웬디(Wendy), 나의 이상형은 강호동♥ “니 내 좋아하나?” (까르륵) 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 21회

What is my ideal type? Do we guess a celebrity? (Not celebrities, ideal personality, not appearance!)
No, just the style. (Answer)
A gentle person like a father. (Correct)
(Goooooosebumps!) (Sorry even if correct, insensitively got it right in the begining)
I insensitively got it right. You said it exactly. (Amazing, not a single word out)
Exactly as witten. Really? (Out of the bros who feels like a dad?)
Who feels like a father to you in the class? There also real fathers here. (Not “father like” but real father)
Close to your father’s age, really. (Curious)
How old is your father? He was born in 1964. Then he’s only one year older than Hodong. (’70 born Hodong, only one year off in face value with ’64 born(?)) (Sudden attack)
Why are you like this to me? Note: Sagwa(사과) can mean sorry or apple.
(Sense, I’ll give you an apple) I’m sorry. Note: Sagwa(사과) can mean sorry or apple.
(An apple for all my apologies) Are you apologizing to me? He’s full of wit. (Melting)
I accept your apology. I’m really not lying, but (Exactly the ideal type, interest towards Hodong oppa)
I’m interested in Kang Hodong oppa. Fatherly figures are symbolic Are you interested in me? Do you like me? I think she likes him. Wendy, do you like men with strength? (Embarrased)
Not strength. (Confirm your strength)
Split the apple. (Alright, should I show you my strength?)
Should I really show you? (Effortlessly split in two) (Very easy) (Shock, unbelievable) Wow, awesome! (Confirmed, exactly in two pices!) (Finishing with 90’s style aegyo) (Pupils expand) She’s in love. Wendy, he’s very different from other guys you’ve met, right? (First experience)
First time seeing juice come out. (This is nothing)
Right? I thought he’d do it like this. (Bite) (Glare) (Frightened)
Say if it’s wrong, I took a bite and he looks like he’s about to punch me.
What did I do wrong? (Q. What did Sugeun do wrong?) (Q. What did Sugeun do wrong?)
(A. Wendy shoul’ve eaten it!) Wendy should eat it! Ah (Too funny) Who are you to eat it? (Quickly respond, instant delivery to Wendy!) I split it for Wendy to eat. (Useless excuse)
I ate near the seed A human mixer. Try it it’s very tasty. (Eyes wide open, takes a bite off of the forcefully cracked apple) (So sweet)
It’s sweet (I feel you)
I also liked someone long ago. (Love is good, swept up in memories)
People like each other at your age. (I had those times too..) Many in that age has those feelings. (Don’t know why, so hot from embarrassment) Next.. next question…


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  10. KpopNoodle

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    Wendy is honest and lovely. Like a diamond tear drop found on the brightest summer day.

  11. Amanda Sirois

    October 31, 2016 at 3:14 am

    The image of Bob Ross after the apple split xD

  12. Yeri The Angel

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    February 5, 2017 at 3:03 am

    Can someone please tell me the name of the background music towards the end of the video please. 🙂

  16. Cadi Levox

    February 9, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    lee sugeun suddenly taking a bite out of the apple.. how fuckin insensible! hahahahaha..
    Well.. that's what happens to guys when they get married.. their sense would all be concentrated on their wife.

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