Hey guys , I’m Vincious My 27 Episodes of Bali Season 2 Travel Vlog had been uploaded. This episode I’m going to talk about The information you should know before come to Bali They are: Bali province is in the middle of Indonesia. At south of the horizon. 5630 square meters. More than 3 million population. The capital of Bali province is Denpasar City. That’s why Denpasar is your flight’s destination , not Bali. The currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah. Indonesian was a Dutch colony. Used Dutch Guilder more than 100 years. Even it is using Indonesian Rupiah now , but the local Chinese still calls it Indonesian Guilder. The time zone of Bali is Indonesia Central Standard Time. 8 hours before Greenwich Mean Time. So it is the same as China Mainland , Taiwan , and Malaysia. April to September is the dry season , October to March is rainy season. People says the temperature are almost the same throughout the year. But I personally feel that the dry season is slightly colder. Bigger temperature difference between day and night. Rainy season is hotter , and smaller temperature gap between day and night. Vincious’s Visiting Tips I personally like rainy season. There will be rain but usually not for the whole day. It is like a bit rain in most of the days. It is not that hot and humid unless you stay in the jungle. And it is durian season , you know what I’m saying. The language in Bali is Indonesian and Balinese. Indonesian and Malaysian have the same origin. Theoretically they can communicate with each other. But the fact is , There are always some key words in a sentence the other can’t understand . Vinsious’s Language Tips Westerners are the main group of visitors to Bali . So people from the shops and restaurants in tourism are speaks English. There is less Chinese speaking service , but there are still some. There are many Chinese going to shopping at Carrefour , Many sellers in Carrefour speak Chinese. And Bubu Seafood Restaurant I have been to , Seafood House Restaurant Taman Air Spa and some other shops they speaks Chinese well. Travelling to a foreign country , if you want to learn some local language , Do not learn the kind of interrogative sentence like “how much is this?”. It will be awkward if the local replies something you can’t understand. The first to learn should be “Thank you”. Follow me to read: Terima Kasih Very good. Please say “Thank You” often. You gain 3 friendly point and 1 charming point every time you use it. “Thank you” in Malayisan is the same , You can use it in Malaysia too , this is a real bargain. The airport of Denpasar City in Bali is called:Ngurah Rai International AirportIt is the 3rd busiest airport in Indonesia. The first is the capital Jakarta , the 2nd is Surabaya Think about the location of the airport , most people thinks It should be more than an hour by car from the city center. Bali’s airport is right in the heart of tourism area. North to the most happening Kuta , Legian , Seminyak. South to the world class hotel area Nusa Dua , and Uluwatu famous of the stunning cliff ocean sunset. Why is Bali’s airport at this crowded area? Because the houses of Bali can’t be higher than a coconut tree , so there is no obstacle for airplanes to take off and land in Bali. Vincious’s Flight Taking Tips Bali airport’s runway is a land reclamation. If your seat is by the window , Before landing , you can see the plane is getting closer and closer to the sea. Feel it is about to touch the water , suddenly runway appears , and then landed. Am I the only one having fun here? Moving around in Bali , It is so easy to get a taxi or order a car via your phone. The best taxi company is Blue Bird. Blue color cars , with the best reputation. Now every other taxi company makes their cars into different blues And make their logo relates to the bird too. So not only look for the blue color , Also find the Blue Bird text on the taxi. To call a car from your smartphone , use Grab or Go Jek. Over all , Go Jek is more popular. You can even call a bike from Go Jek (same as Grab). Solo travel made easier and cheaper. Also Go Jek is available for delivery , shipping and other convenient services. Kura-Kura tour bus is another choice. It goes around the tourism area. Available for one way to 1 day , 3 days , 7 days tickets. For more details please check their website. Hire a car with driver for a day is also popular in Bali. It is around USD30 for a day. Drive by yourself or rent a scooter are great to do too. Scooter is the main transportation in Bali. There are many narrow alleys in Bali. Only scooters can pass through them. Also the main roads gets traffic jam easily , Scooters can just ride among the traffics. This is the scooter rental company that I have used , to be your reference. Drive a car is best for a group of people or for a long distance trip. Yes there is some traffic on the main road , It keeps you away from sun burn