188th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Sept 7, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of nano material, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. (RC) Welcome…
welcome everyone to the 188th Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for Thursday, September 7th, 2017. And once again
we have Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute available to speak to us. … I think he’s … on
the road there right now but he’ll be … speaking to us
and then we’ll have a more secure … transmission
a bit later I believe Hello Mr Keshe are you …
still able to contact us ? (MK) Yes good morning,
can you hear me ? (RC) Yes I hear you’re in
your Spaceship coming around and standing…
(MK) spaceship [laughs] yes [laughs] Good morning,
good day to you as usual. wherever and whenever
you listen to these teachings. As … we develop our structure
for International … One Nation, One Planet …
organization there are a lot of things happening
and we need to develop things in a much … International based
organization, where we can do and deliver what we have
promised to do. One is the delivery of … … One Nation, One Planet and the other one is being able
to deliver this… in a very… … cohesive and
a very effective way. The problem now we have with this …
structure is the members of the Council both of the Universal and Earth Council,
have got to get used to their position. What they are supposed to deliver
and what is their objective. This has become one
of the biggest problem… for the both Councils… as they structure
themselves to take position and in a way to learn!
We saw them last week each one … in a unique way, have started
introducing what they are here for, what they are about to do
and this is a learning curve for all the members of the Earth Council
and Universal Councils. They have to learn how they set
their structure to govern, how they set their structure
to be able to deliver what has been part
of their development. We have chosen the Earth Council
and the Universal Council, members by their own choice, and, in the progress, we’ll see …
a very dynamic situation. Which is: we watch them grow and
we watch them deliver and develop systems that allows them to fulfill
what they were set up for. That is, for them to be able to deliver,
a total comprehensive work for Humanity and a long-term
process for Peace. The objective of setting up the
Universal Council and the Earth Council is to achieve World Peace. Is to be able to deliver
what we promised. In a way, that they become governors
and they govern in a effective way. Which means they understand the
problems of the Humanity, they understand the problems of… us, as One Race, what we have created
problem for ourselves and over time, how we can
overcome these problems. Partially it’s their work which is
interesting for all of us… How they’re going
to change the process? How they have to come to understand the processes they consider,
we call it as ‘Wishes’, and secondly what we are providing
for them in a financial way that they can deliver
these processes, they can deliver these … needs because
these are the needs of Humanity. These are where we bring the changes,
these are where we stay different than what has been, up to now,
using the technology. The strength of the technology
and delivery of the technology could bring about the changes,
which we know are needed. We cannot overlook anyone,
any shape, any form, any language. We have to be, in a way of … be able to
… deliver a total comprehensive system that … the need of the… all aspects
of the work of the Foundation can be met. Which means we can look after the poor,
we can look after the needy. We can look after the education, we can look after the Peace, in a effective way, that… we can deliver
all our objectives. We can deliver
all our needs and the need
of Humanity. As I’ve said in
the previous teachings… by selecting and having the Universal
Council, the members of the Earth Council selecting and choosing
and signing the Peace Treaty and in accepting One Nation, as One
Planet, the problems are not finished. It’s the beginning of solving
a bigger problem. We have to learn, as I’ve said
in the previous teachings, we have to learn that, we become
part of a structure, where we do not change the criteria from
one border, from one barrier to another. In a way, we have to learn that we do
not change the border of the Nations, as we said before,
to border of the languages and then other borders
and other divisions which has been the curse of Humanity.
By dividing ourselves to become identified as something .. special,
we create separation and division. Through this process
we come to stop, we come to stop all that is been
the problem for Mankind. In a way, that we choose
to be no different than the others we choose to respect each other, we choose
to become as part of one society. This be the Planet, this be the Galaxy, be it, this be the Human, being the plants,
being the animals. We have to consider Totality, we work
on one directions from now on, which is what we call
‘The Soul of the Man’ and this is important for us. … Rick I’m going to change
from one unit to another, if you just give me
one second please. Can you hear me now? (RC) … Yes. [Inaudible]
(MK) Okay, so we Chan… we just change
the system now. (RC) Okay, try it again,
make sure it’s okay. (MK) … Okay … (RC) Okay, we hear you
pretty good there Mr Keshe. Not sure if you hear me. (MK) Yes okay.
You can hear me now? (RC) Yes. (MK) Okay.
… What we going to do, is for us to understand the next step,
the next step in development. … The next standing,
in both, in real understanding
of the work of the Foundation, the work of the setting of
One Nation, One Planet. Which means, we need to understand
the full work of what we’re getting involved. What is the development
of the technology’s going to be. … The technology will feed into
supporting the work of the two Councils. And, in a way allows, us to teach more
people about the work of what we are h… what we do,
how we develop. But, this time we
can reach in different way of the what we call,
‘through the Soul of the Man’. In distance, deep Space,
we can not send messages, and wait for hours to be received. If the Man learns that through
the process of the Soul of the Man, interaction with the Soul of the Man,
he can reach much faster, and much deeper, in every essence,
the work of the interaction, and interface between different aspects
of the work of the Universe. It is important for, what we call,
‘Universal Council’, the ‘Earth Council’, to establish and structure,
what we call ‘The Charter’. In a way, the new name for what you call,
‘books of guidance’, what we call,
‘The Books of the Prophet of the Past’. Because, now that we are educated,
in understanding our Soul is responsible, and control of our Physicality,
and what we do, we come to understand,
and go one step further. And that is,
now, in this process we, we understand one thing,
and that is… up to now Mankind was waiting
for guidance, for what we call ‘Prophet,’ And most of the Teaching
in the shape of Prophet-ism, was that they guide us what to do,
and what to do in a physical life. How to behave. Now, that we have become educated
in understanding the truth about the creation of Man
and that the Soul of the Man is the center of the operation
and control of the physical life. Now, we have gone a step further,
which means, now we understand, we work through
the Soul, through our own inner being. And, in that way,
we do not need instructions, to become, or to follow certain rules,
to wash your hand this way, to pray this way, to…
not to lie, not to do this, or whatever. Now, we understand the responsibility of
the Physicality is in the hand of ourselves. So we have… we need a new way
of teaching, a new way of understanding, a new way to understand,
to get confidence in our own Soul, that we are the creator,
and we are responsible for. So, in this process,
we have to write a new Charter, we have to write … new books
of guidance for Humanity. And, this is not going
to be done by one person, Prophet so and so,
or Guru so and so. This, this time has been left,
collectively, for the Human race to write the book
of conduct of Man. And, this is a big difference,
which means all of us have matured, to become equal to the prophet of the past,
to control our own conduct’s. To many of us, this is a huge leap,
and then we create problems. because, we don’t want
to accept responsibility, that we are responsible
for our conduct’s. So, this is the change,
the what we call, ‘The Charter’, which now the guidance
is left with a group of people, is not one person any more,
that we follow. This is what I said
from the beginning, Keshe Foundation,
One Nation, One Planet, Universal Council, there are no more Prophets,
there are no Gurus, there is no head. That, we are all the head, we are all
responsible for conduct of our Physicality, and the faster we learn,
then, we become to join, what we call,
‘to become One Race’. Because, then there is no Soul which
is black, there is no Soul which is white, we don’t have Chinese Souls,
and we don’t have American Souls, we don’t have
God know’s, whatever. Because, all the Souls are the same,
they shine the same, they radiate the same,
and their attributes is the same. So, this is the
change of course. So, we don’t need to create
a new religion, new guide, new whatever. The us, which is us, which is our Soul,
become responsible. In so many ways,
for what we’ve been dictated, what to do
and what not to do. And now, we come to
be responsible for what we do. We… It’s a consequence
of what we receive. It’s going to be a lot of shock
for a lot of people, means accepting a lot. In that process, we have
asked the two Councils, with the support
of the Core Team, to start writing,
at least basic guidance, which is away from Physicality,
conditions of punishment. Punishment
does not exist. It’s me who do not receive,
it’s me who allows myself to positioned in a place
to serve more. So, this fear of punishment
goes out of the structure. It’s me who decides
how I want to elevate the others, and not, “I want to be elevated”,
the game changes. And then, in this process
there is one beauty, which means, we do not need
for people to tell us what to do. Doing correct is…
becomes part of our habit, part of our life,
part of the structure. Which means,
we have matured. Which means,
we become the teachers, where up to now we needed teachers,
we called, ‘Prophets’. Because, now we know,
“I do not care what I lose, as long as I can elevate another Soul,
to reaches his goal.” This changes,
there is no punishment. Because, it’s you who decides,
what you want to give. So, this new way of thinking
needs new guidelines, new way of understanding,
for those who’ve just come into it. And, the guidelines for those
who set it up, to understand, it’s a inclusive of everything,
which is in this Universe, as a whole. When we speak about the structure,
writing of the Charter, is not writing that of hunger,
not writing of … shelter, not writing of health, not writing of every
other thing, which is the concern for today. With the new knowledge,
we know there shall be no hunger. Where, now we know 20% of our need is through
physical material, and for it we kill a lot. Do we get a permission from the cow
to use his body? No! Do we get a permission from the tree
to use his fruit? No! Do we get a permission from wheat,
“Can we eat you?” No! So, we have become dictators of our own
killing machine, and now we understand,
there is another way. There is a system,
the whole Universal System works on, that does not kill anymore. We can absorb energies,
in a way that we need, in the depth of the Space,
without waters, without food, to compensate
for that 20% Physicality, which is connected to
the physical structure of this Planet. So, hunger becomes
meaningless. Shelter becomes
meaningless, as you create your own shelter,
as you need, in any space you need. Energy has no meaning,
because you Soul is the center it’s the Sun. How can the Sun be cold? It’s us who has to learn the conversion,
in the real term, ‘Universal condition’. Then when you
write the Charter, it’ll be very much unimaginable that
we can write about these things anymore. But what we can do, we can write about
the elevation of the Soul. The new guidelines should
stand for millions of years, not hundreds or
thousands of years. And then it has to be correct, it has
to be on conduct of the Soul of the Man. As we said at the very beginning,
True and Unification. It does not matter what color,
what language, what nationality, which just exists in
the barriers of the Mans brain. Now we bring Singularity, Oneness
and with this we bring Peace. The whole objective
of the whole process before Man enters
Universal Community, is Peace. The Keshe Foundation work
is in that direction. We do not consider any further, in a
way of our work that, what is going to be. What’s gonna be with the hunger. What’s gonna be we hear,
it in disasters in United State. Natural processes, what we call ‘disasters’,
is for us to understand, that we can move away from
and go back into. But we chose the cars,
we choose to fly out, we choose to make a shelter
to hide in from whatever is coming. But, if you understand that
we can work with the Soul of the Man, not only us, we can even move the trees,
the Soul of the trees, the plants, the animals
who are on the way. This is the new knowledge
and the strength which Man has gained. At the beginning which is now,
when you write the Charter it looks a bit funny. How can I do this?
But understand one thing. When the Man’s Soul
collectively in the Councils writes in the Pen of the Soul of the Man,
in the first Charters. It’ll become the law, it’ll become
the outcome. It’ll become the setting. So, when you write in these teachings,
especially on Tuesday afternoons, now that we see a workshop is set up,
especially for these kind of work. You’ll find out what you write in
the name of the Soul of the Man to be, will become to be.
It’ll become the conduct of the Soul. We got to understand Soul can not steal,
stealing is the habit of Physicality. So, is no use when you write in the Charter,
“Thy shall not steal.” Thou can never steal. As I explained in the Councils,
you take four or five magnets, especially the round ones
and place them on the table. When you put a magnet on inside,
they all take new positions. The one who wants to join you,
joins you. The one’s who position’s to be distance
move away. You cannot steal,
Souls do not steal. This was the habit of the Man
to justify to have Physicality. This is how we become correct. It’s the job of the Councils,
the Earth Council, the Universal Councils with what the Core Team
is there to support. To write a new Charter,
a new book of prophesy, of Man Peace,
Man Unification. Not only on this Planet, not only with
the other being on this Planet, but beyond. This is the job of the Councils and
we see them growing, we see them mature. They’ve been, they set up
the One Nation One Planet signing of the documents,
of Peace Treaty. Last week for the first time,
you saw them coming to present, partially at the beginning
and if you look in depth, you see, as I explained
in the other teachings on Tuesday, very clear, three different ways
of Councils, of core team. We saw how the members
of Universal Council are still tied up with the Physicality of this World,
what happened historically, where history in the Human race,
will not come up anymore. Because, we’ll be ashamed of what
we’ve done to ourselves and the others. It’ll be something we
do not like to talk about because we were wild we are still wild,
because we use others. And we see this in the teachings and
the way the Universal Council is shaping itself. Then we see the Earth Council members,
how they shape. They look and they come up
with totally different concept and aspects of
the One Planet, One Nation. Listen to the last weeks teaching,
between, they both had one hour or so,
to present. The first steps,
the first entry. This is where were going,
the Peace process will come through, writing the ethos
and it discussed openly. Come in board,
make your point. You see it different light in how
our Souls should be or could be. Each one of us has his own beauty.
