198th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Nov 16, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of Fields which accumulate
and create matter and is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the Fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational Fields. Released Fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing Fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named ‘GANS’. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of Nanomaterial, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav Fields. These Fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. (VV) Hello, Rick are you there? (RC) … Yes just trying to a …,
trying to get a screen setup that something we can look at here (VV) Yeah, … we got it back on already,
so you can go ahead. (RC) Oh, okay sorry, I didn’t see that
Flint had taken over there. Alright. So, welcome everyone to the
198th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday, November 16th, 2017. And once again,
we’ll hear from Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute, and other Knowledge Seekers,
as we go through this session. I think Mr Keshe is ready to begin
for today. Is that true Mr Keshe? (MK) I hope so. Thank you very much.
Good Morning. Thank you very much, Rick. Thank you very much
… for the new … video which has been done by Ella,
the Head of Keshe Foundation. … This is the new way of teaching.
We show the purpose of the science. Is not just to bring Nano coating
and the other things, but it’s a background, backbone, to
create peaceful conditions. Will be most probably be done,
further, that we understand, while we’re learning
these Knowledge Seekers, why we are here for and
what is the science behind it. As we heard last week,
the Universal Council and the Earth Council, will submit
their Constitution and the Ethos, we heard from the … Earth Council,
last week, their Constitution, which is set out
by Humanity. We have received approval
and support from number of… high level politicians, and governments,
that they support such a move. Today, and in the following weeks,
we try to read or at least, leave it to the members
of each National Language, to read the Constitution
in their own language. As it’s translated by them.
Today we hear from …, one of our …, languages, which is in Chinese.
As we heard doctor Rodrigo’s reading the Constitution on behalf of the
Earth Council last week. Today, one of the member of supporting
Universal Council members, will read the Chinese, and then we
translate it, next week, hopefully, we’ll have the French and other languages.
As …, it’s not …, because we are here, not just for the English spoken,
but for everyone to understand. And this is the beauty
of this Foundation. We are all equal, and
all does not need to be English. As much as we can,
all the teachings are getting translated in number of languages
in the background. Which a member of the
transcribers group will come. And next couple of weeks,
you will see new videos, how you can reach these teachings.
Language is not a barrier, the Soul is a common denominator.
Is Rita in the background? That she could let us know, the Chinese translation
of the Constitution please. (MK) Is..
(RC) Is that Ruthy? Is that … (MK) Ruthy, yes please.
Is she there? … (RC) Yes, I believe so. Ruthy,
I’ll unmute you. Go ahead. (RW) Yes, hello,
Hello Mr Keshe. (MK) Good morning, Ruthy.
How are you darling? Are you ready to let us know in your
Mother Language. That we can feel the Soul. (RW) Yes, I’m ready, so,
please share the, yeah, thank you. (RW) Now I start it, in Chinese? … Sorry can you go back a little? … Go … up!
A little? Yeah! No… Yeah this!
Yeah, yeah, yeah! … Sorry can you go down?
I cannot see the last … paragraph. [email protected] … Thank you everyone. So, this is the Chinese of Constitution. (MK) Thank you very much … Ruthy. What is the reaction of the Chinese
community since last week? That we see in this Constitution. (RW) Oh, I didn’t … share this …
Chinese version to them yet. So, because I just finishing the final version,
before … our teaching. Yeah! (MK) Thank you very much indeed. We’ll wait and see what
comes up from the Chinese community and what reactions we get from the supporters
of the Keshe Foundation in China. Thank you very much Ruthy. Is there any comment from you? (RW) Yeah, I really Love this! I think … now we have a common Constitution
for all the beings living in this World. And, … this … Constitution have …
so many … beautiful good intention, to … joined us together, to have a really Peaceful ,
harmonate environment for… and … fair environment for everyone.
So, I think that’s so great! (MK) Thank you very much indeed. … Any other members of the Earth Council
who would like to make any comments? (RC) There is a question
whether there’s a English version, a link on the Internet yet, for people to
… To… To read the English… ? But, I don’t think we have it
on the website yet? (MK) It’ll be all uploaded this week.
(RC) Perhaps we have? Okay. (MK) The English, all the versions,
will be uploaded this week. There is … part of the teaching
next week hopefully, or so. We’ll receive that, to show
how to use the YouTube with all the translation, and transcripts …
which has been transcribed, some of the teachings. … The … Constitution … what I call,
‘any amendments’, shall be added, online, as … the requests or points of views
is considered by the Earth Council, to be changed,
to amend it. This is the way we go, and this is part of
the set up and the work we have to do. In equally sharing knowledge
and the work of the Peace, together, to bring
the changes as we see it. So… In the meeting of the… public and the Earth Council,
and the Universal Council, last Tuesday, we raised the point that
will need our attentions and work in a very specific direction and,
what we call, ‘collective effort of us’,
as Keshe Foundation. We’ve see on horizon a massive war
which is getting planned. We see a massive war. It’s…
It’ll be affecting every one of us. … This plan of war, or aggression,
or whatever, can be resolved. It’s part part of what is being done over plans
of hundred years, fifty, hundred fifty years ahead. And, is become
sequential into this process. We see a very harsh, part times, of work of certain
organization and groups, to create conflict for control
and financial control. What we have done
and what we are doing, we are reaching the Soul of the leaders,
of all sides in this planned conflict. Which they literally,
have no say in this. It’s been set up and
they have to follow the pattern. There is a huge conflict setup between Iran
as a Shia Country and … Sunni Muslim Countries.
Saudi Arabia and their allies. The same with the allies of Iran. We call through the Soul and, we hope we
have the support of you knowledge Seekers and understanding
of the work of the Soul. On the leaders of
Iranian government and Sepah and, on the Saudi leadership and, the rest of the Islamic World. The line of descendants of Muhammad
does not change the book of Muhammad, bless his name. Do not allow change of line of leadership,
becomes the end of a faith. There is a lot
to be achieved in Iran and there is a lot to be achieved
with Saudi Arabia, and their allies. On both side. We’ll raise the Soul of both parties,
that they come to an understanding a understanding, that they
are pawn to play the game of. My card goes to the Saudi leadership and
to the Islamic World, on the Sunni side. “Brothers do not fight.” We all come
from the same lineage, we all come
from one father, we all come
from one understanding. And, my request
from the Iranian government, “Your Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei,
Your Excellency President Rouhani.” “Attend the Peace Conference which has been arranged,
and it’ll be announced.” The same goes to the Saudi king
and leadership of other Islamic Countries. “Step down from talk of war,
let’s unite.” Keshe Foundation has taken leadership
and we have received the support of negotiation and the
start of talk between both sides. And, is not me anymore, it’s the Soul
of the Keshe Foundation Supporters. To raise the Soul
of both parties leadership, that we walk away from
this mayhem which is planned. We need Peace and
through Peace we’ll achieve more. We are active in the background
for negotiation and, I know the Iranian leadership listens
to these teachings, the same as the Saudis. We don’t talk about
what can be done to each other we talk talk about
what we can do together. There’s a lot we can achieve,
and there is more through Peace that can bring beauty
of the Middle East out. Unity in faith and Unity in Soul is
the ultimate goal of the Keshe Foundation. By killing and by destroying each other’s
asset, the only beneficiaries are those who have already made the secondary plans,
on the oil refineries, to sap. Not the Nations which
are at the battlefield. We invite both parties to the Peace
conference which is getting organized, and we have the backing of
the World Leadership. Keshe Foundation will stand
firm in this Peace negotiations. Ayatollah Khomeini, the President of Iran,
your Excellency, I speak in Farsi. نحن بحاجة إلى يد السلام،
من فقدان الحرب للأطراف الأخرى. We need the hand of Peace,
than losing war for the other parties. This time, scientific intellectual right
of Man should prevail on Peace. We take the Leadership
in Peace negotiation in a very direct manner
and we have entered into it. And the Earth Council, the Universal
Council and the member of Core Team and the rest of the Keshe Foundation,
we know we have changed the ways, where we’ll talk is
the conformation of acceptance. We need to reach
the Soul of the Leaders. Thank you very much. In the process of the teaching,
as we saw last week, we tried to explain more, to understand
the connection between different aspects of the work of the Soul and
the connections with its Physicality. The work of the Soul, the creation of the
Soul of the Man which manifests itself in a physical, tangible condition,
can only happen if the condition and the environment for it,
is available to happen. What I said in the teaching of last week,
was that the Universe cannot expand if the room for expansion
was not there for it. The expansion contains two things,
Magnetical and Gravitational Field forces that allows creation of the
balanced fields in both side. What this means is a Plasma has to
give to its environment and take from its environment to find the balance
between itself and its environment. The creation of the conformation
of the existence comes when the two entities confirm their existence
through the interaction of their fields. We cannot see the existence,
cannot feel the presence of the Sun, if the Gravitational-Magnetic Fields
of the Earth does not interact
with the Fields of it. And then, in that process, each one
manifests its own existence and its dimension. So, in so many ways, the interaction
of the Fields of two entity confirm not only the existence of
the two, but the boundary and the physical presence
and manifestation of it. In English we say,
“It needs two to tango.” It needs to have a partner
to show the beauty of the dance. It’s the same, in so many ways, now
that our knowledge has come to flourish and understand more about
the structure of the Soul, to expand more, to understand more
and to realize the reality of the Creation in any point in the Universe. What we achieve on this Planet to confirm
our existence in a physical dimension of Human body, needs
the presence of the Soul of the Earth which are the Fields interaction
of the Earth with the Soul of the Man, that with it, confirms
the Physicality of the Man. Our physical body is created on
the limitation of the dimensions of the strength of the Soul
which seeds in the womb of the mother in respect to Earth
Gravitational- Magnetic Fields. and, plus the Soul of the Physical entity
which has created the Soul of the Man. You got to realize,
every piece, every atom, every cell, in the sperm and in the seed of
the male and female has a Soul. So the collective Soul of these entities,
is Amino Acids, in proteins leads to the creation of the Soul of the being. And then that Soul,
in its interaction in Totality with the Soul of the Earth, dictates the
physical balance between all the entities, which leads to the creation
of the Physicality of the Man. Collectively, the Soul of the Man in radiating
in the Fields in the womb of the mother, in the presence of the field’s
Gravitational-Magnetic Field, of the Field of the Matters within
the womb of the mother, which … in a way, creates an environment
for the Soul of the child to take shape, now, in interaction
with the Soul of the Planet, leads to the creation of
the Physicality of the child. This is the same with every entity,
being a plant, being a bird, being a fish. But, in this process, the Emotion and the
conformation of the guarantee to exist, which becomes the physical dimension,
the Soul of the entity, in respect to the Soul of the Totality
in the Soul of Planet brings into play, the color,
the shape, the size and everything else. So, our Emotion from the establishment
of the interaction of the two Fields, dictates,
has a communication line, between understanding the Soul of the
Planet and the Soul of the Physicality. The reality is, that when we travel into
Deep Space we have to understand this, that the interaction between
the strength of the Soul of the Man and the dimension of
his Physicality as a Soul, with the environment which enters,
dictates the same, the shape of the Man or the shape of the Soul in
a physical dimension in the Universe. We will not see Physicality to the Man but
we shall see the Physicality conformation once we’ll reach the dimension
where we decide to interact with it. Rick, can we share your screen
and your table please? This is important for us to understand. Can you open it up?