and rain , comfortable seat with AC are the advantages. Vincious’ Traffic Tips Riding a scooter or driving a car in Bali , You will always hear someone is horning. The meaning of horn in Bali is: I’m coming through , I’m overtaking. So don’t feel bad about it , it’s the way in Bali. Some cars will turn on the 4 way flash When slowly passing a crowded junction. It means “I’m coming through”. One more thing for Malaysian driver to drive in Bali. While you are driving , Your car and the car from your opposite or side direction are about to use the same part of the road. In Malaysia , the car might double click the highlights , It means , please go ahead. In Bali , the car might also double click the highlights , It means “I’m coming now”. For both navigation in the or checking out a shop and restaurant , Google Map is great. It is quite accurate , please download one. Pay by card and cash withdraw. In the tourism area of Bali , Most of the shops and restaurant are accepting Visa , Master , JCB or Unipay card. And most of the ATMs are able to dispense Indonesian Rupiah by using Visa , Master , JCB and Unipay cards. If the ATM states it dispensing 50 , 000 note , Usually you can withdraw maximum RP1.5 million each time. About USD100. If the ATM states it dispensing 100 , 000 note. Usually you can withdraw RP 2.5 million each time. About USD170. But few of the ATMs offers 3 million each time. Vincious’s Cash Withdrawal Tips Your bank charges you for every international withdraw. I’m using China Merchants Bank , It charges me CNY12 for every international withdraw. I always look for the ATM dispenses 100 , 000 note , Withdraw 2.5 million every time. To minimize the charges. If you are bringing cash to Bali , and change to Indonesian Rupiah , There are so many places you can change it. Look for “Money Changer” signage. Today’s rates for different currency are showing by the door or other obvious place. I changed money in super small money changer , and it worked fine too. Vincious’s Money Changing Tips When you want to change money , not only look at the rate, But also look for “No Commission”. There are many shops without “No Commission” , after changed your money , they will cut some % as their commission. I’m not sure how much is the percent , Because I always look for “No Commission” shops. Lately I have found it is really easy to get cash from the ATM , So I’m not visiting money changer anymore. The price in Bali are counts from thousand. Parking for scooter is usually 1-2 thousand , 2-5 thousand for a car. Some shops will use “K” to replace the three 0 at the end of the price. The amount of Indonesian Rupiah is big , Please count carefully how much 0 on your bill. CNY to IDR is about 1:2000 , When you see a price , cut the 000 at the end , divided by 2 will be the rough price in CNY. Now let me tell you about my bank card had been duplicated in Bali. It was almost midnight , I was at home. Phone gets sms notifications from bank about balance changing. There was multiple ATM withdrawal from my card , total amount about USD1500. That is just my daily withdrawal limit. I changed my password and contacted my bank. Bank said my card info and password might be copied and duplicated. This is what I do now if I want to withdraw in a foreign country . Use a card that has no money in it only for foreign withdrawing. Transfer the expected withdrawing amount into this card via phone or computer. Then withdraw all of it as fast as possible. So even this card info and password have been revealed , There is no money in this account to be stolen. About the money that I’ve lost , it is hard to get it back. Just pay for the lesson. I make my experience into this video , If my video helps you to prevent same issue happens to you , I will feel good from it. There are so many great restaurants and foods in Bali. But most of them are international cuisines like Western , Japanese restaurants. Compares to other tourism countries in Southeast Asia , Like Thailand and Malaysia , I feel that Balinese people has no desire for marvelous foods at all. Personally feel that they already eat fried fish , chicken , fried rice and noodle for a thousand years without any evolution. There is countable local foods you can say it is good. Suckling Pork Rice ( Babi Guling ). Dirty Duck Rice. Huge Meat Ball ( Bakso Urat ) Price from street food about USD1 , To good restaurants cost USD50 and above. There are really plenty of choices of food. Some of them are really worth to eat. But still the same , Most of them are international foods. Vincious’s Food Tips I’ve been to some nice restaurants in Bali. And they are in my previous Bali episodes. Like Take Japanese Restaurant , Char Char , Seafood House , Meja Kitchen’s Sunday lunch buffet etc. Street food like Moonlight Cake ( Terang Bulan ), Martabak , And satay by the roadside you should give them a try. Most of the Balinese people believes in