Is not anymore somebody will decide. Come in, participate especially on Tuesday
afternoons as the charter is getting written, on the same number,
on the same visit point. And then structure a Charter
or book of Prophesies of a Man, which means we don’t prophesize, we become
the Prophets of ourselves for our Souls. We don’t do it for the others. When you write the Charter, write it as
it’s for your Soul, not is for somebody else. And then, look how you can
elevate your Soul to that position. The elevation comes by giving
and not by taking, the elevation comes
by Loving and Unifying. The game has changed. The game changes quite a lot, when we understand, we are
the tools of the progress of the Man for other Souls to progress
to the higher levels. A father sacrifices his live for a child,
a mother does the same, we don’t sacrifice. We give freely, that by
giving we elevate the others Souls that they can
serve Humanity better. The charter has to be written,
“The Book of Laws of the Soul” has to be written, by Man and not written
or given by somebody else, when the Man does not
understand his Soul. Many people write
to me and they say, “Can you explain,
where can we find our Soul?” Your conduct is the progress,
advancement of your Soul. Try to learn new ways,
how to reach the other Souls. By reaching the other Souls,
you find the potential of your own Soul. Is not looking for what I did,
what I get. But giving it unconditionally and seeing
them elevating in a way of their own Soul, in their conduct, it means
you have found your Soul. A Man should not look
for a Physicality of the Soul, but a Man should
look for the strength of what he can do with his Soul,
that elevates the others. In the position of elevation of theirs,
to reach that they can elevate the others. And then in that process might,
might be some Fields, which you’ll receive
in the process of progressive, what I call, ‘development’,
that elevates you. Not to give to be elevated,
to give unconditionally. This is the secret of the Creation. This is the secret of the Creator,
and this is what we’ve got to learn. Participate in writing the book of Man
in the conduct of his Soul. I always said,
“When I write the book of the Soul, it’ll be the last book
and it’s the time when I leave.” It’s for you to write,
the book of the Soul of the Man and then the Physicality
will follow, and this is what
the function will be. We allow ever week for
Universal Council members and the Earth Council members
to participate, to come in and explain how they evolved,
how they see, we need to write the Charter. But, at the end when the Councils agree,
with the discussion with the Humanity, because each one of us, now has
been elevated to be responsible for our Souls, we can discuss what we think could be
and should be part of the Charter. Part of this book of the Soul of the Man,
written by the Man. Because as is in the book
of writing of the Prophets, “The level of understanding
of the Man at the present time” “when he understands the mutation
of the elements,” “reaches the level
of the Prophets of the past.” Which mean passes the Physicality,
how many times you have to pray and how you washed your hand
and what you have to do. Because, when you reach to the level
of the Prophets of the past, it means you gain access to your Soul,
to control your conduct. Then is upon you
how you decide to go. Carry on with the physical life and
stand by all the suffering with it, or elevate your Soul to the point
of you live through your Soul which there is no punishment,
but beauty of giving. Every week we
give floor to the Councils and then we add more
to the knowledge of the Soul and the Physicality and
the Space Technology. But priority for us is Peace. Achieving World Peace through
understanding of new technology, which allows the Charter to take shape,
is the priority. So, in the coming times
you will see more and more, we give floor to the, to the… the two Councils
and the members of the Core Team. To bring in, how they think and then
is your job to see what you can add to. There is no point of
disagreement anywhere, there is no devil’s advocates,
that I’m here to see what happens. Those who come with division,
they’ll find their own demise. Those who come,
to find, to progress, to develop, they’ll find joy
and satisfaction. Do not think of all the negative things
these are of the past of Human race. Think of it positive,
think the way you reach it, think the way it can
change the life of the others and then progressively,
you change. You change the Humanity. I’ll teach you more and more, how to find
your Soul’s power, not to find your Soul. Because, your physical existence
is the conformation of existence of your Soul. What do you want to look for,
how to open up and touch and play with? Or understand what I feel through
my Soul, manifest myself in Physicality and in a way, manifests itself in
others behavior and Physicality and
the elevation of their Souls. We have to mature, it has come to the point
that the Man has matured and Keshe Foundation supporters and
the people, ‘Knowledge Seekers’ we call millions of you,
have gradually built up to this point. We are at the verge of
tipping the balance, in time I’ll explain. The World means process,
the Unification of the Nations support to reach it, is a very heavy
discussion for us in the background. Today, where we sit where we look,
where we teach governments are not
bothered about what, who said what. Governments are now bothered,
how can we change the course of our Nationals
and now it’s past the Nationals, How can we change
the course of the Humanity? Introduction of languages
as tool of Unifying, doing with the Nation borders
has been found to be one of the
solutions for Unifying Mankind. But as long as the languages does
not become another imaginary border line. Languages are access
to the Soul of the Man and in a way,
all the Souls are the same. It depends what filter you put on it,
you call it the ‘language’. Take the filter, the Suns are
all the same, shine the same. So, Souls cannot do wrong, but at
different ways accessing the information and converting
that into Physicality. The more and more we learn, the
more we understand we are all the same. As it’s been said many times, “we are all the fingers on the same hand
and the cells on each finger.” We need each other to be able to
function as One, collectively the correct way. We need to be able to understand,
it’s not important for me to be, but is important for me
to make sure the others who are, stay a positive,
comfortable existence. Then you find out,
my life becomes comfortable too. But not to give it,
to make sure I receive it. But give it unconditionally, that I have to
find, my Soul will find his own position. Many of you have this problem;
how do I know my Soul works? How do I know
what I can achieve? I give you a tip,
try it. And, then do it with sincerity,
not for sake of seeing a result. But do it with sincerity, that you receive
the elevation of the Soul of the others. You have a lover,
you have a husband, you have a wife, you have children,
you have friends. Think about them , what is bothering them,
what is suffering for them and try to give from your Soul,
that they receive so much from you that, what has bothered them, what has
been suffering for them, find a solution. You don’t need to talk and you don’t need
to wait for the result, to see “I work.” Just do and then
you see the result. You see that you
elevate them out of their pain. Because, they receive they
don’t have that strength to add, they receive it from you
and they find a solution. And then, sometime in the future
is not there and he say, “Oh, I accidentally thought
and it happened.” but no, “Oh I gave and
I’ve managed to elevate the Soul.” “Alleviating the pain my thinking,
but I gave enough unconditionally that if it was needed, has received
and it brought the change.” Do not think anymore “Oh I though it happened, no I Wished it,
I gave, it’s beautiful to see it happen” It’s different school of thoughts. Is different way to reach. Is the way…
the way the prophets of the past lived. Christ did not go on the cross to see
if, “I can have two billion followers.” He went on the cross for
different purpose and that purpose
brought Man to this point. Of two million people,
believing in his principle, but some not following his principle,
to how’s suit them. Because, when you
commit yourself to a Prophet you commit your Soul to it,
not your Physicality. And now if you commit your Soul
to Peace, Mankind will reach Peace. We hear World governments start talking,
because millions of us have start thinking “Oh, it’s coming from
this government, have you seen?” “Yes.”
“But stand still and think.” We thought about it,
we decided, we put our Soul in it
and this is the fruit. World Peace has to be a criteria that
the Earth Council, the Universal Council, Keshe Foundation,
all financial supports, the Core Team, all the strength and Humanity
has to go towards too. I have spent every second of my life
to bring you Peace and through my strength,
I achieve it. The Peace, the way this race has
set for itself looks very difficult, but the Peace to achieve
for this race, is so easy once the Man touches
his own Soul, not the others. Do not work with the fear,
but work with the strength that, “I can give unconditionally,” that,
“my existence is irrelevant, if it you can feed the forces that
brings Peace for this Planet.” In the scriptures it says, “The time comes when the lion
and the lamb sleep next to each other” The lamb is the Soul of the Man
and the Lion the Physicality of the Man. It’s for us to understand both… that both
can live within the Peace of each other. When the Physicality doesn’t do wrong
the lamb and the Lion are at Peace. When you kill, the Lion,
the Soul which is the lamb, has to find to compensate
for a wrongdoing of the Physicality. And, this keeps it in away from reaching
the level of its evolution to a higher level. We evolve. The evolvement of the Soul of the Man comes
through the Physicality, conduct of itself. How we conduct ourselves in physical life
gives rise to our Soul. And this is what
the Man has to understand. This is why when you go into Space
no one can fool you, that “I’m a King”, “I’m a new Priest”,
“I’m a new Prophet”. We are all Messiah, but we
are the Messiah of our own Souls. And this is the reality,
which we have to understand. Because, in conducting correct
we don’t need to teach no one, because we become
the teachers of one . In many of my talks I always say:
“I am the Messiah”, but I’m the Messiah of my own Soul,
that I make sure my Soul to conversion, to
my Physicality, does not do wrong. Then, that becomes the path,
because that’s the energy I elevate and that’s the energy that I…
emit, that it receives by those who are of the
same school of thoughts. We’ve seen and we see our progressive
development as a race, as on the Planet, from now on, is in the hand of those
who understand this point onwards. We don’t preach, we enlighten
for the Man to find his Soul. Participate in development and
the writing and… in the scripture of Peace through the work of
the, what we call… Universal Council, the Earth Council and
writing what we call ‘The Charter’. The Charter is not for the others. What you read in the Charter is the
development of your own Soul. As I said to the Council,
“I can write the Charter in one sentence.” And applies in any dimension
in the Universe. As a Man you like to put
more of your pains what you see as wrong
as one line of the Charter, write it and then look at it in
a few months time, that became irrelevant. My Wish to achieve World Peace
it’ll be done. Because, it’s the dream of every Soul,
but now we have United the Souls, and this is what
the progress will be. Not, having fear if you gonna have a Peace
but having the knowledge that we have achieved Peace
is the beginning of the process. The Technology will give every
need of the Man. Then, when you have everything you need
what is going to be left except Peace? That you can travel the depth of the
Universe and be of the same. You become the Prophets of those in Space
who do wrong if you find any. Because, you teach it to your Soul and you
touch their Souls, so they adapt to you. It’s like the way we say, “You have two Plasmas,
one of the weaker one of the stronger. The stronger which is your Soul has
learned to be correct, will give to those who do misconduct and
elevate same to become like you.” This is the beauty of the new teaching This is the beauty of understanding the
strength of your Soul. A Sun never dies, it shines till it
amalgamates with another or it shines more
to give more. And the Soul of the Man is the Sun. Is for us to understand, do we choose
it to behave or be like a Venus, or to be like
Jupiter, or like Earth. The same Sun, the same ray
but different manifestation in different position
of the strength. Participate in writing the…
Charter because, that’s the Charter for the Soul of the Man,
not Physicality of the Man. Never be afraid to evolve,
to elevate. But be afraid that,
“If I don’t give what happens?” You cannot steal, but by not giving you
have already stolen from yourself. Because, then you have not given
what it’s got to be and not received what you were
supposed to receive. So, in a way we steal from our own Soul
and no one likes to be robbed then our conduct
becomes correct. Are there any members of the
Universal Council who would like to bring us more
knowledge today? (GM) Yes, good morning Mr Keshe
this is Gatua, I would like to…
(MK) Good morning Dr Gatua. (GM) Yes thank you very much for
all your excellent enlightenment and what you’re doing for…
the Soul of Man globally. I’d like to share screen and… Hello, I’m going to talk about
ethos of Peace, and … I’m Gatua wa Mbugwa I represent the Gikuyu language and the
Gikuyu people in the Universal Council. In this presentation I will talk about
ethos of Peace, I will have a few questions for
discussion here and there and then I give a brief summary
in Gikuyu language. As we have all heard from Mr Keshe that …
languages touch the Soul of Man. And then I’ll have a few minutes
for … an open discussion where other members of the Councils
and other participants are welcome to… give their opinions
about ethos of Peace. So, the Keshe Foundation and all it’s
associated Councils and the Teams that is to say Universal Council,
the Earth Council and the Core Team, have a common ethos that can be
simply summarized as, quote unquote “We are here to serve
and not to be served” Then … why do we talk about Peace
and why ethos of Peace? So, in your own opinion,
is Peace important and if so why? And what does the term ethos of Peace
mean to you and why is it important? You can write your responses in the chat
if you are not a panelist and I will give a few minutes for…
for those who want to respond verbally… to these …
two questions. Anybody can respond who is a panelist
and whatever is written in the chat, … I would ask Rick
to please read them. Thank you. (RC) Okay, thank you Gatua. … just trying to see here
people will get their thoughts together. And let them in Livestream as well,
someone there has … comments. (GM) If you can get … even two …
that will be fine and then I’ll continue. (RC) Okay. That’s fine…
(GM) And then probably, we can read what is written. (RC) We can start with … Kasimir
who’s got a complete sentence here … “Peace is important because it is and will
be, the base of Humanity in the future.” (GM) Okay, thank you very much. Is there another one? (RC) … Mark Erb says,
“It means I will not be eaten.” (GM) Okay.
(RC) Like… eaten (GM) Is there anyone who
would like to say this verbally to… respond to these two questions
or one of them? Please? Go ahead. (AB) Good morning. Good morning Dr Gatua.
(GM) Good morning, is it Azar? (AB) Azar … the Man can be Peaceful,
the meaning of the Peace is when you allow me to read your mind
then it means you’re Peaceful, and you have nothing to hide. .. That’s, it means
you’re Peaceful. (GM) Thank you very much Azar. Anyone else? (GM) Okay, thank you very much
to all those who contributed. I will go ahead
with my presentation … According to Webster’s Dictionary,
Ethos means, “The distinguishing character, sentiment,
moral nature, or guiding beliefs.” These beliefs should be,
actually principles, not believe. Because, once you know, now … you no
longer believed, because you know,
so knowledge. “or a person, group or institution”,
so this is the guiding. Mr Keshe says, “the book of guidance”,
that we are writing. So, that is what Ethos we use
what guide us for now? Peace and Ethos of Peace are very important
to the Keshe Foundation and all it’s associated
Councils and teams. We have often been told that,
quote, unquote, “If you want Peace, prepare for war.” but, is the above statement
correct ? How could you, have Peace,
when you are preparing for war? If you wish for war,
you’ll get war, in my opinion. And that’s what … mostly
has happened, in the past So now, preparing for war
is inconsistent with our ethos of Peace paradigm… a paradigm shift
is therefore appropriate. So, if you want Peace,
prepare for Peace, that is what would be consistent
with our new, Ethos. We prepare for Peace, we Wish for Peace
and we’ll get Peace, bring about global Peace
which we are trying to do and Mr Keshe has been doing this,
for many years. We serve through Love, Unity, Wishing
and Giving among of us. So, what is the … why Love?
Love we have been told by Mr Keshe conquers everyday, so we must … or should
… make sure we know how to fall in Love, with the Creation, all Creation.
