क्या हम भगवान् को जानते है या मानते है ? | #Knowing & #Believing | Aaina

‘Human life is losing its value due
to today’s stressful lifestyle.’ ‘The objective of this program
is to highlight those aspects… …of life which we ignore often.’ ‘But these aspects have a
deep impact on our lives.’ ‘We hope this program helps you… …bring a positive
change in your life.’ ‘I’m a mirror.’ ‘My only motive… …is to help you… …know and believe
in yourself properly.’ ‘Today, I”ll be talking
to you about one such topic.’ ‘It’s been said that it is
right to believe anything… …only when we
know it completely.’ ‘Some of the experienced
people say this, too.’ ‘They say, first know about it.
And then believe it.’ ‘Friends, only the
curiosity to know… …can make your life happy.’ ‘Everyone has faith… …in God in their own way.’ ‘But only a few people… …try to know… …what God actually
is.’ This happens many times. I go to a hermitage in
Delhi from the airport. There are temples over there. There are many temples
over there. There are lanes of temples. There are huge temples
and small ones too. Where are they going? To pray to God. They attach boards as well. Stand in queue from
here to pray to God. Remove your shoes
here, do this, do that. I asked people… …if God is really
present over there… …why are all of you
coming out? Will you leave God
if you meet him? Are you so foolish? I can say for sure… …that if I meet God over there… …I’ll sleep over there. I’ll eat, sit and just be over
there. I won’t go anywhere. You have to make out what’s
the truth and the lie. This is the situation
for everyone. Everyone is being tested.
No one could escape from it so far. The greatest sages, monks… …saints, teachers… …everyone are
going through tests. But, does anyone
know? No one knows. This is the custom. This is the custom. In this universe… …this is the custom of the nature. Nothing is superior to it. People say nothing is
superior to the law. No! Nothing is superior
to nature. Everything has to bow
down before the nature. ‘He is Jai.’ ‘He has faith in God.’ ‘He is an ardent devotee.’ ‘But only God knows… …how well Jai knows… …what God is actually.’ ‘He is Jai’s room mate… …and best friend, Ravi.’ ‘Knowing is his priority.’ ‘He never believes in anything… …until he… …knows about it
completely.’ So, Mr. Jai. Are you observing
a fast today as well? Ravi. Tonight is the full moon eve. One must surely observe the
fast on the full moon eve. I guess, you’ve forgotten that… …you were observing
a fast yesterday too. Eat some fruits and drink
milk, or else, you’ll fall ill. I’ve been your room mate
since the last four years. I’ve been explaining to
you during all these years… …that it’s fine if
you have faith in God. At least don’t affect
your health… …by observing
fasts so often. Ravi. I’ve been explaining to you
from the last four years… …that the strength lies
in being devoted to God. Take it. Take it. I knew that you’ll say this. It’s certain that both
of us can never… …change each others’
ideologies. But remember this. If you don’t get ready
within ten minutes… …then I won’t drop you at
the office. I don’t want to get
late because of you. Oh no! We’ll reach the office
in time… …if God wishes it
to be so. Will you get ready quickly? I just have to wear the shirt. What is this?
– I’m putting the buttons. Come on, let’s go.
– Yes, let’s go. Yes, I’m coming.
– My phone. Let’s go now.
– Yes, I’m coming. I’m coming, I’m coming.
– Hurry up! – Okay. Please, God… …make sure everything
gets done today. This man is really irritating me. He’s not even letting me pray. I’m leaving alone!
– Wait, I’m coming with you! Bless me, Lord. What were you doing, man? Stop honking, man. I’ll get late again
because of you. Let’s go now. I’m aware of all your habits. That’s why I set the alarm
for an hour earlier… Is it? – …to make sure
you wake up on time. So I can drop you off to work… …and reach my office on time. Is that so? So you were the one
who changed the alarm time? I was wondering why
I had so much time today. Your friendship and my job… …are very important for me. I can’t leave one for the other. ‘Jai and Ravi are close friends.’ ‘It doesn’t matter how much they
argue with each other… …they still don’t get
upset with each other.’ What’s this? Why do you send me
the same message every day? Why do you do that? I’m irritated with
such messages. Stop sending them. Ravi, don’t get upset. Someone forwarded it to me. It clearly reads that if you
don’t forward it to 21 people… …by morning, you’ll
pay for it very badly. Even I’m stuck in this cycle. Delete them then. You’re palming
off your stress… …on to those 21 people. Those 21 people will palm off their
stress to another 21 people. How can you believe
in this rubbish? Waste of time. Look here. Read what’s written over here.