We see you as a corner. Thank you very much. What this means is,
in so many ways, if we take the bigger magnet
as the Soul of the Planet and then we take the Soul of the Man as
the second magnet, which is the black one. then you see they create a confirmation
of position in respect to each other. And in that point,
we come to one thing, the interaction of the two,
has to have a Physicality, which that Physicality
can be shown in the shape of very small Entity,
which is the Physicality of the Man. The Soul of the Man, can we have
your third ring please in the middle? If you see what this does, the small ring
which is the Physicality of the Man, finds its balance, in position in respect,
to the two Souls of the Planet. And when it reaches a balanced point,
this is where we manifest ourselves in the dimension of Physicality. If we change the bigger ring which is the
Soul of the Planet or the environment we enter, which in fact is Gravitational Field balance
between itself and internal, the shape and the position and the distance
from the Soul of the Man, and the Physicality which is
the small ring in between, will change. Because now it has a different size.
If you replace the bigger one, with a smaller, with another magnet,
you will see their balance point changes. And this is how our Soul will stay the same,
once we change the environmental magnetic Fields, the position, the distance between the
physical dimension and the Soul of the Man will take a new shape,
new distance. This goes back
to all the teaching we done before. Just replace it, replace the big one.
You can see it very clearly. So, what we have to understand,
the Soul of the Man will not change. The environmental Gravitational
Magnetic Field which we appear, will dictate how we will look,
and the shape and the distance. This is what I said in the teaching,
in the past. On Earth we need two arms and two legs,
because the boundary of the Physicality dictated by the Soul of the environment
which we are, which is the Earth. If we move the other,
the position changes. If the Gravitational moves out,
or Magnetical moves in, in different dimension, you see the middle magnet,
which is the Physicality of the Man, moves with it. If you pull that magnet
a little bit backwards, the small one. No, no, that one here, just push it forward,
bring it forward and push it back. This is what it dictates, this is how
we change shape in size and time. This is how if you look
when the Field was further, stop there please, this is where
the Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Earth in balance with the Sun
allowed bigger animals, Dinosaurs
and other Entities. Now the Gravitational Field
of the Sun, because we are getting closer
and closer to it, it’s changing the size. We can not support, because now a bigger
Gravitational-Magnetic Field which is the Sun, has a say in the same structure. And now you seen, if we reduce the Fields,
the Soul stronger, needs a bigger distance
to confirm its existence, so you get a different shape and size. Now we understand the knowledge fully,
we can show it in a physical dimension that it can be understood. But in fact, the Soul of the Man
does not change. If we understand this point,
we’ll come to a very interesting position, that, it’s us who decides how
and what Fields we release from our Soul, that even in the new position,
we still carry the shape of the Man. Even though, in respect to the other
environment if we stay in balance, we can see a new Entity. This is a important understanding, because
if I put another Soul, which is created on Earth, then, when you see another Soul from Earth,
you see the figure of a Man, he does not see the new
figure of the environment. This is how you recognize
each other in Space. Even though you take shape
of the new environment. This is the beauty
of understanding the total knowledge. It means when we meet a Soul which is
created in the dimension Fields of the Amino Acid of the Planet,
even though it does not carry any of its Physicality,
because we carry the same, we see the feature
of the Man on Earth, we see the Soul
in the manifestation of Physicality. But from somebody who stands outside,
will see the dimension of both of us in the feature of
what we decided to be. This changes the game. This changes the game for those
who have the potential to see. On the street, you walk a black Man,
you walk past a white Man, if has any other color, shape,
but if you are from Earth, you know he’s from Earth,
and the other one is not from this Planet. Because you see the Soul of the Man
in the way that you have manifested yourself in,
and the same with him. This is how in the Space
we recognize each other. And for those of you who are
educated in the knowledge of Universe, you can see. Many of these Entities when you go into Space,
carry no skeleton, because the dimension of the Fields
does not support. But to you and me,
we look Humans. Now you have seen
the reason, and the position. Man has to come to become intelligent
to understand the process of creation. This is the same,
we understand the process. Now we have to
comprehend the process. Now with this,
it puts away the fear of death in Space. We never die. We transform,
according to the existence conformation
of the position of our Physicality in respect to the Gravitational-Magnetic Field
of the environment. Then we understand
where we see the small magnet, it does not need to be a Planet. It can be a Field which has not
transferred or transformed to become an Entity at the strength
of our line of observation. Then you understand that in Space
we do not need Planet, to manifest ourselves. This is what we understand. Somebody’s microphone
is open in the background, please? Now we understand
that the whole process of creation, it’s position Field
Magnetical-Gravitational strength dependent. When you go in a ballroom,
and the ballroom is very crowded, you can not dance waltz
so openly. You conform to the numbers,
if they clear the dance floor, and you can dance the whole dance ball,
then you dance different. It’s the same with the existence manifestation
of the Physicality in the Universe. This is what we have to understand. This is how in teachings
we bring the two dimension of the Soul, and the Physicality, and the Matter-State
which you used up to now to confirm, to bring the knowledge together. The soul of the Entities in the Universe,
is all and they all shine the same. But of different strength,
internal Field-Strength. And when you subject them to another Field,
we can see their manifestation. This is the same in the Space,
when we enter Space, we can not be of the aggression
of warmongering, because to every Entity
that has a level of understanding and a color
and a strength positioning. Then we are read
long before we reach the gun. This is what it’ll be used in the case
of what we explained few minutes ago in respect to Iran and Saudi Arabia
and the Islamic World. The Soul of Mohammad counts,
not the Crown and the seat of Kingship. Or leadership. We show the Soul of Mohammad,
bless his name, that he rules, not them. This is what is important
for all of us to understand. It’s us who can dictate the environment. And this is what the Keshe Foundation
Supporters are standing gradually. We are changing
the Soul of the Planet. Through our Wish. Through us giving
from the Field of internal Life what we have created ourselves out of,
to manifest ourselves. Then we see,
if you push that physical body. Can you move that small ring in the middle
towards the Soul? The center one.
