196th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Nov 2 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of Fields which accumulate
and create matter and it’s NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the Fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational Fields. Released Fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing Fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named ‘GANS’. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of Nanomaterial, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav Fields. These Fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. (RC) Welcome everyone to the
196th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, November 2nd, 2017. Once again, I’m your
host Rick Crammond, and once again we’ll have Mr Keshe …
for today’s … teaching. And I’m sure he’ll have
lots to say, as he always does, for us
to ponder. And I think he’s ready to go,
already today, … Mr Keshe are you
indeed ready to go ? (MK) Yes, good morning,
good day to you, as usual, wherever and whenever you listen
to these Knowledge Seekers Workshops, and … sharing knowledge
in different ways. In the past couple of weeks,
past three, four weeks, as I mentioned in the last teachings,
we have stepped up the teaching. We have gone
beyond Physicality, we have gone in a dimension,
the way the Universe works. Physicality, tangibility, needing
physical confirmation to confirm something we see,
we know is correct. And in the recent past, those,
who could abuse this situation, they always say, “Confirm.
I see, I believe.” So, I cannot see with my eyes, I don’t
believe, so I want to stay stupid.” “And your intelligence to me is irrelevant
because I don’t have the sight to see, I don’t want to see because then I have
to teach myself something new.” But the strangest thing is now,
we’re going to the next level. How can you let a Soul of another person
see what you see, with your Soul? It’s getting more complicated
for the physical man. It’s getting more complicated for those
who look for confirmation of control. “Show me yours and if I want I accept,
otherwise I moved the goal post.” How do we handle this
with the Soul of the Man? How do we look into confirmation of
what we do is correct? Confirmation of what
we see is correct? Confirmation of what
we feel with our Soul is correct? Then it comes to a point.
“Do I need to prove?” Then this way, I cannot,
I shall not and I will not be controlled. As I’ve said, many, many times,
people say, “Show us this.” I said, “The time of the magic
to show, to prove, is gone.” You have to understand, to feel and
comprehend through your Soul. It’s been the pattern that they ask for the
prophets of the past, “Show us a magic.” Religion and magicians
became the same. Look at the Life of Christ, look at the
Life of Muhammad, blessed their names. The same as Moses, the same as everybody
else, which has come to guide Mankind, they had to show magics. Now the
magic is on the Man, to find his Soul. And I’ve said many times,
“I will not show any magic.” Because, I show you in the Universe
there is no magic. We have to understand, we have to
comprehend, we have to step up to the new knowledge,
that nothing in the Universe can become a magic, that the magician
become a prophet, the change. The ways, in the past few weeks,
few months, everything which is achieved, is put on the carpet, because
we do not see a dead Man rise. We do not see a ocean open for people
to cross, then there is nothing. But we have enlightened
with the magic of the science, that many millions can
do everything themselves. Everyone has the potential to reach
his Soul, to understand the Physicality
is the extension of the Soul. It’s what has separated
us from the past… from magic. There is no
resurrection, there is no [inaudible] heading somewhere,
waiting to come. And to the eye a [inaudible] is the
openness of the Man, to understand the Essence of his Creation. This is what has been the biggest problem
for a lot of people around the Foundation. “Show me, show me, show me, show me.”
Now the thing is, the answer is very simple. “You show me your Soul, you show me
your Soul asks the question to discredit.” “You show me the Soul, is there,
to block the knowledge.” “You show me your Soul,
I show you my technology.” So, the answer
is very simple. Nobody needs to show, but everybody understands,
according to their understanding, their level of intelligence
and what it fits them to be. Fits them to
be amongst people, according to the level of understanding
of the people you are with. It’s no use speaking about cosmology
with a fisherman who’s just interested in the fish, and the stars guides him to where
to be, where daytime, night time to fish. You speak about cosmology, to a
cosmologist, he’ll tell you the shape of this Solar system, the position
of them, and everything else. So, we have to become to understand,
to speak the language of the Man, according to his intelligence. When we teach in such a way, as of
these workshops, we teach every man. We teach in every
level of understanding, that everybody takes from it,
according to what it needs. The fisherman understands how to
look after the fish using the GANS technology, Plasma technology,
to create a comfort for the fish, to create a position that there
are no parasites with the fish, to create a condition
that the fish is happy with the condition
of what he is used to. And, the cosmologist looks into the depth
of the Universe. How he can transmute? Why the stars get these positions?
And how he can see new dimensions, in the knowledge of
the science of cosmology. This is what
we are here for. We have to understand
the operation of the Soul. And we have to understand,
the Soul of the Man is a Star in the Cosmos
of the Universe. If we compare the Soul of the Man, and
many of us, 7 billion in one collection. Earth is like a Galaxy,
with so many Stars. When we look in the depth of
the Universe, we see Galaxies with hundreds
of millions of Stars in it. So is the Planet Earth, carries 7 billion beautiful Stars,
which are the Soul of the Man. Carries with it, Soul of so many trillions
of animals, plants and everything else. So if you look, when someone who does
not see the Physicality of the Earth. and its content,
what do they see? They see a Galaxy, with
so many beautiful lights shining. Each one according
to their strength. Each one according
to their positioning. An infant, has a beautiful soul,
so has the old man. To those who do not the physical, who do not
see the physical dimension of this Planet, but they see the strength of the Fields,
we are a… clusters of Stars. The Human race, every single Soul. No one from a distance sees,
that’s the soul of a fisherman, that’s the soul
of the cosmologist, that’s the soul
of a president. They all shine, irrespect
of the Physicality. This is the magic. This is what the new science
has to bring to Man. When we look through our Soul, we see
nothing but the Star in the other Souls. And this is the break,
this is the understanding, this is what
all these teachings are about. Not to become blind to Physicality,
but become aware what physical life comes from,
what is behind it. If you look,
in the structure of this Planet. What would we see,
if we don’t see the physical dimension? …e, the center of the Planet,
with its Soul? … where it holds everything.