Hindu. There are a lot of Hindu temples throughout everywhere of Bali. The religious events , ceremonies and activities are very frequent. Faithful Balinese people put flowers in front of their doors and cross roads to worship the gods. Makes everywhere always smells great. Walking alone the street full of aroma is so enjoyable. But just a reminder , please try not to step on the flowers. Follow the culture. In Bali , you can always see people going out with tradition dress. Fiancee says Balinese is keeping their culture very well. And this small island was so closed. So isolated. Where did they get the great imagination s to create such beautiful building s, arts, musics, furnitures and handicrafts. You really need come to feel it. Vincious’s Holiday Tips Bali is using Saka Calendar , The new year is called Nyepi , the Day of Silence. In year 2018 , it was on 17th March. Nyepi’s eve , every temple is carrying the god statue they made to join a parade called ogoh-ogoh. The whole Bali will take a break on Nyepi , Even the airport is closed. Everybody spends their Nyepi quietly and peacefully at home. They don’t even turn on the light at night. I have spent 2 years of Nyepi at Bali , The starry sky of Nyepi is stunning. There is no artificial light at Nyepi’s night , no light pollution at all. There are many stunning landscapes and beautiful temples in Bali. These places are my top priority to visit: Tanah Lot , Uluwatu Temple , Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. There are also some great entertainment places you should visit. The No.1 water park in Asia , Waterbom , A great place for sunset at Potato Head Beach Club , And there are many happening bars and clubs you should pay a visit. I’ve been to Bali Zoo , also amazing. Without the beaches , there will be no Bali. If you like somewhere is happening , go Jimbaran Beach , Kuta Beach or Double Six Beach , Or Berawa Beach where I like to stay. You can go Padang Padang Beach to swim. If you like somewhere untouched , You can go the Nyang Nyang Beach I’ve visited in my vlog at the south of Bali. Or northeast side Candi Dasa , cheap but amazing beachfront resort. And please also watch my full episodes for some other fun spots. Let’s talk about the accommodations in Bali. The cheap rooms on Airbnb is about USD15 per night. 3 stars hotels are about USD30. And there are also many choice for 5 star hotel which price above 150. There is another main category of accommodation in Bali , It is the private villas. Usually there are 2~3 bedrooms , Also with living and dinning area , kitchen and swimming pool. Suites 4 to 6 people , Majority price about USD100 to 150. If you live in the private villa , You can cook with friends , and have a naked party perhaps. Just use your imagination. Vincious’s Accommodation Tips There is a great private villa at Berawa Beach I strongly recommend to stay. You can check this out in the description. Good tip right? If you want to buy souvenir or special items from Bali , You can go Carrefour. Or Agung Bali. A shop dedicate for Balinese local products and souvenirs. And Ubud art market is another must visit. Vincious’s Souvenir Tips Bali’s Aroma products and handmade soups are famous. Local coffee is also good to try. And I don’t need to mention about the keychains. This is the weird thing the weird me personally like very much. Stuffed cold-blooded animals. When everyone thinks it is light and stuffed with cottons , It might shocks you once you pick it up. It is unexpectedly heavy , Filled with sands , feels really different. This rattan bag is great too , I call it Bian Que Bag ( from a popular Chinese mobile game ) Just to remind , the bag might be made from plastic or real rattan. Take a close look at it before you buy. Me and my now friend Alvin is running a brand called- – Alfico Bali. Website is alficobali.com , you can find great handicrafts from Bali there. The lining is using Balinese traditional batik. Everyone is different , very special. By the way , Fiancee is good at BianQue ( the game character ) . She always gets MVP only by KS , you know. I don’t know. It is so relaxing in Bali’s tourism area. You don’t see businessman in suits . Can’t feel the tension from work. Sea in the north and south is crystal clear , Little waves , good for swimming. West coast has medium waves , good for surfing. For the first time it is good to follow a tour group , Tour this place and feel it fast , You don’t need to worry about the accommodation , transport and communication. And travel with few friends and settle everything by yourself is a good adventure. You can go explore or just sit by the beach doing nothing. Alright , thanks for watching. You have watched till the end. If you like my video , please like , share and comment. To encourage me for more videos. If you want to watch my travel vlogs , Please subscribe! Byebye.

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