– Read it out to me. See what’s written over here in
the end. – Read it out loud. It clearly reads… …that these are the 108
names of your idols. And if you don’t
share these names… …with 21 other people… …then you’ll face very
bad fortune by the morning… …and it will be something
you couldn’t have imagined. That’s why, I’m forwarding it.
Try to understand. What does that mean to me? He is our deity… …and takes care of everyone. Why would He care about… …forwarding his
names to 21 people? Okay.
– Listen. Listen to me.
– What is it? God is within us.
– I know. The biggest proof
of that is our life. Do you understand?
Your life… …is the biggest miracle. How does sending 108
names to 21 people… …act as a miracle? Enough, Ravi.
Counting you… …I’ve only sent it to 19 people. I can’t find two more
people to forward it to. I’m deleting the message. Do what you want.
– Yes, I’ll delete it now. Let’s see what happens.
– Okay, do it. Goodnight.
– Okay. I’ve sent it to 19 people. I need to send it
to two more people. ‘Friends, sometimes people… …make some decisions in fear.’ ‘This usually happens due to… …incomplete or
wrong information.’ ‘Some beliefs we have… …stay with us all our lives.’ ‘You learn about
them from others… …and without a second thought… …accept them as
a part of your life.’ ‘Even if they misguide you.’ ‘Hence… …to know about something… …and to believe in that
later… …is the best way to
lead a better life.’ We think of unbelievable
mistakes as miracles. Until then
we don’t understand… …what a real miracle looks like. The true miracle is… …our life. This structure… …or mannequin… …moves or displays emotions. Human beings are made
up of 70% water. But we still consider someone
walking on water a miracle. However, we don’t realize
that water itself is a miracle. We walk and our bodies are
made up of 70 percent of water. We don’t consider
that to be a miracle. But we think it’s a miracle if
we see someone walk on water. I’m alive. I’m still alive, buddy. Don’t worry. Okay.
– Yes. Nothing untoward happened to me. And I didn’t even have to forward
a message to 21 people. Understand? Nothing untoward
happened to you… …because after you
had gone to sleep… …I sent a message
to two more people. So, I messaged 21 people in all. That’s why nothing
untoward happened to you. Oh! Now I know why nothing
untoward happened to you. You will kill me with laughter. Amazing! Tell me. Don’t you fear God? Why should I fear Him? Why should I be afraid of God? What’s the need to fear someone
whom I worship and believe in? Tell me
– What? – Do you fear God? Yes. Why do you fear Him? Because it’s God. It’s God Himself. Tell me something else.
– Go ahead. Who brings about happiness… …in our lives? What a silly question!
Of course, God brings us happiness. And who’s responsible for
the sadness in our lives? Come on. Tell me. Yes, keep on thinking. Can I tell you something? What I believe is… …that God does not let something
happen only because we want it to. He does only what is right
for us. Do you get it? Are you telling me that I should
never ask for anything from God? Why should you ask? He’s the know-it-all
entity. God looks after all of us. You need
not ask anything from Him. He already knows everything. If something that we
desire does not happen… …it doesn’t mean… …that what’s
happening is wrong. It implies… …that someone
is looking after us. Are you able to understand me? Forget it. Who’s calling me at this hour? Hello. Yes. When? All of them? Oh, God! What happened? What happened? Darn it! I don’t even
know what to say. I invested my entire month’s
salary in buying shares. I also quit my job
thinking that I would… …earn a lot of money
by selling them. Why did you
resign from your job? You’re unbelievable! You should’ve at least
asked for my advice. I never thought something
like this would happen. I thought I would make a good… …amount of money
by selling those stocks. I didn’t know that the
company would go bankrupt. Your day has started
on a really bad note. It’s okay. Forget it.