… the stars in this beautiful Galaxy. … difference with us,
we decide where these parts go. Where … the Star … Fields …
… I expo… … it’s a beauty … being … Then, we have to understand,
how these Souls interact, that their interaction leads to the appearance
of the Physicality in a given condition. When you see the Soul of a man
in the North pole, with a fur coat, has no difference Soul when the same Man
flies into Middle East, in the heat, or in the Africa in the heat,
with a t-shirt. The Soul is not aware
of what’s on. The Soul is aware of the interaction
of the Fields of the other Souls. This is the elevation
of understanding. This is the new magic. One understanding, the potential of his
own. What can I do? How can I give? How can I become the way for
the other Souls to elevate themselves? This is what,
this is part these teachings. This is how we brought Man
to understand the next level. There are many levels after the level
of the Soul of the Man. But, if man has problem in
understanding, the difference … between the physical state of his life,
and his creation point of his life, how do you expect, to understand
the steps beyond that? There are many levels
beyond the Soul of the Man. Which again, is interaction of
the Fields of much higher order. That, they’re what we call,
‘slowing down’, or ‘loss of the strength’, leads to the creation, of this
Essence of the Soul of the Creation. There are souls, there are conditions,
there are levels, beyond the Unicos. Man has a problem with his neighbor
of different color of skin. let alone to understand
the creation of the Unicos. We have to become,
to understand, that we do not get bogged down
to one thing, one word, one system,
one behavior. But, we have to understand,
what we understand of this behavior. What has initiated it, what
is the cause of it? What is the firing point, starting point,
and what is the point of demise? How do we elevate others, that our
existence has no relevance, but to serve? There is no sacrifice in the level of the
work of the Soul of the Man. But is a servitude. It means, “I make myself a passage,
for others to receive the higher order.” “That, through them, I get a pleasure
to be part of.” Not, “I am the reason that
they have elevated themselves.” Separation of the two part, of the physical
life and the Life of the Soul of the Man, will bring a lot of problems,
for a lot of people. We have seen
in the past few weeks. We have seen
how we interacted in Togo. Things suddenly changed,
and it’s just done, it’s gone. But have we done?
What have we achieved, what we put in? Now our situation
moves to another country. Are we going… going to go,
Country by Country, to, in a way, prevent? Or are we going to go to the Source,
which causes this. Look at the pattern. The Spring Uprising…
Now, it’s African Uprising. The instigators are
the same people. We see, the Middle East,
problems. We see problems,
in South America. We see problems, getting set up
in Far East, Asia. But, how come there is no problem
in the house of the instigators? How come they’re making life comfortable
for themselves, but the others suffering? This is the same point,
as I said, in respect to the hurricanes
of what we call, the ‘Caribbeans’. We are used to shipping,
getting food batches, or whatever, and as I said,
“Step up to the next level.” “Reach the Soul of the Man, that he
can find, even Peace in the time of trouble, he can find shelter, through
confidence of the Soul.” Now, we have to
do the same thing. We have to find, to elevate the Soul
of those who instigate these wars. It’s no use blaming. You call them ‘Rothschild’s’, you call them ‘Illuminati’s’, you call them whatever,
‘Masons’. They have lived off
the weakness of the Man. But, if we teach and understand,
and step up one level, raise the Soul
of Rothschild’s, raise the soul of those who
call themselves, whatever. That, in raising, in elevating
their Souls which is gone so low, they see their own misconduct,
they… Soul will change their Physicality, Take the fight between their Physicality
and their Soul within themselves, that the outside
stays at Peace. We see many things, blaming
these people, 700 years, a 1,000 years blame them for a 1,000 ,
10.000 years. It means, man has not matured, one
who accepts the condition imposed on them and one, who creates
the condition to impose. Elevate the Soul of those who call
themselves ‘king’, ‘queen’, or whatever. By giving from your Soul,
that in the embarrassment of understanding of the
Physicality and the Soul, they walk off. It’s been done, many times. Many times. It’s just, there has not been enough
understanding from the Man, that whoever, whatever you call, can walk
amongst the people as normal. As part of. “I serve, does not matter
what title I carry.” “I’m here, to make other Souls
to be a life of Peace, irrespective of where I come,
who I am.” It’s in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh,
bless his name, that he says, “The time will come that
no one will take the crown of kingship.” What does it mean? It doesn’t mean that they’re
going to be getting rid of the kings. It means that, we elevate
the Soul of these people, that they see themselves
as equal to the others. Because the Soul will impose,
not the Physicality. Kingship comes out of physical life,
there is no kingship in the Soul in their level of Soul. We don’t have the Soul of the King Abraham or the Soul of the King Moses. The Soul is equal and it
shines like every others. This is what we
have to understand, this is where we have to change
the structure of our work. Where there is no fear to
raise the Soul of those who to Man in a physical
life has been a threat. Those who sit at these points, who instigate
these wars, who instigate these conflicts, instigate any kind of conflict are those Souls who are so low, that they
need this to confirm their existence. A king does not need to
confirm, “I’m a king.” A mother, who is generous to his
children does not need to confirm, “I’m a mother, I’m generous.” “Because, I’m the mother,
because I gave life and I protect life.” “So, is my Soul which increases
the Soul of my child.” “I give from my Soul through Physicality
and through my Soul to my child.” So, when you think of what you call,
‘Illuminati’s’, ‘Rothschild’s’ ‘Masons’, ‘Mafias’ or whatever, change position, raise their Soul. Give from, be a channel take from what you think you
can spare, to save their Soul. They walk off! The conflict between the Physicality and the
Soul will walk them in the path that they… changes will come, and this
way will come very rapid. In my teachings,
in past three, four years all of you, majority of you,
have done the physical tests and then you have to
have the confirmation. I’ve showed you how to
make the Nano-coating. Then, I showed you how
to make the GANSes. You went, you bought the caustic,
you made the Nanomaterial. You made the box,
you made black material, “There was there, the guy is correct,
it does something, what he said.” The Coca Cola bottle was on the Internet
for five years, six years, nobody knew. they call it, ‘the magic