Move it to the black, the big black. It has to move. The Soul has to move. Because, it’s the Wish of our physical Soul
which dictates the new environment. Our physical Soul does not want
to go through the pain of loss, because we feel it. Thank you very much. Our physical body
does not want to see another war. And through the strength,
collective we produce, we can move the Soul. Be it a king, be it the President,
be it any title. Because, if you look between the physical
Entity and the Soul of the Entity, there is no seat of kingship,
there is no seat for the Man to sit on. This is what we’ve got to understand. This is what I said in the other teachings,
that to help those in disaster, we do not need to be there
to give them feel, the feeling, and the emotion of comfort. So, will be the same
in the time of Peace. We do not need to move quarter
of million soldiers to push towards Peace. We move quarter of million energies of Souls,
that will move the Kings and the leaders. The time of change is a Peaceful operation,
not marching on the streets. I can Wish,
and I will achieve. “My Wish is my Command.” End of a kingdom, is a push
of the Fields of the Soul of a Man. This is what we have to understand. Now, if you look at the bigger magnet,
and you put it in-between the small one, and the big, medium black one,
you will see. Bring it in, the same as was before.
The same position. No, move it back in-between.
Yeah. And find a position. Find the position with be, as before,
that it finds balance. Yeah, the position of balance,
which confirms the Physicality. Now can you get the other little one
which you just put away and put it in the center of the big one? Can you get it in? Yeah.
It’ll be very difficult. Let it go. Now, try to see if you can move
the two towards the other two? The one we just made,
just try to move it. Yeah! Now you see. New position, new move. When we add our Souls
into the Soul of the Planet, we see the Physicality moves. Or, we can at the same point,
if you create in that position, the Soul will move, just move it forward.
Just carry on moving. That’s how easy it is, to get rid of
the Physicality of the Kingship. Even though
the Soul of the King will stay. The same with any World leader. This is where the strength
of the new understanding comes in. We create a new environment
that leads to the creation of new Fields. We change the environment
of the Soul of this Planet. Because we have changed
the Wishes of the Man in respect to the Physicality,
in respect to the Soul of the Man. This is the change of the position,
this is a change of understanding. This is how we do not need
to do anything but to add to the Soul of this Planet,
in what it’s missing. ‘Which brings it Peace, that the Soul of the Man
runs the Physicality of the Man. Irrespect of what Physicality
it’ll manifest itself into.” The Soul will exist, and then
it comes conformity to Peace, to balance. And this is what in my teachings
in the past I said, “There is something is missing
in the mixture of the Soul of this Planet.” And now we can see it’s not Zinc, it’s the
intention of the Soul of the Man to replace, that the Physicality
becomes irrelevant. Every Man stands equal in his Soul
in respect to the Soul of this Planet. Then you can have any shape or form. Then we all understand, the manifestation
of Physicality becomes irrelevant. Because, our Soul moves
within the Soul of the structure. Not outside effecting
the Physicality of the structure. Which is much easier. When we released the Constitution,
was for us to be able to explain this. We can move, but if we do,
then there is said, “he said he did.” But if we move, we say we did,
and we done. The fear of those who call themselves
World leaders, is the loss of their Physicality
through the control of their Soul, for themselves to create a new dimension
in manifestation. Not out of the fear of lossing…
loosing their leadership. This is what, and how I explained,
there shall be no king. Because I know I can touch, reach,
their physical dimension through the Soul, that the Soul sees shame to be a leader,
to have the Physicality in that dimension. The process of manifestation
of Physicality in Space, has to come to the point of satisfaction
between the Soul, and the dimension
of manifestation itself in respect to the
Totality of the environment. At the time of death the Soul of Physicality moves within
the Soul of the Man in a very secret way, in a very hidden way. I have already explained
this in one of the papers. When you read the paper,
again, with a new understanding you will understand I have already
unraveled this secret in that paper. It’s called “Inter Atomic Fusion”. Where I say, “there, is easier to bring an Electron into the Proton
than trying to fuse two Neutrons” “or two Plasmas.” Because, the two
are made of the same. In so many ways,
at the time of death… If you remove the single
black one away please, Rick. At the time of death
this is our position. Our physical dimension sits, because
of his strength, in the center of our Soul. In … deep Space travel this
is the condition of our existence. We decide when that Soul moves
out, to create the physical manifestation. We as the Soul, in respect to
presence of another Field decide if we allow this Entity, which is
the dimension of our Physicality to move out to manifest our
existence in a physical dimension. In part of my teachings in past 190
or 200 teachings I have explained this. Where I say, that the Soul of
Physicality of the Man moves in. It gets absorbed back into the
Soul of the Man that they become as One. And in that time
it’ll manifest itself where the dimension and position of
the strength, where the Soul decides. In so many ways, when
we have the small black ring and the other ring,
that was the manifestation in conformation of the existence,
in the presence of another Field. But, at the time of the travel,
when the Man becomes wise to understand the Energy of the Physicality will move
within the center of the Soul of the Man. And then, like a birth of the
mother you see the replication of what you see here as the womb of
the mother and the Soul of the child. There is no difference in different
level of existence in the Universe. It’s the Man who has not
understood up to now. This is important for us
because the teaching of today opens the door
for Man how to live and how to manifest …
itself, in the deep Space. You can travel from one
point on this Planet to another faster with your Soul
than your Physicality. Even though, because you’re
in the same environment as Earth. You manifest yourself,
you’ll still be yourself, because the Soul
travels without dimension but the Physicality
needs that transformation. This goes back to the teaching, what
I said last week and what I said before. Properties in New York and Washington,
properties in Tokyo or in Teheran or anywhere else will worth nothing. Once the Man learns the technology
and understand how to do it. This is part of the
instant transportation. This is a part of being in a Soul of
another entity without the entity knowing but the Physicality is doing. This is part of Totality of
controlling one’s Soul in … in respect to its one Physicality but it can not touch another. Those who came out with the
machines to control the mind now they know the revenge
comes from the Soul. Those who rape the brain through the
Physicality will pay back in the same way. We make sure of that. There’ll be no blood of them
left to repeat the same mistakes, because the Soul would not allow it. This is the Balance of Peace in respect to understanding
the Totality of the Creation. Even though this knowledge is just a
tip of the Iceberg of the total knowledge. This teaching was told to Christ,
bless his name, but he never shared. But he used for the manifestation
of himself on the cross. There is no resurrection if you
understand the process of Creation. The whole understanding
of the technology is to understand every
Field can live in Peace. If your physical dimension Fields, can
live within dimension of your Soul then you understand, is there a
need to move that outside the Soul? And then, when it moves, what is
the dimension of its understanding of its Environment to manifest itself? The Soul of the Man,
once created, stays in Balance. And if you understand the dimension
of the control, between the Physicality which is dictated by the Soul
of the Planet or the Environment, that you receive as much as
you decide to manifest yourself, then the Life of the Man
runs in thousands of years. Is the force of the existence
of the Soul on this Planet to manifest itself in Physicality, which
gives the Man the short term of Life, physical Life on this Planet. And as soon and the
Man understand this the sooner he’ll operate through
his Soul than his Physicality. Then ‘kingship’, ‘leadership’, being
physically somewhere, is irrelevant. This is what in the
teachings I explained that, you attract the
Physicality into the Soul not the physical body, but the Soul of
the Physicality into the Soul of the Man and then you can manifest
yourself anywhere in the Universe. This is the structure of
what we call a ‘Neutron’. The Neutron inside it
has the Electron present. It opens up, it let it out
and it closes then it manifest itself
as an Atom of Hydrogen. Now maybe with this we understand,
what is in the books as “Nuclear Decay”. The energy we see when a Neutron opens up
to split into a Proton and Electron is the opening of the Gap for this Electron,
which is a physical conformation of, manifestation of it
to be released. It doesn’t come from
chopping another piece itself, because the manifestation of
the Physicality is already internally within itself. And, those of you who understand in the
Space Technology, who are working on the fuel then you understand
why you have different Hydrogen’s. Because, your Neutron comes from
different strength and different science. For those who work in Space Technology launch,
it’s good for you to understand, the Totality of the Unified Field. Go read the paper,
Unified Field Theory.