When you Love, you have no enemies. Unity… the Universal Council
is a structured on languages and we have learned, that languages
touch the Souls of their speakers languages touch
the Souls of Man. The more United we are,
in our… The more… when United we are
the stronger our Wishes and this is because of lots have
Magnetic-Gravitational Field-Strength and the more people are thinking about…
are United thinking about Peace, the greater Field-Strength we have and…
and the easier realize what we wish for. So, Unity through
languages without borders, because languages are
not necessarily speakin… spoken within a particular territory,
people have moved globally. So, we are talking of
languages without borders, borders all… reaching those who speak
particular languages wherever they may be. And, how about Wishing? Our Wishes,
are our commands So, when we Wish for Peace,
we get Peace. When we are United in our Wishes for Peace
we get Peace even faster. And giving? The more we give, the more we receive
and the more we elevate our Souls. In elevating our Souls, we’ll also elevate
all other Souls as we are all connected. So, giving is very important and
Mr Keshe even said this morning that, … “When you give unconditionally,
that’s when you receive.” So, like the Sun,
we wish to give unconditionally in all directions
and at all times. And in so doing, in giving
unconditionally like the Sun you receive a abundance…
abundantly. And Peace is very important,
in our Wishes. So …. what have you been doing? … The Keshe Foundation has brought
Plasma Science and Technology. It has released Technology
in exchange for Peace. We teach, we learn and teach these science
and create technology, new technologies,
Peaceful Technology. Recently, the Keshe Foundation organized
the signing of the World Peace Treaty and that sign, the World Peace Treaty
can be found through the below … website, URL,
link to the website. And now, we are United as the Councils,
Keshe Foundation Councils, the Peace, I mean the Universal Council,
the Earth Council and the Core Team, to write a Charter for a Peaceful
One Planet, One Nation, and One Race that we want to bring about and that has
already started and Mr Keshe mentioned that
earlier this morning. So, now, I like to give a summary
of Peace, Ethos of Peace in Gikuyu and of course I might, remind you
that … Mr Keshe says, “Languages touch the Souls of Man.” So, it’s very important to speak to those we
represent, in our Lang… in languages that touches their Soul,
that touch their Soul. [Gatua wa Mbugwa speaks in Gikuyu] Thank you very much, I have just
given us brief summary in … Gikuyu and we now return to
Ethos of Peace in English and … I would like … others
to discuss Ethos of Peace, and how they can help
bring about Global Peace. Through Love, Unity, Wishing, Giving
or in any other ways. I especially welcome other members of
the various Councils and teams. But … participants, other participants
are also welcome. Thank you very much indeed. Those who are not panelist can go ahead
and write in the chat. And please Rick, I would appreciate
very much if you could read. (RC) Yes we have one from,
from before actually, from Jos who… that might be a relevant
… statement, he says, “Ethos of Peace should consider to the Ethics
of survival of all the dynamics.” That was from Jos. … Mark Erb says,
“war is not Peace, Love is the first law.” (GM) And the panelists can also speak…
(RC) Yes and there’s … Okay, well Jos …
is also… would like to speak I s…
He’s got his hand up but. Is there any panelists
that would like to speak at this point? Okay well I’ll promote Jos to a panelist
then … see what he has to say? Hello Jos are you there, can you hear?
Let me unmute you, and then you can speak. Hello, hello?
(JN) Yes. Yes, do you hear me? (RC) Yes we do. (JN) Okay, so now my microphone is open?
(RC) Yes. (JN) Okay, so … this is about …
the means, that we have to take to, to bring Peace, … without
any enforcing anything. I think Mrs Ke…
Mr Keshe has talked one time about … sending in Space, deep Space,
those who would be … at war, you know. So, it’s such an incredible idea that
I think we should consider … very much to send these who won’t to abide to Peace,
to isolate them for a moment. I don’t know,
maybe the time it would take. If it is one day, it’s one day, one week
and will be one week and so forth. But, when one is isolated,
I think that he will understand how it is important to be together …
to partake, to share, our … our life, what we
are doing in our life. And … I don’t know why it is so important
to share with others. … I have a little idea about it
but I wo… I don’t, I won’t, I would not… I would not like
to talk about it right now. But, I think this would be a solution, to…
not to punish, but to isolate the person who
want to head again for war. I don’t know if … few people
would agree with me, but, this is … a very good idea,
from Mr Keshe that I will promote. (RC) So you’re saying your idea
for to bring about Global Peace, is to isolate … certain people? (JN) No … those who
won’t abide to Peace. Who will … You know, do you understand
what I mean? Their incarcéré, non… Those who, who, who con… (RC) Okay well,
we have on the page here, how you can
bring about Global Peace through Love, Unity, Wishing, Giving,
or in other ways. And you’re suggesting what,
locking people up? Isolating them in what way?
What would be a way of doing that, that’s in a Loving, Unity, Wishing,
Giving or other ways? (JN) … I think that e… we should
isolate those in Space, alone, for the time it takes that they realize that
… to be alone, isolated … is not … so … happy life, than to be together in society.
Really, I don’t know if you understand. (RC) You mean send them off to Space,
send off the people that are … aggressive and want war
and send them to Space, is that what you’re saying,
by themselves? (JN) Yeah. The aggressive,
the aggressive ones… (RC) No, no, we don’t send
the aggressive people to Space. That’s not the way
we do things because … there’s no room for aggressiveness in Space,
it… that doesn’t work. (JN) Yeah, but if they are isolated,
they won’t be … damaging others, you know. But, if you isolate them in Space with
the means of maybe the MaGrav technology. (RC) No that’s not part of the…
(JN) ??? take their own position, you know? (RC) So far as I know
it’s not part of the way that these, that … Universal Council or the Earth Council,
or the Core group works. … We work to elevate others, not to …
encase others with … by isolation necessarily. … (JN) Yeah but
how could we protect ourself? (AB) … Rick can I come in?
(RC) Well it’s a question. Go ahead. (AB) … Okay Jos,
this is the thing, you don’t have to go that far
to make people Peaceful. … People who’re not Peaceful
they’re just like drunk people, you know, when they’re drunk
they don’t know what they’re doing. And then when they come to the realization
when the alcohol wears off of them, say sigh and say,
they say, “Oh my god, that I acted like that?” That’s how the situation
of the Man is on this … on Earth. They… an non-peaceful Man are just like
… drunken Man. If you … (RC) What, what happens when you confront
a drunken Man and try to … You know maybe … (AB) So what you have to do, you have to,
when somebody is not Peaceful you just … have to give enough to them
like the way we give to the drunken Man enough water to, to get the … give them
the water to give them their thirst away. So that way
they become sober. So, that’s what you do, you just give enough
to become Peaceful, they’re just like
a drunken Man. And that’s how it is,
but I have a question for all of you … Mr Keshe talk about the Soul and …
the giving and elevation. There was a discussion also last time …
you guys had, that in terms of giving … Like somebody who’s in,
in distress, and Mr Keshe gave a example of a old man
he was saved, and another man, because the energy has to go someplace,
and another man who had a family had to die. So, in elevation also …
Mr Keshe discussed today, that if’s a loved, a loved one, a brother,
a sister, a husband or a friend is in … pain, and, we can give from our Soul
without even doing anything … elevate their Soul so the pain goes away.
But the question is … In both situation are we interf…
when do we know are we interfering, or we sh…
are we allowed to go in and do it? Because, sometimes these people have to
learn from the pain they’re going through. … Are we allowed to go
and get rid of the pain by elevation, or am I interfering
or am I allowed? When can we do that? That’s my question,
for anybody who can answer it. (RC) Well elevation may not necessarily
mean removing pain for somebody that’s …
in that position. They may relate to somebody (inaudible).
(JN) I think … … Do you hear me? (RC) Yeah go ahead, hello? (JN) I think that education is
a part of the solution. And, when you hear about what Mr Keshe
is teaching us, this is … a real education. And, but the problem is that peop…
with people today is… is, they are not educated
to clear their words. When they’re studied, they’re not
sure they understand what you says but you will ask them, tell them
a sentence … with the word “Ethos” and if they don’t
know what is Ethos he could just decide by themselves
that it does means this or that which is not at all the case. So, the first thing you have to do, is to
educate people to clear their words before talking or for… in trying to
understanding what we have, what we try to …
to make them understand. And this should be included
in the education system and … I don’t want to promote Scientology … but in Scientology we have, we start
to, to… with the first course I would … (MK) Excuse me,
I have to stop you there. (JN) Yes. Yes.
(MK) I have to stop you there. We, we have no
connection with Scientology. We set up a new course
and this has to stop. (JN) Yeah Scientology is the most
abusers in the World right now. (MK) Not really, it’s
your line of thinking. … it’s not and I, I say we do,
I do not agree with this in whatever shape
or form whatsoever. (JN) But … (MK) You, no no, we’re
talking about different thing, you’re talking about different thing. (JN) Yes. (MK) Okay? Yes, go got to, no, no,
you got to stop this line of talk. If … you have, you work,
you’ve been part of Scientology, that’s… we respect it
that’s your right. Do not bring this things into
the work of the Keshe Foundation. (JN) Yeah, but we have to
talk about solutions Mr Keshe. (MK) Solution, that’s not a solution. They never had a solution. (JN) Let’s say …
(MK) Scientologists never had a solution. (JN) Yeah. (MK) And we know the…
the mind set which goes with it. I don’t agree with it.
Please stop this line. (JN) That’s okay … (MK) Thank you very much. Can we have any other one…
any other contribution please? (PW) Yes hello … it’s Pete from Poland member of the Universal
Council Polish language … … to answer Azar’s question … I think you know we, we, we can’t help
anybody until … they’re prepare to take. So … my intake on this would
be we always offer Love, we always give unconditionally and then
whenever the other party is prepared to take they take as much as they want, as much
as they eat at the given point in time. Thank you. (AB) Thank you. (GM) Are there any other members of the
Councils would like… or to say something? Even share their experiences, through
this process of … Elevating our Souls in order to
write a Peaceful Charter. (MR) This is Mosfeq speaking …
Can you hear me? (GM) Yes Mosfeq, go ahead please. (MR) … I’m with the Universal Council
representing Bengali language. One of the things … Gatua
brought up at the beginning is that… in order to achieve
Peace we don’t make War, in order to achieve
Peace we make Peace. And the guiding principles and
you lay down very beautifully, Love, Unity, Wishing and Giving. And, one of the ways this… these things
may manifest is through our conduct. The conduct is an expression of
our Wish, the way we give and the Love and it brings… it helps to bring the
Unity that we are trying to achieve. And, we will achieve it. We become the
example as Mr Keshe said … Through this we become the
sh…shining light, for example, that people are drawn to with… because of
the proper Field. And, so in a way… as opposed to misconduct, mis-conduct
doing things that promote division conduct brings Unity. Unity for us…
us to achieve the Peace. So… and it is also… becomes an example,
a silent example for others to learn from. Some may … do it
slowly, some little faster but it propagates,
people are drawn to it and, this becomes a mechanism
through which Peace can propagate locally and through the
Field Universally. Thanks. (GM) Thank you very much … Mosfeq.
Are there any other responses Rick that you can read or is there anybody
else who wants to contribute? If not, I’ll be summarizing
very soon. Rick, are any responses
in the chat? (RC) I’m just trying
to find some here … Gatua. I have some comments but I’m
not sure if they’re relevant or not? … (GM) Okay, I can go
ahead on the summarize. … I’ve talked about
Ethos of Peace, the way I understand it, after learning
from Mr Keshe and being … among the Universal Council,
we discuss these things but … what I have presented
here is my understanding and … Ethos of Peace we have to
change, we have to have a paradigm shift from thinking in terms of …
War if you want Peace … “Prepare for war”,
that has to go out of the window. If we want Peace we have to prepare
for Peace and how do you do that? We prepare for Peace through
Love, Love conquers everything. Through Unity, we have a
structure that Unifies people with on the languages they speak
and why is this important? Because, languages touch the
Souls of those who’s speak them. Also, languages Unify people in that,
those who speak … particular languages are not necessary confined
to a particular country or territory. like those who speak Gikuyu for
example, are all over the World. So, when I speak in their language
they understand, their Souls are touched wherever they may be. And then through Wishing and
we have learned from Mr Keshe that our Wishes are our commands.
So, when we Wish for something and especially, when we are
United in the… in our Wishing, we … we get
stronger Field-Strength, because, even our words and
our Wishes for that matter, have Magnetic-Gravitational
Field-Strength. So, the more people
wish the same for Peace the more easier it
becomes to get Peace. And through giving,
giving is also Loving. Through giving,
the more we give, the more we receive and the
more we elevate our Souls. And in elevating our Souls,
we also elevate other pe… other Souls including those of plants and
animals, as we consider Peace … for all Souls, for all Entities …
that are created. So … I also have a summary.
I summarized what I went through in Gikuyu the language that I represent
in the Universal Council. And then, opened this discussion
to others and I appreciate very much all the contributions of … other participants
and members of the various Councils. I thank you all very much indeed for your
participation and for listening. Thank you. Thank you very much, back to you Rick. (RC) Okay, does that … complete this part,
is that what you’re saying … Gatua? (GM) Yes, my part is completed … but …
if people Wish to continue discussing? … I have finished my presentation.
Thank you very much. (RC) Okay. Thank you. … Mr Keshe would
you like to come in now or … ? (MK) Yeah, no problem, it’s just about…
can we hear from the Earth Council members? (RV) Hello everyone, I am Rodrigo Vildosola
member of the Earth Council. I’m honored to speak
to all of you about a few aspects of the Charter we are working
on for the Earth inhabitants. So, that we can open a discussion
here today of these subjects. It is important of all of us, not only
to understand the Charter, but to participate in its creation. It is not a job for
the earth Council or united… or Universal Council
to create a Charter. Think of us only as your
tools to put it together. The ideas have to come
from all the people of Earth. This is a time we we’re waiting for. It is hard to conceive that in this day and
age we still have wars going on our Planet. We kill each other with guns, we kill and
hurt each other with unkind words and hatred. We bombard each other with
bad thoughts, as if no one can hear us. How do we get here? Throughout our history, people were
always artificially divided by the powers to be. Even to the color of their skin or their beliefs,
or their position in society. It is an acceptable practice
to kill in the name of God, just because someone else
is practicing a different religion. All of it was done to distract us
from the awareness of our own power and as long as we stand
divided there will be no Peace. We share this beautiful Planet
with other lifeforms, animal, plant, mineral kingdoms,
the air around us, the water, the elements of the Planet,
the very Earth we walk upon it. All of them are our brothers and
sisters on this beautiful blue-green Planet. The Eu… the Humans have
dominion over all this lifeforms, not because we
were better than them, but because we were gifted to speak
and understand all of their languages. And therefore be the humble voice
in United all of us together. It is in working together with nature that
Humans find that inner Peace with help, create harmony on Earth. There’s a lot to discuss, but first
I would like to keep you one thing in mind. When bringing… when bringing
your ideas to the table, please form them in such manner
that you say exactly what you want it to be versus
what it should not be. A good example of that’s…
of that is the ten commandments. One shall not kill. The creators of those
commandments knew that the minute you say to people,
“do not”, do something the people most likely would the opp…
… opposite or at least try it. Therefore, there will be
automatically create sinners, who had to repent or to be punished. We don’t want to
go down that path. There, I just state exactly
what we want to create on our lives. Now we gonna show some aspects,
that we’re discussing by… between the Earth Council
and Universal Council. If you allow me Rick to …
to share the screen, please? (RC) Okay are you able to
share there now Rodrigo? (RV) Thank you, Thank you so much.