liquid’, it was a caustic. because Man never understood. We brought the knowledge into GANS,
and then with it, you all created it. You made boxes to
confirm it’s correct, “what he says, it can be done.” Then, you start playing
with GANSes, you made patches, you made systems. You used the new Plasma understanding,
to the level, you made MaGravs, You made all sorts of thing to
confirm, get a confirmation, “I’ll make a patch, it
changes my pain.” “I drink the water, changes this…
does this… does that…” You went step by step,
getting confirmation. Now, you have to do the same
thing, get a confirmation. Make the reactor of your Soul,
the reactor of the change. It’s dynamic, is made if GANS. It comes from the structure of the
Nano-atomic structure of the Universe. All the teachings from Nano to
Magnetic Fields of dynamic cores was to teach
about the Man himself, was to bring you to understand,
to see, to feel that now you can use this, because
it’s within you use the dynamic Soul of the
Man to elevate the others. If you look at it in a different way when you have a pain, those
of you who use the patches you put one stronger
patch on one side and one weaker patch on the other side. and in transfer of energy
from one side to another, you elevated or removed the energy
which you call ‘pain’, in your body. and then there is no pain. The GANS of you and the
weakness of the pain in between elevated the energy, removed what was
needed, that everything became normal. So, Rothschild’s, Illuminati’s and the rest
are in that pain in the body of the Humanity. You become the stronger patch, you give from your Soul in the transmission
of light that you raise these dying stars, that, you become part of the change,
you become the cause of the change. You believed, you made the GANSes,
and the cores and the Nanomaterial Now trust your Soul,
every Man can do. You were waiting for evolution
through Technology, now the evolution is the
Soul of the Man himself. Test it! We showed the power of the strength of
the will of the Soul of the Man in Togo. Conflict, no conflict we were stronger than the
instigators of the war, who printed paper money, in
the circulation, to kill more. So, we have seen the work we have seen
the elevation of the Soul we have seen collectively, we can
make the difference. We have become those dynamic reactors, we
have become the Souls which can elevate. Now, let’s move on. If you you were thinking that the process
will come, that things will change We done this with the Core Team
some two or three years ago The 14 members of the Core Team, when they
decided to do things, we saw was achieved. Now, we extend this to the
whole of the Keshe Foundation team worldwide, millions of you. Give, test the reactors
of the Soul of the Man and elevate the Soul of those who
see themselves as what I call, ‘attention seekers of power’. The kings, presidents, the
heads of whatever organization that they become to your level. They
need the Soul of the Man to elevate. And, if you see yourself as just and correct, and for the benefit of Mankind
and the Humanity on this Planet so, you are stronger than them. So, it means that you can give, that
you direct it. And in their receiving, you
elevate their Souls to your Soul. You have become
the Prophets of Peace, that’s what the prophet is. He’s the Man who gives from himself
to raise the level of understanding and comfort of the others through
their Physicality and Soul. The life of Christ, the life of Bahá’u’lláh and Báb. The life of those like Buddha and
the rest, who gave to serve. As is in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh, “The level of understanding
and the Soul of the Man,” at the present time, when you reach the
understanding of the mutation of the elements,” “reaches the level
of the Prophet of the past.” And, those who work
around the Foundation, those who understand the purpose of the
Foundation, have reached that point, you’ve gone beyond that point. Now you understand the transmutation
of Fields, which makes the elements. So, you are ‘wiser’, you have become so educated in such a short
time that you have not even realised. You have become the Masters of the
Prophets, but there is no master, it’s the elevation of the Soul. It’s the transition of the Fields as the Soul has no Physicality in the
dimension of the Man, at the present time. But, when you go to
the other dimension then the Soul finds the Field-Strength
of the Matter-States of its own. Then you understand, where and how the work
of the Foundation is been taking shape Is not self sacrifice, it’s understanding
of elevation of the weak, trying to confirm they exist. Trying by the same action creating a position that,
“I have the power of control.” Go back to the medical
teaching, in what we call ‘ADHD’. Attention deficiency hyperactivity. If we look at the
people of Rothschild’s if we look at the
Illuminati’s and the Masons what do they do? They are a child with a ADHD? They need attention
to confirm they exist and they’re hyper activity, to show
they are there, that they to control is the wars, harming the other. Do we destroy the child with ADHD? Or, do we give from our Souls and find the
medication for it, to understand why? And, in the new knowledge we understand all they want to do is to
confirm they exist. So, treat them as a sick child. But, these children need the
elevation of the Soul, not Omega3. Because, this comes through
the lack of trust in oneself. “I am of a bigger gang,
and I can control.” Then you understand, does the
Human race, needs Vatican’s, the Haifa or Mecca? Or the Wall? Or temples in the mountains
to rotate some drums? Then you understand why
we teach this way. To gain understanding into
the Essence of the Creation. we can go in a position of
sorting one thing to another. One war after another,
just to keep this hyperactive child trying to confirm
his existence that, “I control!” Let’s give him his Omega3 to calm him down,
give from the Soul of the Man. Let them have their fights between
their Physicality and the Soul. Take the pictures of heads of
Illuminati’s, heads of Rothschild’s, the heads of … Masons and give from your Soul, to them,
that you elevate their Souls. You’ll find the Physicality of their face, that you can reach the dimension of
their Souls, it’s like a Postbox. This is the beauty of
the new cycle of Life. Mutation of elements where, you find a face
and through it you reach the Soul and you raise the level of the Soul Let the elevation of their
Soul be the Peace for Man, not fighting it. fighting ta… takes time,
takes energy, which is not the attributes
of the Soul of the Man. This is where I start teaching
in the past few weeks to bring you to this point and the points
which will come in the coming weeks and time. As you mature,
as you come to understand, “Now I have to use the
dynamic core of my Soul to elevate the Soul of a sick Man.” But this is not a sickness, it’s a
demand to be confirmed that, “I exist.” This where this Technology
comes into operation, you are back to the first
teachings, some 195 teachings ago. How to make Nanomaterial, that it leads to the creation of
the GANS material that I can see “It can do things.” Now, the Nanomaterial