Now that you understand this, and then
you understand what needs to be done. The Human Race has been given
the full knowledge of travel into deep Space. It’s you who’s got to decide. You wanna
walk it? You wanna
cycle it? You want to
go with a car? You decide to
go with a Jumbo Jet or you travel with the new Space knowledge,
through the Soul of the Man. None of them are wrong,
it depends what gives you the pleasure. It depends how fast you want
to reach the point of destination or you want to enjoy the scenery. This is the addition to the present knowledge,
it’s nothing from outside. It’s something which we already know,
now we have to understand it, that we can use it the correct way. The whole process of the knowledge
is comprehension of it. Not copycatting it. A lot of people around the Foundation,
they say “it don’t work” because the can’t copycat,
they don’t want to understand. And those who
understand will suffer, because they see the copycats
and they cannot teach them. “You don’t need to copy and ignore,
and be a cat. You’ve got to be yourself.” You have to understand
the strength of your Soul, that it can transform, or in a way,
reposition the Soul of Physicality. Can you close the microphone
in the background please? This is what? The new understanding of
the work of the Soul of the Man comes in. This is what is important
to all of us, to understand. It’s important for us to be able to
comprehend the Totality of the knowledge, be it on the physical dimension
or be, is it on the Soul of the Man. This is important for us
because in the next teachings, then we understand
the transmutation of the Elements. once we start understanding this in full, The transmutation of Element comes
from the transfer of energy from the Soul of the Man. If you can transmute
Copper to Zinc or water to Gold, then you can do
with your own Soul. On Earth you manifest yourself as a Man,
in Space as another. Transmutation of the energy
of the Fields of the Soul of the Man is the key to the future understanding
of the work of the Universe. We got to understand the Totality, but we have to comprehend the strength of it first,
before we understand it. What do we expect? If I Wish today to end up
with a kingship, it’ll be no problem. But what does it bring? It brings another king which
is more worse than the present, That nobody wants to be the king,
because now they understand unless we change,
educate the lot. the other Souls have a say in them
once they move in the wrong way. We position. There is no need for arms,
there is no need for armies and there is no
need for anything else. The understanding of the
use of physical knowledge will force the
Soul of the Man to suffer, and this cannot be. The Soul of the Man, as you see, and the
physical Soul of the Man have to be at Peace. Slight movement
you’ll see the change. Just move the little,
the big magnet. You will see. Just a little,
in a rapid way, Then, if you push it too hard
it’ll flip and you lose it. has to adjust itself. Now you understand. The Neutron carries its center,
it’s us who haven’t got the tools to see. And when it opens up,
it manifests itself as a Physicality. You see,
just keep it there please. If you keep it, the same way,
just bring the other magnets , small one close, see how
much you can move the Soul. Just let ’em go. Now, let it go.
Let it go, let it go please. Now, the Soul has a say. We have to understand
the work of the Universe, On the Field-Strength
and not on the Matter-Strength. Then, Life becomes very easy. Then, we understand
the Totality in partial reality. The process of the Creation
has to be understood and not imagined. And once you understand, you’ll find out,
us as those who feel Peace in our Soul, will move the Physicality of those who prefer
war in physical life, than the Peace in the Soul. As I’ve said many time, “We do a stroke of a pen,
I can change a kingship.” It’s within my power. But, in a few weeks time,
you’ll find another king. I explained in one of the teachings,
in a private teachings, a very, very
fundamental point. Which I think
today’s a point to discuss. Muhammad, blessed his name,
destroyed all the statues. That, there’ll be nothing but
the God to worship. But, he learned from the Jews and Christians
in the time of him being merchant, when he went to Palestine
and saw the Jews and the Christians have no God to worship as a stone,
but they believe in the Totality. But, the Muslims
forgot the rule of God. Muhammad,
bless his name, destroyed the statues,
for people not to worship. Now, the present Muslims use a black stone,
the same as they did with the statues and this cannot be. This is the end of Islam, because the followers
do not follow the belief of the Prophet. They have changed all those statues
with a black stone. So, there has been no progress. But the separation of the physical
manifestation of the remains of the Prophet. Be it the uncle or the son-in-law. So, they have changed their will
on the Will of God. They have still worshiping
stone and statue. So, there has
been no progress. We see the
same with Christianity worshiping a cross and a man,
not the Soul of the Man. We are still بت‌پرست‏ (bot-parast)
which means, we still follow stones, but we
think we are more intelligent. One black and one in a cross. Now you understand why I said the Peace
between the two has to be, because they all
have forgotten the path. In reality, worshiping of a stone
and a statue has not changed. The reason the stone is in Mecca, it was
brought in to make the most evil statue that people be frightened from it
that they’ll worship in and pay more. And now we see the same thing, they pay
more to circle it and nothing has changed. The message of Muhammad,
bless his name, is forgotten. He didn’t want his face to be copied
that they’ll worship it, now they have found a stone to worship
and kill in the name of it. If I talk, I demolish the religions
because the Truth is too harsh to accept. What Muhammad,
bless his name, did not want, these people, in the name of creating kingship,
have created, in a black stone. In fact, the temple of the stones,
has been taken over by a black Soul, in the shape of a stone, not the beautiful
Soul of Muhammad, bless his name. Man, being educated in this level,
will worship no stone and no other Souls except to understanding
the work of the others, they can respect in the
beauty of what they create, not to worship and
make another Prophet. We have to understand
the Truth, we have to understand
the work of the Soul of the Man. If it will take a meteorite
to get rid of the black stone, to bring everybody
to a new understanding, we shall do. The same will be with the Wall
and the same will be with Vatican. There is no religion but
the Peace of Soul of the Man. Understand the teaching of this morning,
you’ll find a peace to Space, and you’ll find path of Peace
for the Soul of the Man. Any questions? (RC) Okay. Thank you Mr Keshe, I’ll remind
the attendees, in the Zoom chat, that you can raise your hand,
and I can promote you to panelist, or, otherwise, allow you to speak. Do we have any of the panelists
that would like to say something? (MK) I think they understood.
(LvD) Hi… So, Mr Keshe this is Libby from … the Knowledge Seekers students
and I wanted to ask you our best way to elevate the Souls of the Iranian
leadership and the Saudi Arabian … leadership is to … sit in meditation, to
Wish for the elevation of their Souls, to send them Love … And, is there
other stuff we can do for that, from our homes,
from our hearts? (MK) The time of meditation has gone.
The time of meditation was when the Man did not understand
their strength, of his Soul. The Wish of the Man is
the meditation of the Man. (LvD) Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much. This is what we say,
“My Wish is My Command”. I Wish to give and nobody
can tell me how much I can give. So, my Command is
the control of my own Fields and it’s my Wish to give,
to elevate the others. A lot of people who never understood this
when we said, “My Wish is My Command”, they thought, “I’m going
to change somebody else.” No. I command my Soul
to release what is needed for them to receive
to achieve balance. It’s not that
I Wish to change somebody else. This is a misunderstanding but,
in a way, it’s a good misunderstanding. Because, then we don’t replace
our Soul with others. And we do not allow others
to give us what we don’t need. Now you understand what it means,
“My Wish is my Command”, I can Command what I own
to give what I like and nothing else. It’s for those who are
in need of, to receive it and to be able to be
at the position to receive. And, if we give enough, as we showed,
then we create a new environment that they have to find a new physical
position to keep the same Soul. So, we create a point of balance because
our Wish is a balance of the Field. This is part of the understanding
we have to understand clearly. We have to comprehend
what it means. We, as we saw, when you put
the Soul together, the Physicality moves. If the Physicality wants to stay the same
position, then the Soul has to move and by moving the Soul,
the Physicality moves with it. There shall be no king,
seat of kingship. This is my Wish, because I give enough that
everybody’s equal, then there is no change, in no one’s Soul, but the Physicality
moves to a new dimension. In a coming time, we shall see that
the ex World Leaders will come and confess to the crimes
they’ve done, by the change of the time and the
position and the Fields which we release as Command on our Soul. We are Captains of our Soul
through the Wish of the Physicality, through the Soul of the Physicality. So, we are in Command. Our Wish is our Command. Not to change the others, but to release
as much from us, that they can receive what they need because we leave
the total spectrum, when we Wish. So, when you give, put
10 different foods on the table. One Chinese, one English,
one Indian, one African. The English man
will take from the food because he remembers your home,
the Indians will take from India. Even, they might taste the others,
to see we all can share something. So, when you give your Command to
your Soul is that I give unconditionally, it needs a second,
it doesn’t need weeks of meditation. It takes a man, one millisecond
to Wish to die and to get ALS, to end his own Physicality, and
he waits 10 years for it to happen. So, you can see how
powerful your Wish is. If your Wish of a physical demise, is
the power to separate it from its Soul, to end up the Physicality,
now you can understand how much more power you have, to give
to change the condition of the others, what they want to receive
at the point which is there. Every World leader, every president
knows the pain of suffering. Every Man knows
the pain of suffering. So, we all have that, what you call,
‘Field Strength’ of loss and pain. “You want to give,
would you like to feel the same, or I elevate you that you don’t feel?”