Yes, can you see it? (RC) Yes. (RC) If you can make it full screen
(RV) Okay.
it would be better … (RV) Yes.
(RC) obviously. Perfect … thank you. (RV) So, this is one of the…
the discussion we were disc…. We were….
presented by the Earth Council So, this is open for all
of you to discuss it. It is time to alter Humanity, to move
it to higher level of consciousness. And for all that, every individual
should be more aware of his own role on this
constantly evolving Unicos. Advance…
advancement for the future, it is time to be responsible for…
for act… for our actions, allowing a deeper connection to our Souls
and the elevation on our Spirit. The future is in our hands
and each one of us is responsible now, not only for our own life and future,
but also for the Totality of the Creation. It is a time to become part
of the Universal Community and for that, we’ll have
to be ready, to prepare. It all starts from
following basic state… basis steps of the truth about ourselves
and the way the Creation works. There must be a balance in everything,
basically in giving and receiving. What we give out, it is what we give,
we will… we’ll receive in a stronger way. Let’s be responsible for our actions,
feelings, beliefs and habits. The Universe belongs to us and
we belong to the Universe… to the Universe. So, it’s open to discuss,
to all of you. Any comments? (LM) … Hi Rodrigo, it’s Lisa.
(RV) Hi Lisa. (LM) Ah… Rodrigo, I think that
the most important … aspect
(MK) Yes… Sorry Lisa, can you introduce yourself,
who you are, please? (LM) … Sorry … it’s Lisa and I’m the
EC member for Australia and … Yes, I think that the…
the most important part of this whole … concept here, is that the Universe belongs to us
and we belong to the Universe. We are the Totality and we are the Creator
and each single one of us, is that. And so we have to…
we have to look… see our role and… and understand
how we have to operate. … If… if you do anything
that isn’t correct, you are hurt…
harming yourself … and… and that is the… the big part of this…
that we haven’t understood. That you… you can’t do anything
that isn’t correct, because when you do, it… it always, it… it…
it’s … it takes away from the Totality. And by taking a way from the Totality,
you’re harming yourself. … And… and that’s a big aspect of,
I think, what we have to learn (RV) Do you want me
to present the next one Lisa? Up to you Rodrigo. So, any comments
from all of you? (RC) Well there’s several people with
their hands up, that I’ll invite in if … no one here from
the Councils wants to speak. (LM) We’d love to hear from
other people please Rick. (RC) Okay. (RV) As we said,
this is an opportun… the opportunity for the whole Earth,
to participate. (RC) Okay, so there is Bonefice who …
should be a panelist there now… Go ahead Bonefice.
(BC) Thank you Rick. Can you hear me? (RC) Yeah, Yes.
(RV) Yes (BC) Okay … This is Bonefice
a Knowledge Seeker from … California. … Greetings to everybody and … Dr … Gatua’s presentation,
but I think it is applicable here too. … If you don’t mind me asking,
or making a comment. … In his presentation he…
he made a statement, “If you want Peace, prepare for War”
and suggested that… … “If we want Peace
we should prepare for Peace.” And so it struck me… and then he also
give is the ethos of … Peace. We’re here to serve,
and not to be served. It, it, it begged the question,
I guess in my mind. Do we even have
a working definition for Peace? I was trying to see
if I remember seeing anything… you know throughout
this … work. And I couldn’t recall, you know,
a statement to that effect, I think … when I have an
assumption of what Peace is and… That’s what I’ve heard everybody talk about
but, I have not seen stated anywhere … what our actual
working definition of Peace is. Even, though we ethos for Peace,
which we’ve stated. So, I thought that was interesting.
… maybe, if somebody, … has that they can share that?
But… (RC) Well we do have the
World Peace Treaty, which mentions … that we agreed to accept to lay down
all tools of aggression and more. So, that would be part of it… (RC) and shall never think about
(BC) Okay getting involved, or incite war. Or develop or use any tools of war
on this Planet or in Space … and to this we agree and swear… and so on. (BC) Okay, that’s good,
so that Peace (RC) … guidance about …
the aspect of war versus Peace, but what you’re talking about might
be different in terms of defining Peace, but not defining it
in terms of war perhaps? (BC) Correct. Correct. So, I… I thought
that might be something… worth looking into, if we … you know,
draw… are drawing up a… a Charter? And … I also have another question… since
…. If it’s okay? August 3rd I recall Mr Keshe
… requesting that the … to complete the process we began…
to … send a communication to … you know, to the ambassadors and
individuals we contacted before. … And that the Council was gonna draw up
this letter that we could send out. Bro… It’s … August, September 7th right now
and I haven’t seen any such letter, so… Have we given up on that idea,
or what… what’s the status of that? Th… those are just my comments.
Thank you very much. (LM) I’d just like to say something about
Peace, in terms of the Soul aspect of it. And, I think Peace means something
slightly different to every single one of us. Maybe because … it’s… It’s … it’s
an interpretation of… of your perception, but to my mind,
Peace maybe is. Allowing the Souls to be … in a place
where it can give unconditionally and it has the comfort to do so, without
… anything impinging on the freedom to give where you would like to give
and where you can give unconditionally. … A bit like the positioning
of the magnets. (RC) Okay, thank you Lisa
… we have … (MR) This is Mosfeq, I would like to answer
the second question about sending the letter. I know people have sent letters
and they wrote their own. This, it’s a short letter, saying thank you
or something along that line. (RC) Excuse me, can you get a little bit closer
to the microphone it’s hard to hear you? (MR) Okay, sorry. Sorry about that.
… I’m responding to the second question, which is …
writing the letter. I know people have sent
out letters and they wrote it … in their own language, thanking
the people that received earlier a letter and making them aware of,
where the… where to find these Peace treaties,
that has been signed. And, so anybody
… can write a forward letter and I don’t think there is…
it’s necessary to have a format for it. Or a some sort of format … letters that
we all send the same letter to everybody. So, I think it’s anybody can do it,
it’s just a simple process. (RC) Okay thank you … we’ve got
a couple more people … here. There’s … Chad…. Would you like to …
say something? Hello Chad? I see your microphone’s open,
not hearing you, maybe you have to turn your
the mike on or something? … I see your microphone is going up and
down but I’m not hearing anything, Chad. Yeah, well see if you can figure out things
at your end there? [background noise] There’s something now…
Hello Chad? (CV) Can you hear me? (RC) Yeah we hear you now. (CV) Okay (laughs) Sorry about that…
sorry about that everyone … just little trouble setting up
my new system today. … I… my… my comment, I have just…
just a comment. Like I think, this is really great,
what is happening in … in discussing Peace
and trying to bring … as I see it,
trying to… all of us together, trying to bring Peace to the Planet, to the Universe from…
from our Planet moving outwards and … the… I mean,
this is kinda basic, but it… it resonates with me, is that we…
we each… it’s been said… and it’s been said tonight,
like each one of us … has to become more loving and…
and… and forgiving of our, of ourself
and of others. As I see it, that’s…
that’s… that’s the main … way to bring about
Peace on the Planet. Like through forgiveness of ourselves…
… each one of us forgiving ourself for the … the aggression that we’ve created,
maybe and in thought or in action. Depending on maybe,
our job or… or so on, and.. and then forgiving others
as we’ve forgiven ourselves and… And… and that’s… that’s
what I wanted to contribute. Thank you. (RC) Okay, thank you Chad, now we have …
(JG) Can I come in Rick ? (RC) Jalal, yes I was just gonna mention
that name and sure enough he appears! (JG) [laughs] Good day Rick , good day
everybody, good day Mr Keshe … There is one thing
come in … to my mind, … You know, there is
… in Arabic land, there is a tribe they call them the ‘Bedouin’
who is living in the desert. These people, they take with them
all their furniture, everything’s … all kinds of animals, what they are
using, all the time, everywhere, when there is a grass,
green grass they go to it. So they, like they are
taking everything with them. For every spot they go. And, if I visualize what Mr Keshe said
and, when you give, you take more and there is another frontier
behind this Earth and everything. If I said, “I am sitting here,
in… in a valley”, and there is a mountain and come
a beautiful Soul like Mr Keshe and said “Look guys,
behind this mountain there is a huge beautiful things
you didn’t see it before!” And what I’ll say is
“Okay I will go there”. But this mountain need
to be climbed, Okay? “Okay I will climb it!” But if I take all
the things with me; all my furniture, all my animals,
my cars, everything in my shoulder, how I… how I gonna
climb this mountain? So, what I will do? I will give this, all these
things away, to climb and even my… in the end,
even your clothes you will… you will… you will give
it up to… to climb this easier. So, everything we have learned, this is burden on your shoulder. Your body is even burden
on your shoulder! Whatever you have is my, my, my is you’re
like putting more kilos to your shoulder! How you gonna climb? So what you will…
gonna do, you will say, “Can you take this one from me?”
“Can you take this one from me?” But, no one take because all the people
they have the same thing, or maybe less or more.
And then what you will do? You will Wish that someone
will take that burden from you. This, all this heavy, what you … took all
these years to, to put it on your shoulder. Then you will Wish,
“I Wish someone come and help me and take this one from my shoulder
that I will be little bit … lighter that I can climb little bit
more meters.” So my friends,
Peace is that! That you give out
what you have, but, not all of them they will take
from you, but what you will do, you will Wish and
sincerely you will Wish, that, I or Rick or anyone else, that
he will take from you something to… to make you
little bit lighter that you can climb faster. So, Peace come with that. Peace
come that you give everything without… Because, behind this
mountain, behind this frontier, there is more beautiful
things you can do. When you come to the World, you are a
small child, you don’t have nothing! You only need the… the… this
new burden … what you learned! It’s enough you learned, You have … learned how… how pain is,
you learned how Love is, you… you all of that you are learning and you can’t
keep it on your… on your… on your brain, in your Physicality, in your…
in your RNA, you are already registered. So, you don’t need all these things, this my
car, my house, my tribe, my family even! Because, it’s one… it’s like a Soul,
one Soul he cannot take … so many with him,
only if they are light like him. Mr Keshe he can…
he can come down and say, “Okay I can help you,
I can pull you up.” But he can… he cannot pull
10,000 people with all this furniture and all this burden
on their shoulder. He can pull 1, 2, 3.
I can pull 1, 2, 3. Rick can… can pull me
or pull that one. if he is lighter, if he… don’t have this,
all this furniture on his shoulder. It’s the same thing Give up, give all these
thing what you have, not… not in Physicality,
but what is in your mind. My… my country, even sometimes…
sometimes I’m not satisfied what I’m saying, “I am from Iraq” that
I am something unique. I’m… I must be unique.
No, I am from Earth! I am.. I am from
this Spaceship. If I go up there, I will say,
“I’m coming from Earth.” I will not say, “I’m coming from Iraq”, “I am
coming from America” or Canada or something I am presenting every Human being here,
every creature here, every entity. But okay in meantime,
to make people understand to make people … experience
what we experience, how we came here. Okay, in the meantime, but
I will not put it as a… as a law. Only tool, even your body is a tool to…
to understand these feelings, these emotions to put it inside your DNA and from DNA goes to RNA
and then to … elevate your Soul. It is beautiful thing
to think in that way. But if, okay I will help, I will give
but how you will give? What you will give? You will give…
Can you give your arm in this moment? No you’re not,
because this arm is yours! No one can take it from you! But if you think you
cannot goes from this hole, Because you have a little bit, more
you’re heavyweight, you’re a little fat, What you will say? “I wish that fat is
not there”. It’s… it’s… it’s in your body! You… you want to be little bit slim,
10 kilos of meat, of flesh… you will give it! Please, please take it, you will buy even
everything to… to rid of this … more kilos. Because you have aim, you have zeal
there is something you want to go and why… why don’t we
… put that in mind? Thank you (RC) Okay, thank you Jalal … Who else would like to go ahead
there’s … Alper. Alper, would you like
to say something now? (AT) Why not? (RC) [laughs] Those are the 2 big words
that Mr Keshe always uses when you ask him … “What if we do this project
and add this GANS to this and that and this and….?
“Why not?” (AT) [laughs] I’m closing my mouth
it’s just so, so funny. … As I was doing, I was commenting
and then trying to understand the … the gentleman’s words, … it’s all wonderful to…
is.. isn’t it like a self … impression. and like, to be able to
cover everything and it’s just like… … it’s a momentary,
like we’re in the moment now, we’re… we’re trying to … impress
our environment, as we always do, … it’s in our nature to be
able to attract and repel. And … isn’t it wonderful to be able to like self… Oh, I don’t know how to
properly put it in a place! But … overall, we’re all an
individual that we’re inflicting and trying to understand
as we are speaking. Speaking is, is so … important
and so, im… im… important in terms of your understanding,
it is very difficult to talk here. That’s what it is,
it has to be understood, it’s very delicate to be able to express
your understanding, never mind about yourself,
it’s just the insight of you’re giving out of it. … You’re just letting it go. Very delicate, believe it,
more than you think as you’re listening comfortably
on your chair there. And like, very, very relaxed,
and gi… taking it all in, and like wonderful but,
giving is like a mirror effect. What we’re, what the teachers are trying to,
and the speakers they, the people are… who are trying to share
everything, just wanting to be a mirror. Not trying to teach intensively and …
like intensely l…l… very powerfully, and forcefully,
but giving out. What is, what information
is going to hit me, and reflect me towards myself
to the others. This is like a…
that’s how I see it. I don’t take it as a negative way
in every word but the input… in… information,
even his name, I don’t even remember the people
who speaks here sometimes. … I’m very sorry about that, but the information
is in my brain is being scratched. Is more important than
the person itself, therefore, the person shouldn’t
really think after he told, he didn’t get any feedback
or love or care, it doesn’t matter, it’s the…
it’s the Totality of the whole pro… Maybe, last five or ten or maybe
twenty hours of the Totality of the teaching, has come to a point where it is actually
teaching to a people. Not… I mean I don’t mean it,
my… by my words but, … Mr Keshe’s understanding would come to,
a conclusion after all those teachings. Just by understanding, so,
talking here is very significant. … Sir, thank you so much for letting me speak.