condition, creation, is an understanding of the
work of the Soul of the Man. This is what we are leading to. This is what we are
expanding the knowledge of. This where the teaching
is heading us, Trust in oneself’s
strength of the Soul. It needs to be done, that we
bring Peace on this Planet. It needs to done that by seeing
the change, we understand in the next step, that in
Space, “it’s us who can change.” These are, very much, like the tests
we do to confirm the Pain Pen works. The pain is the Soul’s
behavior of these people the kings and the rest. Has it solved the problem by
getting rid of the Tzars? Another has come,
to claim the same position to do worse. Has it changed
the situation in Iran? By getting by getting rid of a king,
has brought more murders where the others who
wanted to get to the same seat. But, once you elevate the Soul, no one
seeks a seat, but becomes a servant. This is what is on the logo
of the Keshe Foundation “We are here to serve
and not to be served.” It’s not a restaurant, it means, “I’m here to
give from my Soul,” that by it, I elevate the
Soul of the others.” “I do not need to be given,
because when it’s needed,” “I take what I need,
by what is given to me in the level of the Soul of the Man, not in the Physicality of the
dimension of existence.” Now, maybe we have to go back to he lab
and test the strength of our Souls? Then we understand, there
is no need for wars. Because, there is no one to claim
more, because we all have more. So much money spent
on the arms to kill, for those who sit at
the realm of these organizations, to confirm
they have power. Give them the power of the Soul, that
they find out they have no power. Then, you’ll find out there is
no need for defense technology. Then you find out, the
money which is spent on killing can be used
for the other things. There is no seat for
this seat of kingship. We’ve never seen a crown and
we’ve never seen a throne in any part of the operation
of the Soul of the Universe, except in physical dimension of the Man
who is nothing and claims to be something, by physical destruction of the others. Give them so much
with their Soul that they find out there is nothing
in the physical dimension. They say, the present Pope he says,
“He will be the last Pope.” He is correct. Because we are going to raise his Soul
to the point that he sees the Truth about the Life of the Man
through the Soul of the Man. And he’ll speak and the World
will mature to understand. These people reach billions, as they
can say, “This is the end of the time, the Soul of the Man has reached
maturity that we are all equal.” This is the change.
The time will come soon that all these people where you
raise their Souls, will open up… the treasuries of their work for centuries
to be used in the benefit of Mankind. When we become One Nation, we
don’t need to spend according to the governmental statistics,1.6 trillions
of dollars on defense technology. 1.6 trillions on road, housing,
shelter, food, hospitals, universities, education of the Soul of the Man,
will make Heaven on Earth. That is for 1 year. One trillion is one thousand,
or one billion… It’s a huge amount of money. which Man makes,
spends… to kill. To kill the Physicality, to harm the Physicality, to confirm for a few,
that they are in power. Now, let the struggle become, when
the Soul changes and sees then does not follow the Physicality, then
we’ll see how many of these people will end up their
own physical Life. Many of them will do, when
they understand how much wrong they’ve done
to Human race, over time. This is the purpose,
let them elevate. And let you, to be
the tools of elevation. Be proud that your Soul
has brought the change. Be proud that the purpose I spent
196 teachings, now has a purpose. I have found a purpose for my existence,
not in a confirmation of a MaGrav, a GANS, or
a Nano-coating. In so many ways,
as we say, “We dangled the carrot in front
of your eyes without you seeing” that now, you’ll find out,
there is no carrot, but in fact, you have the beauty from the beginning,
but you had to understand it, that the carrot was
the Peace on this Planet. The carrot was elevation of the Soul
of being on this Planet not just one but the entire Souls. Coming to mature to the next level,
to understand in the Deep Space, the Universe is the oyster
for those Souls who serve, Then, Man is ready
to go into Space. Then, Man is ready to become
part of the Universal Community which has been promised. I never promised you Heaven, I always promised you the elevation
of the Man to join the family, and now,
you are the key. It’s you who has to open the door
to understand, “If I can raise the Soul of these people
or millions of other Souls that the physical Life
on this Planet changes, then I’m worthy to be
part of the Universal Community. To be there to serve,
to expand. To be there to be part, that in
the cycle of Life of Universe, I become, in being part,
I become part of the Totality.” When Man
reaches that point, a new dimension in the strength
of the Soul of the Man will appear, which is beyond imagination of
understanding of the physical Life. It’s the gate to the opening
of the new Life, in a new dimension, which is beyond imagination
of what you might call, ‘A New Beginning’, ‘A New Cycle’ ,
which that cycle carries with itself, the origin of the Creation of Life
in the Universe and in the Unicos. It’s the elevation of
the Soul to serve, become the key, not a throne of
the physical Life. The time is right, the time has come
for the Man to go through this process. And many of the Keshe Foundation
supporters and followers, and through the Souls of those who
have never heard of the Foundation but have heard through the strength of
their Souls, “the call for change has come.” In two weeks, we showed
we move the war. Now it’s time for the Man
to move the causes of the war through correct conduct, through elevating
the Soul of those who are the instigators. The time has come for us to move,
through the strength of the Soul and not through the Physicality
of the gun policy. Praise, raise the Soul of
the American President, he needs it. Because, in elevating the Soul
will change the Physicality. Do the same
with the Pope. Do the same
with all the Rothschild’s. Do the same with Illuminati’s,
with everything else, even the local Mafias in your area,
what you think they are. The mayor, the priest,
the president. Then you’ll find out, the more you give
the more you have, and you see the change. But now, it has to become
a collective change. It has to become a collective change,
through the collective giving. Understanding, you put the patches
on either side, and you saw the change, now, you do the same,
you become the patch. But, don’t think that
you become the strong patch, be the speaker, that the interaction
between the stronger and the weaker that is the other Souls within
the Foundation and the work of the Peace, will bring these people to be
in the middle, to elevate. This is what we need. This is, what is the time
for change. This is, what it needs to be done for Man