And none of them refuses. Any question? (AB) Good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) Good morning Azar, we missed
you last week you were away. (AB) Yes,
… Mr Keshe when we say in Farsi … یک دست کلفت نیست and … it means
that one clapping is not … (MK) One hand
does not make clap. (AB) … yes
… is not enough. (MK) Yeah
you need two. (AB) So, so if you Wish for, for that,
if only you Wish for it, it doesn’t mean, … it can happen
so we need everybody to … (MK) It means, it means
you haven’t understood Azar, because you have
to understand, the Soul of those kings has
the other hand already ready, you just need another one
for them to hear the noise, and that
comes from you. We all possess
the full spectrum. It’s very much if you stood
in a field and a jet-plane passes, nothing you just
hear a jet-plane, but, if you put a jet-plane
at the speed of sound, you hear the noise. So, everything was there
it’s just that you changed the speed, and the strength of one
to move against the other. Everything is always there, it’s for us,
what we want to make out of it, and how loud you want to make that
noise according to what you release, then the
change will come. (NM) … Mr Keshe
this is Nicolas. (MK) From? (NM) My question is,
when you speak of, “My Wish is my Command”
or “I Command my Soul”, can you speak of
… the, the identity of this I, that is doing the wishing,
or the I that is doing the commanding. (MK) The I is the
collective Soul of Physicality, I explained in one
of the teachings, some times ago, is, have you
ever thought of lottery? Have you ever thought
why millions buy a ticket and one wins, and it has to be out of so many million
that number which only he has to win. Then you understand, the desire to have
on that single number, has been much stronger than
Totality of other desires, How many of you
have ever stood still and think, they sell hundred million tickets
and one guy wins out of 100 million, what happened to the other
other numbers which everybody else chose? Why didn’t the others
choose this number and one person? In reality when you have
a lottery and everybody wishes to win, that’s the reason
they bought the ticket for. It should be each one
getting their money back. That, they all
choose the same number but, why out of hundred
million people buying a lotto, One person
wins the jackpot? Have you ever
stood still thinking about it? In a British lottery, there are
49 numbers, and you choose
7 numbers out of 49, in the combination of numbers
of the 49 numbers and the 7, is 14 something
million combination, and 50, 100, 200
million tickets are sold, but one number
wins the jackpot. Did the Souls decided that
this guy needs the money to change and we don’t follow
what changes in them in the future. because we just look at the snapshot of a
check for let’s say 20-30 million dollars. But, have you followed the life
of these people, some organizations do, how it changes what they do,
what they see. How it changes, elevates their Soul
someone live with a more miserable, the money was
a punishment, not a gift. Ninety percent of those who
won the lottery before 2010, lived worser life, than before they had,
after 5 years. When you carry a knowledge
is a lifetime with you, when you win the lottery, is
when you spend it, it’s finished, you don’t have the knowledge
how to make it, it was Voila. It’s the same
with the Soul of the Man. When you understand it, you carry it,
if it comes in one, and you have to do something with it for that time,
you lose the Physicality of it. This is the process why is the Wish of Physicality
which wants to get that change. and the Soul of the others say,
“If you need you take but, understand.” How many of the jackpot winners
now still have a good life? Very few. And, now that’s why,
the governmental organization, control what these people will get, that
the wealth last, at least one generation. Our Soul is aware of Totality and
just look at the operation of lottery, and then compare it with
the Soul of the Man. Everybody bought the ticket to win, and the combination
of, at least, let’s say, if it’s 14 million, 140 million tickets,
10 people should win, at least 10 people should get right,
but one does. So, is it just by accident?
Or is it the Soul of Physicality, which has decided that
the Wish is so much that it transfers into
the Soul of the Man that it comes in agreement
with the rest of the Souls, the rest of the magnets on the table,
that this one will find a position. So, who’s in command,
the Man who wish to have it, or the other Souls
which carry the Command, because the Command is so much
that it found a common denominator with the rest
of the Souls. Is so much that even controls the ball
which is in the machine, it’s illusion. Man has not understood,
because it goes back to the teaching of Bahá’u’lláh, bless
his name, “Even stone has a Soul.” The Wish is so much, even
the construction of the Soul of the ball feels the same as what
the Souls have created. If I go in the depth of it,
you’ll be shocked. I learned this,
by playing backgammon, I’ve played backgammon
for nearly thirty years. And my wish in dice is 99%. But I play a fool, because otherwise
nobody wants to play with you. But you can command it. Because, you want and you can do. My mother,
bless her Soul, used to say “I don’t play backgammon with you
because you, you get what you want, “I’m just sitting here
throwing dice for you to have fun.” But I said, “You taught me the game.”
My grandfather taught me the game. Every time I played, it was understanding
confirmation of I have control on the dice. They used to bring cups,
they used to bring mugs, they used, they just, you throw you touch,
I still get what I wanted. But, those who played with me they know
I let them win the first two or three games because, it’s very easy, you’ll see
the psychology of the Man in winning. But if I decide, you stay at 3-0,
it becomes 5-3. We control, and we have command
over our Souls. It’s not a physical desire, we’ve become
expert in it, we don’t need meditation, when you sit for
meditation for ten hours, it means you haven’t
gathered enough strength. If you wish for one millisecond,
you achieve it. Always remember the case of
ALS and MS. They wish, in one instance of desire of pain,
and they get it. Separation of the Soul of Physicality,
from the Soul of the Man, and then the Soul of the Man organizes,
to satisfy the wish of the Soul of Physicality. Any other question? (RC) … yes Mr Keshe …
in the Livestream from Maryn, who asks, “Why at the time of
incarnation on this Planet most of us have lost the memory of our Soul,
and the reason and or our mission for which we have manifested in
this material Space time environment? We ourselves, can we take any action
to remedy this, or does it all depend only on our..”
(MK) Please no. I’m gonna stop you, there is no reincarnation.
We are all creation of new conditions. Those who speak about reincarnation
have not understood the technology. Reincarnation was a tool of fear. That you come back and you have to pay. To balance the book of the past. What you did wrong. You’ve come as a dog, you come as a horse,
you come back, “I’ve been reincarnated.” Reincarnation is not, what we carry
in our genes, in our RNA, it’s the same as we carry the color of the blue
from the eye of the grandmother, we carry in RNA
the memory of the grandmother too. And strange enough is, if for those who
understand more and they can go a step further, is because you carry the gene
of the blue eye of the grandmother, the time of the life of the grandmother because
of the physical connection of the Fields, whatever she saw,
she put on your gen, gene too. Even though you haven’t seen her
ever in your life across the Planet. So, we bank, continuously back in our Soul,
and in our Physicality. Through the connection
of the Fields of the before. Through the connection we have made
through a central genes or what we call RNA, and the same as a common denominator
of the Soul of the Planet which has given us that gift. So, those who speak about reincarnation
have not understood, the Totality of the knowledge. (RC) So Mr Keshe,
when people say they remember their past lives for example
and that kind of thing, … say someone remembers they were
Cleopatra in a past life, although thousands of people
have remembered that, It would be a … a cell memory or …
a memory from their DNA structure? or is it actually?
(MK) It’s, in so many ways, Let me.. (RC) [Inaudible] … go ahead.
(MK) Your getting cut off that’s why. (RC) Okay, go ahead. Hello, you still here?
(CdR) Yeah, he will come back. He just got kicked out.
(RC) Okay, I thought I did … (CdR) Yeah, it’s, it’s going up and down so.
(RC) Okay. (CdR) But it’s only for a few seconds
and then he goes back in. (RC) It’s been quite clear so far so..
(CdR) Yeah we’re very lucky up til now. Just one moment. Just … yeah, yeah you can take over
from my set no problem. (MK) Sorry about that …
I forgot to put the power supply to the system.
(CdR) You know this needs power too. (RC) Aha. (MK) I do apologize. It’s … (It’s okay, it’s 38%)
… sorry about that. In the process of setting up,
in the process of setting up things I forgot to put the power supply
and it just ran out. It was the Wish of this machine for you
not to get the knowledge what I was talking about. (RC) Well in spite of
the power of the Soul, sometimes the Physicality power
runs out somehow. (MK) Yep, we have to live with it. So, this is what we understand
and this is what are part of the process. If you understand the Totality of the
work of, as I explained in another teaching, we say that … our genes carry back
500 years the scientists tell us. So, in fact, we carry the Totality of
the knowledge of our past … anything which has been in our path,
we keep the same recording. That’s why so many people say
they’ve been with Cleopatra because, many people have seen her,
or she has embedded through the connection of the physical Soul
into the Totality of the rest. So we see it and we understand it, and..