… It’s very special, I was very … I was having a difficult time
to be able to… how I would be expressing myself correctly
in terms of my understanding, not with the attitude or any other aspects,
… worldly, worldly aspects, but just giving the understanding. How, how can I be a mirror
to be able to reflect all their understanding towards you,
with my … support. That is what is happening here,
I’m not teaching actually, I’m …
we’re not teaching. Even Mr Keshe is just repeating himself, he,
he’s been repeating himself forever, and therefore, people see themselves
within those words. That is the … mirror effect,
therefore, they find themselves
within this knowledge, exist This is … that’s just the beginning of…
with my understanding, and wonderful, I think it’s beautiful,
really more than beautiful, more than beautiful to be able to express
every detail, every persons effort in it. Mr Rick’s, everyone’s effort is,
is so delicate. It represents not the way you look at it,
it represents in terms of … knowledge, energy. Effort is energy and it’s information,
that is being reflecting towards us. Every effort means in this time,
what we’re experiencing, means information for our benefit, w…
we really have to get it… get it right. I, that’s what I think. Our, our responsibility,
kind responsibility, when, I mean, even though I come to terms in
very powerful words, but it’s all very kind. Honestly, information is in itself,
in its own reality, I’m not talking about
our words. Why after you, you stand up with those words,
it goes through. that’s a kind … post you send,
it’s just within its cont… containment, no matter what the information is.
What is going there is a very kind … interaction. We’re all very kind people,
really … in the end. (RC) Okay, Alper …
(AT) I have… Thank you so much Sir. (RC) It’s probably good for now, thank you.
(AT) Thank you, bye. (MK) Can I come in to …
comment in regarding the, what we’ve setting up
the charter for Peace? And what we…
part of understanding of it is, to give freely, that …
we elevate the Soul of the others. I think … the good example of this
is the way the Foundation has set up
from the beginning. We shared knowledge
unconditionally. … Sharing knowledge is sharing Peace.
Sharing knowledge is sharing love. And, I think the Ethos, the way all of us
around the Foundation have worked, has set example for this … by…
you got to look at the background
of the knowledge, background
of the behavior, background
of the outcome, and the background
of the outset of the whole thing. When, from the beginning,
we shared the knowledge freely, we did not give the opportunity
to the others to steal, to get the knowledge. So, we already prevented a crime to happen,
… misconduct to happen that the… because you stole you have to
… do whatever with it, or whatever you
could hide from it. The Ethos of the Foundation,
is a Ethos of Peace, by its behavior,
by its conduct, by its action. And this is what a lot of people
have not understood. We don’t talk about
becoming a Peaceful, and giving freely, that it let other
to elevate their Souls that they find Peace. We live by this Ethos
from the day we set out. We never pushed one thing
or another. We gave freely, we taught freely,
188 teachings. Unconditionally. The edge of knowledge. Everyone of us
discovered something, came and shared. This is… always been,
the pattern of the people who
set an organization up or any structure. The people who fit into that structure,
follow the same mindset. And this’s become our mindset. The structure of the Foundation
is giving unconditionally. Which is loving. When you give knowledge unconditionally,
you inspire the other Souls. When you share knowledge unconditionally,
it’s a way of giving, it’s loving. When you love your child,
you share all your knowledge with him, that in the future,
he might benefit by it. He might find salvation in it.
And this is what we done. If you look at the whole,
(Thank you very much, thank you Giovanni) … The whole structure, is…
is set that way. It’s not … preaching, but it’s the way,
the Foundation work has been, which is a loving Peaceful condition,
the work of all of us. Some of us can express our feelings,
some of us can express our knowledge, some of us can express our work. But, we’ve seen over years,
people come in unconditionally, give the edge of science, whatever discovered,
that it could be benefit to somebody else. Somebody’s microphone
is open in the background. So we, we have to come to understand,
we have to see that, the work we set up from the beginning,
has been unconditional love, unconditional sharing of knowledge. Opening the patent
application forms. Giving the knowledge freely,
the books freely to the Nations who could not afford, allowing the people
who can not afford have the free teaching This is all part of, not the talk,
but it’s the way for us in the Foundation. It’s a way of living,
unconditional giving. Unconditionally we share. And millions of us, unconditionally
teach the others or does something for it. This how it will be
because not only me but us as people around the Foundation,
we don’t talk about it, but we do it naturally. To us it’s natural to find something
and come and share straight away. We done this.
Go back over all the teachings. And those who wanted to stop the sharing have created all sorts of problems
for themselves, not for us. This is the way it will be going.
This is the way when we speak about Peace, we do not allow others to commit a crime
to get access to the knowledge. But, because is knowledge freely,
when they learn they share. It brings them Peace, and then
they share that Peace with the others. So, we have set up example
for a peaceful organization, for a Peaceful Foundation,
for a Peaceful work. And, all of you in all our work we say, “the word ‘love’
means give unconditionally.” And this is… been the work
of the Keshe Foundation, we have given unconditionally. And, because of that we touched the Soul
of those who are or receive it. We all are in that position. We are all in that condition. We are all in that path
of sharing unconditionally. So, the Foundation has set example for how not to allowing
others to commit, what we call, a ‘wrongdoing’
by trying to steal. By making it freely available
they added more to the knowledge. This is what I say,
“You give unconditionally to elevate the others, and then
by them elevating they bring more out.” Look how the Foundation works,
I teach freely, I’ve taught freely from when we set up the Foundation
2004 – 2005 onset. If I would have kept
the knowledge to myself, without teaching publicly
the way we done. I would have done a
few pieces there, a few pieces there. But now look, look across the Internet,
look how many thousands, millions of people are doing it,
they’ve done it, they’re testing it. They’ve seen the results of it,
and the rest of it. Then they bring the knowledge back
in different shape or form; as products, as research value,
as new understanding. And you’ve seen it’s grown,
and it’s growing in huge dimensions. And at the same time
you have to understand that is not hit the public media. Through the work of the Foundation,
people said many times, “I just press something and it came
‘Keshe Foundation’ , I don’t know how I got it,
but it just came”. Because it’s the Soul
has already reached the Soul the physicality puts it
for it to be seen. How many of you’ve
been looking for something and out of nowhere, on your screen
you found Keshe Foundation? Because, your intention of the Soul
was correct, you wanted the knowledge and it was there. Your Physicality
delivered for your eyes to see. These are not coincidences This is what the mindset,
the structure of the Foundation is. We have set up Peaceful organization,
through science. Go back in all our work,
“Knowledge in exchange for Peace.” Free energy in exchange for peace. Because, in a way we
already become a Peaceful organization. We are heading
a massive Peaceful organization, and the World leaders are listening
to what we set up. And, this is why we are
taken notice of. The Foundation runs
in tens of millions. As we’ve been told, in China alone
there are 25,000 links on the Keshe Foundation,
or Keshe technology, or use of the Keshe Plasma Technology,
in one Nation. You got to realize, that we don’t talk about Peace, we have by
sharing and giving freely the knowledge… have brought Peace
to the Soul of many. And that will bring itself Would Peace
in another dimensions and directions. So, when you write about the Ethos
and how the Humanity has to move, we, have already
moved that path. And we have already
shared the knowledge. You were online,
couple of weeks ago, when we had from Africa that
they wanted to get access, book. Our team freely downloaded all the pdf’s
into University for it to be printed, as many as possible,
freely, unconditionally. We don’t think about it twice
what’s gonna happen. Because now the scientists
in that University, scientists in that country, and then
the others which are in touch with have received the knowledge. This is not philanthropist
organization. This is organization, which understands
how Peace can be. When you don’t steal
to get to the knowledge, then you don’t need
to do other crimes to hide it. Because, you received it freely, openly
you share the knowledge, from what you know added to it, and then somebody else adds
to the knowledge you received. This is the way
we have set the course. A politician, I was recently
I was talking to him, he said, “You know, Mr Keshe to me I don’t look for World Peace,
Keshe Foundation is the Peace, because everything in it, is what Mankind
is looking for to find peace”. It’s now for us to look
into what we can develop and learn from it
and deliver from it. We put a dove
as a sign of peace. Within a short time to come, KF means
when you see the sign, it means it’s a Peaceful organization,
it’s time for Peace. This is how we have to understand
we change. So, the Ethos is sharing,
the ethos, we have shared. The ethos is, would you share
for what you have received freely? This is the consequence,
and this is the Charter for Humanity. Unconditional teaching, unconditional love
which in turn it sells, teaches the others to do. Yet nobody needs to kill for accessing
patents of the Keshe Foundation, or the knowledge.
It’s freely there. And this is something which all of us
has to encourage. That one of the conditions
we teach you freely is that you teach freely too,
not to withhold back. The elevation of the Soul comes
by removing the filters on it. Because the Soul is the Sun,
it always shines the same. Is us which puts the filter of blue, green,
yellow, crime, whatever stealing on it. By removing these filters we’ll find
we receive the… the Totality of the light, the Totality of the energy
from the Source. And this is what we call, ‘Peace’. Peace, finding Peace, being part of Peace,
is the problem for Humanity. Because, he has not seen
nothing but war and killing. In Space there is
no such a word exist. Because, long time ago
we solved this problem. Those who became unconditional
to condition to the Peace they found a solution for. The same is for Humanity. The knowledge of the Man
has reached the level that sooner or later it breaks into Space. But it’s better to bring the Man
into Space as a Peaceful being than becoming a food for Man,
it becomes exactly like Wild West, or when Man went to Africa
hunting for new animals. There is no hunting in Space,
because you can have whatever you like. And the sooner the Man learns,
the easier it becomes for the transition into the Peaceful structure if the society,
Planet and then Universal Community. The structure of ethos of the Charter,
should be Peace and Peace should be explained,
as Loving, as giving unconditionally. Because, when you receive unconditionally,
you don’t need to fight for it, because it’s there
as you need it. This is where we need,
we understand and we comprehend. And the more and more people
get touched by the technology, the more we
see the diversion. We see diversion from wars, we see
diversions from all sort of things. Because, it’s… it is…
it is unconditional, is unconditional Love,
which is give everything. As I see fit, I teach because then
you understand that you can use it. It’s the same with the others. Initially we saw a lot of people coming in
and delivering a lot of knowledge. And then we saw subsidence, because
those who are the enemies or of the Peace, themselves start making all sorts of
problems with themselves and the others, but at the end we prevail. We have gone through the Foundation
has found a way to reach in … so many ways,
new heights in sharing. New heights in understanding what is
needed by Human race to be Peaceful being. We have to understand,
that is us who needs to teach to ourselves,
to become Peaceful. And through it we’ll find,
whoever wants to find a place to fight
has no one to fight with. By us becoming Peaceful,
we bring Peace to the others, because in that way
we find a solution. This is what we’ve seen in… in very recent past with
the behavior of Chinese government. Setting up to go… set up to go… it hasn’t
enticed other nations to go in war with China. They just walk away from it. They show we can earn more,
with more work, with more investment, with more bringing wealth to the Nation.
And the opposition just melts away. This is how we find so much
common ground with the Chinese. Because, they share what they have and
at the same time because of it they receive, more enlightenment,
more ways of sharing Peace. This is part of the structure which
we have to as Human race, to follow. Find Peace
with ourselves, find Peace
within ourselves, find Peace
in all the structures. But, not fighting… gone…
policies gone, it’s finished… in… in the house,
we have to find a solution. Where is the problem
that there is no Peace? And then find out
who’s causing the Peace, how much of it is the reality
and was there anything to start it. Or it’s for someone
just to prove they exist. By elevating,
by giving through the Soul, but not by giving
through the pocket to buy Peace. You’ll find out the Soul accesses,
works much easier, because then, there is
no need for the pocket. We can and the way we set up,
this way the Foundation is set up with unconditional Love in science, we have
brought the unconditional Love with the Soul. And we see the benefit of it.
We see the changes of it. You got to realise, a lot of people say,
“Where is… what happened?” It’s taken 2,000 years,
to bring Christianity where it is. It took s… decades and decades
to even reach the first million. The Foundation, just in a few years
has passed tens of millions. But now,
it’s time to share more, to understand the purpose
of why we share the knowledge. There is no preaching,
is the enlightening. The more you give the people the freedom,
the more they get enlightened, the more they leave the correct path,
because they don’t need to do anything. As I’ve said many times, “I have a lot of patience”
and in that patience I find a lot of solace,
a lot of Peace. And, where it is, to me and
to those who follow my work, sharing knowledge
has to be sacrosanct, unconditionally. Because with it,
we find Peace with ourselves and then,
the others do the same, and then, too many others
become all one. We have to find a way for
Human race to write the Charter of Peace. Not trying to explain Peace. When you have to explain how to
achieve Peace you have already failed, because you have
considered the path of war. In so many ways, when we talk
about creating condition for Peace, is unconditional Love,
unconditional giving. Some people mislead, some people abuse,
but Mankind will realise very soon. That the tide for Peace
has become so strong, that the Humanity
has no choice but to accept. By sharing knowledge,
by financial restrictions which are causing people
not to be able to, by whatsoever. The path to Peace has
become, like a funnel with one hole and all that liquid will go through it. What we need is to share knowledge,
to spread the knowledge, and when you spread it
tell them one thing, “It’s a gift, free.
Use it for Peaceful application.” The Soul of the Man has access
to all the Souls of the Universe, it’s for Man to find out
how he want’s to challen… channel it, to the direction
where he wants to go. We all know, how and where
and the way our Soul works. I heard last week somebody asked Armen,
and I heard from the other communications. What is the position of the Soul?
Where can I find my Soul? “My Wish is my command.” If you wish and you have achieved your
Wish, it means you have found your Soul. If one Wishes and then
one sees the result of the Wish, then you have found your Soul. This is the position of your Soul, your Wish
is the command for your Soul to deliver,
what was your Wish. And then, what we have learned,
because of the lack of trust in ourselves, “I though of this, but it happened”,
as I said earlier on. The way of thinking
has to change. The way we consider
has to change. Not that, “I thought and it happened” but “It’s my wish and it’s my power
for it to happen in a good way”. The way it’s supposed to. My Wish is Peace, but because
I Wish the others who are of the same school of thought, receive
and because their Wish and many others. So we achieve,
it’s not coincidental. As I’ve said many times,
“My Wish is my command” and then the only way
you see your Wish comes, is when you command,
which was a Peaceful, wishful thinking, has manifest itself and
where up to now, you always said, “Oh it just happened.