to be able to bring Peace on this Planet. This is what we have to understand. We have gone on through this path… now, it’s time of maturity. And the beauty of it is, the more
and more who come and get attracted by the Nanomaterial,
by making GANSes, by making … the cores and whatever,
they do not understand. They cannot even imagine
that they have started a path that you started months ago,
years ago. And then, in that process of
understanding with the teaching, their Soul is getting elevated to
the understanding of the work. Why? And how? You got to realize we see a lot of people
in two groups in the Foundation. Those who are the talkers and
those who actually do things, make things And we see a clear separation
between the two and a third group which
is between the two. Those who get involved in making GANSes
and working because they are in touch like with the Zinc, with the Copper,
with CO2, with CH3, they become different mental state. They become elevated in the Soul because
they receive so much that, they pass the level of Physicality. We see devotion and admiration,
we see them to becoming very active. Because, unknowingly they are
receiving so much. And then they receive the
elevation of the Soul. We see this right across the Foundation. Then we see those who stay theoretical and
they are there just to be, “I’m the support, I never make things I’m there I understand
my Soul is with you” and the rest of it. They become the weaker patch. And then we see those who are in touch
with those who make the GANSes, and the ones who don’t,
but they work and interact and we see they get
their Souls elevated. Because they receive it, they receive
the attention, they receive the energy, which comes through. And then, this is the process
we will see. Is not that to make GANSes to
elevate yourself. Is that the process is gradually spreading
by those who become, those who join those who become part of bigger structure. But in between, at the end of the day,
Man will come to understand through the rising of
the Soul of the Man. In so many ways, by setting up
the factories that we produce CO2 Zinc-GANSes and Zincs and whatever
is to, through the magic of the carrot, to raise the total
Soul of this Planet. It’s the only way
we can do. You remember the story last week, or
the week before, about the poor prince, who thought he’s a cow and needs to
be slaughtered and the physician put a chain round his neck, he said,
“You’re too slim, I have to feed you that I can sell you.” And then medication for
the string came through the food, this is what we are doing with
the Human race. Through the systems we develop, we change
the atmosphere and the Soul of the Man. And it’s done by all
the Keshe Foundation supporters and the people
who work around it. This is the structure. But, as we are in a physical dimension,
we have to do everything that we can reach, any trick that it can elevate the Soul of
the Man, is part of the structure of Man. The food, the MaGrav System, the water,
the shirts, the Medical System, everything the same. To change thousands and thousands of
millions of years of behaviour overnight, will not be so easy,
but now is done through the Man himself. By Man. This, we’ll see
more and more. What does this mean? Now, that we reach this new understanding,
what is the next thing to learn? What is the next knowledge? The next knowledge,
now that you understand, the Soul of the Man, is to create
a Physicality of the Man. Now we have to understand the
conduct of the Soul. The essence of the
operation of the Soul, that we do not come
across a ball of light, dynamic but not understanding
how we operates. Because it’s us, is operation,
is understanding, leads to the physical
condition of us. Where are the flaws and where are the
beauties, where are the blockages? What do we need
to become a perfect Soul? The Soul of the Man is the
River of Life of Universe. It has many subsidiaries. And it has many inflows. The body of the Man is the channel for
all the subsidiaries and all the inflows. All the ones which will divide
the river to feed the others where itself receives more from inflows
of little brooks and little springs. And in time, the two
work next to each other. I always define the work of
the Soul of the Man, very much like
a Russian oil pipeline. In old Russia’s USSR, they used to dig oil
from every part of the Russia, but they brought them all into one
pipeline and they called it, ‘Mixed Russian Oil’. But, when it came out the refineries knew
which part of the oil they need. In the process how
they have to handle it, they could get the full benefit from
the light, to heavy, to medium. Russian couldn’t have a pipeline
for everything. There was a springs of everything
coming together, making one channel and then, in
process, the divisions as was needed. So is the Soul of the Man. We take from everywhere. And in that process of in the pipe,
we have to make everything balance. What is his, what is not, what in
one strength become the others, but collectively, when we come out,
we serve the Totality. Everyone receives equal
and something. It’s a very strange way, and it’s
very much for Man to understand. Is not a conflict,
is the understanding of the process internally in the flow of the Fields of
the structure of the Soul of the Man. With the physical life we are used the
mouth and the nose, that’s where everything goes in.
Air and food. And then, the structure runs… and it comes out in
different shapes and forms. In the Life of the Soul of the Man
we receive energies. It has a processing inside the
Soul of the Man very much matching
the Physicality of the Man. What feels needed – when needed, that in turn, what is divided of the
highest order of giving, can be given out
on the other end. Let’s call it
“The exit pole of the Soul of the Man.” Inside it’s the same process, is not that
you get compressed and decompressed, but in a way, what is needed by the others,
in balance internally with the Field-flow of the Soul, is given to
what is needed to be given. Nothing is thrown out for it there to be,
to be caught by something. It’s very much like interaction
of a child with the mother, child being another Soul, and the mother
being the Soul of the Man, which is you. Child doesn’t speak,
“I’m hungry.” but the mother knows it’s time
to make a food for it, and this strength,
and this is what it needs. So works the same
inside the Soul of the Man. Recognizes the operation
and need of the other Souls, and what is needed is given. In a way, in the Soul of the Man,
it’s the same operation of serving. It’s understanding the need of the
environment of the Fields which I release, that, it’s given and reaches to the one
which has received information that I need to give. The operation of the Soul within itself,
is a clockwork and a maze of interactions of the remote-controls
in the line of the Field-Strength. So, when you have a Soul
which it needs attention, it hasn’t strength,
it’s the Soul of it. And within you, you by giving,
release what it needs, through your Soul. So, you change the Physicality,
through by giving to the Soul of the Man. At the strength which the Soul needs.