I can go back on my.. Sorry about that we are reconnected again.
we’ve got our power back. So, we understand these people,
so many people say they’ve been in the Soul of (Turn it down)
… so and so. Because it means, somewhere down the line,
they are connected to that line. Because, even though she has died,
she had so many children or whatever, the children still carry the memory of,
so we spread more and more. This is very much like
if you understand the Islamic religion. In Islamic religion you have the
Saudis which are Sunni, which follow the historical path,
and then you have Shias, which are less than 5% of the Totality
of the Islamic World, which is the Iranians. And that side of believe,
which they followed the line of family of Mohammad
bless his, his daughter. Fatima. And her grandchildren and
great grandchildren and then the rest. Which in Islamic World, in the Shia World,
they are identified, it’s not you say, “I remember Cleopatra.” In the Islamic World they are given a name,
they’re called Sayed. So, if you’re a Sayed,
you are descendant of the prophet, because you come down the lineage
of the daughter, and the cousin who married her,
and all the way down. But in fact if you look Mohammad,
bless his name, has his uncle
who became the systematic, leader he was the guy
who stood next to him from the beginning. Not the cousin who was born later on
or the daughter who was born later on. So, those who can or come through
that line of Sayeds, in Shia belief, they can see, feel the word of
prophet Mohammad, bless his name. Because they carry
the lineage, they carry the line of communication
through Amino Acid. The same is those will come from the path
of the belief of Kohen, in Jewish religion. Because Moses line comes through Kohen,
through the mother. Where in Islamic World
Mohammad had to be different, he brought it to the line of father,
which they become Sayed. It’s a very strange way. In path of Mohammad a man passes on,
in the line of Moses the woman passes on. In Christianity according to what we have,
Christ had no children. But in fact he had,
we know he had. So, those who come from the both path,
in a way, let’s say Mr Rick Crammond, you have a child, in 500 years, all your
great, great, great, great, great, grandchildren should hear what you said,
or what you felt through your Soul. Not in a physical dimension. This is the beauty
of the Creation. This week I was teaching in a school,
to some young children. I was invited by
the science teacher to teach. I walked in with a bunch of magnets,
all the same shape and size, in my hand. And I gave one magnet to each student,
and I kept the rest in my bunch, in my hand. And I said to them,
“Do you know something you lot?” “You are now all connected
to each other, because you all carry magnets
which are next to each other, and I have the masters in my hand,
I have more of them, not any different.” “So, you feel, you understand the
connection.” They couldn’t understand. I said, “Now, put your magnet next to your
friend, you hold it, but you’re connected.” Because it created space between
each other’s magnets, so you pick it up, you decide, “that’s the space I give you,
I don’t want to be in there anymore.” So, it’s the same way
with the Soul of the Man, what we call reincarnation,
is not, doesn’t exist. But, because we were
in the path of the Soul of our own generations
of fathers and mothers, we have, we have the knowledge,
it’s in the recording, it’s like you make a recording of a talk,
I come and add to it and then somebody else
comes add to it, it sits in the RNA which goes
with the … with the DNA. So, people who talk about “I was here.”
You were not there darling. The Soul of your ancestors,
you’re talking about what they have put on the recording,
it’s not your voice. This is a misleading
and a fabrication. Reincarnation does not exist,
but collection of the data from the others who put on
the recording, exists. So, the … the better we understand this
the more this hypocrisy will die. (RC) … Mr Keshe … that makes sense and
especially in regards … from what I’ve heard there’s a scientist,
Deepak Chopra, who’s mentioned that … it can be proven
scientifically, supposedly, that we have about a hundred
thousand Atoms that pass through. Each of us, have in our bodies
about a hundred thousand Atoms that have passed through
the body of Christ, and also a hundred thousand Atoms
that have passed through the body of Mohammad, and the body of
every other being that’s been on this Planet. Because of the recycling
of the Atoms on this Planet and the way we breathe the air and
the Atoms go out and, so on, back in. So, could it be possible that
people could actually… in essence read those Atoms or, you know
… maybe some of those Atoms are sacred in a way
or special they.. (MK) No, put it this way, now
we have more knowledge, let’s, Rick, Rick let’s, let’s,
let’s… speak scientifically, because now we understand. We get a GANS of CO2, we mix it
with the GANS of … let’s say Zinc, we mix it with the GANS of CH3,
and we drink it, with the GANS water. The CH3 goes where it goes
… needs to go, CO2 the same and Zinc Oxide the same. In fact, we use the water
as the carrier of the information. We can load on it
as much as we like. You can load on it
as many elements as you like. In the future when the scientists of
the Keshe Foundation do more work they understand, that they can load
one drop of water with all the information of all the …
reversal of all diseases, but your knowledge
has not gathered that much yet. Then if you go further you can do
with that drop the Fields which creates to reverse all diseases. This is the promise of the new technology
which you understand the … the Totality of it. Now, you have to understand,
Life in the cycle of Man, comes through what?
Through liquid. You don’t create out of nowhere,
and the liquid which you carry, carries all the information,
we call it ‘the sperm’ or ‘the egg’. It’s a liquid,
it still contains water. This is how
the information is transferred. And if you go deeper, deeper,
this is what I said in many teachings, people didn’t understand. I’ll bring the Soul of the Christ,
bless his name, that you will see. Because, it’s within us through the Soul
of his walk and talk, and his daughter. It’s amongst us. We understand it. The Life of Christ, as a prophet, changed
when he manifested himself as a Man again. He lived the Life of a man, having a wife
and children, the same as all of us. This is what the liquid is. It carries, oh what you call it,
‘all the vibration’ it’s not a vibration it carries the essence of
the Fields of the Totality. A atom of water is so vast
that you can put all the knowledge of a Man
in one drop. Is a more efficient system
than the brain of the Man. And it vibrates
equal to the others. Is us by, by behaviour
we changed it slightly by our need,
the Wish of Physicality. And if, the sooner we understand this
the, the less prophets will create, and the less rubbish
about reincarnation. We don’t reincarnate,
we just bring the memory what is embedded in the liquid
of the sperm and the egg of the mother which is passed on,
now is a collective knowledge. But that knowledge creates
the strength of the Soul of the Man and then with it, the strength of
the Soul of the Physicality of the Man which transfers inside.
We saw the magnet inside. They have to have a balanced Field
that it can stay in position. Any other question? Let us Wish, all of us, to raise
the Soul of the King of Saudi, In one second, and let us Wish that they
work on a Peace of … table of Peace, And the same with
the Iranian leadership and leadership of power
who stands behind them. To become Man of Peace. And the same for those
who stand behind the Saudis. It’s a very, very,
clear point. I explained yesterday and
I explain again for you to understand. Go under the pages of the News
in past seven days. We saw the French president, out of
nowhere, traveling to Saudi Arabia. And we saw immediately,
the following day, Saudis calling… for meeting of all the Islamic World,
his supporters to what they are going
to do with Iran. Now, you don’t need much
to think do you? Who are the instigators
of war? Our silence is our wisdom. But, we know what to do
and how to handle it. You start a war,
we give you more. But you destroy yourself and the others,
we sell you more, that’s how we gonna
give you more. You have to understand
the saving on the oil, has reached a point
that it needs to be higher. The oil prices at $40, $50 a barrel
are not good enough, because the investment
has been done for $50, $70. Now we start a war, hitting
the oil crisis to 240, 250 a barrel, we’ll get what we want back
and we get control. Now you understand
the gun policy. So, raise the Soul of the French president
and the rest of those who call themselves, World leaders, because the other World
leaders are working on Peace, which is us. Just open the page, just go… “visit of
the French president to Saudi Arabia, in past seven days,”
you’ll understand. And immediately,
they call for war. It needs
a wise Man to see and he’s a stupid man
to play the game. Any other questions? (NM) … Yes, Mr Keshe.
… It’s Nicolas again. Are you saying that, when
we speak of the elevation of our Soul, the individuality of our Soul,
we pass from this Life, that there is no continuity
in the individual Soul? … Between what one
might call death and birth? (MK) No.
(NM) Or birth and death? (MK) No. No. When we say, “elevation of the Soul”,
it means having more of higher strength, that the lower strength
become part of it. That’s what it means. The elevation of the Soul of the Man,
is to have more of the higher strength, that you can reach more. When you can reach more
by elevating your Soul, it means you can feed more, you can,
your wishes become stronger. At the death of the John Paul,
the pope, and Diana, I made a talk
in a conference somewhere. And I said, and I, some of the teachings
in the past I explained too, that, “the Soul of Diana reached
higher elevation than the pope.” Because many of people
gave from their Soul, that receive by does no matter
crime she did in her life time, whatever, was not as big as the pope,
who hid so many pedophiles that so many children
suffered with. So, whose Soul we elevate is to reach
by elevating our Soul, reach both Souls, Diana and the pope,
that we can raise both to a new level. The elevation of the Soul of the Man,
is not for the Man. This is a misunderstanding,
everything it belongs to us. The elevation of the Soul of the Man,
when we ask for it, is to be able to give to more Souls,
not for us to go higher. The time of me is finished. The time of elevating the others,
is the beginning of the new cycle. Because me, have already become,
part of the Totality, so I put my effort into it. We used to go to army,
to support the nation. Now we go the Souls to elevate them,
that there is no need for a army. It’s a totally different ball game,
and a new game in town. Peace through elevation
of the Soul of the Man himself, allows the man to feed more. When you
get two jobs you have more money, to be able to look after
better your family. And what do the people do in Saudi Arabia,
or Arab countries, when they work a bit harder or get
some money, they go and get another wife, so they support two families. So, now we become…
did they elevate their pocket, or did they elevate being able
to support more Souls? This is what we do,
when we elevate our Souls, doesn’t mean that
we elevate ourselves. It means we haven’t
understood the Totality. By elevating our Soul,
it means that we have a higher order, that we can give more,
to allow the others to elevate, to reach the elevation of us.