I thought of it” But lack of confidence has never allowed you
to say “It was my wish and it’s achieved.” We see this, we’ve seen this in the past,
with the members of the Core team, the work we did
around the Core team. Members of the Earth Council,
gradually have to come to understand,
that it’s within their command. Members of the Universal Council,
you choose in you Soul, to serve the language, which is
the path through your Soul and many others. You have to listen to those who choose
and have the path of the language to use their Soul through you,
that you represent the whole. And they understand,
through their Soul you speak their language. The Man who speaks
Armenian in Armenia, and the Man who speaks
Armenian in Australia, should have access
to Universal Council member Soul, does not matter
where they are positioned. The time of physical transfer
of verbal noises and pens is over. This is how Man has come and this is how
Man has to start trusting in himself. This trust has been taken away from Man,
through the weaknesses of in belief, and in different
names of religions. Now that we understand,
stand to a strengthen, stand to understand
and develop, and understand
that we are the cause of Peace, we are the cause of the change,
because it’s our Wish. The two points that I’ve said before,
not knowing, where the Soul of the Man is
the center of the creation of the Man, and the Man trust in his Soul to
be correct, has been abused in the past. And now that you are knowledgeable,
you understand, you don’t need
to be abused, you won’t allow the abuse,
because, “it has to be correct to me.” “If it’s correct to me, that I serve,
and I give unconditionally, then I have no problem,
let them do whatever they like with it.” Even, they want to use it the wrong way,
will turn up to be the right way. “I made Man
in the image of myself.” Which is the Soul of the Man,
in image manifested the Man. But you have to go one step further. “I made the Soul
in the image of myself.” Which means the Soul of the Man,
is the image of the Soul of the creator. How can such a perfect being,
do wrong? This is what
you have to understand! In the teaching of last week and before,
I explained that your image, your Soul, in what has manifested,
as his Physicality, applies the the same
in the dimension of the Creator. Where the Soul of the Creator,
in dimension, in transformation, leads to creation
of the Physicality of the Souls. So, the Soul of the Man,
is the image of the Soul of the Creator, and in dimension of Physicality,
in the strength of the Soul. And then, when it dimensionalizes
to Matter-State, or Visual-State,
it become the body of the Man. So, there is no fault
with the Physicality of the Creator. Even though, the filters
might cause it to be, look like. Everyone of us
is part of the Creator. Everyone of us is perfect
in attribution of the Creator. It’s us who has decided
to put something in between the Soul and manifestation
of Physicality. If the Soul of the
Creator is so perfect, that he has created such a perfect Soul,
as the Soul of the Man, it’s for Man to follow that,
that the Physicality does not fail. Then, we understand how Peace
and Peacefulness exists across the Universe. Because of the beauty of the Fields,
the strength, and understanding
of the work of the creation. Why do we need to create
defense technology for Space, for the people
we have never seen? Where we create systems, that when we come
across, we great, we give unconditionally. A Man who gives is the strong one. The man who fights is a week Man,
because he has to have something, that he can eat,
sturdy further out than himself. Because, the Man who’s correct,
embraces. And this is what
has not understood, by most of the Humanity
for past thousands of years. We see that change in one nation
and we embrace that Nation, because,
they understand the change. It’s got to be understood
in a very simple way. and the faster
the Human race understand, the faster we walk away from this path
of destruction, in any shape or form. How can such a beautiful,
perfect Soul of the creator, which creates such a beautiful Soul
of the Man, become a wrong Man?
Unless the man has chosen himself? Which means by elevating
the Man’s physical understanding, of the work of his Soul, it brings
Man on the path of correct conduct. As I always say, if I give it to you,
is my prerogative. This is what I want to give,
that by receiving, you have something
that you didn’t have. But, if you put your hand in my pocket,
to take what I was going to give to you, that is, you deprive from the
pleasure of me giving it with my Soul. Because you only received
the physicality. When a father gives anything to his son,
is not the physical, is the love which is gone through the
Soul, that the child feels that love too, is not physically receiving. Then, the Physicality of the entity
is irrelevant. Because the Soul of the son
has elevated, by knowing that he receives
the love of the father, which is unconditional,
that he learns in the future, he will do automatically
with his children and the others, because the physical thing has no
relevance. In time will not be there. But the impression of the receiving
the emotion of the love from the father, will always touch. How many of you
have been in that position? That you don’t remember
even what was given, but you remember
the emotion of the love, the receiving of it, the pleasure of it,
which touched your Soul. The sooner the Man walk in that path, the
sooner we even will not teach history, because we made so much mistakes, but in
a way because of it we are where we are, that we don’t want to talk about,
the mistakes of the past. Because, because of it we are
where we are in a Peaceful way. The progress
in the development of the Peace, comes to elevation… through
the elevation of the Soul of the Man. As I’ve said before in the teachings. The lamb and the lion. The Adam and the Eve. Adam is the Soul of the Man, the Eve
is the Physicality of the planet Earth. And the transformation, be it
be the energies of the Soul, and manifestation
of the Physicality of the Planet, has lead to the structure
of the Physicality of the Man, which in trying to feed the two, steals
from the other, and kills from the other, to be able to keep and sustain
the connection between the two. The sooner we understand this, the
sooner we’ll bring Peace on this Planet. Because, we will bring the condition, that
the Physicality of the weaker strength, in transformation,
in receiving from the higher, which is the Soul of the Man,
does not create a conflict of stealing and Peace. We have to mature to see the Totality,
and then we’ll see the same. Why does an animal kill?
The Soul is strong, the Planet is weak. In conversion from one to another,
the entity of something in between, becomes the target of the two
to hold on the two sides, to both side
the Soul and the Planet. Once we understand this,
and we eliminate the use to kill, to create and keep the energy
between the two, we can do it from the environment
of the Universe, then there shall be no killing,
then there is Peace. Remember, I am the Messiah.
I am the Messiah of my Soul and no one else’s. Because, if I understand that there is no
deviation from my Soul to my Physicality, then I don’t need… don’t…
no one to tell me what to do. I have salvaged my own Soul,
so I am the Messiah. Every single one of us
from Messiah, our own Soul come
in connection with our Physicality. And then when we find that,
then we find Peace. And then with us,
having no interference in between, we’ll create the same condition
as the others, because then they interact with us
in every level according to. We have to understand
the operation of our work, of our own life. Then, we can teach it. Then, we can
elevate the others. In the last week teaching,
Armen was trying to explain something, and not many people understood. As I’ve explained many times before,
I do not need to carry anything with me, when I understand
how to make the filters, that my Soul
through the Emotion of filter, gives to my Physicality
what it needs, that the Physicality
can not do anything wrong. Water, shelter, food, anything else.
If I can raise my hand out, and give and create the energy
which I need to have the joy of an apple, I will receive an apple
in my hand. When you speak about
Adam and Eve, and when the Adam
took the apple from the Eve, that apple is the Emotion
of the Man. And the faster we understand this,
the faster you understand that apple, is the filter of crime
to the Soul of the Man, then we will commit no crime,
then it’ll be a perfect Soul. That apple becomes the apple of Love,
which means from the beginning to the end. This is what we have to understand,
and this is the sooner we understand, we control the Fields of our Soul
to create and manifest the condition which is perfect not for us,
but those who receive the Fields from us, then we have achieved
the Essence of the Creation, which is Peaceful. Which is when you have what you need,
you do not need to do anything wrong. The Soul of the Man is the reflection
of the Soul of the Creator. So has to be
the Physicality of the Man. And this point,
then you find Peace. This point, this is when you don’t find division,
but you find friendship and coalition. Now write
the Charter for Peace. Now write the
book of Peace for Man. Now write the book of Man,
the Ethos of the Man. You’ll find out all the
sentences will becomes syllables and singularity of words. Because, the word, “Thy shall not steal,”
does not exist, because you’re a giver, you don’t need to steal.
“Thy shall not commit adultery.” It’s not the Physicality, it’s by through
the understanding of the Emotion. When you are satisfied
it doesn’t exist. These are all the attributes
of the Physicality, which has caused
so much problem for Man. And now we understand. And now we can
progress to the next step. And there is so many of us
that is getting elevated, that by natural process in one who understand
the Ethos of the Keshe Foundation, in Southern South America
and the one which is sitting in Australia, and the one who’s sitting in China
and the one who’s sitting in Europe, because you all work on the same Ethos,
understood the work of the Soul, any Soul in between gets elevated by the Fields
which is crossing between you lot. In these teachings today, how many from
different Nations are across with us? Fifty, sixty, hundred nations?
By the time you listen to this teachings, most probably in every Nation
on this Planet, who… anyone who listens and works
through the Keshe Foundation affect. My Soul has reached your Soul,
and anything in between. You are the post to receive,
and in between the others receive too. This has been the secret
why we taught this way. I reach you without even
you know you’ve been reached, but it was your desire to be reached
to elevate your Soul. And as we’ve seen, when a Soul, a Field
of a magnet moves the other, he doesn’t jump, it has a path to follow
and everything in between, it touches. So, when many of you listen
and do the experiment or listen, and understand and the knowledge
touches your Soul, in that process from here to your point,
from my Soul to your Soul, you have touched the others
and elevate them. This is how the condition
has changed. This is how
we achieve Peace. Slowly, slowly everyone in the path
will be touched. And this is how is not anymore
sharing knowledge, is sharing the Ethos of the Soul,
which is Peaceful, and in you accepting to be of the same,
you have created the lion. Birds with birds,
wolves with wolves. I have no wolf in me,
but plenty of bird of Love. And you receive it, and that bird
when you flies from one point to another, there are many people watching it fly,
and they get touch by its beauty. And in that beauty, they elevate their Soul,
because it enlightens them. There is no need for reactors,
and star formations. The star of Love
is within the Soul of the Man. It’s him who has to ?found? this power,
not to wait to see its effect. We don’t preach we enlighten.
And this is the beauty of the Keshe Foundation. We touch the Soul of the Man,
through any shape or form. I work relentlessly
to achieve Peace. Most probably in the past two,
three months, I traveled more than covers the whole
circumference of this Planet. To meet, to discuss,
to be able to put the technology across. To be able to speak to the Men
who have condition of Peace, they can create that condition.
And this will not stop. I’ve heard in recent communications
in some teaching, Mr Keshe is so tired,
is not there anymore. Mr Keshe who accept three o’clock
in the morning, two o’clock in the morning, five o’clock at night, to be in the teachings
or in the meetings. I wake up to be present.
I’m not there to be tired. I work relentlessly to achieve Peace,
by sharing knowledge, by enlightening, and by teaching,
my way to myself. And what I teach myself in word
reaches you through the enlightenment. I work relentlessly
and I work day an night. But to me there is not much time,
life of a Man is too short. This is the process,
this is how it should be. This is when you know
what you do is correct, you can achieve it, you work hard for it,
you give from your Soul. And this is the way I operate. And many of the Keshe Foundation
followers do the same. Because, we have set an example,
unconditional Love through knowledge. It’s in one part of the
Keshe Foundation website. This is Keshe Foundation,
where knowledge reaches the Soul of the Man. Or works with the Soul of the Man,
or through the Soul of the Man. As is was the beginning,
“We are here to serve not to be served.” Which means we give unconditionally
through the knowledge. And those who follow my work
has to do the same. The minute you stand still to count,
is the time you’ve failed. It means back to board
to account to the time. I don’t count because
what I need comes to me. Be it the enlightenment of my Soul,
be it food on the table. We have to learn a new Ethos,
and that Ethos of Peace, means unconditional
giving and Love. And understanding.
The minute we do, value it, is the time we fail,
we’re back to the board again. So, when you write
the Ethos of Peace, understand, and listen
to this teaching of this morning. I taught you a lot,
if you understand it. In the last, … teaching of last Thursday,
the first half an hour. I sat in airport lounge,
to teach, as I was traveling
from one Nation to another. For me to be present in this teaching is,
ultimate, has to be done. Because there is not enough time,
because there’s too much to share. I teach anywhere. Most of you
don’t even… haven’t got a clue, the time and the places I get up,
or I sit or I’ve… make sure I’m there
to be in teachings. We don’t announce anymore
because it doesn’t need anymore. Those who take note,
they know where we are. The whole team of Keshe Foundation,
travels across the World. Continuously doing
what they have to do. In the past few months, we’ve spent
more time on planes, traveling to teach, to inspire, to work, to negotiate with
different organization and governments, than we sleep in our own bed. Because we believe in one thing,
“The time has come for the change.” We have the knowledge,
we have the technology, and we have the Ethos
and commitment to Peace. And the only way is, new knowledge,
new science, new clothes for Mankind. The clothes of Peace. The new path of belief of Peace,
can be done and can be achieved, because we can deliver. We don’t need to make
anymore announcements, where we’re going to be
or what’s going to be. Because, we got to the point that,
the time has come, that we need to reach
as many people as possible. Workshops, Teachings,
Knowledge Seekers, Universities. All are taking shape themselves.
None of you write to us to say, I’m going to present this.
You are doing it themselves, because you received, you’ve been touched
with the beauty of the knowledge. And that bring with self Peace. (JG) Mr Keshe?
(MK) Yes. (JG) Good day Mr Keshe, it’s Jalal here.
Can I ask you something please? (MK) Please.
(JG) Yesterday, in the Plasma Reactor Group, one guy he bring an issue, … for Iraq,
because Iraq have a special contamination, biological, chemical and nuclears…
What can we do in this situation? And I think you brought in your teaching
about … this conditions. (RC) He is especially talking
about the de… depleted Uranium … (MK) The depleted Uranium heads,
which were used by the American forces, to penetrate military hardware.
(JG) Yeah, the bunkers. (MK) Yes.