Not, “I give everything, that he can take,
and the rest is wasted.” Nothing in the world of the physics of
the Field motion in the Soul of the Man is a waste. And nothing is put out
just for the sake of being out. It’s very much,
the operation of the Earth. Earth does not just put Fields out
for the sake of putting it out, from its exit called the North Pole,
it puts out at the strength which can control its position
in respect to the Sun, that it guarantees its survival. Even the Earth has a Soul,
to dictate it’s survival, to dictate its position
on a continuous basis. Otherwise, if it just throws any Fields
out, at the end it’ll be vibrating and shaking like a… whatever you like,
a bowl on the vibrating table. It doesn’t do that. It assesses through its Soul
through the Field release, “this is what I need to release
to keep my constant position in respect to the Sun and the Moon
and the rest, and the rest which are in.”>From Jupiter, to Saturn, to Mars,
to Venus and the others. So, the Soul of the Planet Earth,
works on the same way. It doesn’t just burst out any Fields,
then it gets attracted to the Mars one minute, and then falls out
to Jupiter the next. There is a mechanism
within the structure, which every Field has its own strength
interaction, that it keeps its constant flow, its position,
and guarantees its survival. So is the Soul of the Man. And the sooner Man finds out,
from macro to micro, the Soul of the Man and the work of
the operation of the Planet Earth, now you understand
the Truth about the Life. I have hidden this, in the pictures
in the book number three. Where you see those little curly things,
each curly things is a part of the operation, which it interacts with the other Entity,
that it keeps a distance of the Totality of the s… Plasma in its position,
in respect to the outside Fields. Now you understand why
the pictures were made this way. It’s not that everything is chucked out
and what is needed. Every single Fields which
comes out of this Planet is controlled by
the Soul of the Planet. It’s controlled by
the operation of the Fields that it guarantees it’s position
in respect to the Moon. Moon has a different Magnetic –
Gravitational Field-Strength than the Sun. If the Earth would have created that Field,
the Moon would have moved into the Sun. Because it will throw it away to the
point, but it’s a mother, it’s caring, “I need the child to be at this point
because I need it to collect my Fields, which are surplus, that
I can guarantee my survival.” Now you understand, everything
in the Universe has organization even the Soul of this Planet
which leads to the Physicality
manifestation of this Planet. So, is the Soul of the Man
which leads to the manifestation of the Physicality of the Man. Gathering of a dust on the moving magma
is not coincidental. Not just only on this Planet, with every
Entity existing in the Universe, is the same. Now you understand. Now, it becomes very much in
the process of what we need to do with what we receive from the Soul
of this Planet, and the Universe. And how in our strength can take,
serve, to be able to take what is not needed by the others,
by serving them what they need. That the structure,
in Totality, is Peaceful. Means is a giver, that by giving
it finds its position. Now, start testing. You’ve seen the MaGrav systems works,
you’ve seen the pr… pans.. and the pens work. You had the Pain Pads
and it worked. Now, you’ve seen the work of the Fields,
now is time to test the Soul of the Man. And rejoice his beauty,
its strength and with it the end of conflict
and Peace on this Planet. You did not chop
the pain part of your leg out, you just put two Plasmatic Field patches
on either side, that you take from it what it doesn’t need and you gave to it
what it needs and the pain is gone. These organizations are the pain
in the Life of the society of the Planet. Do not need to head hunt.
They’re so low, they need to be elevated. That, in that process, the whole
Physicality of the structure changes that they understand,
there is no need. We can do these over centuries or
collectively as we have some stronger Fields and the lesser Fields,
Souls, we interact and we give so much that we change this cancer
out of the body of the Man. By itself removing itself,
but not us fighting. Fighting takes too much energy,
too much planning. Giving is easier from the Soul. Because then, inside the Soul of these Entities,
Beings, Man at the head of any, or part of any, it’s those little curls
in the Field of the Plasma. has a purpose and needs
to be served to satisfy itself. And with it, then the whole
Plasma becomes perfect. Find this position
and we’ll see the change. I see many of these will
walk in the path of correction but depends on the Will and
the Strength of the Soul of the Man to give, that they understand
there is no kingship and there is no need
to prove who is in charge. In the past couple of
days, I came across a boy who was playing with my son. And I watch the reaction of
the mother in respect to this boy. And I explained to the mother
that, that’s all he’s doing, he wants to confirm, “I exist
and I have you under control.” And the mother needed
the child to confirm that, “I exist and
I’m controlling you.” I walked into a chemist and I asked
for Omega 3 and I gave it to the mother. I said, “In allowing the child’s Soul
which comes through the GANSes of the mechanisms of these oils, he’ll find Peace
and you’ll find Peace that you do not
need to control.” In so many ways, we do not
need one to confirm the other. We need to give, that we
do not need confirmation but the existence of ones
itself gives the beauty of the Soul and the existence of the Soul. Now, as I said, dynamic MaGravs has
moved to the dynamic Soul of the Man. You’ve seen the medical teams, the doctors how they used
the new dynamic systems and they say, they see
so much faster results. What, it you used to take weeks,
now they see in a faster way but with it they see the elevation
of the Soul of the patient as well and now they moved in that way. Now, the dynamic
Soul of the Man becomes the physician
of the Space of this Planet for those Souls
who needs elevating, that they do not need, to be attention
seeking to confirm their existence. There is no difference
between the child and Rothschild’s. They are both children and
they need the elevation of their Soul. We target these organizations directly
from now on, by elevating their Souls. By giving to them from the Soul,
that in that process we find the restless child,
find the Peace and confirmation that,
“You do not need to control,” “but you are controlled by
understanding of your own behavior, that you’re part
and no different.” These are the keys for
the Peace on this Planet. These are part of the jigsaw, these
are part of the names we need. Work, it’s not just a GANS
making and producing energy. Now for those who elevated, is to change
the course of those who do not need and become part of the
cancer of Life of this Planet. They are the same as a cancer. In the past we radiate them,
we operated them and then they grow
somewhere else again. But with the Plasma
Technology we let the cancer to become part of the Energy Fields that
it doesn’t grow anywhere else. So, we have to do with the
cancer of Rothschild’s by themselves the Illuminati’s, the Masons,
and the rest. Because, this is the next
key to the operation of Peace. They become the biggest
support for the change of Humanity because they have
gathered the resources that can be used to change