Because don’t forget, with the work of the Soul
which is a Plasma itself, stronger always give to the weaker,
to elevate it to its own level. And this is the point of the reverse,
from Magnetical to Gravitational. When you raise your Fields,
you reach the others, so when you become equal,
you gravitate together, you become of
the same thoughts. This is the one point, that even
our Space scientists have not grasped yet, the point of conversion
from Magnetical to Gravitational, going forward
or coming back. It’s the same concept,
it’s the same understanding, is the same principle. If you understand, I start teaching
in every level of Space Technology, Matter, Soul and everything else.
Because now, after so much teaching, you’ll understand, immediately
you connect to each other. It’s become one language. This is the beauty of it.
This is why today I ask the video, which you will see,
till some of you will click on, showing the Nanomaterial
in depth, which is done by Ella,
the head of Keshe Foundation, that you see through Matter-State,
we come to understanding the work, of the Universal Council
and the Earth Council, which is ultimate point of the teaching
of Nanomaterial and the GANS, was to reach World Peace
through the establishment of the balance
of the Soul of the Man, through the Earth Council
and Universal Council. I don’t think anybody could put a video
so beautiful, as we see now. It explains the work, explains the Ethos
and explains why we are here for. The whole length of the operation
of the Keshe Foundation, from A to Z is on that video. This video was made to be shown
in a Peace Conference in China last week. But, now you see it,
is shown for the whole humanity, to elevate them,
not just a Conference. Hundred and twenty six Nation,
attending a Conference for Peace. Reach them through our Soul. Any other question? (AB) Mr Keshe, this is Azar again. … There is a, there is a passage
… in your book, and … if you don’t mind,
I wanna… … I kind of memorized
will remember it, so… (MK) Good because I don’t remember
anything in those books. (AB) So, I want to, I want to apply,
apply, bring the Soul into it, can you tell me if my
interpretation of it is correct? (MK) I don’t know!
(AB) Can I do it please? (MK) Yes. (AB) Okay. So… (MK) You see you interpreted it
according to your intelligence, does not mean
is the only answer. (AB) I understand,
but I want to know, if my… the level of understanding
is correct? … What it says, it says
“In the matters Magnetic Fields, the strength of the Magnetic Fields
go back to the origin of the creation of Magnetic Field. Where the strength of the Magnetic
Fields is in term of reference, the power
of the Magnetic Fields. Where Magnetic Fields in essence are
created out of the potential difference, in position from their source, and
the rate of the flow of Magnetic Fields, from their source,
becomes the current of Magnetic Fields. Thus, as the position is closer
and the rate of the flow is higher, the stronger
the strength of the Fields. So, what I interpreted,
is the Matter’s, is my Physicality, and my Field, which comes from my Soul,
it goes back to the creation of the Field. It means, I go back to the Creation, where
I was created, where my Soul came from? And my strength of my Field, if I radiate,
actually is my power as a Soul. (MK) It’s your emotion.
(AB) It’s my emotion, exactly. So, so Magnetic Field in essence,
it came from the, where I came. How, how close I was to the,
to the creation itself? Because depending on where you came from,
from the Creator, and also the difference in closeness,
and also how fast I came from that point, it creates my current. It means,
it means how I maneuver in this lifetime. (MK) You see your, to your physical Soul,
and your Soul, what we call the of, of Humanity or as a Human,
which is placed in your what we call the position of the brain,
has a separation by Matter content. This is something which
in some of the teachings I teach. That people understand
what’s the difference. The Soul of the Physicality,
carries the elements of the Physicality of this Planet, Copper,
Zinc, so it has a different strength. The Soul of the life of a Man
which is in the brain of the Man, carries those as common denominator,
but of the space of the creation of the non-dimensional Physicality,
which is the atmosphere of this Planet. There is a big difference, that’s why
we have the Soul of Physicality. In the Soul of physical life
in the body of the Man, we have confirmation of the existence,
in respect to the Soul of the Planet. So Planet has a say
in the condition of the Physicality, which is, “I have a strength of Copper in me,
the Zinc in me, and all these elements, so, I have to balance those
in respect to the Soul of the Man, which carries the Amino Acid
with very few of these, in Totality in physical state, but in
the strength of the Soul of the Man in its internal structure strength.
So, the balance between the two, for the Soul of the Man
and the Soul of the Earth, is creation of both,
we have something in it. Physicality which is Calcium,
Magnesium, Zinc and the rest, which is from the Planet,
from the physical part. And then the Soul
which is identified itself, to be not connected to the Matter-State
of this Planet, embeds its Soul in it. Go back to some of the teaching
I did very earlier on. I always said, maybe now
it makes sense to some people, if you listen
to the early teaching? The physical life is a leech
on the Soul of the Man. Which means without it, it cannot exist.
It needs it to confirm its existence, but it shares for it
to confirm its … its Physicality. So, when the Soul of the Man,
is created in the womb of the mother, even though it comes from the interaction
of the Fields of the same Entity, now, it carries the interaction
between the Soul of the Man, and the Soul of the Planet,
which dictates on its strength, the shape, the color and everything else,
of the Man or the creation. Which is the created
by the condition of the balance. This is very, very interesting point.
I asked this question from genealogist. I said,” Do you see in the genes the
characteristics of Copper, Zinc and the rest? Or do we see a protein chain?”
And they can’t answer. But in fact the answer is very simple.
The protein chain of the Amino Acid genome, is set to carry the Fields
of the Copper and Zinc, but, not the Matter-State of the Copper and
Zinc, that’s why we don’t see it in them. If you look at this genome that done,
they calculated, which is protein based
chain of events or balancing. The reason we have deformation in some,
they say it’s a gene defects, is because the gravitational and
Magnetic Fields of for example Copper, which is replicated in that position,
it’s not in balance with the Atmosphere. In a coming time,
when the scientist understand, the total understanding
of the Plasma Technology, we can move these genomes.
Because they haven’t understood yet, that this genome structure,
what we say all these, is a protein, imitating or gimmicking the property of the
Zinc in one chain, or Copper in the other. And because it’s not balanced, they don’t
see as a Copper and Zinc Field balance. They look at the Matter-State of it. Which is where is the mistake is. In the future, geolo … genealogist
understand this, what I explained. And now if they start working on it,
very soon, we’ll have no gene defects, because it’s, these gene effects, are according to the
Gravitational Magnetic Field which they
are trying to gimmick. In a way imitate Zinc, Copper and other
Matter-States of the physical life. And when you put it right,
that it should be Copper, but it’s, something has moved
in place like a Zinc, then you see,
there is no gene defects. Those who move into the
high level understanding, of the medical aspects
of the Keshe Foundation, like the hundreds of doctors in the medical
teaching or they are practicing outside, but they’re follow the Keshe Foundation work,
if they understand this, they can create Fields
in their dynamic cores, which mimics the condition
that the genome comes back. You will see a lot of gene defects
can be corrected. Especially in the new cycle
of the dynamic reactors which is coming. Some of the doctors who made these
dynamic reactors and they are testing it, have not understood
what they are doing, but they are pra, they are testing
to see by observation, if they understand it,
they don’t need observation, they can move directly to it. You don’t need the motors,
the motors you use, brushless motors, interfere with the condition
level minimum Copper. Which means a lot of cancers
which are Copper based, you cannot touch
because you’ve already excluded it by the winding of the Copper
in your motors. Because they have not understood
the Totality. You have to go into the condition of
non motor rotating reactors, then you’ll find out gene defects
will be changed in no time. Because with that filter of the Copper
winding, you have put a filter, so anything which is got Copper base,
you have to fight to work much harder
for it to change it. Those of you who saw the
work of the doctor Rodrigos, in the cancer presentation,
where the breast opens up, now we have other cases confirming,
one after another. Other doctors are testing it,
and it shows to be correct. The breast opens up because the Soul
want’s to get rid of what is not mine, it does not it doesn’t exist
in my Matter existence. We can show you other videos
from other doctors who are practicing it. And they’ve seen it. So we understand
the rejection of the Fields, it’s like the Neutron
having the Proton inside, opens up to let go
and then it closes. Go back to the Cancer presentation,
last, was it earlier on in Cancer, … what you call it, we did. And now we have other doctors
who are testing it, and they see the same thing,
breasts opening up, the Cancer, solid Cancer coming out,
and then breast closing. The same as creation of release of a
Electron from a Neutron. We have to understand more.
Not just by looking at the Physicality of it, but by understanding the knowledge of it,
the strength of it. The strength of the Fields
is totally different. Any other questions? (KB) Hello Mr Keshe.