We are fully aware of this. It’s for the American government
to negotiate with the Keshe Foundation. (JG) As, as…
(MK) It was Iraqis… Let me, let me to explain to you
something very clearly. These materials are used and left
for people long-term damage. The process of decontamination from
depleted Uranium and Plutonium and the others, it should be very easy
for the Keshe Foundation followers. I should be in Middle East
in next two, three months. Iraq, we are working through
our organization in Baghdad. One of our directors
was in Iraq last week. We understand the work
in that Nation. We understand the contamination in…
it’s not in Iraq only. Fifty percent of the waters in Rome
are nuclear contaminated. That’s a governmental statistic. Fifty percent. This is Italian
government statistics. Through misconduct or mismanagement
of certain materials. The same thing,
the contamination’s rounds across, we have … lakes in Kazakhstan,
which are nuclear radioactive. Because nobody considered,
the time of the Russian time, “What are we gonna do with the waste
was dumped in the lake?” One day we’ll find a solution. The overall condition and solution,
will come through the new collaboration, between Keshe Foundation
and one of the major governments. It’s our priority, is set for us
and we deliver. You need to understand
how to deplete. You need to understand
how to link up energies. You can not destroy,
but you can facilitate. Nuclear weapon, nuclear war heads,
nuclear … or chemical weapons, or whatever, which has
been used in the past, there is a solution for it and it can
be done, we have shown it, it can be done. It’s just finding a way
to organize to be able to rationalize, not to destroy
or trying to bury. These nuclear war heads
Plutonium depleted, used in bunkers or whatever
by the Americans, will have a worse effect, and we see the
worse effects, on the American soldiers. Many of them are coming back
with mental problems. Many of them who fired these things,
have received the first dosage themselves. Many of them who watched it,
I had a philosophy and I still believe in it. If you see the light of a nuclear bomb,
or you feel the wave of it, my advice to you is to walk towards it,
not to run away from it. Because, if the wave or the light
has touched you, you already received it. It’s a long life of misery. Or you can walk into it
and salvage in a different way, which brings to an end
much faster, the physical pain. The same is when the Americans
used these depleted, or the… during the Saddam Hussein, your time,
they deployed these nuclear or biochemicals, the… those who did, have already
received themselves the first dosages of it. Long gone,
or will go. The depletion comes by…
cleaning up comes by understanding
the GANS Technology. You have everything.
This morning before I leave home, I had the documents
of Fukushima in my hand, because of the situation
we have in… in another condition. And is very clear,
go back to our dearest friend Yukoko, when she went to Tokyo,
the measurements are there. It’s done by us it’s not done, not by
outsiders, by the governmental instruments. Chemical side effects,
chemical material which is used, there is a solution for all of them
through, the right mixture of GANS water. You will not destroy it,
the scientist will measure and say, “Look the chemical is still there,”
but tell them, “Is the side effect there?” We saw that with the situation when we was
called that it’s just a water and nothing else, and very simple we said, “Have you
tested the water for alkaline-ness?” And we saw how the opposition and ridicule
died, with those who created it. Because, is not
a ordinary water. You have to understand
with the new technology, you reach a new dimension,
which is the Field, not the Matter-State. You have a
radiation contamination. You have a
chemical contamination. Understand the process and then,
contain it with the Fields of the GANS. You don’t destroy,
you link up all the energies, to a new source which means
the Matter is there, you will see it when you test it,
but the effects are not there. This is the beauty
of the new technology. And the sooner the world of science
understand this, the sooner we move on
to the next step. They say, “No, the material,
chemical,” bla, bla, “is still there.” “Yes, in the new Plasma Technology
we don’t destroy,” “we link up with the Fields
to contain.” Very recently, very recently…
let me ask. Is Jon in the background
by any chance? Can you see Jon Bliven
from Arizona Research Center? Rick? (RC) … Just looking there
now Mr Keshe, I … I… there’s some other John’s
but not Jon Bliven, I don’t see him
in the list right now, unless he’s listening with
somebody else’s name. (MK) … In, in Arizona they’ve done
a new test and it’s very interesting. I’m gonna share with you the screen.
Because if Jon was there, he could have shared with us the video.
I have it somewhere, for me to find it takes time. What has happened in the test,
as you know the Arizona has become, the Research Center for Space Technology
for Keshe Foundation, is that the… they’ve done a test,
they’ve run three reactors, with a Star-Formation
on the top. They have this buzzer I call it,
which goes bip, bip, bip, showing the Field,
Magnetic Field. And what they’ve done,
in this test is amazing, it’s that, the beam makes
buzzing noise everywhere. But, the strangest point is that,
when the buzzer comes in the center, there is no noise. To you, or to me, explaining it
if you understand is, Fields at this point are neutralized,
even though they’re still radiated. So is, if you have a Plutonium
or Uranium or whatever, in the vicinity, in the structure. Then in a way
you don’t destroy it, but still exists,
but the Fields contain it. And this is, not understood
by new world of science, which is in front of
the old Man of science. And, this is how you can, you ha,
this is how you clean up these messes. We can not destroy, this is the old habit,
to convert it to something else. We allow it to be, but we contain
its Field that it has no effect. So, in… Iraq or any part of the World,
you can contain, all the chemical
and nuclear damages. It’s still there. You have to explain this
to the scientist who test it. But, its effect is not there because,
to something to have a effect on you, it needs… doesn’t come
and hang on to you. With the new understanding
of technology, it creates a Field connection to you,
that with it you hold on to the connection. This is how you poison yourself,
this is how you radiate yourself. Now that if you can
provide another source which is stronger than the radiation
or the Field from the poison, links up to that. It hasn’t got
enough strength link to link to you, so you still see it
but has no effect. And this is the way it works,
it’s the way it does in agriculture. The way, when you water the plant,
is not that CO2 water which goes to the plant root
and the plant takes it. No way. It’s the Field which the GANS water
creates around the plant, which changes the condition
of the growth for the plant. If you use a CH3 and CO2
mixture to grow plants says, “Oh, this is a magic thing! It works.”
It means you haven’t understood. You have the Carbon,
you have the Hydrogen, and you have the Oxygen
chain of Amino Acid, now you have created the dome, that
because of the three elements being available, attracts the Nitrogen to create
the protein to sit on the leaves, and the new environment,
new condition, new food. This is why you
see these. This is why you
see huge growth. This is why you
see a new environment. I have committed
the Keshe Foundation, to change the condition
in one of the deserts around the World, in a very soon, in a very,
very recent time you will see. Because, I explained to the scientist,
that … and… then the scientist
understand the Totality. This is what we need
to understand. We need… to be able to see the Totality. This is part of the teaching, this is
part of the enlightenment. That when you work with the GANSes,
do not look that I’ve put something in there,
I gave him CO2. Look at the Fields. In recent past I was with…
in the… in the lab, with … people who make
Keshe Foundation goods. And they showed me patches, “Oh we’re making patches
and we’re selling patches very good.” I asked and I explained to them.
“You can not sell one single patch.” “When you sell a patch,
you have to sell two patches.” When you make the patches,
you have to understand this. One to have too much, two times more
GANS liquid than the other one. If you have a single patch
and you put on, okay it has some fields. No problem,
the fields reaches this depth. We know this
from the test done, for certification of the patches
of the Keshe Foundation, the belts and
the other thing. But now,
when you use the …
what I call, the ‘double patch’,
one in the front and back, as this tries to reach this,
and the field from this trying to reach this, wherever the pain is,
is depleted. The pain is energy And now you see
the effectiveness. When you take
or you drink liquid GANS, and then you have something,
problem somewhere, the liquid GANS goes through you
like this, the penetration is here. But if you
manage to put where the pain is, or where the problem is, a patch too,
but the ratio difference, you’ll find out
the effectiveness. One weaker and the stronger,
trying to feed each other, creating a link
because they’re of the same. Whatever is in between,
which is everything, the pain is Magnetic Field,
Gravitational-Magnetic Field Entity. Is not something just that.
And then you find out, as the Field depletes,
the pain is gone. Because, you
transfer the energy and when the energy transferred,
in the smaller or bigger it’s confined,
and it finds that it’s tapped off. Why do you use a CO2? Because, link of
Magnetic Field connection, allows the depletion of the energy
of what you call pain. Finito! This is the knowledge,
this is the science. Try to understand
the principle. Try, because when
you understand it, is not, “I have a leukemia,
how am I gonna help leukemia? Understand the
reason for leukemia. How I have a…
a cartilage damage? Understand what it is,
how you can do it. If you as I said,
if this is your body, and you leave… the whole thing here, and then you just put a… a patch on
the other side, hoping that it’ll reach. Yes, it will reach,
but to what extent? But, if you put another patch
on the other side, you already
have dictated the path. Whatever is in there,
will confine, it’ll change. Try to go through the process. It’s not anymore a tablet,
which goes in the stomach, and then has a chemical reaction,
this is a Field transfer across. And then change it to agriculture,
change it to medicine, change it to food, change it to
anything you want to name it, you find the strength of it which is there,
then you will see the effect. (K2) Hello Mr Keshe,
this is Klaus 2 from Austria. (MK) It’s who? Oh it’s Klaus.
(K2) Klaus. (MK) Hi Klaus number two. (K2) Hello. … For the radioactivity, you know,
we have built two point, northern Italy and in Austria,
and we went in two weeks, to the Greece island of Crete,
to install a third point. And, what we see is the possibility
from the water and the soil to… for transmutation this elements,
and I think it would be a great solution, and we give this to Lisa and Jimmy
for next webshop he prepared in October, then we can make
a little blueprint, to install some points
all over the World. And we see,
it works very well. (MK) Can you repeat and
explain in depth please? (K2) Okay. At first we installed
one and a half year ago in Austria, … the northern part, a point,
only with Zinc and CO2 liquid Plasma. On special points, on the… on the Earth,
special magnetic points on the Earth. And, we have … access to some data’s
from the government, and we see that the… it
scheint so (seems that) the radioactivity would be integrated
in the water and the soil. And, … last year we install …
the point near Venice in Northern Italy, and we see how this two points in Austria
and in Northern Italy work together. And now we want install
the next weeks, a point in Greece. On the island of Crete. Yeah? And then we,
we have to measure in Austria, all the sensors what be … available
to show the… the radioactivity. We have three hundred sixty
sensors in Austria, and we can measure this. And, when they reading the Fields…
(MK) So, does it mean you gonna transfer, or measure, all the energies
at different points and see the reduction? (K2) Yes. And, that we have to … look for
how deep goes the radioactivity. And when the data are correct,
then we can make some points, all over the World. To integrate … integration points
for radioactivity. (MK) So we can measure
the changes through the same? (K2) We hope so. I have the data
and we … have to look at the data. It’s… it’s much, much … information
and I need some young guys, who can integrate this data’s
and bring it in a good form. (MK) Thank you very much.
That’s very interesting. (K2) Okay, thank you. (CV) Mr Keshe? Can you hear me? (CV) Mr. Keshe, can you hear me? (MK) Yes, who’s speaking please? (CV) This is … Chad from Victoria,
British Colombia, Canada. (MK) Yes, good morning or good evening.
(CV) And … Yeah, good… good evening,
good morning. … Yesterday, in … the Reactor Group
with … with … Rick. … I asked a question and I’d
… about… about Iraq. And I’d like to refine it
just a little bit now, … Is there any possibility
in the near future, that the Keshe Foundation, or we the people,
that are the Keshe Foundation, … In terms of the doctors,
might be conducting some type of test, where … these people
that have been contaminated, their urine is radioactive,
and I was wondering, is there any possibility that the doctors
or a doctor, might be conducting a test, with the Health Unit, and a test
with just CO2 GANS Plasma water, over a month or two months,
or three months? I was wondering if this is a possibility,
… in a near future? (MK) For what purpose?
I don’t understand. (CV) Well, … I was reading …
in the… the… transcripts, that you can get at the Amazon,
the … the books. And I was reading in the year one,
book one … transcript, that … Cesium 137
was completely eliminated. The word ‘eliminated’ was used,
and … so, is… is it proven that … somebody that’s been contaminated
with depleted uranium and … and their urine is radioactive,
that if they take CO2 GANS Plasma water, or if they go into
a Health Unit, that the radioactivity disappears
and it can be measured? (MK) These test are done by governments
and we have a lot of data’s on it. And, … the… the data, a lot of it is
kept confidential because of the process. But … there are the data’s
which confirm a lot of … what we call,
‘absorption behavior’. Is not the absorption, the material’s
still present, but no Field effect. (CV) So, can it be said then that, …
they’re no longer radioactive, the people? (MK) No, no, no, no… the radioactive
material still exists within the body. Sometime, depending on the structure
we see different behavior of disposal, or behavior of nu… radioactive…
this what do you call it, ‘radiation’. And, … this is … what do you call …
it… it’s the linkage of the energy. Is not destruction
of the radioactive material. (CV) Oh … Well that’s interesting. So it’s… it’s like a balancing,
but the radioactivity is still there? … the foundation…
(MK) Yes, yes that… that’s what it is. … You link up to the Fields, you have to find their strength
for the Fields and you … you… In a way, in the
English language we call it, ‘neutralize’,
but in a way you link up the… (RC) Hello? (MK) Hello yes (RC) I think we’d lost you there
for a minute. (MK) No, no. I’m still here. (CV) Thank you Mr Keshe, I was just…
I was just … It’s been on my heart, like the people of Fallujah …
there’s so many birth defects and … if there would be some way
that we could put a stop to that. I know there’s political …
Like the government itself, like, is a problem so…
an issue. And … there’s just so many birth defects,
it’s just… it’s horrific. (MK) Yes, but the thing is,
some of this has already become part of genetic,
part of their body. With the people who’ve been
… within it. In the … in the process
you can… … you cannot decontaminate,
but you can reduce the effects or totally eliminate the effects.