– ‘Today Jai… …has become confused
with his thought process.’ ‘It’s difficult for
him to believe… …that whatever is
happening in his life… …is the result of his misdeeds.’ Jai.
– Yes. Are you trying for a new job?
– Yes, I am. Should I talk to my
boss for a job for you? Yes. Please do that. Fine. I’ll talk to my
boss at the office. Meanwhile, keep trying. You will find a job somewhere. I have been trying a lot, but
my efforts have been in vain. Don’t worry.
You will get lucky. You keep trying.
I’ll speak to my boss. You’re a talented person. You’ll be fine. I have
to go now. Bye. Okay. Bye. ‘Jay is confused
and is wondering… …why would God do
something bad to him… …despite his ardent
worship and prayers?’ People try to understand
God in their own way. However, as far as I know… …according to Indian mythology,
the word ‘Bhagvan’ was derived… …from ‘Bha’, ‘Ga’, ‘Va’ and ‘An’. Earth, sky, air, fire and water. The mixture of all these things
came to be known as God. Nobody considers it a miracle… …when a human being is
created from these five elements. For me, every living
thing is God. Everything living,
everything that has life in it… …God is present in it.
I believe it. It is with this perception… …I happen to treat every patient.
Inside every… …human being
God is present. We should respect each other… …in that very manner. I agree about
the concept of God. For me, God comes first. But God helps us only
when we help ourselves. If we don’t help ourselves,
even God won’t help us. Every human being
must understand… …that he creates
his own destiny. He is his own creator. Whatever our thought
process is… …accordingly we… …create or destroy our lives. But our mental thought process
is affected by a lot of… …external factors. So, it’s important
that we must always… …try to be with people… …with a positive attitude. That’s when we can
take our life… …to a good platform. We can transform our
life in a good way. ‘Ravi works in a
pharmaceutical company.’ ‘He tries to find a position… …for his friend Jai… …in his company.’ Ravi. Hello, Ravi.
– Hello, Jai. I have spoken with the HR. They need an MBA candidate.
– Oh, wow! But there’s a catch. Catch? What’s the catch? You know that my company is
expanding its business. They want to expand their
business in the north. Okay.
– They need a smart head… …who can plan and
expand their business. What are their
expectations from me? I think you should
do some research… …and I will let you the
know the further plans. Make a hike project. I will get a meeting fixed
within the next three days. Yes. Okay, Ravi. Thanks.
– Bye. Take care. Bye. Ravi, there you are. Listen.
– Yes. I prepared something.
– Is it? Please help me.
– Show me. Look,
I have done all these things. Everything else seems fine.
I think it should work. This is final, right.
– Yes, this one. And it includes the 1050… …plus our R&D
researched file. The business chain is good. Thank you, sir. Okay, sir. Thank you. Yes! So, finally… …your hard work
and passion paid off. Yes, that’s true. But your friendship
paid off even more. Even the friendship is due to
your hard work and passion. Because you have
earned this friendship… …with your hard
work and passion. I don’t become friends
with everybody. Do you get it?
– Well, that’s true. Thank you so much, Ravi. Thanks for what?
– ‘Jai is happy today.’ ‘And he’s grateful
to his friend Ravi.’ ‘Today he has realized… …that until I don’t want to… …nobody can… …make my life good or bad.’ Everybody… …believes in God. It’s possible that
some people don’t. That’s alright. Your belief or disbelief… …doesn’t affect God. Do you get it?
It is what it is! It’s was, it is and will be. So, it’s a point to ponder. How many of you love God? Do you love God because… …he will do something for you? Or will you love God even if
he doesn’t do anything for you. “Those who can’t
speak their mind… …can’t bear any pain in life.” “If you can’t bear
any pain in life… …then why…” “Why don’t we raise
our heads with pride… …and look each
other in the eye?” “Let’s take a glimpse
into this mirror.” “Let’s know who we really are.” “Let’s know who we really are.” “Who we really are.” “Aaina (mirror).”

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