This is Klaus from Austria. (MK) Hello Mr Klaus number two. (KB) Hello. As you know
I worked the last months, very intensive … on this … issue,
and the last days, the build up a new Fields as
like a new dress on my … body. All these Fields from my Soul,
I cannot identify why, where is my Soul, but when I go in this room,
I be in this, and now so much opening my heart,
and I feel all the Fields. When you speak … yesterday,
when they have the medical teaching, and I work in the background,
and I can identify all these Field, all these pleasures,
all these happiness and Peace, (KB) This is so wonderful and
so bright now in this state… and when we become
this state, this level we radiate this out and, as you
mentioned before, we have not … I, I give not command that
they have Peace, this is only my love and my Peace what …
radiates out and I see this like a new conscious Field with the colours of blue,
blue-ish and green-ish and white like the… the Planet from when you
… view this from a very far distance. And this is all
in these Fields. This is so wonderful what we
now creating and I can only say, Give thanks to all of yourself. Is very, very fine,
thank you for all. To guide this and now we become a
new level to integrate this all together. It’s very nice, very wonderful
and every time I go in this Field I’m overwhelmed from this feeling,
it’s so, so peaceful, so safe and… I can … not describe this with words
this is very far out of the mind. Thank you. I give thanks to myself, thanks..
(MK) You’re welcome. Thank you very much. There is something which I think
a lot of Keshe Foundation supporters have to understand. And that is –
What is Peace? We speak about it, but
we don’t understand it. Let’s, let’s understand
what is Peace. We’re at Peace when we have
everything we want. Could be if I have
a heat in the house, I’m at Peace. If I have food in
the house I’m Peace so I possess the food
in the house, I’m at Peace. So Peace, if you interpret it in the
physical dimension, it means having everything,
that you have no worries. And when you have everything that
you have no worries, you are strong, because the neighbour who doesn’t
have a food, you can give him something. Because, it gives you Peace
that he is not hungry too. So, now we understand, when the Soul
of the Man is in Peace, is much stronger. And go back to the teaching,
stronger always gives to the weaker. When our Soul is at Peace, when we
understand the level of Soul at our Peace, then, when we give, we elevate
the others to become Peaceful. This is what Peace means,
this is what we, we say Peace, Peace means in possess of
a power to be able to give. Not to be having it all. But when you’re in that position
you’re much stronger. And when you’re at Peace with your Soul,
it means you’re in a giving condition. You’re a lover. Because you want to bring other Souls. Somebody’s microphone is open,
please. We… you want to bring
the other Souls to the level of you, that they are at Peace too. This is what the interpretation of
Peace should be. Having all, that being a strong having
all, you give enough to the others to become at your level,
not to hold on. Holding on is a kingship. Aggression to find
a way to hold on. But soon we see will go,
how many kings we’ve seen have gone who
tried to hold on? And they will go,
all of them. There shall be
no kings left. Not in the Physicality,
not in the Soul of the Man. It’s in the writing
of Bahá’u’lláh. Very hidden, I explain
for the first time. They ask which system of governing do you
wi… do you prefer? He said,
“I prefer the kingship.” And they thought, “Oh, we prefer
having kings,” followers of Bahá’u’lláh. But they never understood the
essence of his word. Which means,
with people following kingship when we understand
there are no kings, Men become the king
of their own Souls. Then, there is no kingship
in Physicality. It is… read it. We have to understand, we are at Peace
when we have everything. So we are strong when we have everything,
we feel confident. So, when we are at Peace with our Soul.
and the strong always gives, we give that confidence and that Peace to
the others to reach, the level of us, and this is how
we create Peace. Not by marching and this is
what I keep on telling you. “Understand…
the work of the Fields. You do not need to look
at the Physicality.” If you understood past hour of teaching,
I finish with Islam with a simple the line of think of Islam,
not with Muhammad bless his name. How wrong these are. They’re all worshiping a black stone and
that was the wish of Muhammad, “Don’t ever make a statues to worship
that you go in a path of the past.” He demolished them and now these people
using it to demolish each other. And the beauty of it is, the Christians and
the Jews are supporting both side. “Let them destroy each other,
now we stand.” But they don’t understand, with destroying
them, they destroy themselves because when the path of belief
drops in one, the rest of the people see,
the rest is fake too. This is what I said
to the Vatican guys, “I talk, you are finished.” “Now I talked,
you are finished.” The Jews and the Christians who took side
to see how much make, the more they make and the Rothschild’s in this war,
they’ll find out, once the people find the path
of no belief through Islam, it runs through
across all the religions. You ending up yourself beautifully
with all the path of belief. Let’s talk Peace,
before you get totally demolished. The loser is
the Human race. But the winner is
the Soul of the Planet. Any other question? (RP) Yes Mr Keshe,
it’s Rui from Portugal speaking. (MK) You’re a member
of the Universal Council, Portuguese speaking, yes.
(RP) Yes … I agree everything you say
of course, the knowledge is yours. in the giving but my ans…
my question is … Shouldn’t we give a criteria …
when we give because there is someones they are
only takers and… and they… even lazy to
grow up themselves, so you should use a criteria …
how you give. Right? (MK) Not really, then you
become a king, you dictate. You give and those who you call,
‘Lazy’ in the physical world, you never know they might be
very active in their Soul level. Never become a judge. You can only judge yourself. (RP) Thank you very much
I understood completely, thank you. (MK) Thank you very much. Any other question or
shall we call it a day? We’re nearly 12 o’clock. Try to teach the understanding
of the Soul of the Man in the workshops, which
are going around the World, and use the Physicality of the systems
you produce for Man to understand his physical life and the Fields
to be the Soul of the Man. Then you’ll find out the
Knowledge Seekers who become your… students… they’ll understand and appreciate
your understanding and teaching. Not for you to become a teacher
to satisfy an ego, “That I can teach.” Show the path,
not teach the knowledge. As I say, “You always inspire
in your teaching, Is for the person who listens,
to grasp from it, whatever he needs.” And, in so many ways,
nobody is enemy. Everybody is friend, but they contribute
in different ways to elevate you. You’ve seen the number of flags which
at the new video which I’ve setting up, they thought, our enemies,
that they silenced us in Accra,
but they didn’t realize that the world
leaders started looking, “What is Africa is getting
that we are not getting?” And then the Souls awoke. Now 10, 20, 30 factories in
the next weeks and months opening round the World while
we keep it silent, nobody knows anymore,
where we are popping up. But, they’re getting built,
they are producing. And, its expanding. Their attack on us
was a gift for us. It showed we have to work
through a different Soul level And it works. They showed our weakness,
that’s become our strength. Now you try to attack,
and bombard 35 Nations. Your Welcome. We are going to 500 factories,
in the next months and years. There are only 135
Nations, and they get a tax benefit from it
and the investment. You made a fool of yourself. But your Soul
supported us to achieve, what is to become part of the
elevation of the Soul of the Man, to satisfy the
physical need of the Man. The beauty of
the new teaching is. We allow the Souls
to position themselves to elevate themselves
to the level they want. But. What we say, is what we do. What we can
do from our Souls. My wish is,
my command. But, I’m the commander
of my Soul. Which is a Giver. Nothing else, and
by giving, I raise… I’ve matured enough
to understand physicality doesn’t matter, I’ve raised
my Soul level that much. So, I do with others. Thank you very much for today. Thank you very much
for Rick in the background. And the whole Keshe
Foundation Management Team. And. The Keshe Foundation
Manufacturing Management Team. And, The Core Team. The Universal Council
and The Earth Council and many, many groups. Especially the
transcribers in the background, that they
translate the knowledge. Instantaneously, that no race,
color and language stays behind. Nobodies doing so much
beautiful work as the transcribers in the background
in the Keshe Foundation. In the coming week our
supporting management team will make a video to
show you how you can reach, On a public platforms
which you already have like, YouTube and Facebook Direct transcription of all
the teachings, in any language. Most of the languages have been
transcribed by the transcribing team. …I thank every
single one of you. In your transcription
and I enjoy your website more than anything else. The knowledge
is getting shared unconditional of
color, race and religion. And. It’s for the Man to
allow the benefit of it to elevate the
Soul of another Soul. And not the the benefit
of the Physicality of the Man. Thank you very
much……..Please. Make Your Wish the elevation of the leaders of Islamic
World on either side of, path of belief,
of lineage in that World. And raise the Soul of
those, who, in Christians and Jewish and financial world. Who thought they might
earn something out of it by destruction
of the others. But they don’t see,
by destruction of the others, they destroy themselves. Thank you very much. (RC) Thank you
once again Mr Keshe. And, thank you to Caroline as
well, you’ve both worked very hard for the benefit of all beings. Everywhere. Okay, this has been the
198th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday
November 16th, 2017. And we’ll go out with
some music from our slide show, as per usual, here. And let me
get that set up. And Thank You
Everybody for attending. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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