But you don’t destroy the material. At the same time … with these
kind of process we see … the material’s used such
a long time ago, that… the changing it is impossibility, because
it has become part of the RNA and DNA. (CV) Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much. We are doing a lot of work
on this respect in the background … especially decontamination and
… cleaning up of different chemicals and this is very important for
… for our research. As you are aware we
do not disclose anymore any information in
any shape or form anywhere. … That we can carry on with
our work without interruption … and this is important for us. And, we go to the people
to places where our work is needed and the information,
technology transfer is very, very direct. … This is unfortunate, because…
because of… of what we’ve seen in the past, where we used to bring a lot of new
knowledge on a continuous basis in public. Then we…
we stopped doing it. But, our research development
has increased by many-fold. … Unfortunately … as …
we develop these technologies it will stay within the governments
and organizations we work with. Because, … we’ve seen it before,
the behavior of the … people. So, why should we go through the problem
of bothering ourselves for the others. Where we are working, when is needed
and we deliver to… where is needed, instead of becoming a Nationally,
Internationally knowledge. It’s staying in the local levels
and where we see it can we cross knowledge
to somewhere else, we are doing it. … The sharing of decontamination with
the organizations and the governments is part of our work
and we do it heavily. … We have actually a section works
for these section, these kind of things, They are … the water,
decontamination, water clean up and change of the characteristics
of different things is part of… we have a
specific section for it. But we don’t need to disclose
anymore to… to do… but … the chemical contamination,
nuclear contamination…. decontamination does
not exist for us. Because it still is there,
but through the new processes their effect will not be there. And, this is part of the
beauty of the work … where we don’t destroy the structures,
technology is, you accommodate. Any other question? (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe. … Does anyone else of the…
we have a couple of hand up here. … I’ll invite… I’ll invite Hassan in,
he’s made a number of comments in the Q&A. (MK) We’re still keeping to the…
to 3-4 hours, Rick? (RC) Yes and we are three
and a half hours now, so. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) … Let’s see is…
Did Hassan coming in? We have him there.
Let’s… see him in the list here. Okay. … Is there anybody else in the panelists
who … wanted to speak right now? We have …
one more attendee… Peter …. Heissenberg it seems like,
I’m not familiar with the name. I can promote him if you want to…
if you want to? Does anybody
recognize that name? (MK) … Don’t know… (RC) Okay, we might have to…
get some clearance on that first? (HH) Hello? (RC) Hello Is that Hassan
(HH) Yes Hassan, do you hear me? (RC) Yes we hear you well.
What would you like to say today? (HH) Yeah it was a little thing about the Soul.
The Soul aspect of the teaching … (MK) Can you tell us
where you are from please? (HH) Yeah Hassan Halal , from Senegal.
We talked on Tuesday, last Tuesday. (MK) Yes, thank you very much.
(HH) Yeah…yeah regarding to the Soul. … I want to talk little bit about the… our Shia
background, Muslim Shia the background. I’m sure that
you know a lot about it. Yeah, we… we are more used to …
to be teached to fear the Creator, instead of Loving the Creator. And … The aspect of it, is that you,
when you’re… when you’re raised with that
kind of mentality, you always fear death. But you bring … the…
the simplest way and … unfornu… unfortunately it’s so hard to…
to believe for most of us. I think that,
that’s why you say, maybe it will take a 1,000 years
for Man to realise, or to wake up. And for some of us it will be … easy
…. in our Muslim education they… they told… they told… teaches us that the…
the… the… talked about Jihad. The Jihad, the… the best Jihad as …
Creators says it beautifully, is “Jihad Al-nafs.” Is that I think, it’s like killing your ego,
killing your physical ego and giving the trust to your Emotional ego,
so… I think that… that, that one would be the Soul and … And … the… the…
the problem in our education is… is that they teach you
the fear of God. Not the… the Love of God and you bring…
you bring it so clearly, so simply it’s hard…
it’s hard to believe for most of us. And in our background, our Shia background,
especially in our families, even my, my, my nearest members of the family,
they used to tell you’re a Kafir, because, now you
do not believe in God. We have that concept that hell… hell is
… we… we are going to burn in hell. And when we make 5 sins,
like listening to music is… is a little bit of…
of kind of sins. Playing cards is a kind of sin… you don’t
have to play cards with money or… or playing to … playing Lotto,
trying your chance by Lotto is a sin. So, all those stuffs…
or drinking alcohol…. when… when you not in that kind of mentality
you… your considered as a Kafir. Even if you pray or… or if you make the…
the… the Ramadan. So I’ve… I… I don’t know how we can,
easier … reach those kind of… of Souls. I know that you say … if the Soul is not
ready to receive we do not… we cannot…
we cannot force. By Wishing to elevate I…
I know now… I’m sure that we… we are helping,
we are elevating, but … sometimes you… you feel your… you.. you losing so
much energy when your trying to convince. It’s easier to talk with people
which Souls are… are ready to receive. And it’s like the… it’s infused in them
and when we met you… when you Te… you… you… you talk about it
some minutes ago. It’s because we… we have Wished it
so deep in our heart, to find the truth, to find the way… the way… when you found it…
I… I… I wanted tell one small thing… and I… I think many of… of people with
my religious background thinks the same. When the first time
we met you Mr Keshe, we’re like… “Is it the anti-Christ or is it the one who’s
want… want to turn us from our religion?” We’re used to… to being told that
you have to pray by bending … … but we… we’re not
used to be told to Love and to… to…
do not hurt is the key, to give whatever you can
from your Soul is the key, it’s easy. Thank you for bringing it so easy,
but the trust has to be… has to be with,
little by little. And we want tips,
we want tips to make it easier. If we… you can give us some tips,
some small tips which can help
attain the Souls. Even the Soul which are not
ready to receive, how can we? How can we reach them
a little bit faster? (MK) You want a shortcut? (RC) I would suggest that there’s
… around … 180 some odd,
Knowledge Seekers Workshops full of tips, every single one of them,
is one place to start at least. (HH) Okay, okay.
Yeah, yeah Bro… (RV) If I may, a little comment?
This is Rodrigo. In order to achieve that state
of consciousness and to change the World. We have to… first we
have to understand, how we have created chaos
in our body, through Emotions. We have created imbalance in
our body to… to the pollutions. Vaccines, pesticides, GMO food. We have begun to understand
this process thanks to Mr Keshe teachings. We have begun to solve it, making the GANS,
building the MaGravs, the Health Units. We have learned how to create an
environment that brings balance to our body. I have been… seen it… In my daily practice
we’re using Plasma Technology and those people
that have developed diseases. In one way, cleaning or sweeping the path
of all the stones that blocks us. It blocks us from having contact with our
… our higher self or with our Soul. Once we have access to…
once we have that access, you can change the body in any conditions,
“My Wish is my Command.” I’m aware that we…
we have… we have a lot to learn, but we have moving forward. We have to work together in
a common… for a common good. For awakening of the Humanity,
to raise the awareness of the all, to create heaven on Earth, where all
entities living in Peace, Love and Harmony. I have seen people that are using
this technology coming here to my place. And in… and starting developing
different skills of psychics, clairvoyance, incredible
beautiful things happening. This encourages people to
teach more people to do, to practice, to learn this technology
and encourage more people to do so. And just allow the Plasma to do,
to do this… this job. It’s a beautiful job that is doing, this Plasma.
Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much Dr Rodrigos. There is a important point for all of us
(HH) Thank you. (MK) … to consider.
Is a lot of I… I understand … your way
of explaining, in Islamic religion. I was brought up through the beautiful
country of Iran which is an Islamic Nation. And understand the word of Kafir means,
“the one who doesn’t believe in God.” But, it is what we allow to become
and what was the reason behind, which we have to analyze ourselves. Now, not compared to what was said before
and the reason was said before. These words of, whatever you use,
“they are not clean”, you call it ‘Kafir’, in Jewish language
they call it ‘Goyim.’ The … the in Christianity
in English language, English language
we have different word for it. But at the end of it when you look is, “If we allow to do and understand more
of new things, then we can’t control you. These words are words
of control and that’s all it is. But the freedom of mind, if you don’t
have intellect, its us who decides. And, is us to where it fits us,
where it suits us. So, you can and you…
you have the freedom to decide. And depends which side
of the fence you want to sit on. The knowledge of
understanding the Totality for the first time is
in the hands of the Man. No one needs to interpret it,
you are the user of it. You analyze,
you benefit by it. For us as Human race
there was a Soul, we found something we couldn’t understand
and we knew is something controls us, something is there which feed us. But we couldn’t find,
we call it the ‘Soul’, we call it ‘Rūḥ’. whatever we called it
in different languages. And then, those who knew
this thing is not there they used it to become
self-made intermediaries. And from it they create a scares
and scare-ism, and punishment. Now that you are educated, you understand
what you were afraid of is your own Soul, is your own Creator, and is you
who benefits by direct, you don’t need
to have somebody to tell you, to become
the bogeyman in between. And this is the beauty of it. Because, in Space
which bogeyman you gonna accept? Because there are so many strange things,
that you become a converter of a… to the new path and the belief,
every second in deep Space you see new things and
new Man who teaches you more. This is the beauty of it. As is in the writing of Bahá’u’lláh,
bless his name, he says, “Independent investigation of Truth is the
cornerstone of the knowledge if the Man.” Is us who have to be independently
investigating what we know. Does it fit us and is it beginning of us,
not having a fear of? We see the same thing in the
writing of Muhammad, bless his name. Those who made other things out of it,
was to benefit themselves. Is not in the original writing of Muhammad,
bless his name, or Moses. Unless, this is the way of control. When you… some we call somebody, whatever.
It means I can not control you. If you go there you see the Truth
and I have no control. So, I forbid you to go, because then
I’m not the boss anymore. In English we call it repent. We… why do we need to repent, if we
conduct ourselves correct from the beginning. Guilt has been on of the main ways
of controlling Man, Human race. By punishment,
we emphasize on the guilt, because the Man who creates
a punishment is the guiltiest of the all. because he
wants to enforce his way. So, everything else is guilt. I explained this before,
when you bring the word of “Kafir” or the Jewish call it ‘Goyim’,
which is a not believe… non-believer. I… I sat and analyzed my family,
very closely. Both sides, the Islamic side and
the Jewish side and every other side. And it’s very, very strange. I had a Jewish aunt,
which in Manchester, not finding a Kosher meat,
could eat the Halal meat and when, goes to London and her
husband goes to eat a Halal meat, now he’s a Kafir,
he’s a Goyim, he’s non-believer. But when it suited her there, because
it couldn’t be any Kosher, it was okay. And this is a puzzle,
which we have created to control. Because this way, he could taste
something different that she couldn’t make, that then he knew that there is
a better food outside than in the house,
because she couldn’t cook. This is how we control,
this is… I… I gave a talk very recently
about… virginity. A Man… a girl, a women
has to be a virgin. Have you ever stood still once…
wonder, what’s the reason behind it? Why have we created
all these restrictions for each other. Can you switch the
microphone off in the background? In a way, is a incompetence
of the Man, who has created this restrictions,
for his incompetence not to show. We create these conditions
and we put punishment to it, because of our own lack of misunderstanding
…lack of understanding. And misunderstanding, because then
we have to change, not they have. When you have a problem you explain,
to the other side or it gets explained to you, the way they see it,
that you tried to match. You find a solution,
a Peaceful solution. When you can not and you try to dictate,
then you put punishment for it. Doesn’t matter religion,
government or whatever. It’s us who have to come
to understand from now on, we are the police of our own Soul
and not somebody else’s order. The policing has created religions,
the policing has created punishment. When you understand, from ‘a’ to ‘b’,
you don’t need anybody in between. Elevating your Soul means
understanding the operation of the Soul, understanding where
and how it gives and you make it, fine-tune it, to give better
and no more. This is the challenge for
the new Human race in Space. You’ll find the strongest Fields
which elevate the others faster, for those to be
working much better. Not trying to hide it,
that the other ones can do. Because, everyone reaches
at the time, when is needed, it’ll be in a strength
that it’s needed. The biggest problem
for Mankind from now on is to become the police of their own Soul. Somebodies microphone
is open. Please. So, this is instead
of bending and praying, the policing now is in the
hand of Physicality of the Man. I always say, “Go back….” …covered. When the Iranian priest,
who’s Zoroastrian said, “We put the curtain on our eye,
for our women to be free.” “We police our conduct.” I come from Zoroastrian background
and I believe in entirely what it says. “Think good, do good…” پندار نیک پندار نیک کردار نیک
….”talk good” To understand it, is the touch,
to act upon it is maturity. In my last visit to Tehran,
I went to Zoroastrian temple, because it was
where I was educated. I asked the priest to allow me to sit
in the house of fire, in the temple of fire With the greatest of pleasure I was taken
into the temple, to the room of fire And, the fire to me
at that point, which is going for thousands of years in Iran,
that fire has never stopped. It wasn’t the essence of the fire, it was a understanding the essence of the Soul
which touched, you could see. I’m connected, by those who over thousands
of years have kept this fire of truth up. We have to understand the truth through our
Soul and then our Physicality will follow. Then there is no intermediaries. We have to understand the operation
of the Space work, then there is no need for GANSes
and there is no need for whatever you want to put on it,
to feed yourself, to clothe yourself. Because in Space
there are no GANSes. The source is your Soul and the
limitation is the environmental Fields which give you the
dimension of the manifestation. And the sooner the Man finds this,
the sooner Man will find Peace. “I made the Man in the image of myself.” If the creator is perfect,
how can Man not be? Shall we call it a day? (RC) Yes we’re just about at our…
our time limit here. There’s a… a couple of
people still had questions but I think we can move
them forward to the next session. (MK) Please, if we can do, because
then we have to restart the Livestream again. We’ve got a few minutes left. (RC) Okay, thank you
(MK) Thank you very much Rick, Thanks for everybody
thanks for everything … The process of…
(HH) Thank you Mr Keshe. Thank you everybody. (MK) Thank you very much indeed.
… The process of writing the Charter … will carry on on Tuesday
afternoons … and … Please participate
to write this Charter for Humanity. This becomes the Blueprint for Peace
and Man’s interaction in Space. The longer it takes, the more we understand,
the more mature we are, the more … the more understanding
will add to it. This Charter would not finish writing,
it’ll be written for hundreds of years… will be added to it as we mature
in the deep Space knowledge. But, is the beginning, we can write
the Man’s version till the Man of Space, show us another version,
that we add to it, the way we understand it,
to elevate our Souls. Thank you very much for today and
thank you for everybody in the background. (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe.
So that’ll be Tuesday at 4 pm CET for the … One Nation, One Planet, One Race,
for World Peace. Okay, let’s end today’s session.
Thank you everybody for attending and for the …
(MK) And as usual we go out with the music? (RC) Yes that would be great. If … Flint can
have that ready, that would be fantastic. (FM) Yes, no problem. (MK) Thank you very much indeed. Flint I hope you have a good time with
the hurricane and you’ll have no problem. (FM) Thank you.
(MK) Thank you very much. (RC) We’ll send a protective
umbrella around you. (FM) Yes. Thank you very much. (MK) There is no noise?
Hello? (RC) Flint? We’re not
hearing the sound there Flint. (FM) Sorry about that. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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