the face of wars, into peaceful places, for the establishment
of One Nation. It’s no use opening
another structure when the same old man
is throwing a stone in the water. It’s our job for those of the
Keshe Foundation supporters who have elevated and
understood the work of the Soul to start elevating the Soul of these
groups, the Presidents and the Kings. The Autumn Uprising which
I promised you, has started but is the uprising of elevating the Soul
of those who have been the problems of the society of Humanity for a long time,
that they come to understand. The time of change has come and
they have received what they wanted. No more wars, no more conflict. Man signed himself
with the Pen of Peace. These things needs a signing
with the Pen of the Soul of the Man and we start from today. This is why, so intensively
I concentrated and I promised you
the time has come. And now,
this is another phase. Let them fight amongst each
others Physicality of the Soul as those who we give, mature in the Soul
that they bring changes to the others. You trusted your Pain Pen,
you trusted your Pain Pad, now trust your Soul,
in giving. You are that Pad, where up to now,
you are the sick in the middle. You’ve used it to finish
and benefit your Physicality. Now you use the knowledge
to change the pain of Humanity. I asked our guys in the
background this morning to give me a very real statistics of
the military expenditure of the Wold to today. 2016 which we have,
2017 1.6 trillion. With a few millions Keshe Foundation
is changing things in the on… up. Can you imagine, 1.6 trillion will
bring to Mankind in changing everything. We see the Chinese Government as
a flagship and a leadership for this job and we have trust 100% in
the presidency of President Xi. Is their flag hold
and their way of doing. We will see struggles, those who
still want to have their last kick but, in a way, they understand
the time of change has come. There is no need
for radical changes. It just needs for time to give
the Human Race a time to rest. And those who understood
the work of the the Soul of the Man, have to be the instigators of the peace. Every second of your life, you have nothing do, spend time in giving from your Soul
to those of these organizations who need it. Very soon, the buildings of Mosques, the Churches,
the Vatican’s, and Mecca will be empty. Will be history in the time when the Man
did not understand the work of his Soul. No physical life
will walk through these walls, as Man realizes, that it’s the Soul of the Man,
and he has no need for Physicality to confirm his existence. All the properties of the Churches,
the Mosques, the Synagogues will be returned to accommodate those who need
and those who have elevated, to be able to
understand their need. That becomes the center or support
of the Human race physical life, and the structure,
that, it has no connection, but, to protect their
physical life. It’s very strange, when you go to
the Blue Mosques in Istanbul. By adding a few bricks, it has changed
the house of God from Christianity to Islam
in the same path, and then you go to Spain,
where the Mosques with a few changes have changed from Islam
into Christianity. Very strange, how Man has been fooled
in the name of his own Soul. Now, we see by elevating the Soul of
religious leaders, we understand that, they will guide to explain to the Man
what has been wrong and what is to be done,
and what is correct. As I said in the teaching
of Tuesday, “We use the present
Banking System to deliver.” “We use the present Commercial System
to deliver the food to the hungry, through the work
of the Banking System.” Now we do the same,
in the same pattern. Let those who fooled the Man
through his Soul, bring Man to understand
the power of his Soul. Let the Churches, the Mosques,
the Synagogues and the path of believe in Buddha
and the rest, walk the Man to the path of
understanding the strength of his Soul. It’s easier than trying to bring
another religion, another way of thinking. Let the Soul do the job,
all the structures are preset. Let the priest teach about the Soul and
forget about the Physicality of the Christ. People, I’ve already been in place. Raise the soul of the priest
in your city, in your village. At the same time
raise the Soul of the Pope, because he has to support him,
to confirm the coming of Messiah, which is the Soul of the Man. You went to Church, and the Synagogues and
the Mosques and you’ve donated, in their physical pocket money. Now, go to the same and give from your soul
to the Man who collected the money, that the money becomes irrelevant
and he educates the soul of the followers of the Physicality. It’s time for change, to move,
into the real work of the Universe. And it’s time to understand, that,
we use the Matter-State to reach the level of understanding
of the Soul of the Man. Now, you understand, maybe,
why the Creator has sent his messengers
in the name of whatever you have had. Is that they bring the ears, that it can be used
when the time of the Messiah comes, they can teach the Soul
and the message. Not to oppose, but by them understanding through those who have become Messiahs
to give from their Souls to these to elevate. The job is made easy. The school is there and
the students are devotedly there. Then, there won’t be any fight, between what
they call the ‘Muslim’ and the ‘Christians’. The Lamb and the Lion will eat and sleep
in the same nest. The Christians and the Muslims will sleep
and pray in the Mosque then the same Church, in the name of their Souls,
not in the name of Religion, that is used to create
so much conflict, for the benefit of those
who were the hyperactive children s. The time has come,
the time of change is here. And as I said,
“My wish is my command.” If it’s your wish to see Peace,
the path of Peace is laid very clearly. It’s the Soul of the collective awareness,
by giving will create that position of change. No other thing. Their is no pen in the Soul of the Man. and I’m sure,
once you go into the Universal Community, you will never see anything written but the balance of the Fields
of the Soul of the existence. Try to be humble enough,
not to become arrogant in the power that you have understood
and you possess, otherwise you’ll fall in the same path
of the Church and the Mosque. This is what we promised, and this is
what we have delivered. The Autumn of war, conflict,
division by path of belief has come. It’s the Soul of the
Keshe Foundation supporters and those who have heard
through their Souls, without a name, to bring the change… and by
the Ethos of the Foundation. We are here to serve
through our Souls that by serving we can raise the
Soul of the others. Why do you serve in the restaurant if
their are no hungry customers? Why are we here to serve, if there
are no hungry Souls to be elevated? And those who need more elevation
are those who call themselves ‘Leaders’ and the organizations who would like
to confirm their existence. Test your Soul reactors
and see if it works. It worked in Togo, it worked
between China, and Philippine. It worked between Russia
and Ukraine. It worked between the Peace
between Iran and Five plus one. It work between the Christians with little
different names in Northern Ireland. And now we have seen it working, it’s time
to move on and change the parameter. You understood, you needed the
confirmation of work of the pad and the cores, now, the only excuse is the Man
who has not found his Soul. That he can be a giver and does not
