143. Background Knowledge using a map Shorter version

We will get to see if it is a text when we read. Now, we want to revive your knowledge, right? Tell me.
What do you know about insects? ‘Izi… nambuzane.’ I want to know what you know about insects. What do my beautiful Grade 3’s know about insects? What do you know about insects, Asivile? – What do insects do?
– They fly… Asivile says insects fly.
They fly. What does someone else know about insects? What do you know, Oyintando? What do they eat? You like English!
Is the word ‘flower’ English or isiXhosa? IsiXhosa It’s English.
What is it in isiXhosa? – ‘intyatyambo’ (flower)
– ‘intyatyambo’. They eat flowers. ‘Intya tyambo.
Okay, let’s think of another one. What do insects do Lingo? Come again. They sting.
What insects are those? – Bees are amongst them.
– Okay, what else? Some sting. I like what you are saying
because not all of them sting. Some of them sting. What does someone else say? No people.
What is it a few of you that know about insects? What do you say, Eso? Others bite people. Others bite people.
Give me examples. Which ones bite the people, Nangamso? – Beetle.
– Does a beetle bite or sting people? We will see about that!
Selinathi? Spider Does a spider bite people? Others bite people.
That is what people are saying! I want to know something.
How do you feel when you see insects? Let’s say someone left the class window open and
bees came in. How would you feel? – I’d be scared.
– Will it only be one person scared? Miss? We would all be scared.
– What we we all do? – We will cry.
– Will you be like “We are scared of bees!”? What would we do? We would run away from bees! So, what do other insects do to people? They sting… Can they sting you if you run away? Have they already stung you? No What’s happening to you then? You are scared. You are just scared of them.
What do other insects do? – Some insects are…
– scary. They are scary.
What else? They are scary.
You would not be scared of something that is not dangerous. Some are intimidating and… scary. I know some of you have told me a few insects.
I want to know the insects that you know of. I have some pictures to assist you. What insects do you know, Inga? You know ‘usiqhadi’.
Is that an insect? Yes, good boy!
What do you know my beautiful darling? Bee A bee.
We did see a bee, right? Is this a bee? – No Miss. Is this a bee? No… – This one?
– No… and this? No, its a cricket. – Is this a bee?
– Yes! Yes, this is the bee that everyone is afraid of. You are correct.
Bee. Who knows how to write the word ‘Bee’?
I want them to come and look for the word here. I have a few words…
Okay, stand up my boy. Look for the word ‘Inyosi’ (bee) from these words. Sit down… sit down, I will show you. Are you going to shout “There’s a bee, Miss!”? The bee. Here is the word ‘inyosi’ (bee).
Paste it my boy! Paste next to it.
Thanks, my beautiful child. Who knows what this is? No, I don’t want you to shout. Sit down on your bums! Sit on your bum.
Where are your bums? Eso, sit on your bum. Sit down.
Thank you. Who knows what this is? What is this, Nangamso? Dragonfly. What is Nangamso saying? Dragonfly Dragonfly.
Is that name isiXhosa? No. What could it be in isiXhosa?
Do you know? Who know what it is in isiXhosa? Can I tell you something?
I also did not know it in isiXhosa. I had to go ask my father.
“Dad, what is a dragonfly in isiXhosa?” He told me what it is. – He said that this is called ‘uhlabamanzi’ in isiXhosa.
– ‘Hlabamanzi.’ Why they call it dragonfly? Why do they call it dragonfly, Asivile? – Is it goes close to water? –
It goes on top of the water. – Where does it go?
– On top of the water. It goes on top of the water.
Where you find water seems like spinning. That is a dragonfly. Who can read the word’ hl?’
Please sit down. If you are standing up…
No sit with your bum. Let us see this No, you just raise your hand. Tell me when you see a dragonfly. Do you see it? – There’s a dragonfly come and paste it. my boy. It means dragonfly… What is a dragonfly in isiXhosa? – It’s ‘Hlabamanzi.’
– It’s ‘Hlabamanzi.’

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