soul elevation of your own Soul
and then you understand. This is the purpose of teaching you
about Star-Formation and MaGrav Systems. This is the reason I teach this way,
because the common Man can understand. Some of you got touched, by
having a Free Energy System. Even, I gave you the Free Energy System,
you don’t see it. You look for a Medical Application,
I gave you the System, all of you. Every Man who’s ever heard or followed
the teaching of the Keshe Foundation. You all can live without any pain
for the rest of your life, or any diseases. But, understand the Essence of the teaching,
work through your Soul, and not through the Physicality,
to touch the Soul of the Physicality. Or at least,
learn to start with, to work through the Soul of the Physicality
to change the physical condition. As a Man we suffer,
this is a part of Physicality because of the interaction
of the Fields is so much… When you walk through
your own home, your body continuously has to
interact with every Field. The chair, the table,
every cell on the carpet, every cell on the spoon,
the fridge and everything else. It’s a continuous battle, living in an Inertia
convey… environment. Where in deep Space, when in Space
it’s not so much a battle, that’s why your cells
don’t need elevation. This is the problem with living
with a enforced environment. That’s why you last
and live longer. In Space we have all the… still the same Fields,
but is open to what we want to take. It’s not encaged
and it’s not decaged. Where you’re encaged,
you have to give and take. Look at your aura,
you see all sorts of colors. These colors come because
not coming out of your body, because the chair wants this one,
the bed wants another one, the fridge wants
something else and depends where the fridge
and the freezers are, then your aura’s different,
because of what they pull on you. And the one who want to abuse it,
they say, “Oh this is something hold, you
put in there and something and we deliver.” But, did you take the same picture
where the fridge and the freezer was behind me when I was giving,
when I was taking? We have to start opening
our eyes in a bigger dimension, in the Totality, and then
we start seeing, we started… Then we become in charge
of our own physical dimension. Then, we can travel
the span of the Universe. I’ll promise you,
I didn’t come here with a Spaceship. I came through
the Soul of the Man. Nobody landed no one, but we
travel the Space of the Universe through the expansion and the need of
the Soul of the Man, or enemy. Try to understand the teachings
from now on in depth, not just by words. The teachings from now on,
becomes very intensive. But, it’s what is needed to go
through evolution of the change, to be able to travel
the spans of the Universe. We still make the GANSes
and we still make the Spaceships and we still do everything else. But, if you are real entity of being
entity of the Universal Community, I have given you all the knowledge.
It’s your choice. Would you like a donkey or
would you like to be in a Jumbo-Jet? Now, if you
want to travel in a Spaceship, or in the Spaceship
of the Soul of the Man? According to your intelligence,
you choose. But, at least this time
you can’t be abused. We call it a day,
it’s nearly three and a half hours. And, try to come and to
understand more about Totality, the Soul, the Physicality, the operation of the systems
and the knowledge of the creation, in all of the teachings
in the past time. 2018 is time of maturity of the Man,
and we have started. It’s for you to expand your horizon,
not for us to push you. Because, if I push you, “this is what it is”,
you create another temple. If it’s done by you, you decide,
when and how and what you want to take from. Thank you very much for today
and hopefully we meet on on 2000… 206th teaching next week
and further on. But, be ready for a change
and be ready to see a lot of changes
on the International scene, because we have Wished for it,
and because of it, we will achieve it. Thank you very much. (AB) Mr Keshe … I think that
by next week we can … we can … present … Constitution
in Farsi. (MK) Your quite welcome.
We asked you… (AB) Yes, we have… Dr Parviz and I
we’re working on it. and I think by next week
it should be ready. (MK) You’re quite welcome.
Thank you very much. (AB) Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much Rick (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe,
once again, of course, and … thank you to all our listeners
and people participating in the workshop. And this is the
205th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday,
January 4th, 2018. And we’ll end the
Livestream video and our … zoom meeting for today. Thanks everybody
and we’ll see you next week. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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