need to receive because he will receive what it needs, because what he’ll give,
is what the others need to elevate themselves,
to bring the Peace. Then Man enters the World
of the Universal Community, which means by
understanding his Soul, he becomes part of the Universe and
be it, becomes part of the Community. It’s very hard. It brought me to a point of so much anger,
that I thought,”It’s time to change.” When I heard the nonsense coming
from the American President’s, that the highest expenditure, 7 billion,
700 billion, to kill more, for what reason? Why doesn’t it become 70 billion,
to prosper more, to elevate their Souls, which they need, to be
taken out of the pain. In so many ways… Man has walked himself
into the dead end, and this act was the dead end
and needed to be responded to. We see the end of,
President-ship and the Kingship. We see the end
of priesthoods. We see the end
of Rothschild’s and the rest, who instigate
and finance these wars. By elevating their Souls, by giving them
a chance to find Peace, within themselves. Then, no Muslim is
the enemy of Christianity, and no one needs to be faked, to create
wars, to put one against the other. This is what is needed and those
of you who understood the work, you understand the next phase. Once the Peace comes, once these
people walk off from the throne, now comes the teaching of how
we elevate the rest of the Humanity to understand the work of their Souls,
that the Planet as a whole feeds its own mother birth, which is Earth,
to become Peace, that it becomes part of
Universal Community. When we travel
the depth of the Universe, we carry the Soul of the Man,
which is us, in the cradle of the Soul of the Mother,
which is the Earth. So both have to find Peace. This is why we said,
“The job of the Man is to bring Peace to all animals
and all that are on this Planet.” Try to extend the knowledge that, in a coming time, we don’t look
for the biggest military spenders, we look for zero military spenders. but the biggest spenders
to bring comfort to Man. It’s the same money but… it brings
a joy, instead of pain and sorrow. Today, I raise, from my Soul,
the Soul of the Pope, he needs it. We are in communication with them
to guarantee World Peace. Not to dominate, but
to bring Peace and Equality. The same goes with the Rothschild family
and their extended extension of Life. Instigator of many wars. The same goes with
the Islamic World. Because they’re all
children of this Planet. And the Planet does not see
their Emotion and their Physicality, but it sees the
beauty of their Soul. Souls have no color, no religion and
definitely, definitely, no kingship. This is the process which we started and
now we’re becoming to the conclusion acts. Pray for those leaders, kings
and presidents who did wrong, for themselves to put it right, for those who do wrong,
to put themselves right. It’s upon them, if they want and
then come to explain what they’ve done. Otherwise, let it be from their
Soul to be given to put right for what and whom
they’ve done wrong to. Now, we have to understand
why we taught this way. And the teachings becomes more intense
for those who are here, not to benefit with a generator. But, don’t forget, that generator
creates a fields which elevates the Soul of the user and the environment
which is working. In each way Man walks, I have walked
you into the path of Peace. The greed of the Man, with a Power Units,
the Generators and the Pads and the rest, at the end of the day, releases fields
at the strength which elevates the Soul of the Man. The separation of Physicality
from the Emotion that the Soul will
serve its purpose. If you thought that the MaGrav systems
are there to give you the energy, yes, they will, but they’re working
to elevate your Soul too, because they create and release
a spectrum of Fields. It’s very much like the water which
I explained to the Minister in Ghana. “It’s water, you put my water in the water
and see if the Alkaline-ness, which is taking and giving, has changed and
the water from the tap.” And they did. And they told
to the Minister, “Silence, you have made the biggest mistake,
you walked in his trap.” If you learn from the Cup, and
the GANS water which is added to it, the water didn’t change
its appearance. It didn’t become a king and
it didn’t become a servant, It stayed server to the hunger
and the thirst of the Man. That’s how a Man should be. We don’t preach, we teach the
work of the Universe. We enlighten
to the new knowledge, that the Soul of the Man
elevates the Physicality of the Man and with it
brings Peace. I give from my Soul to every member
of the Rothschild’s whose killings created so much mayhem,
in the past centuries, to elevate their Souls,
nothing more. It’s the Soul will change them,
that’s all we need to do, because now we have seen the work
and the strength of our Soul. There is no difference
between our Soul and a dynamic reactor. There is no difference between the Field,
working of the Fields of the patch and the Soul of the Man. A patch gives unconditionally,
you put it on your body, a child, a dog,
a horse, a fish. This is what
the teaching is about. This is what 196th teaching
has brought Man to, and does not need
for the whole Humanity to listen to, as we have already
reached the Soul of the Humanity. The wind of the change
in the Soul of the Man is breezing through
the Fields of this Planet. It’s sweet, is warm
and it’s giving, and there are many Souls
which are enjoying the new breeze. Try to understand the Totality,
try to understand the full process, that with it, you can give
the right way, to the right place, that with it,
the work becomes easier. As I said,
“the Winter and the Autumn for Kingship, power-ship, and control of Human Race
has come,” and it starts from today. Because, you are informed of it today,
and it’s from now we start. No animosity,
no blaming, no finger pointing. Being a father or a mother, who closes eyes
to misconduct of the child, because the child has to misconduct
to understand, that it grows to be correct, and now the time has come. The work of a Messiah
does not come by preaching, but comes by
understanding the need of the time, and giving it generously,
that it satisfy the need. The need of this Planet now is
Peace and equality, in a correct way, that all Souls can live at Peace,
and now the time has come. And we have trained enough Messiahs,
that they will enforce the change. Thank you very much for today. And I hope you understand. Elevate the Soul
of every being on this Planet, because the time
to enter the Universal Community, according to the strength
of the Soul of the Man, has come. You wanted a proof,
you’ve seen the Patches. If you have doubt
in the work of your Soul, make your Patch
and put on the pain, on your Body. If the pain goes, it means
the Field exist to do the change, so does your Soul,
to bring the change for Humanity. Thank you very much. (RC) Okay, thank you once again Mr Keshe. As always for the last
195 Knowledge Seekers Workshops. And, as always
thank you everybody for attending. And that’ll be the end of the
196th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday,
November 2nd, 2017. And, we hope
to see you here next week, for another Workshop with the
Knowledge Seekers Workshop series. Okay, I think we’ll end
the Livestream. … sorry …it’s, we have to play our
music here actually, Thank you Flint. Not hearing
the sound yet. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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